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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 19, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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making news in america this morning. flash freeze icy roads paralyzing several states closing highways and causing hundreds of stents. the warning of today's commute and the survival story from a driver pinned between two tractor-trailers. two planes coming close to colliding at one of america's busiest airports. one pilot's major mistake that likely lead to a close call. slammed over a selfie. this picture posted by ms. lebanon is causing a stir of because who she is standing next to. super bowl bound. nfc and afc have their champions for a showdown in the desert.
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good morning. we begin with the deadly mix of rain and ice. >> yesterday's ice storm is blamed for six deaths in the northeast and in the west. a 26-car pileup. this is in oregon and ripping open a fedex truck and mangled a tractor-trailer crunching this man between the two semis leaving him enough room to survive. >> the icing danger isn't over yet. abc has the story. >> reporter: a winter mix of freezing rain and icy temperature reeking havoc over the week end causing delays, hundreds of accidents and claiming at least five lives. in philadelphia three people killed after more than 50 cars and trucks slammed into one another. officials closed icy highways and bridges for four hours. >> like a skating rink. >> reporter: hundreds of crashes happened faster than could be cleared. at least 60 people were hurt
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including this man. in new york conditions closed parts of major highways. smaller streets a challenge, too. >> look out! look out! look out! >> reporter: in new hampshire emergency cruise struggled. >> we were out of ambulances to respond. >> reporter: out west similar scenes. in oregon -- >> holy cow. >> reporter: a 26-car pileup on i-84 left a fedex truck ripped open resulting in an amazing story of survival for this man who found himself sandwiched between two semitrucks. >> why i think of all the things that could have happened and it scares me. so i just thank my lucky stars. >> reporter: temperatures are expected to drop below freezing in some areas again this morning. which could lead to more dangerous travel ahead. susan saulny abc news washington.
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europe on high alert as foreign ministers meet to discuss anti terrorism efforts. troops patrol the embassy in belgium and a suspect arrested in greece. there may be a link to kill police in belgium. french authorities releasing three female suspects but nine others in custody. new suspects in this weekend's shooting incident near vice president biden's home. saturday night while the bidens were out to dinner. the shots were fired from a fast-moving car that passed by the house. no one hurt. it has the appropriate protocols in place. the president and first lady are continuing martin luther king tradition and spending time putting finishes touches on his state of the union address. >> reporter: when president obama comes here on tuesday night he'll be delivering a message squarely at lifting the
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middle class. a tax credit of up to $500 for families where both parents work and expanding child care tax credits up to $3,000 per child. how will he pay for this? some $320 billion in new taxes for some of the wealthiest americans. he's proposing raising the capital gains tax to imposing new fines on financial institutions and banks. republicans controlling the congress are not in favor of this. gop leaders tell me it is a nonstarter to have any proposal raising taxes so much. the white house of course knows there's tons of opposition. but advisers tell me they believe it's important time to start this conversation. they believe the economy is at the strongest point of the presidency and now is the time to start talking about this. jeff zeleny abc news capitol hill. >> be sure to join for the
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president's state of union address tomorrow at 9:00 eastern. a nightening collision, a jetblue flight was forced to stop after another plane crossed its palt at new york's jfk airport. it was rolling down the runway at full speed when the pilot jammed on the breaks. >> all of a sudden the brakes slammed on. >> the plane came to a screeching stop and kind of slid a little bit and everyone kind of panicked. >> we have learned that the pilot of the cribaribbean jet on the air frequency. the pope returns home. pope francis drew what officials say was a record crowd of 6 million people to a mass on sunday at a park despite stormy weather. then thousands of people cheering people lined the streets to try to see the pope as he travelled to the airport
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back to rome. wildfires are causing problems in oklahoma. north of oklahoma city raging grass fires forced evacuations and road closures which have since been lifted. more than 2,000 acres have burned and 14 wildfires have broken out fueled by low humidity and gusty winds. seattle strong winds spawned a tornado which caused minor damage to windows and loose items. the winds did knock out power to hundreds of residents. turning to the weather across the nation, mostly dry but windy in the northeast. and some snow around the great lakes and showers in the northwest. >> temperatures ten degrees warmer in the midwest and south, around 40 in the northeast. 36 in mps and 40 in billings. los angeles in the mid 70s.
