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tv   Action News  ABC  January 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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ingest college football coach and mother speaks out about the night her daughter was killed before her eyes custom chrome... right! and one more to complete the collection. (laughing) alright. how'd you know? you've got the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah. $1,000,000 super cash, with top prizes of $1 million. (male announcer) want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. >> whether vindication or simply the answer of trying to avoid embarrassment of trial the fact is joe pat orn owe has 111 wins back. that's the headline result of today's settlement between ncaa
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and penn state university. friday night the big story on "action news" tonight is the null and voiding of the consent decree that brought crippling sanctions against penn state in the wake of the revelations of jerry sandusky and sharee williams as you well know the on the field sachtions like scholarships and bowl games were lifted but today is an agreement that substantially restores joe pattern owe's legacy. >> he's such an iconic figure and with these wins restored it means joe paterno reclaims title of most winningest coach in college football. total 112 wins restored and 111 paterno's and one belongs to tom bradley. it's a major turning point for penn state and the football program. >> it's a victory for people of pennsylvania. today is a great day for penn state nation.
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>> senate morety leader rejoicing he was among those that believed the ncaa did not have authority to wipe out the 112 wins garnered between 1998 and 2011 announcement ofed wins being restored was a major milestone and the senator thought ncaa went too far in punishing university and joe paterno for what he called evil doing of one man jerry sandusky. >> the reputations of many people including one of the most revered sports figure of the 21 century were tarnished by accusations not based in fact. >> wins were officially vacated in decree 012 in which the university signed off on. ncaa levied a $60 million fine against the university. but senator coreman didn't think the decree was fair so he and others filed a lawsuit against the ncaa. and now just weeks before the scheduled trial on legality of that decree the ncaa changed
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course saying it does not want to draw out the case and delay funds that could help victims of sexual abuse. today on espn outside the line joe paterno son jay responded to ncaa decision not to go to trial. >> i think the ncaa and mark emorry were anxious to get this over with rather than face music in february and take the stand. >> jay paterno does he fended his father. >> actual prosecutors in this case stated on the record joe paterno was forthcoming and he was cooperative and that he followed the law. >> and there's also some negative reaction to the wins being restored. those making the case said it can never repair the pain the victims suffered. jim we also learned today the 60 million fine the school was hit with that money will now stay in the state of pennsylvania to fight and prevent child sexual abuse. >> part of settlement. >> part of the settlement. >> thank you sharee.
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the girl stabbed in southwest philadelphia today died. police arrested a 16-year-old girl in relation with the attack. homicide charges are pending as police search the suspect's home. the two had a fight in the lunch room at philadelphia high school today and the altercation resumed 46 and market where stabbing happened and the victim tied before 9:00 tonight. >> a 3-year-old boy is dead after train collided with a car in delran late this afternoon. the accident happened 4:00 new jersey transit river line at chester avenue. two other people in the vehicle were taken to cooper university hospital for treatment. five people on the train suffered non-life-threatening injuries. river mine light rail is suspended in both directions between cinnaminson and riverside. >> a lehigh county woman was killed when her suv was hit by a freight train tonight. police say the 64-year-old from macungie township drove her suv
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on to the tracks west main street mill street and the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. upper darby police officer opened fire on a suspect late today who allegedly tried to run her down with his car. the shooting happened just before 5:30 during an undercover drug buy near 6 and walnut. officer's bullet did not hit the suspect. he is in custody. police say they had a semi-automatic handgun heroin, crack contain and large amount of cash in the suspect's vehicle. newly released surveillance shows the moments before and after the murder of the north philadelphia social worker tuesday morning. police say the gunman waited outside 56-year-old kim jones' home for an hour and then followed jones to the bus stop 12 and jefferson where he shot her execution style. police say the killer then calmly walked away and boarded the subway broad and cecil b. moore. tonight family and friends hld a
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vigil tore jones and her son pleaded for witnesses to come forward. >> my mother was a great person and very selfless and you know as we serldier she deserved a lot better than this. >> there is a 20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer. >> the mother who allegedly locked her mentally impaired son outside in freezing temperatures turned herself into upper darby police. kareem tolbert is charged with recklesslien dangering another person it happened last week when tolbert kicked the 18-year-old out because he did not wear the right pants to school. monday will mark the one year anniversary of murder of amber lawch the philadelphia woman was stabbed to death after a holdup on the 900 block of front street in northern liberties section of the is they. that's where "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live tonight. dann you talked to her mother today what did she say to you.
