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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 6, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EST

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rrow. damn it. (starts engine seat belt alert chimes) (both) monsters! (screams) (tires screech, bottles rattle) we made up.
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britain's prince andrew is in a royal mess right now. comes after a woman claimed she was forced to have sex with him when she was a minor. >> the royal family has reportedly denied the claims and is standing by him. now his ex-wife fergie has something to say. matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: buckingham palace vehemently denying prince andrew's involvement in a sex
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scandal. sarah ferguson's ex named in new lie filed court documents in florida claiming this girl virginia roberts, pictured with the prince was forced to have sexual relations with him an several occasions. the filings claim roberts was kept as a sex slave by his long time friend jeffrey epstein who ordered the teen give the prince whatever he demanded. in 2008 epstein pleaded guilty to soliciting a minor for prostitution serving 13 months. these new court filings claim the government's plea deal violated the rights of the two grls, then under age, who claimed they were used as sex slaves. epstein made her available for sex to politically connected and financially powerful people. one of them the prince. the others the prof alan dershowitz. >> at no time was it possible for you to have been alone with this young woman and have had
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sex? >> absolutely not. the story is completely and totally made up. >> reporter: sarah ferguson also taking time out of her swiss vacation to say he is the greatest man there is. neither the prince nor the prof have been named as defends but both taking it seriously. dershowitz has just filed a motion to intervene and the palace has issued three statements of denial. matt gutman abc news miami. coming up the new way thieves are finding out when you are away from home. they are using gps trackers. >> where they are showing up and what you can do about it. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after thi
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next to a troubling abuse of technology that many of us use. gps devices. >> great help when you aren't sure where you are, where you are going, when you are traveling. they can also be a great help to thieves who want to keep track of where you are. abc's linzie janis investigates. >> reporter: during a routine oil change a houston mechanic spotted this tiny device on jeremiah's pickup truck. >> i grabbed it. >> reporter: a gps tracking device on a vehicle, a cause for concern for anyone. but for him, a red alert because someone recently burglarized his home. >> they knew just when i left from work and they were gone within minutes. >> reporter: salmon says he believes the tracker was there before the burglary and gave the thieves easy instant information as to when it was best to strike. >> the fact that somebody can put a device like this on your vehicle, know exactly when you are away frommior home and steal everything you own, that's
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scary. >> reporter: houston police are analyzing the brgulary and the placement of the gps tracking device to see if there is aye connection. in another incident kansas police said they did make a connection. >> he knew exactly where all the goodies were in my house. >> reporter: in 2013 shortly after zoe's home was burglarized, they found gps tracking devices on two of her vehicles. authorities later linking the devices to steven glaze. glaze pleaded guilty to burglary. believe it or not, it's illegal in only six states to place gps tracking devices on someone's car without their consent. so how do you protect yourself? >> we do sell a device that you can walk around the car and it will let you know if this is on the car. >> reporter: retired nypd and his son own the spy store in new york. >> you have a tracker on that car? >> when that car leaves that
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area it will give you a text message. >> reporter: there can be an easy way for police to track down criminals using trackers. >> these units have serial numbers which would have to be connected to somebody who had purchased the device. >> reporter: linzie janis, abc news new york. >> technology is wonderful, ain't it? no, really all these great gadgets and everything you use that's helpful can be used against you in some way. now you have to scan your vehicle before you get in it? >> if you really want that information, take it. if you can figure out the technology, track me all you want. >> what? >> yeah you know. i can't even figure out how to print my e-mail. >> sounds like you're giving in. >> i just watched a lot of "breaking bad." if they want to track you, it's easy. don't go to the chicken place or in your car. if you watch "breaking bad" you know what i'm talking about. >> we watch too much tv. googling exes.
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how about checking them out on facebook? >> and more coming up. we'll explain.
