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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 12, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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on this monday night from texas, breaking developments. the isis hack attack. breaking into our own military's twitter account. with new threats to american soldiers. we are coming watch your back. and tonight, the new security measures being put in place across this country. also tracking the terror. the new image of the most woman wanted in the world. and the hostages. hiding in the freezer of that paris grocery store. swimming for his life. the former nfl player lost in the ocean. forced to swim nine miles, hoping to save his own life. and, right here in texas, history tonight. the college football national championship. we'll take you behind the scenes here at the stadium. and the one thing made in america they can't play without. can you guess?
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and good evening from north texas tonight. and we are here this evening, millions of americans will be watching the first college football playoff national championship and we'll take you behind the scenes the two quarterbacks, the coaches, the stakes a bit later here. but first, as we come on the air this evening, french authorities are now warning they are on the hunt for other members of that terror cell behind those hor riff you can attacks in france. including this woman. the most wanted woman in the world, believed to have slipped into syria. here at home tonight, a hack attack on a twitter account run by the u.s. military the chilling message, "i love isis" and the new threat. this evening, urgent new warnings. homeland security being stepped up across the country. abc's brian ross leading us off from new york. brian? >> reporter: good evening, david. french officials confirm tonight, they are urgently searching for possible terrorists on the loose. people who they feel are well armed and dangerous.
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as french authorities tonight search for other members of the terror cell new video emerged of two that got away. on the right, hayat boumedienne, the girlfriend of the gunman at the paris grocery store, and on the left another alleged accomplish, seen at this turkish immigration checkpoint last week. french authorities say they left paris just before the attack and moved first to madrid, then istanbul before crossing the border into syria, where today they were reported by isis followers to have arrived in the terrorist stronghold city of raqqah. >> she is outside the reach of french law enforcement and it's going to be difficult to even conduct surveillance of her activities while she's in syria. >> reporter: as for her boyfriend, officials are analyzing this so-called martyrdom tape, recorded by amen amendy coulibaly, swearing allegiance to isis and the surprising array of firepower he
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somehow accumulated. the two other paris attackers, the kouachi brothers, also had their own deadly arsenal, as seen in these surveillance photos made public today show them holding up a gas station with a disposable rocket launcher over the shoulder of one of them. powerful enough to stop an armored vehicle. an incredibly serious military weapon. but it was another isis weapon today that got the attention of the u.s. military. the terror group's followers using keystrokes instead of kalashnikovs to take over the twitter feed and youtube channels of the u.s. military's central command, headquarters for american efforts against the terrorists. the hackers posted isis videos, and issued this threat -- "american soldiers we are coming, watch your back." >> and brian is back with us now. when we learned of this hack attack so many wondering, was any classified information put at risk? >> reporter: the military says no classified information was involved. but the apparent ability to deliver the threat has brought
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about a full investigation. david? >> brian ross tonight. brian, thank you. and let's get right to abc's pierre thomas with us tonight. and pierre federal authorities with new warnings this evening? >> reporter: david, in the wake of those paris attacks, there's fresh evidence tonight that federal authorities are deeply concerned about new calls for violence by isis against the u.s. homeland. so in the past few hours, authorities have announced passengers at airports can expect more screening and more random searches of their carry-on luggage. more federal government buildings and monuments in more u.s. cities around the country will get stepped-up security. no specific plot has been identified but over the weekend, isis re-posted a video on twitter with this ominous message. "strike their soldiers strike their police security and intelligence members." david? >> pierre thomas thank you. and this evening, an unprecedented show of force across france. 10,000 additional troops at the eiffel tower. many deployed to jewish
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synagogues to schools. and new images this evening from inside the siege of that kosher store. hostages huddled in a freezer. as another survivor the one hiding under a sink at that printing office revealing that the terrorists were drinking out of the sink above him without even knowing he was there. abc's terry moran in paris. >> reporter: they are going to war here against the enemy within. armed troops are now deployed on the streets of paris, and by tomorrow, 10,000 soldiers will be on patrol throughout france guarding against the next attack. nearly half of those troops ordered to protect synagogues and jewish schools. we saw them soldiers at the school doors. at this synagogue, where troops patrolled, too. robert told us his son refused to go to school today. >> he said please papa don't let me go to school alone. >> reporter: your son is afraid to go to school alone? >> alone, yes. >> reporter: because he's a jueew.
