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tv   Action News  ABC  January 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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window landing on a pedestrian below and police in delaware open fire on a suspect >> this was the scene of freak and tragic accident tonight in center city philadelphia it happened 1530 chestnut a college student was on or near ledge of 8 plg floor window to take a
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picture and extra effort to get the perfect shot cost her her life. thursday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is a death plunge tonight on a busy center city street. an 18-year-old college student fell on top of a woman walking below. "action news" reporter sharee williams is live at the scene tonight and sharee you have the details. and jim this is not every day case but at this point they don't believe foul play is involved and they do not think this is suicide this is where it happened 8th floor this building in center city. they believe the fall was an accident. as you can imagine it has temple university and people in this area very shaken it's scary to her that happen. >> an 18-year-old temple student fell from a window and died. philadelphia police say just before 6 p.m. 911 calls began to
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pour in of two women badly hurt in center city. >> someone came rouning down the road saying don't go that way ma'am it's not a pretty sight. >> the 18-year-old student fell from this window and landed on 44-year-old woman walking below. it appears the team was trying to take photos she may have been sitting on the two foot wide ledge possibly taking pictures. >> teen was rushed to jefferson hospital where she died a short time later and the pedestrian was taken to hahnemann hospital and treated forehead, neck and back pain. the building where the fall happened is a residence haul for the art institute of philadelphia. detectives say the temple student was visiting two friends who attend school here. >> it feels like movie site really surreal. it definitely gives you a reality check. it makes you want to call your friend and family and tell them
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that you love them. >> a live look at that 8th floor dorm room where it all happened. philadelphia police obtaining a search warrant to go inside as part of the investigation they want to clear the room and make sure there's no evidence to use inside. central detectives are interviewing two others that were there at the time of the fall. the 44-year-old is said to be in stable condition tonight. but she did suffer some sprained vertebrae is what i'm hearing. temple university also released a statement saying they're deeply saddened sending condolences tonight and saying counciling will be available on campus. live in center city, sharee bill yumz "channel 6 action news." >> the i-95 story is still developing tonight nearly ten hours since a crash shut down the highway. as you can see from sky6 live it's blocked northbound near
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street road in bensalem bucks county this all began 1:15 with deadly five vehicle crash. a tractor-trailer hit a stopped car and then careened into another semi-which was loaded with scrap metal that went off into the median and overturned. tonight investigators identified the victim who died as 58-year-old paul meeres he was driver inside that sims middle management truck. just within the past 45 minutes a scene was cleared up chopper 6 over the crash route 7 mapleshade this evening near north styles avenue. a trailer broke off from a tractor cab hit a pole and brought wires down on northbound lanes. fortunately, nobody was hurt here. but 73 was shut down almost five hours tonight. two wilmington police officers were involved in a shootout with a suspect tonight. the us is spengts was hit and the officers -- suspect was hit and officers escaped injury.
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an investigation underway. live at wilmington police headquarters is "action news" reporter dann cuellar dann. >> and jim police were not injured in that shootout but the 25-year-old suspect remains in critical condition tonight. >> police say it was around 5:20 two officers were attempting to make a routine traffic stop that resulted in pure suit of vandover avenue. >> officers attempting to remove occupant of a vehicle and struggle ensued. shots were fired at the officer. the officer returned fire. >> patrol officer i as yet unidentified was not injured and suspect was struck in the neck and chest and had to be air-lifted to christianne medical center. >> i do not have further information on his condition at this time. the officers were fine. >> officers were not hit. >> none of the officers were hit. >> a woman occupant was taken into custody for questioning. it happened before a rally was to take place a mile away at
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rodney square. a list of delaware officers killed in the line of sduty was displayed promptly at the rally and stretch limo at the event had letters on the window that read police lives matter. >> folks legitimately expressing support and grief and there's antagonistic kind of atmosphere right now and it needs to be diffused pingt tore and activist says there's an under current in wilmington fueled by incidents in furgeson and new york a climate that needs to be addressed at the street-level. >> we feel bad about what's to come if we don't begin to heal and help police as opposed to being just soley critical. >> again the suspect very critical condition tonight. and as is routine whenever police are involved in shooting the officer involved is on desk duty pending outcome of investigation.
