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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  January 7, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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s and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday, january 7th. here's what's happening. >> prepare for the coldest temperatures of 2015. the tumbling hurricane mercury has led to two schools delaying openings this morning. the list is on >> getting colder for commuters with wind chills dipping below zero later today. >> following breaking news in the search for the airasia passenger jet. divers located a large piece of the wreckage overnight. >> we'll get that in a moment but let's go back to talking about that cold with dave murphy he's got accuweather and karen rogers is looking at your traffic. good morning. >> all right, everybody we're off to a bit of a cloudy start. at least the snow from yesterday is gone. there's a couple little indications of snow showers out to the west that might dip through later in the afternoon. no big deal today though. and these clouds are going to give way to some sun as we move through the day. but we're looking at pretty bitter conditions and later on tonight into tomorrow morning there's actually a wind chill
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advisory because as temperatures drop later today and tonight and the winds continue to pick up we're going to actually see wind chills that are going the make it feel well below zero, down negative 15 across much of the region. the poconos could go to 20 degrees below zero in terms of your wind chills so very cold air on the way. for this morning a driver's alert, possible icy patches on nontreated roads and sidewalks its kind of a pedestrian alert as well and right now temperatures are already treating us pretty unkindly. 23 degrees in philadelphia, 18 wilmington, 14 in allentown. over the last hour the winds have started to pick up so when we started the broadcast at 4:30 i talked about how the wind chills weren't all that bad. now with the hourly posts coming in and winds picking up it feels like it's 12 degrees. nothing like it's going to feel overnight but still very uncomfortable. temperatures today it stays cold 23 degrees by 9 o'clock 25 by noon. technically we'll get a high of 26 probably around 2 o'clock. couple spotty snow showers here or there that don't do one. 6 o'clock 21 degrees with wind chills beginning to get closer
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to zero by 6 o'clock. we'll talk more about the wind chills when i come back. those snow showers and what comes next in the accuweather 7-day, karen. >> all right dave let's help up through this morning's commute. leave early and expect slick spots. even though we're looking live on the schuylkill at south street we can see conditions are really good right here but you could hit a slick spot or two and the lights are out on the schuylkill near girard so when you have a dark ride in it's hard to see the shine on the roads and some of the slick spots so use caution right here. we only had a few accidents yesterday during the nasty conditions but they were very serious ones. we got a serious accident from the overnight hours matt and tam have been talking about 130 southbound still blocked at this point approaching keim boulevard. it was two vehicle accident that happened overnight. there were injuries on the scene and police from multiple jurisdictions were responding to this one in burlington county. stick to old york road. they're on hand still waiting for a tow truck. hopefully they'll be able to clear this before the morning commute gets start fundamental. winslow township a downed pole cleared. things moving better on
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williamstown road in new jersey. let's go outside. this is what it looks like on 42. that's northbound traffic at creek road. no delay yet as you're coming from blackwood or deptford tam. >> thank you karen. this latest blast of bone chilling cold will make this morning's commute especially tough for those who have to wait outside for their ride to work or school. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at frankford transportation center and she's standing out there. how does it feel, katherine? >> reporter: oh it feels cold. if you thought yesterday was cold commute, wait until you walk outside this morning. you're really in for a treat. the temperatures have bottomed out. here at the frankford transportation sent you can see people trying to minimize their time outside. not a whole lot of people outside. those that are are hut dealed up waiting for their bus. people across our area are bracing for these harsh conditions ahead of us. >> i'm feeling very cold tonight. >> reporter: cold overnight more cold today. at 69th street station in upper darby people were coming off their late shifts eager to board their heated buses.
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the temperatures have plummeted and it's time once again to bundle up. >> thermal a hoodie and this jacket right here. nice and warm. i advise everybody to dress like this, though. >> reporter: also dressing warm these peco workers at 18th and walnut in center city out on the job overnight in the bitter cold. yesterday's snow was light but as temperatures plunged ice formed and it took a little extra muscle to remove. >> kind of like sticks to whatever it's on. that's why we use the shovel upside down. >> reporter: drivers still need to use caution. some streets like this in west philadelphia are still snow covered and could be slippery. and back here live in frankford where people are all huddled up waiting for their bus, they're buttoned up and zipped up they got their scarfs piled on, hoodies on. it's a cold one. some of them are clutching their coffee and hoping that their bus comes soon.
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i know i mentioned drivers in there. pedestrians also have to watch their seven. around here we see a lot of the sidewalks have been cleared and salted. that's not the case everywhere though so just be sure to watch your steps because you could see slick spots. katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> this is brand new video from the overnight. firefighters in bucks county braved the bitter cold and icy conditions while fighting a house fire. the fire broke out at 54 curly mill road at 10:30 last night. it took crews two hours to get control. there are no reports though of injuries. >> we're following breaking news out of south asia. divers have found the tail section of the air asia plane. these are the very first images of the wreckage from flight 8501 sit ought floor of the java sea. this could be a big break because the black boxes are stored in the tail section of the aircraft. the plane vanished from radar 11 days ago with 162 people on board.
