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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 26, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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>> good morning, it is 4:00 a.m. on this monday, january 26. "action news" is tracking a major winter storm. >> that's why we're on early folks. storm tracker 6 live is storm tracker 6 live hding early morning snow while a stronger storm could create blizzard conditions in the area. >> chad perdelli, and and mobile 6 are standing by for live coverage for the morning snow and the stronger storm.
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>> archdiocesan schools have announced early dismissals for schools. we are running the school closings and early dismissals across the region at the bottom of the screen and you can get them at >> now let's get a look at weather and traffic and go over to david murphy and karen rogers, good morning. >> reporter: it is important to look at this storm in two waves. the first one is today, we can expect patchy light snow. we've had it on and off through the region. the current area of concern is the northern suburbs where a generally light snow is falling. it will total one to three inches during during the day. the extra snowfall starts in the afternoon or evening. that's when an area of low pressure you can kind of see potassium precipitation off radar view off the carolinas
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form. and tomorrow it starts as a nor'easter and pushes in heavy snow across the region. there's skepticism or how much snow we are going to get on it of this. we have a warning you mean through philadelphia, down into delaware county, mostly south jersey up through trenton and the lehigh valley for heavy snow. it is only a watch out toward reading where the snow amounts are not going to be as much. we're looking at a blizzard warning in ocean county, monmouth, and new york and boston. philadelphia and the immediate region are probably in for a fairly decent amount of snow out of this. the nor'easter line that comes in between 6 and 11:00 p.m. when it arrives southwest to northwest, 2:00 a.m. to
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8:00 a.m. during our broadcast tomorrow morning that's when the heaviest precipitation will be coming down. between 8 and 35:00 p.m., the heavier precipitation will filter out. 22 in allentown. it's a cold start. as we roll through the day we'll get up to 34 degrees for the high, i can see that happening around 2:00 a.m. road conditions okay this morning and decent this afternoon. as the heavy snow piles in later in the day and this evening things will get worse. >> reporter: are you seeing anything on the roads early on? >> reporter: yeah, you can just see me. you can see me a little wilder. we're watching the white flakes coming down at upper state road and horsham road. it's laying on the roads, you have to be careful as you head
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out. yesterday we had temperatures above freezing and we have melting at the surface, of course this is just the beginning. i-95 at cottman wet southbound traffic no slipping and sliding going on. you're not going to see slick spots especially for the ramps. you need to take it easy. this is what it looks like at the 309 at the five points intersection you can best see it under the headlight with the snow coming down, watch it, how slowly the car is going take it slowly and take it easy, you can see a slushy accumulation on the roadways. on the vine street expressway, no problems here in center city. vine street expressway near 6th street looking good. delaware county, this is the blue route and mcdade boulevard traffic is not having any problems, of course we'll keep an eye on it around the clock matt and tam.
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let's get going own start our team coverage of the winter storm, chad perdelli is live in king of prussia. good morning chad. >> reporter: hey tam not too bad out here right now. we have a few flakes falling. we've had about a quarter inch, a little more than a dusting accumulating on the sidewalks and parking lots that have not been treated. here you've got route 202 in good shape. i drove here earlier this morning and had no problems on the blue route. dekalb pike was treated with brine and salt. we've seen penndot moving through. any snow that hits the ground is meting on contact at least this morning. penndot tells us they were out in force last night into this morning. roughly 400 trucks are out there. some are penndot others contractors. they also this is a multiday
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event. obviously like david talked about, the initial storm not too bad, an inch to three inches. doesn't look like it will be a big one but the big one is coming tonight. >> in areas where the tbraft -- forecast where they are calling for significant snow we ask citizens to postpone your trips. if you don't have to travel don't. >> reporter: and again, a lot of snow expected later on this evening, into tomorrow morning the roads are in good shape now an penndot is taking care of that. make sure you apply salt and keep them clear for children that are walking along the sidewalks because they become
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very dangerous as the snow falls and people trample on it, it will freeze up and become very very dangerous. all in all everything is moving nicely along here in king of prussia. chad perdelli channel 6 "action news." >> let's look out there doesn't look bad, the roads are wet the temperature is 30 degrees on city avenue. there could icy spots particularly in the areas that saw snow overnight do be careful if you're traveling to work or school this morning. >> now let's take you to philadelphia international airport and of course, air travel a big issue with the storm today and the big one coming in. right now taking a look at where things stand. of course it's the airports to the north of us, laguardia having the most cancellations 208, followed by newark, liberty and jfk here, 96 flights
