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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  January 26, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> good morning, it is 5:00 a.m., monday, january 26. here's what's happening. >> accuweather is tracking the first big storm of the season which is set to arrive later today. >> we're tracking potential problems right now for your morning commute. look out for those slick spots as you get ready to head to work and school this morning. >> philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools have announced an early dismissal at noon. we're running the school closings and early dismissals at the bottom of your screen and get them at >> let's find out about the current and coming storm and go over to david murphy and karen rogers has the roads good morning. >> reporter: we're talking about two different issues. this morning we're being affected by a clipper system that's centered to the south. it's pushing in light snow
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across the region. most of the active snow is in the northern suburbs continuing to push north and perhaps slick spots there. in philadelphia, earlier cells put down a little bit of coverage. we got another band coming in on which the ocean and there's a change over to sleet and all wet snow in southern gloucester and northern atlantic and southern burlington counties the wider view shows the coastal low pressure center receiving energy from the clipper to our south and transferring to a strong storm as it pushes up the coast tonight and tomorrow. this is a nor'easter for us. tonight into tomorrow morning we're looking for heavier stuff on the way. there's a series of weather alerts from the national weather service. places like chester county and lancaster county won't get as
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much snow. there's a warning in the center of the region where you could have significant impact and we're looking at a blizzard warning in ocean county, monmouth and new york city and new england. heavier and heavier snowfall amounts expected as you get closer to the coast. what are we expecting unfortunately nothing is set in stone as there is disagreement with models, because we expect light snow between now and 6:00 p.m., one to three with the southern clipper. 6 to 11:00 p.m. a steady snow develops from the south to the north. between 2:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. overnight tonight into tomorrow morning's mush when we're on the air -- rush, when we're on the air, that's the heaviest precipitation. it's cold enough to support snow on the ground and we're looking at chilly conditions for the school bus this morning as the kids head out. 27 by 6:00 and today's high,
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32 degrees. what are you seeing on the roads. >> reporter: yesterday temperatures were well above freezing that's helping the melting itself with the crews on the roads. this guy is taking it slowly, he is not slipping or sliding we're finding issues on the ramps and secondary roads. we had an accident on-ramp 422 involving a snowplow, it has cleared, traffic is moving better. you have to be careful because we have snowplows waiting in the wings to treat the roads. germantown pike at jolly road we had accidents in pottstown that cleared. looking live at the schuylkill expressway at the blue route. schuylkill expressway mostly wet, we're not seeing major problems, you need to get out today, today a light snowfall event. be prepared for slick spots. i-95 approaching cottman mostly
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wet, as well. southbound traffic heading toward center city. no problems there tam. let's get outside and see what it looks like and start with chad perdelli live for us in king of prussia. good morning. >> reporter: hey tamala, this is a one-two punch by mother nature this punch is weak. but we know more snow is expected later on this evening. right now no snow. we had a dusting here over the past couple of hours route 202 road is in good shape it was brined yesterday the major thoroughways look great. we saw penndot trucks going up. several roads are waiting for rock salt. penndot has roughly 400 trucks on the roads treating the roads with a bigger storm expected today. this is expected to be a
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multi-day event for penndot. >> reporter: over the next few days we want motorists to pay close attention to the forecast. in areas where the forecast is calling for signature dpant -- significant snow, we will ask citizens to postpone your trip if you can do that, especially if we're in the midst of a storm where we're getting an inch or two inchessen hour, if you don't have to -- inches an hour, if you don't have to travel, please don't. >> reporter: the major roads are in good shape. i can't speak to all the other areas, but 202 is moving along well. penndot will be working hard into the evening as the big storm approaches. chad perdelli channel 6 "action news." >> thanks, chad. mobile 6 is on south broad street and we have the greenlight we're going. we have wet roads and snow is falling and temperatures are below freezing be very careful
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and very cautious if you have to go to work and school this morning because there are icy spots. south jersey we'll get those snow totals. looking live at philadelphia right now, we have a lot of cancellations up and down the east coast including philadelphia, new york city, logan international so check ahead if you have a flight and picking someone up. south jersey is said to get most of the snow, annie mccormick is live in pennsauken, camden county. annie? >> reporter: and matt, so far most people in pennsylvania are seeing the snow. here in south jersey we're not seeing it yet. it's about watching, waiting and preparing. take a look at the roads as traffic picks up here. we have not seen any precipitation, but we did see light precipitation earlier. the roads have been treated, new jersey dot has been on the
