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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  January 21, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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and we've got a winter weather advisory in effect across a good portion of the region because of that afternoon arriving snow. now, this technically kicks in during the morning hours later this morning and it goes until 10 o'clock tonight and these are the counties where we expect the biggest impact. not so much up in northern bucks county and the lehigh valley. up there you're probably only looking at a coating to an inch of snow but during the afternoon and evening hours from trenton down through philadelphia wilmington, back to the northern and western suburbs and down through most of dover and south jersey we are looking at that light snow arriving and it will be here very likely in time for the evening commute. i think most of the impact will be through south jersey and delaware this evening but even philadelphia could get a little bit of that snow. as we take a look at the current situation, we actually have some breaks in the clouds went may see some early sun in some neighborhoods but there's the snow and thicker cloud cover to the west and that will be moving in mainly during the afternoon and evening hours. 29 degrees is your current temperature in philadelphia ahead of the snow, 23 degrees in allentown, 28 in wilmington, 28 in wildwood.
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as we head out to the bus stop this morning no issues. we've got cool conditions certainly but not a lot of wind. temperatures hovering around 30 between 6 and 8 o'clock. partly cloudy skies as i mentioned with some of you perhaps seeing some of the sun. and then we got some light snow coming in later in the afternoon. 29 on the storm tracker 6 app now, 30 by 8 o'clock noon 34. i think we may actually zoom up to 36 ahead of the snow around 1:00 or so but then by 3 o'clock we're really seeing those temperatures drop closer to the freezing mark pretty quickly after the snow gets started and i think between three and 6 o'clock a good portion of the region is looking at that light snow. i'll show you how different areas are going to see this at different times on future tracker 6 and we'll also plot the departure, give you snowfall amounts all that good stuff coming up karen. >> all right dave looking life attack cone. we have been talking about the fatal accident in the overnight hours. they're still conducting their accident investigation. you can see police other scene. you can see the wreckage of the vehicle involved. we have been seeing intermittent closures but right now i'm watching traffic get by at this point on milner
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street near cottman avenue but if you're in this area you might want to stick to state road just to avoid any problems with crews still on the scene with this terrible accident in tacony. looking at the big picture overall speeds are looking good, in the 50's for the most part blue route schuylkill and i-95. even in new jersey there's a touch of moisture in the atmosphere so we're watching for any areas of black ice. we're not seeing problems with that at this point but i would use extra caution as you're headed out. we've been talking about this horrible accident here and katherine scott has been on the scene in northbound. lehigh avenue closed between 25th and 24th. stick to huntington or sommer seat as your alternates matt. >> more on that breaking news right now. as you mentioned two philadelphia police officers recovering from that overnight crash. it happened as they were transporting a shooting victim to the hospital. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at the crash 17 north philadelphia. katherineism this was a three car crash and everyone involved is in stable condition. you can see that this remains an active scene here.
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the three vehicles are on lehigh avenue. there's debris all over the road here. you can see broken glass the air bags in police vehicle deployed. we're being told that the drivers of the other two vehicles did not have driver's licenses. the crash happened around 3:00 a.m. here in north philadelphia. the officers had just picked up a 24-year-old man who had been shot three times on the 2400 block of north hollywood. they had their lights and sirens on. they were driving east on lehigh when police say the cruiser collided with a lexus that was traveling north on 25th. they collided at the intersection. after that initial crash the lexus landed on the sidewalk and the police vehicle collided with the camaro traveling west on lehigh. the driver of the police vehicle has a head laceration an possible concussion. the other officer has minor injuries and the shooting victim is stable. he was being treater for the gun shot wounds but did not appear to have additional injuries from the crash. the other two drivers were
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complaining of pain and are also in stable condition. now this investigation is under way. >> accident investigation will process the scene measure any skid marks and take a look at the damage to all the vehicles and make a determination as best they can as to how fast each of the vehicles was traveling prior to the accident. >> reporter: and back here live where there's still debris all over the road on lehigh the other two drivers will be ticketed for driving without a license but if there are any additional charges really depends on the outcome of this investigation. again, you want to avoid this area. this accident investigation is ongoing. we're live in north philadelphia, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> thanks karen. another accident karen mentioned more breaking news happened in philadelphia's tacony's section. this accident left a passenger dead an driver undergoing tests for dui. their vehicle crashed along the 7300 block of milner street in tacony just before 2:00 a.m. police say the driver was