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>> because of this situation, of course. >> reporter: all this following that this attack on the kosher market and other recent incidents. today, extraordinary new images from inside that kosher market during the standoff. a frightened child cradled and hushed. terrified customers hiding in a freezer. and for the first time today, in that other standoff where the kouachi brothers took over a print shop the man who hid under a sink. for eight hours. and helped police storm the building speaks out. the terrorists came so close, just a few inches away. "he came back towards my cup board, to the one where i was hidden," he says. "and he drank from the tap just above me." and the battle continue pierce on another front. the survive his staff of charlie hebdo magazine saying they will print 3 million copy office their next edition. tonight, releasing the cover of that issue. a cartoon of the prophet mu hall
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meld holding a je suis charlie sign. above him, the worlds "all is forgiven." david? >> terry, thank you. over the weekend, we know millions ss gathering in france. including more than 40 world leaders. the french president, the german chancellor arm in arm. president obama, vice president biden were not there and this evening, the white house under fire. acknowledging they should have done more. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl pressed the white house today and here's what they said. >> reporter: you said you should have sent somebody with a higher profile. why? >> the american people stand shoulder to shoulder with our allies in france. and sending a high level, highly visible senior administration official with a high profile to that march would have done that. >> jon karl at the white house today. and we do move on now. and this evening, to a dangerous commute home for millions. just take a look at this tonight. in colorado a car swerving off the road. just miles away a sink hole
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opening up. in indianapolis tonight, ice storm warnings on i-70. heavy rains in north carolina flooding water. even here in dallas this weekend, where we were getting ready for the game winds, frigid cold. abc's rob marciano at the weather wall for us. rob? >> reporter: good evening, david. the rain snow and ice that plague sod many americans is moving out. no big storms in the near storm with the exception of some snow in the rocky mountains. this big blue h is the story. more cold air coming down the pipe. 9 degrees in minneapolis. there is light at the end of the tunnel. a big shift in the beginning of next week. temperatures above average for just about everywhere. and these red areas will be well above average. that means minneapolis, rapid city south dakota you'll be above freezing. so sound the trumpets there. but places like new york 42 degrees for new york -- don't get too excited and don't put the winter coat away just yet. david? >> all right, rob marciano thank you. and now, to new mexico tonight. and to a case involving a police
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body cam. a s.w.a.t. team helmet. tonight, two police officers charged with murder after what was a four-hour standoff with a homeless man. all caught on tape. you can see the s.w.a.t. team weapons raised closing in before they opened fire. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: watch as the man appears to follow orders and surrender to albuquerque police. >> do it. >> reporter: but seconds after that warning shot, the fatal moment. >> get on the ground! . >> reporter: the four-hour standoff was recorded on police helmet cameras and now this video will become the key evidence in this case. today, detective keith sandy and s.w.a.t. team member dominique perez, charged with murder in the death of james boyd. the march shooting one of several to spark a federal invest gags into a department long accused of excessive force. boyd who was homeless seen here after the shooting holding two knifes. >> unlike ferguson and unlike in new york city you know some
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recent high profile cases, we're going to know. the public's going to have that information. >> it was an absolute perceived threat. >> reporter: officers say they will fight the charges. if convicted, they face up to life in prison. cecilia vega abc news los angeles. >> cecilia, thank you. and to indonesia now. the black boxes from that doomed air asia flight have now been found. one under the wing of the plane. brought to the surface by divers. the other, still wedged under heavy wreckage. unable to get it yet. now back here at home and to the reason we're here in arlington, texas, tonight, the big game. the first ever college football national championship ohio state, oregon. more than 80,000 fans and two quarterbacks who you are about to meet. as you come off interstate 30 here in north texas, you can't miss it. at&t stadium, home of the cowboys. but tonight, it's all about the buckeyes and the ducks. behind the scenes they were getting ready for the big moment. the final boxes arriving. the shirts the sweatshirts that say it all.