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♪ ♪ finally this half hour it looks look a common part of the modern dating game. using the internet to check up on a potential mate and on yourex. abc's cecilia vega takes a look. >> it's a secret obsession so many have tried. looking up an ex online. >> who is the guy in the red hat. find more pictures of you. >> reporter: just like zach efflon "that awkward moment." >> reporter: 31-year-old amy who
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doesn't want us to use her last name or use her face says she's guilty of doing it. >> i google pretty much everyone, my exes and if i know who they are dating i might google them, too. >> reporter: she looks up her most recent ex about once a week. >> it's probably a little out of control that i google my exes but i think everyone does it. >> reporter: cybersnooping has become quite common. almost 50% of young adults have used social networking sites to check up on someone they dated in the past. >> it's very hard to resist looking. if it's out there, i want to see it. >> reporter: relationship expert dr. stacey kaiser says occasionally searching for a former flame is totally normal. >> it's healthy and normal to be curious about an ex and want to google them. it becomes unhealthy when it's hurting your current relationship or impacting your daily activities. >> reporter: should you be
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worried that someone can see if you are searching for them online? >> it's almost impossible to see how many have been searching for you and almost impossible to figure out who has been searching for you. >> reporter: when it comes to looking at social media profiles? >> the only way someone would find out that you're looking at their instagram is if you slip-up and like something or you give them a noteification that you've been there. >> reporter: as for amy -- >> in the end, the information is there and i'm going to look at it because it's there, and i want to know. >> reporter: cecilia vega abc news, new york. >> do what? >> why not just google. you can find everything you want an someone. >> i guess this is normal. but they say it is normal. any time you break up you wonder what they are doing, who they are with. now people show you by putting it on facebook and instagram. makes perfect sense. >> history is history, right? do you really want to -- >> i've been married five years now. i
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this morning on "world news now" -- buried in snow. two promising american competitive skiers dead in an avalanche. >> they were able to extricate the two skiers but unfortunately it was too late. >> the olympic hopefuls lost and what led to this monster avalanche. arctic blast. snowstorms and wind chills as low as 50 below zero. the winter storm system from canada. freezing tens of millions of americans. accuweather is tracking it now. new reality from a mansion in new jersey to a prison in connecticut. the punishment for a "real housewives" star. >> they basically told her to be friendly but to be guarded with the staff and other inmates. >> jail advice for teresa giudice, spending a night, one
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of many behind bars. it's tuesday, january 6th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> wow, yes, this is "world news now," on the 23rd anniversary of "world news now." this show has been around this day, 23 years ago. >> can you believe that? as a mother working the overnights any time anyone associates the age 23 with me it is a good day. >> we're going to talk about this 23-year anniversary. i'm t.j. holmes alongside reena ninan. we have to begin with a story that has a lot of olympic watchers and the u.s. ski team in shock. >> you are right. we're going to begin talking about the tragedy that claimed the lives of two promising young american skiers. avalanche warnings had been posted in the area in austria. >> the two victims here were in a group coming down from the mountain when they apparently triggered this slide. like i sid, the u.s. ski team is
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really just in shock over this tragedy. clayton sandell with the story. >> reporter: high on the mountain, search teams in helicopters wirth a desperate task after a sudden avalanche buried two rising stars in american skiing. >> the rescue crews were on the scene immediately with multiple helicopters and other rescue crew. they were able to extricate the two skiers but unfortunately it was too late. >> reporter: four skiers escaped the wall of snow an the austrian slope. those two olympic hopefuls killed. >> my name is bryce astle. i'm an alpine ski racer out of sandy, utah. >> reporter: bryce astle's skills earned him a right to train with the u.s. ski team. he posted this youtube video in the fall to rase the money he needed to reach his dreams. >> hopefully get me that much closer to reaching the top of the world cup circuit. >> reporter: ronnie be rlack
3:03 am
