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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  January 27, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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tuesday january 27th and we have full coverage of this coastal storm. >> accuweather is tracking snow falling in parts of the region. how much you see depends on where you live. >> steadiest snow has been falling along the coastline. we have live team coverage from the city to the shore. >> but philadelphia's public and archdiocesan schools, they are closed today. and numerous other suburban districts are also closed or delayed. all of this is running along the bottom of your screen or you can get the full list at >> weather and traffic updates right now with david and karen. good morning. >> and in case you're just joining us the big story this morning in the weather news is that that nor'easter from last night and now pushing away from us during the morning hours has shifted to the east and has blossomed and bloomed a little later in the game we talked about how that was a possibility and as a result a good portion of the region really dodging the bullet with this. there is some significant snow falling in ocean county, burlington county, mercer county around trenton and a pretty good batch coming down into bucks county right now but as it tries to push closer to montgomery county philadelphia and chester county it really starts to fall apart because of a slot
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of dry air that has moved in here. same story down in south jersey. a fairly nice band pushing through eastern cumberland county and maybe hooking into parts of cape may county but farther to the east not a whole lot of snow expected and i'll talk about the new adjustments in snowfall totals in a couple seconds for you give you an idea of what we're looking at over the neck couple hours. obviously this is a change on the winter weather alerts. the weather service 81 dated this an hour ago. all of the advisories warnings and blizzard warning have been shifted to the east. the blizzard warning now only in new york city and points toward the east in connecticut. the warning has slid all the way over to mercer county out of allentown, northampton county still in there so a little higher snowfall amounts in here and then the advisories technically still in philadelphia but philadelphia on the edge of it. so what to expect with the outlook for the rest of the day. until 7 o'clock still looking at bands of moderate snowfall between 7 o'clock and 11 o'clock the snow tapers off.
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the evening rush doesn't look bad across most of the region. the exception would probably be in areas over to the east. the latest snowfall map that we've just released over the last hour only a coating to an inch in the western suburbs. some of you might not see much of anything else. about one to four from areas in philadelphia over to about trenton and then you get into that that band where you've got four to eight possible and then 8 to 12 up toward new york. obviously worse as you go toward the north and east and new york is where the blizzard warning still survives. temperatures are cold if you're heading out. 25 degrees in philadelphia, 26 in millville and allentown. and as we go through the day we're going to stay cold. a high temperature of only about 30 degrees but karen the best news the snow in the process of winding down over the next several hours and a lot of us got less than expected which is good for roads. >> great news as long as you didn't want to spend the day shredding. all right, let's take a look outside. this is montgomery township dekalb pike and welsh road. so, though we only have a little bit of snow you can see it on the roadways at this point so you need to be careful as you're headed out. we just saw a salt truck go
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through this area so we saw a little more snow on the road earlier but at this point the roads that are treater are just wet but some of that snow kind of sneaking on the secondary roads so be careful as you're headed out. we have a few accidents one in lansdale on church road at east main street. light volume. a lot of people are off so that's helping the crews clear out anything we did have. we have a nasty accident in newtown square still causing problems at bryn mawr avenue right near route 3 west chester pike and the action cam was on the scene. this vehicle slid into the pole, brought the pole down. there you see the downed wires and then it sparked a vehicle fire so a horrible accident scene here at bryn mawr avenue. it remains closed near west chester pike. if you're in this area use main street or 252. the action cam was on the scene there. looking outside one more time this is exton chester county route 100 at commerce drive. mostly just wet right here and we're seeing people moving, no problem matt and tam. >> all right, thank you karen. let's go on over to "action news" reporter nora
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muchanic she's live in toms river ocean county she's got the latest on what she's seeing there. good morning. >> reporter: hi there, tam. still snowing very lightly here. we've got a big breeze going. we're in front of a wawa on route 37, busy road right here. not busy today. normally this time of day people are making up stopping by to get a coffee or something to eat to start out their day. not so much today. that travel ban remains in effect so this place is deserted except for the plow drivers. they're the only ones out at this hour. i talked to several of them earlier. here's what they're saying about the storm. >> we were expecting at least a foot and a half the way they were saying on the news but i don't know might be about six, 8-inches out there. we're doing ortley beach there right by the ocean. it's blowing pretty good over there but nothing compared to what they were supposed to get. >> i was expecting a lot more snow than we had. the roads are pretty good, pretty passable. you know, we get spurts of heavy snow and then real light