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it's being handled by detective bureau. we're live in wilmington. police headquarters, i'm dann cuellar, "channel 6 action news". >> thank you, dap. >> mistrust between police and community was up issue today for u.s. attorney general eric holder. holder was in philadelphia to talk about the problem with the likes of mayor michael nutter. police commissioner charles ramsey and others from law enforcement ramsey is cochairing president obama task force on 1 century policing and holder today acknowledged there is a real problem. >> and the -- it is weak. we have to concede that and this is not something made up and not something media these are feels that are real. >> holder is touring major cities fol confrontations in furgeson and new york and all people want is to be safe and treated fairly. >> patrol officers in middle township new jersey started to
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use body cameras today. this is photograph the department gave us of what the devices look like. philadelphia police recently started a trial with body cameras. middle township pilot program will last until end of february before they decide when to qup all officers they already use dash cams. >> egg harbor investigators are trying to figure out what set a fire on public works vehicles vandalism or bad luck? the blaze broke out in department of public mill road:30. authorities are still assessing danl. the massive water main break in far northeast we told you about last night raged until this morning. twelve hours of water geyser left an icy aftermath behind businesses off blue grass road near grant avenue and the water department identified a broken fire connection valve as cause and it was able to replace it by
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this afternoon. we are preparing for cold and blustery day tomorrow. let's go outside to meteorologist cecily tynan. cecily what's the late word if accuweather. >> jim i'm tracking a front that will kick up the winds tomorrow especially second half of the day. tonight wind not a factor. seasonably cold, currently philadelphia 30. allentown dropped down to 2 2. wilmington 28, millville 28, trenton 26 and atlantic city airport currently 28 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we're clear right now and if you look to the north and west though near the great lakes we'll see that mass of clouds and scattered snow showers. that's what will move in during the day tomorrow and whipping up the winds. future tracker showing as we head into friday afternoon around 1:30 wind gusts anywhere from 23 to 30 miles an hour. temperature-wise it will actually be on the mild side.
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429 high. then you factor in the wind gusts and wind chills will be in the 20s. and low 30s tomorrow afternoon and so you definitely want to bundle up tomorrow. it's going to feel cold. right now again 30. i will talk about another system on the way that will bring rain for part of our region on sunday and not everyone will talk about where to expect that rain coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. jim. >> thank you, cecily. you can find out which way the wind is blowing our redesigned site works as well on your cellphone as on a full sized laptop. accuweather information is never more than a finger tapeh way. >> a philadelphia jury found a former youth football coach guilty of sexually assaulting players. leon watson was convicted on all counts. prosecutors say he molested five of his young players and one developmentally delayed adult. watson will be sentenced in may.
