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tv   Action News  ABC  January 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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moving across the region. we have complete details from rizon fios makes. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability - 8 years running. plus, fios has the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. period. see the difference for yourself. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price guaranteed for two full years! plus, get a $300 bonus with a two-year agreement. >> it is friday night. and the big story on "action news" tonight is happening right now across most of the tri-state. snow is falling here in king of prussia. and we expect to see a couple
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inches before it turns to rain and plenty of it. this is the way it looks live in university city in philadelphia right now. and the city should get out relatively easy as far as the snow is concerned and far northwest suburbs will get more than their fair shaivrment it's snowing at philadelphia international airport. run way should be cleared of any snow in the morning. it could be a messy morning if you have plans to fly. let's get the latest on nor'easter from meteorologist cecily tynan and adam joseph. we've got a live look at double scan radar. snow began top fall just when you said it would. >> jim just as expected this is not a pure snowstorm. stormtracker 6 double scan showing these are about as many different colors as you ever see own double scan. we have a combination of light snow and heavy snow and sleet mixing in with rain and snow and heavy rain to the south. one great way to show this is through cold radar. this is a different mold. differential reflect activity
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what this shows where we're seeing different shaped precipitation. that happens where you have the sleet mixing in with snow and rain. this is really the bad line drawn between colder air up to the north and warmer air moving in from the ocean. this is across south jersey, glassboro, hammonton, route 06 and also moving through northern new castle county and beginning to move into delaware and chester counties right now. as we switch this over you can see this in fact is the case where we have real heavy rain across south jersey and it's now extending into wilmington as that warmer air begins to take ship. we have smreet, mixture of snow and rain. hammonton, glassboro malvern pottstown, reads, steadier snow and in philadelphia it's snowing but that band is getting closer and i want to show you a live picture right now from the blue cross river rink at penn's landing and if you look at the lights you can seat snow is falling and people skating on the river range right now.
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stormtracker 6 wider snowing actual storm system is across carolina cost and that will pull in warmer air off the ocean and that has a big impact on what you'll see over niingt. for details he aoutside to meteorologist adam joseph. >> we're live at the studio seeing moderate snow and it's wet in consistency and not sticking to pavement or grassy surfaces and because it's welt and heavy you know it's a patter of time it will swiv over to rain. as we look overnight tonight from 11:00 where that low is in atlanta as it pulls up the eastern sea board with no existing cold air to the north that low is really going to siphon in 38 degree ocean air temperature and that's what will also help to transition that area of snow to rain overnight. so as far northwestern suburbs we'll see overnight snow for a extended period of time and switches over to sleet and
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fraezing rain and minimal rain especially up towards the lehigh valley. in and around philadelphia to wilmington we're seeing brief snow right now. as you saw on double scan live radar already turning to switch to rain in wilmington and whole area doylestown seeing half an inch to inch of rain through the day tomorrow and soaking rain at the shore. 1 to 1 1/2" and in addition to that with low near the costs we'll see winds howl out of the north, northeast between 5 and 20 mimes an hour with that transition lastsing longer in far northwestern suburbs in addition to the snow between 4 and 9 a.m. there could be glaze of freezing rain and sleet over the snow. be careful tomorrow morning. she'll let you know how much snow before it melts and another storm on appeal for second half of the weekend. >> thank you adam. let's go live to goddard boulevard in king of prussia. dap, what about driving conditions in your area sdm
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little slick jim for the most part they're mostly wet. right now the flakes started coming down here 9:00. and just over two hours you see a nice white coating on the grass off goddard boulevard and put a coating on parked cars in the parking lot in king of prussia. but, you know, after what we wept through last year, if this were a contest of storms people would say is that all you got? >> here we go again folks same song, second verse, snow to the right, snow to the left. the people don't seem impressed by 1 to 3" of snow we'll get. >> peanuts compared to what we saw last year. >> yeah, that's nothing i can get through that. >> i'm good one to three no more that's it one to three can i teal with this. >> problem for most after the monster storms we got last year people went over board trying to be ready this year.
