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tv   Action News  ABC  January 10, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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final minutes and new england wins 35-311. they'll get denver or ipdy next. >> panthers preying on the road in seattle against depipding champs. they're known for d. cam newpton picked off. for a 90 yard run rush. they're returning to the title game 31-17 is the final. we'll be back with college
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college hoops how as villanova rebounded, how about with two dominant wins. they won the last two by 35 points. 'nova destroys it today. end of first. wildcats look like they've been practice is with football team. 'nova up as many as 34. they win easily 81-64. temple coach fran dumbfy may need advil after this game. owls blow 11 point need second james water off balance three. four point play. temple losses 63-56 we'll have st. joe's and lasalle highlights in the next 20 minutes. >> next on "action news" 11:30 a restaurant destroyed by fire in strip nal delaware and what officials say sparked this one and plus this is not cat in hat it's dmat jug. we have story of stranger who came to rescue in new jersey. those stories coming up on
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99 cents. that's all it takes to get a refreshing deal at dunkin' donuts. just because it's cold out doesn't mean you can't enjoy any sized iced tea or iced coffee. just 99 cents all month long. america runs on dunkin'. >> saturday night here's what's happening on "action news" local firefighters had a deal right in
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their front yard when alleged drunk driver slammed into their building and big honor forehead of philadelphia archdioceses we'll show you the share moany honoring charles chaput. >> and how vets were able to get jar off a kitty's head. >> first the latest on deadly attacks in paris. international manhunt is underway for a fourth member of terrorist sleeper cell. she is now the world's most wanted woman. we'll have the story from michelle franzen. >> which is face of most wanted woman hayat boumeddiene now believed to have slipped out of france before at tacks took place. records show she flew from madrid to turkey january 2 and made it to syria. imannuals of her head to toe armed with a cross bow is a far cry from smiling woman in bic iny hugging her partner. the 32-year-old calledly killed
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four hoingt tams. >> thiss with a hit professional hit. they have fire discipline and bullets hit targets investigators believe hayat boumeddiene may have been communications link between her boyfriend and kouachi murders involve in the massacre that killed four people and prosecutors here saying 2014 hayat boumeddiene made more than 500 phone calls to wife of kouachi. >> on friday they caught up with the kouachi brothers outside paris. he hid the employee and not himself. >> he said cherif and said were not aggressive and ordered coffee and brothers came out guns blazing coming police bullets in almost same time eastern paris their friend making his final stand.
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on saturday, hundreds of thousands rallied in paris and across the country and silent marches to honor victims. . in the wake of attacks president obama will host british prime minister david cameron next year. they'll share ideas on thursday and meet in oval office fry to discuss economic growth. international trade and rise of islamic militants. cameron is among leaders manning to attendant eye terrorism rally in paris. >> officials drmd a man was murdered. 52-year-old franklin gant smith's body was discovered front lawn of a home on virginia avenue and an autopsy determined he died of a gun shot wound to the head. any with any information is asked to call the atlantic city prosecutors office. >> crews battles afternoon fire in apartment complex church and
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pickley roads. flames broke out 1 p.m.. neighbors were evacuated and firefighters knocked down the blaze in less than 0 minutes. the cause remains under investigation. >> a restaurant was destroyed during a fire that tore through a strip nal delaware and it broke out 10:00 this morning at the pandori restaurant on 2700 block of capitol trail new york several other businesses endured smoke damage and no injuries reported. the fire began in a faulty kerosene heater which burst into flames as it was taken outside. the hit-and-run crash resulted in tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage today to chester township fire company building. "action news" reporter annie mccormick has more on the incident and man facing charges tonight. >> i got a call 4:00 this morning the firehouse was hit. >> chester township fire company took a major hit from suv according to police the crumbled brick and gaping hole was result of this man.
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22-year-old reese wilson who allegedly drove drunk crashing aboroed suv into historic building. >> unfortunately it's happened to our critical facility and we're in the process of getting x-rayed now. >> critical because it serves chester township and overnight crash puts the firehouse temporarily out of service. >> there's a fire response going to the township it will jump up other lows from around us do it. >> they said car fluid left officers to a nearby neighborhood where they found the truck. wilson admitted to crashing his brother's vehicle into the firehouse after several clubs. wilson's brother initially lied to officer's about his name and whereabouts and took him into custody too. they arrested and charged him on multiple accounts including dui leaving from the scene of an accident. >> this will cost steps of
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thousands of dollars. they get money from the township. but they also rely heavily open donation. >> it's been in as soon as 1921 and building built in 1957. i hate to see it get messed up like this. but 23 r if anybody is willing to help out with repairs we'll be more than will to take the help. >> annie mccormick "action news". >> an 85 million investment came today in doylestown. it features enhanced security measures including elevators transfered to -- it's a sprawling 285,000 square feet. a man from camden county is making a public plea to the person that called viz nephew. >> charles clayton says losing never uto gun violence has been especially difficult.
