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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  January 3, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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g mountain. we'll have snow and sleet and freezing rain a wintery mix. we'll see an hour or two of that and everything else is plain rain. we're seeing rain in central and southern delaware. two-thirds are this is not reaching the ground. this is here, in harrisburg and gettysburg. the moisture is rushing in all of it should be in the form of rain. philadelphia wilmington 35. in the 40s on the boardwalk in atlantic city, 44. millville, 35 and trenton 33. the national weather service has a winter weather advisory for the far western suburbs. this has just gone into effect for the mixture of snow, sleet and freezing rain. this is brief. but it will change over to plain rain this afternoon. it will be cold rain, but liquid
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not the white stuff. for philadelphia, rain at times cloudy and damp. when i come back we'll have a big cool down in the seven-day forecast. >> police in bucks county dealt with a standoff of a man holed up in his home. lawrence ralph was holed up in a home on ice pond levittown. all the guns in the home added to her concern. as police closed in on the home to commit ralph, they say he told them to back off. off camera, police described the break threw. >> threw -- break-through. we broke windows and doors he actually came and stood on the other side of the curtain of the
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windows, the s.w.a.t team ran up to the house and pulled him out. >> he is undergoing a mental health evaluation, his mother is hospitalized. camden police are investigating a double shooting with the man ending his life outside the emergency room. police say he shot and wounded a woman at marlton pike in baird boulevard. police say they had been dating and recently split up. the woman's father rushed her to cooper university hospital, the man who shot her followed them in the car. the man ran a red light police followed him, when they approached the car he shot himself. the woman is in critical condition. a man was shot in the head in strawberry mansion. police are questioning two men. investigators are looking for a
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third man. no word on who pulled the trigger and what led up to it the victim was pronounced at temple university hospital. three people were injured in a fire in southwest philadelphia. a 70-year-oldman and younger woman jumped to save their lives. flames broke out in a row home at 9:15. fire spread to two adjoining homes. >> we encounter a lot of fire and arduous fire fight. the firefighters did a great job for the number of people they encountered and had to be rescued. >> police officers helped to get people out. the 70-year-old man was burned and the woman had an injured leg. red cross is offering shelter and clothing to 28 residents affected by the fire. fire officials are trying to figure out what caused the fire. a bucks county teen is
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behind bars he surrendered after two weeks of hitting and killing a 16-year-old girl after she tried catch her school bus. annie mccormick has the story. >> reporter: "action news" was there as michael shelly entered bensalem police to face charges facing homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter as he sit and killed a 16-year-old bensalem high sophomore tried to get on the bus. >> he went through a school bus, the lights were activated and the arm was exposed. >> reporter: shelly in admits seeing bus lights and saw a kid run by and he braked. according to an affidavit he told police, quote, i think i killed her and admitted his 1984 bronco is not registered and no
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insurance and counterfeit inspection stickers. he said quote i had basically tunnel vision i had a small area to see out front. the family watched him during the arrangement visibly upset. shelly's family and friends came for his support. >> he feels badly about the death of a classmate of his. when the facts come out it will be clear what happened. he wasn't intoxicated and he wasn't high. >> i'm hoping today is the first partly of the healing process and that the justice system can take its course. >> reporter: shelly is charged with overtaking the school bus and four counts of reckless endangerment for the other students at the backup that day. the judge set the bail at $500,000. annie mccormick channel 6
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"action news." >> funeral services were held for a 10-year-old boy who was hit and killed by a police car. matthew matthew mckloskey. >> i would like to say they are holding up well, but that's not true. >> reporter: a police cruiser hit him as the 10-year-old crossed the road. prosecutors are investigating whether the lights and sirens were on and the circumstances of that crash. get ready to pay on the pennsylvania turnpike. a 5% hike will take effect midnight to pay for projects around the state. >> reporter: on work days, 120,000 vehicles travel on the blue route to the pennsylvania,
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to the west, bob uses the turnpike once a week, the coming 5% hike? >> it's not something i think about. >> reporter: it's not a game changer for you? >> no, no, i would imagine if i was a commuter used it everyday, i would be more concerned. >> reporter: 5.20 is what this daily commuter pays, would he consider a different route? >> i don't know how i would go, how i would get without the turnpike. >> reporter: come sunday there will have been 7 toll hikes in 7 years. 7 years ago harrisburg designated the turnpike as transportation cash cow besides it's own cost it has to repay buildings to cover debt and rebuild roads across the entire state. unless the law is changed,
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annual toll hikes will be seen in the foreseeable future. >> cars cost a lot of money there's no getting around it. >> reporter: john rawlins channel 6 "action news." >> new this morning a wad of crime scene tape marks the area where two people were shot overnight. we'll have the details on what police are looking for. two weeks ago for the official kickoff of the philadelphia auto show, find out what makes this black tie tailgate unique. >> reporter: there could be a wintry mix in parts of the area this morning these temperatures are normal for the middle of april. that's followed by the coldest air of the season a few days later. i'll have the details from accuweather when we come right back.