bounced back from a knee injury last year to compete around the world. his father saying his son organized his entire life around ski racing. even the best skiers are sometimes no match for avalanches carrying tons of snow and debris at 80 miles an hour or faster. in the u.s. an average every year 28 people are kills. >> everything happens really fast. and you don't really have much of a chance to avoid the danger once you've triggered it. >> reporter: both berlack and astle are being remembered as outstanding and passionate skiers who died doing what they loved. clayton sandell, abc news denver. to north dakota where a tragedy left two people dead. one of them a student after a school bus was hit by a freight train near fargo. the bus driver was also killed failed to stop at the rail crossing. there were no flashing lights or gates there. justice stop signs. the driver and a 17-year-old passenger were ejected from the bus. a dozen other students were also
3:04 am
injured. police also say inattention probably was the cause of the fatality in connecticut. a snow plow hit a jogger. when that jogger ran out into the road before dawn the 25-year-old jogger was wearing headphones and was not wearing a reflective vest. the plow was not don and engaged at the time of this accident. bitter cold in wisconsin has killed two people in wisconsin. in the northern part of the state, three dozen school districts were closed. students got an extra day added to their holiday break. many sdricts startdistricts started classes late. school administrators predicted a winter storm would hit around the time classes were dismissed, and they were right. accuweather's justin povick looks at the dangerous travel in the hours ahead. good morning. >> thanks. the northeast dealing with cold. now some snow. some travel delays up and down
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the 95. flight delays a possibility around boston philadelphia new york city. even d.c. general one to three inches. could top four to five inches over the highest of terrain. realfeel temperatures on wednesday, below zero throughout many spots. going to be frigid. reena and t.j. back to you. freezing temperatures in new york did not stop thousands of mourners who waited up to two hours to pay their respects to mario cuomo at his wake. the former governor and democrat democratic figure died last thursday. bill and hillary clinton are among those expected to attend cuomo's funeral today. it's sentencing day for governor bob mcdonnell. defense attorneys filed a motion hoping to keep mcdonnell out of prison while he appeals his conviction. the judge has received hundreds of letters asking that he gets community service instead. mcdonnell is accused of selling his office in exchange for loans, gifts and vacations.
3:06 am
his wife will be sentenced next month. jerry brown has been sworn in for his fourth and final term as governor of california. the 76-years democrat used his speech to focus on education and a dramatic plan to cut the state's energy consumptsion. bron was one of california's youngest governors when he served his first two terms in '75. historic day an capitol hill. the 114th congress meets for the first time. vice president biden begins swearing in new members at noon. it's the most diverse with more women, hispanics and arbians in the house and senate. also mia love becomes the first female black republican ever to serve. a finger-licking good tradition in mexico city. >> what are they doing? they gather to sample a gigantic pastry in celebration of three congresss day.
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this is a three-quarter of a mile long pastry. it was divided into 200,000 portions. >> and it weighed about 20,000 pounds about 2,000 cooks pitched in to bake it and three kings day is actually today. you know what three kings day is? >> i'm told now about the three kings, three wise men showing up. they didn't show upwith pastries. >> myrrh, frankincense and -- >> gold frankincense and myrrh. >> was it gold? >> everybody likes goalsld. we've got "the mix" coming your way and something reena, we've got to get this for you. this san air conditioned studio. sometimes it gets a little cool in here and the toes struggle. >> i wear winter bootss sometimes. and later, celebrating 23 years on air. it's our anniversary and wow,
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"real housewife" teresa giudice -- i'm messing up her first name. she is spending her first night behind bars. she rocketed to fame while
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allowing cameras and crews into her life. >> when she got in trouble with though law, she ended up very much alone. >> reporter: her car arriving before dawn. 3:00 a.m. a harsh reality from teresa giudice moving from her mansion to this institution in danbury, connecticut. her donfall? like the rest of her life playing out in public a judge reportedly telling her to take responsibility and to stop relying an pr. giudice sentenced to 15 months behind bars. giudice even seeking advice from former inmates before she surrendered. >> they told her to be guarded and savor time she gets to spend with her family. >> reporter: now this brand built an cameras following her every move faces a new reality.
