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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 6, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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making news in america this morning, brutal blast, frigid airflowing in from the arctic covering half the u.s. temperatures well below zero in the midwest. even the deep south bracing for the coal. breaking now, two more new york city police officers shot on duty. the massive effort under way overnight to find the suspect. mountain danger. two young american olympic hopefuls killed in an avalanche. a close-knit skiing community in mourning. and air time. the climbers doing something no one has done before. free-climbing yosemite's el capitan. new images in one of the most significant climbing feats of all time.
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well good tuesday morning. we begin with extreme winter weather now affecting two-thirds of the country. >> there are windchill advisories in 11 states. here are the current windchills. let's show them to you now. negative 6 in chicago and with it comes high winds, snow and ice. susan saulny now. >> reporter: the coldest blast of arctic air is blinding much of the nation with blinding snow and deadly cold. >> where is your hat? >> i forgot it at home. >> reporter: they're bundled up in minneapolis. in wisconsin, at least two people are dead from exposure to the cold. more than 30 school districts told students to stay home. snow caused this pileup in des moines iowa. the authorities in several states now warning against travel because of whiteout conditions. >> it was just the visibility that was really bad. you had to go by the markers. you could barely see the exit
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signs. >> reporter: in chicago crews are trying to keep frozen fire hydrants clear and staying warm for this newspaper vendor meant three pairs of socks and dancing the two-step. >> happy feet happy worker. >> no it don't pay the money. i'm going to survive it man. >> reporter: up to two feet of snow is expected to pound the great lakes. and there's no escaping the chill even in the deep south where they're still cleaning up from at least nine tornadoes in mississippi and alabama. out west rain and mudslides. this house in washington pushed into a road after a hillside above gave way. >> it sounded like hell literally like everything was coming apart. >> reporter: relief from the wild weather is not in the forecast. temperatures will be well below normal in most of the country for the rest of the week. susan saulny abc news washington. >> so what's in store today from
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justin povick. >> reena and t.j. thanks. the northeast dealing with cold but not just cold but some snow. travel delays up and down 95. flight delays a possibility around boston philadelphia new york city even d.c. a general 1 to 3 inches and a couple could top 4 or 5 of the highest of terrains over the laurels and into the west virginia mountains. on wednesday, below zero in many spots. reena and t.j. back to you. >> breaking news in new york overnight a manhunt is under way after two police officers were shot. this time they survived and their injuries are not life-threatening. authorities don't believe the officers were specifically targeted. they were shot while responding to an armed robbery in the bronx. but the nypd has been on edge since two officers were shot and killed last month. divers trying to find the airasia wreckage in the java sea are facing more bad weather. the search area shifted as strong currents dragged part of the plane that may contain the
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black boxes and 125 passengers and crew. so far 37 bodies have been recovered. indonesian authorities meanwhile, yesterday suspended officials who allowed the flight to take off in the first place without proper permits. to a tragic crash in north dakota. at least two are dead one a student after a school bus was hit by a freight train near fargo. the bus driver who was also killed failed to stop at the rail crossing. there are no flashing lights or gates, just stop signs there. the driver and a 17-year-old woman were ejected from the bus. a dozen other students were injured. day two of jury selection gets under way in the trial of the boston marathon bombing suspect. dzhokhar tsarnaev, now 21 years old pleaded not guilty to attack that injured more man 260. his attorneys claim he was influenced by his older brother who was killed as they tried to escape but they'll have to explain the anti-american message tsarnaev scrawled on a boat allegedly before he was captured.
