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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  January 12, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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check out the temperatures across the area. it's 37 in philadelphia, 36 in sea isle city. 35 degrees in allentown even 34 in the poconos so all locations are above the freezing mark. so any precipitation we get the majority of that will be the form of liquid as we track that rainfall for the rest of the evening hours into tonight. the big picture on storm tracker 6 live double scan radar 3-d showing you a cold front still off to our west moving through pittsburgh. this will help to push this moisture off the coast and off shore as we get into the nighttime hours. in its wake another shot of cold air. check out these numbers. out across the great lakes just 4 degrees in sue saint marie, single digits in the teens for green bay and chicago, 27 degrees in detroit. we tap into a piece of this air as early as tonight and for that matter as you get up on tuesday. we'll talk about what we can expect. rain ends by midnight from a west-east direction. the problem temperatures drop once again below the freezing mark. any wet surfaces will quickly
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freeze up as we get into the overnight hours and the clouds will break for clearing skies and tracking black ice for the commute tomorrow morning as you're waking up. culling up we'll take a closer look at the system and outline ouch icy mix and trace of snowfall we picked up across the delaware and lehigh valleys. all of those details coming up charlene. >> thank you melissa. today's crews had road crews working before dawn and the soggy weather made it miserable for people trying to go about their day. new jersey correspondent nor ma has cover rage. >> reporter: miserable is a perfect way to describe it. it's been raining nonstop almost all day. if you're outside you get wet. the frozen delaware river behind me is a reminder of what the bitter cold brings. it's not as cold as it was last week right now but it's pretty darn wet. thank goodness all this rain in snow. >> i hate this weather. it's depressing. >> reporter: michael of
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cinnaminson says his bad ankle is a reliable predict of nasty weather and it hurts a lot today. but. >> it could be worse. my father-in-law lives in fargo, north dakota. it's minus 11 degrees there so yeah, it could be a lot worse. >> reporter: south jersey had a tiny bit of sleet this morning but it's been mostly rain unrelenting rain that's turned route 130 in willingboro into a foggy soggy ride. the roads have been wet but completely driveable. >> the driving isn't too bat. the roads are wet but not bad. definitely we're not stuck in the icy stuff. >> it's a lot safer out there when it's solid ground and it's just -- it's nights to be on solid ground and not have to worry about crashing with somebody else or somebody crashing into you. >> i have another job working as plow driver so it's kind of killing me. i wish we would have snow. >> reporter: the delaware river in trenton iced over during last week's bitter cold temperatures. the rain is making the ice a
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little sloppy but it will take lots warmer weather than this to melt it all away. >> it changes every day. seems like one day it's snowing, it's rainy. then is the on knee out. you never know how to dress. >> reporter: loading her groceries this edgewater park woman is okay with getting soaked. >> i would rather have this rain and deal with the rain rather than the snowy and dangerous conditions. >> reporter: kim randall disagrees. >> this is wet snow. you just walking in it. your feet get a little cold but i would rather have the snow. >> reporter: you don't have to shovel rain. >> well, i don't shovel snow, either. [laughter] >> reporter: she's got the right idea. you're looking at the frozen delaware river. it's so cool looking when it gets like this but it has to be bitter cold for it to happen and that's how it was last week. this week not quite so cold but a wintry mix to deal with in some parts. luckily south jersey was spared that by and large today but it's been an absolutely messy and rainy day but look
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on the bright side of this. imagine if all this rain were snow. that's what the streets would look like. live in trenton i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news." >> shirleen. >> thank you nor a you can report the weather with the storm tracker 6 app. tap the icon matching your current conditions and add your own photo. share a digital photo choosing a picture from your mobile device. the storm tracker 6 app is free to download. >> the victims of a triple murder in mayfair this weekend have been identified. 40 year old jason street toes 40-year-old ramon ortiz and sarith mang were all found shot in the head. it happened saturday night inside a home on the 4600 block of vista street. their bodies were found by the girlfriend of one of the victims. police say the men were shot execution style. no arrests have yet been made a. >> philadelphia firefighter who died in the line of duty was honored for her bravery.
