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tv   Action News  ABC  January 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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ing heat and white house talks about making >> thursday night the big story on "action news" tonight is another night in the teens. it is about as cold as it has a right to be. but the fact is we're bounding up into the 30s tomorrow. "action news" reporter sharee williams will tell us how to
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keep in the heat. first, let's get the latest from meteorologist cecily tynan and accuweather at the big board. cecily. >> jim the good news is toughest part of cold snap is now behind us. that was this morning when we had wind chills below zero and temperatures in the single digits. right now in the teens and 20s. philadelphia, 18 degrees. millville 22. allentown 15. reading 17 and wilmington currently 19. the winds have is lessened and also shifted. last night this morning, winds out of norm west pulling down the cold air. last night wind gusts of 38. now they're generally 7 to 14 miles an hour and if you see the arrows they're out of the southwest. that is a slightly warmer flow of air. temperatures actually will be warming up adds we head into the overnight hours. that said it's not mild night. wind chills in the teens and single dimming its and last night at this time the wind
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chills were already slipping down be lee zero. problem tomorrow morning not wind chill but snow showers. satellite 6 and action radar showing clouds rolling in if you look near pittsburgh showers developing and those ahead of arctic boundary pulling through tomorrow and bringing us snow showers in the morning. temperatures morning rush hour in the 20s and we'll make it up to 30s this aaron. more details in the snow showers and bitter cold air that follows behind the system on saturday in the full accuweather forecast. jim. >> thank you cecily. >> now "action news" reporter sharee williams is in center city going high tech to help keep us warm on a night like this sharee. >> as as if we need a gadget to tell us how cold it is outside i can tell you firsthand. but i've got one for you. this special device we call a thermal imaging camera. as you can see it ajust for different temperatures. we used this tonight open people in the city to let them know
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just how they were doing. on a very cold night like this. goal is to stay warm. >> any face is cold. >> with our thermal imaging camera we can literally see who is doing better than others. >> let me snapshot you and show you. >> at the skating rink i snapped images to show people how well they're staying warm. bright orange areas show where there's heat but escaping quickly and blue shows where where it's trapped in. >> seeing it how do you think it is warmer than this. >> definitely thought i would be warmer. >> amy was surprised how much heat she was losing. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, my gosh. >> so what are first thoughts when you see the thermal image. >> i look cold. >> freezing temperatures and whipping kind carriage can be dangerous. >> it's generally hands, tips
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of knows ears, things sxlosed. >> mark hoy explained all his leers. >> he's doing a decent job. >> for those waiting in the cold air to catch the city bus dressing warm is key. we put alexis patterson to the heat test. >> wherever we see the brighter colors that's where the heat gets away from you. >> there's more heat staying in an leaving and that's important. >> you have ever done this before what do you think about it. >> i think it's cool. it shows people where they can improve. so i took a thermal image selfie earlier today i'll grab one now of my photographer just to see how he's doing. he's holding up well, jim. in the meantime there's a few
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businesses and helping us to stay warm thanks for the heat outside because i've been using them. we're in center city tonight sharee williams "channel 6 action news." >> thank you sharee. >> you can get the latest information from accuweather live stormtracker 6 radar and the forecast for the day on week ahead all at and the "action news" morning team will be on at 4:30 to track cold and any ill effects it may have on traffic and transit for the morning commute. >> and news at this hour. firefighters battled two alarm blaze at popular eatery in pedalers village tonight. the fire broke out in earl's bucks county restaurant in lahaska before 6. diapers had to rush from the building and it took firefighters more than an hour to get the situation out of control and they said without anybody being hurt. >> philadelphia homicide detectives are on the hunt for a killer. the gunman shot a 26-year-old
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man to death at 9:00 in southwest philadelphia and stray bullets struck a home on 5600 block of baltimore avenue. fortunately nobody inside was hit. >> this was eiffel tower as it wept dark in honor of twelve people killed in yesterday's attack on the offices of magazine known for its biting political sat eyre often brepingted at islamic militants. >> thousands came to paris's square republic to light candles and show their alliance to freed come to and liberty. security officers are patrolling the streets of france because there's fear of second straightch the mass every manhunt for the brothers kolachi continued most focused 16 miles northeast of par ill and the town and possible sooting of
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shareff and sahee de has brought heavenly armed police to the brothers and there will be more. reaction coming up on "nightline" tonight after "jimmy kimmel live". >> a grand jury was recommend charges be brought against attorney general kathleen kane. the grand jury was kawmd by special prosecutor and recommendeded charges including perjury. this saul stems from accusation that kaimd late to a number involving a probe into the former head of local naacp. these are only recommendations. montgomery county da lisa fir man has been selected to determine if those recommendations should lead to actual indictment against actual indictment kane.
