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tv   Action News  ABC  January 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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trip 3-t as james and the cavs are on a six-game winning streak. now five games over .500. another double-figure victory for the thunder, meanwhile, now, 3 1/2 back of that final playoff spot in the western conference. the phoenix suns, right now, an eighthened the new orleans pelicans in ninth. let's go to israel where with lebron james. lot of talk since you have been back how well the offense has been flowing, today, keeping the thunder under 40% shooting. how good has been the defense been lately. we got to defend, we understand that offense is going to come and go. defense is always going to be there. >> lebron james hfourth final appearances. how much is that two weeks off help you mentally as well as physically. >> mentally and physically, i needed it.
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you know, i listen to the people i trust. part of the reason i'm playing at a high level right now. >> thank you. mike? >>. >> mike: all right, israel terrific performance once again from james and his cavaliers. as they defeat the thunder. 34 points for lebron james but as we said, had some help, kyrie irving, 21 points. 6 assists. and kevin love a double-double with 19 points and 13 rebounds. we'll be back to cleveland right after this time-out. ♪and do you take this man♪ ♪to be your lawfully wedded husband?♪ ♪to have and to hold.♪ ♪for better or worse,♪ ♪in sickness and in health.♪ ♪ i can't!♪ ♪what?♪ ♪lisa!♪ ♪wait!♪ ♪ ♪ahh god!♪ ♪ ♪taxes are your year,♪ ♪only much simpler.♪ ♪you can handle simpler.♪ ♪intuit turbotax.♪
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the wait is over, thursday is the night that all of your tgit favorite return including viola davis in "how to get away with murder." this thursday at 10:00/9:00 eastern. filing out of the quicken loans
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arena is lebron james and the cavs. they defeat the thunder, 108-98. in front of a sold-out quicken loans arena. improve to 25-20 on the season. for jeff van gundy, mark jackson, israel gutierrez, and the entire crew mike breen saying thanks so much for watching. . coming up next is abc news' "world news." except on the west coast. thank you for watching as we say good night from cleveland, ohio.
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>> a winter storm is on its way prpinging a one, two, punch and behind it the knockout. sunday night the big story on "action news" is the countdown to what is predicted to be the biggest winter storm so far this season.
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>> this could be one of the books for some locations in northeastern u.s. including winter storm work for most of the region. we have team coverage of the coming store and "action news" reporter kenneth moton is checking on the crews and roads and getting them ready and dann cuellar is out and about with people stocking up on senlz in case. >> meteorologist melissa magee is tracking the system and squoynz us for the latest from the big board. >> over 24 to 4 hours we're impacted by initially a clipper system currently moving through the ohio valley. but then transfers of energy into a storm system that develops offshore. first with the clipper. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar showing moisture over the ohio valley ear of low pressure over kentucky and tennessee and this area of low pressure works east ward and just to the south of philadelphia. so later tonight into monday we have light snowfall on the way. but the problem is monday night into tuesday you can see this area of low pressure will transfer the energy off the coast and work its way east ward.
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at that time you can see the storm system will intensify as it works its way up the eastern seaboard and tuesday you have heavy snowfall north and east of our region. second wave monday night into tuesday. winter weather alerts toel you about. a winter storm warning for philadelphia and heart of our region as you move over to the west we have a winter storm watch in effect and for all of delaware counties and chester and lancaster and berks and lehigh and the poconos as we go top monday evening and into tuesday. a blizzard warning is in eye infect for ocean county and areas north and east. in fact that's where we expect to find the brunt of a storm system. it's not for our region. it is those areas in new york city and boston where you can find a foot of snowfall. couple things we're tracking over the next two days. here's our menu. appetizer later tonight in monday light mix and changing to light snow. nuisance event as we get to tomorrow where minor impacts. entre however is monday night to
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tuesday. at that point tracking heavy snow turn blustery and triple travel with major impact on the way. we'll take a closer look at the storm system on the way and go over snowfall expectancy where you live in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast, sarah. >> thank you let's head to "action news" reporter kenneth moton live in norristown where penndot officials have just wrapped up a briefing there. kenneth. >> sarah, pep dot says it has plenty of salt. it's open with nearly 400 trucks and more are on standby in case. get this agency officials say this is the fourth response to weather in just a week. hours before the first flake and penndot crews were on the move to prepare for penndot's storm and the one after it. >> it's critical a to get the roads prepared, give guys rest and we'll bring crews in two hours ahead of time to get trucks loaded up and they'll move out and position themselves open the highway so when the
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snow begins to fall we'll spread granular salt. >> this afternoon was about the brine. dozens reported across the region and loaded up. transportation agency says these hours of preparation before the first snowfall of what could be a treacherous couple of days are crucial. but rest for drivers is also important. shifts will be staggered and penndot says the work will get done between state crews and contract tours. >> secondary roads come second. as it says. and however with the amount of trucks and vehicles out there everything is pretty much for the most part 100% coverage. >> the action cam was there as trucks headed to 95 teeting the vine and schuylkill. penndot is also focused on timing. the storm is sure to impact both morning and evening commutes tomorrow. >> in areas where the forecast is calling for significant snow we will ask citizens if possible to postpone the trip. >> people we spoke with say they're in a wait and see mode. >> nothing i can do.