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the college football national championship. getting access to the field here and really everywhere you look in fact can you see the star up above here a reminder that we're really in the home of the cowboys here in arlington, texas. tonight, for the big game every one of these seats, sold out. 80,000 seats of this stadium. and the story of these two young quarterbacks tonight, couldn't be more different. oregon has marcus mariota, who said this when they knew they'd made it to the championship. >> i'm just proud of these guys and we got one more to take care of. >> reporter: and he's a hero back home. take the students at o'hara catholic school in eugene oregon. where they are all majoring in marcus. >> what jersey number? >> reporter: even spanish class. >> i want you to do each pose. >> reporter: there's even a yoga class where they practice their own heisman tech peek. >> heisman trophy pose. >> reporter: tonight, they are proud and praying. >> amen. and go ducks! >> reporter: meantime for ohio
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state's quarterback, cardale jones, tonight is a defining moment. he was not the one supposed to be here. ohio state losing not one, but two quarterbacks this season. cardale, in just his third career start tonight -- >> we just need the guys to step up at the right time and we did and it drew us closer. >> reporter: back home in east cleveland, at the only all-male public high school the football coach, the mentor remembers an at-risk kid. >> a lot of diamonds that people just walk around and just look over because they don't look good. so i pick them up and i polish them up. >> reporter: and when asked what he sees with cardale on this field? >> i see a diamond. >> reporter: and from his mentor tonight, who became a sort of mom to him over the years, tears. tonight, he's revealed he's blocked all calls, accepting on text messages from her his coach. ohio state head coach urban meyer knows the pressure on his quarterback. >> oh we're an underdog. we have a guy that's played two ball games. and we're the underdough. >> reporter: among the coaches
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on the other side from oregon running back coach gary campbell coming home to texas. i knew i would feel underdressed next to you. he's the longest serving college football coach at one school. 32 years. and he's known for his suits. 52 suits or am i behind? >> well i just bought three more. >> reporter: oh, no. he grew up here in texas during segregation. was the first black player on his team at ennis high school. >> and that's my best friend harry. >> reporter: he was the quarter quarterback quarterback. and he is still connected to that quarterback all these years later. because of you, he gets a ticket to the game. and it's a ticket that's hard to come by. it's estimated the nfl brings in $10 billion a year. college football bringing in $5 billion. and that revenue is growing faster than the nfl. now, the new debate. the argue nlt is the schools benefit from the faces of these talented players. >> all involved make lots of money. coaches salaries that are $6 million, $7 million a year. >> reporter: more than the nfl. >> exactly. and i think the players are
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right looking around saying we're the ones making this possible. can we just get a little bit more? >> reporter: a first step giving money to the families of the players, getting help playing for the trip to the game tonight. and for those young minds back in oregon practicing their moves the, or the young men in cleveland, diamonds in the making their heroes on the field here tonight. a lot of young faces inspired by both of these quarterbacks. robin has been here with us and robin, the pressure these two quarterbacks face on the field tonight? >> you would think a heisman trophy winner would be able to handle it better and probably he will. he's only thrown three interceptions the entire season just 13 for his career so he always shows a lot of poise. and then cardale jones, the two starts the two big wins you'd think he'd get a big head but just the opposite. he actually blocked the contacts of his cell phone to only his coaches, teammates and family to get through. because he wants to focus. so they -- i just saw them arrive here at the stadium.
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they've got their game faces on. >> laser focus on this game. in the meantime you cover sod many super bowls, march madness. what took college football so long for a championship like this? >> this feels like the super bowl. this has a bigger feel to it. what took so long? money. and tradition. college players, college teams, college universities they like to play the bowl games. it's part of tradition. that's what sports is all about is tradition. and they didn't want to give up the revenue. they found a way to combine the bowl system with the playoff system and keep in mind david, had we nod had the system in place, alabama would most likely be playing florida state. >> that's right. >> those are the two teams that lost to the teams taking the field here tonight. >> we'll watch the game together. >> i got better seats than you. >> robin, thank you. see you on "gma" first thing in the morning. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the nfl player falling overboard, nine miles offshore.
