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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 2, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EST

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we're forming a three-man pro-wrestling tag team aren't we? we'll call ourselves the flying dandies. i'm gonna wear a lion's head around my regular head, and i'm gonna hail from the parts unknown! i'm gonna get a shiv and stab captain carnage. [ both laugh ] was he talking about our wrestling team or is he actually gonna go stab captain carnage? tom?! tom! tom!
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♪ price of gas is now 53 cents cheaper than a month ago. the national average is $2.24 a gallon. down almost 9.5 cents since last week. that steady decline could change. many states are raising gas taxes, including areas that the highest prices in the country. so what's certainly not
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plunging is price of prescription drugs and not just the brand name drugs either. >> generic drugs which used to be a no-brainer for patients looking to save some cash are becoming less and less of a barring ain. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: brother and sister glen and beth ran this small pharmacy in new york for the last decade. >> the sign used to be up there. >> another little gold sign that says rx. >> reporter: but it's out of business. >> cost of drugs are skyrocketing. especially jenner ics. >> reporter: shutting its doors last year they largely blame the skyrocketing cost of some of their most popular generic drugs and say insurer reimbursements haven't kept up with the pace of soaring costs. >> it goes from 20 bucks to $1,200. >> reporter: jenner ics make up 8 in 10 priptsions in the u.s. and typically cost 80% to 85% less than the original medicines. still, prices some of generics
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have shot up. a bottle of 500 bill doxycycline has increased from $20 to $1849. these were some of the price increases presented at a congressional hearing in november. congress sent these letters to 14 generic drugmakers alling the ceos of four companies to the hill but no one came to testify. >> this is rebecca jarvis with abc news. >> we called the companies, too. whoongets going on here? >> all declined interviews. some referred us to the pharmaceutical association. >> sometimes there are market forces. there can be drug shortages. there can be an absence of supply or active pharmaceutical ingredients. >> reporter: they called the hearing misguided, questioned the price information and said its products have saved american consumers billions of dollars. back in salem, new york some residents now have to drive 30 miles to bring their medications home. one way to push prices lower
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according to analysts greater competition. the fda currently faces a significant backlog of generic drug applications and reducing that according to experts, could really help consumers. rebecca jarvis abc news new york. >> a senate hearing found that 1200 different generic drugs had increase inside price 448% recently. that's a lot. >> skyrocketing. part of the problem with all of this is a lot of companies that used to make generic drugs decide that they're just going to pursue something that a little bit more profitable. and so there's a shortage of supply of generic drugs and prices are going up. it's insane. >> they stop manufacturing those generic drugs, less drugs going around. now i understand why my prescriptions went up last week. coming up -- the future is here today. we were wowed by the idea of what life would look like in 2015 in the movie "back to the future." >> 30 years later, how accurate
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was that movie? you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues a
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tt2wút3nú&4 bt@q&ap tt2wút3nú&4 "a@q6m4 tt2wút3nú&4 bm@q=f8 tt4wút3nú&4 " dztq =p tt4wút3nú&4 " entq p90 tt4wút3nú&4 " gzt& i>h tt4wút3nú&4 " hnt& y0$ tt4wút3nú&4 " iztq 3yé tt4wút3nú&4 " jntq !)< tt4wút3nú&4 " lzt& 9d@ 30 years ago theater aurdiences were given a look into what life might be like in 2015 in the movie "back to the future." >> hard to believe it's been that long. there were some bold predictions. many were out of this world but
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somewhere right on the mark. here's abc's david wright. >> great scott! >> reporter: the future is now. >> 2015? we're in the future. >> reporter: doc brown's delorean time machine, more of a time capsule now. an '80s vision of 2015. hoverboards and all. in some things the movie was close to the mark. marty jr.'s viewing habits for one. sound familiar? and those kids at the dinner table. the technology and the attitude already there. >> dad, it's for you. >> reporter: biomess rick taxis. >> $174.50. >> reporter: sounds far fetched but we do have uber and apple pay. then there's that gag where the newspaper headlines change before your eyes.
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great scott! >> history has now been altered, and this is the proof! >> reporter: "back to the future" also changed the future. at least in some small ways. nike says it actually hopes to release self-lacing sneakers in 2015. and those hoverboards, this is the hendo hoverboard for real. the device not perfect yet but, then again, neither was marty mcfly's. david wright abc news new york. >> can you believe the script for that moveie was rejected 40 times. >> and those execs are all fired now. it was a big, big hit. disney our parent company, they thought the film was a little too dirty. maybe it was that scene about calvin klein. >> wasn't dirty enough for us marty mcfly. look at you. >> look at that jacket. >> why am i your mama? >> that's kind of kinky.
