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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  January 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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ncaa. the ncaa said continuing that litigation would only delay the distribution of those funds hence the two sides coming to an agreement. the 2012 consent decree the school signed off on is now dissolved. that means all sanctions have been lifted. the 112 victories wiped out from 1998 through 2011 are restored. 111 of those belonged to joe paterno. his record is returned to 409 wins, 136 losses and three ties. in september the the ncaa restored its full compliment of scholarships. senator jake korman reacted. >> the reputations of many people including one of the most revered sports figures of the 20th century were tany tarnished by accusations not based in fact. the restorations of the victories will restore joe paterno as the winning the east in the history of college
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football. >> reporter: the paterno familiar release add statement saying in part "the repeal of the consent decree and the return of the wins to the university and joe paterno confirm that the ncaa and the board of trustees acted prematurely and irresponsiblely the in the unprecedented sanctions the ncaa imposed. they're 32 more than bobby bowdoin the second winningest coach in football. >> thank you. also breaking right now the united states supreme court says it will decide whether same-sex couples nationwide have a constitutional right to marry. the justices said they'll review apple late court ruling that upheld bans on the unions in four state. could it mean the end of a patch work of state laws across the country in favor of a single national standard. the case will be argued in april with the decision expected by late june. this afternoon we know the name of the temple university student who fell to her death
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in center city last night. as police try to figure out how that could have happened we're also learning more about another woman badly injured in that tragedy. annie mccormick live at hahnemann hospital where that woman is being treated. hi annie. >> reporter: hi, brian. 44-year-old erica goodwin remains at hahnemann hospital in critical condition. she is the pedestrian that was hit by rebecca kim that 18-year-old that fell to her death from that center city building. now, friends say that kim was actually taking pictures before she fell. well, this afternoon we spoke to goodwin's family who tells us that they are sending their condolences to kim's family and they're thankful that their daughter is alive. >> it's unbelievable. what are the chances that anyone would walk down the street someone would fall on them. >> reporter: joyce adams' 44-year-old daughter erica goodwin happened to be walking down 16th street when 18-year-old temple university student rebecca kim fell to
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her death falling directly on top of goodwin. >> she has a broken shoulder and some spine injuries and they're still running tests. >> reporter: this all unfolded near the busy intersection of 16th and chestnut. kim was visiting students of the art institute inside their center city dorms. resident advisors warned students not to look outside. >> somebody fell out of the window from the eighth floor and she was like so when you get up there don't look out your window, you know, it's not pretty. >> reporter: police do not believe this was a case of foul play or suicide. according to investigators a witness says kim climbed out onto a ledge on the eighth floor from the window facing 16th street. one roommate asked her not to be on the ledge and told her to come back inside the apartment. the witness told police she fell from the eighth floor ledge and when he looked out of the window, kim was on the sidewalk. both women were transported to the hospital.
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kim was pronounced dead a short time later. good win survived and suffered multiple spine and rib fractures. both temple university and wissahickon high school released statements expressing their condolences to kim's family. kim was a 2014 graduate of the high school and a freshman at temple enrolled in their prepharmacy program. and back out here live we are told that temple university was offering grieve counselors today, so was the dean of the art institute. we are told that he was actually with students who were on the eighth floor making sure that they were okay. now, coming up at 6:00 we'll have much more from goodwin's mother. she tells us her daughter was actually on her way to go to a board meeting that she is on where she mentors young girls. for now reporting live in center city, annie mccormick, channel6 "action news." brian and shirleen. >> all right, thank you annie for that. police in upper darby say a woman locked her mentally challenged child out in the cold. they have a warrant for her
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arrest but they still don't know where she is. chad pradelli is live at the upper darby police station with more on this investigation. chad. >> reporter: shirleen, police here say kareem ma tolbert kicked her son out of the house into the frigid temperatures because he didn't wear the right pants to school. she's now charged with reckless endangerment and police are searching for her. investigators say it's fortunate that this is not a manslaughter case. neighbors found the intellectually disabled man here on the front porch of 89 heartily road in upper darby. it was last wednesday police say the tee temperature was 2 degrees with the wind chill. >> he's shaking uncontrollably, he's cold, he's got a real light jacket on that's it. >> reporter: investigators say the boy has the intellect of a 10-year-old. he simply didn't know what to do but bang on the door. when police responded the mother kareem tolbert answered through the screen door. >> i'm not letting the police in my house and i'm not