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crews must now bring the wreckage to the surface. we also learned overnight that another body was found. stay with "action news" for further updates. the fbi plans to question patients at a veterans medical clinic in west texas today to learn more about a shooting that left two people including the suspected gunman dead. officials at fort bliss would not say who the victims were or what a possible motive for the shooting might have been. it happened at the el paso veterans affairs. >> it is 5:06. happening today president obama will head to michigan to deliver a speech at the ford michigan assembly plant. he's expected to highlight how his economic policies aid america's recovery. he'll go on to arizona and tennessee as he gears up for the state of the union address that's going to happen on january 20. back around here victoria napolitano took the oath of office yesterday to become mayor of moorestown, new jersey. at the age of 26 she's one of the youngest people to ever
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serve as mayor. the drexel grad served on council for the last two years. napolitano says she hopes that her story will inspire others. >> have more nim politics, especially young women is really important to me it's something that i hope i can be a role model. >> also sworn in last night was manny delgado. he made history for moorestown become the council's first hispanic member. >> 26 years old. you were still trying to balance your checkbook at 26, right. >> i still. cold this morning. tomorrow is going to be the bitter cold day. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows at least the snow is gone for now. as we take a look outside we have sky 6 and there you go the ben franklin bridge. fair amount of clouds out there but some breaks in the clouds. overall we expect a mix of clouds and sun. got some snow yesterday of course. philadelphia totaled an inch and half, perkasie over an inch almost two and south allentown north wilmington clocks in at 2.4 so a couple
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spots like millville and wilmington actually went above the one to 2-inch projection but this was a light snow event which is basically what we were preparing you for. 23 degrees in philadelphia right now, 18 in wilmington, 14 in allentown. the winds have picked up a little bit over the last hour so the wind chill is actually somewhere in the mid teens across philadelphia and a little lower nan in some other spots. future tracker 6 shows it's a mix of clouds and sun today. during the afternoon there's the chance of a couple real spotty snow showers popping. there was a lot of you aren't going see these and those that do they'll be quick and probably not put down any additional accumulation. by 9 o'clock tonight looks like we're clearing out and there is no such problem. up in allentown it's going to be cold. 24 degrees clouds and sun. slight chance of a snow shower. windy especially later in the day when we could get those gusts building up over 30 miles per hour so it's breezy this morning but getting windier as the day goes on. same story at the shore. clouds and sun a-snow shower maybe, maybe not. a cold high of 30 with those winds building as the day goes
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on. and in philadelphia, we're going to starter out breezy, end up real blustery with winds gusting as high as 35. 26 is your high today a passing snow shower can't be ruled out but the big story is that temperature and the way it's going to feel with those strong winds building. temperatures pretty cold all the way. 22 by 8 o'clock, 24 by 11 o'clock. looks like we hit our high of 26 around 2 o'clock. there isn't going to be much change through the afternoon with that mix of clouds and sun. to our west we have very cold air. it's below zero in minneapolis right now. zero in green bay and this cold air is generally speaking going to be shifting through the region and the biggest effect we'll have is the wind chill. it will be cold in the 20's today. overnight tonight getting down into the single digits in some spots but look at what happens with the wind chills. this is today at noon and then we go up until 6 o'clock. it starts to feel like it's in the single digits and overnight below zero everywhere. how about negative 26 in the poconos overnight. wow. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 26 brisk and cold, wind chills in the teens most of the time today.
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and then tomorrow bitter cold. the overnight low tonight is 10 in philadelphia. probably the single digits in most suburbs and then only a high of 22 with those wind chills below zero for a good portion of the overnight hours. and then not as harsh friday afternoon we bounce back to 35. saturday another dip to 25. and then sunday back up into the 30's and weary moving the chance of snow or rain showers on sunday night. looks like it stays dry. different story on monday where we could get a rain or snow shower at times and maybe just a flurry on tuesday. we do get better, though, up close to 40 next week. >> seems like we just got to lang on for a couple days. >> hanging on. >> it's 5:10. next and new this morning a vicious attack caught on camera. police out west are hunting for the robber who stalked and then attacked his victim. >> researchers now warn that thousands of people lose their lives each year from alcohol poisoning and the problem is not just among teens. karen. >> looking live on the boulevard here at fox street.