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>> that she remembers that night like it was yesterday and her daughter one and only child was her best friend. >> she was an old soul. she was a very, very wise person for her age. >> an architect at nev's architect tour amber long traveled to italy to study architecture and was accomplished artist are impressive drawings and young woman with a good crowd of friends and as senior in high school wrote a touching letter thanking her. >> thanks for giving me life mom that love will stay with me as long as i live and one day i'll have a child of my own and pass that love open. happy mother's day i hope this letter means as much to you as it does to me. >> this monday marks a year since 12e6 any long area daughter amber were walking along front in northern liberties after a night on the town when two ban dates approached them and shot amber in the chest killing her. >> i heard the pop and she was
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falling back towards me and. >> surveillance footage shows men getting into a black late model chevy impala where another man was waiting and it had new york tags. to this case the -- day the case was not solved. >> amber died in her mother's arms and i take it personally we want to catch the killers. we know somebody saw something. >> a grieving mother created legacy of scholarships at philadelphia university and works with handbags for peace to give self-defense training and fighting to keep amber's story alive until justice comes. >> i have done everything i possibly can to keep her alive and keep her work alive. a 37,000 reward remains on the table for information leading to an arrest and conviction. if you know something the homicide unit of the philadelphia police is waiting for your call.
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live in northern liberties i'm dann cuellar "channel 6 action news." >> thank you dann. 44-year-old erica good win is in critical condition hahneman university hospital in philadelphia and she has a broken shoulder and put multiple spine and rib fractures result of accident that killed a 18-year-old girl. goodman was walking on 16 near chestnut when 18-year-old rebecca kim fell from aets th floor window and landed on top of goodwin. kim was on the ledge taking pictures when she fell. she was pronounces district attorney at the hospital. >> it was another protest of alleged excesserive for against police. 00 protesters began out and chanted through part of center city. >> supreme court will take up the nationwide same-sex marriage debate and the justices will determine whether gay couples have the constitutional right to marry or if states can ban
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same-sexed marriage in april the report will review a ruling that abantsed bans a decision is expected late june. gay if marriages are legal 36 states and district of columbia. >> in belgium police are conducting rage against terror suspects arresting dozens of people. this was the scene in belgium last night as police shot it out with three terror suspects. two suspects were kilingd and one captured. authorities say 400 young men traveled from bell sdwroum syria to fight alongside mill tapts and officials fear those men returned to form terror cells back home. >> meanwhile president obama hosted british prime minister david cameron at the white house where they pledged to fight domestic terrorism. they called it a poisonous death consult and sign cyber
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intelligence is sem for following these attacks. >> the lives that get saved there's a connection when that and capabilities that are intelligent services within the law used to defend our people. >> but, cameron and president obama urged propping congress, u.s. congress to hold off on implementing new sanctions against iran in midst of nuclear tawxz. >> 20-year-old ohio man accused of plottinging to attack lawmakers at the u.s. capitol was denied bond. christopher cornell was in court today and planned to set up pipe bombs at the capitol and then shoot lawmakers as he ran out. she was arrested wednesday. they called cornell danger to the public and flight risk. >> delaware first mcgettigan marijuana clinic opens its doors tomorrow in wilmington they will not sell marijuana or have on premises but doctors here will certify he patients to have
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access to marijuana when the state dispensary opens in april. kids over the age of 18 certain conditions can have six counsels bribd by a doctor. >> i remember the dream came alive tonight in cherry hill through music ♪ congregation hosted 12th annual mlk celebration 80 singers respecting bap tut and jewish contributions from across new jersey sang with one voice in this year's unity club. >> that night cap you had may not maybe you rest earsier tonight. ahead the affects of alcohol on sleep. >> and rhinos make a break for it. >> temperatures are plunging tonight. get ready for cold saturdays. i'm tracking the details in the accuweather forecast. >> ducis roger with more on yeah paterno getting ways back.
