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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  January 18, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EST

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>> good morning, it is 7:00 a.m. on this sunday, january 18. here's what's happening on "action news." storm tracker 6 live double scan live shows a steady soaking move be into the area. there's a threat of flooding in some areas meteorologist chris sowers has the overnight update. >> a man and woman are shot inside a home in philadelphia's frankford section. we have details from the police working the case. millions flock to pope francis' mass in the philippines. hear what one girl said that left the pope almost speechless. >> outside we go to chris sowers with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: we're having issues we're having freezing rain it's hard to grip the patty io, severing glazed over, as you can see my feet here, i
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can barely grip the cement always i walk. we're seeing the freezing rain. the platform is where most of the on air talent stands while they are outside, i can't stand on this it's a sheet of ice. let's flip it over to storm tracker 6 live double scan, most areas of philadelphia we're seeing rain, but where we are picking up the blue shade that's the freezing rain that's starting to be reported from philadelphia and south and east, woodbury glassboro marlton cherry hill reporting freezing rain. it's rain falling from the clouds freezing on contact with the ground because the ground is frozen. freezing rain across western portions of south jersey and the i-95 corridor. south and east, temperatures are moderating a little bit we're above 32 degrees, we're switching over to plain rain. millville, malaga, some of them are seeing rain, heavy at times.
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we're seeing ponding on roads hammonton, white horse pike and black horse pike, heavy rain out there, as well. once you get closer to the city, that's where we are starting to pick up the slick spots. the magic number is 32 degrees we hit that in philadelphia him once we go above 32 that's when all the ice should begin to melt. south and east in millville, no freezing there. atlantic city, 48 and dover 39. we have plenty of moisture to come. look at all the rain at the bottom of the screen. that will move in mid to late morning hours that will make for a miserable sunday. 8:00 a.m., 35 degrees, periods of rain. right through 10:00 a.m., some of it heavy at times midday 42, and 4:00 p.m. 43 degrees, hopefully by 4:00 p.m. most of it is starting to wind down. we'll see clouds give way to a sliver of sunshine before the sun sets.
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either way you slice it doesn't look like a pretty afternoon around the delaware valley. when i step back inside we'll talk about the icing threat through the mid morning hours and the possibility of light snow in the seven day forecast. nydia? >> chris thank you. a man and woman are fighting for their lives right now both were shot in a home overnight in philadelphia's frankford section. police say they are looking for three-masked men responsible for the shooting. the man shot in the face the woman shot twice in the stomach. she stumbled out of the home and collapsed on the street a block away. she told police what happened. both victims are in critical condition. it's unclear what led to the gunfire. the action cam was in tacony section this morning, police have closed off state road at long shore avenue because of a service line break. a contractor working on construction on i-95 said they hit the service line. the water department was called to cut off the water and begin
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repairs. the service line feeds one address in that area. in the meantime, though, avoid state road at long shore avenue in tacony. >> a mother is charged with setting her new good morning on fire. police responded to the awful scene, now we're learning about what the mother said before the tragedy, video vod brings us the -- vernon odem brings us the story. >> reporter: this is hyphernkemberly dovilier the 22-year-old woman who is in prison charged with killing her newborn baby by setting her on fire. all outside the home of this man. he looked out the window and saw something on fire. they saw woman standing there she was burning something. she said was dog waste.
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>> the family held her and called police. hyphernkemberly dovilier was arrested, the child was flown by helicopter to saint christopher's hospital in philadelphia where the newborn lost its battle for life. >> it was a bad scene and for a mother to do that and for it's just minds boggling how anybody could do that to a baby to a newborn. >> reporter: as word of the atrocity spread through pemberton, residents reacted with horror. >> a lot of sick people in the world, the baby didn't have a chance. >> i've got five grandchildren to see them this morning i gave them a hug, i can't fathom what's what's going through her headed to that to a child. >> hyphernkemberly dovilier remains in the burlington county prison her bail set at one half million dollars.