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roads. this is video from last night at the wegmans in cherry hill right off route 70 where people were stocking up on supplies, everything from bread milk and eggs. they were having a hard time finding a shopper cart to put their goods in that they were going to buy. many people preparing for a multiday event. >> i work down the street and i want to stay there tonight because i live in pennsylvania. so i don't like to take any chances. >> reporter: did you pack an overnight bag? >> i did. >> reporter: wow you're really prepared. >> i am. >> reporter: live out in the distance, there's a bus stop, new jersey transit preparing for a multi-day event to see the watching waiting and telling us
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regardless whatever transportation you're taking, passes will be honored on different forms of transportation. they are waiting to see what type of precipitation they will get. people will have to stop and assess whether or not they need to be out on the roads. reporting live in south jersey, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> people along the massachusetts coast are boarding up getting ready for blizzard conditions. a blizzard warning is in effect for 250-mile stretch of the northeast, including boston and new york city. two feet or more of snow could help boston public transportation system. you can keep track of the storm with the storm tracker 6 live app. it has the latest accuweather forecast along with access to the live radar. use the report your weather feature to let us know what's happening with your where you -- where you are. >> south jersey is going to get
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hit with with this. >> reporter: we are seeing snow down there but most of the morning and today will be manageable. as we look at storm tracker 6 live double scan. there's the snow matt mentioned. it is coming in along the coast. it's changing over to rain along portions of the coast. but we have some of that sleet or wet snow mixed highlighted in blue from sea isle to atlantic city. you can see that band heading through hammonton and the ac expressway. a burst of snow in and around philadelphia. if we go up north, this was the snow that was in philadelphia earlier, this is pushing off to the north quakertown, allentown, millford, it is starting to die down. doylestown, we have cloudy skies, philadelphia on tap for another light burst in another ten to 15 minutes.
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temperature, 31 degrees, the winds out of the east/northeast at 1. it's chilly out there, you want to bundle up out the door. today's it's not bad 9:00 a.m. to noon, we have moderate snowfall. the rest of the afternoon we're now have the of the snow. total accumulation, it doesn't amount to all that much. down the shore you wind up with rain. 28 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. it's 31, i think i'm going to adjust that high to 32 this afternoon pretty cold all the way. the snow this morning is being formed by a clipper passing to the south. the biggest concern is the low this is often the case in the wintertime will transfer into a coastal low pressure center. since we have a trough in the east to pull that low up the coast, that's what's going to happen. we'll see that come past us as a
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nor'easter generating lots of wind and snow. it looks like it might go all the way down into our neck of the woods. we are obviously at the bottom of what's going to be a big long sweep of snow. there's a little bit of a question where exactly the heavier snow begins. it's going to depend how far up the coast this low takes to intensify. we're close enough where it looks like we're going to get significant impact by this. 6:00 p.m. it starts to build in. you can see the heavier snow rolling off the ocean around that nor'easter, by 11:00, looks like significant snow banged in. in the overnight hours we'll get in and out of heavier bands, as well. at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning you'll see heavier snow. notice how the darker shades of purple are to the east and it gets lighter and lighter that's out to the west. that's the model's indication that the snowfall amounts are out to the west. in the afternoon it begins to
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break apart and gets out of here. there's a lot of model uncertainties and it may shift to the east and diminish the snowfall amounts. we're going with an 8 to 12-inch snowfall most of this happening overnight into tomorrow morning. less to the west and more by the shore and blizzard conditions in ocean county and new york city. but there is a chance that the storm intensifies later in the game that we're allowed to pull all those heavier bands farther to the east. it wouldn't be out of the question that we bust a little bit, but that 4 to 8 inches of snow is going to be rough going overnight tonight e tonight and tomorrow morning. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 3 # is the high light -- 32 is the high, light snow. it goes into the first part of tuesday as a pretty decent nor'easter and snowstorm. wednesday, 29, sunshine
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returning. sun and clouds on thursday, 35. right now we might see flurries on friday, doesn't look like anything more than that. the weekend has a shot of being dry. sunday there might be light snow passing on the earlier model runs, but it's not there right now. a pregnant woman is stabbed in a robbery attempt in philadelphia, but her reaction scared away her attackers. >> reporter: conshohocken good shot of the roads. secondary roads we're finding snow on them. i'll give you the details and show you what it looks like when "action news" comes right back.