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traffic moving nicely. road looks mainly clear but we'll watch out for some slick spots and show you some other roads coming up. >> and a little later in the morning buzz a newborn baby becomes the talk of a missouri hospital because he was born with teeth. what? >> ouch. >> "action news" continues. >> ♪♪
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with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious. >> ♪♪ >> 5:13. taking a live look at atlantic city. it must be really cold and icy in southern chester county because we have three schools there opening two hours late this morning. the list is on we'll also run it at the
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bottom of your screen. >> we had that snow come in karen left a lot of roads icy. >> we are seeing slick spots. your main highways they're not going to see too many problems. you just need to be prepared for a slick spot here and there and that's the trouble you don't know when you're going to hit one. checking with the suburban traffic report let's go outside. in chalfont bucks county traffic moving okay but if you look especially in the bottom of your screen you see some of those slick spots right there. a little snow left over on the road and as you turn we're finding it in particular around the corners on the ramps of course the bridges and overpasses you need to use some extra care and expect a little bit of that ice to be in and around the area. getting more details about this horrible accident in the overnight hours in burlington county. still have 130 southbound blocked approaching keim boulevard. that's 413. and they have tow trucks on the scene but they say they're going to keep it out there closed for awhile now until further notice. you want to stick to your alternates broad street, 541 or sunset road or use van sciver parkway.
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a septa regional rail note. we've got problems right there with the wilmington newark line. there we go. they're not serving newark or churchman's crossing station so look for that. i want to go to storm tracker 6 live double scan. as david has been saying we can expect to see a passing snow shower around especially later today but getting a little light snow out here nearly a town, i-78 near 476 and looking at the commuter traffic report with the waze app we found someone talking about that ice on the roadway on i-78 eastbound so be careful as you're headed out there, tam. >> thank you karen. this is new this morning authorities in los angeles are searching for a vicious robber you'll see him in the surveillance video. watch this. they believe that he struck at least four times in an apartment complexes since november. during each assault he follows the woman into the elevator like he does there attacks her violently knocking that woman to the ground hitting her and taking off with her purse. philadelphia police are looking for the man who pistol whipped a woman inside her home. police say an armed man walked into the woman's mantua home in the 3900 block of brown
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street at 7:30 last night. the door was unlocked at the time. he hit her in the face with a gun and then got away with an undetermined amount of cash. the victim was taken to the hospital with cuts on her forehead. a burlington county high school is reach outer to community after the suicides of two students in the past week. grief counselors were available on campus yesterday at burlington township high school. and a special assembly was called to give everyone a chance to talk it out. if you or someone you know is feeling suicidal the national suicide prevention lifeline is available to help you 24 hours a day. the number is one-800-273-talk. >> sixers host the milwaukee bucks at the wells fargo center tonight. the sixers snapped their 14 game home losing is streak on monday night against the cleveland cavaliers. flyers gm ron hextall is warning the team of changes if things don't get better. maybe that was the motivation in the flyers' two to one win over the senators last night. got the flyers four game home
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stand off to a right start. the orange and black still well near the bottom of the eastern conference. flyers face the capital tomorrow night. >> one latin american nation is forced to get creative in the middle of a french fry storage. >> thousands of americans may be putting their lives on the line when they pour a drink. david. >> temperatures are in the 20's right now. wind chills in the teens in most neighborhoods. bundle the kids up on the way to school. this afternoon i'm adding a scarf because the winds are going to be even more blustery later today and the wind chills will start to approach zero by later in the afternoon and evening. we'll have more on your day planner forecast, also get you to the airport let you know if there's any delays down there. that's all coming up.
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>> hubble space telescope took new high definition photos of the so-called pillar of creations. three columns of cold gas bathed in light from a cluster of stars.