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a shot like that... calls for a post-game celebration. share what you love with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're gr-r-reat! next tonight, the former nfl player lost at sea in the dark nine miles from shore and only one way home. here's abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: even the hard-hitting world of professional football couldn't prepare former miami dolphins fullback rob konrad for this challenge. tonight, the 38-year-old recovering after a harrowing ordeal at sea, his wife by his side. >> i realized i was in some real trouble. >> reporter: after falling off his fishing boat while reeling in a big catch off the south florida coast, his boat on auto pilot towards the bahamas, konrad was all alone without a life jacket. nine miles offshore.
6:49 pm
so konrad started swimming. >> bit by jelly fish. right when the sun was going down i was circled by a shark. >> along the way, missing two rescue attempts. spotting a fishing boat just 50 yards away. and coast guard helicopters circling overhead. finally, reaching dry land after 16 hours. >> i've got two beautiful daughters. i was hitting that shore. >> reporter: a former dolphin swimming to safety. mara schiavocampo abc news new york. >> really incredible. when we come back tonight, that made in america quiz. and breaking news on joan rivers and that clinic tonight. n't ignore signs of damage in your home. are you sure you're not ignoring them in your body? even if you're treating your crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis an occasional flare may be a sign of damaging inflammation. and if you ignore the
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and listen to your wife. just ask 80-year-old harold diamond tonight. he bought a megamillions ticket at a gas station in new york after his wife insisted. it paid off. they won $326 million. and the golden globes george clooney awarded, but not before tina fey could poke a little fun. >> george clooney married amal alamuddin this year. amal is a human rights lawyer who worked on the enron case was an adviser to kofi an nonand selected for a three-person ub commission investigating rules of war violations in the gaza strip. so tonight, her husband is getting a lifetime achievement award. >> killing it again. and when we come back the one made in america item on this field tonight. ♪ [announcer]when we make beyond natural dry dog and cat foods. we start with real meat as the first ingredient.
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to instantly add volume to your cheek area. as you age, cheeks can lose volume. voluma adds volume creating contour and lift for a more youthful profile. for up to two years. temporary side effects include tenderness, swelling, firmness lumps, bumps, bruising, pain redness, discoloration and itching. ask your doctor. juvéderm voluma®. defy gravity. finally tonight, made in america is back. and did you know that in the nfl, every snap every throw, every kick involves one of these? the wilson football and it's making an appearance right here tonight. in the last four months, we've taken you to more than a half dozen factories across america. north of boston for those
6:57 pm
randolph sunglasses. south of los angeles. the famous mag lite flashlight. and tonight, we're pulling into aida ohio population 6,000. where tucked between the farms and neighborhoods, their water tower was the first sign we had arrived. inside 130 workers stitch and lace wilson footballs. >> i try to make the best footballs that i can every day. >> reporter: every day, hand crafting 4,000 of them. >> i don't know that you can make it by machine, because to me it takes craftsmen to do it. >> reporter: it's an intense four-part process. patterns are hand cut, sown together. virginia a new hire here, just four months. virginia passes the ball to mark and donna connelly who turn the ball inside out and lace it up. they met here on the line. they've been married 20 years. what do their four children think of this? >> they think it's awesome. >> reporter: and finally, the balls are filled with air before being shipped off to the game. where we were waiting for them right here at at&t stadium. this is the big delivery huh?
6:58 pm
every one of them hand inspected to meet those strict regulations. >> the industry got together, said wilson you make the rules because you make the best footballs. >> reporter: you set the standard. >> we did. >> reporter: and we love this part of it. you have the buckeyes and then you've got made in america. and fans from all over the country wanted in. you have to show these ohio state fans who want some of these wilson footballs. those workers tonight watching the game for more than just the players. they have three worlds in mind. >> made in america! >> and that is "world news tonight" from texas. the big game on espn and i'll see you from new york tomorrow night. good night.
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