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♪ time for our favorite segment to cap off the week. our "insomniac theater." >> we're going to kick off with "women in black 2: angel of death." a group of children fleeing the london blitz arrive at an abandoned mansion in the english cannotside home to the woman in black. she harbors a vilent prejudice against young children as one by one they disappear.
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>> the supernatural horror film -- it's not spoised to make you laugh but the sequel to the original that starred daniel radcliffe is earning a sad splat. just 33 3rs approval rating. tom huddleston wrote predictable shock tactics, drippy wartime romance and scenes in which characters leap through victorian photo albums. andy lea writes well paced stylish and at times deeply unsettling. a documentary that tries to unravel a mystery. the search for general sow travels from shanghai to discover the origins of the staple of general tsao's chicken. but who was general tso and how did his chicken become an emblem of an entire cuisine. >> i haven't seen it on a menu in china.
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>> general tso. >> we don't know. nobody knows. >> that guy was laughing when they showed him what it was. ian cheney's latest documentary is hitting high marks. a solid 89% approval rating. critics areraphy inging a fascinating look at the history of chinese-americans and their successful assimilation into our society. we can only find one negative review from kenji fujishima saying cheney doesn't delve too deeply into possibly unsettling questions the documentary raises about society at large. it makes me hungry. i don't even like chicken. >> a lot of people you leave that movie and you feel like you've seen something deep. next hour you want something else. >> that's the news this half hour.
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this morning on "world news now" -- blustery new year. the storm system that could be a hassle for millions on a peak holiday travel weekend. >> i haven't seen snow in a long time. this is pretty insane. >> the unprecedented conditions hitting the southwest, barreling across the country. legend lost. remembering a political powerhouse mario cuomo. new york's three-term governor. >> the experience is what has brought this state to this point. >> cuomo's son, the current governor paying tribute just hours before his father's death. and top priority. losing weight in the new year. the diiet plan from one of our colleagues so successful she's sharing it with others. will it work for you? it is friday january 2nd.
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>> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." >> we say good morning to you everybody. i'm kendis gibson in for t.j. holmes. >> i'm reena ninan. a surprising cold weather in most of the country. more than a foot of snow fell in northern arizona. there were dozens of accidents and interstate 40 was closed. >> in oklahoma city a truck overturned and caught fire. one of many accidents blamed on the slick roads. abc's john ehrlichman begins our coverage of the blustery weather from california. >> reporter: an unusual sight at the rose pa raid. many spectators sporting jackets and wool hats. >> we have three lay irs on them. stockings, leggings. two pairs of socks. >> reporter: the new year's week weather has been wild. not far from vegas, searchlight whipped by wind and snow. >> the roads are pretty bad. i'm pretty new to vegas. i was definitely not expecting weather like this.
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i haven't seen snow in a long time. but this is pretty insane. >> reporter: heading east snow in colorado causing chaos. >> we got caught in an avalanche. we are hiking out. >> reporter: three snowshoers trapped. two managing to get to safety. one killed. and the new year has brought new headaches on the road. in oklahoma state troopers deal with dozens of crashes. big rigs needed big tow trucks to shove them back on the highway. sand and salt are being dropped on the worst roads trying to get ahead of a winter mess slamming eight states. as that snow and ice spreads, weekend travel could be tricky with delays definitely expected in the northeast. kendis reena? >> thanks john. all eyes on the weekend ahead for millions of travelers. >> there are dangerous conditions in the hours ahead. let's turn to accuweather and justin povick. >> thank you reena and kendis. over the south plains our hands full here. just before the weekend lots of
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rain on the way for southeastern and sorn texas. gusty thunderstorms along the i-10 corridor. major travel delays around houston, new orleans, baton rouge, sleeve port. slippery around oklahoma city. westbound into the texas panhandle. interstate 40 could have snow to contend with. rains will spread out into the southeast as the afternoon wears on. reena and kendis back to you. the other major story we're covering right now, the death of former new york governor mario cuomo. though he led the state for three terms he had impact far beyond new york. rebecca jarvis looks back at his remarkable political career. >> reporter: the iconic new york democrat was best known for his humble beginnings progressive views and soaring oratory. >> maybe, mr. president, if you asked a woman who had been denied the help she needed to feed her children because you said you needed the money for a tax break for a millionaire or for a missile, we couldn't
