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tv   Action News  ABC  January 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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family member rbz a young man killed for doing nothing more than trying to provide a better life for his family. >> a young father losses his life in a robbery on a job he
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had only a few weeks. his family says he was just trying to provide for his new baby girl. sunday night and the big story on "action news" is the on-going-er isp for the killers of a young limo driver shot to death in west philadelphia. >> and his family is sharing his story and their grief. "action news" annie mccormick is live at headquarters with the full story annie. >> walter and sarah police tell us they have no named suspect but they believe three men were involved in this the victim's family telling us he just started this job two weeks ago. 24-year-old rodriguez started his job at la primera car company after quitting his catering job because it was not bringing in enough money for him and his fiancee and baby girl. >> he has to make money to live. >> philadelphia police say after 7 a.m. saturday in 5400 block
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dell lancey street rodriguez died after shot once in the head inside the 2007 silver chrysler 30 0 he drove. his fiancee in the front seat of the car. she told the victim's brother he was dispatched to another address picked up the suspect and drove them to the fateful location where at least one suspect pulled a gun and robbed his fiancee of cellphone and little cash threatening to kill her too and fired the fatal shot. >> he said you don't give me the money i'll shoot her he said don't shoot her. >> tonight his large extended family and best friends remember the talented center fielder that played in a local baseball league. >> it was his friend, his brother and. >> there's other things you can do. you don't have to take somebody else's life for no reason especially someone who was like search a kind person.
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>> besides sharing memories they shared their anger with the person or people behind this even the youngest family member sending culprits a message. >> if you want to do this to other people this is going to be your life. and it's nothing good going to come out of it. >> the limo company had no comment at this time. as with any homicide in the city of philadelphia there was a 20,000 reward with any information that leads to an arrest. reporting live outside police headquarters, an app, "channel 6 action news," walter and sarah. >> thank you annie. moving to the accu weather forecast and the roller coaster ride we're on is not over yet. more like spring than january. old man winter is ready for the come back tour. meteorologist melissa magee joins us at the big board in the forecast. >> we have changes on the way. the first change is coming in tonight as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan
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radar. we're tracking a cold front moving often through. you see the bulk of showers pushing offshore for areas of new england down across the mid-atlantic region and once the front moves through we have cold air following in its bake wake ahead of that it's mild across much of the mid-atlantic region philadelphia 53. numbers along the 95 corridor tell you where the front currently is and still 60 rix movrpd and off norm and west 30s, 30 buffalo. 4 3eu9sburg and 39 charles ton west virginia you move further norm and west you find the core of that cold air. these are not win chills. these are current air temperatures. 21 below zero international falls and 11 below zero bismarck north dakota we tap into arctic air as early as this week. we'll talk about what is ahead as we get ready to sai say hello to winter and turning windy and drying out the rest of tonight so showers dissipate from a west east direction and go from balmy today to bitter autopsy head
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this week and we're tracking a clipper system bringing threat of snow showers. we take a closer look at that at the full and exclusive accuweather forecast walter. >> tune into the morning team for more on changing temperatures. join matt, david tam, karen for the latest forecast tomorrow morning. >> about 100 philadelphia police officers attended a funeral today for new york city police officer who was assassinated while sitting in control patrol carch the officers booshded buses before dawn at fop headquarters and dozens gathered in energy until in a hotel parking lot in bellmar and headed to brooklyn among tens of thousands paying respects to wenjian liu. liu was remembered as loving son and dedicated police officer. the 32-year-old was executed along with officer rafael ramos on december 20. he was newlyly wed married a few months and his wife spoke at the service today remembering man
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she called her soul mate. >> caring son. loving husband. and loyal friend. you are amazing man. >> the gunman is bringsly, committed suicide after the ambush. investigators say brinsley made references to killing officers on social media posts a short time before the murders. >> once again officers who gathered outside the service turned their backs as new york city player bill deblaseo. it came despite please he from the police chief to put anger aside. the mayor contributesed they say to the environment that fueled hostility to law enforce. by supporting protests against police brewalty. >> latest display of mounting teptions involving law ep force. in the country. today in our area hundreds gathered to show support foremen and women in blue. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live in the satellite
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center with more on that part of the story, kenneth. >> rallies happen anyone chests erin delaware county earlier this evening and both raise money for the families of fallen first restoppeders and police and both had amazing show of support. >> it was a line of support that stretched down baltimore pike in springfield delaware county show of solidarity for police officers. >> police are not here toe hurt they're here to help we want police to know we support them and what they're doing is good. >> hunld reds joined the grassroots efforts to say thank you so many showing off that blue line symbol. >> i'm from tinicum township and they're very, very good police and they are very fair to everybody. >> show of support counters wave of weekly protests. most demanded change to the system of deaths of back men at the hands of police and others made anti-police statements. >> they have so much negative