3:13 am
cecilia vega abc news new york. >> new reality indeed. >> 15 months? >> how long? >> 15 mthss but the attorneys said there's a possibility maybe she might face less time but it's up to the judge. and the prison facility there as well. the county prison system. >> and they swap out. when she gets out, her husband goes in. >> you hurt for those little girls. one of her first questions was, when can i phone home? within 24 hours she's allowed to call back. we've got a birthday here. not reena's. not mine. the show itself. "world news now" has the 23rd birthday today. 23 years old. we have the highlights. how many of these do you possibly remember? >> i can't wait. i'm so looking forward. this is good. in our next half hour the celebration in texas that's rocking new jersey. what is governor chris christie up to now? you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after t
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oh, boy. this is a huge day in american television. on this day, a humble news broadcast began broadcasting. as many of our loyal viewers know things can get a little wacky around here. >> is this a place where we do the daily journalism thing for "world news now"? >> yes. >> okay. >> quite a theme. >> that's not yani. >> is it really? >> this is the segment -- hold it. i forgot something. >> one thing i've always envied about the "world news now" people. they don't have to get dressed
3:16 am
up like we do. ♪ there's got to be a morning anchor a morning anchor ♪ ♪ there's got to be a morning anchor ♪ ♪ we need somebody ♪ >> if you'd like lisa's job, send your resume to us. >> hello from new york. i'm aaron brown. >> good morning. what's your name? >> kevin newman. >> would you let me introduce myself? this is the part where i introduce myself. >> this is his big moment. >> i'm anderson cooper. mark mullen is off this morning. what were you saying? >> the new face of "world news now." >> welcome aboard. >> hello from new york. >> i'm juju chang. >> i'm anderson cooper. >> i'm venita nair. >> i'm reena ninan. >> i'm t.j. holmes. >> ladies and gentlemen, bob
3:17 am
dylan. >> just standing there choking that chicken. >> this is not good. >> i don't. i don't. >> look at me. >> we hope tonight to warm your cockles because it's warm out there. >> now people are googling cockles. >> it's not dirty. >> i didn't know elmo did that. >> what's up? >> watching the game. >> whassup? >> whassup? >> yo. >> pick up the phone. >> hello. >> whassup? >> whassup? >> stay above 50. >> you have to keep it above 50. >> do i have an hour?
3:18 am
>> no, viewers. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i'm lame. i don't have a halloween costume. what on earth is that? >> we had this elaborate plan and this is all i had time to put on. >> i'm joe jonas. i don't know if i've hit puberty yet. >> i'm facelook. get it? >> you have a lot of fans? >> i have about 20,000. >> you have a man? you looking for a man? >> not interested. >> come on.
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>> i can't get off. i'm plugged in. let me out of here. >> eleanor. >> eleanor? can you dance the charleston? >> i would like to dance the charleston. >> this is the stupidest thing we've ever done. >> you have to get into it. >> "world news now" after school special. practice safe sex. >> bam, girl. look at that girl. are we still on the air? >> whoa! ♪ >> just something i can't deal with. >> no. >> fantastic. >> ooh baby baby. ♪ i played with your heart
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got lost in the game ♪ >> i feel like i should be a rapper and i should have two or three of these. >> that was awesome. why don't we do more of that. i think our broadcast would be better. [ laughter ] >> that's -- >> down here on the floor is the only place they have fun. you should see what they do up in that control room. ♪ ♪ getting jiggy with it ♪ ♪ getting jiggy with it ♪ ♪ light the candles cut the cake holy cow we're still awake ♪ ♪ it's our ten year polka ♪ ♪ music lessons so that i could learn i suffered for my art ♪ ♪ now you know what it's your turn ♪ ♪ stay awake fd please don't snore ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪
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>> i don't know how you feel about this. to me among the most tasteless in this business are those self-congratulatory, several-serving anniversary programs. >> i hate that. ♪ happy birthday "world news now" ♪ ♪ happy birthday "world news now" ♪ ♪ happy birthday you're overnight news cast happy birthday "world news now" ♪ ♪ insomniacs get their news from "world news now" than from any other source. >> that was pretty amazing. >> i'm amazed they let this show go 23 years. let's try not to get it shut down. >> that's was the best of the best. we should do a segment where we prank call every morning of the week one of the former anchors. >> that could go horribly wrong. >> i say we start with juje.
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okay. time for "the mix." i get cold all the time. i have lots of blankets rnd here. sometimes even wear my snow boots under the anchor defrk. how about time for a foot hammock that heats up your little toes? it is average temperature under the desk is 32 degrees. this has three different types. a fleece one, mesh one and heating pad one. it keeps your toes toasty. soon they'll launch their own kickstarter campaign. >> you can't get it yet? we were going to get this for you. >> i'd be so excited. >> you have our word we'll get this for you. >> you are guaranteed information to get frost bite again. >> you let your kids go down the hill real fast in the snow?
3:26 am
>> we haven't done that yet. >> it's getting dangerous. a lot of cities are banning this now. you've seen this clip from "christmas vacation." a lot of municipalities are banning it because so many kids are being injured. a nationwide children's hospital research institute saying that 229 kids were injured, treated in emergency rooms in a ten-year span for these injuries. some families are suing the municipality after the kid is injured. so they are saying it's a liability. they are banning it. some of these towns getting rid of hills and what ski slopes they have. >> my mom feels that way about skiing. i will never go skiing. after hearing about sonny bono and -- >> they are banning it. >> i understand that. there's a young blogger who decided to give his 92-year-old grandfather the treat of a lifetime. you know what that was?
