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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  December 28, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> breaking overnight an air asia plane has disappeared overseas. right now a frantic search is on for any trails of the airliner carrying 150 people. we have gathered new information on the people on board and what the pilot did after takeoff. details just ahead. good morning sunday, december 28. something a hit-and-run victim is rush to the hospital him
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police are looking for the victim involved. and have confess for the items -- questions for the items left behind. penn state celebrates a bowl victory after sandusky rocked penn state. >> it's mild, looks like we skipped over winter. looking live on sky 6 we have cloudy skies we're seeing showers in parts of the area. we'll flip it over to storm tracker 6 live double scan, you can see areas north and west of the i-95 corridor, where some of the showers are this morning, we have another batch across interior sections of south jersey. the movement is generally west to east, nothing is too terribly heavy, every now and then we get into a steadier pocket indicated by the yellows. right now we're zoomed into lancaster county, this is southern berks county, you see route 322 and highway 30 seeing rain showers pushing through.
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you will encounter wet roads you have to take it a little slow this morning later this afternoon we'll see more scattered activity. it's mild, 43 in philadelphia. no frozen precipitation out there. boardwalk in atlantic city, 50. dover, 49. wilmington 42. the poconos 42. forecast for today not as nice as yesterday, temperature wise we stay on the mild side. temperatures climb into the 40s we'll top out around 53 degrees, expect the occasional shower throughout the afternoon. when i come back in just a little bit we'll talk about colder changes finally in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> turning to the breaking news the search for a missing air asia plane from overseas. 150 people are on board. contact with 801 was lost after
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takeoff. the plane was over the java sea. the crews did request a deviation due to weather. that request for deviation happened before the communication with the plane was lost. a search and rescue mission is underway. three indonesia aircraft were dispatched to the area and singapore's navy has dispatched two planes. air asia has never lost a plane before and mass a good safety track weather. there were two pilots and five cabin crews and 155 passengers including 16 children and one infant. among the passengers were three south koreans and one from singapore and malaysia and
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france the rest were indonesian also. there were no indications that americans were on board or that the disappearance was linked to terrorism. "good morning america" will have more coming up at at 8:00 a.m. this morning and we'll have another update in the next hour. police are looking for a hit-and-run driver and the vehicle involved. but they have questions for the victim after finding a ski mask and gun slid under the parked car. the gun and mask came from the victim is in temple university hospital. he with was struck around 12:30 a.m. police say a pizza delivery man was robbed near the scene not long before the hit-and-run. the robbery suspect was wearing a ski mask and carrying a gun. the hit-and-run victim will be questioned about that, but as of
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now not accused of the robbery. >> he was a new york city police officer. and he feels, he is a hero. [taps playing]. >> words honoring a fallen new york city police officer. tens of thousands of men and women in blue were there for the procession leading officer rafael ramos to his grave. kenneth moten has more on the funeral a devoted father who wanted to be a pastor. >> reporter: they marched to the same beat, their hearts heavy with grief as they honored new york city police officer rafael ramos. >> he represents the men and women of the new york city police department. he was the embodiment of our motto, faithful unto death. >> reporter: outside christ
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tabernacle church in queens a sea of law enforcement from coast to coates, brothers and sisters -- coast to coast brothers and sisters in blue. the shooter who had a hatred for police later killed himself. >> when an is an assassin's bullet targeted two officers, it targeted the city and touched the soul of the entire nation. >> reporter: rafael ramos was a deeply religious man who was studying to be a police chaplin. >> he didn't just have a bible in his locker he lived it in his heart, he was a cop fore all the right reasons. >> reporter: saturday, he was made an honorary chaplin at the 84 police precinct where he worked and known to give words
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of comfort at difficult times. >> i extend my condolences to the family of the nypd that is hurt so deeply right now. rafael ramos' widow and their two sons were presented with the flag that draped his coffin always the thin blue line gave their salute. reporting in the satellite center, kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> members of the collingswood new jersey police department were at the funeral. they sent us photos of themselves standing two blocks from the church. philadelphia and other delaware valley police departments were part of the show of solidarity, as well. the funeral is pending for his partner, wenjian liu. the school district of philadelphia had shut down
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palmer charter school. they were battling to keep the school open. in a letter palmer wrote it is with a sad and troubled heart that i alert you of the decision to permanently close the school on wednesday december 31 2014, a spokesperson with the school district released a statement saying the walter palmer organization has not informed the school district of the plans to close the charter school. the school district has set up a dedicated website for the parents to transition with the process, parents can access it through the district website. the eagles wrap up their season in north jersey, they play the giants in a game with the winners and loser go home not to the playoffs. the birds lost three straight games crushing their post season dreams. three weeks ago they had a chance to go to the playoffs, but that's on hold for another
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season. jeff skeverski has more on on the game in 15 minutes. the nittany lions won the pin stripe bowl yesterday. it was the first bowl win in almost five years. ncaa banned the university from bowls due to the sandusky sex abuse scandal. coach james franklin was thrilled by the come back win and their commitment. >> i want to thank the seniors that stayed with this program when we needed them the most! [cheers and applause] >> and held this family together ♪ you want to talk about culture look around, this is culture! [cheers and applause]. >> coach franklin taking aim at criticism of penn state the last few years, he said, now the university has hope.