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video video channel 6 "action news." >> breaking news right now both directions of the schuylkill expressway are blocked because of a crash. it's by the gulph mills exit in upper merion. an "action news" crew is on the way to the scene. we're told icy spots are popping up as chris said they might be, again, both sections of the schuylkill expressway are shut down in that area. the teachers accused of a multi-- the teenagers accused of a multistate crime scene are behind bars, police say they were sleeping in a truck they stole. authorities think their travels took them to south carolina and georgia. dalton hayes faces theft charges in kentucky stemming from an arrest last year. the kentucky announced their engagement on january 3 and took off after being confronted by hayes mother. "g.m.a." will have more on the
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capture coming up after this newscast. cruise worked through the night to repair a water main break that made it a tough weekend for guests. the action cam was outside the loes hotel. power was out for a short permit but has been -- period of time but has been restored. 90% of the hotel rooms are killed. some of the guests took up the offer to move them to other hotels but most of them decided to stay. in a steady rain this morning at least # -- 3 million people turned out to see pope francis. he said prayers for the poor and those lost by the typhoon that
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battered the philippines. a 12-year-old girl told the pope abandoned by their parents and sold into prostitution or drugs she asked why god would allow that to happen. he said only when we cry can we come close to answering your question. now to oregon we go. 12 people were injured in a pileup, 26 vehicles many tractor-trailer were involves in the interstate 84. police blamed the huge wreck on black ice. a couple of trucks came upon the sheet of ice and jackknifed slamming into each other. crews had to clean up diesel from the fuel tanks. in greece, police have arrested two terror suspects as part of counterterrorism effort
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that's spanning across europe. soldiers are patrolling streets vts -- in belgium they are in the city of antwerp and keeping an eye on several sites. one of the terrorists behind the deadly attack in paris was given a secret burial. cashing in or not nearly $200 million on the line in the powerball drawing. >> the dover police officer getting down to taylor swift shake it off we'll let you know about the officer and let you see his moves to the beat. two alleged thieves get their face time providing police with evidence in the case. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan showing a lot of freezing rain across western portions of south jersey and the city. a freezing rain advisory has been issued by the national
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ask your doctor about xarelto® today. >> welcome back on this sunday, it is 7:12, 32 degrees, sky6 live hd taking a live look at penns landing and i-95. hey, a reminder about ice spots this morning, black ice especially the schuylkill is closed in both directions around gulph mills in upper merion. you want to watch for that. >> we're getting a lot of calls about ice. >> reporter: we have a small little area north of the atlantic city expressway and west of i-95 to pick up the ice. in the area of ice everything has become a glaze a sheet of ice and very slick. storm tracker 6 live hd atlantic
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city is seeing the green. where we see the greens on double scan live that's where we are seeing rain. the blue is freezing rain. we'll zoom into the city, philadelphia, cherry hill, marlton, medford freezing rain. the new jersey turnpike will be slick, let's say route 55, 42, i-95 route 130 will be slick as the freezing rain pushes east. we're in the mid 40s across cumberland and atlantic and cape may counties. this is the mild air that will start charging toward the city and eventually change the freezing drizzle over to rain. malaga buena, mays landing, egg harbor lower bank reporting rainfall at this hour. there's the glaze atlantic city expressway pushing through western gloucester, camden and burlington counties of south jersey and southern portions of
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montgomery and bucks county in pennsylvania. everybody else else seeing rain, look at all the heavy rain to the south eastern virginia, northern portions of north carolina seeing buckets of rain falling at this point. that's the heavy rain that we're expecting dmlt -- in the next couple of hours as all these temperatures climb above freezing. wilmington 34 degrees, whatever glaze you saw early this morning, thacialgd begin -- that should begin to melt. millville, 450. you're blowing freezing. wilmington, 34. trenton, 29. alareas north and west you'll see a light freezing glaze before we get the switch over to plain rain. north and west we're below freezing and southeast above. the lone exception would be allentown 29 degrees everybody from reading trenton, should be