3:27 am
a bmw. it's what his grandpa wanted. he went on a search and found this 1988 bmw. it's surged in value. one of these that are hard to come by. somebody had it. called him up. he bought it for the 92-year-old guy. >> i can't believe it sean. what are you pulling off, sean? this is -- this is brand new. >> grandpa, i think sean assumes he's going to inherit it. no offense. >> part of the plan. >> but that's a sweet gesture. >> 92. he's going to have a heart attack there. >> don't say that. we love animal stories. two animals together a horse and a cat. >> yeah. >> why not. the cat is morris. the horse's name is champion. and the owner says these two have gotten together and they've been friends for
3:28 am
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- killer cold. the vicious blast of bitter air dumping snow and sending windchills in the danger zone. the precaution and the latest from accuweather. fighting flu. the deadly virus spreads even more as doctors trying to keep up with demand. the latest numbers and your best defense. ugly invasion. unwanted ducks taking over neighborhoods. how these birds are putting property owners into a foul mood. and looking for love. all the creative competitors on "the bachelor" and the crazy things these young women did to try to capture the heart of an iowa farmer. that is in "the skinny" on this tuesday, january 6th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning on this 23rd anniversary of "world news now."
3:31 am
i'm reena ninan. >> asking for an anniversary gift. >> just thinking. >> 23rd. you got married for an anniversary gift. >> we've been together three months. feels like 30 years. >> feels like 23 years. >> i'll just go with 23. i'm the aforementioned just three months t.j. holmes here. we've been asking you when did you become a fan of this show? today is the 23rd anniversary of this show. we'll be sharing your responses and we'll have some surprises later in the half hour. stick around for that. first, weather. brutally cold weather invading the eastern two-thirds of the country this week. >> more accidents than dispatches could count in upstate new york. many drivers could see the edges of roads and drove off them. residents were told no unnecessary travel. >> also in the upper plains. an alberta clipper brought high winds and low visibility. abc's alex perez begins our coverage. >> reporter: blinding snow and deadly cold to start the first full week of 2015.
3:32 am
bundled up in minneapolis where it felt like minus 30. in wisconsin, rice lake covered in a sheet of ice. at least two dead in milwaukee. officials believe from exposure to the cold. snow causing this pile-up near des moines, iowa. up to two feet of snow pounding the great lakes from west michigan to western new york. the biting cold is stretching all the way to the deep south where they are still cleaning up from at least nine tornadoes in mississippi and alabama. in washington state, flooding and landslides. here in chicago, frozen hydrants making it difficult for firefighters battling this garage fire. we took an infrared camera to show how fast heat escapes. look at this hand. in just 45 seconds, red, yellow and orange. the heat disappear and frost bite begins. >> there really is no time to spare if you aren't dressed appropriately and there's a huge amount of wind. your body temperature will drop, and you could get frost bite and hypothermia.
3:33 am
>> reporter: this is just the beginning. the cold is sticking around. temperatures will struggle to get out of the single digits here in chicago all week. alex perez, abc news, chicago. here's why it's so bitter. a huge air mass from canada is blowing across the country. >> that's sending temperatures up to 30 degrees below normal. the latest from accuweather's justin povick. good morning, justin. >> thanks reena and t.j. a lot of cold continuing across the country. the northeast looking at snow. it's going to be light. not a big snowstorm but enough to produce some travel delays along many of the major interstates. the p.a. turnpak, i-81 i-95. that includes boston, philadelphia, new york city, baltimore and, yeah, into the mason-dixon line here as well. into the next couple of days, the core of the cold really starts to sink in. we're looking at realfeel temperatures well below zero. this is during the day time on wednesday.