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speeding and attempting to pass another car when he lost control. their vehicle left the road and hit concrete steps. the driver and a rear seat passenger were injured. the front seat passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. police say all of the people in the car were 22 years old -- or are 22 years old. and yet another story breaking. a man stabbed nine passengers on a tel aviv bus overnight. and ices rally police are calling it a terror attack. police later shot the attacker believed to be a 23-year-old palestinian after he got off the bums he is under arrest and is undergoing questioning. police say four people were seriously hurt and another five sustained lighter wounds. there has been a string of attacks against israeli residents in recent months. >> interesting scene last night as per usual, the president headed up to congress to give the state of the union. but it was a little different for the first time he was re-- he was facing a republican controlled congress. >> the president will have to deal with the gop in his final
quote quote
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two years in office and laid out a broad ambitious agenda. >> early reaction has been positive but it's unlikely if most if any of his agenda is going to succeed in the house and senate. >> many of president obama's proposals are designed to benefit the middle class raising the minimum wage, making tuition free and paid extended leave. some of that would be paid for by increasing taxes on the wealthy. the president also asked for unity in the fight against global terror. >> tonight i call on this congress to show the world that we are united in this mission bypassing a resolution to authorize the use of force against isis. >> president obama also became the first president to use the words lesbian bisexual and transgender in a state of the union speech. we will have the republican response coming up at 6:00 a.m. >> with sunday's flash freeze still fresh in our memory penndot is not taking any chances today. salt trucks will be gearing up around noon today. chopper 6 hd hovered over
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penndot trucks fanning out across the region yesterday getting ready for the major highways to be prepared for any snow rain or ice that is expected through the evening rush. this after sunday morning's sudden unpredicted ice buildup which triggered hundreds of slippery road conditions and left three motorists dead. >> less ice this time but the fact that we have so many people out on the roads when it's coming down is going to be a problem. >> bad timing. it should be mainly light moment i think the worse problem for the evening commute might wind up being in south jersey and delaware versus philadelphia but we all have to basically prepare for slow one. all right. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we're dry for the morning commute. we have sky 6 and we're looking south along the atlantic city coastline. camera not bouncing around much because there isn't much wind. it's one of those cold tranquil mornings. 29 degrees in philadelphia and your winds out of the north at seven, not all that strong. future tracker 6 shows that you by about 1:30 this afternoon there is the chance of some light snow beginning
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to push into areas west of the region and it looks like by 3 o'clock, future tracker 6 right now still wants to suppress most of this to the west. i'm going to allow by 2, 3 o'clock for this to be farther east but i think whatever we get at the outset is probably on the light side and if you're down south you might see some rain or some sleet to start out. then we go through the afternoon up to 6 o'clock and there will be this band of snow popping through the region. by 6 o'clock it may be centered down south which is where our steadiest snow is going to be but there's still the chance of some pop-up snow showers around the immediate philadelphia region and the later in the evening you can see how everybody starts to see some of this but by 11 o'clock it does look like it's beginning to wind down and once we get up to about midnight or so, we should be done with the snow. what are we expecting out of this? well, it looks like it's going to be mainly centered to south jersey and delaware maybe parts of chester county and the extreme southern edge of delaware county where we expect 2 to 3 inches. i could even see a couple of spots right in here through
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central south jersey perhaps going closer to four. in philadelphia most of southeastern pennsylvania we're thinking more like 1 to 2 inches. if you're up in allentown or points to the north and east probably only a coating to an inch. this appears to be the bullet down to the south. again we'll need not only this afternoon but all the way until about midnight to get finished with all of that. nonetheless, for the evening commute i would expect delays mainly south as you just saw. overpasses and bridges will be a special issue just about everywhere it's snowing and secondary roads that haven't been pretreated so secondary roads as well i meant to say. so the afternoon and evening rush hour probably slow going even though it's fairly light snow. temperatures today 30 degrees by 8 o'clock, 34 by 11 o'clock and if the snow hasn't arrived by 2 o'clock we may get up to 36 by 1:30 and back to 34 by o 2 o'clock. once the snow comes in we expect temperature to dip closer to the freezing mark. that's why we have a concern for snow covered secondary roads and some of those slippery conditions developing. cloudy today with snow arriving during the afternoon
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and evening. 36 is the high. the snow wraps up late tonight probably by midnight in most areas and then on thursday clouds give way to some sun a high of 42. it will feel more comfortable in the afternoon and friday partly sunny and 38. saturday is our next issue. we have a southern storm system that's going to spill clouds across the region, a high of 38 and in the afternoon and evening there could be some precipitation from this storm riding up into a good portion of the region and it might be a bit of a wintry mix. i could see rain to the south but the farther north you go toward i-95 maybe a mix of rain, sleet and snow. again, that saturday afternoon and saturday night. the next issue would be monday night into tuesday. hey, tuesday morning maybe we get a commute that looks like a little snow there possible. >> that time of year, david. >> yeah. >> 5:40 now and next a school bus' brake lights set off a debate over the devil in a town down south. >> one of philadelphia's top chefs brings a middle eastern tradition to center city. karen. >> we're looking live right now on i-95 near the airport if you have to head out of town. you could see traffic here is moving just fine. you might want to call ahead
