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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  January 20, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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ng demolition collapses on a major interstate in ohio and it killed a construction worker. >> little more snow is heading our way, at least for some people. we have the accuweather timetable and expected totals. >> good morning, it's 5:30 on this tuesday january 20th. the key word, david right is small and karen rogers has your traffic. >> yeah, it doesn't look like a real big event but the timing could be a little dicey for the evening commute. for now we're looking at mainly dry conditions and that's what we expect today but there is a little bitter of bursts of snow out by harrisburg. this looks pretty light and quick moving and it's pushing east towards perhaps reading and allentown a little later this morning. it's not a real big deal though. satellite shows we'll start out with sunshine across most of the region before transitioning to clouds. every now and then a little pop of, you know, snowflake here or there, a little flurry is possible but i don't think that we're overall looking at much precipitation today at all even as those clouds get thicker. 31 degrees right now philadelphia, 32 the freezing mark up in allentown. 30 in wilmington, 28 in
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wildwood. not a lot of wind out there and as we head out to the bus stop this morning it stays cool but with light winds, you can take that 29 to 31-degree profile and temperatures pretty easily. and later today it is going to get nicer. 40 degrees by noon. clouds increasing during the day but we get up to a high of 44 at 3 o'clock so not too shabby. several degrees above average. we'll have future tracker 6 showing you that snow for tomorrow and projected accumulations all coming up, karen. >> all right, dave we've got an accident, this is all happening right now. police just arrived on the scene. we see the flashing lights. we have an ambulance. this is on 476. we saw a person walking here across to police and the ambulance right across the highway and we've been reportedly told that it is involving an accident involving a pedestrian. here we're seeing more police arrive on the scene so this is all just unfolding right now the blue route northbound near the schuylkill an accident reportedly involving a pedestrian as penndot kind of
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scans back you can see yet another police officer arriving on the scene so we've got three police officers here and two ambulances with this accident on the blue route northbound. the vehicles involved in the accident are up ahead so watch for it northbound on the blue route past the schuylkill, a developing situation that we're on top of right now. that's our only accident on a highway at this point right now in philadelphia. we're looking at the blue route, schuylkill, i-95 for the rest of the part in good shape here. the flyers play tonight at 7:00. sports express trains start at 6:08. we have been talking about that gas main break if south philadelphia so watch for crews on the scene on snyder avenue. we have an accident on 55 in new jersey where a vehicle hit a deer. it's franklin township gloucester county. southbound 55 approaching route 40 so watch for that one and that big accident on the blue route, matt and tam. >> got you karen thanks. we're following breaking news from the midwest. an old bridge along interstate 75 in cincinnati collapsed while it was undergoing demolition. >> a construction worker has been killed in and a tractor-trailer driver has been injured. >> "action news" reporter erin
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o'hearn is live at the satellite center with overnight details. erin. >> good morning. these are devastating images coming out of cincinnati. this happened as you said along interstate 75 near the downtown area around 10:30 last night. now, police are calling this a workplace accident and unfortunately one of the construction workers on that site did lose his life. now, apparently crews were taking down an old bridge when something "went terribly wrong." fire officials say the tractor-trailer that struck the collapsed section of the bridge, while it was hitting the grounds actually just escaped with just minor injuries which is incredible if you look at some of the scene of the accident here. but as we said, that construction worker was killed and right now the city is working with the department of transportation to figure out how this happened. >> going have to be determined by some level of investigation. once again it's a workplace incident. you've got a lot of heavy equipment in a very, very
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heavy construction site. who knows what happened. but we will find out working internally with respect to our own investigation process as well as working with the state department of transportation. >> now obviously this investigation is just beginning and there is a lot of cleanup that needs to happen. several hundred tons of concrete has to be removed from that area and that southbound stretch of 75 where this accident occurred will be shut down for at least 48 hours so certainly a huge tragedy coming out of cincinnati this morning. i'm erin o'hearn live in the sat center. back to you matt. >> erin thanks. now we have an update on a story we have been telling you about all morning. residents if south philadelphia are returning to their homes after a gas leak in their neighborhood. six homes along the 1300 block of snyder avenue were evacuated at 2:45 a.m. because of suspicious fumes. we are told there was a rupture in a 4-inch gas main. crews were able to fix a leak at 5:00 a.m. >> i was woken up at like 3