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the city organized today's memorial service to joyce craig this morning at city hall. this marks the end of 30 davis mourning following craig's death on december 9th. she died while trying to save someone from a burning home in west oak lane. today she was remembered as a trailblazer for other female firefighters. vernon odom will have a live report coming up at 5:00. >> isis is calling for more attacks on western nations in the wake of that deadly terror siege in france and while the white house is responding to those threats it's also answering criticism today over the decision not to attend yesterday's unity march in paris. abc's carven travers live in washington, d.c. you've got the latest on this. >> reporter: good afternoon brian. the white house was on the defensive today. admitting that the u.s. ambassador to france doesn't quite rise to the same heavy as on the world leaders in paris yesterday for that massive unity rally and u.s. officials say right now they have no indication of any
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specific imminent threat here in the u.s. but the department of homeland security did just announce they'll be taking a few extra precautions. a rare admission today from the white house. >> and i think it's fair to say that we should have sent someone with a higher profile. >> reporter: the obama administration is taking heat for not sending a senior official to yesterday's massive unity rally in paris. more than 1 million people taking to the streets including more than 40 world leaders marching arm in arm. the biggest public did he mean station in france in -- demonstration in france in a generation. the. >> security level surrounding a president visit or vice president visit are onerous. >> reporter: an unprecedented show of force but the grieving shocked nation is trying to get get back to normal. their goal to so publish their
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next edition on wednesday. this video posted online from the gunman who killed a police officer and later four people at a kosher supermarket. a jihadist flag behind him he swears allegiance to isis in syria. french authorities are searching for this woman hayat boumeddiene. it's believed she crossed the border into syria on january 8th. the major rallies are expected to be over but secretary of state john kerry will go to paris on thursday as a sign of support for the french. reporting live from washington karen travers channel6 "action news." >> of course we're covering the aftermath of the attacks in france online today. we've got more on the efforts of french officials to keep that country safe. you can see photos from this weekend's unity march in paris. find it on the home page of
4:08 pm >> from our delaware news room the dupont theater is changing hands. dupont agreed to sell the iconic theater to owners of the grand opera house. the dupont theater opened in 1913 as the oldest continually operating theater in america. it will be renamed the playhouse on rodney square. the sale is expected to close later this month. >> it's an historic night for college football and one eagles fan will be following very closely. ohio state and oregon will play tonight for the first ever national championship decided by the new playoff system. eagles fans will have their eye on oregon quarterback marcus mariota. he was recruited by now eagles coach chip kelly and many fans say they want the birds to draft him. he leads the ducks against the surprising ohio state team that has continued to win despite starting their third different quarterback of the year. of course this is the first time the two teams playing for the championship have been decided by this playoff system. and you can see it all on our
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sister network espn. kickoff is at 8:30 tonight. >> if you see mee wearing green tomorrow -- >> you'll know why. >> yeah. we hope so. go ducks. he's a doctor who already caught ebola while working in africa. find out why he is going back. >> plus a hack attack on the american military. what isis supporters did today to u.s. central command. >> ♪♪
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i get the gist yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> the u.s. military central command was hacked today by supporters of isis. someone took over cent com's twitter feed and posted a message that said american soldiers watch your back. we are coming. hackers also replaced cent com's logo with an image that said i love you isis. they took over cent com's youtube page. officials did not give details. the hacking comes as president obama makes a new push on cyber security. he is proposing a new law that
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would force companies to let people know within 30 days of someone -- if someone steals their information. he also pointed out each state has its own cyber security laws and he wants congress to get involved to make a uniform zest laws. he will lay out more of his plan tomorrow. this is a preview of the proposal he'll make during his state of the union address. >> meanwhile republicans in the u.s. senate are moving forward on a bill today that would bill the keystone xl pipeline that despite a veto threat from president obama. the legislation would authorize construction of the 1,179-mile oil pipeline stretching from canada all the way to texas. that would carry more than 800,000 barrels of crude oil a day. the house passed the bill last friday. the senate planned a test vote for this afternoon. it has still not happened yet. the white house says the bill conflicts with presidential authority. a massachusetts doctor who beat ebola is heading back to west africa.