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letting my son in my house. i don't want him here. i put him out. he's staying out. >> reporter: after reviewing the facts police decided to charge her with recklessly endangering another person. an arrest warrant was issued but tolbert has refused to answer the door for officers so police turned to twitter this morning to expose her. they know where she works and say it's just a matter of time before they arrest her. neighbors describe tolbert as a troublemaker and are appalled by the allegations. >> that's very sad very, very sad. i can't believe someone would do that. >> reporter: and police say the boy refuseed treatment is that doing well this week. he is staying with an anted here in up today. live in up deer darby, chad pradelli, channel6 "action news." back to you guys. >> thank you, chad. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. sunny out there and it it would feel better if it wasn't for that wind. >> blustery. cecily tynan standing out in the wind today. adam joseph how are we looking
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out there. >> we're looking pretty good. if you're outside you're in the sun and sheltered from the winds it actually feels pretty nice. philadelphia currently checking in at 41 degrees. the first time this week we're in the 40's. wilmington 40, millville 40, atlantic city airport 40. allentown little bit cooler, 36. reading 36 and trenton 39 degrees. so problem as shirleen mentioned, the wind chills. we have winds gusting more than 30 miles per hour at times. so, the wind chill makes it feel like 31 in philadelphia, a full 10 degrees cooler than the actual air temperature. in allentown the wind chill 27 degrees. the wind chill is 30 at the atlantic city airport and the wind chill on the poconos where they're seeing a few snow showers 15 degrees. and some of those snow showers are drifting a little bit farther to the south. you'll see quakertown dealing with some snow showers a little bit of sleet near lansdale. new hope some snow showers. those snow showers are associated with a cold front that's moving through tonight and this will be dropping the temperatures. temperatures plunging for this friday night. so if you're heading outside for a night on the town you
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definitely want to bun dim. at 7 o'clock 35 degrees. by 8 o'clock 31. by 9 o'clock temperatures already slipping down into the 20's. we'll have overnight lows in the teens and single digits tonight so it's definitely going to be a very cold saturday. your weekend outlook a 50-50 weekend. saturday loads of sunshine calm winds but a chilly day 32 degrees. on sunday we bump the temperature up 10 degrees. however, it's going to be rainy and dreary. the storm track shifted farther west. that means rain for the entire viewing area but where you are depend on how much you get. i'll talk about that in the full accuweather forecast. shirleen. >> thank you cecily. a delaware county ymca has to make repairs after someone drove a car right through the wall today. chopper 6 hd was over the scene in south avenue in rid lehigh valley you can see the giant hole on the side of the building where the car made impact. police have not told us anything about the driver or how this happened. but they say no one was hurt.
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from our new jersey news room there will be no more days at the races at the jersey shore. the historic atlantic city race course shut down today after 69 years. the bensalem based owners say the horse racing business has been declining for years and they have no way to generate more revenue. the track has been offering simulcast racing and customers have until today to wash their winning tickets. thereafter they'll have to go to the company's off track betting site in vineland. the closure means there are now just three racetracks in new jersey. >> and still ahead already laid off thousands of workers but now the news is really worse. the retail which filed for bankruptcy today. >> what we know about the series of missions aimed at terror cells. >> ♪♪
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arrest daddy in massive anti terror sweeps by agents in france germany belgium and ireland. the raids were carried out as as. the head of euro poll says the foiling of those plots has become extremely difficult. that's because the continent's radicalized muslim population has become increasingly sophisticated. those raids come as secretary of state john kerry is in france for the first time since last week's deadly terror attack there. kerry met with french president francois hollande and laid a wreath at the site of a supermarket siege. secretary kerry offered condolences on behalf of the united states. meanwhile another terror suspect made his first appearance today at the federal courthouse in downtown cincinnati. the judge ordered 20-year-old christopher lee cornell held without bond during a brief detention hearing. he was arrested wednesday and charged with plotting an
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attack to the u.s. capitol with pipe bombs and guns with which he planned to shoot government officials. >> it's a historic weekend for the united states and cuba. six members of congress will go to the island nation on a diplomatic mission. it is the first congressional delegation to visit the country hundreds president obama announced plans to normalize relations. the lawmakers will meet with cuban government officials and diplomats during the trip. they say they want to find out how cuba plans to improve its diplomatic ties with the u.s. the delegation will land in cuba tomorrow and stay until monday. >> to business on a friday. wall street closed the week with a bit of a rally. the dow jumping almost 191 points. the nasdaq also up 63 and a half. the s & p rising 27 on today. wet seal has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. the retailer made that move today just more than a week after it abruptly closed two-thirds of its stores.
