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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  January 26, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!! >> good afternoon the big story on "action news" is the big storm that will affect millions of people not just here in the tri-state area, but new york up into new england. >> we have a number of school
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closings and early dismissals running across the bottom of the screen. let's go outside, sky6 live hd taking a live look at the shore and will also. the camera bouncing around just a bit. parts of the jersey shore is expected to bear the brunt of the nor'easter if it develops as expected. >> this is the center city skyline, cloudy conditions, the changeover has not yet begun. sometime after 6:00 p.m. we'll be hammered by the snowy precipitation. right now it's a cloudy dreary scene as we look live from sky6 live hd at the center city skyline. >> now, light snow fell as the kids headed off to school all bundled up. the action cam was along clayton avenue, as many caught the bus. >> we have live team coverage of the approaching nor'easter
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this noon, meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers tracking the storm. annie mccormick and chad perdelli are in the suburbs where folks are obviously preparing for the snowfall. let's begin with david at the "action news" big board. david. >> reporter: all right, rick we're starting out as part one of the storm system. partly one isn't the bad part. information this is not snow related to the nor'easter. it's being triggered by a clipper system passing us by to the south. what we have across region is light snow bands. all right, we are looking at heavier cells every now and then including one in philadelphia right now. this bright shade of white swedesboro and up into philadelphia is significant snow but went to last all that long as it passes up from the south and pushes to the north. most of the roads are maintaining back top beneath the stuff, if you are caught in
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slightly heavier cells slow down. in allentown we're breakerring down to lighter stuff right now -- breaking down to lighter stuff. it is eroding at this point. no snow in quakertown, green lane, other than a flurry. down south we have a changeover to rain. that's what to expect up until the dinner hour. a wider view shows you an area of low pressure off the coast of the carolinas it's beginning to form taking its energy from a landlocked low and starting to form recept sayings and -- precipitation and strengthening a little bit. the question as it makes the path, where will it strengthen and intensify because when it does it will push moisture on the east coast and create lots of heavy snow. karen rogers is out on the terrace right now. i'm sorry we're going to the anchors we have breaking news involving politics, i think. >> we're going to newark, new
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jersey, chris christie is giving us an update on how that state is preparing for the worst of the storm. >> reporter: i've closed the state offices for tomorrow due to the forecast, so our response and transportation officials can do their work in an unimpeded way. this is a different kind of storm than we've had before it will affect the state in different ways. in the southern part of the state we may have accumulations only as much as 6 inches. but we could have as much as two feet with blizzard conditions in the northeastern counties and coastal counties and money mowlt and ocean and -- monmouth and ocean and middlesex county. the worse will be overnight tonight from 9:00 p.m. to noon with lighter snowfall expected about midnight. again, this will present very
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dangerous and difficult conditions on the roads. there will be extremely colder temperatures than we're experiencing and the potential for blowing and drifting snow. this is the first weather event of this magnitude this season, thank goodness. i meant everybody in new jersey to know what steps we're taking to be ready and what we need from them. it was our expectations to close state offices and early school dismissals. as you're leaving work picking up your children from school, getting home, get off the roads as quickly as you can obviously drive safely and drive cautiously, we want you to do that all the time, but particularly now. road crews will be out salting the roads. if you don't have to drive remain home and remain off the roads.
