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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  January 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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treater as a potential threat butter despite the gunfire biden still spoke today at a martin luther king day breakfast in wilmington. investigative reporter wendy saltzman joins us live from there delaware news room with the latest on the shooting investigation. wendy. >> reporter: no suspects have been identified in that potential shooting near the biden home. in fact, the vice president himself during that mlk speech today made no mention of the incident. now, federal authorities are telling us this may have been a drive by shooting but it could have been something as minor as a couple of kids playing with a gun shooting behind biden's house. >> all minorities, no matter what the neighborhood have a right to be treated with respect and with dignity. (applause). >> reporter: vice president joe biden today honoring civil rights icon martin luther king made no mention of and showed little concern about his own safety. on saturday night around 8:25 authorities tell "action news" a secret service agent standing guard at the
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residence front gate heard multiple gun shots before witnessing a vehicle fleeing the scene at a high rate of speed. now the fbi secret service and delaware police are investigating the incident as a potential threat. although they tell us the vice president and his wife, dr. jill biden were never in danger. >> it's -- it really is good to be home. >> reporter: the bidens often spend weekends back here in delaware at their family home as was the case this weekend. their house is in a heavily wooded area and sits several hundred feet back and isn't visible from the public access road. police tell us the couple was out for the evening at the time the gun shots were heard. law enforcement set up a security perimeter around the house but said no evidence of foul play has been recovered. one person was questioned but determined not to have been involved in the shooting. more shots were heard in a nearby ravine shortly after the initial incidents on saturday night but no suspects have been arrested. and law enforcement said there was no damage found either on
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biden's home or on any of the neighboring homes. in fact, they're not telling us if any bullet casings have been recovered within that secure area and at this point while they continue their investigation they are not providing us with any additional information about that possible make of the vehicle they say fled off. i'm wendy saltzman, channel6 "action news." >> wendy, thank you. meantime as we just saw vice president joe biden taking that moment to celebrate the life of civil rights icon dr. martin luther king jr. well, so did thousands of others across the country. in washington president obama and the first lady participate in there a community service project at a local boys and girls club. also in the nation's capital the ninth annual martin luther king jr. peace walk and parade took place. the theme this year, looking back moving forward together. almost five decades after king's death his message still carries a very powerful meaning. and back here in philadelphia thousands of people took to the streets to
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march for dr. king and highlight issues confronting the city the state and the nation. chopper 6 hd overhead giving us this look as the march spanned for several blocks bringing traffic in center city to a halt. the peaceful marchers held signs demanding change on topics such as city policing, school funding and minimum wage. the march ended with a rally on independence mall. >> today is the 20th year for the greater philadelphia day of service. the city leads the nation in community service projects honoring the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. and the largest service site was at girard college, a place where dr. king himself spoke back in 1965. "action news" reporter katherine scott was there. >> the legacy of dr. king is obviously very powerful. >> reporter: so powerful 135,000 volunteers came out across the region in the 20th annual greater philadelphia martin luther king day of service. 5,000 volunteers gathered at girard college to give back in
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the name of dr. king. >> law a peaceful man and he didn't wander war. >> it teaches that you say no matter what color we're all equal together. we should do things together. >> reporter: for the sixth consecutive year girard college hosted the area's signature project all different booths were set up. the causes were diverse but the goal united. many thought it was important to show their children the importance of giving back on this day. >> he is the epitome of service and leadership in our community. it was important to bring them. >> reporter: this year's event celebrates the 50th anniversary of the voting rights act outlaying racial discrimination and voting. for a different project geared towards improving voting turnout including making vote here signs in different languages and packing bags with information. >> we need to do more as we celebrate this 50th anniversary but we're not in a perfect situation by any means. >> reporter: so many people