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hubble first photographed them in 1995 and now we have a better look. >> wow. >> beautiful. >> going to be a thunderstorm. >> i love those pictures. so beautiful. let's take you outside right here. a less attractive pick can cherry here in southwest philadelphia the mid span of the platt bridge, some slick spots you can kind of see it on the right shoulder. main roads are okay but the problem is you'll have slick spots here or there and if you're going too quickly it will cause an accident. ben franklin bridge speed restrictions of 35 miles an hour in effect still on the ben, betsy ross, walt whitman and commodore barry dave. >> low 20's right now in philadelphia. some suburbs karen in the teens and wind chills are making it feel like it's in the teens so bundled up on the way outside and stay that way today. 23 degrees by 9 o'clock. then the mid-20's through the midafternoon. technically i could see a high of 26 around 2 o'clock. a spotty snow shower here or there is possible and then by 6 o'clock we're down to 21. the thing is as the day goes on those winds are going to build and it's really going start feeling raw later this afternoon and this evening. let's get a quick look at the
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national map. not a whole lot going on outside of a few snow showers in kentucky. might be a little bit of an issue there. west coast looks good. florida looks good. northeast looks good and as we check out the airport we're hoping for all green aircraft at the airport. we had delays yesterday with that snow clearing but not today and no precipitation in any of our most frequently traveled destinations. tam. >> okay, thank you david. going on to health check afflation wide study has good news for women going through fertility procedures. researchers say 12 years of data shows complications including deaths are uncommon from procedures that include ivf the most problem commons are related to drugs used to stimulate ovaries for preparation for in vitro. there were 58 deaths reported but researchers say the results are reassuring given that more than 1 million pregnancy attempts using ivf happened during the study. new report finds most deaths from drinking too much involves middle aged adults not teens or college students. researchers found six americans die every day from alcohol poisoning that comes
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out to an average of 2200 deaths a year. three out of the four dearths were middle aged adults most men. binge drink means four drench or more at once for a woman and five drinks or more at once for a man. >> well oil prices are making drivers happy but it's one of the main reasons why stocks are on a losing streak. abc's reena ninan and t.j. holmes have america's money. >> good morning. topping america's money the worst start to the year for stocks in seven years. >> the dow is down nearly 500 points in the past two days. 4% drop from its all time high at the end of last year. a former business partner of dr. dre says the sale of beats headphones to apple cost him millions. >> he claims he sold his stake in beats after being told the company could not be sold for years. well shortly after that beats was sold to apple for $3 billion. >> venezuela run out of mcdonald's french fries shortage blamed on a dispute with west coast dockworkers. >> franchise owners are replacing it with fries made of the tropical plant yucca.
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>> it sounds awful. look at this. that's pretty right. $974 million that's a check. ham's ex-wife turned that checks down in their divorce battle. >> a judge ordered him to pay her $1 billion. he says it's too much she says not enough. >> we're keeping you updated on the icy weather conditions before you hit the door. your accuweather team coverage is just ahead. >> also gathering new developments on the airasia flight 8501 disaster. find out what divers discovered overnight. that's coming up at 5:30 a.m. >> ♪♪ r prescriptions and save money. just stop by. and leave all the legwork to us. switch your prescriptions to walgreens where you could save even more on medicare part d with copays as low as zero dollars. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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>> an ocean county police officer says he was just doing his job but a split second reaction saved the life of a woman in distress. patrolman james albanese was alerted to a woman in the river. she went to the water to end her life. without hesitation the brick township officer raced to his cruiser and notified dispatch before he plunged into the river with his life jacket. >> going into the water didn't even think twice. the adrenaline was flowing. i knew high to do what i had to do. once i got her in and got her out i didn't feel the cold. >> wow. 'cause you know that water was freezing. the officer was able to pull the unconscious woman to shore. first responders rushed her to the hospital and she is expected to survive. >> morning buzz. babies aren't supposed to be born with teeth, right? >> no. >> like no teeth whatsoever. a baby was born with teeth in
5:27 am
missouri, born on december 28th her name alyssa bella bailey. this happens once every two or 3,000 newborns. so, it's somewhat rare and alyssa has two front teeth. right there on the bottom. pretty neat there hm? now sometimes this is associated with a medical condition but in alyssa bella's case no problem whatsoever, just have them a little early, she'll lose them get big ones. >> she'll be eating table food before you know. >> corn on the cobb. >> there you go. after much taste testing philadelphia magazine is out with the list of 50 best restaurants. we'll have a sneak peek at who took that top spot. >> officials confirm overnight the discover research of a piece of wreckage of the air asia plane that went down in the jar sea. the full story is next
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when you're actually paying for this. you might be surprised at what's hiding in your coverage. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum bum-bum-bum-bum ♪♪ >> breaking right now a tail section of airasia flight 8501 has been found 11 days after the plane vanished from radar. >> two people were hurt in a nasty crash that turned a car into a crumpled piece of metal. >> a blast of cold weather has
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area commuters bracing from freezing temperatures plus three area schools are opening on a delay. the list is on >> good morning 5:30 now on this wednesday january 7th. let's find out though i don't really want to hear more about this from dave murphy and karen rogers has your roads. good morning. >> good morning. it stayed pretty cold during the snowfall yesterday and it's still similar in terms of temperatures right now. we also have some cloud cover but the snow is gone and check out how that break in the clouds is starting to open up. we are expecting breaks in the clouds dan we should overall see a mix of clouds and sun. drivers alert this morning and this goes for pedestrians too, there might be possible icy patches on nontreated roads and sidewalks given the fact that we stayed well below freezing yesterday and things that didn't get treated got a little slick. temperatures are cold right now. 22 degrees in philadelphia, in the teens in trenton allentown, reading wilmington, 24 in sea isle city and the winds have picked up a bit over the last couple hours so we have a wind chill that's currently making it feel like it's 12 in philadelphia and single digit wind chills up in the lehigh valley.


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