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>> we are staying on top of the breaking news, the agonizing wait for any sign of the missing asia airline plane missing all night. a car rolled over and hit a home in northeast philadelphia. it is new overnight. winter has punched a number of states while back here we're tracking showers. chris. >> reporter: those showers are tracking north of the city. everybody else gets in on the act this afternoon. we'll have a look at the seven-day forecast when we come right back.
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>> old man winter is leaving his mark on oklahoma city this week. snow and slippery roads caused numerous crashes. this coca-cola truck lost control turning on its side. workers cleaned up the soda was patrols diverted traffic. snow wreaked havoc on roads in minnesota. 12 people were injured. now people in the twin cities are bracing for arctic air that arrives tomorrow, highs in the teens and overnight lows below zero. >> reporter: i don't miss that. i do miss winter weather around here. christmas at 65 doesn't feel right. let's go live on sky of. we have wet weather out there this morning today will be another mild afternoon as nydia will be alluding to, not as nice
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as yesterday. yesterday was gorgeous, lots of sunshine out there temperatures in the 50s today will be in the 50s, but you'll see a lot of this. a lot of rain on the radars, unfortunately. storm tracker 6 live double scan you can see the showers showing up west of the city. we'll zoom into 322, 422 and routes 30 getting wet this morning. every now and then we pick up a heavier pocket indicated bide the yellows birdsboro adams town honeybrook reporting light to occasionally moderate rainfall. the movement is west to east. all this will push out to sea over the next couple of hours. we'll catch a lull in the action before more showers pull through. overall it's looking like a dreary sunday. 43 degrees dewpoint, 38. winds out of the west at 6 miles per hour. pressure reading under 30 inches. temperatures are mild. none of this is frozen all this
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is liquid precipitation. poconos 41. allentown, 41. philadelphia 43. millville, 47. sea isle 48. dover, 49. satellite and radar showers across the northeast imef more down here -- and we have more down here across mid atlantic. that will push east. you can see how scattered it is, we're expecting showers throughout the day. cold front knocking on on the door, pushing through the ohio and tennessee valleys. 17 in bismarck, 17 in omaha. chicago, 24. on the flip side of the front, 43 in philadelphia, 53 in raleigh. this front will charge east, cold air will make its way in here tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow is relatively mild compared to averages. it is another day in the mid to upper 40s. we get into monday evening and tuesday when the colder air starts to blast on through. the frontal system will sweep through monday night the
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tuesday is when you start to notice the change in temperatures. highs in the 30s tuesday wednesday and thursday, future tracker 6 in the meantime, later this afternoon you'll see more activity than what the model is showing. you'll see scattered showers by 5:30 widespread activities should develop across south jersey and delaware, that will persist in the overnight hours. this will push south with the passage of the fronts and skies will open up. we'll see sunshine by monday afternoon. that will allow the temperatures to get back into the upper 40s which is cooler than yesterday and today but it is above average. showers possible today 53 degrees wind out of the west/northwest 5 to 10. overnight tonight, 33 for the suburbs, 39 center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast colder air arrives this week, sun and clouds 47 degrees, cloudy and
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colder 38678 new year's eve 34 degrees by the time we ring in the new year, temperatures drop into the up err 20s thursday new year's day 38. friday partly sunny 39. saturday next system brings rain temperatures are mild, high of 53. >> former president george hw bush is being treated at a hospital in houston. a family spokesman said his condition has improved and doctors are considering a discharge date. the former president was taken to the hospital after experiencing shortness of breath. he also sulphurs from parkinsons disease.