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of all different ages and backgrounds are participating today and with so much work being done, many people here tell me it's a beautiful thing. >> i think it's phenomenal to see everybody from all over, different states, the suburbs the city. it's just fantastic to see everyone come together as once for a common goal. >> reporter: in north philadelphia, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> and our coverage of the events this mlk day continues on we have photos and videos from today's ceremonies and service projects in honor of dr. king. there is also a look back at his life and legacy. again you can find it on in other news, there's still no word what sparked an apartment fire that killed a woman in montgomery county. it broke out at 4:30 this morning at the linwood gardens apartment complex in cheltenham township. the blaze burned through two units, reached two alarms. the first floor was vacant but the victim lived in the second floor apartment. she has been identified by her family as 34-year-old rakeisha
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harrison. they say she was a long time certified nursing assistant. turning to the forecast, a windy but warmer day today. not a bad start to the work week and for this holiday let's take a live look outside through sky 6 hd over the ben franklin bridge. we're dry tonight but that might change come midweek. meteorologist cecily tynan joins us from outside with the details from accuweather. hey, cecily. >> hi, sharrie. we're in between storm systems, certainly nicer weather today than yesterday when we had the storm that brought us the freezing rain and then the flooding rain. tonight it was for the most part dry and today we made it up to 45 degrees. that's 5 degrees above normal and that's the warmest temperature here in two weeks. but it didn't feel anything like that because we had some gusty winds. the winds are beginning to die down but we had -- still have winds generally out of the west about five to 12 miles per hour. and that is creating a bit of a wind chill factor. the wind chill makes it feel like 37 degrees in philadelphia right now, 35 in
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millville, 33 in allentown and it feels like 32 degrees in reading and 33 in trenton. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing the next system that i'm tracking, you look at that you say where is the storm. it's a clipper. it's just beginning to get its act together in north dakota and what this will do is dive to the south and east and it will generate more moisture as it moves farther to the east and that will bring us a messy wednesday afternoon and evening. so, this is what is ahead. tomorrow is going to be another relatively mild day with temperatures in the 40's but right ahead of that clipper we get a fresh injection of cold air. so, temperatures only in the 30's and that means wednesday afternoon and evening some snow will move in. i'll have details on the timing and what to expect where you live coming up in the full accuweather forecast. monica and sharrie. >> thank you so much cecily. time for a check of our "action news" traffic report monday night. >> let's go live to autumn marisa in the "action news" center for matt pelman. >> we're outside on the
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schuylkill expressway where we did have an accident earlier. it's off to the side of the road right now. these are our westbound lanes heading out of the city and this is right around girard avenue. there is a little bit of debris on the road, too butter as you can see it's not taking you too long to go from the vine street expressway to the blue route right now. nice and clear on this holiday monday afternoon commute. you can take a look at the big picture and see what i mean. the speeds are nice and high. 55 miles per hour on the blue route, 53 on 95, closer to the airport 55 miles per hour as well. so, looking pretty good out there right now. now on the new jersey turnpike however we have an accident. this is northbound past 322 so keep that in mind if you're out in that area and in olde city we had some marches and rallies taking place today, of course. so, independence hall market street was closed. we've got word that it has reopened so keep in mind there are still a lot of people trying to clear out of that area right now. and mass transit is running on a modified schedule because of the holiday. back to you, monica. >> all right thanks autumn.
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tomorrow is inauguration day for tom wolf. the democrat will be sworn in as the 47th governor of patch he beat tom corbett's reelection bid. the swearing will be tomorrow and there will be an inaugural bash tomorrow night at hershey lodge. "action news" reporter walter perez is in harrisburg to cover wolf's inauguration and he will be live on "action news" at 6:00 and then tomorrow throughout the day for you and of course we will stream wolf's swearing in and speech live tomorrow on our web site, >> there's so much more to come on "action news" at 5:00. a mansion in maryland is destroyed by fire and there's still no sign of the people who live there. we still have that story. >> plus health check sitting too long at your desk it can can cause serious problems. ali gorman with tips to get you up and moving while on the job. those stories and more up plus cecily tynan back with your complete accuweather forecast next. >> ♪♪
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>> four alarm fire reduced a 16,000 square footman to rubble in annapolis maryland today. this evening officials are still searching for the people who live there. the flames erupted overnight.