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dr. rick saccra caught the virus in liberia. he was working for a group based out of north carolina. now dr. saccra says he's going back to liberia on wednesday. he's not expected to work with ebola patients on this trip. instead he'll treat people with malaria and other major health issues. ebola has killed more than 8,000 people in the region. >> ♪♪ >> the business on a monday afternoon, things were dreary on wall street as well in addition to the weather today. the dow dropped 96 and a half points nasdaq off 39. the s & p also down 16 and a half on the day. the detroit auto show awarded its top prizes for 2015. the ford f-150 took home truck of the year. it beat out the mid-size chevy colorado pickup. another ford suv the lincoln mkc finished third. the volkswagen gulf took home car of the year and it also won that title from motor trend. hackers truckie struck again and they targeted a
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company with local roots. someone got into crayola's page. the company confirmed the hack and post an apology online. the northampton county based crayon maker says it's working with facebook to figure out what happened and how they can fix it. >> time for the "action news" traffic report on a monday afternoon. >> matt pelman standing by live in the "action news" traffic center with a look at how things are progressing right now hey matt. >> looking at many different shades of red brake lights. here on the vine street expressway eastbound side bumper to bumper traffic. a lot of people hitting the brakes from the schuylkill out to eighth street. reason is on the ramp from race street to the ben franklin bridge we have an overturned truck this afternoon. that ramp is blocked on the sixth street ramp to the eastbound ben franklin bridge, just one lane getting by. you can use the fifth street approach but for people trying to get into new jersey via that ben franklin bridge things are clogged and congested because of that overturned truck and debris spill. so those delays spilling back
4:15 pm
here onto the vine. vine delays spilling back onto the schuylkill. it's domino effect. this is the eastbound traffic on 76. very heavy coming away from the boulevard on into 676. westbound side backing up from university on out to the vine street expressway. on the big picture, 95 northbound speeds a little bit higher than normal. still in the 20's but not in the teens because people are stuck back on the vine and the schuylkill so taking them a little longer to get over to 95 to head home this afternoon. in nockamixon bucks county a crash along 611 at tower road by the cvs and in limerick montgomery county watch out for a crash along ridge pike near royersford road. let's do the commuter report on this monday afternoon with waze app. friends talking about the foggy less than ideal weather as they travel about on the schuylkill expressway and we're looking at just a whole bunch of slow speeds. you can see them 6 miles per hour as you're in the city trying to get to the vine street expressway. again all congested across town because of that overturned truck on the ramp to the ben franklin bridge. we'll talk more about that shirleen coming up in the next half hour. >> all right sounds good.
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thank you matt. former sportscaster don tollefson was back in bucks county courtroom today. "action news" anchor monica malpass is in the news room now with more on his trial. hi monica. >> reporter: hi, shirleen. tollefson is facing serious charges for allegedly scamming sports fans who bought travel packages that they thought benefited charities. tollefson is defending himself. coming up at 5 o'clock "action news" has details from inside the courtroom as tollefson lays out his defense. plus, did you know your desk actually says a lot about your health. coming up tonight at 5:00 we'll explain what you can do to improve your work space and to improve your life. we'll have those stories and more coming your way in just a little bit on "action news" at 5:00. brian are shirleen see you then. we'll get your desk straightened out. >> if you would that would be great. >> melissa back with a complete look at the accuweather forecast. >> and hollywood's brightest stars came together for last night's golden globes. big winners to the best
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moments. we'll recap all of the glitz and glamour. >> we want to remind you to head to facebook right now and like the 6abc facebook page. that will give you access to all the top stories weather updates breaking news and best and most current viral videos. you can also communicate with members of the "action news" team. >> ♪♪
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>> time now for the accuweather forecast on this messy monday. >> nasty one out there. melissa magee standing by live to give us details on when this might move out. >> yeah, brian and shirleen it wasn't the best start to our monday and the moisture is going to continue for the rest of the afternoon into the evening hours but we do have some improvement as we get into the day on tuesday. however, that chill sticks around. storm tracker 6 live double scan radar 3-d showing you that cold front still off to our west moving across areas in pittsburgh. this will continue to push off shore as we get into the overnight hours. we'll show you what's going on on storm tracker 6 live double scan street level and we still do have some moderate pockets