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the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. an ocean county man is taking a polar bear plunge today raising money for charity and creating endless summer for himself for a year straight. nora muchanic has his story. >> reporter: he'll be starting 2015 doing the same thing he does everyday taking a dip in the atlantic. his goal is to swim in the ocean each day for a year. a daily polar bear plunge that started on september 1. >> i grew up on the jersey shore it kind of depressing when everybody leaves at labor day
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everybody clears out. le i figured why not go to the beach everyday and turn it into an endless summer. >> reporter: the water is 45 degrees the temperature 27 with the windchills it's 16. that doesn't stop him a 50-year-old car dealer from ocean heights. >> when i'm under the water it's not too bad. when i come up there's a little bit of a shock it's not really that bad. i think i've grown. accustomed to it. >> reporter: he kept up his quest to swim everyday through sickness and nor'easters. why he does it, is a different story. he is using his daily swims to raise money for als research. it's the ultimate ice bucket challenge. >> i did the ice bucket challenge it was enough.
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>> if you can do it, go for it. >> reporter: he won't use a wet suit he thinks that's sheeting. >> everyday i get in, i feel like i've accomplished something. getting closer to the main goal of 365. i don't know if if i come do that but i'm going to give it to my best shot. >> i don't know how he hasn't gotten sick already. >> reporter: if the ocean temperature is not in the 70s i'm not jumping in. >> i'm an 80s 90s girl. >> reporter: looking live at cape may county, this is a precursor of what's to come. it's going to gloomy around the delaware valley. here's the good news with the exception of the poconos and allentown it's above freezing. when i first went on the air
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everybody was in the mid 20s. a big improvement in the numbers, this will end the threat for freezing rain as the moisture moves in. philadelphia, 36. millville, 35. wilmington 35. as long as the temperatures are above freezing most of the rain will not freeze on contact with roads. the temperatures will climb from this point on. storm tracker 6 live double scan a lot of this is not reaching the ground. this down here is. some of the rain is heavy in kent county and sussex county in delaware. there are flurries and ice pellets and sleet falling across portions of berks county. other than that most of the area is cloudy. the biggest storm is centered across the heartland of the nation. this is another great lakes cutter that will pushing into the great lakes. it will be pulling a cold front an warm front into the mid atlantic states over the next 24 hours or so. first the warm front slides in, temperatures soar and the cold front pushes through sunday
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night, that's when the numbers plunge. 67 degrees in jacksonville at this hour. that could be close to our high temperature sunday. we're down to 3 degrees in bismarck. this is the leading edge of this out here in western canada. again, that storm, that huge storm right here across the missouri valley will pull the cold air down to the lower 48. warm front in the process of pulling through later on. whatever wintery precipitation we do see far northwest suburbs we'll is rain. wind shift out of the southwest and cold front behind it the numbers fall off a cliff. we'll see the precipitation intensify in coverage and intensity. that will pull east, periods of rain some of it heavy. we're not seeing wintery prezip prezip -- precipitation after
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1:00, 2:00. overnight in the poconos patchy fog, periods of drizzle. tomorrow morning, same thing clouds and patchy fog. that will set up a dull afternoon for sunday, as well. there's the arctic front pushing through by sunday evening. 7:00 p.m. it will be from that point on the numbers start to drop off. the next 24 hours here's what to expect, the moisture begins 9 at at 7 to 9:00. rainfall totals will range from half inch to ran i inch. our highs are well into the 60s. these numbers are normal for april. we'll go 62 for philadelphia, some areas 64. windchills 2349 single digits below -- in the single digits in the poconos below zero.