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>> now to a developing story overseas an evacuation is underway on a ferry burning off the creek islands. the fire broke out with 466 people on board. a life boat has been lord into the water. high winds and poor visibility are causing the rescue effort to move slowly. so far no reports of any injuries. new this morning the official end of the 13 year war in afghanistan will be marked with a ceremony in can you believe. u.s.-led military coalition will shift gears to a supporting role. ten thousand sold yesterday will remain on the grounds to train afghanistan troops.
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2224 american soldiers have lost their lives since the start of the war. an off-duty police officer shot and killed a dog he said was attacking his dog. the officer was walking his dog along the 4500 dog of pine street when a much larger dog got loose from the other than. that dog attacked the officers dog when the officer tried to separate the two he was bitten. the officer was shot and killed the attacking dog. the officer's dog suffered severe injuries. we'll be right back.
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 6:23 sunday morning day planner looks a little gray, a little dull after yesterday. yesterday, mostly sunny
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56 degrees. today we'll get back into the 50s, 44 by 8:00. lunchtime, 51. 4:00 p.m., 52. we're shooting for a high of 53. a lot of arctic air across the high plains, 17 in bismarck, omaha. cold front slicing through the ohio and tennessee valleys all this is shifting in our direction we'll see a pattern change and get cold air in here. here we are at the end of the did he december and we haven't had cold weather. the cold air is bottled up here and this will shift tuesday wednesday, thursday, and friday the cold air will shift and it will feel like december. we have showers on the radars, we'll have that coming up on storm tracker 6 live. >> the eagles face the giants
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today, the season ends today. here's jeff skeverski. >> reporter: of course, the eagles close out the regular season in a meaningless game at 1:00. don't tell that to chip kelly. the eagles coach is playing to win. that's right he wants to finish 10-6 for the second straight season. >> i'm going to win a football game that's what the organization is about it's not about what the future is. >> we want to finish off the season on a high note and get our 10th win, which is remarkable in this league. >> reporter: the last time the eagles faced the giants they shut them out at home. trenton cole plans to -- trent cole plans to play. check out eagles game day kickoff, the post-game show wraps it up after "action news" at 11:00 p.m. tonight. the holiday is outline
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about giving, the only thing that the flyers got from their former coach is a big fat loss. the flyers were facing one of the best teams in hockey. how about claude giroux off scores. flyers down two players on the penalty kill. where's the puck? ray emory doesn't have it. fisher scores, emory screams. collin wilson beats him. flyers looks like 4-1. sixers in utah last night where they have not won in nearly are a decade. that's right the sixers have lost ten straight in salt lake city. sixers trying to rebound after looting to port handle. michael carter williams to
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nerlens noel. what a pass and finish finish. that's tony rotten tieing it at 46. 4th quarter sixers lose 88-71. it is their second straight loss. that is sports i'm jeff skeverski. have a good day. >> dinner delveries fed dozens of people across philadelphia last night. the food was dropped off at a private home in spring garden and other locations including st. john's hospice and station house. 2350d was delivered. the charity drive marks the first annual holiday connection.
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>> an air asia plane carrying 162 people is missing after taking off from indonesia. breaking details coming up on "action news." a car goes out of control and flips over plowing into a home in northeast philadelphia. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows showers moving into the area. 6:29 meteorologist chris sowers has more again in the 50s today. >> reporter: you just showed storm tracker 6 live double scan, at least there's no white.