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just go out and start early and get the work. >> whatever happens, happens i can't stop the snow from coming. i kind of go home to rest and hope everything goes okay. >> again most of the crews will not report to duty until late tonight and also penndot says tomorrow main roads will be salted. but wet. that's a reminder for you and secondary roads will most likely be snow covered. reporting live in penndot. norristown this evening. chebenka "channel 6 action news". >> thank you kenneth. we move to "action news" reporter dann cuellar checking in on a whole lolt of people stocking up in advance of the storm dap. >> walter, this store has been crazy here in cherry hill today with people getting ready for storms. it's about difficult at times to get a shopping cart today the lines were crazy today at the wegmans in cherry hill. >> as a matter of fact first time i came and there was not a
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cart to be had. >> it was a mad house in this place today. >> it is. >> it is. >> it is. >> with the first major snowstorm of the season hours away people were hope to stock up on what they need to ride it out. >> we got back last night from california it's a little hard for us to adjust and we have to buy boots. >> they ran out of rock salt and there's a short supply of shovels. >> i absolutely hate snow. hate it. >> i hear you. >> since i'm retired. i don't like it. but it's not bad to look at. i don't have to drive in it. >> all had you to do was look out the window and look at it it would be fine. >> it could be fine. >> oh, well what will do you. >> it will be fun to be ♪in for a day. if i can only think of the food i might need. after that it gets old. >> milk, bread usual. >> absolutely. >> then it gets old you know what i'm saying? >> yeah, i do. and hey i don't want to be the guy to restock this store tonight. they have their work cut out for
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them. any way, ready or not. major snowstorm on the way. back to you guys. >> all right. dann thank you. sky hd tag a live look now at philadelphia international airport where the airlines are gearing up for this storm. and most carriers have waived their fees to reschedule flights to avoid the weather. if you do plan to travel tomorrow or tuesday definitely stay in touch with the airline. many delays and cancellations are expected. even before the storms move through make sure to download the 6abc stromtracker app. there you can get the latest from accuweather and access the live radar and use the report your weather feature, to let us know what is happening where you are and send photos of the weather you're seeing. you can create a digital postcard to share with family and friends. >> "action news" will be on the air early tomorrow morning to help you get ready for the storm. the "action news" team will track the weather throughout the night and have the latest forecast, school closings, traffic and transit conditions and much more. tune in starting at 4 a.m. for
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the very latest on the winter storm heading our way. >> developing news now a body was discovered along the banks of the schuylkill river today and we're told from family is telling "action news" that of missing teacher christopher tully. >> he suffered from bipolar discord and was not taking medication. father of three children was a teacher at the middle bucks institute of technology in warwick. >> friends family and other volunteers once again searched the smyrna delaware area today looking for kiesha hamilton. hamilton and two children wept missing back on january 10. the children were found unharmed with their father cortez hamilton in indiana.
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kiesha was last seen january 9. cortez is charged with two counts endangering welfare of child and one count of first degree assault. >> from the delaware newsroom two young girls are lucky to be alive after they plunged through thin ice and drowned in delaware this afternoon. it happened in a pond at mir idian crossing narments bear. the firlz were walking on the ice and a resident spotted them and tried to call them in but it was too late. >> she kept wacking further and further out and then she just went through and i started screaming for my son-in-law who thank god was home. >> i had water rescue equipment inside and i ran inside and got my gear and put it on and ran over. she was as i was coming over she was under the water. i made the decision to go in. >> how about that? with a rope tie around him and his wife pulling the other end firefighters min nuyn was able
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to getler out. she's in stable condition. >> much more to come tonight on "action news" a legal church gets hit by copper fees impacting services. >> bill nye the science guy offers up so science on the deflate-gate theory. >> jeff skversky has that in sports when "action news" continues rights
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>> "action news" reporter john rawlins has more. >> i think it's pretty rotten. >> it's pretty lame. >> reactions to what brought police bridesburg church on kirkbride street.