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this could be one of the great super bowls yet. seattle versus new england. the quarterback making his sixth trip to the championship. tom brady versus defending super bowl champ, russell wilson. >> russell and his seahawks looking to be the first team to repeat in a decade. the last team was the new england patriots. having seattle up by 2 1/2. no real favorite in this game. if you don't see that actually a whole lot. you just bet who you think is going to win this sucker. >> it was a fascinating last four minutes. >> you talked about the afc championship. the green bay game. it's going to take them a long time to get over this. won a couple of plays here. ended up in overtime and they miss a trip. >> yeah. it was fun. >> still ahead, facebook wants help. maybe looking to hire you. looking to hire a huge number of
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new employees. and air scare. smoke pouring from a plane. the emergency situation caught on camera. bruised and batter. a mystery surrounding a professional golfer's night out.
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gas prices still driving steadily downward. the average this morning is $2.06 a gallon. almost $1.25 less than a year ago. half the states now have average prices below 2 bucks. you'll find the cheapest in missouri. hawaii alaska and new york the most spence sieve.
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facebook adding almost 200 new employees. in areas such as virtual reality goggles, drones and data centers. "american sniper" notched the biggest january opening ever this weekend and it's the biggest opening for a film directed by clint eastwood and "american sniper" has a record for martin luther king weekend. it could hit $105 million by the end of this four-day weekend. the star of a rare car auction this weekend wasn't a car. it was a bus. it was built by general motors in 1950 to show off its product as part of the parade of progress tours. it was so tall. the route had to be planned carefully. pretty impressive. the bus only carried three people. one of the few to survive. it sold for $4 million. when we come back a record run, an american skier, lindsey vonn coming back from an injury.
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amazing that it picked it all up. i would totally take on another dog. [ kevin ] really? ♪ ♪ it's tough to treat roads with salt and ice melters when blocked with so many accidents. the trucks can't get through in bedford bedford, new hampshire. yesterday was made worse by the hard rain. it kept washing away the salt. >> that shouldn't be a problem necessarily but roads slippery because of snow in northern new england and around the great lakes. >> snow in the northern rockies and wet roads in the northwest. >> there was tense moments in the sky over georgia. >> a delta airline's 777 was forced to turn around and make an emergency landing in atlanta. the pilot spotted smokes coming from the plane's landing gear. >> the 777 just took off and
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looked like a tire or something. >> it looked like the left gear was smoking. >> he's got good smoke coming out now. >> the plane was check and cleared. passengers reboarded and resumed their flight to japan. there is a dispute between the faa and delta about whether the pilots dumped fuel on their way back. two people and a dog rescued after their sail boat got caught in a storm. the chopper hovered above. the rescuer was lowered down and a man down with a heart condition who came up first followed by the woman and the dog. fans are mourning the loss of reality tv star greg plitt killed this weekend in los angeles. investigators say he may have been shooting a fitness video when he was hit by a commuter train. he was standing on the track even as the train's horn was blaring. they believe he may have thought the train was on another track. >> it appears mr. plitt was
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standing on the tracks intentionally and he was obviously aware of the camera presence. >> plitt appeared on more than 200 magazine covers and was on bravo's reality tv show "workout." >> one half of the duo is due in court today. 18-year-old dalton hays and his 13-year-old girlfriend were captured in florida. they were responsible for a crime spree across the south in the past few weeks. expected to be back to kentucky to face charges. australian golfer robert allenby says he's happy to be alive after being beaten robbed and possibly drug and then dumped in a park in hawaii. this is what he looked like after the ordeal. he started a night of drinking with friends but the attack took place when they all separated. allenby doesn't remember much about what happened but he ended up in a park next to a homeless woman without his wallet or his phone. well americans here lindsey vonn could break a record today.
