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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 16, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, several arrests made in connection with a terror attack at a paris supermarket. john kerry meets with the president of france. anti-terror raid investigators unravel what they are calling plans for a major attack. the tiny country where it happened under the microscope for being a sleeper cell breeding ground. caught on camera. head-on collision with a oncing tire flying down the highway. awards uproar. 20 acting nominees with one thing in common the controversy brewing this morning over the oscar nominations. good friday morning, everybody. we begin with that breaking news
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from france. arrest arrested. >> this massive dragnet happening at secretary of state kerry arrived in paris laying wreaths at the both the sites of the supermarket and "charlie hebdo" office attacks and met with the french president. >> many european countries are on high alert against isis-inspired terrorists. >> another imminent attack may have been stopped yesterday. we get details from abc's susan saulny. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are growing fears across europe and the u.s. that this could be the beginning of a new wave of terror. the crackle of gunfire and flash of flames marked the deadly takedown. interrupting what they say was about to be another major european terrorist attack this time in belgium. this morning police have increased authority around brussels less than two hours from paris where the french are still reeling on high alert
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after terror attacks left 17 dead there last week. the latest plot began to unfold in the town of verviers. police tried to serve warrants to terror suspects who returned from syria recently. >> this group was about to commit terrorist attacks in belgium. certain suspects immediately opened fire. >> reporter: the shootout left two suspects dead and a third arrested. that assault was of at least ten across belgium. terrorists were prepared to do major and imminent attacks. this is another breeding ground as more than 350 young men from here have left to fight with terror groups in syria. and now some are coming home. european leaders say the consequences stretch far and wide. >> it looks like yet another indication of the huge risk that we face from islamist terror in
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europe. >> reporter: prime minister david cameron is meeting with president obama at the white house later today. counter terrorism is on the agenda. reena, t.j. >> susan saulny live in washington thanks. breaking news overnight in the fight against isis as well the u.s. military will send troops to the middle east to train syrian rebels. >> 400 members of the military will begin their mission in the spring and will train and equip the opposition to stop the islam islamic militants and work out of saudi arabia, turkey and qatar. hundreds of additional support personnel likely. now an exclusive look at how the fbi is protecting us from terrorism threats. >> the bureau arrested an ohio man for allegedly plotting to attack the u.s. capital. pierre thomas reports that wasn't the first time the fbi used a sting operation. >> reporter: that's amin
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khalifi. >> it's fully automatic. >> how many hits in here? >> 30. it's full auto. you hold the trigger. >> reporter: this look inside an fbi undercover sting targeting a man the bureau believes was a home g >> shrapnel. >> thick ones i got thick ones. >> reporter: this is khalifi out to test a bomb. those with him undercover he thinks they are al qaeda. >> i'm going to go inside like a real place like the capitol. >> reporter: the fbi records his every move even as he pulled into a rock quarry where they would test the bomb. watch as the fbi undercover gives him a cell phone rigged to detonate an explosive planted outside the car. >> okay now hit send. >> reporter: the bomb detonates.
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>> allah hu akbar. >> reporter: not impressed he wants a bigger bomb. he was a moroccan national living outside washington, d.c. when the sting operation took place in 2012. he hardly seemed the terrorist type. known on the party scene working as a local deejay but would he have really done it? >> critics say this is entrapment. >> at the end of the day all we can say is watch that tape. >> reporter: he was arrested only two blocks from the u.s. capitol on the morning of february 17th, 2012. he had a machine gun and putting on what he thought was a suicide vest. he pled guilty now serving 30 years in jail. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. the first of what will no doubt be many lawsuits filed over the accidents in washington, d.c.'s metro system. dozens of passengers were trap aboard a train filled with smoke. a female passenger died. the plaintiff was of 1 of more than 80 taken to the hospital.
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they claim negligence maintenance and slow response to the emergency. oklahoma has successfully executed its first death row inmate since botching a lethal injection last spring. charles warner was convicted of raping and murdering an 11-month-old in 1997. warner's final statement was a mix of defiance and remorse. at first he said the executioners poked me five times and, quote, it feels like acid but then he apologized for the pain he caused. muhammad ali is waking up in a hospital where he is said to be receiving follow-up care related to a urinary tract infection. his spokesman said he's expected to be released today. he was hospitalized from december 20th until just last week. he's hoping to celebrate his 73rd birthday tomorrow at home. pope francis is keeping a packed schedule as he continues his visit to the philippines. he celebrated his first mass addressed an audience of priests
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and nuns blessing those in wheelchairs one by one and called on filipinos to work on ending corruption and poverty. he also scheduled to pete today with families at the mall of asia. well starting today travel and trade with cuba is much easier than in the past half century. several permanents are no longer required and americans can use credit cards while in cuba. they can even bring back a small amount of rum and cigars. u.s. airlines can now fly scheduled routes to cuba as well. however, there are still some restrictions. turn to the forecast. a strong storm continues to pound the pacific northwest with rain wind an so and a few snow showers around the great lakes. otherwise, it's mostly dry and mild. >> thanks to a january thaw temperatures from kansas city to new orleans will hit the 50s, 20s and 30s from the great lakes to the northeast. springlike 70s in the southwest. fighting the flu but not very well. why this season's vaccine is a bust. a real-life bonnie and clyde and they're just teenagers.