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it is all green. it's too mild for anything other than rain. temperatures are in the 40s. yesterday we topped out at 56. today we'll reach the low 50s again, feeling anything but december out there. in the meantime there's the view of the camden waterfront. nice and quiet showers approaching from the west. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing the wet weather moving across our far suburbs lancaster and lehigh county getting wet. the poconos no frozen precipitation up there. it's all rain. you can you can see the shield of moisture pushing into new england. it will be followed by more shower activity later this afternoon. we're not looking at a steady, soaking drenching rain all day but it will be cloudy and damp you'll seem the occasional shower. 41 in martins creek. tannersville 41. woodbine 50. dover, 50.
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smyrna 48. agenda beach in buena 47. forecast for today here's the day planner expect a lot of clouds out there. temperatures climbing in the 40s, 44 degrees by 8:00. 10:00. 58. 1:00 p.m., 52. lots of clouds the occasional shower we're climbing up to 53. nydia? >> chris thank you. it has happened again, a plane has disappeared in asia. right now a mystery is getting ever deeper about the whereabouts of a missing air asia flight and the 150-plus people on board. 8501 lost contact overnight after asking for a course deviation over the java sea. it was taking off from indonesia and heading to singapore. there was no duress signal. storm clouds were -- there was no distress signal.
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>> there was violence from the storm going on. looks like the pilot requested alternative routes, what has happened possibly it is only speculation at the moment, it might have been hit and might have gone down. the people on board the flight are indonesian. three are south korean. president obama has been briefed on the plane's disappearance. the ceo tweeted overnight thank you for all your thoughts and prayers we must stay strong. this is new video to "action news" of an overnight crash in northeast philadelphia. it happened in the 700 knock of knorr street before 3:00 a.m. a man in his 20s was speeght when he lost control -- speeding
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when he lost control. nobody inside the house was injured. firefighters had to work to free the driver and his female passenger from the mangled car. she is in critical condition in einstein the driver is in stable condition. there's a new development in last week's hit-and-run in bristol bucks county. the medical and are said jenny russo died of national causes not the result of a crash into the home. the driver went to the police and is free. the coroner's report i had said the death was brought on by end stage lung disease. the death happened on her 93rd birthday. rafael ramos was remembered by colleagues and dignitaries. abc said the tribute took to the
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air. >> reporter: a sea of blue and ocean of grief by the tens of thousands fell officers who came to see officer rafael ramos off overflowing the streets of his queens new york neighborhood carrying their fallen comrade into a christ tabernacle church where he was about to become a minister. >> whether an an assassin's bullet targeted two officers it targeted the city an touched the soul of an entire nation. >> reporter: new york's mayor bill d. he blasio had a fine line to walk after remarks about police officers. >> i extend my condolences to the family of the nypd that is
6:35 am
hurting now. >> reporter: new york police commissioner, paid tribute to the man they all mourned. >> he was a hero. >> reporter: outside an honor guard of police officers joined hand as they stood in silent witness. officer rafael ramos and wenjian liu died together shot execution style one week ago by a gunman seeking vehicle -- vengeance against police. a final salute to detective rafael ramos posthumously promoted abc news new york. >> michael sam the first openly gay player drafted in the nfl said he had no regrets about coming out. he said he does not believe his sexualities cost him his spot to play. he said telling people he was gay was the right thing to do.
6:36 am
he was cut before the season opener. he was part of the dallas cowboys practice squad until october. he said he plans to pew an nefl nefl -- nfl career. the iconic restaurant at the four seasons closed last night. the four seasons is moving to the top of the new comcast center in 2017. many employees who worked here for decades are proud to have been part of the philadelphia history. >> the four seasons is moving on and that's the way life goes. nothing is forever the about building is not forever the people are not forever. it's very transatory just like life. a attack house called urban farmer will take their place. we're days away from the
6:37 am
mummers strut down broad street. for one long time mummer it is life imitating art. conte said his day job and hobby have a lot in common. >> you're interacting with the people it's the same thing. >> despite the cost of costume also in the clubhouse, he is confident the frogs have overcome the loss. sky6 live hd taking a live look meteorologist chris sowers is back next with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, and the history and mystery of chocolate. karen rogers has the sweet story on 6abc loves the arts. plus a man gets a
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life-saving gift allowing him to enjoy his son's first christmas ali gorman has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when action continues.