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that left thousands of workers out of a job including many right here in our area. wet seal is just the latest teen clothing retailer to go bankrupt. delia's and deb both filed for chapter 11 in december. analysts says it shows the trouble mall based chains are having now that more teens are buying their clothes online. >> time for the "action news" traffic report on a friday. >> matt pelman standing by in the "action news" traffic center. matt how we looking? >> i'm not sure this afternoon commute gets my seal of approval but it's looking a whole lot better than yesterday afternoon that's for sure brian and shirleen. 95 is normal volume versus the major mess we had yesterday with the accident and subsequent closure. this afternoon just some slowing here as you head southbound passing girard avenue. volume still building coming out of the city headed up the two work zone at cottman avenue. could be a rough afternoon on 422. there's a crash on the eastbound side in the work zone approaching arm and
4:15 pm
hammer boulevard giving us slower speeds on the westbound side. on 422 most of the traffic is westbound headed towards pottstown f you're headed in that direction you're looking at speeds in the teens and 20's as you come away from the royersford area this afternoon. a crash in pennsburg along 653 at 29 which is main street. in willow grove by the mall watch out for a wreck along old welsh road at east to. tacony palmyra bridge in the up position. here come the ship headed southbound towards the betsy ross bridge which is where you want to head if you're in a car. that's your alternate. had a crash in franklin township along 40 harding highway. that's out of the way. everything is reopened there. let's do the commuter report on this friday afternoon. have i said that enough times yet? yeah happy friday everybody. one of our friends on the 6abc commuter team talking about a pothole in the road along conshohocken state road which is route 23 just to the east of conshohocken.
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lots of them out there these days. watch out for them as you travel about. we'll check it again brian coming up in the next half hour. >> just to be clear it's friday. >> i do believe. >> thank you my friend. the legacy of dr. martin luther king came 295 a montgomery county auditorium today. these students paid tribute with a school wide assembly at mckinley elementary in elkins park. from musical programs to poetry readings children from every grade had something to add. this celebration comes a few days early since school will be closed in honor of the martin luther king day holiday on monday. >> students at a bucks county high school are involved in a sexting investigation. "action news" anchor monica malpass is in the news room with a story on this. hi monica. >> that's right. middletown township police are investigating this case that involves eight different students and here's what they're up against. they were allegedly sharing sexual images on their cell phones that's what police say. coming up tonight at 5:00 we'll explain how authorities got involved in the case and their warning to other teenagers as well as to
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parents. we're working on that story and of course much more coming up on "action news" in a little bit at 5 o'clock. brian and shirleen see you then. >> very good. up next cecily is back with a weekend call from accuweather. >> plus, we already new katy perry would perform at the super bowl. today we learned the big game will have a philly flavor. find out who else is set to sing on super bowl sunday. >> and don't forget, you can always take us with you on the brand new the smart design changes the layout to fit your device, your tablet, your smartphone. visit any time, anywhere
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>> ♪♪ >> some of opera's brightest stars brought their voices to wilmington today. they sang for patients after them mowrs alfred i dupont hospital for children this afternoon. the performance made possible through a new partnership
4:20 pm
between the hospital and opera delaware intended to show the healing of music and if any music can heal it's the beautiful voice of opera. that guy has talent. >> love it. time for the accuweather forecast. a beautiful sunny day out there if you don't mind the wind. >> chilly. cecily tynan has come indoors. >> i don't think it's that bad out there. temperature in the 40's, wind chills in the 30's. this winter we've had tougher days and sky 6 behind me taking a look at the center city skyline. good amount of sunshine. i think that's what brightens up your mood. we do, though, have a few snow showers around with a cold front that's moving in so storm tracker 6 live double scan showing that these are really up to the north and they're moving down to the south but they're falling apart as they do. they originated up in the poconos but you can see right now just to the north of pottstown, green's lane right now, lansdale, doylestown you'll be getting in on the action crossing 309 and another batch of some snow showers near 202 in new hope
4:21 pm
and these will continue to move to the south and again they're beginning to fizzle out and encounter warmer air and change over to some rain showers. temperatures right now philadelphia 41 degrees. millville 40. wilmington 40. atlantic city little bit cooler -- allentown a little bit cooler i should say 36. atlantic city, since i'm talking about it 40 degrees and reading 36. however, the winds are pretty strong sustained out of the west-northwest 22 miles an hour in philadelphia, gusting up to 30. so this makes the wind chill feel about 10 degrees cooler than the temperature. and tonight behind the cold front temperatures are really going to tumble. 18 degrees in philadelphia. the winds will diminish as we head through the overnight hours. eight in allentown, nine in reading. 13 in millville, 13 in trenton and wilmington 16 degrees. but the good news for your saturday behind the front this high pressure will be right over us so this will clear out our skies lots of sunshine. the winds will be calm on saturday. so perfect day to take a swim. the polar plunge is taking
4:22 pm