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o'clock in the morning. they were knocking on the door. like we were startled. and they told me to evacuate. that's all i know. >> reporter: did they tell you why? >> gas. >> and again, the situation in south philadelphia was brought under control 35 minutes ago. "action news" reporter katherine scott will have a live update from the scene at 6:00 a.m. >> developing right now, we have new images of a smash and grab robbery at a montgomery county jewelry store. they show the heist as it went down at the willow grove park mall last night. police would like you to take a good look at these three men. they smashed the rolex case at the precision watches and jewelry store at 7:30 in the evening. the store's owner fired two shots into the ceiling fearing for his employees' safety. we'll have a full report including witness reaction coming up ahead at 6:00 a.m. and developing right now a tractor-trailer turned over along i-295 in gloucester county, new jersey, and blocked lanes for hours. this happened in the northbound lanes on the ramp
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to exit 18 in paulsboro just after 11:00 last night. the action cam was on the scene as crews uprighted the truck so that they could finally tow it away from the crash scene. police are not sure what caused the truck driver to lose control and to have the crash. the driver was being checked out for injuries but that road is now clear. philadelphia homicide detectives are trying to sort out the details of a deadly triple shooting. gunfire broke out in the strawberry mansion section last night at 8:00 in the evening. police were called to the 1700 block of north 31st street. they found man believed to be in his 20's who had been shot in the head and he was pronounced dead at temple university hospital. two other victims a 51-year-old man an 35-year-old woman are both in critical condition. >> 5:36 now. the burlington county woman who is charged with burning her newborn daughter to death is scheduled to appear in court today. police say 22-year-old hyphernkemberly dorviliew
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doused her with an accelerant and set her on fire. her bail is set at half a million dollars. >> happening deforminger sportscaster don tollefson could wrap up his defense in a bucks county courtroom. he's on trial for theft and fraud. prosecutors say tollefson bilk ed roughly 200 people out of $340,000 worth of bogus sports and travel packages. he argues he was simply a bad bookkeeper didn't realize there was problem until he ran out of money in 2012. tollefson is acting as his own lawyer telling a lot of stories meant to illustrate he's a goodbye in a bad situation not a crook can. >> tom wolf will become pennsylvania's 47th governor today. his inauguration takes place at noon. the democrat spent his final day as governor-elect taking that's right marl ting service projects while technicians prepared for today's big event. wolf has never held elective
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officers and was the only person to defeat a sitting governor last year. in fact he was the first candidate to deny an incumbent governor a second term in pennsylvania history. "action news" reporter walter perez will be in harrisburg for the official oath from the capital and the inauguration party. we will also stream tom wolf's speech live on >> another big political event this evening. president obama's approval rateing is getting a boost as he goes into tonight's state of the union address. a new washington post abc news poll puts the president's approval rating at 50 percent. that's the best it's been since the spring of 2013. the poll shows americans are slightly more operator mystic about the economy and the economy will be the centerpiece of his address both to the nation and to a now republican-led congress. abc's live coverage of the state of the union and the republican response will start here to your on 6abc at 9:00 p.m. >> lots of people starting the work week today david. >> yes, they are. and they're starting it dry too, in most cases. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows us that we are
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basically dry out by harrisburg there's a slight little snow shower that's popping in from the west but that doesn't look like it's really going to be enough to impact you much at all. as we take a look outside we've got tranquil conditions over the ben franklin bridge with winds on the light side and probable sunshine early before clouds get thicker today. your temperature currently is 31 degrees in philadelphia, so certainly coat weather. but the winds not all that bad and the single digits across most of the region. satellite showing you how there is that chance of some sunshine early but you can see that there's some thicker clouds in a more southerly latitude coming from the west. every now and then i see a bit of light snow shower caught up in that cloud cover so it's possible that you get a little bit of that here or there today but i think basically you're dry. clouds will thicken as the day goes on, though. temperatures aren't going to be too bad. we're starting out below freezing but 38 degrees by 11 o'clock. and then 43 by 2 o'clock and a high of 44 probably around 3 o'clock this afternoon. and with light winds, that will be fairly comfortable for this time of year.