4:20 pm
of rainfall down across areas in south jersey and delaware. so, as we go in a little tighter, if you're traveling along route 47, just to the north of fortescue we have that moisture overhead. same thing south of millville along route 40 from elmer into mays landing and also to the north in hammonton along route 206. give yourself extra time of the the moisture is definitely sticking around for a big chunk of the evening hours and into tonight before the clearing comes overnight. now the good news the winter weather advisoryies we had have since expired. as far as morning ice fall accumulation it wasn't a whole lot but as you noticed early this morning it didn't take a whole lot to cause problems on the roadways. just a bit of a glaze in martin's creek about .10 same thing in kutztown, .05 in spring mount and wayne coming in at .03-inches of ice. as we look at the numbers outside most spots are above the freezing mark so no issues with ice for the rest of tonight except when things
4:21 pm
refreeze overnight. it's 37 in philadelphia, 37 in millville, north and west of town in allentown 36. 35 in reading and 34 degrees in lancaster. when you look at the visibility we are down with so much low level moisture and this cold front that still wants to work its way through so visibility down to two and a half miles in philadelphia and we have delays at the airport up and over two hours. 1 mile visibility, that's what we're down to in wilmington and 3-mile visibility there in allentown. so, definitely go slow if you're traveling on the roads. here's satellite6 along with action radar. there's that frontal boundary still off to the west so the moisture will continue to sweep on through as we get into the evening hours and even into the nighttime hours. future tracker 6 has you covered. 8:30 tonight still that moisture along that 95 corridor and areas to the south and east. as we get into midnight thal -- a lots of that moisture starts to push off shore, it stays mostly cloudy but the winds will pick up after midnight and those winds out of the north will help to scour out the cloud cover so as you wake up tomorrow morning, tuesday 8 o'clock in the morning it's plenty of sun
4:22 pm
overhead. mostly sunny sky but that chill is forever locked in at least for tuesday. call from accuweather for the rest of tonight early rain, then that black ice forms. we'll drop down 28 in philadelphia, 24 in allentown and 32 in cape may for the overnight low and you could see the wind chill numbers as you get into the afternoon hours on tuesday. temperatures along the 95 corridor feeling like the teens and near twenty here in the city. your four day at 4:00 showing you the high temperature tomorrow going to struggle get to the freezing mark and at 30 degrees with wind chills close to 20 on wednesday mostly cloudy, 32. then the sunshine as we get into thursday, a high of 37 and 40 on friday, it is partly sunny, guys, so the moisture is moving out: that's the gradual improvement. watch out for that ice tonight and colder temperatures tomorrow. >> melissa thank you. >> thank you melissa. a new year means a new push to get blood donors in one south jersey town. the hamilton township community blood drive is being held today at the municipal building council chambers. township officials say blood donation is a lifesaving gift and they are urging people to
4:23 pm
come on down and donate. the drive will continue through 6:00 p.m. tonight. >> and alicia vitarelli what's buzzing. >> awards season is up and running. the golden globe i'll break down the big winners and all the fashions. >> one we love it. or those moments with family. can we sleep over? please! come on! make your house the house when you get more guaranteed from verizon fios, with tv service rated #1 in hd picture quality and signal reliability based on customer satisfaction studies, plus america's fastest, most reliable internet. get a price quote in writing and professional installation from a highly trained verizon technician. hurry now to get an offer that can't be beat. last chance to get a fios triple play
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4:26 pm
actress in a tv movie or comedy for jane the virgin and there is a parents won. the stars saluting the victims of the paris terror attacks at the satirical newspaper charlie hebdo. and of course the red carpet always ripe with fashion, a rainbow of colors. how to get away with murder's viola davis one of many rocking red on the red carpet. scandal's kerry washington radiant in orchid. kevin hart funny man shah inner loop a white tux. channing tatum carrying his wife's train. train is very big. amal clooney wearing a long train. jennifer lopez had one but she called hers more like a cape. i like the fact that you saw a little bit of bridal inspired fashion, those long trains. >> yeah. >> a little space between you and the celebrity behind you. >> some were wearing pants an train which i've never seen before. >> very dramatic. >> first for everything. alicia thanks.