place in wildwood tomorrow at 1 o'clock at a convention center its a great cause for the new jersey special olympics so go ahead and take a swim. the ocean temperature 38 degrees the air temperature 30. winds will be light at 5 miles per hour. so the wind chill 25 degrees. just make sure it's a quick swim and get very warm afterwards. future tracker showing as we head through the day on saturday, you can see clear skies here. however, that's the front that will be sweeping in and the models have really been back and forth with the track of this storm but now there's a pretty good consensus instead of pulling offer the coast it will hug the coast and that means rain for all of us on sunday. by 10 o'clock it's moving through the delaware valley approaching the lehigh valley and we're looking at some very heavy rain along the coast up to about an inch of rain. philadelphia about a half inch. the northwest suburbs not quite as much, about a quarter inch but sunday is looking wet. so the four day at 4:00 showing tomorrow plenty of sunshine calm winds a cold
4:23 pm
day 32 degrees. sunday it's a trade-off not as cold 42 but we're looking at periods of rain really all day long. lined that system on monday gusty winds but we dry out for mlk day of service 42 degrees and tuesday we start with sun increasing clouds with a high of 41 degrees. association -- so planning your weekend i would say go outside, it will be cold bundle up, the indoor activity putting away christmas decorations, i still have to do that. i'll do that on sunday. >> thank you cecily. marine reptiles take over adventure aquarium at the camden waterfront. starting today visitors will witness the many animals that ruled the seas more than 100 million years ago. dinosaurs of the deep is the largest exhibit ever offered at the aquarium. it is only available for a limited time so go and check it out. >> yes. and the buzz is next. >> super bowl right around the corner we don't know who is playing in it just yet but we do know who is performing.
4:24 pm
we'll find it coming up next. >> awesome. >> ♪♪
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>> we have got some breaking news right now out of west philadelphia. the action cam live at the scene of 46th and market streets where we have learned a 14-year-old boy was stabbed in the chest. this happened just about one hour ago here. the boy has since been taken to children's hospital in what was described to us as critical condition. police are looking for at least one teenaged suspect in this incident but again a 14-year-old boy stabbed in the chest here at 46th and market just about one hour ago. that boy right now fighting for his life at children's hospital. we'll continue to update this as we learn more information shirleen. >> all right, brian thank you. time now for the buzz. today we are talking super bowl sunday. today we learn frozen star idina menzel will sing the national anthem before the big game kicks off and she won't be alone. philadelphia's own john legend
4:27 pm
will also sing america the beautiful before the game. this year's super bowl is february 1st in arizona. katy perry will perform at half time and of course we'll find out who is going to actually be playing in the super bowl on sunday. and finally looks like rosie perez is staying put as cohost of the view. there were reports that the actress was leaving but rosie o'donnell and abc both say that is not true. perez is in rehearsals for a broadway show right now when she was already signed on to perform in before she accepted her job at the view. so rosie perez is staying put brian. >> all right shirleen thank you. much more "action news" at 4:00 coming up right after this. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph alicia vitarelli shirleen allicott and brian taft. >> ♪♪ >> it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with freebie friday where you can get everything from free beauty products to free sandwiches. >> you had me at sandwiches. plus dash cam drama. a fire smashes flight a man's path. hear how he survived. >> cruel customers force a pizza delivery guy to give back his tip money. we'll show you the video that has so many strangers eager to help the driver. >> we're going to begin now in north philadelphia where dozens are mourning the loss of a social worker executed in
4:30 pm
broad daylight this week. a live look now at the corner of 12th and jefferson streets. that is where philadelphia ceasefire organized a vigil to remember kim jones. the 56-year-old child advocacy worker was shot in the back of the head as she waited for her bus on tuesday. her killer is still on the loose. investigators are pouring over surveillance video from the area but at last check they tell us they had no strong leads. >> turning now to the ongoing fight against the flu. according to the latest numbers from the government, the virus is hitting our region hard, in particular senior citizens. the cdc says this year's vaccine is only 14 percent effective for those over 50. "action news" reporter john rawlins is live in south philadelphia with that story. >> reporter: hi, shirleen. mixed opinions out there about the flu. one large hospital today told us this has been a routine season so far. others have told us they have been swamped. there is also a third school of thought here that this is a tougher strain than normal and
4:31 pm
those who do get infected get sicker and in some cases need hospitalization. >> so we're seeing more cases of people that are pretty sick. >> reporter: mark ross with a group that represents hospitals across the region. he says providers are in the midst of ramping up for flu spaces, some staffing normally unused beds. >> flu patients so they're not potentially infecting other patients who don't have the flu waiting in the emergency department so segregating those people out. >> reporter: the goal, to prevent the spread of a disease that can kill. this is the mercy life center in south philadelphia described sometimes as an adult day-care center and then some. dr. david mingle explains why older people are more at risk for the flu. >> immune systems of an elderly person are not as strong as robust as younger individual so they can't fight off the infection. >> reporter: the rule, everyone gets a flu shot here.