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there's no fire hydrant on the property so the 85 firefighters called in to battle the blaze will to shuttle in water through tanks. it took close to four hours for crews to get the upper hand. the home was valued at $8 million. the 18-year-old accused of going on a multistate crime spree with his 13-year-old girlfriend will be sent back to kentucky. dalton hayes faced a florida judge over a video conference today. he faces charges including burglary and theft. hayes and cheyenne phillips were arrested yesterday in panama city. the teen sweethearts ran away earlier this month and allegedly stole cars and checks. phillips will be charged as a minor. >> new impact of the impact of sitting down too much and we have simple tips to get you on your feet more. >> as we sit here, right. >> right. >> health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman is at the big board with details. >> even if you run every morning if you spend the majority of the rest of your day sitting you could be is a
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at a greater risk for problems and on average americans spend more than half of their waking life sitting. that has now been linked to more heart disease diabetes, cancer and death. now, a study shows time at the gym doesn't completely erase the risk. to truly limit the effects of sitting find ways to get on your feet more often. >> there are simple things we can do. every half hour we can stand up for two to three minutes at a time. big add up over the course of the day. watching tv, stands up on commercials, maybe take 15 minutes of an hour show and stand. >> the study author urges patients to scale up slowly with the goal to reduce their sitting time by 15 to 20 minutes a day. over time they should aim for two to three fewer said den tear rehours in a 12 hour day. also today for mlk day of service some students in south jersey kicked off teen cancer awareness week.
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>> ♪♪ and what better way to do that than with a dance flash mob at the voorhees town center. the students volunteer with the alicia rose victoria foundation. it raises awareness and supports teenagers battling cancer. the students also assembled kits for their peers in the hospital. one survivor who battled leukemia as a teen says it makes a big difference. >> having a teen kit given to you as a teenager in the hospital it really makes you feel less alone. it makes you feel like people are thinking of you and people understand what you're going through. >> and the kits have all kinds of things that a teenager would need and want while staying in the hospital. the foundation also helps to build several teen lounges insides hospitals and they'll have more events coming up in the week. monica. >> terrific. thank you ali. >> neighbors teachers and students from greenfield elementary turned their day off into a day on in honor of dr. martin luther king
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community members picked up rakes cleaning the playground there. inside artists were at work adding personal touches to the classroom walls. also in center city volunteers cooked and packed up 1400 meals today for critically ill neighbors through the man into program. workers are from valley green bank and dillworth paxon took their day off to help folks in need in greater philadelphia and southern new jersey. a terrific way to show the less fortunate you care
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>> facebook is looking to hire more than 1,000 people in this new year. the virtual reality headset maker is one of the key areas slated for growth. there are 54 jobs listed on its web site for that division. the social networking company needs to bring in more people as it expands efforts to build its own satellites and drones capable of delivering internet service to remote locations. >> online dateing is more than a $2 billion industry and there's one dating app helping folks meet new people with a little help from their friends. it's called hinge. it connects people with mutual friends rather than total strangers. the app is used along with facebook to find potential matches based on your social circles and your background. hinge was founded by
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30-year-old justin mccleod. >> kind of like meeting people through friends at a house party so we start showing you people who are friends of friends and we show you the person's last name r-they work where they went to school. >> mccleod says he got the idea in 2011 while he was studying at harvard business school. >> interesting. philadelphia mayor michael nutter took parter in several mlk day events on this holiday. the mayor was on hand here at the sheraton for the 33rd annual awards and benefit luncheon put on by the king association for nonviolence. earlier in the week nutter was joined by several dignitaries and chubby checker for the annual ringing of the liberty bell can which celebrates dr. king's message. people gathered in abington montgomery county today to do their part on this day of service. students and staff at abington friends school cooked meals for those in need. spaghetti and broccoli was on the menu. they were also busy baking sweets in the kitchen. they took time to make cards
5:21 pm