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>> her job is clearly in sxwrep di. >> whether convicted or not i think that ends her ability to do her job. >> it was a close call for philadelphia police officer today when a suspect dragged him done a street and ran over his leg while trying to get away. this happened shortly before noon at 32 and susquehanna in strawberry mantion. officers joseph kochmer shot at the fleeing vehicle after it fled away from a stop and the suspect made -- and was capped toord a short time later. the officer is hospitalized in stable condition. we will learn all the details tomorrow but the whitehouse says president barack obama will anuns a plan tomorrow that would make community college free for everybody who is in president's words "willing to work for it ." >> "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at community college of philadelphia. dann this is already getting a
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lot of people's attention. >> that's right jim especially for college students and families struggling with high cost of tuition this will be a conversation starter and the question is can this be done or is this just a pipe dream? >> hi, everybody, i'm here on air force 1 just leaving detroit on my way to phoenix. >> the president made announcement from his cab and i board air force 1 and in the video posed on white house fake book page the president but amices asglaed simply what i want to do is see first two years of community college free for everyone willing to work for it. >> the president wants two year who attend half time and maintain 2.5 grade point and remain enrolled. >> i think everybody it's key to success for our kids in the 1st century and we also understand it's not just for kids. we also have to make sure that
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everybody has the opportunities to constantly train themselves for better jobs and better wages and better benefits. under the plan community clems would have to let students transfer to four year cold and trained in high demand occupational areas and federal funding pays for three-quarters and states pay for quarter of costs. >> something we can accomplish and something to change and compete with anyone in the world. >> white house could not statement the cause. political pundits said it could be in the year. house speaker john boehner's office says with no details or information this seems more like caulking point than plan. we're live in community college spring garden dann cuellar chapel "action news". >> thank you dann. still to come non-gambling attractions and difficult work that is dangerous as well.
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digging through collapsed silo in bucks county looking for victim tonight. >> a south jersey mother is missing under midsts tierious circumstance circumstance chances and why her family says this is strange. >> i'm check snow showers for morning commute and heading back into the deep freeze for part of your weekend. next week gets interesting i'll explain in the accuweather forecast. >> america olympic hopeful city has been chosen and jeff skversky with the flyers and exciting over time power play when "action news" continues tonight
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in a silo in bristol, bucks county it's slow going. >> what we have we're making progress. but as i said it's going to be a long process trying to gain access to where we need to be. >> the 15 foot silo collapsed midnight last night. gabriel loading dry cement into trucks was only worker unacted for and cold is forcing firefighters to switch out crews every six hours. >> florida developer buying bankrupt revel casino is betting a water park will help attract visitors. glen strawb says that's part of his plan for atlantic city site. he also wants to create a high-speed ferry service between there and new york city. strawb's attorney indicated there's a strong likelihood there will be gambling at the property and the size would be smaller than before. a judge in new jersey approved the sale price of 95.4 million
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for revel and straub wants it for less. he has 30 days to appeal or close the deal. >> state health officials say five more died from it the flu bringing confirmed death toll to nine this season. all but one were over the age of 70 and had other medical complications and more than 1,000 people in delaware have fallen toil flu and about ten-fold spike in case from last year. >> montgomery township police department is mourning sudden death of k-9. bower the police dog first began service with department in october 2011 and was partnered with k-9 officer brian schreiber and the belgiumawa had numerous drug busts in his career. he was one of three k-9s. >> this mother of two was not seen since december 30 and tonight her family is pleading
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for answers. erica was last seen with her husband at pj we'll hans in cherry hill. her family has not heard from her since. crosby has a 2-month-old and 7-year-old daughter. her family says she was dedicated mother and wife who would never leave her children. she's 26 with two babies she's a mother first. she'll never leave her child. anybody and everybody knows she will not leave her baby. >> the family says her husband was questioned by police and disappeared shortly after that. they say he disconnected his phone and has not shown up for work. a search is also underway for award winning teacher who has not been seen since tuesday morning. 40-year-old are christopher. it illey taught at middle bucks institute technology in warwick for twelve years and was last seen in 600 block of south 16 in south philadelphia and officials say tully is bipolar and has not
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taken medication. if the united states wins summer olympics in 2024 games will be held in boston. boston has won sweep stakes that included los angeles. san francisco washington. organizeers there envision using cities -- the city's 100 colleges and university and existing and envisioned facilities to appeal to international olympic commit tynirah tee. a final decision will be made in 20 17. >>" bama administration has fined honda record 7 0 million for not reporting complaints that vehicles cause deaths and injuries. there were more than 1700 complaints dating back to 2003. the company admitted it learned of the omissions in 2011 and waited three years to take action. on "healthcheck" at 11 major medical groups are coming forward with a warning about
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ecigarettes. american association for cancer research and american society of clinical oncology issued a joint statement today calling for more regulation on the trendy devices. ecigarettes deliver vaporized nicotine without smoke. the benefits and risks are not studied yet but these doctors wants to keep them out of hands of children. recent cdc research says the number of middle and high school use rerz doubling in a year. and many cities including philadelphia have already applied the same regulations as tobacco products to ecigarettes. it has been frim idly cold and getting warmer but it's still preezing. >> this time last night i was talking about morning rush wind chills below zero. it's like 6 below. tomorrow morning wind chills in the teens. feeling 20 warmer. >> it's perfectly balmy.