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afford to use. >> reporter: he resisted pressure to run for president in 1988 and 1992. mario cuomo was born in queens new york the son of italian immigrants in 1932. and grew up working in his father's grocery store. current governor of new york andrew cuomo at his second term inauguration remarked on his father's legacy just hours before he passed. >> his inspiration and his legacy and his experience is what has brought this state to this point. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis abc news, new york. >> he's such a political force in the democratic party and also the fact that people forget he lost his first two terms when he started running for lieutenant governor and then as mayor. he lost both of them but still got up and eventually became a four-term governor of new york. >> and fought back. he's created a mini dynasty with andrew cuomo new in his second term. just hours before his death,
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chris cuomo, a former colleague here and now at cnn is a host there. >> a three-term governor. he was once asked what he'd like on his tombstone and he said just the words he tried. >> he did more than tried. he succeeded. >> well said. the search intensifies for airasia flight 8501 with more ships sent to indonesia. planes and helicopters are also being used. the focus is under water. only a few bodies and pieces of wreckage have been recovered. bad weather has been a factor. the big plan now is finding the fuselage. >> the flight data recorder will be critical here if there was a sudden in-flight catastrophe. we may not hear anyone talking about it on the voice recorder but we'll be able to know if things were going normal up to that point or battered by thunderstorms. >> the black boxes have batreys that send signals up to 30 days. the jet crashes six days ago.
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the chinese government is denying reports that fake money thrown into a new year's eve crowd triggered the deadly stampede in shanghai. grieving relatives spent yesterday identifying the bodies of loved ones. trying to find out if their family members survived. 36 people were killed. dozens were injured as thousands gathered at the popular waterfront to ring in 2015. some are accusing the government of failing to provide adequate security. a georgia police chief is on administrative leave after shooting his wife in the bedroom of their suburban atlanta home. police chief william mccollom called 911 to report he'd shot his wife. for obvious reasons, local police have turned offer the criminal investigation to the state authorities. >> the department is hurting at this point. we're very concerned for, obviously, his wife. we're concerned for the chief. >> mccollom's wife margaret is in critical condition at an atlanta hospital.
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she has not spoken to investigators. topping our health headlines and the deadly flu outbreak that's growing. the cdc says the virus is widespread in 36 states. 15 children have died. in late december 7% of the nation's deaths were due to flu. public health experts warn a serious outbreak can linger until may of this year. as a result many emergency rooms and urgent care clinics are overwhelmed. some even turning away flu sufferers. others are giving advice over the phone. a nurse may be able to answer questions without a visit. they are also scheduling when a patient can come in. otherwise, people may have to wait a couple of hours. not pleasant for anyone. in sports the cleveland cavs superstar lebron james is out with serious injuries. he's expected to be out two more weeks. tests show injuries to his left knee and lower back. there were high expectations when james rejoined cleveland this season. but with james struggling the team has lost its last three games and is only 18-14.
3:08 am
doctors say james just really needs some rest. so we now know who will play in the first college football playoff championship game on january 12th. one will be the oregon ducks who took advantage of florida state's many mistakes and turnovers. the seminoles had into the -- had in the rose bowl with 29 consecutive wins but heisman trophy winner quarterback jameis winston had one of his worst games yet. 59-20, not even close. the other will be the ohio state which stunned top ranked alabama in the sugar bowl. the turning point was a trick play late in the first half. a double reverse that brought the buckeyes within a point at the midpoint. it was only the second start for third string quarterback cardell jones who threw for 243 yards. what a day. ohio state beating alabama,
3:09 am
42-35. >> i'm just glad it's all over. my husband was in front of the tv all day today. >> and to think that many people had alabama winning it all. >> it's all about alabama. >> nope. the ohio state. shocking. it's going to be a great, great final game. >> i do a lot of online shopping at that time. new year's resolutions, and if getting in shape is one of them here's some inspiration. >> if dennis the dachshund could do it so could you. he shed all that extra weight after his new owner put him an a strict regimen that included healthier food and plenty of exercise. he even got a tummy tuck to get rid of all that excess skin. >> that dotsonachshund is down to 12 pounds and he can climb up and down the stairs. coming up -- what a romantic
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wedding in a parking lot of a football stadium. you're invited. it's in "the mix." and going high-tech to keep those new year's resolutions point, click and stay committed. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by vista print.