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high temperatures a little bit cooler up north as is usually the case, 40 in allentown, 41 in both reading and trenton. and then down the shore in atlantic city and cape may 46-degree highs this afternoon, any other much wind out there. tomorrow cloud cover will begin to get thicker pretty quickly during the morning and then during the afternoon and evening we'll be on the lookout for some spotty snow showers beginning to develop. it should starter out fairly light. by the evening commute there's the chance some of these larger cells are beginning to overtake the region although the latest view on future tracker suggests some of that holds off until after the rush hour. we're kind of on the bubble there. i can see it getting here in time for the evening rush. later into the evening you can see how we do have a period of snow. this is 11 o'clock, it's one of those situations where cecily tynan will probably have something to show you later on on "action news" at 11:00. down south there's the possibility of some rain mixing in. and then this all gets out of here well before you get up on thursday, the thursday morning commute looks dry. what are we expecting? there's just enough of this
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coming through where it would be possible to get somewhere in the one to 2-inch range from about philadelphia north with just that coating down south because of the rain mixing in. and if there is an impact from this and it comes in fast enough, we would be looking at the wednesday evening rush as being the rush that's affected by this. the main thing would be reduced visibilities. roadways could be a little bit slick but with temperatures starting out above freezing we might luck out and get just wet roads for a time before we have a problem later on after the rush and slow travel even if we don't have anything other than wet roadways because of the reduced visibility. again, it may be here in time for the wednesday evening commute but you'll have to stick with us on that as the timing is still not certain. sun to clouds today 44 degrees and tranquil weather, no problems and then tomorrow during the afternoon and evening we'll be on the lookout for that lighter snow arriving and perhaps some rain down south. 36 degrees is the high and you saw how at nighttime we start to accumulate light accumulations mainly from about philadelphia north. and then partly sunny again on thursday with a high of 40. chilly on friday, 36. and mostly cloudy on saturday
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with a high of 40. those clouds on saturday are related to a southern storm system that we think is going to be far enough south where we don't get precipitation but we'll be watching that. back to partly sunny skies on sunday and the next chance of rain or snow would be monday. >> okay, thank you david. it's now 5:42 and we have more stories you didn't see last night including new video of the two nonwestern hostages who are being held captive by islamic state terrorists. >> packs of people on motorcycles dirt bikes and atv's wreaked havoc on a major city down south. >> several police cars, two ambulance all on the scene of this accident on the blue route northbound involving a pedestrian. all the latest details on this and a problem with mass transit when we come back. >> ♪♪ trading-in or selling your car truck or suv?
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here down the shore into atlantic city. it's quite and dry out there this morning. 5:45 36 degrees. >> karen gets to talk now. >> i did and i have a lot to talk about. we're looking live here on the blue route. we've got this accident and we now know involving a pedestrian. it's on the blue route northbound near the schuylkill expressway. we had two ambulance here. they have just left the scene. we can see several police officers here and then there are a few police officers just south of this shot as well. so we've got an accident blocking the left lane. it look like they had been looking in the median here earlier i saw a person walking across the highway as police just arrived here. you can see one of the
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officers kind of backing up in the right shoulder. we had two vehicles -- i don't know if you can make that out. it's up ahead off to the shoulder as well. so, you have vehicles up ahead on the right shoulder, another ambulance pulling up right now, two police officers blocking its left lane. a lot happening on the blue route northbound right near the schuylkill. traffic has been getting by. it looks like they momentarily may be stopping it as the police kind of leave the scene so i think this is unfolding now. it looks like police leaving the scene. they had been blocking lanes on the blue route northbound. we see now these police officers blocking at least the left lane right here and allowing some traffic to get by. you could see they set up the flares and it's creating a backup on the blue route northbound. but since the ambulance left the scene and those other police officers left the scene, i think we're going to see this delay thin out pretty quickly as well. but something we're watching here on the blue route northbound near the schuylkill. we have other news just coming in. it's with mass transit. we have a problem here. we're seeing delays now with the wilmington newark line because of downed amtrak wires. so, this just coming in. watch for those problems right now with septa. we've got an accident in new
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jersey involving a deer right on 55 southbound in franklin township gloucester county approaching route 40. so watch for that accident as well. few things happening this morning. you could always check the waze app. everybody reporting on potholes in the area. this one lots of potholes woodbine avenue in philadelphia so that's a good way to check things before you head out the door. 31 degrees right now in philadelphia. but the wind chill making it feel like it's just in the 20's. a colds start but not a bad afternoon. we're dry today, tam. >> okay, thank you karen. this is breaking overnight. isis is threatening to kill two more hostages and for the first time the hostages are nonwesterners. the group released the video of the two japanese hostages wearing orange jump suits. isis says it will kill the men within 72 hours unless it receives a 200 million-dollar ransom. the video is similar to previous ones that have been released by the group. the fighter in the video also looks and sounds like the british militant involved in other beheadings. new here on "action news" a dangerous sight in south
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florida. hundreds of riders on motorcycles and atv's caused havoc on the streets of miami. witnesses say the riders were speeding blocking traffic and popping wheelies. police chose not to pursue them out of concerns for other people on the road. it's illegal ride dirt bikes and atv's on public roads in miami. police did not report any major crashes as a result of the ride. >> a woman is being monitored for ebola symptoms at a hospital in new jersey. the woman is being treated at hackensack university medical center. at this point she has not tested positive for ebola. she arrived in newark, new jersey on united airlines flight 45 and fell ill on the plane which was coming in from brussells belgium. the woman was recently in sierra leone a west african nation that has battled an ebola outbreak. fire gut add water side mansion in annapolis maryland and six people are still uny unaccounted for. flames devoured the $99 million home for about four hours yesterday morning. officials on the scene have spoken to relatives of the
5:49 am
homeowners and have yet to find the six missing people. the ruins have been two unstable to search. crews hope to start later today. >> ♪♪ we asked women use dove bar for 7 days with no mirrors. on the seventh day beautiful skin is revealed.
