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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 9, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight in the massive manhunt in france. the paris terror suspects now holding a hostage. we are live with the latest. the brutal blast of cold air still creating dangerous conditions across the country. when does it all move out? plus snow in florida. scary surprise. falling from the sky. something smashes through a house's ceiling. >> heard this terrible blast. >> it looked like a bomb had exploded. >> mystery leaving one homeowner perplexed. surprise birth. a mom delivers a 10-pound baby just an hour after finding out she was pregnant. well good friday morning to
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you. we begin with day three of the urgent manhunt for two cold-blooded killers behind that horrific attack in paris. >> and this morning looks like thrs accused of that deadly bloodbath at a french newspaper. abc's alex marquardt is live for us on the phone right now. what is the very latest on these late-breaking developments? >> reporter: good morning, t.j. good morning, reena. this manhunt may be coming to a close. we understand that according to french town near here 27 miles outside of paris about a 40-minute drive right next to the main airport in paris, charles de gaulle airport, and security forces have converged and there are helicopters in the sky so we do have an ongoing hostage situation and understand there is one hostage. now, the brothers had been
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sighted by police according to the interrorerrior ministry and had been focusing their efforts on that wooded area very rural. it's countryside and they were going from village to village literally house to house these s.w.a.t. teams going into houses searching them searching yards, searching the undergrowth for these two men and it appears at this time this morning they have zeroed in on these men in this town about 25 miles outside paris. >> we can see the images right now, the search from the air, from foot. what can you tell us about the security presence that france has there that they brought in? is this version of the fbi and cia obviously working to capture these guys? >> reporter: it's hard to imagine the security operation getting any bigger. as you mention at the top, 88,000 security personnel have been deployed all across the country ranging from uniformed policemen on the street the
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gendarme to paramilitary forces that we saw yesterday, the french equivalent of s.w.a.t. which here are called raid and also deployed military forces so it is an absolutely massive operation, not just here in paris where that deadly attack took place on wednesday, but all around the country. there's an elevated terror alert level here in paris as well as in the piquardie region. now that search and this hostage situation we know of has gotten closer to paris. as i say it's only about a 5-mile drive. there is a security presence in paris around the country as they try to bring these two suspects in. >> and, alex why this area? how much have they been focused on this area and why have they gotten information and these brother, were they trying to flee and hide in this area or do they have connections possibly to this particular area where this hostage situation is going on? >> reporter: well we know that they -- one brother was living in paris.
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another brother was living in another town so the area being focused on didn't necessarily have any connection to these men. but it was extremely rural, heavily wooded. you could imagine that it would be relatively easy to hide out there, whether in a barn or in a farm or just in the woods. it's unclear why they chose that area. we think that they went out there by car. we know that one of the cars they carried out the operation in was seized by police. we understand this morning that they have stolen another car. it was a small gray peugeot so we assume they've been driving around fleeing by car but unclear why they would have chosen these areas outside of paris except for the fact that they are outside paris where the main brunt of the security -- of the search was taking place. >> all right, alex marquardt on the line for us thank you for hopping on giving us the latest. again to our viewers it appears that police are zeroing in on
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these two suspects in that terror attack. a hostage situation going on. at least one hostage being held. we'll give you any update we get on what's happening in this manhunt and, of course you can stay with us for live team coverage later on "good morning america." and we're also keeping a close eye on the effort to recover the black boxes that downed the airasia jet. this new video shows indonesia mill military divers. it shows the strong currents and the tail being partially buried. at least three more victims' bodies were covered raising the total to 47 of the 162 people on board. let's turn to this vicious blast of bitter cold that's crippling much of the country. well it is not finished causing chaos. >> this is what millions of americans can see looking out their windows, a thick, white wall of blowing snow road conditions in the midwest are extremely dangerous and hundreds of flights have been canceled.
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>> well and take a look at this. the cold snap produced a few snow flurries as far south of florida. jacksonville recorded a trace of snow tying a record set in 1958. not enough to build a snowman. >> florida is warming up but nearly half the population won't be so lucky. this arctic blast will likely produce more record-breaking numbers. >> justin povick has the details. good morning to you, justin. >> reena and t.j. thanks. we've been focusing on the cold all week long. snow to mention at least through the daytime hours on friday which could cause a couple of travel delays along interstate 95 especially from new york city to hartford to portland areas further inland could see 2, 3, even 4 inches of snow. this will be a powdery dry snow that blows and whips around not concerned about a lot of accumulation. not going to be a big snowstorm. more concern into texas where they don't have a lot of wintry
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precipitation, freezing rain and freezing drizzle friday into friday night that will cause big delays along 20 and 35 with chilly air continuing to reside in the southeast. reena and t.j., back to you. >> thanks justin. the house is expected today to pass a controversial keystone pipeline bill. president obama has already said he'd veto the bill if it's passed in congress. the matter could be further complicated by a ruling from the nebraska supreme court which could come as early as today. the decision is deciding whether state lawmakers were in the right when they approved the pipeline route through their state. the supreme court will meet behind closed doors to consider legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide. the high court has five cases pending from states that ban gay unions. the issue is whether those bans violated the u.s. constitution's guarantee of equal protection under the law. if the justices decide to take up the controversial cases, a ruling could come as early as june. >> there were remembrances from arizona to capitol hill marking four years since the mass shooting that gravely wounded
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former arizona congresswoman gab by giffords. they rang a bell 19 times one each for the people killed and wounded including giffords. she met with the president yesterday who was in arizona. still ahead, no tuition. the new plan from washington providing free college. also former football player alive this morning after swimming nine miles to shore following a boating accident. plus smashed like a toy. a dump truck sits on top of a police car. why investigators say this was done on purpose.