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overnight someone broke through this window and stripped out 3 to 400 feet of copper pipes in the boiler room and throughout the building. >> it was discovered by ed lex who helps keep the church running no services today because it knocked out all water and heating. the food is mission of congregation. >> there are 200 people every tuesday that come and get food. they can't get food this tuesday and we're not sure when we'll be able to start that up again. >> frustrated someone will rob a church. >> couldn't be that bad for food because there's plenty of food. >> step up maybe the church can help you beat it. >> in addition to the stolen copper which will cost thousands to replace it's believed cash was stolen from the food bank. there is one puzzling element for which pastor ryan is thankful. before it hit the main water was
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shot off that would have destroyed the food supply. >> it did not add insult to injury. >> it's not clear when the paptry will be able to reopen. the church has to deal with insurance adjusters and such and replace tat copper pipe. until then it will remain closed. in bridesburg, john rawlins "channel 6 action news." >> around the area many parishes celebrated the start of catholic cool schools week. action cam was at st. marshas where parishioners celebrated a special mass. rights after the glass was an open house for families and potential students. >> still to come on "action news," jeff has sports. super bowl a week away. jeff sits down with former star to find out what the birds will do to be contenders next year. that's when "action news" come back.
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>> okay, jeff skversky has a check on sports an a lot of people wanted eagles in arizona this time of year. sixers playing today. >> they had the most invites in nfc and of course i would rather be in arizona. while you're bracing for snow, in sunny warm, arizona six eagles players are getting set for the pro bowl. lesean mccoy pulled out because of knee injury and darren spolz is making his first appearancech the bowl the birds want to play in next sunday, super bowl. there's the seattle seahawks they arrived today and they'll play the patriots one week from tonight. what dot eagles need to do to get to the super bowl. we asked brian westbrook his opinion. >> they have to sure up some positions and have some things on defense they need to figure out and secondary they need
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another pass rusher as well. and you have to figure out the quarterback situation. they may go forward with nick foles and get one in the draft. that is part of the process and the off season is all about. >> so do you buy bill belichick's science experiment story about how atmospheric pressure deflated footballs you know who is not buying it? bill nye the real science guy. he tells gma this morning belichick is full of hot air. >> rubbing the football i don't think you can change the pressure. to really change the pressure you need one of these. the inflation needle. >> i'm not worrieded about coach belichick's competing with me. what he said didn't make any sense. >> well there you go. all right. nhl all star game is underway in columbus. claude giroux and jake vorachek may be teammates with players but they're on opposite sides today. watch out jake the flyers captain is coming for you. >> i don't think it will be very
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physical but if i can finish one hit on jake i think i will. >> is that what you will do. >> i might. >> well, watch out jake. before he takes on jake vorachek how about nfl points leader returning to columbus. he scores in the first. tied at 4 in the first period.. college hoops villanova trying to rebound. worst loss since last season when beat by creighton they just so happened to play tonight at the top of the hour. coach k is now coach 1 k coach k is the first in men's division one college basketball history to win 1,000 games 40 seasons coaching professional basketball. 35 of them down at duke. >> all right. >> thank you jeff. >> up next on "action news" we're continuing to track this
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week's big snowstorm on the way. >> meteorologist melissa magee has the updated forecast and potential snow totals when "action news" comes right
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>> melissa here now with the accuweather forecast the big one tracking this winter storm headed our way. >> there is a clipper system moving on through. it would be one thing if it moved in and moved out. the clipper moves in and then out and then wants to intensify off the shore. we have to fine tune that and see where it sets up monday
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night. details stormtracker 6 double scan radar showing dry across the delaware and lehigh valley. you notice moisture off to the west and in anticipation of the clipper system on the move later on tonight and for the first half of the day tomorrow. now, as we go throughout time you'll notice increase in precipitation later on tonight and into monday. tem purz however in advance of that 42 in the city and 39 trenton and 37 allentown and 25 in the poconos and along the coast in beach haven 4 2. 44 dover same thing in millville. we'll widen out the temperature profile across the northeast. you can see this fresh injection of cold air. 10 currently in burlington and 11 in sayre cause. this colder air will work towards the south and at that point when we track the second wave of moisture that moves in monday night to tuesday with ill changeover that heavy wet snow we see at the onset to light powdery snow that will pileup quickly. here's satellite 6 and action
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radar you can see the clipper system we're tracking currently moving off the ohio valley and area of low pressure off kentucky and tennessee and this works east ward. the problem, however, as we go throughout the day on monday night and into tuesday it will transfer the energy just off the coast and work its way east ward and at that point, it will intensify and blossom. future tracker 6 has you covered here. over the next couple days this is what we're tracking, monday during the overnight hours 3:00 in the morning snowfall breaking out from west to east direction with clipper on the onset. 10:00 in the morning light snow showers around. we'll be nuisance in the morning and we want to give yourself extra time. as we go throughout the day however, 6:00 in the evening it's mostly dry for that commute home. yes, there could still be a few snow showers around and we get ready and gear up for monday night into tuesday's event which is why we have the winter weather posted. we'll take you to the coast. this is what we're tracking here as we go throughout the day. monday n


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