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tv   Action News  ABC  January 24, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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for details. >> vorachek returns to columbus where he started his career. in the skills competition in break away challenge vorachek stops and goes back for help and then he grabs boston catholic grab johnny and uses him as video game and scores with assist in calgary flames. giroux loves. it this is say break away attempt. catches puck in midair. and he cannot hold on to it. all star game is tomorrow night. >> college hoops check out phillies center fielder ben revere hanging with hawks cheerleaders. look at revere. he's not the only one with ups
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tonight. over the pen defense. game high 25. not enough. penn has entire second half. gary nelson henery basket. phil martelli is in foul mood. st. joe losses to penn at the pa lest ra. second half damion lee to trayvon allen drexel within two. lee for three. got it. drexel hangs on to win. 53-51 off last second shot at the buzzer. won 2 of 3. ben revere. >> he's the man. >> out there. >> cheerleaders i love it. >> absolutely. >> next at 11:30 a heartbreaking and inspiring story from delaware where a community comes together to honor a lonely woman that passed away. what state troopers did to make sure she had a proper farewell and incoming storm that could dump several inches of snow in
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our area. that and more when "action news" comes right
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perez and here is what is happening on "action news" 11:30 a family pleads for help tracking the person that ran over their loved one leaving her on a long road to recovery. and intengs of running through the whitehouse. summit is taking place in iowa. we're starting you who is showing down right precedential. and community in delaware honors wife of a woman who died all alone. a straight trooper stepped in to bury her with dignity. first another around of snow moving our way. second half of 1 2 punch old man winter and rain washed away the snow and next one could stick around longer. meteorologist melissa magee joins us at the big board. >> walter tracking a clipper system that moves in tomorrow night and into monday and before the arile of that precipitation we got chilly temperatures. it's 36 in philadelphia and 35 allentown and 34 lancaster and 31 in millville. future tracker showing you as
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you go through the overnight hours these easily fall upper 20s north and west and lower 30s as you move across areas south and east. keep in mind we have early morning nor'easter and fresh snow pack on the ground. wet roads slushy conditions will refreeze and we have icy patches to watch out for. keep that in mind and showing you the clipper system moves east ward early as tomorrow nights. diving out of canada and going to northern plains and will supplied south of philadelphia as early as tomorrow night. really after midnight and throughout the day on monday. here's what we can expect with the clipper system. it's mostly dry tomorrow. precipitation arrives between 8 p.m. and close to that midnight hours and periods of snow on the way monday. expect delays and slower travel just in time back to work monday and back to schoolment more details in the full and exclusive accuweather for cost, walter. >> thank you melissa. keep track of wintery conditions
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as they move through the region with stormtracker 6 radar live is always there for you along with the 7-day and hourly forecast. of course that includes any posted watches and warnings. it's all right there, right now, on >> there is new information tonight linked to hit-and-run in port richmond that ended with grandmother in a coma. carmen ramos is recovering for severe injuries she suffered when hit and family and investigators are pleading for information to find the person responsible. kenneth moton has the story. >> this a 65-year-old carmen ramos full of life type of woman that loved to dress in philly kloms and have fun with grachd kids. her family says she was almost taken away in an instant on this port richmond street. >> we all heard impact until i heard my sister screaming no one realized my mother was hit by a car. >> three weeks ago friday january 2, around 5 p.m. ramos
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was about to get in her car 3100 block of cedar street when a vehicle struck her and took out the passenger side mirror of the dark colored ford explorer before the driver simply kept going. >> maybe it was not an accident or was all you have to do is stop. >> moms are human could have been their mother, daughter, anyone they love. please step forward and help my mom and help us understand what happened that might. >> ramos was in port richmond spending time with her family. she was in a coma until this week. she came out and is responsive and breathing on her own. >> my mother would have helped anybody in the streets. mow growing up young i remember her bringing people off the streets to feed them soup for lunch to give them something hot in their stomach. >> her family is looking for help to find the hit-and-run driver of the 1995 to 1998 ford explorer which could still have damage to the front right passenger side.
