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tv   Action News  ABC  January 22, 2015 1:36am-2:12am EST

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>> if u livin the imedte iladelia area yu govery te, t this i what happedo yo nighbo to the sou in pacelike brgon,
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new jrseand motori dlaweity d end wth ry poor visili drinthe it toy sow. the the go news is er. te b w a noraster looks kit is on t wa wdneay nit, and the big soryn "aion ws" tight i our sn ent is t of her tnig con news" pt knne mon d da cuelr ae sked t wre the sn fll the most butirst le g to metroli ceci tnan. ccilhalate fr double san rad. > jim,torm traer six live duble sc ong th moisturis out of he th lw presse coinues push aay. do i wa t pnt out hve oth te bat miste movi rgh wste penylvia, tha wuld swging roughn te ovnig hou so the ntionaleatr serce s etendethe winter ath avisy unl 80 o'cckn te rnin oiginallit s t to epire at0: o'clo tnig. te th for posbili of feezg drzl te could cree a te
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bt othe gle onopf utread suace yu want be caful divi around oveight tnig and early torrow mrning. sowfl tals ll t sry tis s in the a big sn eent. alenwn less an a ch. hffs crch bks cn oe .3 che cad forrd of an in. pilalpa rertg a hlf in sno hweverouth ry a delaware reay pecd, this w t jacot zon bidget 3.3nch, estelle mnor.9 d seille 3 inch a smya, delare rporti 2.incs sno tey ve ratively heaer acumulio te rig now tperures blow eing. pilalph 3dre. alentown7. tirty milille. tirty wminon. tmpetes ll drpg dwn t wer to m 's. s hitng t ad for e mrni sh,se uti. te mtf the mar rds ae saevery well b with tmpetures bow frzg, wtch o f eas of ack
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ie on t sondary roa on te brg and oveasses t minlthis was a mor evt. i amtking a much mo signicant sto er e weeke. w willalk abt thain the fll ac weher rast, jm. > thks cecy. >> ls go li to cti nws" report keethot mn vinen new jery. knneth, whathe ttion tere. > repoer: we, jim as we kow it stp snowing hours ao o na of t game tnight h been king re o ese rd. tey appeato car but dn't deid. lok onheide thou epeclly rou 56 here ad u can e that cple elogs. te snowtopd lng south rsey b left so sick adways and ni acumation on the a. >> certn stare icg up. oher than tt they have be god wi cari the ros sme ck rds areot that wll t usuly they ke cre that in heat. > rert: eaier inhe eeningt was mindown in cmbeand uyivi th aea re than 2 ch. > i ve been ck the past cuple ys. ijust got o b bri
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m boriend home otrse i wulde buned u > rerterin milillet ws a qet nit thout that mny sent out d brew weres busy salng roaays lke rou 47 in tn. > cameack he s it is oly eoad up her nd sush only onway ano w ot. > rerte otted rsidenal stree cered wth thaslu mil sce nrthn vila b main rad we also loong pretty dcent. >> its not th bad ke for people be stk in eir huses a a t go d do teirwn stuff espeally go t wk. pople n't want to to wrk oh, road a bad. n. i is prey goo > rerter: soany cat hlp bulook ck at is tme st yr, ey are tankl but peop a sti wit g are th bigne mre ot an. >> i tnweaveeen lky. i thk rst y com > rept: comnithe in cmbeand un and srrounding eas wi have te trus out ernig slting away for at morni cmmuim.