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rain at times begins as a wintry mix north and west. 43 is the forecasted high. overnight tonight 38 degrees outlying suburbs, 42 center city. big warmup tomorrow, big cool down next week. windy and colder monday, windchills in the 20s. snow showers are possible for tuesday, some of the moldses are putting out a minor accumulation with the system, 32. wednesday, windy windchills in the teens thursday if we're lucky we get into the 20s that's the coldest air mass of the season so far. next friday we moderate a little bit, we're up to 33. >> we'll suffer, only for a week. it warms up the following week. a family dog is back home after a cross country journey. the 7-month-old pooch wandered off. they found a facebook page to
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find her. the trucker picked up penny. the dog turned up in a shelter in pittsburgh, 2400 miles from home. >> she's been across more states than i've been. >> she is a well-traveled dog. >> a volunteer drove penny from pittsburgh to baltimore alaska airlines heard about her tale and flew her back to washington state for free.
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we're a few weeks away from the official kickoff oafnt of the philadelphia auto -- eventually of the philadelphia auto show. the black tie tailgate previews the greatest cars and sports a good cause. karen rogers has more. >> reporter: the red carpet is rolled out for the guest and 700 vehicles are on display at the pennsylvania convention center on january 30th. >> there's nothing like having
9:21 am
people all dressed up. >> reporter: guests not only get to walk around the city's biggest showroom they will get to sample food from celebrity chef jose garces. >> i love cars, what a treat. >> reporter: the auto dealers association of greater philadelphia hosted a tasting to preview the menu that includes new offerings. >> it's special for me to be able to contribute and give back to the best institutions. >> reporter: proceeds benefit the daily operation children's hospital. >> we've hired new faculty
9:22 am
this is the largest unrestricted grant we've gotten in the division of newborn medicine in the last ten years. it's extremely exiting for us, because we have the most critically ill infant in the world. >> reporter: while the stars are the cars, charity drives the event each year. >> it's great to combine our love of vehicles with a great charitable organization. >> reporter: karen rogers, adam joseph, ducis rogers and alicia vitarelli will have a full preview of the auto show. catch it at 7:00 p.m. on 6abc. still ahead on "action news," the flyers and sixers in action on the road. chip kelly getting more control of the eagles, jeff skeverski breaks down the shift in power in the birds nest.
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>> in sports it's been a busy weekend for the flyers taken sixerers and the eagles give chip kelly more power, jeff skeverski has it all. >> reporter: it is charles in charge eagles coach chip kelly has complete control over all player personnel decision, the roster the draft free agency and trades. and howie roseman is no longer gm after front office shakeup. eagles other than jeffrey lori kelly did not make any threats in the meetings this week.
9:26 am
howie roseman will be made vice president of contract operations. lori said in a statement -- adds -- make no mistake about this, kelly continues to have final stay on the 53 man roster and everything else except money. in a statement last night kelly said i'm confident about where we are headed as a team and organizations. i look forward to continue working with jeffrey and howie as well as the personnel department. this is not a one-man operation. speaking of power plays the flyers are trying to regain power in the eastern conference, but not even a trip to the
9:27 am
carolina against one of the worst team in hockey can get the flyers going. they fell behind in the second period against carolina. flyers down 2-0. and then the captain goes down, claude giroux takes a skate to the back leg in the third. believe it or not he ises probable for tonight -- he is probably for tonight's game in new jersey. flyers not enough, they lost 2-1. they lost 4 straight. like the flyers, the sixers have lost four straight, as well. they have all come on the road. last night in phoenix michael carter williams and the sixers trying trying to get out of the funk. sixers up 2 at the half. third quarter morris nails a
9:28 am
three. sixers have dropped four straight. villanova in action looking to become the first team in history to win 14 straight to start the season later today at seton hall. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski. have a good day! >> there's much more to come on "action news" saturday morning including she remembers. >> reporter: i'm karen rogers this little kitty is maggie. she is the top vote getter on "shelter me rescue of the week." you can hear our story coming up on "action news." of. meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" saturday at 9:00 continues.