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dot, transportation, south jersey authority is preparing equipment and putting staff and contractors on alert. it's a full state mobilization ordered. we believe we have the manpower to do so. njdot and turnpike and transportation authority have trucks ready to roll they began spreading salt yesterday and do so as conditions warrant. dot is working with state police to have disabled vehicles towed. safety patrols will be out there to help travelers and vehicles in distress. new jersey transit has plows and has tested 750 switch heaters and perform all usual movements. our top priority is passenger
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safety. be extremely careful traveling in and around station on platforms, on board trains and buses and light rail vehicles. trans plans to operate on weekend schedule, due to the storm we'll have shut down we'll shut down transit at 10:10 p.m. tonight. i don't expect we'll have transit tomorrow. but, again the conditions warrant as we go ford. go to nj for the latest service information. residents should be programmed for potential power outages due to high wind. we've been conference call with all power companies and their leadership. they have put essential personnel and additional crews in new jersey to be ready to respond to outages as they come
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forward. residents should prepare themselves for possible outages including supplies of water, no reason perishable food items cold weather clothing and supplies. cell phone, et cetera. from all the reports i've seen you've been to the supermarket in the last 24 hours, i don't know the rush on bread, what the heck, if you want more bread i'm sure you were able to get it. if you have a member of your family that is dependent upon medication, or power equipment make sure you have a plan in place to assist them. if you have power outage, call the power company so they can identify your outage and respond as quickly as possible. bpu is posting on its website links to the utility storm web pages for reporting of outages and obtaining outage information. we expect many schools to be
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closing early today and many schools to be closed tomorrow due to the weather. as always in these situations check with your local school districts and watch tv for early dismissal today and the closures tomorrow. the overall message is this everybody, we've been through this before, i was at a hockey game -- >> we've been listening to new jersey govenor chris christie giving us a game plan for the new jersey state being prepared for the impending snowstorm. he is speaking from transportation department in newark. we are continuing to stream the governor's comments at, as well just to reiterate what he said this is a different kind of storm and state offices will be closed and he expects
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residents to be off the roads as as soon as possible certainly after tonight's rush hour and ride out what is expected to be perhaps a blizzard in some parts of new jersey, although the southeastern part could only get 6 inches. it depends on location in the state of new jersey. >> in fact it looks like it's picking up outside our studios let's go outside to karen rogers with more from accuweather. >> reporter: the snow is coming down, it's light and steady. the winds are picking up as well. this is not the nor'easter, this is the clipper system. governor chris christie talked about the conditions varying. we're under blizzard warns in lakehurst, new jersey, ocean monmouth up through new york and into boston and southeastern new england. a winter weather warning for the areas of pink not just for the heavy snow we're getting but the blowing and drifting snow that's when most of the area including wildwood, millville
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philadelphia trenton allentown and poconos. it's an aide advisory for chester, reading delaware. those are the alerts because what well get will vary. here's what to expect today through tomorrow. from now until 6:00 p.m. the snow will be light. we'll pick up one to two inch. snow we'll pick up one more. so three overall. 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. the steady snow gets heavier. 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. we're talking the heaviest precipitation. that's when travel will be difficult overnight into the morning rush i'll be back inside in just a minute and david murphy will talk about the snow totalses and what to expect for the area. because the storm will produce widely vary ant totals. low go back outside, sky6 live hd looking live at philadelphia international airport.
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there are a number of delays and cancellations posted. one flight-tracking site expect 1700 flights scheduled for today are expected to be canceled across the eastern seaboard. many airlines are waving the fees, in fact most at the airports in the northeast. if you want to change your flight due to the weather. if you want to keep track of any flights call 1-800-phl-gate. if you have a flight which he which he scheduled for today or tomorrow. we'll have a live report on conditions at the airport at 12:30. let's go to annie mccormick live in pennsauken, camden county. annie, what's happening there? >> reporter: and sarah flurries have been on and off all morning in camden county. right now they have picked up. it's the wind that is picking up. many people here aren't concerned about the flurries right now. they are echoing the concerns of what you heard from govern chris christie, they are concerned about what's next to come.