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like this. >> reporter: so, are you disappointed? does this mean -- >> you know, we get paid by the storm so little or big you know, we'll be done probably in a few more hours. >> seems like it didn't never materialize for us. >> reporter: what was it like overnight? >> it started snowing i guess around 9 o'clock and got pretty heavy for awhile but it seems to have died down, you know. >> reporter: so, what's this going to mean for plow drivers today then? >> it's going to be an early quit i guess. >> reporter: back live now early quit for some of the plow drivers. we'll wait and see. you're looking live at one of the bushes out here. gives you an idea of what we're dealing with. we've got several inches of snow here. these bushes are moving in the wind. it's pretty windy out here, remains that way. new jersey transit still not operating. the travel ban is still in effect we'll let you know when that ends. but for right now everyone is staying off the roads and you need to. i was just talking to the public works -- one of the
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public works guys here in toms river and he's said it's made an incredible difference to not have traffic out on the roads. it's given the plow drivers a wonderful opportunity to clear things off and get things cleaned off before the cars come back on the roads. travel ban still in effect at this point. i'm nora muchanic live in toms river. back to you twice. >> thank you nor ranch action cam at arctic avenue and columbus boulevard in atlantic city. snow has been falling in ac at times, off times this morning. >> [inaudible] the atlantic city school district is closed for the day. >> now let's take you back to mobile6 which is making its way around our region. still out there right now on the a.c. expressway and reiterate wag nora just pointed out that the travel restrictions are still in
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place right now in new jersey waiting to see if and when they might be lifted but that's why you're seeing no traffic out there right now mobile6 having that road to itself and you can see what she was saying, the plow drivers and briners have been able to do what they need to do. that roadway looks very clear. >> reporter: we have similar conditions here in pennsauken, though not as much accumulation. if you look on the ground here i would say we have maybe an inch. you can still see the grass here. we have light flurries. that's what we've seen for the past couple of hours. i've been out here since about 2:30 this morning. right there is route 70. you can see traffic moving along very nicely. the snow is basically melting on contact. nj dot was out here all day yesterday into this morning well into late evening treating that roadway and other roads here in the area. actually we haven't seen -- well, we have one plow finally. this is the first plow i've seen this morning so far. i haven't seen any other trucks besides this one so you can see these plows are still on the roadways. the plow is not down.
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well, it's down now. they're applying some salt. they're trying to plow. i don't know what he's plowing but maybe he's just putting on a show for us but not a whole lot to plow out here. roads in pretty good shape. obviously they're wet and they can get slick isn't in spots. if you're going to be out there driving, be careful. haven't seen a lot of cars like you mentioned with mobile6 and others because of the travel ban. but the conditions not bad. more of a nuisance at this point with these light flurries. no real accumulation here and here in pennsauken and we're out here enjoying it, hanging out, reporting to you. and that's all i have. back to you guys. >> we'll send you a cup of coffee. thanks chad. hurricane force winds whipped around snow lashing new england. there are blizzard warnings from new york city northward to boston which could see as much as 2 feet of snow from the same system. travel bans are in effect new york city subways shut down. hundreds of flights up and
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down the east coast are canceled. new york city could see more than a foot of snow and as we mentioned boston up to 24-inches. that's 2 feet. make sure you download the free 6abc storm tracker app. when winter storm warnings are issue the app will send you audio alerts and you can always access live storm tracker 6 radar. >> david there may be some people out there who had hoped for more snow. and you always pointed out there were multiple tracks it could go a number of ways. >> it was a tricky one to call but obviously we're not getting the snow that we were thinking we might even in the lower scenario that we called for and it is because the storm shifted farther to the east and blossomed a little bit later in the game. now that's not to say that we're totally dodging a bullet here. as you take a look we do have some heavy snow to the eastern half of the region and if i go in tighter on this there actually is a fairly heavy cell that's pushing down through southern bucks county and looks like it's getting ready to enter northeast philadelphia and once we get rid of the lapse we'll go in tighter and analyze that.
