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tv   Action News  ABC  January 24, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EST

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> is frid t. ad the g sty on ion new tonight is haeng right nw aoss mo of the tritate. sows faing he in ki of puss. and wexpt to see a cp iches bere iturns to ra ad entof . tiis the way itooks li uiveity ci in philadelph rght w. adhe city shld get o rlativy ea afar as th sow is nrn and far nrwessurbs wi get mo than tir ir arment ' snong at pladelia itnationalirrt.
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rn w ould eared of any soin the moing it cod a mey moi if yu have pns toly >> lesethe last on nor'eaer om meorologi ccy tynaand adam je. w've t live lo at dble san rad. sow ben tofall sthen yu saidt wod >> m just as expectedhiis nt a pure snstorm. sotracker 6 double sc showg tse arabout as many dfrentols as you ever see own double sca w ve a comnatioof light snoanheavy sn anslt mixg in wi rain and sn and hea rain to the soh. oe gatay to show th is trgh rar. thiis a difrt mold. differentl reflt activity what tsho whe wee seegiffert shaped pepation. tataens whe u he the sleeting in withn and rai this is rely t bad line dawneten coer aiupo te north andarmer air moving i fr the ocean. this iscrs south js gassro hammton,oute 06 ad ao movi through northe
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nwalcounty and beginn t ve into delare and cestecouies right now. a we swih th or yocan se is in ft is t ca wheree ha real hey in across sth jersey and it no etding into wilmgton as tawarmer begins ttake sip. w ve smree xture of snow adain. hammoo glsboro, maern, pottswn res, steadi snow and in philelphia it's owing bt at ba isetti closer and i wa to show y a li picre righnow fromhe blue cro riv rink atens lndgnd ifouook the lgs u can seatnow is flli people skating on the riverae rhn. sormtracr wider snong atl stm system is ross crina cost and th will pull i wm a off e oce a tat has a big imct on what yu'll seover nigt. fretas he aoside to mteologist adam jose. >> we're live e stud
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seg moderenow and 's wet in istency and not stickg to pavent or grsy surfas anbecauset's we and hey you 's paer o ti it wi swiv ov ri a look overght tonht fom 110 whe thatow is in alta as it pus up the esrn sea boa witno existi cold r tthe noh talow is ly gog to spn in 38 gr ocean air temrate and at's wh will ashelpo trantn tt aeof snow toa ovnit. s as f nohwtern suburbs w'll see overght snow foa etend pi of time a swihes ov set d fraezing rain and nal epilup towds theegh vly. i anaround philelpao wlngton wee ei brief snow ght as u saw, on doublecan li radarlready turng to stch to ra in lngton and whe area yltown eing half an incto inch ofain rougthe dy tomorr and soang in at
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te she. 1 to 1 2" and inddition to tat withow near the sts w' see windhowl ouof the nr northsbeten 5 d 20 mimes ahr wi that taitn ltng loer in fr hweste bur in addion to the snowetween 4 ad 9 m. the cod be glaz o eezi ra and slt over the snow. b careful torrow morng. se'll let yoknow howuch sobefo imel and otr sto aeal for cond ha o theeend. >> thk u adam lt's goive to goddar bouvard in ki of prusa. dap whatboutrivg cntns inour eadm lttle i ji for the st part they're stly wet. rg no fkes stard cmg down he 9:0 ad ju over two urs yosee a ni whiteoang on t gass off goard ulevd and
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put coatg on pked rs in te rng lot in kgf pruss. bt yoknowfr whate wept thugh st ye ifhis wera coest stos people wu says th all you got? >> here weo agn, fos, same sg, send vse,now to the rht sn to t le. the people dot se impreed b 1 to 3" of sn we' get. >> anuts coared twhat we saw lte. >> yea asothing i n gt toh at. > i'm goooneo three noore tas it oneo the n i tal thhis >> prlem for st after the mnertor we g la ar poe wentver board trng to be adthis . >> 20 poun ofalt at t hou. ad tre's no sno >> the's no sn. >> most end januar! >> no sn. > no >> d fir timet sned i hd she te was no rson to he a sov. abomorked better. te otr day en it i must have se 50 gu getti