3:34 am
not just the northeast, though. quite cold westbound to the rocky mountains. reena and t.j., back to you. >> justin thank you so much. nearly two dozen of the accidents in maine were the result of a preventable weather problem. ice and snow flying from the roofs of other vehicles. windshields and grills were damaged but only minor injuries. they are asking drivers to clear the accumulation off their cars before heading out on to the roads. it's voluntary, however, only one state requires drivers to do this. another day of bad weather is making it tough for divers to locate the airasia wreckage in the java sea. the search area shifted as strong currents drag parts of the plane that may contain the missing 125 passengers and crew. so far 37 bodies have been recovered. yesterday indonesian authorities suspended officials who allowed the flight to take off without proper permits. the u.s. ski team is in mourning after two top skiers died in an avalanche. ronnie berlack and bryce astle
3:35 am
were part of a group of ten skiers on the u.s. development team who were preparing to race on the top level world cup. they were coming down a mountain in austria when they left the prepared trail and that triggered the avalanche. day two of jury selection gets under way today in the trial of boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. the now 21-year-old has plead not guilty to the attack. tsarnaev's attorneys claim he was influenced by his older brother who was killed as they tried to escape police. many victims and their relatives plan to be in court every day, including the mother of two men who each lost a leg. >> i think he's an animal. i want to see the death penalty. >> a judge told potential jurors they must be fair but also be able to impose the death penalty if tsarnaev is found guilty. breaknews here in new york overnight. a manhunt is now under way after two police officers were shot. authorities say the officers' injuries are not life threatening, but they don't believe they were specifically targeted. they were shot while responding
3:36 am
to an armed robbery in the bronx, but the nypd has been on edge since two police officers were shot and killed last month. investigators in georgia have spoken to a suburban police chief's wife who was shot by her husband. margaret mccollom told agents she was asleep when the shooting happened and could provide no more information about the circumstances. she believes the shooting was an accident. the police chief also claims the shooting was accidental and happened as he was moving his bed and his gun. flu is now widespread in about half the country. health officials fear this will be a bad year. they warn that we'll be seeing new cases for several more weeks, especially in those states that haven't been hit hard just yet. abc's ted rowlands with details. >> reporter: according to the latest numbers from the cdc, the flu which has been making millions of americans miserable for weeks is getting worse. >> it's been horrible. >> reporter: 29 states up from 22 last week are now experiencing high levels of flu
3:37 am
activity, and this year's strain is more dangerous than it's been in years. >> the strain that's out there this year, something called h3n2, in the past has been linked to bad flu years. more hospitalizations and more deaths. >> reporter: 29 children have died from the flu across the country. 68% of the tested flu virus samples have been resistant to this year's flu vaccine. the outbreak is creating long emergency room wait times across the country. some doctors are treating patients by webcam. and even though the flu vaccine is only effective about 30% of the time, medical experts say if you haven't gotten a flu shot yet, you should still get one. reena, t.j.? >> thank you, ted. wall street is no longer thrilled by falling oil prices. a barrel of crude fell below $50 yesterday briefly. that helped send the dow down by 330 points. investors are worried the continuing drop in the price of oil signals a weaker global economy. there are also fears that greece may bail out of the euro
3:38 am
currency. some unwelcome visitors are flocking to a town near houston in droves. ducks from central america have taken over moving into a residential neighborhood as you're seeing here. they are noisy, but they are also disrupting cars and, you know, leaving a little something behind. >> they are just constantly in our yard. pooping in our yard. they are all over the place. it's annoying. >> pooping. because the ducks are so dangerous and aggressive, they can't just catch them and release them somewhere else. they need to be trapped by experts. >> wow. >> to look at them here, they don't look like they'd do much harm. but if you had to see this every day, it may be a problem. >> the poop would throw me over the edge. >> how many more times can we say poop before this story is over? >> poop, poop, poop. three more. >> okay we're good. when a tennis superstar needs a pick-me-up dearing a match, is it water? gatorade?
3:39 am
no, for serena williams, the beverage of choice was coffee. she was sluggish in her first set in australia and knew she had to perk up in perth. >> she got a cup of espresso. top ranked williams then easily won the next two sets. she won the match. she admits she's never had coffee on the court before. she said she was jetlagged. she blames that for her fatigue out there. hey, whatever works. >> it was 111 degrees in perth. >> good gracious. >> warmer on the court. right? southern hemisphere, warmer. >> 111? >> yeah. i just recently took up tennis, by the way. >> you are going to be in serena-type shape soon? >> i'm thinking 2012. >> 20 what? >> 2018. maybe i should just work on the dates for the year. >> get you some coffee. perk up. before we go to commercial break, coming up in "the skinny," bradley cooper's spread in a fashion magazine. he's getting noticed for what he's not wearing.