4:27 pm
>> thanks alicia. still to come, we are helping you save money on that dream vacation straight ahead. >> plus, call it a reverse fan photo bomb. what's behind this tweet showing fill's great roy halladay taking a picture with an unsuspecting admirer. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph alicia vitarelli shirleen allicott and brian
4:29 pm
taft. >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with one couple's dream home turned nightmare thanks to a woman who could not let her real estate fantasy go. >> a pastor is under fire after he said this to the congregation. >> i punched him in the chest. i crumpled the kid. >> that's pastor. the reason for that attack the young parishioner was not taking the lord seriously. we'll tell was that church leader has to say now that the confession is going viral. >> and later a scare on the slopes a little boy left dangling from a pennsylvania ski lift falls 20 feet to the ground but with surprising results. we'll explain. >> but we begin with what's left of the system that dumped a mixed bag of rain and sleet across the tri-state area. whether you were traveling on four wheels or two legs, the precipitation made for messy monday morning. there were slips and slides on sidewalks and streets throughout the delaware
4:30 pm
valley. though the system is moving out, we aren't in the clear just yet. meteorologist melissa magee is live at the big board with the details on our next weather problem, melissa. >> yeah, shirleen and the big problem in the news room is that that moisture is still overhead. storm tracker 6 live double scan radar 3-d, you can see that rain along the 95 corridor and areas to the south and east across south jersey and delaware, even some pockets of some heavy rainfall overhead. now, the good news, the icing is no longer a concern as far as the sleet and the freezing rain falling but the visibility is still a factor with so much low level moisture overhead. so, philadelphia we're down to two and a half miles down to a mile in wilmington and down 3 miles in the poconos. so, with the visibility being reduced, producing that fog keep in mind we do have some airport delays across some of the major east coast hubs. in philadelphia delays as high as 130 minutes. also problems in orlando atlanta, newark, new york city and j.f.k. so definitely check ahead with your carrier. due to weather related travel
4:31 pm
delays. let's talk about what we can expect in the near term and tonight's concern. black ice is going to be major concern and that will form as temperatures tonight will drop below freezing so it's an issue for the secondary roads the driveways and the sidewalks. might be slippery on some of those untreated surfaces. coming up we're going to take a closer look at the system moving on outlet you know how cold it drops as we get into tuesday and any more bouts of precipitation on the way this week with that accuweather 7-day, shirleen. >> thank you melissa. stay on top of the changing weather situation with the new visit for storm tracker 6 radar both the hourly and seven-day forecasts, the latest video from our "action news" meteorologists and our collection of weather related photos and videos. >> police are looking for a char played a role in a deadly pedestrian accident in delaware this morning. state police say 69-year-old claymont man was crossing against the traffic signal near the intersection of namaans road and society drive when a passing car struck him.
4:32 pm
that car fled the scene. the victim was thrown to the ground and hit by a seconds vehicle. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver of the seconds vehicle did stop. this happened just before 6:30 this morning. investigators are trying to learn more now about the information of the first striking vehicle. elsewhere in delaware, police are still looking for a young mother who disappeared with her two small children friday night. keisha hamilton's kids ages four and four months were found unharmed in indiana saturday night. this after police stopped their father cortez hamilton following an amber alert. he will soon be extradited back to delaware. police searched keisha's smyrna home yesterday but so far they've come up with no leads. >> turning now to a new safe streets campaign involving a major corporation an high crime city. rite-aid announced it is donating $10,000 toward installing security cameras throughout chester. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist is live now outside of one of the stores with more on this initiative.
4:33 pm
sarah. >> reporter: well, shirleen, that's right chester is a city with high crime yet surprisingly few surveillance cameras on the streets. that's about to change. the city of is pressing forward with a new initiative to install more outdoor cameras and utilize existing ones like the one on the side of this rite-aid where a manager was murdered. today rite-aid gave a big donation to make it happen. (applause). >> reporter: today the rite-aid foundation gave $10,000 toward the new initiative here in chester to add more surveillance cameras in an effort to help prevent and solve crime. >> rite-aid is honored to be the first corporate partner of this important initiative in chester -- in the chester community. in 2013 a rite-aid manager was shot and killed inside this store located in the 2700 block of west ninth street. the crime was a deciding factor in the corporation's decision to contribute to this effort. last year chester recorded 33