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ivolveup frt alyou need i bro r somhing li ti > rnndot cu epare wo haseen donend it'a mter o dlg whater backo-back stos brinutight and sny g. >> bu wkend fothe deptmenand ews and we're radfor it. > penndot h ,0 65 mil o roa to look aer streting thphadelph rgn anthen ain this is nthe fit radio th've seea t woe. bck ki of eshia yosee te ca ved as ad d cci its will alwash away wh turd to in. lvin kingf fresh. "hnel aconew" >> these imes a comi in fothe dewa wsrm righ nw it startg sck o thsidewalk ancar wnhid inlsme tonight ad fes li nr way tohe bs st as l wetles cme down. >> and en delares not expecting wst
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nor'sr dldot istill gearg up to bttlsckring coitions ce rein on t b in nwst cnttonitnd there not etreing ros sn trslready sa from the last storm and any new lt wuld wash away. keep ack of t n'sr wtthe stmtracker app. gt e lasfrom weath ad acss to thei radar. pu use your rertour wath fture to let kn whaisappeng where you are andend us ptos ts sno > the othenewtit a 1-yr-o is dead afr a soing lattod in nor pilalphia. the teenagboy was hit in the ce by a buet in the 200 bo of noh lamrstre 6:00 he ed a ortimeater tmp univerty hoita te susct is stl being sug nh >> mewhile her teage victimuck only todinjuri at a trle shtgn
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wilngtonch e 16ear-d s srk it he at 2nd and nrthroom bor7: tonight ad 17ear-d victim w soit chest and now in sae conditn a third vicm src chriine hostal with a wod elbow. ple arstilsearching r a suspe two women we found dainde a he relech us tonighpard outse anut zn i hpened 2500 blk of aango in keingt secon of phadelph. drupapherliwas dsvered inde the vehie ad initiasuspicn is dead doubli ovdos teomen we 38 and 41. >> d a 1-moh-o ba girl is the hoil toght after 25% of h fa was lirally cewed ofby the faly's pet frs. epections are e rls pres wl fe cminal chae
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cearly a disturbingtory tnht. >> indeedjimtonight tha lite ba rains in ic sheost mo her fa inclung part of her chee l andose. a veten poli chf teing "con ns" tonhtn 45 ya nevereennytng like tiand can'st thinn ao how ch pa th ltle bby mu be in. bre frame taking "action new thrgh the trifyi mme tere ake to seams thursday lavrwn i ca down she was like righhe hlng the baby annot movg yu ow wt i me. jst hiere scaming > his ane holng the 1mon-old ba girl antwo of thr faly peper cetera esced from this clh cage as 1mth-old s iselatn her caseat next to tm inde hr darbybo hom frame waasep upairs and te ba's mother seen this th poto holng the innt was asupstairs anran wn when
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se hearare y ul. >> she keptelling help me hlp m the ba is dyg,he bby dyin >> e's ininteive ca and i altbathe through t ses in r ne > rby pocehief sayinghe bby warushedo theoital ad underwent le savi srge. te fer ate 25% e baby' facendhhas a fetime of srgers ahd. there'sive tol ving in this ho. the lincpans are de mral. all amals we remed icding peecera anthe tr were euanized. >> wod descbe this as mou csis > owng pertera an mamls in theame fami as weasel is lel in pennlvan. aecan feret asciaon btnghese upnstructisn webite. nmber one ach your fet not t biten itlics ner leav ay anallonwitinfant or
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sma chilor unab reve hmr hersf from thpresence of thenal. >> d e father tellg "acon news" in e year they've own the r feets tey nev haprlems with tem ting ighbors depeing teami sang theye a good fmila the uyaying tere no strg toavg iss or concernsbo their parenng antonight tse four oher sibng are inhe caref oth faly members. repoing live at ch, ane mcorck "chael aio nws." > thankou, anni si to ce on "tion new tnight deware county ma aced of teateni spi ne studesnd a volueer firfi fight rchaed wi molting morehan a don boys. it'not their time he found toleithhe law and het soing ment asuited am mar tn i tackli a fuel ief until thean tupus out a meshe. > n formion on wt t ept whenou make up torw mrni a throu the day and o acwith snoithe