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she tied the record for women's world cup wins at 62 yesterday. the italian resort where she is skiing is one of her venues and her previous record was set 35 years ago. she's happy just tying the record. but getting the record is all but assured for her at this point. congrats. >> happy moment. time now for sports. the seahawks and patriots heading to phoenix for super bowl xlix. here's are the guys from espn. >> welcome to the set of "sportscenter." two championship games were played on sunday in the nfl. they were very, very different. you never leave a sporting event early. you might miss a great comeback in history. russell wilson of seahawks hosting the green bay packers. seahawks were down all game and marshon lynch scores! the first lead of the game. seattle goes for two. they're up three. here are the packers with 18 seconds left. mason crosby ties the game and
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we go to overtime. opening possession, in overtime. seattle won the toss and took the ball. russell wilson targeted jermaine curse five other times and intercepted and he hits for the touchdown! seattle seahawks roar back from behind and advancing on to the super bowl. where they'll meet tom brady and the new england patriots. brady and belichick pull the trick out of the play book. tackle eligible. nate shouldier getting it done. patriots won 45-7 over the colts and it wasn't that close. as for our friends in the desert the pro football championship looks like this new england and seattle. pick them. you can pick them. no pro football championship has ever kicked off with a line that was even as it is now. next "sportscenter" comes your way 9:00 a.m. eastern time on espn. have a great day. up next in "the pulse,"
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time now to check "the pulse." stories you'll be talking ability starting with the international up roar of a beauty queen's selfie. >> this happened at the ms. universe pageant. ms. lebanon being criticized for being caught in a photo with ms. israel. you see them smiling together. >> she says she was photo-bombed pose with ms. japan and ms. slovenia. no word on whether the pageant will have a diplomatic relations competition. >> would like to see that one. >> would like a ticket with that burger sir? alabama says he was pulled of for eating a burger while driving. >> the cop used the state's
4:23 am
distracting driving law and says he followed the man since he pulled out of mcdonald's. there was a little burger envy. >> ohio police do blame an accident there just a week ago on someone distracted while they were eating and trying to drive. >> come on. it was a burger and fries. really? >> but he was putting ketchup on it. i'm kidding. >> well a woman is thinking twice about leaving dad home alone with the kids. >> well, she was out running a fewer rands. this is what happened to the living room. he turned it into the cheese style ball pit. >> looks like fun. he did not do that? that's probably not a good example. he thought it would be fun. lucky for him mom is a good sport. it's racked up more than a million views on youtube since yesterday. turning to another big
4:24 am
youtube hit. this guy is not your average taylor swift fan. he is a police officer. he managed to catch taylor swift's eye and got her seal of approval. >> this is captured on dash cam while rocking it out on taylor swift's hit "shake it off". ♪ the player is going to play play play ♪ >> he is up to over 13 million hits on youtube just over the weekend. taylor swift herself got word and retweeted it just saying lol, lol. you see there. the sass and complimenting the guy. he is not your typical taylor swift fan but he has a 10-year-old daughter and knew the words. >> he knew them well. >> this is staged by the way. this is something they were putting on the promotional video. >> oh. >> but this one works. for some of you, your local
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>> good morning on mlk day i'm tamala edwards. drivers are being warned to again look out for icing roads. soaking rain left behind a wet mess and black ice is out there everywhere. we're following up on the deadly pileup pinpointing where the problems are right now. the accuweather team has everything you want to know before you head out the door. a record number of people are expected to come out and volunteer their time on a day of ml d-day of service. all next on "action news." civil rights protest that helped change the world. the selma march is being commemorated by a movie. >> and the film makers are
4:28 am
commemorating the march as the honor is martin luther king, jr. >> reporter: a march up to the bridge. hollywood has come to alabama. and oprah winfrey and there are free screenings of the film for families here. they told us this is more than a movie premier. >> martin luther king was shot for the work he did. >> reporter: it will be 50 years since alabama police beat down civil rights demonstrators dared to walk across this bridge. winfrey plays annie lee cooper. finding any excuse to reject black voter registrations. >> how many county judges in alabama? >> 67. >> name them. >> reporter: this is a picture
4:29 am
of the real life annie lee cooper arrested outside the courthouse after famously striking the sheriff. winfrey explained why she did the film. >> i did it for annie lee cooper but i also did it for every other aunt and mother and grandmother who i have personally known who lived through that. >> reporter: despite the controversy surrounding the film the history lost to dramatic license, screenings of the movie are bringing the story to a new generation and at the center of what happened is this indisputable truth. that americans of all colors reacted painfully to the violence and called for change. steve osunsami, abc news selma. >> what a moment in history. >> that is what people are talking about today and making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america" and have a great monday.
4:30 am
is is. >> good morning here's what's happening after the sunday pileup. police are responding to more crashes this morning. road crews are out there working on icy spots we have a live report coming up. >> giving a day of service in honor of dr. martin luther king. the super bowl is on, the patriots take on the sea hawks. >> i saw the sea hawks versus packers, what a


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