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>> 2,000 pounds of salt at the house. and there's no snow. >> there's no snow. >> almost end of january ! >> no snow. >> no. >> and first time it snowed i had a shovel. there was no reason to have a shovel. a broom worked better. the other day when it ♪i must have seen 50 guys getting involves up front all you need is broom for something like this. >> forpenndot cues prepare work has been done and it's a matter of dealing whatever back-to-back storms bring us tonight and sunday night. >> busy weekend for the department and crews and we're ready for it. >> penndot has 11,000 65 miles of roads to look after stretching the philadelphia region and then again this is not their first radio they've seen a lot worse. back in king of freshia you see the cars covered as adam and cecily said this will all wash away when turned to rain. live in king of freshia.
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"channel 6 action news." >> these images are coming in from the delaware newsroom right now and it's starting to stick on the sidewalk and car windshield in elsmere tonight and feels like longer way to the bus stop as cold, wet flakes come down. and even delaware is not expecting worst of nor'easter deldot is still gearing up to battle slick driving conditions. crews remain on the job in newcastle county tonight and they're not pretreating roads since there's already salt from the last storm and any new salt would wash away. keep track of the nor'easter with the stromtracker app. get the latest from accuweather and access to the live radar. plus, use your report your weather feature to let's us know what is happening where you are and send us photos of this snow. >> there is other news tonight a 17-year-old is dead after a shooting late today in north philadelphia.
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the teenage boy was hit in the chest by a bullet in the 2000 block of north lambert street 6:00. he died a short time later temple university hospital. the suspect is still being sought tonight. >> meanwhile another teenage victim suck only todd injuries after a triple shooting in wilmingtonch the 16-year-old was struck in the head at 2nd and north broom before 7:00 tonight and a 17-year-old victim was shot in the chest and is now in stable condition a third victim surfaced at christianne hospital with a wound to elbow. police are still searching for a suspect two women were found dead inside a he red lech us tonight parked outside an auto zone. it happened 2500 block of aramingo in kensington section of philadelphia. drug paraphernalia was discovered inside the vehicle and initial suspicion is deadly doubling overdose. the women were 38 and 41. >> and a 1-month-old baby girl
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is in the hospital tonight after 25% of her face was literally chewed off by the family's pet ferets. expectations are the girls parents will face criminal charges. clearly a disturbing story tonight. >> indeed, jim, tonight that little baby remains in icu. she lost most of her face including part of her cheek, lip and nose. a veteran police chief telling "action news" tonight in 45 years never seen anything like this and can't stop thinking about how much pain this little baby must be in. bernie frame taking "action news" through the terrifying moment after he awoke to screams thursday sglavrn when i came down she was like right here holding the baby and not moving you know what i mean. just like histerkle screaming. >> his fiancee holding their 1-month-old baby girl and two of
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three family pet per et cetera escaped from this cloth cage as 1-month-old sky isabel sat in her car seat next to them inside her darbyboro home. frame was asleep up fairs and the baby's mother seen this this photo holding the infant was also upstairs and ran down when she heard are sky mauled. >> she kept yelling help me, help me, the baby is dying, the baby is dying. >> she's inintensive care and is able to breathe through two stents in her nose. >> darby police chief saying the baby was rushed to the hospital and underwent live saving surgery. the feret ate 25% of the baby's face and she has a lifetime of surgeries ahead. there's five in total living in this home. the living companies are de moral. all animals were removed including per et cetera and the three were euthanized. >> i would describe this as
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mouse crisis. >> owning per et cetera and mammals in the same family as weasel is legal in pennsylvania. american feret association butting these up instructions on web site. number one teach your feret not to bite in itallics never leave any animal alone with infant or small child or unable to remove him or herself from the presence of the animal. >> and the father telling "action news" in the year they've owned the per ferrets they never had problems with them biting neighbors depending the family saying they're a good family and the county saying they're no stranger to having issues or concerns about their parenting and tonight those four other sibling are in the care of other family members. reporting live at chop, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." >> thank you annie. still to come on "action news" tonight a delaware county man accused of threatening special needs students and a volunteer fire fire fight surcharged with molesting more than a dozen