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>> i have salt canned goods and bottled water and pee -- pjs and blanket. >> reporter: people are not worried about the flurries, they are concerned about tomorrow. the gas pumps at this pennsauken wawa did not stop pumping through the morning. this cherry hill we wegmans saw thongs of people through the night. >> where do you work? >> home depot. >> we're getting ready to get you all ready. >> reporter: this morning new jersey dot crews continued work that began overnight with a fleet of at least 2600 salt spreaders and plows. sam -- camden county freehold said they called in extra manpower. >> we have all our workers
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throughout the county public works and other agencies they know they will be here for the next day or two the long duration. >> reporter: and back out here live take a look at route 38 in camden county, you can see there's no real accumulation here, but roads are slick and again the biggest concern could be with visibility because the flurries coming down are not heavy. right now they are going sideways because of the wind that's picking up. reporting live in pennsauken, new jersey. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> thank you the "action news" morning team will be in early to help you with the storm. wool be in at tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. with the updates on the accuweather forecast and traffic conditions and any school closings. be prepared with, our live sphrark -- storm tracker 6 live radars will be there to help you through and we'll have helpful tips.
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>> we'll have much more coverage 69 approach e approaching snowstorm coming up. in the meantime, sky6 live hd looking live at penns landing. a pretty picture there we're waiting the changeover later today. right now let's go to city hall and listener to mayor nutter whole -- listen to mayor nutter and discuss the city's impending plan about the snowfall. mayor nutter about to speak. # once again we're waiting for the mayor to address the city about the strategy to deal with the impending snow. he is surrounded by city officials. i think he is ready to speak so let's listen in. >> good afternoon thanks for being here. we have a series of announcements to the citizens of
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philadelphia and folks in the region with regard this upcoming significant weather event. i'm joined by many of our team who fight these kinds of storms on a regular basis. the full array of coordination by the city of philadelphia for significant weather events in philadelphia and the philadelphia region. these partners from from a variety of city agencies, other governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations this is a part of the array of the network that we've put together over a series of years to make sure that we are ready and prepared for virtually anything that might happen in philadelphia and certainly with regard to weather. i'm going to run through a series of announcements. there are commissioners and department heads whole give you further updates on some of the topics i touch on. let me give you the information
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that we know and the things we plan to do over the next 48 hours. the national weather service right now in a fairm changing environment -- fairly changing environment. we'll provide continued updates through the course of the day. the national weather service is predicting 10 to 14-inch snowfall with heavy snow this evening, continuing through tuesday morning. what we could be looking at is about 18 hours of on and off snow event activity. the heaviest bands of snow are expected to begin between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. today. wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour are anticipated. that is significant amount of wind. it will have some amount of impact on our snow-fighting capabilities, as we plow. the wind at those levels will move the snow around and
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possibly back into areas where we've just been through. temperatures will be a challenge. temperatures will hover around freezing today and drop significantly into the teens overnight. tuesday morning temperatures we anticipate to be in the low 20s with a windchill factor of about ten degrees. blowing and drifting snow and low temperatures during and after this storm will create challenging conditions for the cleanup efforts. so again in many instances you see our snow-fighting forces out moving snow and plowing areas making areas passable, but high-blowing winds and plummeting temperatures in the post-storm environment create their own challenges which are different than just moving snow on our streets. let's talk about city schools. sunny, philadelphia public and archdiocese schools dismiss at 12 noon today.