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that and more when "action news" continues. pass
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ss >> pope francis had a surprise visit to children in philippines. he visited an orphanage in manila. they will wrap up on sunday. it could be attempt tended by 6 million people. >> on health check tonight delaware hemth officials announced another flu related death bringing toll this season to 15. now we're learning flew vaccine is so much lessee infective than previously thought and for those under 18 officials say the vaccine is 26% effective against the most predominant strain for 18 to 49 years effectiveness drops 12%. 50 and older works only 14% ever
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the time. >> a new study may make you think twice about settling in with the might cap. researchers in australia examine affects of late night alcohol consumption in sleep and treat add dults to glass of orth juice and orange juice spiked with vodka before bedtime. alcohol drichingers had brain activity consistent with sleep disturb ans instead of drink the researchers suggest winding down with reading or taking a hot shower. >> admission got underway to immortgage lies a sergeant. she is the local world war ii veteran whose book inspired band of brothers when you're around silver and bronze star and two purple huts. 35 students joined raching of lasalle university alumni tonight. proud families looked open as these youth learners graduated
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during a ceremony rodman theater they earned associate degrees from the school's step for spanish speakers and more than half the clouds went top high school outside the united states. youngest graduate is 19. >> hosting a new event worth bunding up. fire and ice kicked off penn street tonight. they can watch sculptures turn into black ice and make creatures like this. >> why music and surely ticked off and ice wine bar. that's all happening reading. >> berks county. >> perfect weather for it tomorrow. that ice will not be melting in reading. it will be cold. >> not any time soon. >> maybe on sunday. >> a stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we have a dry and cold start to weekend. let's go live on sky6 taking a look in atlantic city and
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atlantic city shaking a little bit and that's because i should not say atlantic city shaking but sky6 shaibing a bit and that's because we have wind gusts 21 miles an hour in atlantic city now and that's including wind chills in the teens. temperatures dropping and philadelphia 27 down from high of 43. three above normal and felt cool were gust question winds. allentown 20. atlantic city airport 26. you factor in the winds out of north west and wind chill 15 pe atlantic city airport. 17 philadelphia. 9 allentown and trenton and poconos current wind chill three degrees. it's cold out there. the reason why high pressure this arctic high pressure is building down across a cold front that swept through today mostly dry few scattered showers here and there and flew thursdayyes that's height pressure will be here one day. we have aggressive pattern and symptoms are moving quickly as
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that colder air moves in tonight temperatures really tumbling. 18 the low in philadelphia, 13 trenton. millville 1 3. allentown 8 and reading and lancaster 9. wind chill 5 to 15. it's a cold night and tomorrow will be a frigid day. we really won't have to deal with wind tomorrow. that's good news. wall to wall sunshine but by 10:00, 24 by 1:00, 9 and temperatures struggling into low 30s by 4:00 in the afternoon. >> future tracker shows you things change quickly on surprised and early in the morning rain developing south of philadelphia that will bring heavy rain especially along the coast. in northwest suburbs you'll make out heavy rain cloudy and damp. it moves out sunday night and future tracker showing along the coast we could get up to inch and a half i rain. a real soaking rain. philadelphia half inch to three-quarters inch and rainfall
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amounts drop off further north and west you are. the exclusive accuweather 7 day forecast brought sunshine tomorrow calm winds cold, high only 32. that's 8 below normal. sunday, it will be rainy. it will be dreary. heaviest rain east of philadelphia. it will not be all that cold though. 42. this is rain event and could begin as little bit of some ice in the far northwest suburbs at onset. monday behind that system for mlk day of service a lot like today gusty winds. 42. it will be dry. nix tour of clouds and sunshine and tuesday clouds 4 1. wednesday a clipper moving through brings us rain or snow showers high of 39. and then on thursday, it clears out behind that system. cools off a little bit. 37. and friday, mixture of clouds and sun with a high of 38. since this is three day weekend