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rporng live from nand nw rsey kenth mon r chann sixacon ns". ls swihivto wlmitoandaction ns" rporter nn ear dn, te temrature gog wn cancesre gog up for so sidi oslick roa. > reporter: at is rig jm. authoties ctie rn u abt th at tug w dn't get mu snow he te ads e w ke he on nama rd. tey e urgg pele ai o the se of the ction bcau hitng blk ice n fu the l sen clier srm ws fasand fuous in the erly eningith enow cmindown in a good ip. soon pk ca uld cor i the whe stf d wheer b ha brh or her pople re cleing o wh mstly opletoe a nisanc dll dotrew wre busy trouout ththe night pg ad sai down rows wichor the mo part were smply ju wet. > hoare road t the? > not baat al i is n d > repoer:
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did you encnter ay slick spots w are pple diving. > th erivingine, e ae dving sl. eerythg is fin > rerter: tt safthan srry. > ye. >> my fendas ing. i wa't at bad. w were mosyn t hhway. > rerrba ro re a lttle slick eawe rld te bkes e hles. as f aa sewas and diveys, it e as the cipp huffed a puffed st eough ow cov em aoutn in or snow of sn. > it is aays enoh. > reporr: s that the probl. > i love sn. iwant it sn a ot but i n't. > repte tting a good work out he tonht. > ye, butt is n. i le sn. > repoer: lotfeoe dn'tike it. > no no, my fe esn't lke i > rerter: ere y go. bck li ang naans ro aain ahories wning of iy nditns ornig. s be ref. oerallthis clier ght hve en a good aice run fr wt weay be seei hrehis weend. w're livfrom
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claont delawe, dn cllar for cann six "tion news" good tanks, nn. >> ceer ty phidelph was larly ared by ts sste te most it got was some fake t even toling an ich a nuae ev ubrell were engh ke furrs at bay. >> aantic couy, w jrsegot a bst othe the witetuff toda sow pid on pked ca i norfie alg u nine nar ttg a anue but divers dn't ve t ugh a as pl trks ke t road well lte >> rember you can d to acu weaer cerage on o nw stm traer six a just rport wehein your area by tppi the inn mahi the crrencoitn. you n ke a dil post crd t owy coitio t she wi erybody ee. te p is fr r plend adroid. >> theaction news" morng tam getng an ely start tmorrowo ke unrmed. tey lle e a bginng at 4: m. wi te late snow siaon rad cditio and an
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udated list scho dey ts was y anh day o raw emotn, i pembernn jery. they held a vig for a be hy ner d a chae. a"acon news" pter sarrieiiamwas ere. > rerrresintin pmbeon towhipgathed wth hey heart nightthey ae remberg a new bo baby pice y was kied a the ha of her n moe > it is horble thing. im a grdmoer a moer, aybo whwould ve took tat by she dt have trowte wale tra. > repoe -ar old hphekembey dvilr of pmbertonave bito a by grl dhen alledlyet te bgi fire. drviliers in jail faci carge tnigha ecial prar r te by and t trole mthe > as a mher u st wa to do somhing that is not nrmal. i was he r her so. se's in il rig now sang wat did d wat d d > repterscl
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prer ws held ju a few mis from pmbeont brow mills uitemeodist chch. >> ♪♪i on was lo ♪ >> repoer: ter e prer, mre an a huned people gthed ot uhrou fr a cdle lig vigi > toelebte the bab i a good comnity. i is good the comnity is boug togher. > repter: mily mbe of te a ced moer are gievg as wel tey rease aid y nrn ad consol ch oer. mst ha ner met t fily bt wted to ow the spport . > tory bri sething psite o of a very ngate siation d c ty to stop t haters and clebrateife d iortan o life and this chd is fesh news god ey. > report: for the who gthetonight f the g tey yt is rlly abo sndina mesge of hope dring is agic ti. a for the funal a
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mmorl servicesthey are nw t r ny, at 11:00.m. brow millsnew jersey, arr wliams for cannelix "acti ne". >> t case otwo brieto nw jery poce ofcers oeningire on a sue mking tn news tight a da c deo shing the etire indt s be rlease it startsith a tffic op o demr 30thor runng a stop si. tingsurn tense momen later when offer ahim ds wrnsis ptner ofc rger wory at he sees a gn ithe glove coament. > sh myour han she your hd. don't ve. don't y move. dn't you move. gt h out e car. h had h a g in e glove cmpament > dais aeers rove a hnd gunhrgh the wdow ofic rer ry td to te ives se. h contins reaming at t mn ithe ssenr se in te the mo and to sw hs han
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tat m was yeaold jrome rd, was him repeatey th wi shoot i reid doenot comy. wthoui trk reid rised s nd in o of hm. bth offers re iediaty sootg ast sixoun. > don't ve. > reid famy anunc hrednttoey tod and lcal actist tod cled a clrsof of eesve frce. ativiswant e case transfred om the cmbeand couy pretor's ofice the t a atorney genera bth ofcs are on ave dring the vesgaon. oficer ds, ew of reid a had eo of the offers wo resd id la ar in adrug cas rid al h rvedime pisonor oing athree sate topers a teeger. >> ring fireord mo tan 0 resents fr an aartme cplex in
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rern nw jery togh fre fhters were cald to fght t the ble indge wtera at 5: o'ock. fny mine uni we clled to asst frtutely tre ha en no ijurs rort budd this nw a livlook the re sene from aoss e hudn rver. i you lo caful you c sillemoke ring om the sructu, b e good ne hresoby was hur >> sti tcome on ction nws"onight a major pow sakep lant cit w ha arn what govnor crise pls to noce tmorro >> plus at sposcaer n tlleon saiaer ing cnvicdf rippg off hndreds of pelin th cari sm. >> andigh ch surise fom mioft that uld bing hogrs rig in your hme cy. >> mor snow ent o hre ere is anoer stm areadgatheng strength aross tes a th h potenal ba noeter oer e weend.