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>> happening now on "action news" saturday at 9:00. new this morning philadelphia police are looking for the getaway car in a double shooting overnight. investigators need your help in identifying the vehicle involved in a deadly hit anticipate run. and hundreds of grocery store workers are out of a job this month. first though let's head outside to chris sowers and the accuweather forecast. looks like we're starting to see showers now. >> reporter: what's happening now we're seeing a mixture of sleet and rain, i'll stick the mic up, let's see if you can hear it hit the umbrella. it's not snow it's an ice pellet that's falling and bouncing all
9:31 am
over the place. let's go over to storm tracker 6 live double scan. to the south we get into south jersey and delaware. it's raining there. we're picking up yellow. some of it is coming down heavily across delaware bay area. that blue shade is sleet and freezing rain and the white is snow falling in the lehigh valley. none of this is too terribly heavy. again with temperatures below freezing north and west. the lehigh valley and the poconos it will be sticking to area roads, there could slick spots out here over the next couple of hours. here's the good news when we first started at 5:30 all the numbers were down in the mid 20s. him now we're well above freezing just about everywhere. the exception allentown and the poconos. reading, 33 degrees above the freezing mark. sea isle and atlantic city 44. as long as numbers stay above 32 degrees we should not have
9:32 am
problems on the roads. north of pennsylvania turnpike, you'll see a brief mixing 9:00 a.m. to lunchtime. sleet and freezing rain. slick spots are possible. there it's going over to all rain this afternoon. for philadelphia, rain developing 43 degrees that's the forecasted high. winds shifting from an easterly direction to a southerly direction overnight tonight. we'll drop down to 42 degrees overnights tonight for the low. the numbers start to climb by tomorrow it will feel like spring with highs in the mid 60s, i'll talk about that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when i step back inside in just a bit. >> thanks, chris. philadelphia police are looking for leads in a double shooting. the shooting happened at north front and west girard. two males in their 20s were shot several times. both victims are in stable condition at temple university hospital. witnesses spotted two men fleeing in a car. so far no signs of the suspect or the car. the motive is unknown. fire ripped through several row homes in southwest
9:33 am
philadelphia injuring three people. overnight "action news" has learned that the red cross is providing shelter for 28 residents displaced by the blaze on 68th near woodland. flames damaged three row homes. a 70-year-old man and woman jumped from the roof of one of the homes the man is hospitalized with burnings, the woman is being treated for a leg injury. the third person is not known. investigators are working to find out what sparked the fire. a five thousand dollar for a dangerous serial robber. >> reporter: the man police are looking are to cartel wright, aka kevin jones. investigators say he held up the
9:34 am
rite aid at gunpoint demanding cash from the clerk. after that for a while he stopped. but police say in august he reappeared at the aim rite aid demanding cash from the register. >> he symptoms again we still can't find him. and then from the 18th of december up until yesterday he commits five additional robberies at right aids and cvs and the family dollar store. >> reporter: there was the point of gun robbery on the 18th that has police concerned. >> from the video he pulled the gun out and points at the security guard. >> reporter: police believe people know cartel wright aka kevin jones and they will call with his whereabouts. >> we trying to get him off the streets as let people do business as we enter the new year. two state troopers collided with a car in cumberland county
9:35 am
in upper deerfield township. two state troopers and civilian was involved in the crash. one trooper was taken to the hospital. the other trooper and civilian were treated on the scene. none of the injuries are thought to be life threatening. an arrest has been made in an deadly auto pedestrian accident in our area. it took months before charges were filed which happened at west field and rosedale in camden. 53-year-old was killed crossing the roads. garcia faces charges of first degree death by auto. he had a blood alcohol level of .2. police have surveillance video of a deadly hit-and-run two days before christmas. they hope someone recognizes the vehicle and it leads to an arrest. >> it appears to be an orderly
9:36 am
model vehicle like you would see in an orderly movie. >> reporter: days after a deadly hit-and-run, a new clue for police to work with. this surveillance video was capture along state road tuesday december 23. that night teresa posey was trying to make it across the road when she made it to the center lane, when the driver of this older model pick up truck struck her and killed her. >> it appears to be an older model, we can't tell if it's a tow truck. >> reporter: the vehicle has a unique shape similar to a truck from the 1960s. detectives hope someone recognizes the pick up and call in. >> we never stop looking or investigating. the sooner we get the information the better, that's why we're asking for the public's help. >> reporter: "action news" spoke with the family after the deadly hit and run. the grieving mother hopes the
9:37 am
driver is caught. if anybody can please help if you're a mother, you'll know what i am going through. >> reporter: and detectives tell us they are fairly certain that that vehicle in the video is the striking vehicle. they also there was evidence left -- they say there was evidence left at the scene that's the turn signal that belongs to the pick up truck. if know anything call police, sharrie williams channel 6 "action news". >> happening today mourners will pay their respects to wenjian liu. wenjian liu and is partner were killed last month by a man who targeted police. rafael ramos was buried last week. we know we we -- wenjian liu's funeral was delayed so his family could come in from china. jet blue airway says it will play for the flights of 1100
9:38 am
cops attending the funeral. new information at 9:00 on the recovery of airasia flight 8501 in java sea in indonesia. sonar has detected four large objects on the floor. they are confident that the biggest part is the plane's body. debris from the plane is scattered across beaches. bad weather and rough surf is slowing efforts to recover the parts. 132 people still missing. the white house has fired back at north korea for its alleged cyber attack against sony. president obama slapped new sanctions that will target the kim jong-un regime. the sanctions will freeze their assets in the u.s. and bars them from doing business here. the move is mostly symbolic since north korea is already sanctioned because of it's nuclear program. north korea denies having anything to do with the cyber attack.