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yet another major recall for general motors because of defective ignitions. nearly 100,000 full-size trucks and suvs could have ignition lock problems in hot weather. drivers are having problems turning the key. a wide variety of trucks sold since 2007 are being recalled including many chevy, gmc and cadillac models. millions of americans will be trying to jump-start their new year's resolution this weekend. >> i've already failed. one of the most popular resolutions is losing weight. with so many diets out there, abc's mara schiavocampo reports an a plan that worked for her.
3:14 am
>> reporter: stephanie connolly is a 31-year-old legal assistant with a very familiar new year's resolution. >> how much do you want to lose? >> 75 pounds to 100 pounds. >> reporter: i'm here to tell her it's possible. three years ago after having my daughter, i found myself at 230 pounds and miserable. determined to lose weight -- >> good girl. >> reporter: -- i accidentally stumbled upon shocking revelations that helped me drop 90 pounds. findings i've published in my new book "thinspired." tip one, eliminatior trigger foods. be brutally honest with yourself about what foods you simply cannot control yourself around. then get rid of them completely. >> you'll have a funeral for the popcorn. you seem sad. >> a little bit. i'll be okay, though. >> reporter: tip two -- get enough sleep. i found that tired equals hungry. an observation i later learned is supported by research.
3:15 am
two weeks after our chat -- >> hi. >> reporter: stephanie was down six pounds and she did it all right in the middle of the holidays. >> i like that number better than the last time. >> you've been doing so, so good. >> yea. >> starting the new year on a very positive note. for me the key to losing weight has been devoting 70% of my efforts to clean eating 10% to planning, 10% to sleep and 10% to exercise. mara schiavocampo abc news new york. >> they said how important sleep is. in the seventh hour of your sleep is a growth hormone that's released that deals with stress and helps with your metabolism. revving up your metabolism without exercise. it explains on this shift you get four hours of sleep. >> if you are watching at this hour, the last time you got seven hours of sleep was naptime in kindergarten. if you are still having
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trouble keeping your new year's resolutions, there's an app for that. just point, click and stay an track. and in our next half hour -- can you really pay your way out of a hangover? find out what's in a special i.v. drip that promises to make you feel better. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world new
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♪ welcome back. okay. so it is now 2015. the very year that marty mcfly visited showing us hoverboards and hollowgrams. but while we may not have all of that yet, we do have technology that can make our lives easier and help us with those new year's resolutions. abc news tech contributor tina trinh is here with her top
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picks. >> hey, kendis. happy new year. >> happy new year. happy 2015. >> the most popular new year's resolution is still to lose weight and eat less. >> yes. >> i found a really cool app to help you do that. it's called rise. the basic premise is that you take pictures of your meals and a registered dietitian gives you feedback. >> i don't like that. >> you scared? >> i'm scared. >> well it's really cool because that -- having that real live person on the other end makes a huge difference and you're able to communicate. you can text back and forth. >> what else do we have? >> number two, save more money. this is a big one for me. and back in the old days when we used cash to pay for everything we had spare change jar that we used to drop our spare change in. this is kind of the saim idea with an app called acorns. they take the spare change from
3:19 am
your credit and debit card transactions and invest that for you. it's automatically linked to your checking or credit account. they round up the amount of your spare change and invest that into a portfolio that is based on -- customized based on your risk level. you can do something really conservative or go a little bit more aggressive. and you enter innior stats on age, income level and everything and they help tailor that. >> i assume this is for younger folks? >> it's a great way to get started. you only need a minimum of $5 to get started. >> definitely for younger folks. all right. what else? >> third most popular resolution -- to finally quit smoking. and studies have shown that people are more than twice as likely to quit if there's a financial incentive. quitting smoking is bad for you obviously, but if there's money involved, that helps, you know us quit even faster. >> if your wife is nagging you
3:20 am
that would be enough incentive. okay. >> quit now pro is an app that breaks it down for you. they do day by day how many hours -- for how many hours you quit how much money you save. a pack of cigarettes that adds up to over $1750 a year. that's just on average. might even be more in other states. that's a lot of money that you could be spending on other things. if you have those numbers in front of you, that will help. also a scary awesome photo gallery of the side effects of smoking, which if you know you are thinking about, that will do the trick. >> smokers know already but we'll see if it helps. >> last but not least is learning how to unplug and get away from these crazy mobile devices. >> why would you want to do that? >> we're always afraid of missing something. but the truth is it distracts us and keeps us from doing --
3:21 am
getting really good work done. focusing our efforts on that big project you have at work or even just spending time with family and friends. >> there's an app for that? >> it's a little ironic. there's an app called off time. it blocks all incoming calls, text messages. anybody and everybody that you just need you know away from your quiet zone. it gives them an automated response that says you're busy and you'll get back to them later. it's great because you need something to force you i think to really set those devices aside and just focus on what's at hand what's in front of you. >> if it works, i'll take it. is there an app that will make you find love in 2015? >> i'll find one for you. >> all right. desperation app. no kidding. tina thank you. tina trinh, thank you. stay with us. more "world news now" next.