3:40 am
also new jersey governor's chris christie -- fully clothed here -- he is celebrating the dallas cowboys win. you saw that awkward moment. people just don't know how to celebrate. fellas, you can hug it out better than this. he'll attempt to explain this to you as well. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lysol toilet bowl cleaner. this one's the busiest. so you want it to be the cleanest. that's why you need lysol. because when you use bleach, some stains are left behind. as this dye reveals. lysol toilet bowl cleaner does more. it removes the tough stains that bleach doesn't and it also disinfects. so why just bleach? with lysol you can do more. that's healthing. and get max cleaning and freshness with every flush. try lysol no mess max.
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♪ welcome back. an nfl team owner is testing the saying that if you build it, they will come. the owner of the st. louis rams
3:44 am
and others want to build an 80,000-seat football stadium in the los angeles area. l.a. hasn't had an nfl team since the rams left for st. louis two decades ago. st. louis is trying to convince the team to stay by offering a new deal later this month. governors root from other states no matter where they are. there's a little buzz this morning about new jersey's chris christie in texas. >> what is he doing in texas? he was in the owner's box, the cowboys owners box when the cowboys won that big playoff game on sunday. abc's ryan owens on why his enthusiasm is really bugging his constituents. >> dallas is going to win it. >> reporter: the dallas cowboys are known as america's team, and it seems one politician who would like to be america's next president is a big fan. yes, that's new jersey governor chris christie hugging cowboys owner jerry jones after dallas beat detroit. >> i've been a cowboys fan 43 years. >> reporter: but wait a minute. new jersey is where the
3:45 am
new york giants and jets play and the cowboys arch rivals the eagles are just across the bridge in philly. #chris christie sucks was trending on twitter. one giants fan drudged up the bridgegate scandal. "jerry jones should sign governor christie to play on defense. he's great at stopping drives." on the radio, the usually outspoken governor sounded like a long suffering fan. >> we haven't had a heck of a lot of success for a long time as cowboys fans so what are they angry at me for? believe me i will take all the abuse i'm taking from these folks in return for cowboys playoff wins. >> reporter: the governor's brother sounded more, well, christie like telling naysayers to get a life and eagles fans should worry more about the fact that your sorry team has never won a super bowl. while some presidential hopefuls might be in iowa or new hampshire this weekend, christie plans to be in green bay, hoping for another win and maybe another hug. ryan owens, abc news, dallas.
3:46 am
>> chris christie just sent out a tweet. i'm officially running for 2016 republican -- just kidding. he did not. maybe that's why this is all about. >> come on, people. seriously, let the man celebrate. doesn't have to run again for governor again in new jersey. going to be running for president presumably. this is known as america's team. if you want to get on board with a winner that the country loves. >> that's an awkward hug. why did jerry jones leave him hanging? >> he's huging the guy. he didn't have anybody to celebrate with. >> it was awkward. >> this is terrible. look at that. that's a big old hug. jerry might have gotten scared. oh, here comes christie. >> you might have a future at espn. >> no. >> what's the voice? t.j. holmes. new segment. when we come back, i don't know how we'll top this. it's "skinny" time. >> we are going to top it.