4:34 pm
murders, a task force of community leaders visited other cities and found in surveillance cameras work in reducing crime and decided it was time to increase the number of eyes in the sky here. >> there's a few cameras right now in the city but this is a significant expansion of that. >> this no doubt is not going to solve the problem entirely but it's a step in the right direction. it's a constructive step and i think rite-aid is providing a really helpful and useful example of what corporate citizenship is all about. >> reporter: the new cameras will be wired into a centralized network. rite-aid is allowing its cameras on the west ninth street store to be included in that network. some of the new cameras will go up in the neighborhood surrounding widener university's campus. that was news students were happy to hear. >> i think it's good. i think it will be able to help our students be safe around here and it will really help security and i think it's a good thing. >> reporter: now another group of cameras will be going up between providence and
4:35 pm
edgemont avenues from 18th to 24th streets. so far they have about just over a million dollars to work with thanks to money from penndot, widener university and the city of chester. they're currently looking for additional corporate sponsors. live in chester delaware county i'm sarah bloomquist, channel6 "action news." >> all right, thank you sarah for that. from our delaware news room now defense witnesses attack the credibility of nascar driver kurt busch's ex-girlfriend in a hearing today in dover. patricia driscoll is trying to get a no contact order against bush. driscoll says she still fears for her safety after he allegedly assaulted her inside his motor home at dover international speed way last september. bush's attorneys have denied the allegations and have tried to portray driscoll as a scorned woman trying to destroy bush's career. >> officials have now recovered the key to finding
4:36 pm
out just what may have caused the deadly crash. the plane's black boxes. a major discovery and an essential key to solving the mystery of airasia flight 8501. one of the plane's black boxes housing the flight data recorder was pulled from the bottom of the java sea today. >> these flight recorders it depends the memory inside the chip these flight data recorders can be opened and they can be. >> the other black boxes found about 60 feet away buried beneath heavy wreckage. today dive teams are working to bring it to the surface. they're hoping the cockpit voice record erin side will give them the final clues they need. those last words spoken by the pilots before the plane crashed more than two weeks ago killing all 162 people on board.
4:37 pm
fewer than 50 bodies have been found. search teams were in the water again today still looking for other victims and more wreckage. one official claims the debris found so far indicates the plane may have exploded because of the rapid change in pressure as it plummeted into the sea. and it could be another two weeks before investigators know for sure just what happened here. they estimate that's how long it could take to download and analyze the information on the flight data recorder. crews are still searching for the cockpit voice recorder and still very much a recovery mission there and very sad for all of the families involved. >> certainly is. thank you very much, al leash as a matter of fact students at a burlington county catholic school are praying today for 13 thousand dollars as of today saint paul school of burlington has raised 237,000, that of the 250,000 it needs to keep its doors opened for the rest of the year. the diocese of trenton says it cannot afford the keep that more than 140 year old school opened. students tuition does not
4:38 pm
cover operating cost. saint paul has to raise the rest of the money by january 15th or it will be forced to shut down. >> and still to come on "action news" at 4:00 itching to get out of dodge? you might want to start planning when you see our saving with 6abc. >> a north jersey pastor is under fire after telling his congregation that he punched a kid in the chest for "not taking the lord seriously." why he says the video only tells part of the story. >> plus, meeting your sports hero usually comes with excitement, joy, hopefully a picture. well sadly this roy halladay fan only got the last part and he didn't even notice. we'll explain. >> and meteorologist melissa magee is back with a full accuweather forecast and "action news" at 4:00 comes right back on a monday
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a two year agreement. hurry! it's your last chance! this offer ends january 17th. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> ♪♪ >> a nine-year-old boy is recovering today after he fell from a ski lift at liberty mountain resort in central pennsylvania. a bystander grabbed his cell phone saturday recording as
4:41 pm