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>> good morning, welcome back on this sunday, 6:40. 46 degrees, sky6 live hd taking a live look in atlantic city. hard to believe we're in the 50s, again but this warm weather will not last forever. >> reporter: here's the funny
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thing, when it gets cold finally, it will feel ten times worse than what we're cruised -- used to. let's go live on sky 6. we're looking at the philadelphia international airport. we have colder changes arriving on monday. it will feel like the season with highs in the 30s. we have shower activity mainly north and west as we flip it over to double scan live. we have pockets in south jersey, none of this too terribly heavy. every now and then we see a pocket of steadier rain quickly advancing to the north an east and pushing out of the viewing area. zoomed into lancaster and southern berks county. 422, 322 getting wet against the yellow starting to show up. the movement again is southwest to northeast. the bulk of the activity is north and west of the i-95 corridor with a few showers south and east. we'll catch a break in the action over the next couple of
6:42 am
hours. another round pulls in later this afternoon. it will not be a wash, but a day where you keep the umbrella by your side. you get underneath a shower you'll need it, you'll catch a break. 43 if philadelphia. 38 dewpoint, winds, out of the west at 6. close to 50 in dover. satellite and radar showing one batch pushing through new england another starting to cross the appalachian. that pulls through this afternoon. the cold is on the backside getting into the great lake states. fortunately all the moisture is long gone, so it doesn't have a chance to flip over to snow. there could snow showers across the western portions of new england later this afternoon. for everybody else it's too warm and we'll see showers out of this. winds are out of the southwest once again today. cold front knocking on the door, it's far enough to the west we're back in the 50s this afternoon. we'll get into monday, the cold front slips through winds shift out of the of the
6:43 am
west/northwest. colder temperatures bleed into the delaware valley. future tracker 6 we'll time it out for you the model is relatively dry. we'll allow for showers through midday. later this afternoon we'll see a secondary round start to pull through. 6:00 p.m. we'll see showers across south jersey northern and central delaware, most of that will stay south of, let's say center city and the i-95 corridor. tomorrow afternoon the front clears the area we'll break out into full sunshine that's when the temperatures begin to pull back a little bit. this is what you will wake up tuesday morning. these windchill numbers 7:00 a.m., it will feel like the low to mid 20s for everybody. it's been quite sometime since we've had feels-like temperatures that low. it's coming. 53 in philadelphia. 52 in wilmington, 53 in millville. author the forecasted -- those are the forecasted high for
6:44 am
today. toms river 50 and cape may 50 degrees, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast sun and clouds monday, cloudy and colder, tuesday 38 degrees, new year's eve it's quiet but cold sun and clouds, 34 feeling like the 20s throughout the afternoon. thursday new year's day sunny and cold, 38 degrees, once again we could have feels-like temperatures or windchills in the 20s and 30s friday, partly sunny, 39 and next weekend looks mild once again another system pulls through 53. obviously that's too warm for snow that next system will be rain, we have a nice little cold stretch next week, it warms up next weekend. >> thank you. 6:44. they made us laugh cry and think, in 2014 we said a final goodbye to comedic legends and hollywood icons and poets we look back at who passed this
6:45 am
year. >> reporter: he it was a comedic giant. robin williams started as a stand up comedian. it included staring roles in blockbuster films. known for her comedic timing joan rivers was the queen of comedy. she was an actor and producer and writer. jan hooks was known as candy sweeney as the sweeney sisters on saturday night live from 1986 to 1981. actor philip see more hoffman's role from a nurse to trumanody. lauren about a cal best known
6:46 am
for his leading lady roles opposite humphrey bogart. james garner start in maverick in the 50s and rock ford in the 70s. we knew her as a housekeeper who helped the brady bunch. shirley temple started at 3 and becoming a box officer draw making 40 movies by the time she was 1 years -- 1 years old. senior after mickey rooney's nine decade career expand the spectrum of show business, from silent movies to tv and broadway. his fashion defined american
6:47 am
style for decades. oscar delarente was a dominica stylist. casey casem. his top 40 radio show aired for four decades. james brady was shot in the head in an ronald reagan assassination attempt. his death was was ruled a homicide tied to the wounds he stained in the 81 shooting. aerial sharon's leadership was marked with controversies. he was nicknamed the bull doser. maya angelou was a fighter for indication -- education and
6:48 am
civil rights.