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boys. it's not the first time he found trouble with the law and heart stopping moment as suited am mar tan tries tackling a fuel thief until the ban tut pulls out a meshety. >> new information on what to expect when you make up tomorrow morning and through the day and on track with snow in the morning in the accuweather forecast. >> plus ducis rogers with breaking news of passing of baseball legend and former villanova star comes back to hawnlts the sixers. when "action news" continues
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20-year-old john corcoran was taken to jail sfwr court after hes with arraigned on abusing children. his victims were between and 14
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years old. he say former volunteer firefighter in glenolden and is facing time forsetting buildings on fire and arriving open the scene to fight the blazes. law mep fear there could be more victims of sexual abuse. >> authorities shut down a boarding house in north philadelphiach the home and 3800 block of north 22 street had illegal electrical hookupch the structure was scene of deadly fire on november 7. 20 people have been displaced and are using the high schools a temporary shelter. >>self less citizens received a around after applause and new piece of hardware tonight in pensauken. camden county free holeers recognized contributions of 15 individuals of freedom metal ceremony. they were chosen for demonstrating ideals of dr. demonstrating ideals of dr. martin luther king junior. >> a havsher town man is under rest tonight accused of threatening students at havsher
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ford high school. the alleged threat was made january 5 and directed at the special needs students and student volunteers of the best buddies program. it led to shelter and police look down. elliot admitted today to posting threat on anonymous social xwleed site yikyak for no special reason. he is held on 40,000 pail. >> a london jewelry store almost caught a thief that juingtd robbed his employer until the crook pull out a ma shet crook pull out a ma shety. he backed off once he saw that knife. the suspect got away. police have since made one arrest in the case. >> thousands of demonstrateers took to the streets of yes ma'am ep today one day after the president and his cabinet resigned
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some demonstrateers were pro government. others pro rebels and some held banners of death to america and deej israel. >> justice accident paying a former college student 5,000 because of how he he was treated at philadelphia international airport. nicholas khorj was detained for two hours in 20089 because he was carrying arabic flash cards. first he was questioned by tsa agents then by philadelphia police and then by fbi. he missed his flight out for the day. either the city or federal government will admit to wrong doing the settlement will require more training for officers. >> sky ball hit serious turbulence the up flight shopping catalog has filed for bankruptcy. sky mall has been a escape of of
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plane seat back pockets since 1989 and paerms are no longer the bored captive audience they relied on for daydreaming and making purchases on a whim. now someone can buy sky mall itself and may have to shut down for about. >> on the topic of flight and sales expedia today bought rifle travel velocity for 20 million in cash. they own hot wire and a dozen other travel booking sites. we have troublesome weather across the tri-state tonight snow rain, freezing rain, ice to come, we have issues. >> really the worst of it is happening in the overnight hours. and most people are sleeping. and it's moving in right now. stormtracker 6 double scan showing we have a lot of colors on our double scan. as you noticed that red near wilmington that's something called bright banding kind of ap name and it's picking up snowflakes as she fall and
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allentown just started snowing. as we zoom in you can see light snow allentown now. that's the white. when you see the pink color though that's steadier bapts of snow through moorestown, quakertown reading, lebanon now, crossing route 322 as be move forth south. this is where they should see the transition from snow to sleet to mix precipitation and that rain across south jersey and delaware now, you notice how quickly it's getting into philadelphia. philadelphia we're going to be missing out in the bulk of this snow. it's changing over to rain. pretty quickly in the overnight hours. and korey sent this to me open the facebook page by north whales montgomery county than was sent an you're ago after coating trees shrubs, grass and now beginning to coat the roads. be careful as you're driving. late tonight and early tomorrow