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>> once he sees this and realizes he hit a person he's going to dot right things i know he will. i forgive him. >> while police continue a search for hit-and-run driver carmen ramos has a long road ahead. her family says she cannot speak and she will mostlily be moved to a rehab enter in a few days. reporting to rehab "channel 6 action news." >> police in philadelphia on the hunts for a gunman hadn't a the murder that took place early this morning in hunt be park. after 4:30:00 a.m. they responded to a person with the gun on the 420 block -- 400 being month of mc alice ter street and when they arrived at the scene they found two victims shot repeatedly. both were taken to temple were one was pronounced dead and the other remains in critical condition. >> philadelphia council member johnson kicked off reelection campaign today. a large crowd gathered at the programs employing people in center is they this afternoon. among those showing support for
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johnson. former pennsylvania governor ed rendell and philadelphia mayor nutter. >> president obama has changed travel plans for this week taken to include a visit to saudi arabia. white house says the president will mack a stop on tuesday on his way home from india. he'll pay respects to the late king ad bu ullah and meet with the new king. it highlights saudi arabia new role in foreign policy including fight against isis and president obama left for india this morning. >> some republicans are starting to sound like candidates. some gop hopefuls spent the someday pitching their ideas to a group of influential conservatives. >> do you believe the next president of the united states will speak you to from this stage today? [ cheers ]. >> and with that representative steve king fired opening sabo in his race for 2016 precedential nomination during the freedom summit in iowa. former pennsylvania senator rick
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san tore sum another republican toying with the idea of running for president. but to be sure no one has made official announcement just yet but just showing up in des moines these days sends signals. >> it's great to be back in iowa. >> we need to appeal every world of obamacare. >> now mitt romney and jeff bush are among big name no-shows today and senators marco rubio and rand paul. >> a man who routinely heard voices is accuses of setting a six alarm fire yesterday that gutted several families in suburban pittsburgh. suspect, 27-year-old edward mcdonald lived in one of the apartments destroyed. he told investigators he started is fire in response to the voices he heard in his head. it was his way of dealing with the stress he was feeling. two people suffered smoke inhalation and no serious injuries reported.
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eight people however are without a place to live. >> up in north jersey hundreds of people have been allowed to go home and sit through what remains of their apartment complex that was destroyed by this raging fire last week. this was the first time tenants of the avalon bay in edgewater have been allowed to return in wednesday's fire. some 500 people were left homeless by the plays and no serious injuries were reported. construction would workers started a fire accidentally wilmington police are trying to find the person that shot a teenager 8:00 tonight 21 and washington streets. investigators say the 18-year-old victim may have been shot as many as a dozen times annie mccormick ad in the paper claiming a bodzy of a woman from wilmington caught the eye of a lot of people after no one claimed the woman's remains. they came together to bury the woman with dig tixt healthcare workers that treated her got all
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saints cemetery to donate a plot and members of delaware state police honor guard volunteered as palm better rears. >> it seems the delaware police participate in funerals all throughout the year for dignitaries and retired troopers have an opportunity to give back in a way that traditionally don't have toy chance to. >> had nobody stepped in mayor's unclaimed body would have been burried in numbered state grave. >> still to come on "action news" tonight envisioning philadelphia in the future and middle school students are taking the lead on obtaining a sustainable. >> "action news" comes right
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>> these talented ballerinas are hoping to land a spot in a prestigious summer program school of american ballet in new york city is holding auditions for the five week worse it's one of 18 cities part of the several. more than 2,000 well audition for 200 spots available. >> time for a check ever the accuweather forecast. melissa magee you mentioned, it before there's snow coming. >> olds man winter is not done yet. we got the snow that moves out walter and get a break tomorrow and tracking more snow after midnight and into monday. and talking about the details. stromtracker double scan is dry and quiet.
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that's snowfall earlier today about an inch of city and areas across the poconos all that is moving norman east. south side we go to the action cam and earlier tonight in center city looking down the streets in rhawn street at city hall partly cloudy sky and temperatures only in the 30s and wind chills in the 20s across the area. and black ice. use caution with that. 36 in the city. 29 poconos. 6 wildwood. 34 for reading and lancaster and 35 dover. wind chills wind chills coming in west, northwest, feels like 24 poconos and current wind chill in city 27. feels like 29 trenton and 28 current wind chill in at wildwood. what to expect tonight the driver continued the storm system well off to the east overnight tonight dropping down to the 0s. and slush quickly freezes over and watch for black ice and definitely use caution.
