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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  January 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning everyone it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday, january 27th. a coastal storm is fizzling out in the process of moving out. >> let's take a look at storm tracker 6. it's showing some snow bands still there in parts of south jersey and we'll keep taking a look at that and a little bit out there into the western suburbs. >> steadiest snow has been falling along the coastline and in central jersey. we'll have live team coverage from the city to the shore. >> but this is the story if you're wondering what to do with my children. philadelphia's public and archdiocesan schools, they are still closed today. numerous suburban districts
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are also closed or delayed. all of this is running at the bottom of your screen and you can get that full list whenever you want at >> let's go to karen rogers and dave murphy for a look at weather and traffic. good morning. >> quick snow shoveling job out here on the terrace where there's only about a half inch of snow and pretty easy to scrape, too. not very icy and pretty light and fluffy. is that so we take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan we do not have major snowfall amounts occurring in philadelphia. in fact, it's dry to the west of philadelphia. and those snow showers you see out in reading and lancaster are very light. if you're just joining us the nor'easter overnight did not intensify right off our coast. it waited until it got a little farther to the north which we were saying was a possibility but there was also a big slot of dry air that came down through the western suburbs and as a result we're really going to be able to ease back on snowfall accumulations. areas over to the east in ocean county and parts of burlington county and mercer county still getting a decent amount of snow but nothing like it would have been had the storm been closer and stronger. so be careful from about philadelphia east where there is some snow still falling.
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those advisories and warnings have all been shifted to the east by the national weather service over the last couple of hours. the advisories still in philadelphia but pretty light snowfall amounts. the warning area could get a little bit more snow and notice how the blizzard warning has been pushed all the way down toward the eastern end of long island. new york city no longer included in that. snowfall totals we're not getting a lot of reports. these go back to about 1 o'clock in the morning but brick township in ocean county is up to 6-inches by then and probably more by now. furlong bucks county two-point tomorrow. you have probably added an additional inch. mount holly one time .2. by the time all is said and done we'll probably only wind up with about an inch in the city. that's what we're calling for one to four from about philadelphia over towards the east with the four being closer to trenton. western suburbs generously going for a coating to an inch. might not be that much and then four to eight closer you go towards north jersey and towards mercer county. when i step inside we'll talk about today's forecast, when the snow ends and it stays. it will be rather brisk and
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cold this afternoon. karen what about roads early on. >> on the secondary roads we have a bit of snow out there and slush. it's still coming down lightly here in north wales. we're looking after upper state road at county line road. watching traffic move okay. there's a little snow on the roadway so i would use some caution but no big problems. it's not like it's impassable but watch for a slushy spot or two. a few accidents out there and a couple nasty ones. we had one on west chester pike here that had just cleared but bryn mawr avenue is still shut down right near route 3, that's west chester pike and the action cam was on the scene of this nasty accident. you can see when the snow was coming down there in my town square. look at the downed pole and wires. the car slid into the pole brought down wires and then that sparked a vehicle fire so a horrible accident scene there. you can use 252 or main street instead of bryn mawr avenue which remains closed in that area and the action cam was on the scene. let's take a look at some of the other roads. while we talked about those secondary roads showing some snow we're not seeing that on the main roads. here's the vine street expressway. mostly just wet. it's been well treated.
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not a lot of snow out there so you're finding you're moving just fine with very light volume here on the vine. we are seeing 35 miles an hour speed restrictions on your area bridges. we're looking live at the ben franklin bridge. conditions on the bridge itself look pretty good but don't forget we still have that travel ban in new jersey. we're not supposed to be on the roads unless you're emergency personnel matt and tam. >> all right. and speaking of new jersey, karen let's go over to "action news" reporter nora muchanic. she's there in toms river ocean county and as we've come to nora on and off this morning we can continue to see you have flurries coming down pretty strong at this point. >> reporter: we did see them. what it feels like actually is kind of icy sleet snow. it's not the fluffy wet stuff. you can hear it sometimes when it's hitting but it continues to fall but at a pretty good clip. things are accumulating here but you know everyone was prepare for 2 feet of snow here but when the storm took a veer off to the east well we got a lot less in the totals. take a look behind me right now. this is route 37 which is the main drag going onto the barrier island here into
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seaside heights, seaside park all but deserted except for the plow trains. very few vehicles, if any, that we've seen besides plows at this point. i talked a little while ago to lieu who is the director of public works in toms river. he feels like we did pretty well compared to what this storm could have been. >> i think we did pretty well overnight. we didn't have the the volume that we anticipated and the storm itself hit us a little bit later so the duration up to this point has been a lot shorter. i think the worst snowfall we had was over on the beaches up towards the brick township line but overall right now i think we're probably maybe eight, 9-inches, something like that. tough to tell with the drifting but we're doing okay. >> reporter: talk to me about what kind of difference it makes to have the cars off the road. >> it makes a huge difference. governor christie made a if call with the state of emergency and keeping cars off the road since 11 o'clock. it just keeps traffic down.