to send along with their care packages. >> very nice. >> all right, up next on "action news" at 5:00 we'll check that forecast for you. looking live right now at the jersey shore, sky 6 hd a beautiful sunset in atlantic city. meteorologist cecily tynan with the exclusive accuweather details coming up. >> of course you can stay on top of the changing weather situation at there you can get the latest on storm tracker 6 radar also the latest video from our "action news" meteorologists and view their collection of weather related photos and videos. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> they sanctity national constitution center today commemorating dr. king injury. actors and students performed a dramatic reading of dr. king's i have a dream speech and as part of this day of service visitors were invited to sew pillows for the women against abuse shelter. time for the accuweather forecast. meteorologist cecily tynan standing by. not a bad day cecily for a holiday. >> today a lot of people off today. a lot of people hitting the slopes. spring mountain ski resort we're live on sky 6 and you can see some folks doing some night skiing and boarding and temperatures really not all that cold. pretty comfortable to be skiing today. philadelphia 43 degrees, down from our high of 45. the warmest temperature in two
5:25 pm
weeks now. trenton 40. allentown 39. wilmington 42. and millville 40 degrees but it didn't feel like temperatures were in the 40's because we had a gusty wind all day long. the winds are beginning to diminish but still the wind chill makes it feel like 37 in philadelphia, 35 in millville 33 in allentown. and it feels like 32 degrees in reading. satellite6 along with action radar showing we have a steady stream of clouds from the north and the west. we even had a few flurries here and there and we'll keep those clouds in place through the day tomorrow and as we zoom out to the west you see a little bit of moisture beginning to develop. doesn't look like much now but this piece of energy that's west of bismarck, that will become a clipper and that will be diving to the south and east and that is going to bring us some snow as we head through the day on wednesday. so, future tracker showing we're dry tomorrow but that clipper moves in during the afternoon and evening on wednesday and you can see that around philadelphia, areas north and west this will be a
5:26 pm
snow event. south and east though is where we'll get some of that mixing in with rain and then that does continue through wednesday night so i really think the second half of the day on wednesday is going to be messy and it's going to have an impact on your wednesday evening commute. on wednesday it's a clipper so we're looking at light snow but it could cause some slick roads also with some mixing in with the rain could be some freezing rain. the morning rush will be fine. the evening rush though will be some problems. early estimates looks like 1 to 2 inches philadelphia north. delaware and south jersey mainly rain but then some colder air will cause kind of a bursts of snow at the end and that could cause a coating of snow. this is early as we watch the system develops. may have to adjust those numbers as we get a little bit closer to wednesday. tonight though will be a dry night. it's going to be a cold night. some secondary roads there could be a refreeze. do be careful. brisk and cold, partly cloudy. 30 degrees in philadelphia, 24 in millville, 23 in allentown and 26 in wilmington and
5:27 pm
trenton. the five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow looking at a lot of clouds, some sunshine, 43 degrees. wednesday that light snow moving in in the afternoon and evening, 35 degrees. thursday lots of clouds, 40. we drop down to 38 degrees on friday. and saturday watching a storm system to the south. we'll talk more about that coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. back to you guys. >> thank you so much. >> thanks cecily. >> there's much more to come in the next half hour of "action news" at 5:00. it's a story almost too incredible to believe. a driver is crushed between two big rigs and survives. you'll hear from him. >> south jersey remembers dr. king's legacy with all kinds of activities today. i'm nora muchanic. a look at this day of service. that's coming up next. >> also a major gun manufacturer is demanding movie goers boycott a-list actor liam neeson. we'll explain why. >> those stories and more when "action news" comes back.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jamie apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again. rick is off tonight. sharrie williams joins us. here's what's happening on "action news" for you tonight. several european countries remain on high al whether tonight as the investigation
5:30 pm
into the terrorist activities there recently continues to deepen. on this martin luther king, jr. day you'll hear from a woman who shared a special friendship with the civil rights leader and his wife. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic with her story. plus a new jersey driver stopped behind a crash could only sit and watch as an out of control tractor-trailer headed right for him. we'll show you how it ended. >> now the details. international authorities conducted several anti-terror raids over the weekend but that's done very little to ease the fears of millions of people. authorities believe that as many as 20 sleeper terror cells are ready to strike in belgium, germany, france and the netherlands and the widening investigation now involves greece. abc's karen travers has the story. >> reporter: europe is on high alert. 40 people across its continent arrested on suspicion of terror related activities. law enforce. officials are scrambling to uncover and break up networks and plots.