9:39 am
meanwhile pat meehan stopped by "action news" to talk about cyber terrorism. he called the hack a game changer in the world of terrorism. >> it was a state sponsored activity according to the fbi which i believe was accurate, we have broken knew ground, this will be perceived differently than the kinds of things we've seen before like the target identity theft. it's an escalation. >> meehan added that it's important that private companies and the federal government continue to communicate to stop such attack also. also -- attacks. bottom dollar food will be closing up checking out of the 66 stores in philadelphia and pittsburgh in the next two weeks. some will get severance pay and some job counseling. they sold the site to competing
9:40 am
discount grocer, aldi. there's much more to come on "action news," including what you need to know about the hepatitis a warning. we'll introduce you to forgotten cats and we'll get a check on the accuweather forecast when "action news" returns!
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>> winter is punching parts of texas. this is new video overnight coming out of lubbock. a few inches of snow falling there. the lonestar state has been chilled by the arctic blast. i know this is making you so sad. how has texas gotten snow and we don't. >> reporter: that was lubbock? >> lubbock texas. >> reporter: all right i've had enough. let's go live on sky 6. me being a snow lover and winter weather fan this has been an disappointing season. but we have pleasant of time left to -- plenty of time left to get snow. we're seeing sleet pel let's in the -- pelin the city. you can see this moving west to east at the same time the temperatures are climbing south to north. all this will pull away.
9:44 am
during the course of the day everything will switch over to a cold rain. street level route 22, pennsylvania turnpike we're picking up sleet pellets across berks county. farther north we get into the lees port area and lehigh valley. they are picking up snowflakes. this will transition over to plain rain. quakertown 30 degrees, pottstown 30. oxford 34. ken net square, 33. chemplet 34. no -- chester 34. glassboro and buena, 35. same number gandys beach. avalon already 43 approximate. same thing store atlantic city, browns mill 32 and ewing 32 degrees today this will be a rain event another rainstorm for the delaware valley. whatever you see in the lehigh
9:45 am
valley the next couple of hours winter precipitation wise that's going over to rain. as this system pulls into the great lakes. it pulls the trailing warm front along with it. the winds shift out of southwest. we're in the 60s. monday the cold front pulls through winds shift again this time out of the northwest and bang here comes the cold air. this will slap you in the face, windchills will be stuck in the teens and 20s. we'll go from windchills tomorrow to the teens tuesday morning. by 1:00, there's the rain/snow line. actually, this is more like a mixture of sleet and snow. for the northern portions of the lehigh valley and the poconos. everybody it's a cold rain. overnight tonight showers around maybe a couple of periods of rain, otherwise cloudy and damp. and then we get into tomorrow morning, clouds and showers areas of fog by afternoon late
9:46 am
in the day there's the arctic front right there. by 7:30 all the numbers north and west are starting to crash at that point. precipitation wise rainfall totals will range from an inch in philadelphia and allentown. we have the winter weather advisory for the far western suburbs until 6:00 p.m. it goes lancaster berks north hampton lehigh county and the poconos, sleet and freezing rain. temperatures are already above freezing here. the pattern makes a huge shift. the jet stream is all the way up into southern canada which is unusual for the month of january. 60s up and down the mid atlantic and the northeast. we get into next week bitter air, northwesterly winds drive the cold into the heart of the mid atlantic.