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new details about a missing young couple on the run after a crime spree. torn to shreds and stained with blood. how these ugg boots saved a woman's foot in a crash.
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. well southwest airlines has been slapped with a record $1.6 million fine for violating passenger rights. passengers on 16 southwest flights were stuck on the tarmac for hours at chicago's midway airport last year. southwest says it was short-staffed and couldn't handle grounded passengers in the terminal. the fine is the largest ever assessed for a tarmac delay. target is pulling the plug on its canadian operations.
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the discount retailer will close all 133 stores north of the border. less than two years after it expanded there but target canada was never successful while the company struggled to restore loyalty in the u.s. after the huge data breach. target employees nearly 18,000 workers in canada. wendy's is the latest to remove soda as an option in kids' menus. if parents really want to order a coke they can. however, wendy's is quick to point out it was never automatically included. mcdonald's dropped them from their happy meal two years ago. they hope other chains will follow. now to something you probably never thought you'd hear. man, what will we do with all this weed? washington state is struggling because there's actually too much pot. thanks to a big harvest that flooded the market. prices that were through the roof when pot stores first opened have now tumbled. shop owners say many people have also stuck with the untaxed marijuana from black market
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deals. well if you're interested in owning google glass you have to buy it by monday. it's discounting glass in order to develop a different more affordable version. the so-called explorer edition of the device has been put on the market for nearly two years costing $1500. no word on when it will be back on sale. this year's super bowl advertisers will be taking a shot at a four-year-old record the most shared super bowl ad of was this doozy. you remember this the force, volkswagen's great 2011 commercial with that little guy. it's not the number of times an ad is seen online after a broadcast, it's how many it's shared online. that's the big deal. that's going to cause $4.5 million to run a 30-second commercial during that game. wow, when we come back it's easy to do and quite beneficial. the 20-minute workout that doctors say can add years to your life. a highway hazard a head-on collision with a flying tire. >> woo.
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at get a look at morning road conditions a major storm system is pounding the area with wind rain and snow and slippery conditions from the great lakes to the northeast where you can expect some snow showers. police across the south are trying to track down a teenage couple from kentucky wanted for a crime spree spanning four states. >> cheyenne phillips is 13 years old believed to be on the run for nearly two weeks now with 18-year-old dalton hayes. they're accused of stealing cars burglarizing homes and forging checks and their parents are worried things could get worse. >> he has never went this long without contacting me and it's really very stressful. i'm just worried they're not safe anymore. >> the teens were spotted at a walmart in north carolina and may be riding around in a stolen
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pickup that was loaded with guns. police in texas looking for this man caught looking directly into an atm surveillance camera. they say he robbed a woman at gunpoint and forced her into the trunk of her car and drove away. the kidnapped woman who only wants to be identified by her first name kristin, finally managed to escape hours later when he ditched the car. >> he was like give me the money after he pulled out his gun and told me to get in the trunk. >> the man withdrew money from her account at several different banks and robbed a second person at a walk-up atm. this guy is driving down -- oh, that was a wheel from another car come straight at him traveling near toronto. had a dash cam rolling. all he could do was duck. it broke the car's sunroof and the driver was not hurt. and an update on the car that plowed through a northern california macy's. a teenage girl whose feet were
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broken after being run over by that car believe her injuries would have been worse if she had not been wearing her uggs boots. >> the police officers are like did you see your feet yet and i looked -- i had uggs on and all the uggs were torn off. >> i look at those shoes, i hate them but i love them. i mean like i said if she was wearing tennis shoes or sandals, her foot would have been severed. >> six injured in the crash. one still hospitalized. police are looking at how the driver lost control of her car and despite the damage done to the store it has re-opened for business. wondering why you had a flu shot and still got the flu? here you go. this year's vaccine is now only 23% effective. normally it's somewhere around 60% or more. production of each year's vaccine starts months in advance. the virus strains always mutate so much this year it was more than usual. experts still say you should get the shot. because 23% is better than 0%.
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but, hey. well here's a wake-up call about the importance of working out. a new study finds not exercising could be twice as deadly as being obese. researchers found just a modest amount of exercise like taking a brisk 0-minute walk can add years to your life. >> as the investigation into an alleged rape moves forward we know the indianapolis colt the linebacker josh mcnary won't be suiting up for the afc title game against the patriots. he's been placed on the commissioner's exempt list and means he can't practice or attend games. still being paid. the charges he is facing stem from an alleged incident with a woman last month. the colts/patriots matchup is the second of the conference championship games. >> the first, the packers against the seahawks in seattle. as for last night's hoops highlights from our guys at espn. >> he's stan i'm neil. this is the los angeles "sportscenter" set. usually we're the biggest deal in this neighborhood. not the case thursday.