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>> everything will boil down to the death penalty face that's the number one objective to spare tsarnaev's life. >> i think he's an animal. he knew when he dropped the backpack there were families. his intentions to do exactly what he did. >> potential jurors won't necessarily be disqualified by the judge but they must be willing to consider the death penalty if tsarnaev is found guilty. what's an historic day on capitol hill as 114th congress meets for the first time. vice president biden swearing them in at noon. this congress is the most diverse in history with more women, hispanics and asians in both the house and senate and representative love mia love from utah becomes the first black female republican to serve. sentencing day for bob m mcdonemc mcdonele. they filed a motion trying to keep him out of prison. the judge received hundreds of
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letters asking he gets community service instead. mcdonnell is accused of selling his office in exchange for loans, gifts, vacations. his wife also found guilty will be sentenced next month. well gay couples are lining up for marriage licenses in florida, same-sex marriage officially became legal in the state after midnight. a judge got a head start marrying two couples in her chambers. clerk clerks' offices opened at midnight. 70% of americans live in states where gay marriage is legal. thousands of mourners braved the cold here in new york to pay their respects to former new york governor mario cuomo. the 82-year-old cuomo died last week of heart failure. bill and hillary expected to be among the mourners. going to find out what's in the country's oldest time capsule. >> it was buried in 1795 in the cornerstone of the massachusetts state capitol building. the contents are believed to include a plate made by a local
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silversmith, paul revere officials believe it also has coins, newspapers and documents and the big question is what condition are they in? >> well, also coming up here they are almost here at your front door. three new cookie flavors from the girl scouts. plus it's the biggest day of the year for gadget lovers waiting 0 see what will be unveiled at the consumer electronics show. a washer that does two loads of laundry at once. that historic climb happening right now. no ropes to help them ascend in what's called the most difficult climb in the world.
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wall street apparently no longer thrilled by falling oil prices. a barrel of crude briefly fell below $50 yesterday that helped send the dow down more than 330 points. investors are worried continuing drop in the price of oil signals a weaker global economy and may eventually hurt the u.s. as energy companies go bust. ahead of today's opening of the world's largest consumer electronics and technology show. they expect 160,000 people to attend the show which spans 2 million square feet of exhibit space. it's all about building buzz for new products. it pumps an estimated $210 million into las vegas' economy. one of the new products debuting at the show is lg's new washing machine. the twin wash. allows users to clean two bundles of laundry with different settings at the same time and it's wi-fi compatible so you can adjust the settings right from your smartphone.
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top wall street firm fired a worker accused of stealing the data for as many as 350,000 clients. morgan stanley says there's no evidence any of these clients lost money. the bank said the information didn't include passports or social security numbers. the former employee allegedly offered it for sale on line. his attorney says that's not the case. samoas, move over, the girl scouts are introducing three new cookies. >> they're fanning out across the country with gluten-free options. one, the toffee-tastic butter cookie, another called the trios, peanut butter chocolate chips and whole grain oats and rah rah raisins with greek yogurt. >> i'm still a thin mint girl. >> i'm a samoas girl. we would get along just fine. when we come back trouble at one of the most famous addresses in san francisco. you know it from what you've
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♪ many parts of the country like peoria illinois are seeing their first big snowstorms of the season. they're expecting a tough commute and there have been several accidents and highway closings. the worst commutes this morning will be from the eastern great lakes down to northern virginia and up to new england where roads will be slippery and also be icy in the upper plains states. flying, airport delays likely in chicago, washington, philly and new york. well, back to the news. members of the u.s. ski team are in fouring after two were killed in an avalanche. >> the two victims were in a group coming down from the mountain when they apparently triggered the slide. abc's clayton sandell with the details. >> reporter: high on the