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welcome back. president obama is proposing a major shake-up for higher education. the president says the first two years of community college should be free for students enrolled at least halftime who keep up their grades. right now it's more of a conversation starter than a real proposal since there's no price tag, no legislation, no bipartisan support on capitol hill. expect a big reaction by wall street today to the all-important december jobs report. the dow surged 323 points yesterday partly based on expectations that the u.s. economy will continue to improve. economists expect 240,000 jobs created last month but that's about 80,000 less than in november. the obama administration has slapped honda with a record fine. the company has agreed to pay $70 million, the largest civil penalty ever against an automaker. half of that fine is for failing to report more than 1700 complaints about honda vehicles causing deaths or injuries. the other half stems from honda's not reporting warranty claims. there are reports this morning that an oklahoma divorce
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see has cashed her $974 million check. earlier in the week sue ann arnall had refused to take the money from her ex-husband harold hamm saying it wasn't enough that 974 million but now her attorney says they got word from the bank that the check was presented for payment. no comment from the ex-wife. when we come back -- bill cosby. >> no, no, stop. stop it. stop it. >> bill cosby heckled on stage. how the comedian reacted last night and the protesters outside the event. falling from the sky, what landed in a man's living room after crashing through the ceiling. i love the holidays! but after all the shopping cooking and heavy foods... sometimes i feel bloated or gassy with rumbling uncomfortable. i feel less motivated and sluggish.
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i have a cold with terrible chest congestion. i better take something. theraflu severe cold doesn't treat chest congestion. really? new alka-seltzer plus day powder rushes relief to your worst cold symptoms plus chest congestion. [breath of relief] oh, what a relief it is. the susquehanna river looking more like it belongs in
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alaska these days. floating blocks of ice bringing all boat traffic to a stop. this morning's road conditions only slightly better. plan on lots of ice and know from the great lakes to the east coast. around the rocky mountains and in parts of texas where ice has been accumulating on roadways. if you're flying expect lots of delays in boston new york philadelphia d.c. dallas detroit, chicago and denver. newly released video showing the moments after cleveland police shot tamir rice in november. >> you can see as officers take down his 14-year-old sister handcuff her feet away from where her brother lay dying. backs up what rice's mother had claimed. the footage shows officers standing around while rice was wounded for minutes after he was shot. and fbi agent who happened to be in the area then administers first aid. we turn now to bill cosby scheduled to perform again tonight in another canadian city
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after being heckled on stage. it happened last night. a member of the audience capturing the incident from upstairs. look. >> no, no, stop. stop it. stop it. stop it. that's right. >> you can clearly hear cosby trying to quiet the down guy. he was cowing him a rapist. many shouting shame on you stemming from the sexual assault allegations being levyied against cosby by several women. an ohio bridal shop is shutting down after a nurse infected with ebola visited. amber vincent visited there last year. the boutique shut down temporarily to sterilize but it now says it hasn't been able to recover financially. >> dramatic rescue captured on camera in the mountains of southern california. a rescue plucking an injured hiker to safety yesterday from a remote area of the angeles
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national forest. paramedic was lowered to the canyon from an emergency chopper and hoisted back up along with that hiker. we turn to maryland where a man is charged with attempted murder after crashing his dump truck into two squad cars. there's the dump truck. rounding the corner barreling as you see here into the officers. they jump out of the way just in time. police say the driver is mentally ill, was off his medication at the time of that crash. well an unsolved mystery in chicago. huge chunks of ice pumping through an apartment building leaving a gaping hole in one man's ceiling. as big as bowling balls and ended up in john conners' apartment. his neighbor says it sounded like a gas explosion. but fortunately conners wasn't home at the time. >> i walked in and it looked like a bomb had exploded in here. i looked up and there was like sky and clouds and the planes going by and all that. >> conners says the ice fell from a clear blue sky.