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it is now time for "the mix." we all talk about when you are getting married, you are walking down the aisle. never really talk about walking down the parking lot at a football game. >> oh, no. >> this is what some oregon fans did. they are new lielynewlyweds, 25. they decided they'll scrap their beach wedding that was going to happen in july. since their ducks were in the rose bowl for the first time in a couple of years, they're going to get married in the parking lot. >> those are some fans. >> they're something. >> look at that. >> congratulations to them. >> that's terrific. big football fans. in the middle east camel racing is a very big deal. >> oh, yeah. >> it's all about camel racing in parts of the arab world.
3:26 am
and lycra is what they are now racing in. they are putting camels in lycra because they believe it will make them faster runners in races. apparently camels lose a lot of weight due to stress hormones and working overtime so they believe the lycra might help them stand taller. >> i might have to add them to my fantasy camel racing team. >> there you go. time for the polka. ♪ politics and foreign wars all the weather all the scores ♪ ♪ that's the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ commercials you can get your fill 30 seconds cost 4 mill ♪ ♪ that's the super bowl polka ♪ ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants ♪ ♪ so grab your "world news now" mug and everybody dance ♪ ♪ have some fun be a pal every anchor guy and gal ♪ ♪ polar vortex polar vortex ♪
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this morning on "world news now" -- travel trouble on this busy holiday weekend. the unusual cold weather in california. snow in nevada and the storm that's set to sweep across the country. political loss. remembering the three-term former governor of new york state. so popular, he considered the presidency. the tributes coming in for mario cuomo. surgical surprise. 50 years after a traffic accident, doctors discover a part of a car in the victim's arm. why was it embedded so long? and holiday cheer from actor alec baldwin and his yoga instructor wife. the big announcement they're making in "the skinny" on this friday, january 2nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> happy friday to you on this
3:31 am
second day of the new year. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson in for t.j. holmes. it's the 2nd. this year is flying by already. >> second day number two. and it's going by quickly. >> just yesterday was day one. all right. of course, our top story. the new year here beginning with winter storms from coast to coast. more than a foot of snow fell over the holiday in northern arizona bringing joy to resort operators and unhappiness to drivers. >> skiers and snowboarders needed four-wheel drive or chains to get to the slopes. our coverage begins with clayton sandell. >> reporter: new year, new headaches for drivers across the south. in oklahoma, state troopers are busy with dozens of crashes on icy, slick roads. big rigs needed big tow trucks to shove them back on the highway. police aren't sure how this happened but say the ice certainly didn't help. sand and salt are being dropped on the worst roads, trying to get ahead of a winter mess now
3:32 am
slamming eight states. crunching and crashing from texas -- >> when i hit my brakes, it went sideways and hit the rail over there. >> reporter: -- to nevada where it's not icy, it's plain cold. freeze warnings in arizona and nevada, where vegas fountains turned to mini glaciers. southern californians waiting for the rose parade lit campfires. and there is more trouble ahead as freezing rain pushes east, turning into a glaze of ice that has authorities warning everyone to please slow down. clayton sandell, abc news, littleton, colorado. there are warnings and advisories about ice in the southern plains right now. >> let's get the big picture from accuweather meteorologist justin povick. how is it looking? >> thanks reena and kendis. the northeast off to a sunny start, but a chilly start. it's going to be cold all day long here on friday. high pressure in place. that's the supplier of some
3:33 am
frigid air. that's not going anywhere really any time soon. cold enough over much of the country that we're still talking about freezing rain, sleet and snow into texas and oklahoma. had it on thursday. more of it on friday. that means more slippery travel this go around along interstate 44 and i-40. rain south and east of there toward dallas and houston and new orleans. there will be some more airport delays, and some of the rain spanning out into the southeast around huntsville, birmingham, atlanta and into the carolinas late day. reena and kendis, back to you. president obama is among those mourners mourning the passing of former new york governor mario cuomo this morning. cuomo died just hours after his oldest son andrew was sworn in for his second term leading the state. abc's bill ritter looks at cuomo's impact on american politics. >> in the city streets, in the gutter -- >> reporter: he was arguably the most gifted and powerful orator of his generation. >> how can anyone say that we are safer, stronger or better?