5:31 pm
>> what it shows you is that even so-called older cells sleeping in nature can wake up at any time and carry out terrible attacks. >> reporter: world leaders are taking extra security measures. in france 120,000 soldiers and police on the streets. in the uk the threat level against police raised to a new high. and in belgium for the first time in 30 years heavily armed troops patrol the streets. it's a tiny country just over 11 million people but some 300 to 400 young men are believed to have traveled from belgium to syria to fight the highest per capita of any western country. now belgian officials are on a hunt for a 27-year-old belgian man believed to have fought in syria and linked to isis. he's the alleged mastermind behind a plot to kill police officers broken up in this raid last week along with cells in greece and france. >> it's not the same as in the days of 9/11 when we had an identifiable command and
5:32 pm
control structure. something much more difficult now. moving rather insidiously in our communities and across the internet in particular. >> reporter: law hey enforcement officials say these terror cells are not operating as one network but are unconnected and that makes them a much more dangerous challenge. reporting from washington, karen travers channel6 "action news." >> a ceasefire in yemen has temporarily halted intense fighting between rebels and forces loyal to that country's president. before the agreement witnesses reported heavy machine gunfire and artillery near the presidential palace in the capital. rebels ceased control of state runnemede ya' a move the minister called "a step toward a coup. officials say there are no plans yet to evacuate the u.s. embassy there and world news tonight with david muir will have much more on the growing terror investigation across europe including it's potential impact on u.s. interests. you can watch that following "action news" at 6:00. >> today we honor the birth of civil rights icon dr. martin luther king, jr. we also celebrate his ideals
5:33 pm
of peace and equality that he tried to instill in all of us. dr. king's commitment to justice and understanding led to the creation of the mlk day of service and across new jersey today people young and old took part in projects to better their communities. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic has the details. >> reporter: at the tolerance museum in ewing young children are learning about empathy and empowerment while down the hall edith savage jennings remembers the battle for equality. jennings spoke to king on the phone hours before he died when he made an unusual request. >> if anything should happen to me, would you please stay close to coretta and the children. i said martin, i don't own a black dress. what are you talking about? he said i just want you to promise me. king flew to memphis where he
5:34 pm
was assassinated at the lorraine motel. jennings believes dr. king will a premonition about his death. >> he had so many threats and so far as he knew he was preparing himself. >> reporter: 46 years later king is remembered with events like this one at the good intense fire house in mount holly where kids are making cards for senior citizens. >> i want to do a good job because i want everybody to like it. >> reporter: do you think they're going to. >> uh-huh. >> i'm making it for king luther injury. >> reporter: the little ones may not know much about dr. king but organizers say it's never too early to teach kids about service and contributing to your community. >> helping the senior center, maybe people that don't have family members. >> reporter: whether it's 10-year-old sidney graham who is just learning about dr. king's speeches. >> that everybody should be treated fairly and equal. >> reporter: or 89-year-old edith savage jennings who still misses her friend this is a day to remember a man who
5:35 pm
changed our nation, though as jennings says, there's still so much work left to do. in ewing i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news." >> volunteers grabbed their coats and gloves to freshen up a trenton city park on this day of service. "action news" was at columbus park on hamilton avenue earlier today. trenton going global care trenton and trenton 365 and several other local organizations participated in the cleanup. folks cleared the area of trash and debris. participants say it's a great way to practice what dr. king preached. >> he had a life of service so it was very important that we continue to keep his dream alive which is, you know, by saying what can we do to make him proud and one thing we can do to make him proud is to come together as a community. >> organizers say many of the volunteers do not live in that neighborhood so it gave everyone a chance to get to know one another. >> one of dr. martin luther martin luther king, jr.'s big effort
5:36 pm
achievement was that historic march in selma, alabama. it's the basis of a film in theater. "action news" was in center city where the film is playing. it tells the story of the three months leading up to the selma march back in 1965 which later led president lyndon johnson's signing of the votes rights act. moviegoers say it's a important story that everyone should know. >> i recommend a lot of fathers and mothers take their children so that they can be more informed about dr. martin luther king anyway. >> i remember all of that. i was much younger but i remember all of that. i wanted all of them to know just what the struggle is 'cause the struggle still continues. >> the movie "selma" is up for an oscar for best picture. its philadelphia chapter of the naacp installed its newest members at the bright hope baptist church in north philadelphia today. guest speakers also talked about dr. king's vision of equality and his drive for social change. ly and our coverage of all the events this mlk day continues on