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above freezing at that point. in the afternoon we'll be in the low to mid 40s. once the cold front pushes in temperatures begin to drop off again. here's satellite and radar lots of heavy rain to the south, this will charge north over the next 4 to 6 hours future tracker will time it out for you periods of rain into the first part of the afternoon, some of it will come down heavy at times, look at this line of orange and yellow pushing through western portions of south jersey, camden, gloucester, salem counties, reporting heavy rain, this is midday, as we continue to set it in motion hopely by 3:00, 4:00, that's when the tail end starts to push through and sweeps north. there could be patchy drizzle after 3:00, 4:00 p.m. the steady heaviest should be out of here. look for brief icing before it
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changes over to rain. the heaviest rain should fall between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. now south and east, the i-95 corridor, south jersey and delaware are looking at rain, heavy at times north of the atlantic city expressway we're reporting freezing drizzle within the next hour sore that should change overso -- or so that should change over to rain. 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. look out for poor drainage. millville, 48, doafer -- owe dover. 42. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today, 44, monday turning windy 40 degrees tuesday increasing clouds, 42. wednesday, snow showers 35. thursday friday, saturday in
7:17 am
the 30s. if you have time, sit back and of a cup of coffee anticipate let the -- and let the ice melt. there were not a lot of road crews yesterday putting anything down so there are probably a lot of untreated roads out there, so take it slow. >> the mega millions is growing bigger and bigger. there were winners in pennsylvania and new jersey, for the match five which is worth or the one headline dollars. 15 16, 23, 27, 36 and the powerball was 9. you can see the in the powerball drawing on wednesday night right here on "action news" at 11:00 p.m.
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>> storm tracker 6 live double scan is live right now we're getting calls about major traffic problems this morning as highways begin to freeze over in the philadelphia area. shortly after 7:00 a.m. it began to freeze especially on overpasses and bridges. upper merion township mile marker 30, at gulph mills road there's a crash that shut down both directions of 76. the blue route northbound has multi-vehicle crash with injuries, as well. south philadelphia, i-95 near columbus avenue there's numerous fender benders be careful as you head out this morning. 57 jose garcia rodriguez walked into a mall in melbourne carrying several guns and pocket of amunition. he shot and wounded his wife and shot and killed a man before taking his own life. about 100 people were inside the
7:21 am
mall at the time. >> robbery victim might get his stolen stuff back look at the reason why. the suspects snapped selfies using the ipad they lifted from the truck they stole it from in houston. they took 17 pictures with cash in their mouth. the device connected to a wi-fi at a nearby staff bucks and the images started to load on the victim's cloud. >> i started wondering who they were and immediately i realized who they were and they had my money in their mouths. >> reporter: the suspects were gone when the police arrived but the selfies will serve as the best evidence in the case. we'll be right back. yippee!!
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone time 7:24 sunday morning you're looking at storm tracker 6 live double scan we're starting to see a lot of freezing rain across parts of the area. 32 degrees that's the magic number. once we get over 32 degrees we won't have to deal with the freezing rain any more. you see temperatures everybody north of this line right here, that's where the numbers are still generally below freezing, generally below 32 degrees, we're dealing with issues of icing across western portions of south jersey and western posheses of gloucester and camden county and most of burlington county reporting steady to moderate freezing rain. philadelphia county southern portions of montgomery and bucks counties reporting freezing rain and drizzle at this hour. some of the major roads affected right now, new jersey turnpike, 295. i-95 the white pours pike in
7:25 am
south jersey the black horse pike slippery across portions of camden and gloucester county. glassboro reporting freezing rain. southern portions of gloucester salem cumberland and clact -- atlantic counties, temperatures are moderate raid and it's plain rain. we'll see winds shift from northwest to southeast and we'll get the ocean influence. everything will climb boo the mid 40 -- into the mid 40s. this afternoon we'll see periods of rain, some of it heavy at times, it will turn milder with a high of 44. right now nydia take it easy we have a lot of icy patches popping up. >> sports now the super bowl matchup will be set by tonight. the packers sea hawks and patriots and cold play in the conference games.