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the city of philadelphia will be dismissing all nonessential employees at 2:00 p.m. that kind of designation is significant for our workforce employees already know from their respective supervise who is in which category as it relates specifically to a storm-related event. a decision with regard to city operations and office activities tomorrow will be made later today. it is impossible to predict right now what's going to happen tomorrow, primarily because the weather forecast continue to change from a variety of services that we use who are often accurate, but at the beginning of this kind of storm have different predictions and models so we're not going to predict what's going to happen tomorrow. we want to encourage everyone to stay tuned for information around 6:00 p.m. this evening
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we'll provide an update and be in a better position to talk about overnight tomorrow morning and the rest of tuesday. we will be declaring through the managing directors direction abbey authority a snow emergency in the city of philadelphia at 6:00 p.m. today. let me say that again under the direction and authority of the managing director, the city of philadelphia will declare a snow emergency at 6:00 p.m. tonight. for citizens this means all parked cars that are currently parked on a snow emergency route must be moved before 6:00 p.m. let me say that one more time. if you're car is parked on a snow emergency route you must move that car that vehicle whatever it may be before 6:00 p.m. tonight! as we did last winter and other winters before, there will be
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heavy continued strict and severe enforcement on our snow emergency routes. this is serious business, your car your vehicles parked on a snow emergency route while our public employees are out fighting this storm is disrespectful to their work and interferes with their ability to do the nobody they expertly do on behalf of the citizens of philadelphia. if you're on a snow emergency route move your car. it will be ticketed, it will be towed after 6:00 p.m. and you'll spend a fair amount of time looking for it, we'll move it and tow it. if you have to move your car from a snow emergency route park your car away from any corner as far as possible. we have in many instances, of course, i'll be talking about the equipment, you see our sanitation vehicles which are very large other pieces of
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equipment moving around they need a certain amount of turning raid outlines to get around a -- radius to get around a corner. you're parked close to a corner causes an inability for them to do there job. keep your car away from the corner as far as possible. give them the room they needed to their job. if you don't know where the snow emergency routes are finds more information and map at www.philadelphia click on transportation, highways and then snow. these routes are marked by signs on many of the streets all across philadelphia. as i mentioned earlier, cars left on snow emergency routes will be relocated to accommodate the snowplowing operations. if you're car is relocated call
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215686snow in in order to find your vehicle. the parking authority will offer discounted parking in center city garages during the snow emergency and until it is lifted to help alleviate parking on our streets. beginning at 6:00 p.m. today the same time as the snow emergency declaration and running through the end of the snow emergency whenever we declare it to be over parking authority will offer a special 24 hour flat rate of $5 for the following parking facilities. the brand new family court garage at 15th and arch. the auto park at independence mall 5th and market. the auto park at jefferson 10th and ludlow. >> you've been listening to philadelphia mayor nutter addressing the coming storm it is streaming live at two big bullet points, philadelphia nonessential government workers will be dismissed at 2:00 p.m.
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the city is declaring a snow emergency at 6:00 p.m. this evening, that means you must remove your car from a snow emergency route before 6:00 p.m. tonight or it it will be ticketed or towed. move those cars off those routes right now. >> all right we'll take a quick break, stay with us. #
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>> looking back live at philadelphia international airport. the camera bouncing around just a bit. many flights canceled, most flights are allowing people to rebook those flights without paying a penalties definitely a day to call ahead. meteorologist david murphy here now with an update on what we'll see in the next few hours. storm tracker 6 live double scan rick and sarah shows we have nothing but scattered nuisance snow showers. that will be the case through the rest of the afternoon. an area of low pressure comes up the coast later on. future tracker 6 shows you after 6:30 we have a chance of heavier snow highlighted in purple coming in from the east. in the overnight that's the blizzard in lakehurst lesser and lessor snow amounts as we go to the west. as we pull into noon tomorrow, the snow is lightning up and getting out of here. does look like we'll get 6 to 10 inches.
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this is the brand new snowfall matt. a little higher than that the farther east you go, that's a blend of the latest motel information we have now. >> we'll continue our coverage. approaching nor'easter next at 12:30. #
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>> big story on "action news" at 12:30 is the approach of the nor'easter. the salt trucks are ready to go as the nor'easter is expected to bring large amounts of snowfall to the region. >> of course this is the first major storm of 2015. it could bring a foot 6 snow or more to the parts of the region. let's look at the shore in atlantic city. parts of the jersey shore and coastal communities will be at the brunt of the nor'easter as it develops and continues to move through the region from tonight into tomorrow. >> let's take a live look now looks like camden, new jersey, looking across the delaware river back toward camden in the aquarium there light flurries flying now, annie mccormick is there in the area, the winds are beginning to pick up. this will get worse as the sun goes down later on this evening and through the night. meantime, umbrellas were needed to protect


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