3:34 am
>> reporter: his speech at the 1984 democratic convention sparked a national following. but it was all sort of an accident. what he wanted was the vice presidential nomination. that went instead to fellow new yorker geraldine ferrero. as a consolation prize, the democrats gave cuomo the keynote address. to use a baseball analogy, a sport he loved and in his youth wanted to play professionally, the governor of new york hit it out of the park. >> we democrats believe that we can make it all the way with the whole family intact, and we have more than once. >> reporter: cuomo became a much talked about potential presidential candidate for 1988 and 1992. he was born in queens, the briarwood section in 1932. his parents, born in italy, ran a store in the south jamaica section. protecting the underdog whether ethnic or income level would become one of the benchmarks of the cuomo legacy. he was also against the death penalty, vetoing several
3:35 am
attempts to reinstate it in new york. his last public appearance november 4th, 2014, at the victory speech for his son's re-election. the 52nd governor hugging the 56th governor. >> his inspiration and his legacy and his experience is what has brought this state to this point. >> reporter: bill ritter, abc news, new york. to indonesia and the recovery of bodies from the airasia crash site is moving more quickly today. more than a dozen of the 162 victims have been pulled from the water. so have pieces of wreckage, but the fuselage still has not been found. and time is running out. strong currents are moving the debris around widening the search area, and the batteries for the black boxes are only good for 30 days. for the first time. the captain of that doomed greek ferry is speaking out. he says his thoughts are with the victims even though investigators cannot agree on how many passengers are missing. at least 11 people died during the chaotic rescue efforts. italy says there may be as many as 100 others.
3:36 am
the wreck is now being towed to italy where it will be searched. pope francis has begun the new year with a prayer for peace. tens of thousands of tourists, pilgrims and romans crowded st. peter's square for the pope's first window appearance of 2015. he pointed to a sign in the crowd that said "prayer is at the root of peace" and said he agreed with that. the city of cleveland wants an outside agency to review the fatal police shooting of a 12-year-old boy. a caller told the dispatcher the toy gun the boy was playing with was probably fake. video shows he was shot within two seconds by a rookie officer who told the boy to put up his hands. tamir rice's family has sued the city saying the two officers acted recklessly. an atlanta area police chief is on administrative leave after shooting and critically wounding his wife. peachtree city police chief william mccollom said he shot his wife in their bedroom.
3:37 am
the criminal investigation has been turned over to the state. the victim is in critical condition at an atlanta hospital. this is a wild story. an illinois man is recovering from surgery after unknowingly carrying around a car part in his body for more than 50 years. doctors removed a 7-inch turn signal lever from arthur lampet's left arm. it had been lodged there since 1963. that's when he crashed his brand new thunderbird into a truck. doctors apparently overlooked the arm to focus on his broken hip at the time. the wound healed around the metal piece, and it never bothered him until recently when he lifted some cinderblocks. absolutely amazing story there. >> that's crazy. >> he had surgery. he's 75. had surgery to get it removed. a decade or so ago his wife said he went through a metal detector and it went off. they had no idea why. they found it. thought it didn't bother him and voila. >> they were told just leave it
3:38 am
alone. don't worry about it when they knew something was in there. >> when he lifted the cinderblock, though, looked like it wanted to come out. >> iron man. >> absolutely. an update on the delta airlines flight diverted after a passenger went into labor midflight. we're getting a first look at the little one. carl peery was born at a salt lake city hospital ten weeks early. his parents were heading home to minneapolis from san francisco when his mom started having contractions. that was about 30 minutes into the flight. >> don't really know why this happened because i had a totally normal pregnancy. i had no indicators of anything being wrong. everything was healthy and going great. >> despite his early arrival, baby carl is doing well. mom says she's learned her lesson. no flying or even leaving the state during her next pregnancy. >> that's a good idea. cute baby. well worth it there. running out of room on your iphone or ipad? there's a lawsuit for that.