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mountain, search teams in helicopters with a desperate task after a sudden avalanche buried two rising stars in american skiing. >> the rescue crews were on the scene immediately with multiple helicopters and other rescue crew. they were able to extricate the two skiers, but unfortunately it was too late. >> reporter: four skiers escaped the wall of snow on the austrian slope. but those two olympic hopefuls killed. >> my name is bryce astle. i'm an alpine ski racer out of sandy, utah. and i am 19 years old. >> reporter: bryce astle's skills earned him an invitation to train with the u.s. ski team. he posted this youtube video in the fall to raise the money he needed to follow his dreams. >> helping me hopefully to get >> reporter: ronnie berlack bounced back from a knee injury last year to compete around the world. his father telling "usa today" his son organized
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his entire life around ski racing. even the best skiers are sometimes no match for avalanches carrying tons of snow and debris at 80 miles an hour or faster. in the u.s., on average every year, 28 people are killed. >> everything happens really fast. and you don't really have much of a chance to avoid the danger once you've triggered it. >> reporter: both berlack and astle are being remembered as outstanding and passionate skiers who died doing what they loved. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. court appearance in a high-profile murder case. here in new york thomas gilbert jr. is accused of murdering his father. an argument over money led to the shooting. they say he tried to make the scene look like suicide by placing the gun on his father's chest. among the evidence taken from the apartment, officers recovered a skimming device and 21 blank credit cards. thomas gilbert senior oversaw a $200 million hedge fund. arson is expected in a fire that struck the san francisco home featured in the movie
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"mrs. doubtfire". police say gasoline was used to light fires that left scorch marks behind on the front door and garage. of course robin williams played mrs. doubtfire and when he died mourners flooded the home with flowers. a doctor lives there now. one of his clients is suspected of the crime. in a bizarre shooting in ohio. it's an off-duty cop out to dinner with his wife. you see him fidgeting with his belt. he's messing with his gun and accident accidentally shot himself in the stomach in that elevator. police say the veteran officer was trying to adjust the weapon and it went off. the bullet ricocheted off the wall and struck him. we're told he's going to be okay. >> hard to watch. nfl team owner is testing the saying if you build it, they will come. the st. louis rams and others wanted to build an 80,000 seat stadium.
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l.a. haven't had a team since the rams left and they'll make a counteroffer later this morning. football teams at oregon and ohio state are getting ready. >> this is always something to look for. what are the ducks going to be wearing? this is pretty tame for them. not wearing their traditional green and yellow on the ducks. they are wearing a white and silver getup. usually they use something very loud to get your attention. that's a sleek use. >> the buckeyes will be decked out in scarlet and gray. >> oregon and ohio state square off at 8:30 p.m. eastern time. the nfl's final eight teams getting ready for the playoff games. >> nba action to tell you about. we get that from our guys at espn. >> hey, kenny and stan here glad to bring you some sports and some levity to the news program. >> yeah we got the cavaliers and 76ers. cleveland have had low points.
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already lost to new york and detroit, two of the three worst teams in the east. 76ers also in that number. tony roten, 76ers fans celebrating hoping to see their first home win of the season. cleveland got 28 and 19 from kevin love no lebron james matthew dell ba dove virginia is trying to bring them home. the 76ers win, 95-92. warriors are going sdrong hosting the thunder. warriors coming five-on-three fast break. steph curry looking for klay thompson who wants the ball and he will shoot it. by six. later in the first we only rolled tape on the first quarter. steph curry lost it found it. look at that. all fancy. oh, we taped the third quarter, as well. warriors up 19. there's thompson again.
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warriors win it 117-91. >> so what you're saying the warriors are pretty good. >> yeah, texas southern beat southern. >> critical information. now back to you. >> we got "the pulse" coming up next and a longtime hollywood single finally ties the knot because somebody finally realized there is something about marriage. high in the sky above yosemite two guys just hanging out on the adventure of a lifetime.