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if it's later on this afternoon, problems there and we'll check the roads for you and take a live look at the blue route coming up. >> and bragging rights are on the line for the mummers. find out who walked away with a viewer's choice award a little later on "action news." >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> hey everyone, 5:forty seven as you can imagine all the schools across the area are opening on advertisement the snow is not coming until later. look to closings to see if you have
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any early dismissals because of it. >> let's head over to karen rogers find out how that commute is looking this morning. good morning. >> good morning. we're checking the lehigh valley right now. if you're coming from allentown head on the northeast extension no reports of any problems. here we're looking live at the roads. this is the blue route near the mid-county tolls. good shot of road surfaces. we're clear and dry watching for any spots of black ice with a little bit of moisture in the atmosphere but not seeing any real problems with that and of course the snowfall comes later on this afternoon so that will be an issue for your evening evening commute. we're dry for this morning commute. taking a fly on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound speeds of about 65 miles an hour. all the overnight construction is clear. so you're looking good here near willow grove and fort washington. let's go to the commuter traffic report and we can get our pothole news because that's what everybody on waze is talking about. so this one reported right here in pottstown, willis street and you can see it's el ray. thanks for that. how about the weather conditions right now we're dry.
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we're seeing temperatures, though, below freezing. we're looking at 22 in quakertown, 24 in pottstown only 19 in fleetwood. 26 in chester 26 degrees in center city and some of the suburbs in new jersey, 23 in browns mills, 25 in glassboro 30 in dover and we're watching for any areas of black ice with these temperatures below freezing but not seeing too many problems with that, tam. >> thank you karen. and we are following a developing news story. deflate-gate just blue up in the new england patriots' faces. erin o'hearn is at the big board with this. erin, i don't know if that explains that much of a blowout. >> we don't know. it is too early probably to call this the sports world's latest scandal but our sister station espn is reporting the nfl has found 11 of 12 of the new england patriots game balls were inflated significantly less than the nfl requires. now, according to sources the investigation found the footballs were under inflated by 2 pounds per square inch of air less than what's required
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by nfl regulations during the pats' 45-seven victory over the colts. all game balls, are required to be inspected and approved by the referee two hours 15 minutes before kickoff but then are returned to the ball attendant. deflating a football can change the way it's gripped by a player or the way it travels through the air. patriots coach bill belichick deferred questions about the investigation but promised to cooperate fully. he of course was fined $500,000 in 2007 for having an assistant spy on the new york jets defensive signals and this is just the start of the investigation. of course, there is a chance that weather could have been a factor but right now the cloud of suspicion over the patriots continues to grow. >> still don't know if they've discovered who altered the footballs, if they were altered and oh by the way i might add if they were properly inspected before the game. so, there are still some things i think we need to find out before we jump to the final conclusions on it. >> certainly a lot of eyebrows
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being raised. hall of fame wide receiver jerry rice voiced his opinion on twitter saying that all but one football being under inflated was too much of a coincidence. 11 of 12 balls under inflated, can anyone spell cheating hashtag just saying. matt back to youly. >> a lost people wondering about the patriots and the eagles in that super bowl too so it's coming up again. new this morning something on the back of a school bus angered a mother in tennessee. she believes the brake lights form a pentagram which is often used in devil worship and black magic also signifies a cross or star of david to people who practice wyka. the mother claims she's getting death threats for speaking out about this the durham school district has not commented. >> a restaurant in society hill famous for its israeli humus. this weekend on fyi philly melissa magee checks out the restaurant. here's a preview. >> reporter: it's known as
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humus-sia. they're everywhere in israel. the name comes from tell avenue he have fifty five's main thorofare a strip dead with humus-ia. >> humus peta salad and pickles. >> reporter: they make the humus from scratch two to three times a day and the peta you dip it is in made fresh every morning. do they cook quick in yeah? you have the about minute. >> reporter: there are five toppings with choices changing dalely. >> beer, carrot, onions and garlic. >> reporter: topped with onions and parsley. >> olive oil goes on everything here. >> reporter: the lima bean humus is warm butter beans in yellow tomato use. >> we have been running different versions. people really like it. every humus is served with a side of spicy pickles imported from israel. israeli salad an pickle vidalia onion petal. >> that's a winner.