5:37 pm
we have photos and videos from today's ceremonies and service projects, all in honor of dr. king. there's also a look back at his life and legacy. again you can find it all right there on >> in other news tonight a bucks county woman is being held on a half million dollars bail for allegedly chasing a 10-year-old with a knife. she is 33-year-old warminster residents virginia bushman. bushman was arrested after the child reported the incidents to administrators at mcdonald elementary. even though the child was not hurt bush man has been charged with assault and making terroristic threats. >> wow, that's close. talk about being feet from absolute disaster. a driver was blocked behind a crash on the southbound lanes of the new jersey turnpike at exit nine yesterday when he decided to take a picture. the man says he then heard a noise behind him and saw a big
5:38 pm
rig sliding on the slick road. what came within feet of taking out the man's car before it went over a guardrail and landed in the northbound lanes. believe it or not the man actually escaped unscathed. >> well, a pair of thieves is facing 161 charges of burglary and theft for allegedly cleaning out homes currently under construction. it's the story our delaware news room has been following for you. here's more on it. 27-year-old kevin trotter and his 48 year old friend nathaniel gibbs are facing dozens of charges stemming from burglaries in newly constructed oren 58d homes. they were allegedly spotted in a kept county development. the investigation reveals the men were allegedly involved into breaking into homes and taking new appliances. >> time to look at our commute on this holiday. >> a lot folks had the day off. autumn marisa in for matt pelman. >> hi, monica and sharrie. we have a larger delay on 202 here southbound at matlack street. we do have construction taking
5:39 pm
outer one lane at style. you can imagine white quiet a back up here and then it reopens again as you make your way to street road. not too bad and you see speeds across the region nice and high. 55 miles per hour on 95, 54 on the blue route a little closer to cottman avenue, 47 miles per hour, so not much to complain about this afternoon. and you can see we do have a car fire in hilltown, route 309 at route 113. that's one of the hiccups out there right now. and taking a look at mass transit, you can see we are running on a modified schedule on septa. new jersey transit is on a sunday schedule and patco is running on a regular schedule. back to you monica and sharrie. >> thanks. >> still to come on "action news" tonight, one minute he was driving along an oregon highway, the next he was sandwiched between two big rigs. we've got some more video you need to see and you'll hear from the man whose life was spared by a measure of inches. >> and we'll have more on the martin luther king, jr. day of
5:40 pm
service events all across our region also melissa is in for adam tonight. >> hi, mon cavment temperatures in philadelphia in the 40's. but you have 50's, 60's, even in spent off to our south and west. part of the east coast in a january thaw but we are tracking some changes on the way and the potential snow for wednesday. details with the accuweather forecast. >> melissa, thank you. plus jamie apody has flyers and sixers action coming up in sports and a bit of controversy surrounding new england's patriots win over the colts when "action news" comes right back.
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>> (screaming). >> school children in nairobi kenya were tear gassed and classes interrupted during a protest over a land dispute. the students were in front of a line of folks pulling down a wall around their playground. activists say the space have been taken over a private developer and politician who wants to build a parking lot there. land seizures have become a very controversial sunshine in kenya. a few inchs are all that saved his life after a 26 car pile upthis weekend in oregon. this is 27-year-old caleb
5:44 pm
whitby. he's pinned between two tractor-trailers in what used to be his pickup truck. black ice caused caleb to plow into the back of the first jackknifed semi. then he watched as a second truck went out of control and barreled toward him. >> i just held onto the wheel as tight as i could tucked my head and just kept praying the whole time and after he hit i just hoped that he would be -- it would be over with soon. >> well, as you could see it wasn't the end for caleb. he was not crushed and passersby managed to pull him out of the wreckage. caleb walked away believe it or not with just bumps and bruises in what he calls nothing short of a miracle. >> i agree. turning to sports flyers hit the ice for martin luther king day matter nay. >> and jamie apody live in our "action news" sports center with more on that. hi jamie. >> hey guys on this mlk dave service many had the day off from work and 62ly to remember dr. king and to do something for others and the flyers and sixers had the day off as well.