that child flailed his legs two stories above the ground as you saw. the boy eventually plummeted to the snow below. incredibly the child's mom confirms he only suffered a leg injury. the resort says the boy may have removed his safety bar before he fell but they are still investigating. get this. a woman once named mother of the year has been sentenced to house arrest for threatening the family that bought the home she wanted. kathy row apologized in court for posting ads on craigslist inviting men to rape the woman who lived at that house. row wanted to buy it but lost out to the family she then threatened. the family spoke in court today about the horrors they faced because of her. >> it was a calculated sustained and malicious attack on the well being of my entire family. >> that man's wife says she had to take self-defense classes and became a prisoner in her own house. row was sentenced to one year house arrest and five years probation. she was also ordered to stay away from her victims for 10
4:42 pm
years. >> a plane traveling from new york to london nearly hit supersonic speeds last week thanks to a super charged jet stream. the british airways flight made the trip in a near record five hours 16 minutes flying at 745 miles per hour to put that in perspective the sound barrier is broken at 761 miles per hour. the super speedy flight was not only good news for the passengers it was apparently fun for the pilots, too. one of them told a uk paper that riding in intensified jet stream is just like surfing. >> on health check at 4:00 today there's evidence that smartphones really are changing our brains. researchers say they found that people that suffer genuine separation anxiety when they don't have their phones or they're out of reach. during an experiment heart rate blood pressure and anxiety went up when smartphones were absent. in another experiment scientists found finger
4:43 pm
movements used for touch screens changed the user's brain activity and the brains of smartphone users work differently that a and those using conventional key phones so turns out there really is a difference between smartphone and blackberry users. nearly 200 years after bait tone haven't's -- beethoven's death might have had a bizarre inspiration his own irregular heartbeat. they say they hear cardiac arrhythmias. beethoven was deaf in his later years which could have heightened his awareness of his own heartbeat. >> big backlash against a baptist pastor who was caught on video explaining how he punched a child to teach him a religious lesson. >> he was just trying to push my buttons and he was just, you know, kind of not taking the lord serious. and i walked over to him and i went bam. i punched him in the chest as
4:44 pm
hard -- i crumpled the kid. i just crumpled him. and i said -- i leaned over and i said, ben when are you going to stop playing games with god. >> pastor eric damens from the bible baptist church in says this story was taken out of context. he says he doesn't endorse child abuse and that the viral clip does not show the whole sermon where he says what he did was wrong. but it's going viral nonetheless. fans photo bomb celebs all the time but retired pitcher roy halladay was the one having a little fun with the faithful. check out the picture he tweeter at an amusement park standing beside a man showing a jersey -- a jersey like a shirt, he's inches from the guy in the red shirt and the guy's facing one way he takes a picture with him the man never even notices he's there. halladay tweets, oops, you missed me.
4:45 pm
walked right by me. hope he gets to see his pic with me on twitter. he doesn't even know we took this. which makes me think have i been in the presence of some celebrities? >> kind of mean. he should have stopped him and thanked him for wearing my jersey. >> hopefully that guy sees that picture. >> he does. >> let's get a check on the roads. >> matt pelman with an update for us. >> if you're trying to head into jersey still have issues this afternoon on the ben franklin bridge brian and shirleen. a new broken down vehicle here along 95 in the northbound direction just north of girard avenue. police just pulled up to assist. they have the right lane blocked so coming away from penn's landing you're looking at extra heavy traffic as you head north on 95 toward allegheny avenue this afternoon. before you even get there on the ramp from 95 northbound to the westbound side of the vine got some debris in the roadway, some plywood on the left lane on that ramp so watch out for that. you don't want to hit that. trying to get to 95 things are still a little extra busy along the vine street expressway. you see the eastbound jam here
4:46 pm
coming away from broad street on out to 95 joining up with that northbound 95 delay because of the disabled vehicle. the bit of good news is the delay we had exiting for the ben franklin bridge has dissipate add bit although the ramp from race street to the ben eastbound getting into new jersey is still blocked because of the overturned truck. they're saying that could take several hours. also some work going on here near bala cynwyd, northbound side of city avenue at bala avenue pgw on the scene of the work taking out the right lane. as you come north of saint joe's headed up towards the schuylkill expressway expect extra slowing. in horsham there's a crash along county line road at meetinghouse road by meetinghouse dental care by the cvs in nockamixon a wreck along 611 at tower road and in limerick a crash along ridge pike near royersford road there by the sonic. got to love those tots, brian and shirleen back over to you. >> i've never had one. >> they're so good.