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canceled, one delayed. as you look to the south you see flights canceled or delayed. those will go up as the morning goes on. >> south jersey could see the worst of this storm with blizzard-like conditions. annie mccormick is live in pennsauken, camden county. good morning annie. >> reporter: good morning, matt, you're talking about the temperatures hovering around freezing, when the wind picks up, you can feel the freezing temperatures on your face, in pennsauken, we have light precipitation, roads in new jersey are prepared. last night they had 2-6r -- 2600 trucks between nj dot and contractors. this is the scene in wegmans where people were getting their staples and eggs and milk. it was tough to find a shopping
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cart and that rock salt everybody is trying to get they can get their hands on to spread it around their homes and businesses, those were flying off the shelves, as well. dann cuellar caught you mean with this man who said he is prepared with the salt and the snow blower. >> we are ready i got it fixed over in philadelphia. yeah not even 20 minutes ago i'm ready. >> and of course, nj dot and crews out here, mirroring much of what deldot is saying if this does happen to be a major event to think about whether or not you need to out on the roadways. again, today, at this point roads are clear only a light precipitation that we are seeing in south jersey. new jersey transit telling many of their riders whichever form of transportation they take from monday through wednesday they will be able to use their passes
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on multiple forms of transit on new jersey transit. reporting live in pennsauken, new jersey. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> you can track the storm with the storm tracker 6 live app with the latest forecast and access to our live radar. plus, use the report your weather feature to let us know what's happening where you are and send us your photos. >> let's turn to accuweather some areas seeing snow but this is not from the biggy. >> reporter: no, the clipper system is coming through, that will give us minimal snow you have to be careful obviously. the current situation shows rain and sleety mix by parts of the shore. most of the snowfall is up in the northern areas. it's putting a little bit down on roads in doylestown and flemming ton where you see the brighter shade of white. allentown in a bit of a lull. reading had a brighter band come
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through. as we go ride, the area down south around the shore there could rain or sleet or wet snow along the coast in that blue is storm tracker 6 live's way of showing you that possible mixing. so there you have it down the coast. as we look outside all minor stuff for now. take it slow if you see any covering on the roads temperatures are below the freezing park there could be a freeze up especially where roads have not been pretreated. the pressure reading 33. in terms of snowfall during the daytime period it does look like it's going to be fairly on and off, not that there could be a heavier cell that comes through occasionally. overall we're going for 1 to # inches accumulation between now and dinnertime tonight. stays mainly rain down the shore for the a good period of today. as we look at temperatures, with the light snow falling at times.
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28 degrees by #. 31 by 11 and there's they the high at 2:00 p.m., 34 degrees. temperatures drop overnight when the nor'easter arrives. right now it's a clipper system traveling to the south. this will transfer it's energy into a strong coastal low that comes up along the coast as the nor'easter. it will throw snow back into boston and philadelphia. we're on the edge where the storm intensifies and increases the snowfall amounts. future tracker 6 shows from 6 to 11:00, the heavier bands of snow from the nor'easter will fill in. we'll be on the southern edge where the heavy snow begins. it will be worse in boston and new york than here. now how it's less to the west, more to the west, because you're
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closer to the center of the storm. looks like by noon tomorrow we may still be seeing some snow to the east, but philadelphia will start to taper off and the whole thing pulls out of here during the afternoon tomorrow. we expect part of the region to see significant snow, the farther west you are the better it will be for you. since yesterday morning there have been so many indications that the storm deepens to give us the highest snowfall totals possible. for now we're leaning toward an 8 to 12-inch accumulation, by tuesday afternoon into the central portion of the region. higher, 12 to 18 toward the east and less to the west. but if the storm were to intensify later in the game we'll be going 4 to # inches across the region. that's something we'll continue to watch. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast high of 34 today, light snow on and off. snowstorm tomorrow, of course is kicking in tonight and tomorrow
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morning. 26 degrees is tomorrow's high with snow tapering off in the afternoon. wednesday we're back to dry conditions, sunny and cold, high of 29. thursday more clouds, 35 another clipper is possible bringing snow at night and potentially going into friday with snow and flurries. saturday we're colder and dry and sunday there's more clouds. >> thanks, 4:14 we're following a developing story a pregnant woman gets stabbed and picks up a weapon of her own. karen. >> reporter: looking live on had 22 approaching oaks, you got to watch out. it is a little bit slippery right here. problems elsewhere when we come right back. governor chris christie takes his biggest step yet toward a presidential bid.