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it lets the plow drivers do their job without any obstruction. it's a whole lot safer. it's just -- it makes a world of difference. >> reporter: and back live now you're looking at route 37 in toms river. plows are able to fight -- usually they're fighting traffic trying to -- cars having -- darting in and out making things difficult but not today. the travel ban is giving plows an unusual chance to clear the roads before people start driving. usually it's just a mess. so for right now in toms river here, the snow continues to fall. it's kind of a wet sleety snow but we've got lots of wind to go with it so things are blowing around and there are drifts. that's the latest from toms river. just got one in my eye. i'm nora muchanic back to you guys. >> we'll let you take a moment and deal with. that thank you nor ranch let's get you out to mobile6 which is making its way along the a.c. expressway. again you see a little bit of crunch on the roads. you see the windshield wipers going dealing with that sleety wet snow as nora just described it and we also want
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to remind you we're getting in some information actually from the state of delaware where conditions are better. just coming in that state offices there are going to be opened today. wilmington is going to be opened as well. they're saying, hey, listen things turned out to be a lot better than we expected. as you watch mobile6 make its way there through atlantic city where it's dealing with that wet slushy sleety snow there where actually new jersey a reminder they're still under a. you -- under a state of emergency. you don't want to be on the roads unless you're a energy worker. >> among the people allowed to be out there news vehicles, healthcare workers people that transport food and of course police officers, firefighters, first responder that is need to be out there along with the plow drivers. "action news" reporter john rawlins is live in center city checking out the scene outside suburban station. hey, john. >> reporter: hi, matt. i guess the question which we need to ask here is will workers come to center city. will private sector workers.
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city government is shut down but what about other folks will they be coming in here? i'm at 16th and market right now. you can take a look over here as we pan across. you can see that the roads here are well, slushy to clear and there's moderate traffic. you can't see anything rider now but if you wait a few seconds a car and a bus will come passing through here. i do believe here comes a car right now. we drove over from the airport a short time ago. the expressway clear and wet. center city streets as we say are for the most part slushy but clearing. people are walking to work. we've seen a number of people walking to work. as you said we're right outside of suburban station. at this point we have not seen anybody coming out of suburban station yet so i don't know if the trains are running yet. i know they're supposed to be on a saturday schedule so it will be a smaller commute than normal that's for sure. but by and large things look like they're going to be pretty well normal as far as road conditions, as far as accumulation here i don't think center city got much more than a dusting. live in center city, john rawlins, channel6 "action news." back to you all.
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>> john thank you hurricane force winds whipped around snow in new england. there were blizzard warnings in new york city. they were canceled about 30 minutes ago but remain in effect further north. the boston area could see as much as 2 feet of snow. travel bans are in effect. new york city's subway is shut down. hundreds of flights up and down the east coast are canceled. new england is clearly getting the worst of this nor'easter. make sure you download the 6abc storm tracker app when winter storm warnings are issued, the app will send you audio alerts. you can always access live storm tracker 6 radar. >> the alert came on my phone at some point overnight or last night and i could hear adam joseph posting an advisory had been posted so i knew it was a downgraded.