3:39 am
a new class action suit claims that apple is falsely advertising the storage capacity for its mobile devices. the two plaintiffs say the ios 8 operating system eats into the memory, almost one-fourth of it. and users cannot add memory cards to apple mobile devices. they are right. >> i have that problem right now. >> yeah, exactly. have you had an apple product? that's what we deal with. and for the first time the ipad sales so far may show a decline. about 6 million fewer sold last year than in 2013. analysts say apple is a victim of its own success. its new larger iphones are eating into ipad sales, but don't cry for apple quite yet. its stock was up nearly 40% for the year. not bad. january 1st has always been special for a certain couple from cleveland. raheen stover was born new year's day 1978 and his wife new year's day 1980. now baby makes three. little autumn was named after
3:40 am
her parents' favorite season. >> yeah, born january 1st as well. how lucky is that. now, if only they can sign her up and hook her up with another january 1st new year's baby. it will be all set. >> they'll each be getting their own birthday cakes. that's my kind of family. i wonder if it will be three different flavors. >> dad said as nice as it is to have all january 1st, he wants to celebrate december 31st, maybe mom january 1st and daughter on january 2nd. >> that's a great idea. three days of birthdays. >> yes, exactly. very beautiful. coming up in "the skinny," actor joseph gordon-levitt's marriage and why his newlywed wife seems to avoid the spotlight. an innovative solution for hangovers. it promises to be a miracle cure. how an i.v. treatment can take away the pain from overindulgence. you're watching "world news now."
3:41 am
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for millions of americans, this is back to work day after nursing that new year's day hangover. >> now there's a medical service that promises to flush away those painful symptoms in moments. of course, there's a price. but does it really work? abc's byron pitts checked it out. >> reporter: new year's eve. the parties. that champagne. but the morning after can mean an ugly hangover, much like the movie. >> i don't think i've ever been this hung over. >> after the hard rock, i blacked out. >> reporter: this year, the hottest accessory to have on your arm may be an i.v. drip. now there are concierge medical services like i.v. doc that promise a new instant hangover cure. >> it was at a couple holiday parties last night. so it's no wonder why i'm here with an i.v. fluid bag. >> reporter: clients can make appointments online, talk
3:45 am
treatment with a physician, and within two hours a nurse will bring an i.v. bag to their doorstep. >> i love i can call and make an appointment and say, come to my office. or if i'm getting my hair dyed or cut, come to the hair salon. >> reporter: i.v. doc says they are carefully crafted cocktails of vitamins, medications and saline solution that will put the pep back in your step more than h20 alone. >> only 40% to 60% of that water is absorbed into your system. when we do this, we're giving you the i.v., it's going right into your system. >> reporter: it will cost from $165 up to $300 for a 20 to 45-minute session and that doesn't include the tip. for devin, the hefty price tag is worth it. >> it's the instant gratification of someone coming to your home and not going to a hospital or doctor's office. >> reporter: although it may seem like a quick fix, some doctors aren't buying it. >> the cost for a bag of saline or saltwater is $4 or $5 and
3:46 am
typically it's marked up to $200 or more. couple with this the additives and immune boosting therapies they are touting have no proven medical benefit. >> reporter: those who swear by the i.v.s say it's going to be a very happy and hydrated new year. byron pitts, abc news, new york. >> would you do it? >> i am willing -- at the moment when you are in the middle of that hangover, you are willing to try anything and everything. i would take on that. sounds like a good idea. >> i'm all about the pouring. >> continue to pour. oh, yes, you are. you know, truth be told, that was an hour ago. >> we're still celebrating new year's here. it's only day two. next, a surprise wedding announcement out of hollywood. and the bride seems camera shy. >> and guess which actor is expecting again. that's all ahead in "the skinny." happy new year. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
3:47 am
abc stations.
