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tv   Action News  ABC  January 17, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EST

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february a take t s. jay parno dofeed fr > al osetors in t e stat otorjoe pao was fthmg a h ascoopeti a followed e l. >nd there's ao so tve action tthe ws g rd. tse making the csa it nver e pthectims suf jm we ened t t 60miion feool witwi that mey ww ay ine st pnsnia fht and child sualuse. > art sent >part of the sett >thank yo gl se soustiladelpa toy dd.poce arrt a ol gl irn thhe c. cde chg e penng a pice seat sus'shoe.thtwo h a fht it l oo ailelphia hhoo tay and the ation umed 46 mk sbbing hand the vtim
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e hse in upy c.kem tolrt is chaithrlessln dgeng otherpeon it hp la wk wn tolick the er-o cae hd wr e rin to o. >>mondawl mk t o yr annirsary orr oaer lah thedelia nwas sbboea aa hon t 90o o fnt st inelrties secon t i ty. ' whe " ns" rter da cuelr is litght. nn y taed to h mr ywhat d s say to y. >that shebers that nig t wayesteay an auhter o a oild w fend > sas ad so.e was a vy, vye pson hr a. > an ahi at n'sctectour amr l raeled taly to stu
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ahitecture and wasacmplishedrtt a iressivdrawgs a wn wh gdwd of ns a as senr in hh sool wre a tcng letteraing h. >hanksor givg me lmo that lll stith malong aie and oay 'l have ahild of ow as tt le on. ymotr's dopehisler mes o u as doo m this mond rks aearse 12e6 any laa ghter aer wlking ng frt irtrnlirties afnight othe hen two bes oched tm ah amb ithe cst klg > ied t pophe was ig bkowas me d.>> siln f showsn gettingnto aclate e c impa where ano was wting a it had n yk ts. this ce -- d e ce nt so. > amed in h ms rm a i te it pelye
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wt to cat the kiwenow sy w sng. a grieng mher creadlacy of scps at aelph unersity and ors with hdba f pee t ge sfense ting aghting to ke aertor ave until jucos. > iaone ev i ily can toeep heeakeep h wale. a 3000 rewmains ot table fortio ding rest andnctio f ou know sng the cde f tphadelpaoce iwaiting your in ne les i dn cuelr "n 6ctio ns." > you, da.4ear-old erid n i riical con haemanuersity spain hadelph ahe h ken shlder and put mti pie a r fur lt acide tt ll a
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er-old gi. mn wasalking on 16 nearchtnut wh 1ar ca kim fell fathfr wind lded on to gi imwas on t lge cures wh e felswas proc dt aorney at e hoil iwas ath t ofled eri r againstpoce.00 oteers ben o chnted tgpt ocr . > upremcourwi take upthe nationwe me ate and e jces w dermine wey couesve the conional rht tmy or if stan bse-sexed marrie in apr trort will rw ring tt ted bans aion i eected late jgif marrges are l 36ats and strict of cu > ibem po a cducting ragn or ets aeg zens l. ts w e sce iiuml nig as peh o
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hree rror sc. suspects we n ae cae oiti s 4 y mtveled frolsdoum syato fhtngside ml p oficia fese m trned to fteor cel h meanwhe psi obased british nistervd cen aehi hoe ethey edg fig dstic rrism.t call it a poius dth ult a sn ctelligence is ser oinghese a. he lis th g d hee's a cionhen tt an capabities tt e eligt sviwith t l used dend oure. > bueron a psi oma urged ppng cesu. co ho oilementing nctis
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nt ir imid of nartaz. >20-year-d oh mus plogg tckwmakers aths. cil dnied bd.ritopher coe wn c ay anded to set u bbs athe cap a tnst lawks as he out s was ar wnesd.e cald dger to e pc flight ri. delawareirst mcgtmjuana clns i smorow in wngt ty w osell rijuana ore pmises butrs he wlrtfy patto veass to rua wn the e dpea ope in a. ver t age o18 ct ditions cane six cns bd ba > i thdrmame ave tit in ry hi uh m♪ cati
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e 12 aual mcebration 8nrsspectinbap tuteshcributns fm aoss njsey sang vce ints ys uny c > pou h mayno mbe you reertoght. aad t s oalh on p >and rn make a b fori > tempetures are pluing gt. g ref cold sa i tracking thels in wath fa. > s ger wme o prno gettg ways bac ha a mwhenaion ws" tinues
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deciding what to buy is one thing. deciding between buying food and health care is something else.
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healthy pa is now here to help with name-brand health insurance that costs as little as a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, call or apply online today.
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pe fis h arrise vit to cldren ipin.