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the nor'easter happened too far past us to get major snow across most of the region. now as you look at storm tracker 6 live double scan really we've got the only significant snow to the east of philadelphia. philadelphia itself especially the northeast picking up a bit of decent snow and i'll go in tighter on this but over all snowfall amounts are a lot less than they would have been had the storm bombed out closer to us. yesterday we described a couple scenarios but honestly the snowfall is getting shut off in the city and points west. malvern and this stuff out in coatesville and reding is light nuisance stuff. in philadelphia fairly light snow but when you get into these brighter bands you want to slow it down because on nontreated surfaces this could be forming a coverage and looks like southern bucks county mercer county trenton and down through medford lakes is seeing some of that brighter shade of white. we're seeing a lot of that over in ocean county and burlington county as well. right now there's a little bit of a lull. this is where the snow is really piling um over here to the east. not so much in philadelphia and the western suburbs very, very little. as we take a look outside, we
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have sky 6 at the airport and even though there are no official delays on my flight tracker graphic, there are a lot of canceled flights because of the anticipation of the snow and the actual snow that's falling in some of our connecting cities to the north and so at the airport not a lot of activity and we've got a lot of empty gates right there. if you've got plans to travel in and out of philadelphia international airport today, definitely get online and check out and see if yours is among those -- well, it will always certainly be a canceled flight or a delayed fly. you have to check out to see when they're going to get going. 26 degrees in philadelphia. winds out of the north at 14 gusting a little higher than that at times. a 14 miles per hour wind in millville as well, 20 at the airport in atlantic city. 14 in the poconos. seven in allentown and occasionally we're still get something gusts but these are mainly over by the coast and down south as that storm slowly pushes away from us. in terms of snowfall, it looks like between now and about 11 o'clock, most of the snow will be pushing over toward the east and i think as we get
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into the early afternoon we're down to just a couple of light snow showers. later in the afternoon we might see some breaks in the clouds. what are we expecting at this point? well, obviously we have issued a new snowfall map this morning and it's a lot less egregious than the two options we had for you yesterday. out in the western suburbs and really from philadelphia west i'm graciously allowing for a coating to an inch but in some cases you're not going to get much of anything out there in the west. in philadelphia probably about an inch and up toward trenton four is not out of the question. then we get a four to 8-inch band up through lakehurst and in ocean county, maybe a little bit of burlington county and up in new york city we're still going for 8 to 12 inches but the blizzard warnings have been canceled up there. we talked yesterday about how we might if the storm formed late and strengthened late be able to should have these numbers up the coast a little bit. that's exactly what's happened but we wound up with even less snow than our low end estimates. again the farther you go up through new jersey and into new york there are travel restrictions. we'll have to wait and see how that evolves as we go through the morning and afternoon.
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28 degrees right now or at 8 o'clock i should say in philadelphia. snow tapering off by about 11:00 or so and then we're going to sit on 30 for a high this afternoon. so it's windy cold and temperatures not really going very far today. today's high 30. snow ending this morning in most places. and then sunny and brisk tomorrow with a high of 29 and thursday back up to 32, still cold with clouds increasing. late in the day or at night there's a possibilities of a little bit of snow on thursday. doesn't necessarily look like a lot. some flurries on friday. saturday's cold and dry and then sunday afternoon or night there's another chance of a little bit of snow. neither of those next two events look like major big deals, though. >> okay, we like that. thank you. >> yeah. >> it's 6:13. still ahead more team coverage of this winter weather that's hit the tri-state area. >> take a live look at atlantic city new jersey. the tanger outlets opening up at 1:00 p.m. a little late because they need time to clear things off. karen. >> many of the city streets have just a bit of snow on them as you can see right here torresdale avenue at linden avenue but we see that car moving just fine with just a little coating on the secondary roads.
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we'll check some of the other roads for you when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪♪ hey, cal. snap out of it buddy. sorry. just day dreaming. about a classic truck with flames? yeah! custom chrome... right! and one more to complete the collection. (laughing) alright. how'd you know?
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>> philadelphia international airport has been a ghost town this morning with a vast majority of flights canceled. but delta has already resumed some operations with three flights running this morning. u.s. airways is on a conference call with the airport right now to try to determine when it can resume operations. >> of course the airport will also be impacted by other airports like the ones up in new york and boston still feeling a stronger punch from
6:17 am
the storm. right now about 90 percent of the flights are canceled out of la guardia and newark and about 80 percent are a no go out of boston logan. call 1-800-phl-gate to check on the status of flights coming in and going out of phl. >> let's check your traffic with karen rogers. >> if you're waking up and looking outside you're not seeing a lot of snowfall. the main road ways look mostly wet and we're seeing a bit of snow on the secondary roads. this is morrisville bucks county route 1 at pennsylvania avenue. we saw that car moving just fine. now you can see some of the snow is kind of creeped onto the lanes here so be careful. we're seeing slick spots and we have a few accidents out there we're watching that truck move slowly off of the ramp and i think that's a really good idea. your ramps in particular a little bit of slush on them here or there. harleysville pike at main street is our latest report of an accident so watch for this one. we have in lower pottsgrove township reports of icy conditions causing a problem. you might want to avoid pleasant view road at east high street until they're able to salt it. we have an accident in glad win as well on barr lane at riders mill road.