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>> cold not as brutal and snow showers tomorrow morning. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing tonight no snow showers here and developing north and west of harrisburg and few more could sweep through in morning rush hours. action cam along south broad tonight where it is clear and it's quiet and it's cold and it was cold all day long. our morning low nine degrees. morning high we didn't even hit 19. it's 20 below normal. we didn't hit the normal low this afternoon. temperatures are beginning to actually rise overnight. winds out of the south west still 18 in philadelphia millville 22. sea isle city 2 4 allentown 15. wilmington 19 and trn ton 15. still a wind chill factor. this time last year wind chills were slipping down below zero. wind chills are in the teens
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generally and single digits everything relative and not quite take your breath away cold as last night. satellite 6 and action radar saying clouds are rolling in if you look across western pennsylvania there's snow showers to the west and this is feature swinging through tomorrow. i don't think everyone will see snow showers mainly north and west of philadelphia and the problem the fact it will be cold and ground is cold and even though they will be fast moving they could -- tune into "action news" with david murphy and he'll show you if the snow showers are moving into your neck of the woods. >> temperatures not as harsh as this morning. generally low to mid 20s. and then you factor in the winds wind chills willing in the teens. not fearly as brutal as this morning. the exclusiveive accuweather 7-day forecast home giving way to afternoon sunshine and we'll
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briefly talk about the freezing point. finally 35 for the afternoon high. it does not last long. behind tomorrow's arctic front the cold air takes a 24 hour lag. is it will be living in time for first half of the weekend. saturday sunny, cold, 23. surprised, temperatures rebound back up into the mid 30s. 36 degrees with more clouds and sunshine. monday looking unsettled, rain for generally philadelphia. perhaps wintry mix north of philadelphia. 39. tuesday, wednesday, mixture of clouds and sunshine. on the cool side. not as cold as today. 37 thursday. and i'm tracking the opportunities for a bigger storm system. does it roll up the coast? head out sea? written? snow? that's something i will track. >> that's next thursday. >> next thursday. >> you have a week could be nothing at all. >> okay. >> don't worry about it yet.
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>> done. >> organizeers of pennsylvania farm show buterd up the crowd today and they unveiled this year's life size sculpture cut out of -- >> and a lot of color on that art. the butter sculpture was described by jim victor and marie of conshohocken. "jimmy kimmel live" coming up after "action news." here's jimmy with a preview of tonight's show. >> thanks jim hello philadelphia. here's a sneak peak at latest television masterpiece. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh,
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your last chance! this offer ends january 17th. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> eagles defensive end brandon bear stopped at mt. airy trolley car diner tonight to meet fans. he took pictures with the kids and grown ups and this appearance was for a good cause. 0% of tonight's sales go towards trolley car diner teacher fund which helps educational opportunities for their students. brandon bear. >> friendlier territory for the flyers since they've gotten back. >> you have to believe going forward trying to make a playoff push.
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claude giroux is not sugarcoating it. he says their record is not good enough not even close nine points out of playoff spot halfway point of the season. trying to take down the washington cap tolls and apparently coach too stick to the head yeah that will leave a mark. flyers down 1-you 0. shawn off the rebound puts it home. we're tied at 1. and then early third, carl alwaysware shoots and somehow some way beat steve mason. ut oh, flyers down one. doesn't last long. over a minute later nick over the boards and right to rj umberger we're tied at two and going to over time in ot. on the power play jay vorachek on the slot. shoots, scores nhl scoring leader scores big 3-2 win in over time it's their second string. >> we were in over time and i knew if i were going to keep
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shooting it would have to get in eventually. i got lucky. >> it's a big one. sixers shooking themselves in the foot. worst field goat percentage in nba. brett brown trying to remain positive as they hit the road for brooklyn where they play nets tomorrow brown believes there's another reason to where they're lowest scoring team in the game listen to this. >> we still don't pass the ball. i'm amazed they get along as well as they do off the court on bus on walk into bus these guys are fantastic i love coaching them. if i saw them play sometimes i would think you guys are really selfish. it's not they're selfish they don't know what they don't know. >> wow. college hoops drexel ends game losing streak beating so you son 14 and delaware falls to unc wilmington 1-13. we'll be right
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one wayne way from the first national championship. oregon ducks face ohio state buckeyes. we have to wonder are the players nerve us to play in the biggest game of their lives. >> jitters gr the game but in the game behind center it's you and the guys. are you dwhiping you have done basically all your life you're doing what you prepared with those guys that eliminates all the nervousness. emotions depends on preparation. >> oregon, ohio state, monday night, 8:0 espn for all the marbles. >> finally laughing at your boss probably not best idea.
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griffin and la clippers left no choice after seeing owner dance to fergie ♪ what is this? this is clippers owner steve balmer dancing to fergie after the first corner. rocking that body. although i have a feeling he's regretting this today as he watches the video. what exactly is this. >> i bet he's not regretting it at all. >> what is this? >> not a bit. >> waving. >> waving? >> waving. >> on him it's -- i don't know what it is. >> "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline". "nightline""action news" continues at 4:30. now for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner good
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's “jimmy kimmel live”! tonight, joaquin phoenix. from comedy central, larry wilmore. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from frankie ballard. with cleto and the cletones. and now, i kid you not here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everyone. welcome to the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. welcome.


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