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>> right across taking on kobi bryant and company. you don't see this every day. lebron james on the fast break, alley-oop from irving and he blew it. kobe bryant got a chuckle and 17 assists. bryant did, a career high. look at james, creates space for himself. unreal angle to beat the shot clock, 36 points in the game. averaging 35 now in his two games back. cavaliers win it 109-102. rockets hosting the thunder. since we had this information with 31 point, 10 assists and they're 15-2 when harden has at least 30 points. and 9-0 this season when harden has at least eight rebounds. they are undefeated when they
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outscore their opponent and they did that. 112-101. >> good news for the rockets and harden and the family of four living in his beard. >> that's funny. >> that's all we got. back to you. >> okay up next in "the pulse," the oscar nominations who got snubbed and the backlash from a lack of diversity. "the price is right's" announcer, oh, yeah, that happened. mouth breather. a mouth breather! well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth. cold medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip and pow, it opens your nose up to 38% more. so you can breathe and do the one thing you want to do sleep. add breathe right to your cold medicine shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. and look for the calming scent of new breathe right lavender in the sleep aisle.
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♪ well time for us to check "the pulse" starting with all the buzz over the oscar nominations and biggest snubs of the year. >> that's right. the critically acclaimed movie "selma" was overlooked. david oyelowo failed to get the nod. director ava duvernay who would have been the first african-american woman in that field. >> not a single black actor or person of color nominated in those acting categories. despite the oscar snub the stars were out in full force for last night's critics' ch awards. >> hosted by strahan. he put on a show and once again tried to get as close to naked
4:23 am
as he could. showed off some dance moves there. of course he'll be in the upcoming "magic mike 2." >> they chose "boyhood" for best picture and "birdman" walked away with the most wins seven altogether including three for michael keaton best actor, best comedy actor and best acting ensemble. >> both ignored by the oscars, jennifer anise ten and angelina jolie snubbed. pinellas county florida, well, the sheriff's office there, i don't know if they wanted to make the newscast but they have an issue with a rug there, i should say. >> there's a rug and we say doggone because what it says in the middle look closely, it says in dog we trust instead of in god we trust. >> the rug was put away when the error was noticed finally there for a few weeks. police are embracing the mistake putting it up for auction.
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bidding started at $100. >> people are smart turning lemons into lemonades. >> going to an animal shelter there. >> the price was wrong for participating in a game show. >> george gray tried to tap the products while walking backwards on a treadmill. you know where it's going. >> off-road motorcycle and a new range and a new treadmill. >> you knew that was going to happen. >> this guy is a professional. look at that he's sitting there on his tush and still going through his reads. >> i recommend icy hot. he wasn't hurt except maybe his dignity and his pride. he's now given up "come on down." >> i do have to give him credit. he keeps doing his job so he was a sport for trying. >> there you go. for some of you out there your local news is coming up next. >> everybody else we'll be back
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>> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. it is friday, january 16 we're got a developing story. a temple story plunges 8 stories down to her death. she landed on a pedestrian down on the street below. we're live updating the investigation. police say they shot a man who opened fire on officers? delaware. we have a full report on what led up to that shootout. a key stretch of i-95 is back open for commuters after a deadly crash that had it shut down for hours. the accuweather team is tracking warmer temperatures, but the changes are cooler for the weekend. all next on "action news." us the late night comeics take on the news of the week. >> the president is pushing for new laws to protect american companies from hackers and who
4:28 am
better to do that than the people who brought us the obamacare website? not only couldn't the hackers get in no one could get -- could penetrate. >> possible republican presidential candidate mike huckabee slammed the obamas for letting their daughters listen to beyonce. yeah huckabee said my kids chill to nicki minaj. that's how they roll. >> our pal ryan seacrest on the red carpet talking to all the stars. to me it seemed like he was distracted by something else. >> take care be careful coming down the stairs. be careful getting down the stairs. >> this is by the way this is a very steep staircase. >> seacrest is still at the globes because he's waiting for someone to help him down those stairs. >> i'm getting hungry, guys. >> a lot of schools were closed today around the country with the windchill factor even below freezing in orlando today. the people who dress up as frozen at disney world were
4:29 am
literally frozen. >> this is amazing. on friday a car accident in south dakota left an interstate covered, covered in 500 pounds of mcdonald's french fries. even worse only two ketchup packets. isn't that always the way? >> you guys watch "the bachelor." we love it. this girl named jillian got a little bit too eager at the rose ceremony when bachelor chris soules offered a rose to a different girl named julia. >> julia. julia. sorry. >> i thought you said julia. i thought you said flipper. >> oh. >> why don't you tell me this happens? i got to start watching this show. >> why did they include that clip? >> i love that. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> everybody stay with us for "good morning america." from reena and i have a
4:30 am
>> good morning we're following a developing story on this friday january 16. >> a man is fighting for his life after being shot while in a car overnight. philadelphia police say the gunman may have been sitting in the back seat. >> a college student dies in a fall from an 8th floor center city window landing on a pedestrian below. we'll have a live report. >> an investigation is underway in a police-involved shooting a mile away from a pro police rally in wilmington. good morning, 4:30 a.m., matt o'donnell is off,


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