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>> atlantic city now has two more casinos and bankruptcy than yesterday. a division of ceasars entertainment filed for chapter 11 today struggling under more than 18 billion of debt. the company owns four casinos in our area and only two affected by this bankruptcy. ceasars and bally's on the boardwalk. harrahs in atlantic city and harrahs philadelphia in chester will not be part of this reorgization. ceasars had already shut down atlantic city show boat casino last year. but ceasars says this bankruptcy will not mean closures. gambling conferences, shows and events will still go on. in quite a coincidence atlantic city mayor dop guardian gave state of city address today inside the now bankrupt ceasars casino after lossing more than 8,000 jobs last year the city needs to focus on attracting professional con vehicles and re band branded sell of is more
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than just a gambling town. >> a former city slice ter and judge in the rank today to run for mayor of philadelphia. democrat nelson diaz announced candidacy at a restaurant in hunting park and served as city solicitor from 2001 to 2004 and was also first latino judge in pennsylvania history. he joins a crowded democratic field expected to grow larger that already includes lynn abraham, ken. it riho and anthony williams. >> still to come tonight a pope weighs in on attack in france and his words might surprise you. mean while another alleged terror plot in europe leads to dramatic gun fight and new fears tonight. >> plus gi jane how women are getting closer to coveted role in the u.s. military. meteorologist cecily tynan returns with the weekend outlook from accuweather and dus us rogers with the flyers facing
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knucts when "action news" continues tonight
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>> this is what it looked and sounded like today in belgium as police raided a former bakery and shot out with three alleged terrorists two suspects were killed and a third arrested and the police raid preempted terrorist attack on police installation possibly by a matter of hours. lawmen may be continuing anti-terrorist sweep at other locations in belgium batili is muslim employee of kosher mark net paris which four were killed last friday. he hid several hostages in a walk in freezer and saved theirs
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live. his heroics will be awarded when he will be sworn in as french citizen. >> hundreds gathered today for public tribute to one of the charlie hebdo cartoonist one of the four killed last tuesday. pope fan sis spoke publicly today about terror attacks in paris and attracted attention to doing so talking to reporters. there are limits to freedom of speech. while defending freedom of speech as fundamental right you cannot insalt the fate of areas and make fun of the fate of others. as of tomorrow it will be much easier for american tourists to travel to cube a commerce and treasury departments unveiled new rules today that permit american citizens to visit cuba without special permits and most persons will still have to go open supervised group tours but most of the red tape is now history. and this is the latest snep
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president obama's plan to rebuild relations with the island nation. women will soon be allowed to take part in the grueling army ranger training one of the first steps to joining america's elite special forces and as many as 60 fael shoulders can take part in two month combat school starting april and pentagon is adamant men and women must meet the same standards and even upon completion the women would not yet be allowed to join the ranger regiment because infantry and special ops jobs are off limits and that's expectsed to change. on "healthcheck" at 11 delaware officials say three for died of the flu this week and that races number of fatalities in the diamond state to 14. 11 of them were in new castle county. all of the parents were over the age of 50 and all had under lying medical conditions and there are more than 1500 lab confirmed cases of the flu in delaware. >> and this is particularly bad
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flu season across the country and much of it attributable to this year's vaccine. the formulation doesn't protect against the main virus strain that's going around 2-d we found out how poor it is and cdc says this year's vavrm seen is only 23% erectedtive and that's less than half as effective as when vaccine makers get minimum of strains right. health officials are urging people to get a flu shot even if it is lessee infective than normal. >> nominations for the 87 pl oscars were unveiled today an a local star and adaptation of local tragedy both received nods. jenkintown bradley cooper racked up third straight nomination in american sniper and goes up against steve cotrell and mark rufflo and bird
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man and grand bud pest hotel tied for most nominations receiving nine each and the favorite for the night's biggest winner perhaps premature but favorite is buyhood for best picture and who takes home the golden statue at the 7th annual oscars february 22 here on channel 6. tonight in plymouth township a girl scout delivered gifts to the people who helped her earn her gold award girl scout's highest honor. indicate foy from troop 72125 visited members of vietnam veterans association at the national guard armory and recorded their stories for a video project called cost of freedom a tribute to our local troops she has a good project on happened and i bet she's enjoying it. >> congratulations to kate. >> what about the accuweather