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eisited ange innila. y will wraup on sda could bettet tded b6miion pe > ohchectonight wre h cialsaunced anflu red ah brng tohis s t5. n we're leag fw ine smuessee e anevouslthoht and fse r 18ls say acine is 2 ete ainthe int strf to yea eecnsops 1. a olr woly 14% eve t t > a n s y youitwi about selg i wh the ght c.searche in salia emineacts of le nig al numption in sep ant dtto gla oor juea juice iked wi vka be aohol diers hinavity csnt wh e tb
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anead of drtrarche sgwindg dow rdi otg a hot swer. aison geay to rgage lies sen is lalld r rn whe bk id ba rothe wh yornd vr andn star andrple hs. tden joeracnofslle uv gt. pud fiooked on a te yth ns gduedrng aerony rm tarey earn aie drsom the sl'sp for paish sers th f the clent top sool ouide thunitedses. gst gd is
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1 >hosting a new ent wornng upfe ancked o p tret tonit. can watch stus tuin bck i a retures li y mud rely tied a iine b. ' allning rdi > erks cnt perfecweathefor it row. tt ice ll n elting in dig. it wil cd. > notny time sn > m on sd > a srck 6 live de n showg we he a d a ol srto l's e on stang alk in ic ci a aantic city shang a le an's e i su stnticity shi s6 sg ait and at becae wha wd gts 2s ur i aantic city now at' iluding wd ls in tes. emeratures opping aphadelphia7o from h f 4 tee ave nl d fe c e ution wdantown
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20.atlantic ty art 2 y fact in e w out onth westnd wd l 15 peatlantic ty apo. plahia. llentown d tnn a conos curnt wcll three es. i cold o t. rs wigpssurei ac gpreu ibuilding dross a co fnt tt e tgh taymoly dry fcred sws he a the a flew sayyes thas prssure wbe he oay e he asve p and ymtoms a movick att cold air m onit eatus reay tg. the low in phpa, 13 tn.mville 3.antown 8 and reand ater 9. hill 5 to 1 is ld nid tro il be a fg d. e re't htde ind tom
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t's go ns. l to wl ne buby 0 2 by 1:0 9 andtemperatus singntoowsy 4 t ano. >future tcker sho tngs ceuily on rsednd ely tmoing rainevelopi s ofpladelphia twl bng yrain ay along thecot. t sus y' m hvya cloy and v ou nig a fure tcowg ane st we cld get up to inc a a hf i r oing rn.ildelphia hf incree-quae inch rai unts dr rtherorth wst you e. exe cuweather 7 drecast brght sunshi rrow cm w cd,h .t's 8 bow nmal.nday it wbe ra t wille dar viest rn et phadelpa. will not be a thoough. h iieve and cl bin as te b ofi t
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nor sur at t onay bd th sfor dy of svi a l a s win. t wie dry nx tr lou anheantuesdaylou 4 desday a p mov hrugh bngs us rn sn swers hh 3 d thtrsd ita ou bdhat s cls off ai bit..d frmiure ocs su a hh of 38. ethis ithe ded hnk of it as sh.sine sy andonday a ight in e mdl > the in of viayu can usnd. meanwhe getgh ather 7ays wut a rl . > kit go > eep goin > h goi us. keept gng i'll t > hree rnos d niss oortuni to ma
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are fm r park in and e d was sleeping d imalsiped ou ellance s e rh ing their es th grd woke uanvehase r'we able to make i o into tarng leferkers m to rnd tm u mnwhile the gud was f sleepinon the
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a y ktz l jo katy p.per bowl bary 4.>> pnteans celringnght. je peo ges b > ewh could hebe long litatn pce eteen pn ate and n he dsv c de risson gn in 2in onectioni the jeff kvrsky sal. ong so 112 v stpd he sool h reored.111 oo vrs bcks tjoe o. hrecord returned to 40 nd 3. is powse fo htory. lmenbeeen e sld ncls f a 6min fe of child ase bent i t st pnsylvania s onis pthe bts me. > thinthers a lot more topain tw
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the tn o pn state ivsityn ctainly rutn of atdrtment as prgram acrs d w tt wlw to besaificed alr ofediency >sixers a young experieed d also hy ha c be fu onit against n oeans foer s a je hoiday wh aum ane.rly 1st quaer act erens noel cle dy. ler it ong quarr r cgn tee ofet teen in ragand bko 3uae 17its, 11 br fivkedsts. lads. ixs win 981. iyome on r wwe ttake tt l
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iou nts yr guy buse we' aeaen u ud wn a r >maclin and dedded to po bo d aa sourceys an moy pl wih in lry c wl lose $'s h. a besked to rte cact a ius le sthing w bwilli tos d>i've bn ipylnia amlife a i ve the a i sure c wk tng d tnk itt bi a cach kel kns h fl at the te well wait and s > till ead t numo es in t wlr mcres someing he r dibore anphlies brin
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you get used to the pet odors in your couch. you think it smells fine but your guest smell this. eliminate odors you've gone nose blind to with febreze fabric refresher. smells good. so you and your guest can breath happy. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me... zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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don bwnnd vere wl e back un teaded ari. ws thd inhe lgh 3 stole ep bas aa me tn 4 mlind bwn willt.5 mil h ta step bkwlta. t r r bore bro 2 hons.>> croy gng with
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an iron.rt pronal hole in tt's spts > t you di > proles pa t ied the plaza ch l foning te of r own. aual sster cati awar drconized mortn honees crmuwi l avement ard nd dr w 15 oeearawd. > ittininroed roid atop is not cred a un un cy tht pgramme from ound twd centeded ad cit sylvania r htn. n ha 3otcate a obi dre iati with gl svg l w . "mimlive" non
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nl 6 fled by hline". acion ns" cties at 50 va lgm and oologist c ss.nfor cily tyncis roers ahe ei "on ew" teai maner ve aood nit angreaween
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so what are we doing tonight? what are we doing? we're drinking a bottle of wine. i got another one waiting for us in the on-deck circle. that's what we're doing. oh, the stay-at-home-and-drink date. always dangerous. alcohol makes it harder to filter yourself. you'd make a pretty girl. and we're off. seriously. i have a skirt that's a little too big for me and god knows you've got the legs. all we gotta do is shave you down, and then tuck some stuff back up. no tucking. all right, fine. then we won't have fun. mm. can we at least have some serious share time? i'll start off with a classic-- how many people have you slept with? six. oh, wait. are we counting people that we wish we hadn't? yeah. all right, nine and a half. what about you? 8... really? 3. 83. 183. (chuckles) ooh. most of it happened when i was in college. uh, i was in a boy band called 'da booty crew. "don't hold that against me."


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