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aniston ] because beautiful skin goes with everything. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results™. ♪ all right, time for "the pulse" starting with monday night, a wedding, after expressing doubts cameron diaz is now a mrs. >> diaz married benji madden of the band good charlotte after dating for less than a year. it took place last night at her beverly homes. drew barrymore and nicole richie among her brides much maids and reese witherspoon and gwyneth paltrow attended. >> she dated justin timberlake. jared leto but settled down. season 19 of "the bachelor"
4:23 am
debuted with chris soules. an iowa farmer meeting all 30 of his dates. a few made a few impressions. >> he met 31. reena hung out with them yesterday. >> i'm not a contender. i'm married. >> you saw a lady in a pig nose and said she wanted to ham it up. this woman is a cadaver tissue salesperson. it was a fake though. but still somebody here two-dancing, dance instructor kaitlyn. she had something pretty shocking to say to him. listen to this. >> i don't know much about you. i know your name is chris. i know you are a farmer and you can plow the [ bleep ] out of my field any day. >> what? plow her field? >> we should look that up. >> that's just -- okay well chris later said he didn't really know what she was saying and that it made him blush but he liked it and kaitlyn is one of the 22 women he's still dating. i like this guy. he is really midwestern and charming and sweet and i'll be
4:24 am
watching. >> reena is not a contestant. let me clear that up. >> okay. no problem. simply stunning adventure. one expert calling it the hardest rock climb in the world. >> these two guys have been at it for over a week now. tommy caldwell and kevin jorgeson are climbing what's called the don wall of el capitan. >> free climbing this. 3,000 feet of it propelling themselves with just their hands and feet using a rope only to catch them if they fall. >> they rested on the rock face yesterday hanging out in the sunshine of the. eating is pretty basic. there's sandwiches but can you believe this they both do have a small stove, as well. >> if all goes well here they should be possibly at the top by this weekend but this is a very big deal. dangerous using nothing but their hands and feet on this granite surface they say is pretty smooth so hard to get up. >> i bet momma is probably anxious about this. >> one is at least married. good lublg, fellows. local news is next for some of
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>> ♪♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards t it's tuesday january 6th. looks like we're in for the first snow of the new year. storm tracker 6 double scan shows the system that's heading our way. we have accuweather team coverage of exactly what you can expect in your neighborhood. breaking right now, brand new information just in on the two new york city police officers who were shot and the latest o search for the suspects. all new at 4:30, two pet store chains make a decision on whether or not to keep selling treats that have been linked to the deaths of thousands of pets. we'll have what pet owners need to know so all that of coming up for you. "action news" is up in two. >> ♪♪ a shot at winning big. sometimes they can lose big too. >> win or lose it all happens in a very public way. abc's sara haines with some
4:28 am
contestants who went down to defeat in spectacular fashion. >> it's "the price is right" -- >> on "the price is right" you guess the right price. >> 900. >> or maybe not. >> iphone 6. >> $7,500. >> 7500 really for an iphone? and she's not alone. the next bidder pulling the classic "the price is right" move -- >> 7,501. >> actual retail price, $1,969. >> reporter: they lost out on the phone and perhaps a little pride. australia's millionaire hot seat proving too hot for this contestant. >> which of these is not a piece of jewelry commonly worn to symbolize a relationship -- >> "b," the anniversary ring. >> oh jewelry. oh my god. >> reporter: on "the wheel of fortune" it stopped on the million dollar slot for julian
4:29 am
batts. >> "c." >> all he needs to do is read the answer. >> mythological hero achill less. >> achilles. >> mythological hero achilles. >> that's it. >> reporter: with the pressure and mistakes so high, anything can happen. i'm sara haines in new york. >> it's part of the deal. you've got to be able to pronounce the name right. >> we all have moments, right? haven't we had moments before on television. the pressure it's live. >> what are you trying to say about my sports reading? >> those are honest mistakes. not a sports fan. >> i'm getting together my players. >> get a name wrong every now and then. everybody's heard of tom brady. >> who was that hamburger guy. >> roethlisberger. you call him a hamburger guy. >> i mean that with the greatest respect, especially this weekend.
4:30 am
>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> hi, everyone, it's tuesday morning. storm tracker 6 live showing some light snow trying to push into the region here. weary paring you for what's going to be a slick morning commute. >> breaking overnight a manhunt for the person who shot two new york city police officers. >> and back to business. the 114th u.s. congress will be officially sworn in today. republicans will have full control of the legislative branch. >> good morning, it's 4:30 on this tuesday january 6th. if we happen to get some school closures because of all this weather we will have them running along the bottom of


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