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>> new here on "action news" a florida man is accused of illegally staying in an unused room at a resort in palm beach florida. police say norman can karwokcy is snuck in for two nights and got caught while trying to steal a tv. the man admited to police he thought he could stay without being noticed. the room was under renovation. he denied taking the tv and racked up a total resort fee of $1,500. people in glen dive are scrambling to find drinking water. experts detector benzene a cancer causing component of oil in public water supplies. they think the benzene is from a weekend oil pipeline spill in the yellowstone river. some criticized why the warning came two days after
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the spill. residents have been told to not drink or cook with water from their taps. >> sticky situation there. hey, the commute is going pretty well so. dry out there. looking in new jersey, that's 42, your northbound traffic moving just fine. few more people up and out than there were half an hour ago but no big delay. overview new jersey transit patco septa subway and regional rails on time. you might expect problems later on this afternoon and this evening when the snow is coming down. >> you're correct about that karen. we're dressing the kids in heavy gear this morning. we have not a lot of wind but temperatures a little below freezing and we're probably dipping back to closer to the freezing mark by the time the kids get out of school this afternoon as the snow moves in. temperatures ahead of any precipitation right now are in the 20's in most of the northern and western suburbs a couple spots in the teens. down in south jersey a lot of mid to upper 20's. the same story in most of the state of delaware. if you're running errands today get them done in the morning because as we get 92 later any other afternoon after about two to 4 o'clock we'll start to see light snow moving n31 by 9 o'clock maybe a few peeks of sunshine.
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by noon 34 fairly cloudy and after two to 4 o'clock west to east we start to see light snow building in and the evening commute will be below freezing and we could see slick roads developing, tam. >> thank you david. this story is new this morning. an elderly michigan man has been reunited with his son for the first time thanks to a recent discovery of a long lost letter. at 81 years old tony trapani says he feels like a new dad. his 61-year-old son samuel childress is in his arms for the first time. trapani's wife recently passed away. he was cleaning out one of her old filing cabinets and that's when he came across the letter. it was from samuel's mother telling him he had a five-year-old son. tony's wife intercepted the letter and close to hide it. childress knew his mother sent the letter but figured his father was ignoring him. i poster more about this on my facebook page. peoplely -- people really react. >> two philadelphia police officers are among the injured in a violent multi car crash
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overnight. we give you a live update from that scene. that's coming up at 6:00 a.m. >> ♪♪
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america runs on dunkin'. >> happening today, a vigil will be held in south jersey for the newborn baby who police say was set on fire by her own mother. the vigil is scheduled for 7:30 tonight at the browns mills united methodist church. that's 22-year-old hyphernkemberly dorvilier. she was charged with murder yesterday. prosecutors say she gave birth to the baby girl on friday,
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then doused her with wd40 and set her on fire in pemberton township. dorvilier is being held on half million dollars bail. a robber uses a demand note and a small silver box with protruding wires to announce his holdup at a center city bank. it happened at the republic first bank at 16th and walnut streets at 6:15 last night. no one was hurt. the robber grabbed the cash and ran off. >> the winners were named on new year's day but the fans picked their favorites from the 2015 mummers parade. >> ♪♪ the phl17's viewers choice winners at sugar house casino. for the string bands quake city took heme honors and bragging rights for fancy brigades went to the shooting stars. >> all new coming up the dunkin' donuts employee in berks county who is in trouble for accusations that she swiped credit card numbers from customers. >> also 2wwe wrestlers claim
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they were severely injured from being tossed and slammed in the ring and now they're suing. details of what's going on when "action news" comes right back.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday january 21st. breaking this morning. >> two philadelphia police officers were injured in a crash as they were driving a shooting victim to the hospital. >> an out of control car crashes killing a passenger. what investigators say may have played a role in the deadly crash. >> accuweather is tracking a quick burst of snow that could create major traffic troubles for the later commute. >> so, let's find out more in your accuweather with dave murphy and we'll take a look


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