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we think of it as sandwich. sunshine saturday and monday and rain right in the middle. >> the rain of which is visually you can understand. >> meanwhile we get through another 7 days without any real snow. >> keep it going. >> deep going. >> we got that going for us. >> keep it going. >> i'll try. >> three rhinos did not miss the opportunity to make a break from safari park in israel and the guard was sleeping and animals slipped out. surveillance shows the rhinos making their escape and the guard woke up and gave chase. the rhino's were able to make it out into the parking lot before workers managed to round them up. meanwhile the guard was fired for sleeping on the
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will join katy perry. super bowl is february 4. >> penn state fans celebrating tonight. joe paterno gets wins back. >> this ends what could have been long litigation process between penn state and ncaa. they dissolved consent decree eriksson signed in 2012 in connection with the jeff skversky scandal. by doing so 112 victory stripped from the school has been restored. 111 of those victories blocks to joe paterno. his record is returned to 409 136 and 3. he is power house in football history. settlement between the school and ncaa calls for a 60 million fine of child abuse be spent in the state of pennsylvania his son is police the but wants more. >> i think there's a lot more to explain to why the reputation of penn state university and certainly reputation of athletic department that was model
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program across the board why that was allowed to be sacrificed in alter of expediency. >> sixers are young, inexperienced and also hungry. that can be fun to watch. it's tonight against new orleans, former sixer guard jrue holiday with a bum ankle. early 1st quarter action. nerlens noel cleanup duty. later in the opening quarter robert coughington three of eight teen in rage. and back to 3rd quarter, 17 points, 11 boards, five blocked shots. ncw leads. sixers win 96-81. >> if you come on for w, we don't take that lightly. if you want to sit your guys because we're a team then you get up and down and run.
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>> maclin and dorenbos added to the pro bowl and as a source says lesean mccoy will pull out with injury. salary cap will be close to $12 million. that's hot. he may be asked to restructure the contract and it sounds like something he would be willing to sdpo do. >> i've been in pennsylvania all my life and i love the team and i'm sure we can work something out. i don't think it's that big of a topic. coach kelly knows how i feel about the team. we'll wait and see. >> still ahead the number one golfers in the world roy mcllroy does something he never did before and phillies bring back a
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>> don brown and ben revere will be back in a uniform. the team avoided arbitration. he was third in the league with 39 stole ep basis and earn more than 4 million and brown will get.5 million. he took a step backward last year. 235, ten home runs. year before brown hit 2 home runs. >> rory mcllroy going with a nine iron. first professional hole in one. that's sports. >> thank you, ducis. >> pro athletes past and present filled the crown plaza cherry hill for an evening to one of their own. 111 annual sports writer association awards dinner
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recognized more than two dozen athletes. among honorees charlie manuel with special achievement award and dragones won 15 of the year award. >> sitting in crowded room fluid to laptop is not considered social fauxpau in university city tonight. programmers from around the world centereded around city of pennsylvania for hack-a-thon. teens have 3 hours to create a web, mobile or hardware application with goal of solving real world problems. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline". "action news" continues at 5:30 with eva pilgrim and meteorologist chris sowers. now for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner have a good night and great weekend
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- mel brooks. from "into the woods," christine baranski. "this year in unnecessary censorship." and music from jenny lewis. with cleto and the cletones. and now, to be on the safe side, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. happy holidays to everyone. you like my look?


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