5:45 pm
even their youngest fans are fed up. come on, guys. the flyers already down two-nothing to the islands in the second period when matt read's shot is blocked and zepp ooh is beaten on the break away. flyers down three-nothing. josh bailey with the rebound in the empty net. that would be the end of zepp who gave way to ray emery. he would suffer the same fate. john tavarez on the power play with eight seconds left in the period. islanders with three goals on 20 shots. to add injury to insult the flyers were left with only five healthy did he first men and they lose this game seven to four. some holiday hoops on the schedule today. how about this report surrounding sixers rookie joel embiid who is set to be around 50 pounds over his playing weight at kansas last year. sixers playing on mlk day matinee in a fitting place there's martin luther king,
5:46 pm
jr.'s statue in washington d.c. former lasalle had been fouled. wizards by 13 after one. sixers scored 14 points in the first quarter. michael carter-williams throwing in the towel. in the fourth former sixer andre miller with the pass to otto porter for the easy layup. sixers lose 111-76. they are eight and 33. eagles fans i have some deflating news t the patriots are headed back to the super bowl and the patriots being hailed as cheaters. league is investigating reports that bill belichick's team deflated the football. a football with less air would be easier to today. you would think that would be hard to accomplish. again there were a lost catches being made yesterday. even by a left tackle. the pats crushed the colts in the second most lopsided afc
5:47 pm
championship ever 45-seven. brady is headed back to the super bowl where he'll face a team that hasn't been there since last year. the seahawks back in the big game thanks to a come back. russell wilson hit jermaine kearse from 35 yards out in overtime for the touchdown to win it. college hoops villanova ranked fourth in the nation. they will take on georgetown tonight at the verizon center the same place where the sixers and wizards played earlier today. finally historic day for lindsey vaughn can you think at a cost for her boyfriend. tiger woods bundled up to surprise vaughn in italy as she won a super g her 63rd world cup race which makes her the winningest alpine skier in women's history. as she crossed the finish line she got a congratulatory kiss. he lost a tooth thanks to a cameraman who hit tiger in the mouth as they all rushed the podium to get vaughn. that's now a snag goal tooth
5:48 pm
tiger. maybe it's not too late for him to switch to hockey. that's wrong. back to you. >> good one jamie. very good. thanks. a delaware county church received a makeover on this day of service. members of first african baptist church in sharon hill rolled up their sleeves for a few do it yourself improvement projects. the walls of the sanctuary received a fresh coat of paint. hard work was followed by a fellowship meal and kids received a lesson on the legacy of dr. martin luther king blank when you get verizon fios, you get beautiful hd picture quality, super fast internet, and america's most reliable network. so you won't miss a second of that movie that game they love, or those moments with family. can we sleep over? please! come on! see why fios is rated #1 in customer satisfaction in hd picture quality based on customer satisfaction studies. call today to make your house, the
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>> homeless veterans sleeping more comfortably tonight thanks to these volunteers in newark, delaware. members of the local chapters of alpha kappa alpha sorority came to the community center as part of operation stay warm. these were will go to vets at the delaware center for homeless veterans. >> great service happening today for the holiday. mears melissa magee joining us now with a look at the forecast and warmer today with some changes coming, right. >> yeah, that's right, sharrie and monica. it wasn't a bad start, temperatures above freezing. the winds were a factor for some but definitely not a bad start to our holiday. we'll see what's going on. storm tracker 6 live double scan radar slowing you it is dry right now. changes are coming for the middle half of our work week and we'll talk about the details and specifics with that. outside we go, the action cam was outside earlier this afternoon looking at the art
5:52 pm
museum. you can see some folks climbing walking, jogging up the steps. see rocky and probably going in the museum as well hopefully they're enjoying that as well. high temperature today in philadelphia coming in at 45 degrees. so, this is actually the warmest it's been in about two weeks in philadelphia. average for us this time of year is 40. the record 65. set back in 1951. you do have a wind chill to factor in even though we had temperatures today in the middle and lower 40's, feels like 37 outside in philadelphia, feeling like 33 in allentown. current wind chill in the poconos 29. along the coast in wildwood 33 degrees. wind chill in beach haven coming in at 35. here's satellite6 along with action radar. you can see we've got a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy sky across new england all the way down across the midatlantic region. we're staying dry and quiet for the rest of tonight. we'll widen out the picture and what we are tracking, you can see moisture moving across the upper midwest and the great lakes. this weak disturbance that will for the most part trigger more in the way of cloud cover across the delaware and lehigh