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obviously there's a lot of dry air in the western suburbs that's preventing a whole lot from happening out here, just some lighter nuisance snow there. but that's a pretty good bloom. while it's coming down in areas just to the east of doylestown and pushing into southern montgomery county the way things look now and maybe into the northern tip of northeast philadelphia, you will have to slow down because this is the sort of snow that can accumulate. we are getting decent snowfall amounts in ocean county, burlington county, farther to the south in south jersey. every now and then you get a brighter shade of white but this isn't going to last all that long and as you'll see in a moment the snowfall projections are really backing off and even the national weather service over the last hour and a half has started to push its warnings and advisories over toward the east and sort of vacating the western suburbs. as we take a look outside we have snow falling across a good portion of the region but in most cases because the roads were pretreater and the snow hasn't been all that bad in and around philadelphia as karen has been say, your main roads are looking pretty good and there's a couple of the early cars on i-95 in center city getting along without a problem.
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25 degrees is your current temperature. the winds are out of the north at 16 miles per hour and as we take a look at winds this is part of the package today fairly sustained out of the north and gusting a little bit higher than this down at the shore. we've had some mid-20's gusts this morning and and i suppose those could pick up a little bit. one of the gusts over 20 is now -- has now pushed into philadelphia at 23 miles per hour but obviously this is sort of a scattered profile in terms of gusts as that storm is a little farther out to sea and beginning to pull away from us. as we go with future tracker 6, the general idea here is that the snow that you see out there now will begin to push off and chase the storm away from us by about 11 o'clock this morning. it still could be snowing in parts of the region especially over toward the east and then we get past lunchtime and things do dry out. the evening commute looking a lot better. out in the western suburbs we're really not looking that much at all from this, maybe a coating to an inch in some cases. you might pick up hardly anything at all and we're also shifting those heavier snow bands farther to the east. now, yesterday morning we did show you a couple of scenarios and i talked about how we might be able to do this but we're doing it even more than
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even i thought we would. as it turns out we're only going to get about one to 4-inches between philadelphia over to about trenton and from about trenton up to freehold about four to 8-inches. we've already had one report as of about i think it was one or 1:30 in the morning which was the latest time we heard from ocean county that brick township for example was up to 6-inches by then and it's probably got about eight now. in new york city it's still a blizzard warning with more snow and that continues out today on long island and connecticut so if you had plans to go up toward new york you might want to rethink that. 28 degrees by 8 o'clock. 29 by 11:00. your high today is going to be 30-degree high. we'll probably sit on that for a few hours this afternoon and then by 5 o'clock 29. it's not out of the question that the snow clears fast enough that we even get a little late day sunshine. your seven-day from accuweather shows today's high of 30, snow ending during the morning and some of us over to the east still get something decent accumulations. in philadelphia i'd just take it slow whenever that snow band starts to pop a little heavier stuff. sunny and brisk tomorrow, twenty nine it's over then.