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he believes it may have come from a passing plane or outer space. incredible story now. former nfl player saying -- saving himself rather from certain death. robert conrad played with the dolphins for six seasons. he was fishing alone wednesday night after palm beach, florida, when he fell out of his boat. the boat then drifted away so what did he do? he had to swim nine miles back to shore. he was found on the beach. he was all right after spending 10 to 12 hours in the water. well boston could be welcoming the world's summer olympic athletes in 2025. beantown was chosen to be the u.s. host city candidate beating out l.a. san francisco and washington. >> technology-based games. a final decision on where the games will be played won't be made for another couple of years. big weekend in nfl playoff football. tomorrow the ravens taking on the patriots. >> then carolina facing seattle and on sunday the cowboys
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battle the packers and coals challenge the broncos. as for last night's nba action here are our guys at espn. good friday morning to you, stan verrett, i'm subban mehenti. >> the knicks have just had the losses piling up. 13 in a row entering thursday and that's what it looks like carmelo anthony can't even play. james harden crossover, step-back, jason smith not there in time. rockets up 11 and dwight howard down to harden. big finish 5 point 9 assists. 14 straight losses for the knicks. their longest losing streak in a single season ever. >> a poignant moment in this game. nicolas batum honoring the victims in that terrorist attack at "charlie hebdo" magazine. his team had it going on thursday. the scary moment though between two of the stars in the
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matchup. damian lillard, the franchise piece, dwyane wade essentially the face of the heat going down lillard would be all right and so would portland. they were absolutely terrific. 99-83. only the golan state warriors have a better record. for stan i'm zubin. have a great weekend, huge nfl weekend on tap. >> yep. playoff action coming up. right now back to you. >> okay. up next in "the pulse," angelina jolie's big meeting at the vatican. also a woman discovers she's pregnant then gives birth an hour later. seriously. with psoriatic arthritis, i had intense joint pain that got worse and worse. then my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. enbrel helps relieve pain and stop joint damage. i've been on the course and on the road. enbrel may lower your ability to fight
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like seeing our album sales go through the roof enough to finally start paying meg's little brother- i mean,our new tour manager-with real,actual money. we run on quickbooks.that's how we own it. ♪ time to check "the pulse" now. stories you'll be talking about today. first star power at the vatican. >> angelina jolie has met with the pope. she met face-to-face with the pope after screening of "unbroken." she didn't bring brad pitt but their two daughters were present. >> she said being invited was an honor and a great tribute to the story i have told in "unbroken," great story of strength and
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forgiveness. >> even a pope wants a piece of that. tuesday turned out to be quite an eventful day for a massachusetts woman. she found out she was pregnant and an hour later gave birth to a healthy 10-pound baby girl. >> she said she never had morning sickness or any other pregnancy symptoms other than a little weight gain and first went to the hospital complaining of back and stomach pain and ultrasound confirmed she was pregnant. the surprised births are more common than you think. the hit broadway play "wicked" could soon be made into a movie. mark pratt is hoping for a 2016 release. >> smash hit on the road even. it originally starred the powerhouse voices of idina menzel and kristin chenowith. with the americans dealing with frigid temperatures it's so cold -- well, how cold is it? >> it's so cold this guy in minneapolis decided to have some
4:24 am
fun and jumped backwards on to his frozen trampoline. the guy's name is nathan ziegler. a school principal in frigid minnesota. >> a school principal. that's interesting because whenever i see this it reminds me of the scene from "breaking bad." >> what was his occupation? he was a chemistry teacher. >> got you. >> so he'd make meth and you'd see it break apart sort of like this. >> this guy is not a drug dealer. let's be clear here. this guy is a legit principal, okay. >> thank you for redeeming his name on national television. in his spare time he makes these videos called minnesota cold. he may as well have some fun. well we're waiting for spring. >> he's frozen his wife's hair and froze a towel then rode it as a sled down a hill. he's done some cool things. you got to do something. for some of you your local news is coming up. for everyone else we'll be back with your "friday funnies."
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>> good morning i'm tamala edwards. it is friday, january 9. frempleg police say they have located the brothers wanted for the massacre in paris of charlie hebdo. they have taken one person hostage. snrnches a shooting in a busy parking lot center overnight. we're tracking the chance of snow showers during the morning commute. president obama is offering free community college to everyone, "action news" is up in two. comics poking fun at some of the lighter news stories from the week. >> from angelina jolie's meeting with the pope to man spreading. here now our friday funnies.
4:28 am
>> obama imposed more sanctions on north korea to punish them for hacking sony. as part of the sanctions the united states will no longer sell north korea the american-made bowels that kim jong-un uses to cut his hair. >> it's true angelina jolie met with pope francis. big story. long story short she adopted him. >> this week she teased her supporters with this e-mail entitled "announcement." >> omg, omg. this is it. this is it. the least surprising surprise in the is finally here. >> you may remember after the donald sterling controversy steve ballmer became the owner of the los angeles clippers. looks like he's having a pretty good time. check him out. >> less like an nba owner and more like a wind sock at one of those auto dealerships. parts of minnesota will be as cold as 50 below zero.
4:29 am
minnesotans heard this and say, so it's spring already. >> typically on "the bachelor" at least one of the contestants has a kid that she loves more than anything and this case that contestant is mckenzie looking for a man to love her and her son. >> i actually already have a very special man in my life and his name is kale. i enjoy hanging out with him more than my friends. every time kale he'll look at me. >> the nta in new york city is launching a campaign against man spreading on subway trains. >> it's called man spreading and this has evolved out of the subway on to the sidewalks. >> oh my god. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great friday.
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>> we are following breaking news on this friday, january 9. >> a gunman shoots a man multiple times in a parking lot of a walmart. >> divers have detected pings from airasia flight 8501. >> a boy in new jersey was killed when a folding bench at his school fell on top of him. french police say two brothers who murdered 12


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