4:32 pm
the government says this year's shot is not as effective as hoped. still mingle says people should get one even now. staffers watch for any sign of flu. if there is a suspected case, that person may be isolated. >> if necessary we'll have them stay home and provide what care they need at home until they get over the illnessism mingle says in the midst of flu season the best defense is good hygiene. hand sanitizer and frequent hand washing, 20 to 30 seconds. >> singing happy birthday twice, so if you're sitting at the sink washing your hands singing happy birthday, you go through that twice and that's usually enough time, rinse are hands off and then you're ready to go. >> reporter: so there you go a rule of thumb for washing your hands. here at the south philadelphia campus of mercy life, they have not had a confirmed case of the flu yet. they are very vigilant and they hope it stays away from their doorstep. live in south philadelphia, john rawlins, channel6 "action news." >> washing those hands important words to heed. thank you john. you can find the latest
4:33 pm
developments on the flu on our web site that includes a closer look at the flu in our area as well as some homemade remedies for symptoms. just click the health check section on >> eight students from neshaminy high school are accused of passing around text messages with sexual photos of other teenagers. police say the group will be issued citations and the cases will be referred to the bucks county youth aid panel for nonviolent offenders. their names are all being withheld because they are under 18. the students were first reported by fellow classmates back in november. an accident involving a car and a school bus sent one person to the hospital in central jersey this morning. chopper 6 hd was over the scene near prospect street and hazel hurts avenue in ewing township. school fishes say a student was boarding around 7:00 a.m. when a car slammed into the side of that bus getting stuck underneath. the student was not hurt but the driver was. officials have not yet released any information as to the extent of their injuries.
4:34 pm
>> philadelphia police are still looking for the driver who slammed into a nicetown home then left their suv behind. it happened along the 4400 block of north 18th street just after 2:00 this morning. the family tells "action news" they were fast asleep when a neighbor knocked on their door with some bad news. their porch had been destroyed by a hit and run driver. >> asleep and my neighbor she woke us up, banging on the door and told us someone just ran into our home. so i mean, i was just shocked. >> fortunately nobody inside the home was hurt and the structure was deemed safe to continue living in. the suv was removed. it is now being used as evidence to try to track down the driver. an accident involving a tractor-trailer filled with rock salt caused a major delay on the new jersey turnpike this morning. it happened in -- around 4:30 in deptford township. police say the truck driver lost control and hit the median. the trailer portion then spun around and slammed into an
4:35 pm
overpass pylon. the impact split the vehicle opened spilling rock salt all over the road. no one was hurt but the turnpike was shutdown for cleanup until 10:00 this morning. >> one new jersey community is honoring dr. martin luther king jr. by recognizing those who keep his legacy alive. atlantic county's 28th annual dr. king commemoration presented an award to henrietta shelton today. she was selected for her work as founder and president of chicken bone beach historical foundation where she promotes and preserves black history. >> meteorologist cecily tynan joining us. >> hello. we have a 50-50 weekend. dry for the first half, wet for the second. we're live at sky 6 take a look at the scene. spring mountain ski resort the a big ski weekend since most children have a free weekend because of mlk holiday on monday. skiing looking pretty good right now today and tomorrow. not so great on sunday. 37 degrees currently in spring mountain. the wind chill right now
4:36 pm
is 29 degrees with those winds sustained out of the west-northwest at 12 miles per hour. and we've had a very blustery day, a winnie-the-pooh kind of day. philadelphia 39 miles an hour gusts, reading 36, trenton 32, wilmington 33 and atlantic city reporting a peak wind gust of 36 miles per hour. so, future tracker showing tonight if you're heading out at friday night a-lot of people go out and celebrate on friday night and the wind chills by 11 o'clock already in the teens and single digits. i'll talk about a cold saturday and a soaking sunday coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> you know, this sunday was going to be my first day skiing this winter and you just said don't do it. >> how about saturday? how about tomorrow. >> thank you cecily. >> i'll see you there. >> turning to health check special report as we age fine lines show up on the forehead right around the eyes and of course near the mouth. it's always been difficult to tackle that final aging issue and still look natural, that is until now. health check and registered nurse ali gorman introduces us