9:47 am
43 degrees in philadelphia. 45 in millville. periods of rain heavy at times. even north and west we're picking up the mix right now you're getting into the mid to upper 30s later on. anything sticking to the roads that will quickly melt. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 64 degrees with rain expected on sunday. the latest forecast information has us as warm as 66. for now we'll go 64. 39 monday, windy and colder. windchills in the 20s. tuesday, high of 32. windchills in the 20s. a clipper system pulls through there will be a period of light snow wednesday windy and cold, 29 will feel like the mid teens thursday high of 20 degrees and windchills in the teens again. i love it. >> now it's time to feature this week's winning rescue group in the "shelter me rescue of the week" forgotten cats. karen rogers has their story.
9:48 am
>> reporter: forgotten cats is a trapped and release organization. >> reporter: was mission to decrease the overpopulation of homeless cats, the organization has managed to trap and stellarrize 85,000 cats in ten years. >> if you do the math a female cat her off spring produces 20 cats per year and that adds up to millions of kittens who were not born. >> we return them to caretakers who feed them and provide a shelter for them. many times living within a colony is a cat or mother cat who has had kittens we take the tame cat and find homes. >> reporter: and 6,000 cats have found homes. >> to take a cat from the street and give it a second chance in a home it's huge very rewarding. >> this was chase utley he was recently dumped here. he is the sweetest cat.
9:49 am
>> reporter: alpine is extremely friendly and loves people, he would be best as the only cat. he is fiv positive which is the feline equivalent to hiv aids. >> reporter: mickey is shy his partner in crime lucy is the overt type. >> and this is maggie, she is 4 months old. she is playing, if you want maggie or any of the pellets you've seen go to the forgotten cats website. vote for your favorite shelter or add a rescue group to the list by going to the "action news" "shelter me rescue of the week" facebook page we'll feature the highest vote getter on "action news" next saturday. karen rogers channel 6 "action news"
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9:51 am
>> welcome back to "action news" on this saturday morning
9:52 am
sky6 live hd traching a live look -- taking a live look for us over atlantic city. you can see the rain coming down. the boardwalk there pretty wet and empty except for the one lone person walking around there. 9:52 37 degrees. calling all brides the brides against breast cancer gowns is in town. it's on the industrial highway in essington delaware county. hundreds of gowns are for sale at deep discount prices, proceeds go to support cancer patients and their families. it's happening today from 11:00 to 3:00. get there early as brides line up before the sale begins. the classic pits the fire and police department against each other for charity andrew was a soccer standout who was
9:53 am
diagnosed with leukemia and died 6 months later. tickets are five dollars at the door. two people recovering from hepatitis a at home. a food handler contracted the virus. one of the newly infected people works at the hair port salon and the other is a if i fitness instructor at the ymca. >> i was interested in knowing where the locale that the instructor taught the classes. >> reporter: the ymca gym is disinfected everyday day.
9:54 am
call (609)890-3884. if you have any questions or concerns. up next, chris sowers will take a final look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. stay with us.
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9:56 am
>> i can't keep the changing weather days straight. >> reporter: we have a lot of changes over the next couple of days. the weekend as a whole not too pretty. rain at times 43 degrees that's the forecasted high. look at tomorrow, up to 64 that's normal for the middle of april. expecting rain from time to time. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, the arctic unloads next week. 39 degrees monday, 32 tuesday maybe a period of light snow, 29 wednesday, 20 by thursday.
9:57 am
get ready. jack hanna's "wild countdown" is next. "action news" continues later tonightment we're back tomorrow morning at 6:00. a new all star comedy is coming to 6abc. we'll have a preview. one of the world's most celebrated pianist is coming to philadelphia for one night only we'll preview the show in 6abc loves the arts. for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm eva pilgrim. have a great saturday!
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>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hello, everyone. i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." today we're going island hopping from the florida keys... >> if she comes to you just let her bite you. don't drop her. [laughs] >> to the pacific northwest... to see a bear, you gotta act like a bear. >> all the way to fiji. >> someone is sneaking on the side. >> he's like a little cartoon character. >> and later, one of my spiciest bloopers ever. whew. sue, this is like acid. so stayed tuned for 7 of my


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