7:26 am
here's jeff skeverski with the rest of the sunday sports. >> reporter: after 7 goals on monday, the flyers went ice cold. last night in buffalo the flyers avoided being shut out for the first time in team history in three straight games. the flyers not only ones having trouble, buffalo running into their own player, ouch. how long before the next one how about 4 minutes. flyers up 1. final minute of the second, it's rebounded, we're tied at 2. the coach has to be worried the third period, just to make you feel better, off the turnover, score! flyers go on to win 4-3. it is their first win on the road in almost a month. the same though, cannot be
7:27 am
said about the sixers. 22 turnovers last night in detroit leads to 30 points for the pistons. let's go to the highlight ugly one for the sixers. last night. nerlens noel the big man coming off a big game against new orleans, friday. michael carter williams not even close. second quarter trials the basket and the fall. end of the third watch closely inbound, single the steal the 3, wow down 19 after 3. sixers lose by 18 they never had the lead last night. washington up next for the sixers on monday. college hoops villanova is the 5th rank team in the country against penn it should have been a piece of cake, after all nova
7:28 am
has not lost to them in 15 years. former gov ed rendell at the game. penn down 1 with 9 to go, they have not knocked off a top ten team in 36 years. nova pulls out down the stretch. nova wins 62-67. the first time in school history nova finishes their schedule undefeated. temple blown out in cincinnati by 31. fran dunphy and the owls lose three in a row for the first time this season. and st. joes plays saints bone -- bonaventure today. nfc and acf championship games today, winner goes to the super bowl. that's sports, i'm jeff
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>> storm tracker 6 live double scan is live right now we're getting reports a lot of crashes and fender benders caused by icy roads. and sky6 live hd looking live at i-95 near penns landing. there are fender benders reported near i-95 or on i-95 near the stadium. a multi-vehicle crash has the schuylkill shut down near gulph
7:31 am
mills. chris sowers has the latest in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> let's head outside to chris sowers and the latest on the forecast. >> reporter: i hate to sound so serious on a sunday morning the best advice, the moisture came in ahead of schedule, most of the roads have not been treated. if we can point the camera down, this is what we're dealing with right now. look at how you're sliding i'm a frayed to take a step because i can barely grip anything, we put sand on the perch here, that's fine anything untreated i'm slip sliding away. if you live within the shaded counties, the lavender shade stay home over the next couple of hours, do not go on area roads because a lot of them have not been treated. we're seeing numerous accidents at this point because of the freezing rain. we'll go over to storm tracker 6 live double scan. i've drawn a line on double scan this morning. everybody north of that line,
7:32 am
western gloucester and camden counties, western portions of burlington county and mercer county in south jersey, all areas north and west getting into southeastern pennsylvania that's where we're seeing the freezing rain at this point. south anne east of there across atlantic and cape may and cumberland counties, salem county temperatures have warmed to 40 degrees. that's just plain rain. 32 degrees that's the magic number. everybody north of that line we're sitting at 32 or actually a little bit colder at this point. after 10:00 a.m. most of the freezing rain should switch over to plain rain from that point on it will come down rather heavy at times. you seep the motion there it's from southwest to northeast. we have a lot more to come, some of the rain, again could create ponding on roadways, and maybe minor flooding because the ground is frozen. poor drainage flooding is a possibility in south jersey and philadelphia. allentown, 29. 31 in philadelphia.