4:37 pm
to a new filler designed specifically for those lip lines. >> injectable fillers have worked. now she's taking on another trouble spot. >> i have some fine lines in my upper lip and in my sides of my mouth that i would like to see gone. >> those little tiny fine lines that sort of etch into the lip line and actually make lipstick or lip gloss bleed into them e plastic surgeon alan wulc says lip augmentation can be tricky. if it's not handled delicately it can go very wrong as reality show actress farrah abraham recently treated. dr. walc says that should happen less often with the recently approved restalyne silk. >> the lip is something we associate with softness so you want a product that feels soft.
4:38 pm
>> reporter: the doctor says restalyne silk flows more smoothly. he squeezed some outside by side with a convention filler to show the difference. the new filler is on the right. >> because of that smoothness you can actually use it in a very superficial tissues and you don't get lurches. >> reporter: she said she got the subtle improvement she wanted. her before picture is on the left after is on the right. dr. walc like other fill ertz, restalyne silk lasts about six months. >> it feels natural and looks really good. even in people that have really fine thin lips. >> reporter: and restalyne silk has a numbing agent in it when which should help prevent some of the pain that comes with injecting such a sensitive area. ali gorman channel6 "action news." >> miniature horses are all the rage these days but not just because they're cute. they also have healing abilities apparently and those therapeutic powers were shared today with patients and residents at luther woods nursing rehab in hatboro.
4:39 pm
an anan adorable paid a visit to the resident. >> we had a debate in the news room. a miniature horse is not a pony. >> it's not a pony, people. >> different things. >> still to come we show you all the things you can get for nothing straight ahead. >> and a florida police chief admits his office have been using african-american suspects' mug shots for target practice but he says it's got nothing to do with race. we'll explain. >> plus, workers at a car dealership under fire over what they did to a pizza delivery guy. why they made him turn around to return his tip. >> meteorologist cecily tynan back with that full accuweather forecast, the timing on sunday's rain. "action news" at 4:00 continues on a friday afternoon right after this. >> ♪♪
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4:42 pm
for surviving this. that was a moment a wheel came loose from a car in front of andrew sudeo crashing into his car. he says it happened so fast that all he could think to do was duck. incredibly a toronto man wasn't hurt. the tire actually bounced off the top of his hood smashing into his sunroof instead of through his windshield. wow. a western pennsylvania woman had the scare of her life when she went to the bathroom in the middle of the night. 62-year-old debbie lamont said it was 4:00 a.m. when she spot spotted a python wrapped around sink in her home. she initially thought it was a scarf but when she realized it was moving she moved too day. >> ran out and shutter the door and the snake's head kept popping out from under the door as i was calling 911 so i would bump the snake with my cane to make him stay in the
4:43 pm
bathroom. >> police raced to debbie's apartment and brought the snake to a reptile sang that was wary. as for how the creature got there in the first place she thinks it was someone's pet that escaped and slithered under the door. >> over here at the big board now with the big talkers today and we begin with serious allegations against a south florida police department. the chief in north miami is denying reports now of racial profiling after officers were found using mug shots of african-americans for target practice. the can chief told abc news that officers may have exercised "poor judgment" by only shooting at pictures of black suspects. he went on to insist that general target practice includes multiple lineups including images of all races. now this. this is surveillance video showing a pizza delivery guy moments after he was ordered to return seven dollars from an auto dealership in westport massachusetts.