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support they needed help to let them know that we're behind them. >> in west chester sunday there was a similar scene with residents applauding a parade of officers with the first ever step out of blue to support the police there were plenty of signs at the corner of market and high street. police called the rallies here and in springfield gratifying. >> i'm drawn away by numbers of people and should be the men and women in law enforcement as a whole. >> everyone in law enforce. knows we had the line of population shared behind us and it's a shame the noisy ones get all the attention and these are our people. >> supporters broud of those to protect and serve them. >> they have their heads held high and proud of what they do and everybody in the country should be proud of what they do also. >> in springfield organizeers raise an estimated 13,000 through tee shirt sales and cash donations that money will go to families of the two slain nypd
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officers. reporting live. kenneth moton being "channel 6 action news." >> all right. kenneth thank you. an investigation is underway into a dog attack that happened. two people were hurt and one a philadelphia police officer. police tell us two pit bulls got loose on 3000 block of girard avenue and went after several other dogs and people in the neighborhood. officers responded and that's when the dogs wentz after the officers. one of them suffered a bite wound to the arm. a witness says it was all a frightening scene. >> the one pit bull was charging at the top. and he -- the pit bull would not stop. >> one of the dogs was killed and other cap durd by animal control authorities and another witness says the dog's's owner was bit ep on the happened and leg. both of the people injured went to the hospital for treatment. >> police have identified the driver of a van who was shot and killed in hunting park overnight. officers were called out to the
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3700 block of deli street 1 a.m. they found the van that crashed into three parked cars. 39-year-old bernard ray was shot in the chest and no arrests so far and the motive is not yet nob anyone to. >> medical examiner determined shane montgomery died accidentally. so far though, no further details announced. differs found shape's body in the scum kill yesterday and less than a mile from where he was last seen in manyunk. there will be a viewing at st. john the baptist church followed by the funeral friday morning. >> more to come tonight on "action news" an american healthcare worker exposed to ebola arrives back in the united states. the latest on that patient's condition. >> also new details about the little girl that walked away from a plane crash that killed her family. >> and plus jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right
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eric green the man accused of murdering two pennsylvania troopers last st september is due in court tomorrow morning. it's a mere formality to see if there's enough evidence. he was captured after 48 day manhunt. he he remains held without bail in the pike county prison. american health worker determined to have had high risk
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exposure to ebola is in nebraska tonight. they landed in omaha aboard a special jet and taken to nebraska medical center with a special biocontainment unit. the patient is not ill or contagious but ut will be monitored for symptom as a precaution. >> pauline calferty remains in critical condition in lon ton. she started developing symptom a dave after returning from work in west africa. >> rough seas hampered search for flight air 8501 in java sea showing signs of letting up. differs want to get into the water to verify the existence of five objects found on sonar under the sea. five ships sent to look for the mraep black boxes are also coming the area. it killed 162 people on board. in southern california an intense search is underway for a 3 week old baby after a triple
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shooting in long beach. they discovered the child's mother, father and uncle inside a home there. all three kuvred gunshot wounds. the man wanted in the shooting may have taken elid sa but have not discussing motive. >> wreckage ever a small plane that crashed in keep ken friday night was moved today by investigators. they say 7-year-old sailor gutzler soul survivor may be able to help investigators figure out how the plane went down it killed her parents and sister and cousin. she walked a mile through the cold it get help and helped authorities find the wreckage. we'll have more about the little girl's resilience during this unimaginable tragedy. >> world of sports and sports fans including president obama are paying trib out to stuart scott. the long time sports septemberer
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anchor was diagnose the in 2007 and remains on the air throughout most of his battle. scott will be remembered as a pioneer in sports broadcasting for witness and truly original style and he was only 49 years old. jeff will have reaction to sdot's death coming up in sports. >> president obama is back from two weeks in sunny hawaii to face the cold reality of washington. and the president and his family arrived this morning after the overnight flight. the first family successfully kept their privacy keeping out of sight for the most part during two week vacation. back in washington they'll be frank talk on drug trafficking and immigration and mexico president will visit tuesday and the president will also have to con tend weapon republican majorities in the house and senate after the new congress is sworn in this week. still to come on "action news" a vehicle designed help us deal with wintry conditions needed help itself after smashing into the side of a house. >> and meteorologist melissa magee has your exclusive
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accuweather forecast 7 day forecast when "action news" comes right