7:33 am
45 in millville. wildwood and atlantic city showing milled 40s. the air -- mid 40s. the air is moving southeast to northwest. that mild ocean influence will take over during the late morning hours. hopefully everybody gets above 32 degrees. for today accuweather says periods of rain this is from late morning on some it will be heavy at times. 44 decreases is the forecasted high. winds out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. it's a miserable sunday for the delaware valley. temperatures climbing into the mid 30s by 10:00 a.m. and by the afternoon we're in the low 40s and rain heavy at times. that's the latest out here, when i come back i'll show you storm tracker 6 live and talk about the freezing rain in the next couple of hours and the possibility of light snow in the seven-day forecast. >> i got a call from philadelphia police asking people to stay off all major highways. him this is a live picture on the traffic camera right now of
7:34 am
i-76 at gulph mills road you can see a complete pileup blocking one side of the road. they have closed both sides of the schuylkill expressway as they deal with the accidents. the picture updating for us every five seconds. you can see a large number of cars involved in the accidents. they are concerned about the ice on the major roads this morning. we're hearing about ice, i believe on i-95 near the stadium also, as well as a multi-vehicle accident on the blue route with injuries at west conshohocken. so ice a major issue for people is they head out. philadelphia police once again asking you to stay off the roads if at all possible today let the sun come out and the weather warm up let the ice melt. you can keep track of the accuweather forecast anytime by downloading storm tracker 6 live app that gives you live radar
7:35 am
and weather alerts posted for the area. philadelphia are investigating a deadly shooting in the city since the new year. a a man was struck in the head and died, police are trying to determine where the initial shooting took place and and they trying to identify a suspect. also new this morning a two-vehicle crash in newark, delaware, sent two people to the hospital. police say a woman driving a car valid into a jeep at 1:15 a.m. it took about a half-hour for firefighters to free her. she also in critical condition at christiana hospital. the man behind the wheel is in stable condition. officers are trying to determine if the woman had been drinking. >> new this morning a man is in critical condition after getting hit by an suv in southwest philadelphia. the action cam was at the scene. the 5300 block of baltimore
7:36 am
avenue. the woman driving the vehicle told police that the victim was lying on the street when she hit him at 1:45. man was dragged a half block before the driver stopped. police have not filed any charges. the search continues for a person who murdered a well-respected father of four in hunting park. family members and friends held a vigil to remember bernard ray. it was there on the night of january 4 ray was shot while dropping off a passenger in the taxi. police say it was a robbery attempt. ed father spoke at the vigil. >> my son was a peaceful person and giving person. he loved his friends he loved his family, he loved his community. >> a 20,000-dollar reward is posted for tips that lead to an arrest and conviction. president obama is making it clear that his state of union address this week will challenge the new republican majority in congress to increase taxes on
7:37 am
the wealthy. administration officials say the president's speech on tuesday night will call for raising the capitol gains on top income earners it will pay for tax credits for the middle class. >> america's resurgence is real. our job now is to make sure that every american feels that they are a part of the country's come back. that's what i will focus on in my state of the union how to build on our momentum with rising wages and growing incomes and stronger middle class. >> the president will give his annual state of the union address tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. it will be followed by a republican response. >> much more to come on sunday. >> a new rendition of beauty and the beast is on stage in philadelphia. the audience takes parts in the
7:38 am
production. >> sky6 live hd live looking at will also. chris sowers is back with the philadelphia 23r5689. people of the coffee forecast, itter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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7:41 am
schuylkill expressway shut down around gulph mills in upper merion. you need to careful if you're heading out whether you're walking or driving. the ben franklin bridge and the walt whitman bridge are closed, as well. philadelphia police urging drivers to stay off all major highways. in west conshohocken there's a multi-vehicle crash with injuries on the blue route. in south philadelphia, on i-95 near columbus avenue we're getting reports of a number of fender benders but a live picture you're looking at is the schuylkill expressway. now you're looking at the ben franklin bridge. this bridge is closed and the walt whitman bridge closed. >> we're hearing that the burlington bristol bridge is closed. >> reporter: it's not just the philadelphia area, western portions of south jersey, interior sections gloucester, camden county are reporting a lot of heavy freezing rain. the problem was yesterday we never got above freezing. it's been cold over the last several days, even though temperatures are above the freezing mark, the ground is