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satellite 6 and action radar gets rid of nor'easter and tracking clipper system tomorrow. satellite 6 showing the slipper system out of canada pressing to northern plains and works way east ward diving south of city as early as tomorrow night into monday. future tracker 6 has you covered. 8:00 tomorrow morning mostly sunny, dry start second half of the weekend and sun gives way to increasing clouds and sunday night, 8:00, mostly cloudy across much of the region and after midnight it's to arrive with the moisture and we watch that precipitation break out from west to east direction and problem it continues throughout the day with prolonged period of snow on the way for monday. early call in the expected snowfall storm system falls to the south of philadelphia. so 3 to 6" of snowfall for areas and oceans and southern burlington count county through ears of philadelphia closer to the 3" mark of snow and 1 to 3"
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of snowfall north and west of city. as we go throughout the day on monday. monday night into tuesday area of low pressure moves offshore and question becomes where will the storm system intensify. it rolls off the coast of coastal sections of new england. some of that precipitation could get brushed back west ward across the region. so watching the coast monday night into tuesday. key factors low develops offshore and strength of storm and where heaviest of precipitation will set up across coastal new jersey and areas north and east. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast showing you on sunday sun to clouds high 4. mostly dry. and then during the nighttime hours sunday really after midnight we track clipper with periods of snow and high of 29 and monday night to tuesday we're being froming area of low pressure that wants to intensify off the coast. which is why we have to watch the coast closely high of 28. wednesday, sunny and cold, 30.
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36 thursday. clouds and sun. mostly cloudy friday high of 38. colder. high of 25. so keep the shovels out because we're tracking snow on monday. >> that's high. >> and in our "people scene" kanye west and paul mccarty teamed up and rhianna is joining them for release of their new song four, five seconds on facebook tonight. you may remember kanye and sir paul released a song only one. at the time a whole lot of people put ignorance on display referring to paul mccartney as a lucky unknown talent getting a helping hand from kanye. >> she was known as mr. cub. city of chicago and sports fans everywhere are mourning loss of bedics. he spent his entire time with the never losing hope that the
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cubbyes would win a world series. as you know they never did. during his tenure of 1953 to 1971. after hitting 500 home run he supposed up his love of the game say riches of the game are in the thrills not the money. he was 83. sports is
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bill belichick says he's not a scientist even though it sound like patriots coach spent more time examining atmospheric pressure and pressure this week then studying for super bowl 29.
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he is embarrassed how much time he spent trying to deflate deflate-gate. they ran a series of tests. belichick said they did not cheat. he suggests weather conditions changed the psi levels in the footballs. not the team. he claims they learned their lesson after spy gate. >> we try to do everything right. we err on side of caution. it's been that way now for many years. anything that is close we stay as far away from the line as we can. and in this case, i can say that we are as far as as i know, and everything that i can do. we did everything as right as we could do it. >> and everybody believes you. former eagles quarterback donovan mcnabb and patriots quarterback tom brady were among the players years ago that pushed nfl to let each team bring their own footballs and nk
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has bee in says brady could have taken more responsibility here. >> i don't think they will make it a distraction they'll use it as motivation and now the weight is open shoulders of roger guidele of what he will do. i don't think they'll make a decision by week of super bowl it will come down maybe a month after the super bowl leading into the draft. >> claude giroux and jake vorachek representing flyers in nhl skills competition. check out vor khes checkpoints on point. giroux trying trick shot of own and break away challenge how about that stick work. nhl all star game is tomorrow night columbus and sixers have lost five in a row losing tonight in memphis. walter, back to you. >> thank you jeff. what will philadelphia welcome like 15 years from now. thousands of middle schoolers took part in the future competition ash ofch bishop to
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show them their visions of the city. they've been developing new ideas for sustainable -- they'll head to finals in washington d.c. "castle" is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 6 tomorrow morning with nydia han eva pilgrim and chris sowers. chris will have the latest in the clipper of course. now to melissa magee, jeff skversky and entire "action news" team i'm walter perez have a great night and we'll see you tomorrow.
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