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ill ha deils, om the acu weaer focas >> duc drs with the ltest onhe pais ceatinprob ll hear wat m bdy once bcly sid aut his prence for dflad oalls. wen "aion new ctinu tnight trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center.
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>> wl, verdict was iy o all cousn the n tllefsonraud a the tial te bks coun jury qck tlleon oselling gus sorts packages tt he caim would he aties. posecuti arethat tllefson bild 200 ns out o 40. tllefnfter the veict qote i el humiati guilt ad rerse. im ang i l peoe dwn. tllefsocld bsentenced t up 30 yea in jl. >> n jsey governorhris
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crise is expted to name a emeency ner oersee lant ts fnanal cris. surc te abc wthat the anoue. will meomrow a bparsan sumtn the cties fute in the wake pumeing x revue beuse o caso clis. a federal jge sh down a bd by vel old nts to pt e bartcy sale on hld. te nerof the reaurts nghtub, d power pnt tat oe erated the w cosed st wry ey wl be wipeout tale goes troughs pnned but jue rled that the frida develerln strb, is rvel'se bet and that r mre ha wou be ne to alanc city as a who te sale lls thrgh d rvelemains van a aeal expt. >> cldren hoital in piladelpa s annnced it wll rei a 50 mllionoll ft from wthiof the cies most gnerous phinthpi. rmon pelmans ning the te mey tbe used r rseah and hirinmo
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fcul. parln s lg gen mdic initis in piladehia, cli 225 mlli-dollaro e uiveity of pnsylvia wich named i medal scho ater him. >> docrat n ullo dopp out of the ce for myor of phidelpa tod sati only his wo ere ae fily matrs that requi my full tti. tat lees ree caites fr w lynn abham nelson de as a tny wilams. >> tngs are mong quily a youad d ba word to nrmaice latns. hgh level latns taveledo hava and beg to dsave tal with tir hst coterrts. tday tas iolved sa oderlyravelee the us. d ba. tmorrow delates ll take u more iy iue of etabliing emses wshitoand vana. >> dk in t hbor tod a rminderf cd w rlatnshe prencof the vctor off a rusan y sip.
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fty-sevenarieties sreaout acrs t higay atruck ungeinz kchup cashedn i81 in lkawana a cunty just sth of scnn. te co. cash seezed tfc do to oe lane buhas been sce ceaned up, fornatel no oe s hur >> micsoft tk wpoff tp sect pject te, clled e hlow lamp fturisc chnogy is a hads that le users view ad intactith 3-d ages. ulike rtu reaty ich i 100ercent sile, tse lns dil objts in real saceike inour tch or yur mper dk. the t comny ev show of w an item cod dsigas a hogm a then pint 3-d. te dice isn for sale y bt wh cos on the mrket i necsity tre e a nmber opeop in o news rom o wi ru to y it > theyill be iti lne mr.hat out th accu wather focast and plse
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dn'tay tt we will ha a big stm on the wkend. > ifou a waiti for a mga bck sr srm. >> i'm n. > i n't see th hapning bt is could mo sgnicanstorm tn toy's sste i lks ke a voping nr'eae tonight tnks the calm btwe t o. sorm tcker x live sowing t the ow has med ot we recved anyere om a ct to inch of sn. rally gr amnts a across new jeey d dlawar as expted. bidgon repting 3 savie 3 ihes, telle mnor, 2. smyr delare 27 a nawkin in ean cunty rortg two and a hlf ines sw. pilalpa ofcial half ich of sw this s more aneas nuince eve. poblemonight is falng tmperatus. piladpa . mllvle . tent 28. wlminon 3dege ten have e ltle bit mre mstu on the way w have low esre
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out hre. lttlbit the upp lel fatu wi is sto h sme lht precition arosseern pennlvia pnnsvania. s th cld ing a lttle t mo moiuren te rm of freezg drize. we have winter weaer avisy in efct uil 800 o'clk tomr morng. al ey aren t soh wat deling, l th mselto ming in tex. lw prse is new mexo. te is ere ather feare u tohe nth coming togetr anth will form a castal storm. te prl the mg at dy if u ve tvel pls o tdayou wi want to wtch this. tis cou ha a hi impa acrosshe i- coidoall te w up in to w gn bt ere are lot of qestns with the o sstem i wi bloaded wi misturbut idon't ha ay ct air desn have a real co air mss. i you want cumating sno yu have bo t and itensi andhe trk up i the r. wll hug t ast or wl i move out a. tis o iicaon why tis just t early