7:42 am
frozen. the rain is freezing on contact with the ground. you look out the window it looms it is raining in reality it's freezing on contact. that's part of the problem right now. that's what freezing rain is. let's go over to storm tracker 6 live double scan. we'll start with the freezing rain advisory. we've got double scan you up that's where we'll start. the blue represents freezing rain and the greens is plain rain. i'll draw a line, everybody north of this line, still under the gun for that freezing rain. temperatures are still at 32 degrees or colder. again, western portions. interior sessions of south jersey burlington gloucester counties camden reporting moderate to freeing rain and southeastern pennsylvania reporting moderate to freezing rain. philadelphia, 31. norristown, 32. of trenton 30 degrees and belmawr in south jersey,
7:43 am
31 degrees everybody below freezing we've got to get the temperatures up to 33 or warmer to start melting away some of the ice. national weather service has issued a freezing rain advisories for areas highlight the in the lavender shaled. as we switch it over to weather source one. you see the areas there. if you live within those counties, stay home, put on another cup of coffee don't venture out on area roads the moisture moved in ahead of schedule, because of that a lot of main arteries haven't be treated. everything in this area has been turned into a sheet of ice do not travel at all possible in those areas. the northern part of this batch of moisture has transitioned to freezing rain, south and east it's plain rain. some of it heavy at times. salem, cumberland, cape may in south jersey temperatures are in the mid 40s we're seeing heavy rain for vineland, millville
7:44 am
salem county elmer, middletown and delaware reporting moderate rain. look at all the rain that's still to come across portions of virginias and the carolinas. we're expecting a brief period of ice over the next hour or so before this pulls away. then it's all rain some of it will be very very heavy. the next problem is the possibility of poor drainage flooding across south jersey and delaware, again, because the ground is frozen and the rain has nowhere to go. millville, here pushing north and west, hopefully it gets into the city in the next half-hour. we have shot up to 32 degrees that's a good sign. wilmington, 34 dover 39. well below freezing north and west. fortunately all this moisture is moving like this, the lehigh valley has not seen too much in the way of freezing drizzle this morning. temperatures we'll set it in motion 10:30 36. wilmington, 36.
7:45 am
well above freezing. millville, wildwood, atlantic city closing in on 50 degrees. here's future tracker 6 here comes all that rain. periods of rain later this afternoon some of it heavy at times, most of it occurring across south jersey and delaware. far western suburbs might not see anything at all. allentown, the extreme western fridge of the -- fringe, this band of rain that's pushing through. a couple of hundredths of an inch. this is a heavy rain event during the morning hours into the late afternoon. philadelphia a little more than an inch. atlantic city, 1.5 wildwood, 1.6. trenton more than an inch. a few hundredths of an inch for the far western suburbs lancaster, reading and allentown. the risk of ice high over the
7:46 am
next couple of hours. the freezing rain advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m. hopefully all the temperatures go above freezing. heavy rain you see that later on. flooding there's a moderate risk for that across south jersey and delaware that's mainly for poor drainage flooding, gusty winds and coastal flooding no issues with that. periods of rain, it will be milder this afternoon. some of the rain will be heavy at times philadelphia 44, millville, 48. cape may 49. even allentown the lehigh valley and the poconos will be climbing into the low 40s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 40 degrees for tomorrow, turning windy the 40 will feel like the upper 20s, low 30s. increasing clouds tuesday 42. snowshowers arriving wednesday right now accumulations with that look very minor a few snowshowers at best, temperatures drop off 35, thursday friday, saturday sun and clouds everyday temperatures in the 30s. best advice stay home if at all possible. >> philadelphia police urging everyone to stay off the major
7:47 am