4:44 pm
he thought it was a tip on $50. not unreasonable but that's not how the dealers saw it. you see they made him drive all the way back to the dealership and give them back the money and then they berated him. incredibly this video was posted by the car dealers who wanted to publicly shame the delivery guy but us a might guess, it's the dealers who are getting the wrath of the internet for being obnoxious. posters have called them arrogant rude and dismissive. >> people feel so strongly about something that they're willing to do something about it. >> embarrassed the owner of that car dealership is now fired. one person seen in the video and pledged to make a cash donation to the pizza guy. no word yet if it's more than seven dollars. finally, they're back. brought together by his break up and her name, the globe
4:45 pm
trotting odd couple has landed. you recall jordan who broke up were it his girlfriend elizabeth. problem he had already booked a ticket around the world with a ticket that her name on it. after a nationwide search he found another elizabeth gallagher to join him. the pair traveled together to milan paris new deli even hong kong all on jordan's dime. in case you're wondering the two got along beautifully but we asked. they didn't lit it off romantically. elizabeth stresses that she's already got a boyfriend and that relationship is intact. but jordan was so inspired by the number of people who reached out to him shirleen since we told this story so many times he start add new charity to help underprivileged people make their travel dreams come true, so good ending for everybody here. >> i love that. i expected her not to have a boyfriend anymore after that trip. >> you're not the only one. >> he's still winning. thank you brian. let's get another check on the roads, shall we. matt pelman in the "action
4:46 pm
news" traffic center. >> and i'm still jealous that of trip. we're ending the holiday weekend shirleen so what better time than to get out and about and do some traveling but if you're going to do that i would not head for the schuylkill expressway just yet. we have a crash on the westbound side past city avenue off to the shoulder now but it was blocking a lane for a little while. so we're dealing with pretty much parked traffic coming westbound from montgomery through this point approaching belmont. meanwhile on the big picture also watching a crash just off of the schuylkill on city avenue itself by presidential boulevard. we have police activity associated with the stabbing in west philadelphia at 46th and market. definitely a good spot to avoid. chestnut or walnut probably better bets through that neck of the woods. crash along old welsh road at easton road. one in hatboro along county line road at meetinghouse road. it is friday afternoon after all. pennsburg by the baskin robbins watch out for a wreck along 663 at 29 main street
4:47 pm
and we have the wreck on 422 eastbound in the pottstown area but the delays through that neck of the woods and through the work zone have vanished so that's good news. in mount laurel a broken down vehicle partially blocking the ramp from 295 south to 73 and in delran a crash involving a train along chester avenue near river road. that means service on njt's river line is suspended between cinnaminson and riverside. we'll update that check the rest of the situations again brian and shirleen in the 5 o'clock hour. have a good weekend. >> you too matt. thanks. see you shortly. and meteorologist cecily tynan back with that exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast coming up next.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
>> ♪♪ >> all right meteorologist cecily tynan joining us now. one of those weekends where you go outside one day and stay inside. >> in that order exactly. saturday will be mild and
4:50 pm
cool, sunday will be warm and wet. let me show you where the action cam was today. in atlantic city, sunshine, blue skies windy perfect beach day if it were about 40 degrees warmer. and we do have a cold front that's ushering in much colder air. it's createing a new snow showers. doylestown right now reporting some light snow showers lansdale mixing in with rain showers near jenkintown, malvern also a few rain and snow flurries mixed in. that cold front is really going to bring us some very frigid air in the overnight hours. today these temperatures really deceiving. it's 41 degrees in philadelphia, 39 in millville 39 in trenton, 36 in reading and 40 in wilmington but we've had wind gusts more than 30 miles per hour today, so you factor in the winds the way it feels the wind chill is 31 in philadelphia. we have wind chills in the northwest suburbs in the 20's and the wind chills tonight will be dropping down into the
4:51 pm
teens and single digits by midnight. the reason why satellite6 along with action radar showing this high pressure. this is an arctic high pressure. this is building in tonight and this will drop the temperatures very quickly. the overnight low down to 18 degrees in philadelphia, eight in allentown, nine in reading. millville 13. and the boardwalk in atlantic city it will be down to 19 degrees. it will be windy through about midnight and then the winds will be diminishing as we head through the overnight hours. future tracker showing tomorrow despite loads of sunshine, by 4 o'clock temperatures really struggling to make it into the low 30's and some of the northwest suburbs won't even make it out of the 20's. so it's going to be one of those beautiful days to look at but you definitely do need to dress for the weather. future tracker showing that sunday it's really the complete opposite. temperatures will be mild with winds out of the south-southwest but the rain will be moving in by mid to late morning. even as a little bit of ice in the far northwest suburbs but this is really a rain event. continues through the day by 2