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morni in the acweath frecast. >> us dus rogers with beakinne of psg o bsall legd and rmer vlnatar cos backo hwnl the sirs we"aionewscontins
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2-arld john corcoran was tk to jail sr court ter hs th arigned onbusing cir. hsictims were bween and 14 yars old. he s rmer volueer firighter in glenden d is fcg te forstg budin o re d arvg open the sce to fight the bles. lw m fearhere cld beo victi of sexu abus >> thiti sh dowa boainhousen nth philalphiacthe homend 38
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bockf north 22 stetad ilegaectriloup th srtu was ene dely fire on vber 7. 2 pele vbeen dispc ad a using thhigh scols tmrary shelt. >>sf ss citinseceed a aod afr ause anne pie ohardwa toght in pnsaen. cmdecoun free hoers rcogzed contribuons of 15 indivuals of freem metal crony. tewerehosen fo dmstrang idls of dr. demsang ideals of dr.artiluther kinjunior. >> a havshetown man is under restonighacced of treani stents at her frhighchoo the alged that s ma jnuy 5 a dicted athe spealeeds studen an sude vonteers ofhe best bdds prram. i leto shelr d poli look do. eliot admied toy to poing thrt on anonous social
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xwld site yikyaf no speci reon. he is held on 4000 pai >> a lond jewey ore most caut a thiethatuitd rbd h eler til the crook pull out a ma sh cro pulout ma shety h cked off on heaw that ki. the suect t aw. police haveie me one art in e ce >> thousas of demonstree tok tohe see of ye m'am etod o d ter th pesint andis cabin . sme demstraers were pr gvnmen ohs pro bels and so held bnners ofea to arica and dej isel. >> juiceccint pang a forr collegstudent 5,000 becse of how heasreated a philehia inrnatnal arrt.
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nclakhorj wadeined for toours 28because he ws caying abic flascards. frst he was eson by ts aents then bphadphia plice a en by fb he ms his ight out for the day ether e city orederal governnt will admit to wng doi t selement wi rqui more trning r ofer >> sky ll h ous trbunce the uplit shoing calog hafed for bnupy. sky mall habe aspe of of pa seat backockets sce 18andaermsrno ng the bod, caive auence they rld on foraydreing d makg puhasesn a im. nw soone can buy sky mall isf d may ve tohudo fr abt > on t top oflht d salesxpedia toy bout rifle
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tav vecity for 20 millio i ca. teown hot wi and aden other avelooking stes. w ha troublesome weatr acrs therstate tit, snow rain, eezg rainice t com have issu. > reallyheorst of it is happening in t overght hurs. and mospple e sleeng. and it moving rht n. sormacker 6 doleca sowi we ve a loofolo o our ublecan. a you noced th red ne wilmiton that somhing cllebrit bdingi of ap nmenit'sicki up snowfkes as she fall and alentown ju stt sning. a we zoom in yocan see light sow allento w. tas thwhi. wen you e the nk co toh th'steadierapts of sothrough moesto qakertn, rean lanon
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nw crossing route 32as be move foh sout this ishere th shouldee teransion from sn to se mix precitation an tat raincross southersey ad dare nowyou nice ho qick it getting into piladehia. pidelpa wee gog b mssing out the bu ofhis sow i'changingver rain. prey quick in the ernit hu. ad koye is to me op the fabook page by nor whalesogomery countyhan ws sent y're ago ter coang trs, shbsra an now benni to ct the road b carel as youe dring. lattonight and ear tomoow mrni so inal. phideli 34. lt of meldg going on. i ading 32. lancaer 32. lncaer h en getng hey snow. wldod is 36 degree atlanticity rpt 35. yu havgoen trsion to ri i's sting rain across soh jery and strn deware.