3:47 am
"the bachelor." she was hanging out with the bachelor yesterday. that's my tease. we'll be right back. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after th
3:48 am
istt2wút3n@ $" bt@q),x tt2wút3n@ $" "a@q9 < tt2wút3n@ $" bm@q2+0 tt4wút3n@ $"" dztq s'd tt4wút3n@ $"" entq ##$ tt4wút3n@ $"" gzt& :$é tt4wút3n@ $"" hnt& áá0 tt4wút3n@ $"" iztq @ch tt4wút3n@ $"" jntq r3( tt4wút3n@ $"" lzt& jít ♪ skinny so skinny ♪ season 19 of "the bachelor" kicking off. chris soules, an iowa farmer,
3:49 am
met potential mates yesterday. 30 of them. 30 young, beautiful and interesting women. and they made an impression. >> nicole of phoenix showed up in a flattering pig nose. >> why? >> why is that flattering? saying she wanted to ham it up for chris. she didn't make the cut. >> regan, a cadaver tissue salesman, presented him with what looked like a human heart. saying it was a gift from the heart. yuck. she was also cut. >> brittany, a world wrestling diva in training. not sure what that is but she's wearing, what appears to be lingerie lingerie. she's my favorite so far. and carly. this young lady was singing. she's a cruise ship singer. they all went a little wacky trying to make an impression. i'm told this is the norm. this is what people do. katlyn is a dance instructor. she really made an impression. listen to this. >> i don't know much about you. i know your name is chris and
3:50 am
you're a farmer and you can plow the [ bleep ] out of my field any day. >> what? i hope she knew that her dad was watching. >> chris later said he didn't really know what she was saying and it made him blush. katlyn is 1 of the 22 women he's still dating. >> she may be around a while. >> i have news for you. i saw him just before "gma." he told me he's a huge fan of "world news now." he watches the show every night he says. >> he said the same thing to me. >> he said the same thing to you? >> just making an impression on everyone. no, i'm kidding. cameron diaz is not a bachelorette anymore. she married rocker benji madden of the band good charlotte. a private ceremony in beverly hills last night. they'd been dating since may. >> diaz, who is 42 had been linked to many celebrities in the past. she says she's always said she's proud to be a single woman who
3:51 am
wasn't sure marriage was in the cards for her, but it was after all. "w" magazine featuring best movie performances of some stunning photos, including this one of bradley cooper. a lot of people saying he's likely going to pick up a third oscar nomination for his "american sniper" role. >> in another photo, he's pantless, too. it features 38 other actors and actresses that photographer tim walker turned into extreme, odd and fascinating characters. hello. >> he's no bachelor, though. >> he's my boy. mariah carey may be settling into vegas. buzz this morning that she's negotiating a long-term residency at caesar's palace. could be worth some $30 million and could have her there before the 2015 holiday season. >> carey could use the stability. her split with husband nick cannon has been rocky.
3:52 am
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♪ oh, it's a special day at "world news now." this overnight experiment that many thought could not last a year is turning 23. [ applause ] >> so we had a lot of fun. it's been a lot of fun over the years. i want to take a minute. we had folks -- where is al? i want to point this guy out. he's the only original. he's been here the entire 23 years. al let us see you. let al through here. let's see al. >> all right. >> he is an original. i think it's only fitting, you cut the cake for us. you are an original. 23 years. i think we have -- liz, 19 years. how many?
3:56 am
22. 15. >> there you go. >> a lot of folks have been here for a while. even though reena and i -- >> al how did you deal with all those diva anchors for 23 years? >> i like it. >> diplomatic. and look at just -- aaron brown. it's been incredible. 23 years. i have been a big fan when based in the middle east. i used to watch from jerusalem. and we've received e-mails in the past year from palestinian territories, jordan. some people -- rob nelson was telling me saudi arabia. folks watch from saudi arabia. so from peoria to new york, it's been amazing the reach of this show. >> a lot of people have been watching from the beginning. a lot of people sharing this on facebook. james said we just started when he became a fan. i would get off work and you were the best thing going on the overnights. >> from deb, i started watching
3:57 am
in the anderson cooper days. hooked from then on. >> i love this newscast. insomniac news. none better. you all see us, reena and i, here. we're in these seats now. this was built over many years. a lot of people have been a part of the success of this show before reena and i ever showed up at abc news. thanks to you guys for doing your thing and making it happen for us every single day. and knock yourselves out with the cake. >> not often we get free cake on set. >> not often we get free anything on set. knock yourselves out. eat up. for you all, thank you for watching and sticking with us in the wackiness. we want to keep you informed. don't miss the updates, we're not done here yet. more news on abc. stay with us. ank you for calling
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making news in america this morning, brutal blast, frigid airflowing in from the arctic covering half the u.s. temperatures well below zero in the midwest. even the deep south bracing for the coal. breaking now, two more new york city police officers shot on duty. the massive effort under way overnight to find the suspect. mountain danger. two young american olympic hopefuls killed in an avalanche. a close-knit skiing community in mourning. and air time. the climbers doing something no one has done before. free-climbing yosemite's el capitan. new images in one of the most significant climbing feats of all time.


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