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sun to clouds on thursday, 32. there could be another snowfall thursday night into friday. friday though basically just flurries and then cold over the weekend with another round of light to moderate snow possible sunday night. and then just flurries on monday the way things are looking now. >> okay. >> okay. thank you david. >> yeah. >> let's take you to a live picture here coming if 30th street station where you can see things are pretty quiet. amtrak telling us that acela and regional between here and d.c. is going a little less frequently and that's also the case for the keystone line if you're trying to get up to new york city. we'll be right back. >> karen. >> we've got some light snow kind of blowing out on i-95 right here. we see traffic moving just fine. the roads mostly just wet. ahead there's a sign warning you about the travel ban in new jersey, new york and connecticut. we're going to see what it looks like in new jersey when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look on sky 6 out across philadelphia international airport. an update here. delta letting us know that they've resumed operations and they are able to fly a few flights out this morning. the other airlines, u.s. airs and other they will be having a conference call with the airport at 6:00 a.m. to see where things stands and see if perhaps they can also start resuming operations as well. >> let's get an update on the roads with karen rogers. >> it's a tricky situation people waking up and saying well the storm shifted to the east we don't have very much snow. looking in new jersey not even seeing any snow on 42 and yet we still have that travel ban in new jersey. so, you can only drive if you're a patient and you think you need help, if you're a healthcare worker, if you're supporting a business like a news media or if you're supporting a food store pharmacy so it does make for a
5:17 am
tricky situation right now. hopefully they'll be able to lift this ban because conditions are not bad on 42. we're looking live here and see traffic moving just fine in this area. do expect some slick spots here and there and we can see it from this camera view here. this is route 1 approaching pennsylvania avenue in morrisville bucks county. we see a little bit of snow here and there on the roadway. it's not a lot of snow but enough that it landed a little bit. on your main roads for the most part they're just wet because they have been treated but just use a little caution if you're headed out. it's little slippery. we have a accident causing problems this morning. we have an accident, one on bryn mawr avenue near route 3 west chester pike where a vehicle kind of slid into pole, bought down the pole and wires, sparked a vehicle fire out there so that's causing problems as well as route 3 west chester pike at sproul road a new accident here in broomall. we've got another new accident in west fallowfield township chester county, homeville road at jeb road. only a touch of snow but enough that we're causing problems out there. i just want to mention the mass transit issue.
5:18 am
new jersey transit still suspended at this point so that's a big deal. patco running on a modified schedule. septa regional rails running on a saturday schedule with no service to the cynwyd line. septa buses about 50 different detours. tam. >> one person was killed when a gunman fired into a car in north philadelphia. police responded to the 2700 block of north fifth street just after 6:30 last night. and that's where 31-year-old driver had been shot in the back. the passenger was shot in the chest. the driver managed to get them to the hospital where the passenger, another man in his 30's, was pronounced dead. and police need your help to find the robber who used an assault rifle to hold up a north philadelphia market. you're taking a look at some video from thursday night inside the store on the 2400 block of clearfield street. the suspect pointed an ar15 at the clerk. he and another man took off with $500. you're asked to call philadelphia police if you have a tip. >> 5:18 now and philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are closed today.
5:19 am
numerous other suburban districts are also closed or opening on a delay. they're running at the bottom of your screen and also at david. >> far those who are dressing the kids for school it's cold out there and staying that way this afternoon. somewhat windy and highs below freezing so bundle them up. we'll be back with another look after radar and your day planner forecast next.
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discover brookside and discover an exciting combination of tastes. rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers. flavored with exotic fruit juices. it's chocolate and fruit flavors like you've never experienced before. discover brookside. >> very little snow out there, the main roads are mostly just wet. let's show you what it looks like right here. looking live in king of prussia the schuylkill at henderson road and south gulph road. visibility down a touch with some of those flurries that are coming through right now. we're seeing traffic moving okay though on the high way. the road mostly wet but with that snow still falling just use a little caution. in ocean township route 9 blocked both ways at seneca boulevard due to downed wires. stick to the garden state parkway instead dave. >> karen on the big board there's plenty of snow to the east of philadelphia and parts of northeast philadelphia starting to get into a pretty heavy snow band although it won't last all that long. obviously the big story of the morning is how the nor'easter
5:22 am