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to cll. as faas swfa amots use t cour foct mdels as a gde. hre u c e fest snow ttals anyere frozo with te r p. wch is owing a mss toore than 5 ihes with e euro to mixre sow and ra and sltith te na thin somhing dtai vto biroout bt i wa give u eay warninb you ha wat sturda tmorw moing r rng rsh ho tch the rd. ptchy ack ice tperures blow fezin mosy cloy sies a secdary ad bidg oveassewl be te in conrn. s the excsive ac wthe svenay forast o snshe not a brht sun dy. 42 degree fridayoadof sshi with ahigh 4 o satday we will deing wth at norast. wll it brg aumulang sow or xtu of snow seetnd rn. iwoun't rprid if we se a xre accdits our rgion. we wi get brkn t ation sund mo ow sowe wh al onond
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ad en mratures cool dwn wedneay high only 2 deee we arin a ttn whee hve a sbity of ow eerywo tohree days an o crs torrow morning we will nt wah dav mrphy "tion ns" with pssibily othat ing > all rig cecy. >> sisrsrom ntheast piladphia e cebring bcoming motrs e sa dy. mlis pan d snon lyn wre orinal dueen da aartut nch was er to. the dto duc her on mnday. wile vising h sier at hly redmer spil in madobrook, pan nt in lbor teirob gis were bo five hours art. te sisrs exct that thr dughte will gr up be bst frid.
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>> sixers/knks at e wes frgo cter may sethg lss tha yo most insring bskealb thelwa a an t. > the s a go reon tnigim. sxersnic twothe ws tamsn the a noally tat ulbe hard ing sll b knks me town with ngston llow. h his secd, n day cntract and hos to sc tnighteacts the otco. jmmy gnt fce on the dfenvend for sers. eght blockedhoti25 mnutes of py. frcel and effien te theour aer mcw wth the move th tes ou to knic. aflip right ere. aotherub parhutg, t o 26. bt od 27. sxthre thin tee. lss a30 sends to pla gantith other blo.
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h the pick up d pt ho e ss. eevepoin andeven rbou f hi glloy a icksop the the sers 98-. > itas bi i mea i joy i in pillalthese year t co back d he a good gme and g a win at was te mnhi geing a win. > when ttapps you have t shake h ha a it w a god sho teresoing elsyou c d. w play good defse. h had beer oen. > it t is a gat sry. gve him cret. lcal k come ho hds hts fade ain e corner,ou give m edi > nfs inveigatioin the ptriotss ongng buif the rpor are tr lack air culdeato ey of t wter. epn is rortg at of tose2 balls t patots siden the afc cmpion ship vctoryver colts re und inflad. al 1were che on the rfereebefo the game, is h we ne en.
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under infted ba sr t tow sotng tom brad rferd to in an intview smeone fnd om 11. > when he scos h eith tuchdn sk t ba ad tea flhtthe lwhich i love at becse i li dflad ball. > 12:3monday aftnoon wen sa rendo wi have a poneonference th e l oficwhere he wi dede wat punhme wille dled ot foowing th hitast nght. rnaldo w ect. te right w is susnded. >> slloo a busy nit i coege bastball icluding st. joes facg
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cle baeall il mrtei has a you te a s. joe yungea oen stge ad eas have losfive o the lassix ges. fcinu-mass tonht seco half . joes down the dandw, ti it25 f him tnig. h had 27 or the e. lter haw in traiti. jmes m, sai gus wins 6-56. te the hawks. that is at i re and w tying to rea >> dxel se es hotra 8-58. dlawartops wilam and mrry -8o penn hel continng maine mth this i a e de add afir. don jes game g17 pints. qake lose 1 svento-5 tat isport >> dis fallyonight
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at lts om phidelphis sortteams honod, fiv mracs togh ffth annu shing star aard, befing e mch dmes ree it iat hy te pen lanng. ech ung hory h been brn pmaturel tnig was a cebratn oficefforttt help tem ow a did th the cildre >> jimmy kmel live x filledyig li. jmmy's gue ewant mielle ad sic fr heey. la miee might sing too. i wod thi. >> "tionewsctinues at 400 a. for the ente "aion w tam m j garer good nght. >> "acon ns" is spoor i part by ks cheolet, tst dve 2015 einox at suthersey a's preere dalehip open te f srvi. vsit on rou 3
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