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we'll tell you what's going on when "action news" comes right back. # >>
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>> 4:17, good morning everyone, it is monday morning taking a live look at atlantic city, new jersey. the coastline could see the most snow totals from the storm that's coming later. right now we're getting snow from an unassociated storm this morning. >> let's see how things are looking for your commute and go over to karen rogers. >> reporter: that's right, the clipper system is moving through, so today we have the right snow and then it tracks deeper developing into a nor'easter tomorrow. this is stump road at horsham road in north wales. we can see the snow falling and landing on the roadway, is as well. watch for slippery conditions on the secondary roads. temperatures are above freezing yesterday and well above
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freezing. a lot of main roads are doing okay at this point. this is just the beginning of the snowfall and we can already see it coming down out there. we have a problem a few of them out there right now. this is the ramp from 422 westbound from limerick lynn field you want to watch for an accident involving a plow. we're not hearing about any injuries with the scene, a big accident you want to watch out for involving a snowplow to limerick lynn field. pots, state street, route 100 southbound we have an accident here. high street near berk street an accident here. the ramp from from the route 1 media bypass, northbound to the blue route we have the plows waiting, i passed them on the schuylkill, as well, this morning, they are out in full force. they are out there when needed to plow the roadway. in new jersey, this is 42
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northbound traffic at creek road not looking at any precipitation. it's spotty with light flurries, but nothing big right there. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing snowfall is mostly in the northwest. in reading 422 route 100 in pottstown, quakertown at 309. doylestown, as well up near trenton. be careful as your heading out. on the secondary roads it's sticking to the roads tam. >> this next story is developing overnight. philadelphia police are searching for thieves who stabbed a woman who is 4 months pregnant. the action cam came on the scene in feltonville around 1:30. police say the woman fought back anticipate fired several shots from a legally owned gun. the pregnant woman is recovering at the hospital in stable condition. the suspected robbers fled in a small black car. passengers had to evacuate two planes in seattle due to
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security issues. it's unclear if any of these threats were connected nobody was hurt. the patriots arrive in arizona today for super bowl eagles connor barwin was getting fired up at the pro bowl. darren sproles made his pro bowl debut. eagles kicker, codey parker made extra points. 32-28. >> 4:20, the academy pediatrics comments on medical marijuana and what they say it does not do. >> heavy snow is coming later today and dave is here to update
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the track. >> reporter: if you're dressing the kids and they are on their way to school this morning bundle them up it's below freezing if they are coming home early, it will be below. we'll be back with more on the current snow and the heavier snow coming in round two tonight. that's all just ahead. collection. (laughing) alright. how'd you know? you've got the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah. $1,000,000 super cash, with top prizes of $1 million. (male announcer) want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life.
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i.welcome back, let's check the roads, a lot of people worried about the snow today. it's the light stuff but we can see it coming down in doylestown state road the 611 bypass. the snow is in the northwestern suburbs. it's starting to creep in on the side roads and the main highways are not looking as bad at state road. new jersey turnpike, speed restrictions in place.
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septa station broad street line, southbound trains will be stopping at the allegheny station today. they didn't over the weekend because of repairs. >> reporter: light snow is scattered at this point. riding to the north allentown and reading and northern bucks and montgomery county picking up some snow. there's mixed precipitation down parts of the shore. during during the day we're looking at on and off periods of light snow. 32 by 3:00 p.m. i think that will be the high today. 31 by 6:00 p.m. the wind will get more and more blustery as the day goes on. by the end of the day this round one will bring us one to three inches of snow. it is later tonight and tomorrow when the nor'easter starts passing us by and giving us periods of heavy snow. with the nor'easter to the south and getting its act together, we have all green at the airport no problems getting out of town
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today, tam. >> the leading voice of pediatricians is affirming it's stance for legalized marijuana as it relates to children. it should only be used for severely i will children who have no other treatment option. there's no proof that it benefits sick churn and there's evidence it may harm developing brains. we'll continue our coverage of the approaching winter storm next. philadelphia archdiocesan schools and early learning centers will dismiss early today. other delays are posted at the bottom of the screen and #
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>> reporter: good monday morning we're taking an early morning look at flight tracker to see
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what's going on. if you're catching ago flight you'll have issues, especially tra traveling through the northeastern part of the country. you can see the wide swath reaching over pennsylvania and new jersey and new york. if you're flight wasn't canceled you may have luck, but later on in the day the afternoon into the evening hours probably not so much. we already have 3500 flights canceled in the northeast a preeveryonetive strike on -- prepreemptive strike on the part of the of the airlines. >> three people get sick inside a philadelphia home and have to be taken to the hospital. >> we'll return you to live team coverage of the storm which "action news" comes right back. money in it causes, uh...deposit friction.
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>> this weekend snow >> this weekend snow and ice are is a mere preview of the winter wallop heading our way. >> mobile is out on the roads showing you what it looks like in case you have to go to work or school this morning. >> the philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools will be dismissing students at noon. the latest information is scrolling at the bottom of the screen. >> good morning


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