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>> it's been hard really hard it's like i feel like it was even tougher than when i lost my mother at 16. >> 1:45 tuesday november 4 police responded to gunfire in the area of third and cherry streets in camden. >> police arriveden and the team the vehicle with a person inside unresponsive. >> inside of the van is 4-year-old andrew anderson shot multiple times and was pronounced dead. >> nobody nerves to lose their thrive guns. >> there was another victim shot. that victim once shot he was able to flee away from the vehicle. and get help to go to the hospital. >> it's 23409 clear houvrp >> it's >> it's not clear how much information they would give about the assailant. >> what we're doing is going
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door to door, business to business to actually goat see if anyone has footage of the actual event. >> as further intensive the citizens crime commission is offering a reward for any with information about who was responsible. call 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymous. >> anybody if you know something say something. if you know anything pertaining to this case speak up. speak out. >> for "crime fighters" i'm rick williams "channel 6 action news." >> still to come app honor for charles chaput and why they took plus in special mass today. >> did curiosity get bigger of her when she stuck her head in a jar. >> mostly cloudy, temperatures still treesing in terms and single digits and recovery on the way second half of the
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chaput was given the pope paul vi award during a mass today celebrating religous education. 200 were recognized for service and some educators were teaching 35 years. time for check of the accuweather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee and i like saying that word, nugget
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of a break tomorrow. >> not a big one just a little bit. >> like a snug sglet like a rare one. >> like a chicken nugget. >> i think the cold affecting our brains a little bit. >> i know. >> we'll show what you is going on stormtracker 6 radar. we have good news on the way second half of the weekend temperatures moderate that arctic air and start to retreat so to not feel as harsh as today. we'll show you the picture earlier tonight up and down the streets on main street and manyunk and you can see a lot of cars out and about an a lot of people as well. bundle up. extra layers will be needed even still tomorrow as well. we took another dip today. high temperature in philadelphia climbed up to 25 degrees. now yesterday we were above freezing at 36. back down below average and below 32 in at 25. 15 degrees below our average of 40. outside tonight it's 18 in philadelphia, 11 poconos, 13
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trenton and 10 lancaster and lower teens in wilmington and 13 in dover. here's satellite 6 and action radar you can see from mid-atlantic reej dwron new england partly koudy to mostly clear sky. dry the rest of tonight. for majority of day on sunday we're tracking however a storm system that will be coming out of lower my mississippi valley and working east ward as early as overnight sunday into monday and with that changes. in the near term it's about temperatures moderating for sunday. 9:00 in the morning you can see along the 95 corridor areas south and east were in the upper 20s, lower 30s to 20 in philadelphia. and as i advance that to 3:00 in the afternoon it witness knoll be be as bitter tomorrow and philadelphia around 5. 21 allentown and 20 peck knows. not adds bad tomorrow. arctic air pulls back north and east and you lose winds out of
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the south, south west and that helps temperature get above the freeing mark still below arm. sun giving way to clouds and the storm system is south that will work east ward. as we look at the day planner 7:00 in the morning mostly sunny. remember today's high auto just 25. we'll climb above that tomorrow. 1:00 in the afternoon upper 30s and also hold in upper 30s 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast sunshine to clouds sunday. high temperature 36. then overnight sunday in monday we're tracking mixed bag and changing over to rain. so early call looks like you'll have mixed precip along that 95 corridor and areas north an west and mainly rain for south jersey to delaware and we'll start to clear out as we get into monday night and it stays cold, brisk and colder tuesday. high temperatures only in lower 30s. we hit 3 4 wednesday.
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watching coast thursday. temperatures all next week walter in the 30s. >> thank you melissa. >> stay on top of changing weather situation with visit for stormtracker 6 radar and hourly and 7 day forecast and the latest videos from "action news" meteorologist and collection of weather related photos and videos. >> kid and animals took a walk on the wide side. it brought much more to oaks. dozens of vendors brought treats and toys for these pups to find out and pony rides. topt worry this expo continues tomorrow 10 a.m. to 25 snraem meanwhile a dmat south jersey used up all nine lives after fewing himself in a bit. >> after he rescued the feline that's a jug full of ice stuck on animal's friend.
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mark spotted it route 130 norm in collingswood and wept in for the rescue. we're happy to report that after she thawed out this is how she looks tonight. very good. >> much more to come including sports we'll be right
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how about sixers so much for tanking. this team is fun to watch now. they're playing their best basketball. sixers safe in indiana at home. fourth quarter tony wroteen to
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k.j. off the back down to the final basket again tonight down 1 nine seconds left michael carter williams yes. sixers win 93-92 they won two games in as many days. >> flyers lose to boston bruins team chasing in the standings and lose mason. knock out in first period.. appears to be the right knee again. ray emorry comes in in his place. gives up three goals flyers lose 3-1 they're off until monday when they play this handsome day. >> villanova losses and temple losses to actual saxt for instance upon beats penn by four and drexel losses to unc wilmington. st. joe's falls into camera and falls 20th ranged virginia commonwealth. light out 52% from three point
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land. hawks 89-74 st. joe's lost season high four in a row. >> lasalle goes on 19-2 run. the price is right, game high 20 for him. lasalle fights for win. win by 1 3. they're showing fight. heisman trophy winner marcus mariota will try to take next snep his career oregon against ohio state ducks say today eagles' coach chip kelly is a big reason why the skoom is win away from the first title. >> a lot of these guys here right now were because of coach kelly and you know he provided a lot of us an opportunity to play division one foot billion and his imprint is still all around the program. >> the national title game for all the marbles oregon against ohio state.
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and chip kelly is expected to be at the game obviously rooting for oregon duingz a team he helped build. mariota says he likes batching chip and eagles too too dad bad they're not watching them in the playoffs. walter back to you. >> finally it's the most wonderful time of the year if you like tag alongz. cardinal o'hara high school today showed up with all the classics. cookies will be sold all across eastern pennsylvania starting this week good it's not about you satisfying your sweet tooth it helps girl scouts learn about goal setting. "castle" is next. "action news" continues at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. for melissa magee and jeff skversky and entire "action news" team i'm walter perez have a good fight and see you back here tomorrow
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