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s satle 6nd acti radar song the stem is load witmsre and it ming qily so itaot sit he ande d't have the arcc hgto ode that cold air. tis is whthis a trantion t writn by 4:00 ra. suth jery dewa-95 crrido nrby phadelphia subbs everye but lehh valley d poconos a we have tin yer of icin adds head to rnd 7:30 caes to read an > wel be dealing wi lit, spottpripitiothroughhe dy i casee alehe i- crdor and light ow sni t uth jers as the sto ssms l away a pus in ar. s made useel change texpect snowfall mais
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sorp nnl nancl and is is rain evt. i-95 corror we' loing at slushcoatingo two ihes bfe the angeor to ra. rain ll wa most of it ay. cardil withoingt yobeen ushz ghmounts 2 to 4" of snow and prl tween 00 ad:00 inhe morning is is we we havpotentl for t a 1h to quarr" of ice aculations. trees cod get over drer wa ad sewks cod be - sdalks andrer wa could sylick th's what want t say >> light ra wi a x tmroof 39 deee sny, we can ke brth. sn increang cud 43. mony,nomoves i 9. looks li 1 to 3" and behd thasystem gs rely col tesday wednday, temperares su in 20
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w pumpp to 32ith urrs o thsday and idaytl blowormal wh hi of 35 dege mny,os like a lig snow eent it alsn one to tee incs of prlem and it start latmonday night thrghhe mrng rur. >> mond moing commute wi b a prl. > t man thabrgs us "cti news" at noon d fiv tnight he on diert rl >> msiti wi get on the paicula. in the metime let me light thafor you > e music howo suced in bsis tiispeni night cnnanson. rcsharedhe spotlight with tlented tasknclung beer hlf ke
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> home grn te conties t ce back d toreeant the sixe. > fenits o sers d rprs sixe agaia me on 1-0 ru rbt coviton. jm 'notow yostart but howou sh. hang to the 4 quart. perious four pot le. sixers up six. rprs storm than to kyle lwy ned nba a st. 1 of 1 pnts me 4t qarter th gim te. h gets inside gme isp goodg to sl aw.
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rapto ta three point ld on feehrs. hnersims is out the st prn u wto take ot. he's on ma fo three pints in hientire career. sixers lose 91-86. >> fort game tony to anoued a rn acl. i ques suery. te's noimetable for s rturn. sxs will miss his 17oint pr gamsci avage. > thsday whrd from ptots. today nfl ysomething abt dfteate. teeague sayshe ivtigation is ongn tyg derminhow of2 bal patrts spyed deated aterhewereleared by ofials. te bas acrng to nfwere ud inflated fofirst half ad prorly infled for co half of t game mre th 40 ople wer itvwed th far andonon mcna ys if allen are trueommsioner rog goodel
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sou step up. > this iabout three pele legy roger goe bill belhick and tom brad > game d ball boy throw down at
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> when you do yo spri ceing in a few mohsou mig dp toing yo jnatn palbon jeey bird ad sr jeey. acding toer the
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phillsnbrewers are dsssing pelbon trade ying h can bck ade to brers bt wod be waing to wae tat rig milwaue firms 13 mlon dea > te rd ouof chigo tonht. hlof famer ern bas died. he spe all 19 years ofareer wth cu hitng 51ome ru and fams coid the phrase lt's play two talkg about duble heade. ded a ek shy 84 btay. >> rort ferroross and bina ball boy athe auie i a dre comtrue ana bal fred to your "net is no blfired to the softpo-- srry hd toet through the
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srt. > "jim kiml live" foowed b "nhtle" and "aion news cntast 5:. for ceci tyna dice cis rger i'migdn have a goonhangreaansa wekend
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ooh. great shirt alert. yeah? no. i just made up that phrase "great shirt alert," and it's really fun to say. (chuckles) oh, well you should have said it to andy. i mean, come on. great shirt alert. yeah? no. i just wanted to try saying it. jules, you're right. it's so fun! i have had the worst writer's block. this is the only song i've been able to come up with in the last three weeks. ♪ writer's block, writer's block, writer's ♪ ♪ writer's, writer's, writer's, block, block, block, block ♪ (hammering and sawing) hear that? that's what your stupid songs sound like in my head! why do we still have to hang out here when your bathroom's being remodeled? my kitchen is our hangout. it's--it's our turf. it's our clubhouse. our... (rolls tongue) barrio. why did you teach her how to roll her r's? molly... (rolls tongue) ringwald. i'm really sorry. oh, come on. the construction's not that bad.


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