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accuweather forecast. meteorologist melissa magee with frigid temperatures coming your way. >> it will feel colder when you wake up tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 30s. wind chills in the 20s. extra layers will be immediateed when you step out tomorrow. all because of a cold front moving through now. stormtracker 6 double scan radar showing you bulk of moisture pushed offshore and cold front lagging behind. temperatures are still pretty mild. overnight tonight and monday morning will tumble and take a fall the action cam was out earlier looking at battleship new jersey and doneing festival lights as we're wrapping up 2014 and saying hello to the new year. it's balmy today and changes on the way as early as this week. mild today. cold is definitely king. high temperature today in philadelphia 55. that's a good 15 above average. hopefully you had a chance to
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enjoy the warmth. cold air is rushing on in. check out numbers across the northern plains. these are current wind chills across dakotas and across areas in kansas and iowa and it's 1 below zero in international falls and 27 below zero bismarck north dakota when you factor in the wind chill. there's a core of arctic air east ward middle half of the workweek. big changes on the way. outside tonight, still comfortable 53 in philadelphia. 50 trenton. 47 allentown, 39 poconos. currently in sea isle city 52. and 5 3 millville. satellite 6 and action radar moisture is pushing offshore with this cold front. once the cold front moves on through you can see over the ohio valley skies are urn turning clear. winds are picking up on backside. winds currently gusting in philadelphia as high as 28. but a westerly wind is moving on in. with westerly wind and those
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winds up we'll start to dry out the atmosphere and sunshine makes a come back into monday. high temperature in philadelphia, 36 we continue to tap into south to southwesterly winds and temperatures tumbling throughout the day. high temperature early in the day and falling lower 30s in the afternoon hours. colder. winds gusting as high as 30. the cold take over tomorrow. followed by clipper system on tuesday. future tracker 6 showing you 6:00 in the morning mostly cloudy tuesday. 9:00 in the morning we'll be tracking clipper that will develop from west to east direction producing snow showers across the delaware and lehigh valley. so we'll outline what we can expect tuesday. snow will arrive as we get to mid-morning and early afternoon hours and once it comes on through there could be a brief period of reduced visibility with clipper system moving on through. clippers for the most part are moisture starved they don't pack moisture and they're fast moving at that.
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coating to inch of snowfall and in wake of that a bitter blast follows on in. the call from accuweather. 00 in the morning 36, 35 at 10 a.m. and upper 30s as we get to 1:00 in the afternoon. 32 at 4:00 tomorrow the accuweather forecast showing you colder day. high temperatures in the 30s. tuesday at the freezing mark 32 with snow showers around and be stay below freezing wednesday and cold arrives wednesday night. overnight low midweek only single digits. 8 degrees. thursday high temperature of just 24 with wind chills in teens by then. not as bitter on friday. high temperature of 33. we're above freezing and then we're back in the deep freezer as we get to next weekend. this will be a very tough week to take with these temperatures on the way guys. >> oh, boy. >> bracing for it. >> thanks melissa. >> up next on "action news" new jersey governor chris christie once again putting love of cowboys on full display as dallas beat lions.
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>> on behalf of eagles nation. >> since the thanksgiving beat down when the eagles beat up the cowboys dallas has not lost since 5-0. eagles fans if not depressing enough they're sitting home wildcard weekend now you have to sit home and watch dallas cowboys win yes it's just cruel. dallas comes back 14 against detroit. fourth quarter the play everyone talking about. lions up three. matthew stafford for pedagrew hitchen obvious pass interference. >> pass interference number 59 defense automatic 1st down you.
11:28 pm
>> heard it. then the refs just pick up the flag and change their mind. it would have been a 1st down. instead it's incomplete. and the lions are forced to punt. what's going on. boys get the ball back down three. two and change to go. tony romo. to terrence williams. dallas up four. new jersey governor chris christie back in the cowboys' owners box in the same sweater celebrating lion's one last shot. stafford fumbles cowboys win. christie in for a hug. dallas once for the first time since beating eagles five years ago and comes under couldn't versusy what did the ref tell the lions on the call. >> that was enough. not good enough. we'll leave it at that. >> it's a big play in the game. there's no question about it. if we get those yards there who knows maybe we'll score a touchdown things out of reach. >> dallas perfect 8-0 on the road goes to green bay where the packers are 8-0 at home and
11:29 pm
other nfc diveationle game carolina at seattle next saturday. if you think the play wrovs seattle agetting own bengals have not won in 24 years. indianapolis. 3rd quarter, andrew luck to dante. 36 yards. indy wins 26-10. next a date with former quarterback payton manning. indy will play denver in the other afc playoff game joe flacco and ravens visiting patriots next saturday. booyah cooler than the other side of the pillow. stuart scott said things you never heard before and unfortunately we will not hear them again scott buyed from cancer. >> 7' 1", 3 0 pound brother strides up after bringing down the house. >> that's the scott we all know and love.
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49-year-old sports center anchor owe lost a 7 year fight with cancer this morning and scott jumped off the tv screen with energy and witness and catch phrases. scott has been awith espn since 1993. among those showing respect president of the united states today. barack obama tweetsw i will miss stuart scott. over the years he entertained us and in the end inspired us with courage love 99 cents. that's all it takes to get a refreshing deal at dunkin' donuts. just because it's cold out doesn't mean


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