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welcome back, we've got breaking news right now. you're taking live look down into washington, d.c. at the white house. the secret service saying a device was found on the grounds of the white house a short while ago before 5:00 a.m. investigators are saying the device which they are not giving more details about did not pose any threat at the white house. we're working to find out if what they found was a drone. president obama and the first lady are in india on their way to saudi arabia. the secret service is stressing what they found was not a threat. >> time to check the roads with karen rogers. >> reporter: time to check the suburbs, that's where we're finding more of an issue. main road, 322 pennsylvania turnpike overpass, traffic is moving nicely. we see people taking it down a
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notch with the speeds, i think that's great advice, you need to be especially careful of the ramps and overpasses with the areas that are slick with the snow coming down. we had an accident on a ramp 432 westbound involving a snowplow that cleared. that's looking better on the ramp 422 westbound to limerick. township line road a disabled vehicle, a new accident we had an accident that cleared plymouth township jolly road. there you see the flashing lights there, this is snowplows waiting in the wings on the ramp route 1 bypass, you sigh them on the schuylkill expressway, near girard they are waiting to treat the roads. not a big problem just yet with the light snowfall coming down. today is not a major day. today we're getting one to three inches of snow.
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disabled tractor-trailer on to the the route 1 bypass. sphrark double scan we have light snowfall falling in the region in the suburbs it's near route 100, quaker hetown doylestown, 611 we're seeing it in south jersey blossoming a little bit more. it's light snowfall. we're seeing it at hammonton and almost at medford and not quite in glassboro and route 55. developing overnight philadelphia police are searching for the thieves who stabbed a woman who was four months pregnant. the action cam was on the scene on the 500 block of west wyoming avenue in feltonville. a woman fought back and fired several shots from a legally owned gun. it is unclear if she shot anyone. the suspected robbers fled in a
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small black car. the patriots arrived in arizona for super bowl 49. deflate gate talk will likely ramp up tomorrow. birds running back darren sproles made his pro bowl debut 6 catches for # 9 yards and ran for 43 yards. codey parky made an extra point. team irvin beat team carter.
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5:00 # -- 5:21, clearly more than a little bit breezy at atlantic city, new jersey. we have a coastal storm that could hammer south jersey. >> reporter: today is not that of a day it's light snowfall. let's take you outside and show
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you what it looks like i have a camera shot, boulevard south on the boulevard f street we have a disabled ambulance watch out for that. in delaware, 495 we're seeing speed restrictions of 55 miles per hour we're not having any terrible conditions driving there just yet. >> reporter: we have light snow bands passing by. today's snowfall will be light with minor accumulations. nonetheless there could slick spots in the north as the bands continue to push away. there's rain in atlantic city and the farther south you go. if you're dressing the kids to go to school, keep them bundled up today. 32 degrees is the forecast high. we're looking at 1 to 3 inches of snow on average across the region up until 6:00. tonight the nor'easter arrives
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and heavier snow will build in. >> taking a look at medical marijuana. peed pediatricians had concerns about it, they are renewing their stance against it. the drug should be used for severely i will children. there's no hard proof that medical marijuana benefits sick children and there's evidence that it harms developing brain. millions of genetically modified mosquitoes could be released in the keys. if they mate with fee mates the resultingarve die. some residents are afraid of the modified buggings even though it turns out male mosquitoes don't
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by the. we'll be right back.
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dunkin's new white chocolate raspberry lattes and coffees. rich white chocolate and fruity raspberry flavors topped with heart-shaped sprinkles. fall in love with one today. america runs on dunkin'. >> president obama made history as the first u.s. leader to be the guess at the indian republic day parade. the event celebrates the adoption of the india's constitution and the president and first lady are heading to saudi arabia tomorrow where they will may their respects to the late saudi king abdullah.
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>> the big estefan in law enforcement has done it again. that's dover police officer jeff davis approving he has moves outside the patrol car, as well. he is the officer turned into a youtube star with this recording, shake it off. the video has attracted 26 million hits. saturday night he hit the dance floor along with a few friends with the dancing with the delaware stars benefit at dover downs. >> way to go, master corporal. >> he is getting his 15 minutes and he deserves it. mobile 6 is out there making the way through our streets. we know this is a lull, david and karen is telling you get anything you need to get done this morning because by the time we get into the afternoon we'll want to be off the roads. we'll be right back. #
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introducing longhorns bold flavors, bold price for $12.99. the fire grilled triple bacon sirloin. or the garlic provolone sirloin. longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. right now the accuweather team is tracking two storm systems, one is here now the bigger one on its way, we have
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live team coverage. mobile 6 is on the roads and live right now. we're tracking slick spots that could lead to a messy morning commute. many schools announced changes, philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools will be letting students go at noon and the latest school closing information we have it scrolling at the bottom of the screen or >> hey, everyone, 5:30 on this monday, let's go to david and karen. >> reporter: all right, we have two rounds of snow one caused by a slipper system to the south. it's rolling light snow bands in this morning. we have one in the northern suburbs, allentown looking at that, as is reading the second band is pushing in from atlantic city close to philadelphia. on and off light snow bands not impacting the morning commute obviously the potential for slick spots and we have the change over to rain the farther south we go. the bigger issue we have an area of l


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