4:47 pm
>> tater tots. >> might have to try sonic tots. >> this segment brought to you by -- melissa magee with the seven-day forecast coming up. >> i've had tater tots, just not --
4:48 pm
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a month with a 2-year agreement and get $300 back. just call 1.888.774.4418 today. >> ♪♪ >> all right, meteorologist melissa magee joining us. it is an ugly monday. >> it wasn't the best start brian and shirleen the good news is the moisture will continue to push off shore tonight but you'll need the wet weather gear for the rest of the evening. gets chilly tomorrow. some good news is on the way. storm tracker 6 live double scan radar showing that you moisture is overhead along the 95 corridor. areas south and east down across south jersey and delaware we're going a little tighter storm tracker 6 live double scan street level and you could see some moderate pockets of rainfall across egg harbor, mays landing even along route 49 and tuckahoe, along along route 47 from
4:50 pm
moorestown to sea isle city. on storm tracker along street tracker along areas in delaware to the south of smyrna along route 300 route eight as well from heartily eastward into dover. so we're tracking the moisture that will continue for the rest of the evening hours into tonight and once that moves off shore you have improvement as far as the moisture leaving but that cold is definitely sticking around. currently in philadelphia coming in at 47. same thing in millville the upper 30's from sea isle city up to beach haven. 34 in the poconos. 36 degrees in allentown so the good news this afternoon is that temperatures across our northwest suburbs have climbed above freezing so you don't have an issue with that ice and across our northwest suburbs we picked up anywhere from about a tenth avenue and inch of ice to down to .03 of an inch so it wasn't a whole lot but still enough to cause problems and some headaches this morning. satellite6 along with action radar you could see we're tracking that frontal boundary still off to our west moving
4:51 pm
across western pa. this will continue to push off shore as we get into the nighttime hours. once the winds pick up a lot of the moisture pushes out. still need the umbrellas and wet weather gear at 7:30 this evening. a lot of it confined across the 95 corridor and areas to the south and east and by midnight the front moves out the clouds are still around but once the winds come in from a northerly direction it will help to scour out the cloud cover as we get into overnight and as you wake up tomorrow morning. so here's the setup for us on tuesday. you have this dominating ridge of high pressure over the northern plains and the great lakes. so you tap into those northerly winds anywhere from seven to 14 miles per hour. high temperature in philadelphia at 30 degrees. lots of sunshine on the way nonetheless but keep in mind with those northerly winds and strong high pressure in control wind chills near 20 degrees. as we get into midweek, high pressure loses its grip, tracking an area of low pressure coming off the coast of the carolinas so mostly cloudy midweek with a high temperature of 32. i think most of this precipitation stays away from our region but it will help to
4:52 pm
throw back more in the way of cloud cover and a flurry is possible south and east of philadelphia. exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast showing you tomorrow high temperature struggling to get close to freezing and at 30 degrees wind chills however near 20. on wednesday it's mostly cloudy a high temperature of 32. then on thursday, filtered sunshine, a high temperature of 37. friday partly sunny and at 40. sunny and seasonable on saturday and at 42. the upper 40's as we get into sunday. that's mild for january. and the mlk day of service on monday coming in at 45 degrees. so we're stuck in that deep freeze once again tomorrow. watching out for that ice refreezing on some surfaces tuesday. >> we will do. >> careful out there. >> thanks melissa. >> we have breaking news right now and a live picture out of washington, d.c. a rather dramatic scene as people are evacuated from a major metro station in washington. we were told that this is la font plaza of course a part of washington's subway system. there was heavy smoke inside
4:53 pm
that subway system and apparently a disabled train from which passengers were being evacuated. we have been watching this for the last couple minutes now. we've seen people coming out smoking, many needing assistance. no word on a cause just yet but that evacuation under way right now.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
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4:57 pm
shirleen allicott adam joseph melissa magee i'm brian taft. we're back for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> rick williams and monica malpass. >> coming up next at 5:00 a former sportscaster presents his did he first on charges he scammed folks out of cash. "action news" is live with the latest at what happened at court. >> the latest accuweather coming up at 5:00
4:58 pm
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jamie apody meteorologist cecily tynan rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪♪ >> monday night and we begin with breaking news out of the nation's capital. this is video just in moments ago outside of a metro station in washington that has filled with smoke. this is l'enfant plaza station in northwest d.c. and has did you say materials crews from the fire department are on the scene right now. now, according to our affiliate there in d.c., wjlatv officials do not yet know the cause of the smoke but we have seen video of people coming out of the station with their faces covered with soot.
5:00 pm
again, this is breaking news from the nation's capital. the fire department has declared this a mass casualty situation but that just means that extra crews are on stand by as they determine the cause and of course we'll continue to monitor the story and bring you any updates from washington as soon as we get them. >> turning now to the forecast, a damp and dreary start to the work week and tonight the chill is about to return as the rain starts to let up. colder temperatures are moving in. slick roads in our area are now in danger of icing over as we move into the evening and the overnight hours. >> right now at the airport delays on arriving flights have hit two hours because of the weather. "action news" is live with team coverage of the changing forecast tonight. reporter walter perez is monitoring the messy conditions outside. meteorologist cecily tynan has the latest from accuweather. let's begin with cecily at the "action news" big board. >> rick and monica, storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we still have a soaking rain across south jersey and delaware and eastern pennsylvania we have some lingering showers right


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