5:53 pm
valleys for tuesday. the big weather system that we're tracking still trying orgeat its act together coming out of canada diving into the northern plains. that is our clipper that will be diving south and eastward as early as wednesday. the setup for tuesday however, showing you breaks of sunshine moderating temperatures. we'll max out at 43 degrees in the city. for wednesday here we go with that clipper system work its way eastward. high temperature on wednesday in philadelphia and at 35 degrees and it will be slow going for the evening rush with the arrival that of precipitation so you want to give yourself some extra advertisement as far as expected snowfall and what we are calling for at least the early call, wednesday afternoon into the evening hours really for wilmington, coming up into interior sections of south jersey, burlington, ocean county points to the north and west so philadelphia, that 95 corridor, we could find 1 to 2 inches of snowfall. south jersey and delaware, this storm system starts out as a mix and some rain as well but you're going get a possible coating as the moisture wraps up and pulls away and the cold air picks up
5:54 pm
on the backside, that's when i think you'll get your coating of snowfall as the storm pull asway, not at the beginning. call for accuweather rest of tonight partly cloudy brick and cool, 30 in the city, 23 in the suburbs. your accuweather forecast showing clouds and sunshine, high temperature up to 43. on wednesday at 35 with that afternoon and evening light snow on the way. thursday rather cloudy in the wake of that system but we're up to 40 degrees. friday partly sunny, dry but it's chilly. high temperature just 38. on saturday 40 degrees with the storm system we're tracking to our south. we'll keep you poster on any updates with that. clouds and sunshine on sunday, 42. rain and snow showers next monday with a high of 38. so not back to mild and wednesday we're tracking those changes so that's when you need to give yourself some extra time, guys. >> thank you so much. topping tonight's people scene action star liam neeson is receiving backlash from a major gun supplier after making comments about gun control.
5:55 pm
neeson who is well known for his role in the month of fifty two series taken reportedly slammed the united states for the number of guns that are available. well, he made the comments while on a press tour for his new film taken three. gun maker responded immediately calling for a boycott of all of his movies. pair provided the firearms for nissan's movies and says now it regrets doing so.
5:56 pm
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>> ♪♪ >> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team are standing by with these stories and more coming up next it's a 6:00. thousands take to the streets of philadelphia to rally for justice on this martin luther king, jr. day. >> and we are learning more about the victims of the icy crashes across the delaware valley yesterday. >> plus, preparations are under way to swear in tom wolf as pennsylvania's next governor. those stories coming up for rick williams adam joseph cecily tynan sharrie williams the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass. have a good night.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪♪ >> monday night pope francis confirms his itinerary for his trip to the united states in philadelphia. but the big story on "action news" tonight is a march and demonstration by several thousand people to mark martin luther king day in philadelphia. >> what do you want? us. >> justice. >> it began at school district headquarters on north broad street and went through center city to its ultimate
6:00 pm
destination of independence mall. mlk day of action resistance and empowerment. live at independence mall is "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist. sarah, it seemed like the themes today were justice jobs and education. >> reporter: jim, that's right, thousands turned out on this martin luther king day to march for all kinds of social justice issues. many who took part in this demonstration told us they saw it as the embodiment of what dr. king stood for peace equality and activism. thousands gathered in center city this afternoon to take part in today's martin luther king day march and rally that followed. people of all ages races and religions joined going in the name of social activism. >> it thrills my heart to see this kind of action and you know what really turns me on, the fact that this is interracial. i mean its no the just african-americans, it's not just


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