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>> developing situation on the blue route northbound. we have an accident involving a pedestrian. let's go outside live and see the backup now. this is the blue route northbound past the schuylkill. we can see police penndot here blocking the left lane. they have the flares set out and with that left lane blocked traffic jamming up on the blue route northbound near the schuylkill here approaching the schuylkill to past the schuylkill because of this accident involving a pedestrian. we've already seen a couple ambulances and police leave the scene but till blocking the left lane. wilmington newark still seeing delays with this because of
5:52 am
downed amtrak wires causing a problem and also the norristown high speedline they're having construction delays between township line and wynnewood you got to board the outbound traffic on the inbound side so watch for that. >> karen my twitter follower dave in the northern side of wilmington reports 28 degrees and we're at 31 in philadelphia this morning. so if you're dressing the kids it's definitely coat weather. this afternoon though they can go a little bit lighter on the gear because we are looking at temperatures climbing back up into the 40's. for your day planner forecast, 34 degrees by 9 o'clock, 40 by noon. there's that high of 44 degrees at 3 o'clock. winds are going to be light today but clouds will increase as the day goes on. little bit of light snow on the way later tomorrow, tam. >> okay, thank you david. a college in pennsylvania is in shock over the death of a student and officials say chewing gum could be to blame. shanice clark was a senior at the california university of pennsylvania. over the weekend the 21-year-old was found unresponsive in her off campus apartment. a preliminary report shows that she choked on chewing gum while sleeping.
5:53 am
her death is still under investigation. a west virginia plotter is facing charges after authorities say she tampered with her sick son's iv. they say candida flutie knowingly injected a substance into her nine year old's iv at the cincinnati children's hospital. the boy is being treated to an intestinal disorder. her attorney calls the incident a total misunderstanding. >> pope francis released more of his travel plans this summer that will bring him to philadelphia. he'll also visit new york and washington d.c. the pope was flying back to rome from the philippines and talked about his plans with reporters. the papal trip begins in washington, then heads to nyc where pope francis will address the united nations. the end of the trip will have him attending the world meeting of families in philadelphia on september 26 and 27. >> a lot of folks looking forward to that. it's 5:53. up next an nfl star plays the role of hero off the field. >> and we have more news you didn't see last night including a break in the case of a hit and run in the lehigh valley. get the update at 6:00 a.m.
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>> a new england patriot is being hailed as a hero off the field. defensive tackle vince will ford helped rescue the victim of a car crash. the incident occurred shortly after the patriots beat the colts for the afc title and a trip to face the seahawks in the super bowl. massachusetts state police say they responded to the crash and found the all pro already on the scene. will ford was trying to help the driver of a jeep escape her car after it rolled over near gillette stadium. the woman was charged with
5:57 am
drunk driving but is expected to be okay. >> it's being called deflate gate. the nfl is investigating whether the new england patriots deflated footballs during the afc championship game. head coach bill belichick is promising his team will cooperate fully. the patriots advanced by beating the colts 45 to seven. under inflated footballs are apparently easier throw and camp. nfl rules state that no one can alter footballs once they leave the locker room. if found guilty the team could be fined and lose some draft picks. the seattle seahawks have apologized for a tweet that linked their nfc championship game victory to martin luther king, jr. yesterday the team sent out a twitter message that said we shall overcome and had the hashtag mlk day. the tweet pictured wilson kneeling and crying after that big win. later the team deleted that tweet and center out an app building for what it called poor judgment. >> it is just a game, right. >> right.
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>> 5:57. a single car crash left an intersection flooded shearing off a hydrant in southern california. more of this new video on "action news" coming up.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday january 20 and we're following breaking news. >> crews have fixed a gas leak that forced more than a dozen people out of their homes in south philadelphia overnight. >> police release important pictures in their hunter for three smash and grab burglars who struck at the willow grove park mall. >> pennsylvania's next governor is hours away from taking his oath of office. >> we kicked dave murphy


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