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tt2wút3n@24 bt@q[ tt2wút3n@24 "a@qk,d tt2wút3n@24 bm@q@'h tt4wút3n@24 " dztq :p8 tt4wút3n@24 " entq jtx tt4wút3n@24 " gzt& ss tt4wút3n@24 " hnt& c]l tt4wút3n@24 " iztq )44 tt4wút3n@24 " jntq ;dt tt4wút3n@24 " lzt& #)( ♪ skinny so skinny ♪ time for "the skinny." and topping our headlines this morning -- a surprise wedding announcement out of hollywood. >> "people" magazine has confirmed that actor joseph gordon-levitt married his girlfriend tasha mccauley
3:49 am
on december 20th reportedly during a ceremony at their home. she's the co-founder and ceo of a silicon valley robotics company. this seems to be the only picture out there of this happy couple. >> gordon-levitt appeared in "lincoln" and "inception." perhaps best known for playing tommy solomon on "third rock from the sun." >> only picture out there. popular actor and that's it. nobody knew. who knew. >> maybe they just love their privacy. >> i guess so. she looks happy. >> she looks very happy. >> cha-ching. >> whoa. next up, another happy announcement to talk about from a prominent hollywood couple. >> hilaria baldwin announced she and husband alec are expecting their second child this year. she instagramed this photo, touching photo. >> the couple has a 1-year-old daughter. baldwin also has a 19-year-old daughter from his previous marriage to kim basinger. this means we can expect to see a lot more instagram photos of
3:50 am
hilaria baldwin in 2015. >> i think it's hilaria. i can never -- is it hilaria? i'm not sure, but it's official. kanye west and sir paul mccartney are collaborating. >> west released a track called "only one" that is said to feature mccartney on keys. it's a sparse ballad with what one writer describes as a thick dose of autotune on west vocals. take a listen. ♪ and if you knew how proud i was you'd never shed a tear have a fear ♪ ♪ no you wouldn't do that no i didn't pick the day to turn the page ♪ ♪ i know it's not the end every time ♪ >> kim kardashian tweeted out she cries every time she hears this song. i cry. >> you're crying too? >> me, too. >> not because you think it's beautiful. >> i'm not going to say -- >> not going to say anything? all right. it's painful to listen to. i'm sorry.
3:51 am
i'll mention it. speaking of kim kardashian, she's getting some royal competition in the realm of fashion. >> just 17 months old, britain's prince george has been revealed as ebay's top celebrity fashion icon. look at that cutie. i want to pinch his cheeks. he's credited with inspiring a huge surge in sales of items by british designers. after wearing her sweater in these photos. they are adorable. do they make anchor versions for christmas and new year's? >> we can hope. the auction site revealed bidders bought more than 170,000 items by her after these photos were published. >> you'd look good in that one. time for birthdays. who is blowing out the candles this january 2nd? >> zookeeper jack hanna, 68. >> cuba gooding jr. turns 47. >> "parenthood" actor dax shepard, the big 4-0. >> kate bosworth, 42. gorgeous. >> happy birthday.
3:52 am
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final week of 2014 kicked off with a pair of disasters by air and by sea. >> and across the country, a frosty start to the new year was punctuated by miraculous tales of rescue and survival. here now our "friday rewind." >> it's a horrible, horrible experience, but we will try to do our best. that's our focus right now. we had to jump into a boat and then we were about three hours in the sea because there was -- it was very, very unbelievably wavy. nowhere we can actually go right now.
3:56 am
kind of stuck. that's why we've got the trucks here parked. one tree right after another. i think it's a miracle that i'm alive. something inside me made me scream at him and tell him i'm right here. jump! we got you. come on. >> every time you watch it, like, oh, my god, there he go. he jumped. he jumped. he finally jumped. just that feeling it gives you to relive that moment and say that you saved someone's life. say them out loud. >> will -- [ crying ] from here on out, you've got eight rounds to go. >> this is foolishness. this place should be shut down. i'm going to call somebody. they don't even have medical staff here. we have no specific threats directed against times square. ♪
3:57 am
>> happy new year! >> and my big highlight next week, i always wait for the after new year's sales to happen. >> those are coming up fairly soon. >> you need a new suit? a new shirt? >> what are you trying to say? >> no, no, i'm not trying to say anything. i always believe that after january -- >> good deals? >> after january 2nd. >> i'm looking forward to wild card weekend for playoffs in football. >> yes, that's right. >> cam newton is back in action after two weeks or three weeks after that accident, and, you know, the steelers. well, they're going to see if they can do something with this season. >> my tampa bay buccaneers. they're going to regroup. >> golfing. don't miss our updates on facebook, >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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. making news in america this morning -- deep freeze app trk tick across of the country. even southern california is shivering. conditions making a travel a nightmare on this holiday weekend. and more bodies discovered in the tragic crash. so many more missing. investigators frantically trying to find the plane as families debris the loss of their loved ones. a legend loss mario cuomo, a political powerhouse remembered by those who knew him best. an idealist for things he believed in. and bowled over. major upsets in the first-ever college football playoff. the stage is now set for the national championship game. the underdogs taking on as the to


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