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>> we are dealing with a lot of the ice on the roads this morning, philadelphia police are urging you to stay off the major highway also if at all possible. this is a live look at the schuylkill expressway at gulph mills, you can see a pileup of cars there. both sides of 76 are shut down right now as rescue crews deal with the situation. emergency responders trying to clear the scene making sure everybody is okay. the bridges in the area are closed. the ben franklin bridge, the walt whitman bridge, the burlington bristol bridge, the tacony-palmyra closed because of ice on the roads. we're getting reports of ice on the interstates. i-95 having issues, # 6 -- 76 having issues. the blue route near conshohocken
7:50 am
a multi-vehicle accident. some of the ramps as you enter and exit the interstate. if at all to be stay home. philadelphia police asking people to stay off the major roads because of ice issues we're dealing throughout the area this morning. >> other news now generations know beauty and the beast a classic tale from our parent company disney now there's a twist on the stage in philadelphia. it brings the awdance -- audience into play. karen rogers has more 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: forget everything you know bibeauty and the beast. in this rendition there are no single candles or tea pots, but reimagining the classic story is what it's about. it follow also -- it follows the
7:51 am
basic story line we all know, she also sent to live with the beast and they fall in love. >> it's the classic frernlg -- french fairy fairy tale. >> reporter: the play uses shadow play to set the scene. >> all the props, a lot of effects of the play are done with card boar cardboard shadow puppets. so when you go into the castle we ask the audience to use their imagination. >> reporter: the alter uses professional designs and actors to give the children a world-class theater experience. >> we want to give kids and
7:52 am
their family direct access to the work we're dueling on our stages. we hope that will create life long audiences. >> reporter: beauty and the beast running through february 8. go to art an or visit loves the arts. for 6abc loves the arts, i'm karen rogers. all the goodness of milk all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup.
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again? give them something special. gather around the world's best chicken and home-style sides for a dinner everyone will get excited about. kfc. >> welcome back you're looking at a shot of i-76. ice has closed roads and bridges in the area. this accident involves more than two dozen vehicles. this happened in the last hour. emergency vehicles are right
7:55 am
there. philadelphia police are urging drivers to stay off all major highways. the schuylkill is closed in both directions around gulph mills. there are a number of disernts disernts -- accidents in other places conshohocken the blue route, i-95 at columbus boulevard. the walt whitman bridge, the ben franklin bridge tacony-palmyra and burlington bristol bridges are shut down. please send your photos, do not take them or send them while you're driving use hash tag 6abc ice. >> let's get a check on the weather. terrible conditions out there. >> reporter: i'm going to urge everyone who lives in these highlighted counties to stay home. government camden, northwestern burlington temperatures will rise around 9:00, 10:00 a.m. this morning. that's when when the ice will melt.
7:56 am
ment areas above the white line is we're seeing the heaviest rain. the shades of blue is moderate freezing rain pushing into camden and burlington gloucester reporting moderate freezing rain. temperatures are hovering around 30 31 degrees the magic number is 32 we have to get the numbers above 32 to see the ice melt. cumberland atlantic, cape may county reporting heavy rain. plain rain, temperatures have shot into the 40s. later this afternoon this becomes a heavy rain event. 10:00 a.m. we're dealing with freezing rain and then it's heavy rain, periods of it. 44 degrees is the forecasted high. the day planner looks like rain all day. temperatures climb into the 30s, 42 degrees by 1:00 p.m. 43 by 4:00 p.m. anticipating a high of 44.
7:57 am
best advice in the next couple of hours if you live in an area that's under the freezing rain advisory stay at home. "good morning america" is next. "action news" continues at 9:00 a.m. >> chris sowers will have more on the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, again whether you're walking or driving, without for black ice it's causing major problems out there. now for eva pilgrim, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han, have a great sunday.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. breaking news. golfer abducted. pga star robert allenby kidnapped and beaten after a day on the links in hawaii. >> it brought tears to my eyes. just cannot believe it. >> was he drugged before the vicious and bizarre attack? the latest on the investigation overnight. horror on the highway. dangerous black ice triggering this massive pileup. >> holy cow. >> trucks pried open like tin cans. one man's miraculous story of survival, entombed in the metal. with more weather on the way, the danger zones to look out for today. gunned down. the real estate mogul shot in his rolls-royce in a hollywood parking lot. the shooter, pedaling away on a bicycle. >> i can't imagine this


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