did move a little farther away from us, drew in some drier air through the western suburbs and intensified a little late in the game so we're not going to see the snowfall amounts that it was looking like we might see as we were looking at models yesterday. 25 degrees in philadelphia right now. 26 in millville. 25 in allentown. and as we roll through the day it's going to be cold with high temperatures only about 30 degrees, probably sitting on that for awhile. snow tapering off probably by about 11 o'clock and in philadelphia it may only amount to an inch or two. we are going as high as 8-inches over in ocean county and more than that up in new york city. matt. >> okay, thank you david. 5:22. taking a ride on mobile6 heading down the atlantic city expressway. some of the areas that are still seeing some snow right now. we'll be right back. >> ♪♪ ein snack. cam, protein from yogurt? yup, this greek nonfat yogurt packs 15 grams of protein punch. but what else? unlike some other protein snacks,
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uh, i mean thank you. you're welcome. share the love with dunkin's heart-shaped donuts. indulge in cookie dough or brownie batter today. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪♪ >> welcome back. the action cam is live there in center city outside of suburban station. you can see we have a little bit of a dusting of snow out there on the roadways but they've brined so well, a lot of things are open and clear and passable. it is now 5:25 here on this tuesday. there goes that news van. >> what perfect timing. look at that. hey, let's check mass transit with matt pelman. hey, matt. >> yeah, you know, even they we don't have a ton of snow on most of our area roadways, we're still seeing a lot of impacts on the mass transit front this morning matt and tam. so, let's run them down for you. new jersey transit still not running whatsoever. the length. that includes the trains, the
5:26 am
buses, et cetera. canceled across-the-board on new jersey transit. patco is running but on a maryland if i'd snow schedule. so, the timing a little different this morning on patco. amtrak is running through our area with a modified schedule but not running whatsoever between new york and boston so if you're trying to take a brain through new england, i don't know why you would want to be up there this morning, doesn't sound like the most pleasant situation but you're not going to be able to do that. trains suspended between new york and boston. dart is running they're saying on a normal schedule but some delays are possible. on the septa regional rails we're on a saturday schedule across-the-board with no service today on the cynwyd line. that one is halted but the rest of them are running just on a saturday schedule. on the trolleys, normal schedules today. they were a bit abnormal on the norristown high speedline but now they're saying nope, we're going to run on a normal weekday schedule so everything is on time on the trolleys and of course looking good on those nice warm septa subways. most of them of course like the broad street line underground so that's a great way to go, especially on a snowy morning. matt and tam.
5:27 am
>> all right thank you matt. it is now 5:26 and a good deal of new york city is buried under a blanket of snow this morning. >> and the city of boston is getting hammered even worse. we'll take a look at the areas that are getting the full brunt of this coastal storm just ahead. >> ♪♪ >> "action news" is brought to you by xfinity. the future of awesome. >> ♪♪ tiberius lauderwink can appreciate a simple name. that's why he likes pick 2 from the pennsylvania lottery, the simplest numbers game yet. they've given all your favorite numbers games new, simpler names. play pick 2. easy to play. simple to say.
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they've given all your favorite numbers games new, simpler names. and for something really simple, play the all-new pick 2. easy to play. simple to say. >> ♪♪ >> happening right now, storm tracker 6 live shows the nor'easter still dropping snow on the eastern portions of our viewing area. >> states of emergency have been declared in five states including new jersey. we have live team coverage on the weather system that took aim at the northeast and affected a lot of people especially to our north. >> philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are closed today. numerous suburban districts are also closed or delayed. we'll be running those on the bottom of your screen and also on >> good morning. it's now five:30 on this tuesday january 27th. let's get you right on over to david and karen taking a live look at what's going on with accuweather and the latest with your traffic. good morning. >> gosh. the big story this morning is
5:30 am
that that nor'easter blossomed a little bit later in the game, grew stronger a little farther to the north and also drew in some dry air to the west and tracked a little farther away from us and as a result we're not getting the amount of snow that we could have gotten had it bombed out closer to our latitude. in philadelphia, from about the city over toward the shore we're still getting some good bands of snow and we have piled up more than a half a foot in ocean county probably going higher than that by the time this is done. if you get caught underneath any of this heavy stuff in southern bucks county, southern montgomery county and maybe northeast philadelphia, you want to slow it down but in most cases the main roads are holding up fairly well. it's a different story along the north jersey shore and there's fairly good snow down in south jersey but again not debilitating and certainly not as much as it would have been had it been earlier. and as you would expect weather alerts from the national weather service have continued to shift toward the east. in fact in the last five minutes the western portion of long island and new york city has actually been lifted from that blizzard warning. we sti


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