4:52 pm
o'clock and it will be moving off shore by sunday night. so, this is what to expected on sunday. again when that moisture first moves in the far northwest suburbs could be a brief period of some freezing rain and as it first moves in before the ground really starts to warm up. mainly though we're talking about a rain event. this is not going to be snow. you don't need the shovels but you need the umbrellas. temperatures rising up into the 40's and your location determines how much rain you get. northwest suburbs about a quarter inch. along the coast this is going to be soaking there could get more than an inch of rain. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast sunny calm and very cold tomorrow, 32 degrees. on sunday, we bumped up to 42 degrees. with that rain. the rain is gone by monday's holiday it will be dry but gusty winds 42 degrees, increasing clouds on tuesday 41. on wednesday, some rain or snow showers 39 degrees. and behind that system we clear out, the temperatures remain on the cool side. afternoon highs only in the upper 30's. so at least you don't have to
4:53 pm
shovel rain but sunday is not going to be a very pretty day. >> that is the silver lining. thank you cecily. freebie friday is coming up next.
4:54 pm
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800.974.6006 tty/v >> ♪♪ >> it is time now to save with 6abc on this freebie friday. we begin with a freebie perfect for the long weekend on monday. all national parks will waive entrance fees to commemorate martin luther king jr. day. even better, admission to the benjamin franklin museum and the edgar allen poe national historic site will be free all weekend long in honor of both of their birthdays. eastern state penitentiary is also commemorating the life of the civil rights leader with free readings of can king's letter from birmingham jail. the excerpts will be presented three times a day from saturday to monday. just reserve tickets online or at the door.
4:56 pm
next up, if you or your little ones just can't get -- can can't let -- let it go when it comes to disney's "frozen" you should head to the blue cross river rink winter fest tomorrow. the pennsylvania horticultural society will not only be showing the movie they will be -- there will be a sing along giveaways and photo ops if noon until 3:00 p.m. if you're a fan of the honey baked ham you'll love this freebie. the cafe is offering a free ham classic sandwich to those in the rewards program. sign up online. if you find yourself near a teavana store. stop in to receive a free iced winter berry tea. information on all freebies and bonus deal for beauty products by heading to >> we introduce you to the adorable new resident of a london zoo. this pygmy hippo is just one month old but ready for his closeup. he's already making quite a splash across the pond. the zoo says he's getting
4:57 pm
great care from his mom flora and his personality is starting to develop. he explores his new home there. doesn't have a name yet but after this video hit the internet you know what he's got plenty of fans and lots of suggestions. it's actually cute. >> that hippo is a stark contrast to the one we saw yesterday coming out of the water scaring people. >> that was a frightening one. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 i'm brian taft. shirleen and i along with adam and ducis rodgers back tonight for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> "action news" at 5:00 is coming up next. >> see you tonight. >> ♪♪
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jamie apody meteorologist cecily tynan rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪♪ >> for the first time we're getting a look at a wandered gunman dressed all in black. surveillance cameras captured this suspect wanted for killing a mother and beloved member of a north philadelphia community. friday night rick is off sharrie williams joins us. tonight the big story on "action news" is this new lead in a murder that has shocked people who knew 56-year-old kim jones. >> and today surveillance video was released as jones' loved ones gathered to mourn
5:00 pm
her death. >> "action news" reporter vernon odom live at police headquarters with the very latest developments tonight. vernon. >> reporter: the police manhunt for the killer remains very intense tonight and that will continue through the weekend. late today police released surveillance video they hope will help their investigation. this is surveillance video of kim jones walking northbound from her home tuesday morning to the bus stop at 12th and jefferson. the next sequence shows her killer approaching having followed her there after hiding in front of her home for an hour. you can see the killer approaching the bus stop and jones a social worker who was headed to work in center city to her job around 9:15. >> when she does come out then he follows her in a very calm manner, walks up behind her and shoots and kills her. >> reporter: here you see the killer calmly walking away from the murder scene heading towards broad street. the entire body and head bundled up. it was freezing out there but this was also done to avoid being identified. here you see


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