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>> investigators are searching for the cause of a fire that seriously injured a man that happened after 4:00 on the 4400 block of north 8th street in hunting park section. 25-year-old gordon is being treated at temple university hospital for serious burns to his hands arena fails. a -- hands and face. a grieving father has found the courage to reach out to you for help. rick williams has crime fighters report. >> reporter: philip money is honest about his son armire money. >> my son was not perfect, but in the end he was an upright guy. >> reporter: 4:40 november 9th. police were called to front and vine streets for reports of a
6:51 am
shooting. when they arrived they could not locate a victim. a short time later they received word that a victim arrived at the cooper university hospital. investigators say they have surveillance video of him going in and out of an after-hours club before he was shot. >> we hope that someone who is watching this will call and give us you information as to who was at the after hours spot. >> reporter: the citizens crime commission is issuing a 1,000-dollar reward for the conviction and arrest of the person responsible. call 215-546-tips. all calls remain anonymous. philip gets choked up when he talks about his 7 week old daughter. >> he passed away before he could even experience that's troubles me. he wants someone to come forward.
6:52 am
the bottom line, while you're not telling at it is happening to another family and one day when it knocks on your door you would wish you had did the right thing. >> reporter: for crime fighters, rick williams, channel 6 "action news." >> the private company space will try to land on a ten meter wide target on a floact barge. normal -- floating barge. space x wants to see if it can keep the 14-foot tall base for reuse. lift off is scheduled for january 6th or 7th.
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>> the man who shot and wounded pope john paul ii laid flowers on the late pontiff's tomb. he shot the beloved pope twice at close range leaving him seriously wounded. he visited him in prison and intervened for his release after 20 years. his request to see pope francis was denied. 8-year-old terrence patterson stopped by the fire house who saved his favorite christmas gift. his toy helicopter got stuck in the tree 50 feet above the ground. the firefighters volunteered their time and showed up with a truck and ladder to get it down. >> i was so happy that the airplane was there and i got it
6:56 am
back. >> not only does he get his favorite toy back, he got to be a firefighter for the day during a personal tour of the station yesterday. many of us got something special for the holidays, but nothing like this. "action news" "healthcheck" reporter and registered nurse ali gorman has one man's gift that was heartfelt. >> reporter: last winter, andy started having shortness of breath and was exhausted. doctors found he had an enlarges heart and his -- enlarges heart and his condition got worth. he got exiting and scary news, he was going to be a dad. there was that fear am i going to be here, 0 how serious is this? unfortunately it was serious he and his wife went to the cleveland clinic for a second opinion and learned that andy needed a new heart fast.
6:57 am
>> he this didn't expect him to live long enough to get a transplant. >> reporter: three days later andy was on the transplant waiting list, three days after that he got a new heart. he said it saved his life and his family and no gift will top this one. >> if not for my living donor i wouldn't be here, i wouldn't have been able to meet my son. >> having him home and happy and healthy, you know it's -- you know. >> reporter: andy is 6 months out from transplant surgery and doing very well and looking forward to going back to work as a sign language interpreter in the new year. to learn more about becoming an organ donor go to ali gorman channel 6 "action news." >> there is still an hour of "action news" straight ahead. tears of uncertainty a
6:58 am
plane with 162 people has vanished overseas. a gun and mask has been found at a hit-and-run in philadelphia. police are looking into something else that happened before the crime. we'll have the the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll be right back.
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>> breaking overnight an air
7:00 am
asia plane has disappeared overseas. right now a frantic search is on for any trails of -- trace of the airliner killing more than 150 people. we have information on what the pilot did after take joe. details just -- take off just ahead. a hit-and-run victim is rushed to the hospital. philadelphia police are looking for the vehicle involved and have questions for the victim because of what was left behind. penn state has won a bowl game after the sandusky scaldings. let's go outside to chris sowers. >> reporter: we have a few spritzes and sprinkles. we're already in the 40s some areas are pushing 50 degrees at this 7:00 a.m. hour. flipping it over to storm


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