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morning so marginal. philadelphia, 34. lot of melding going on. in reading 32. lancaster 32. lancaster has been getting heavy snow. wildwood is 36 degrees. atlantic city airport 35. you have gotten transition to rain. it's staying rain across south jersey and southern delaware. so satellite 6 and action radar showing the system is loaded with moisture and it's moving quickly so it cannot sit here and we don't have the arctic high to provide that cold air. this is why this is a transition to written by 4:00, rain. south jersey, delaware, i-95 corridor, nearby philadelphia suburbs everywhere but lehigh valley and poconos and we have a thin layer of icing. adds we head to round 7:30 it changes to read and. >> we'll be dealing with light spotty precipitation through the
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day. i can see alone the i-95 corridor and light snow skening to south jersey as the storm systems rolls away and pulls in air. so it made us feel changes. the expected snowfall map is sorp nnl financial and this is rain event. i-95 corridor we're looking at slushy coating to two inches before the changeover to rain. rain will wash most of it away. cardinal with soingt you been ushz high amounts 2 to 4" of snow and problem between 4:00 and 9:00 in the morning this is where we have potential for up to a 10th to quarter" of ice accumulations. trees could get over driver ways and sidewalks could be -- sidewalks and driver ways could
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say slick that's what i wanted to say. >> light rain with a mix tomorrow of 39 degrees. sunday, we can take a breath. sun increasing clouds, 43. monday, snow moves in 9. looks like 1 to 3" and behind that system gets really cold. tuesday, wednesday, temperatures stuck in 20s. we pump up to 32 with flurries on thursday and friday still below normal with high of 35 degrees. monday, looks like a light snow event it's all snow one to three inches of problem and it start late monday night through the morning rur. >> monday morning commute will be a problem. >> as the man that brings us "action news" at noon and five tonight he cook on a different role. >> my silingt sikt will get on the particulars. in the meantime let me light that for you. >> the musical how to succeed in
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basis. this is opening night in cinnaminson. rick shared the spotlight with talented task including better half like
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>> home grown talent continues to come back and tore meant the sixers. >> few nights ago sixers and raptors sixers again a game on 15-0 run. robert covington. jim it's not how you start but how you finish. heading to the 4th quarter. precarious four point lead. sixers up by six. raptors storm thanks to kyle lowery named nba all star. 17 of 1 points come in 4th quarter this gim tide. he gets inside. game is up gooding to slip away. raptors take three point lead on free throws. henery sims is about the last
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person you want to take a shot. he's only made four three pointers in his entire career. sixers lose 91-86. >> before the game tony roton announced a torn acl. it requires surgery. there's no timetable for his return. sixers will miss his 17 point per game scoring average. >> thursday, we heard from patriots. today nfl says something about deflate-gate. the league says the investigation is ongoing. trying to determine how 11 of 12 balls patriots sparyed deflated after they were cleared by officials. the balls according to nfl were under inflated for first half and properly inflated for second half of the game. more than 40 people were interviewed thus far and donovan mcnabb says if allegings are true commissioner roger goodel should step up. >> this is about three people legacy roger goodel bill
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belichick and tom brady. >> big name and ball boy throw down at australian open and another big name philly where he may be shipped off to before the season
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when you do your spring cleaning in a few months you might end up tossing your jonathan papelbon jersey as bird and bastardo jersey. according to reports the phillies and brewers are discussing papelbon trade saying he can block a trade to brewers but would be wailing to waive tat right if milwaukee firms 13 million deal. >> late word out of chicago tonight. hall of famer ernie banks died. he spent all 19 years of career
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with cubs hitting 51 home runs and famously coined the phrase let's play two talking about double headers. died a week shy of 84 birthday. >> robert federror losses and being a ball boy at the aussie is a dream come true and a ball fired to your "nets" is not. ball fired to the soft spot -- sorry hard to get through the script. >> "jimmy kimmel live" followed by "nightline" and "action news" contains at 5:30. for cecily tynan dice ducis rogers, i'm jim gardner have a good night and great and safe weekend.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- anne hathaway. the bachelor, chris soules. and music from heart. with cleto and the cletones. and now, back once again, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everyone. thank you very much. that's very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the


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