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forecast. >> if it's garbage day you may be doing garbage hunting. >> a blustery day tomorrow. stormtracker 6 double scan slowing tonight it's calm before winds. we have clear conditions out there and sky6 is saying a look live at center city sky line unfair x-rays and dropping to seasonably cold levels winds out of the southwest 10 mimes an hour not that strong now. philadelphia, 37 allentown 22 reading 25 and wilmington 28 30 is down from high today 36, 40 below normal and more comfortable than yesterday's high of 32 everything is relative. satellite 6 and action radar clear conditions and moisture to the south rolling off the keeingt of carolinas that is missing us. what i'm focusing on is clouds
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across the great lakes associated with a cold front little moisture with this but it has a lot of strength in the form of wind tomorrow the high 42 won't feel like that with wind gusts of 30 wind chills generally will be in the low 30s. bundle up despite the forecast high of 42. that front flips through tomorrow night poconos and high pressure builds over us on saturday. that squeezes moisture from the atmosphere. we're looking at wall to wall sunshine and calms down the whipped. 32 will feel like 32 we'll not have wind chill to talk about as we deal with saturday and the problem we're in frog aggressive pattern this high pressure does not stick around long moves off the coast and front moves in west on sunday and wave of low pressure develops along that and remember i talked about two
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possible tracts and it looks like the system will head further to sea. 7:30 in the morning the moisture developing south. this is mainly south jersey and delaware event. and moisture slides well east of 95 corridor north and west suburbs dry through sunday and along the coast could be dealing with intense soaking and future tracker looking at rainfall along the coast and inch and a half of rain and north west suburbs you will likely be dry on sunday. the call from accuweather your morning bus stop forecast mostly sunny, typically cold, by 8:00 30. wind chills in low 20s. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast windy he tomorrow feeling like 4 2. sunny and cold, 32. on sunday, 44 degrees. so mild with rain along the coast. and then we dry out for monday for mlk day of service and it will be windy and colder 39. we drop down to 36 tuesday and
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wednesday clipper brings us rain and snow showers 39 and thursday near normal for high of 42. so going from windy tomorrow to wet for some on sunday. >> all right cecily thank you. >> we can now tell you i-95 in northeast philadelphia has finally reopened to traffic. i'm sorry this is bensalem bucks county between woodhaven and street road closed since 1:15 the vehicle crash claimed one live 11:15 tonight they reopened the road to traffic. a brand new mercedes benz can belong to a driver for $100 leukemia and lymphoma society kicked off tonight in fort work top people are vying for the car with 100% of ticket sales benefiting lls.
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on his blood clot and they hope he can play some point in evening. roasted like a marshmallow rick banino. 2-0. 80 seconds into second period. ravata. emory faces three shots. zef doesn't brak a sweat before he's beaten. 2 seconds on ice. the flyers are shut out second straight night. 4-0 final. coach not a happy camper. >> need to compete and work and that's the one thing you can control how hard you work and compete. and you know we stopped doing that. >> i'm hoping here we have dragon here bleeding ourselves. you know we realize that every game is important. >> they'll face buffalo
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saturday. phillies have been getting crushed for not having mruvrp in the farm system. they may not have depth but they believe they have short stop of the future. j.b. crawford is expected to fill the void some day of jimmy rollings trade. he finished season in high class a clearwater he's slick fielder with good arm crawford knows when he makes it to the big, he will have big rollings shoes to fill. >> he's probably going to go down in history as one of greatest short stops in the organization and the challenge for me is to try to be as good as him. i have to work even harder. but wherever i go i have to work hard and whenever my time comes it comes. >> still to come one of the stars from the college football national championship game makes a de decision about his future and drexel has a problem putting the basketball into the
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>> drexel was having a rough season. tonight was supposed to be easy one. dragones enterser night 10-1 all time at home against james madison sa stats are for the birds. not a good first half for the dragones. james madison is not so hot either. scored 17. dragones shoot 18% from floor on first half. things not much better.
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they are out rebounded by 11. drexel losses 54, 35. >> ohio state quarterback cardle jones is coming back. sophomore held a news conference today to say nfl can wait. jones began season as buckeye third string quarterback injuries gave him an opportunity and he made the most he won three straight games including national championship game over oregon. >> thank you ducis. "jimmy kimmel live" followed by "nightline" his guest johnny depp and music from kansas string. "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner goodnight
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>> jimmy: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, johnny depp. oscar nominee marion cotillard r. "this week in unnecessary censorship." and music from kandace springs. with cleto and the cletos. and now, i kid you not, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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