6:18 am
let's go outside and see wait looks like in delaware county. chadds ford it looks mostly just wet on 202 at route 1. no problems. we're seeing people moving just fine out here so no big issues right there in chadds ford. in new jersey we still have that travel ban. you're not supposed to be on the roads in new jersey unless you're a patient who needs help, if you work for the healthcare industry or you're news media or supporting a service like a grocery store or pharmacy but yet i'm seeing a quite a bit of traffic on 42 at least more people out there than you would expect with a travel ban. northbound traffic move moving just fine. it's not a problem on 42 other than the fact you're not supposed to be on it. #6abc traffic. that's what i've been using to show you the latest conditions and help you out as you're headed out. we see some snowfall out there. not a lot. we saw that in the northwest suburbs but also the bulk of in it new jersey. here's that brighter band just east of philadelphia so if you're in berlin right on the white horse pike that's where you're getting some steady snow, medford lakes on route 130 you're near that brighter
6:19 am
area and along the coastline you have the snow and some wind matt and tam. >> thank you karen. we're going to go on over to chad pradelli. he has been rating mother nature almost like a fight card. he says the region two, mother nature zero but the wet snow has pick up since we started chad. would you keep that rating? 82 your in pennsauken camden county. >> reporter: we got light snowfall. we talked about this yesterday familiar. you said i was poking the bear. you said i would be knee deep in snow. it's not the case. we have a little bit of accumulation on some of the untreated roads and lawns here. i would say about an inch. like karen was talking about if you look at route 70 here, it's wet no accumulation. we've seen nj dot trucks going up and down applying some of that salt so when that snow touches down it is melting. road conditions pretty good here in south jersey. traffic is picking up. there is a travel ban according to governor chris christie. it will be interesting to see if he lift that but as we see things right now just a real light snow, a little bit of a institute -- snow flurry.
6:20 am
the roads are good. let's hope it stays that way. that's the lilt evident in pennsauken, chad brad -- chad pradelli. >> new york city no longer under a blizzard warning. >> we're taking a live look into nyc which has been under a state of emergency. conditions are improving after a night where those streets were eerily empty. we've a report for you when we come back. >> ♪♪ when you don't get enough sleep... and your body aches... you're not yourself. tylenol® pm relieves pain and helps you fall fast asleep and stay asleep. we give you a better night. you're a better you all day. tylenol®. i'm going to share a photo of my eggo waffle when it pops up. that's so interesting honey because i'm going to share a photo of my eggo waffle when it pops up.
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>> little bit of slush on the secondary roads especially. main roads are mostly wet. let's take a look outside right now and show you what it looks like on 422 here at 29. we see moderate volume out here, not too bad. eastbound traffic on 422 moving okay and the highway mostly wet. i would watch for a slick spot or two. mass transit lots of issues here. new jersey transit remains suspended. we have a travel ban in new jersey. patco running on a modified snow schedule. amtrak no service north of new york. we have reduced service south
6:23 am
of new york and you can see the dart is on a delay as well. septa buses we've got about 50 different detours through the area and septa regional rails running on a saturday schedule with no service on the kin cynwyd line dave. >> all right karen. on the big board storm tracker 6 live double scan shows us snow mainly over to the east of philadelphia. the city itself being caught by some of this and there are a couple lighter nuisance snow showers out to the west. the big story this morning is that the nor'easter formed later in the game as expected and did not intensify as close to us as it might have and as a result a lot of us are really catching a break from this storm. if you're over to the east towards mercer county and over toward the north shore by belmar and areas north of atlantic city and surf city you're still looking at significant snowfall amounts but not so much in philadelphia nd the western suburbs really catching a break. it's still cold and windy out there. if kids are going to school today as some are dress them warmly for the walk in and the walk home as we're only goy going for highs of about 30 degrees. the snow winding down between
6:24 am
now and lunch time. 30 for the high for several hours this afternoon back to 28 by 6 o'clock. lots of winds out there. we'll be back with more of your top stories. >> ♪♪
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>> 6:26. how are the roads looking right now matt pelman. >> i was thinking about how different this is. 15 years ago when i was still a student and i woke up with this kind of snow i would have been so disappointed. this time around as traffic reporter i'm thrilled. roads look great. still some slush covered ones in some spots matt and tam.
6:27 am
in delco along 95 check it out, it's barely wet at this point. traffic is flowing freely in both directions by the commodore barry bridge. so if this is your route no problems along 95 through delco. we have several accidents though in gladwyne, watch out for one along barr lane at riders mill road. seeing a little slowing speeds in the 40's along the schuylkill but we're not seeing the heavy volume that we would see most mornings. if you're on the highways you'll be okay. on the highway speeds in the 40's. through the construction zone no major issues. icy conditions to avoid in the pottstown area along pleasant view road along high street. watch out for them. still reports of a crash in upper salford along harleysville pike. no major issue on the northeast extension or pennsylvania turnpike although in new jersey travel bans still in effect. matt and tam. >> and that a you matt. speaking of new jersey let's give you a live look here in toms river. you can see the crunch on the road and a pretty steady snow coming down. nora muchanic telling us it's a wet sleety snow.
6:28 am
she'll have a live report for you coming up at 6:30. >> ♪♪ i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee.
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you're welcome. share the love with dunkin's heart-shaped donuts. indulge in cookie dough or brownie batter today. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪♪ >> the coastal storm for the most part fizzled out for us but not for everyone along the east coast. >> mass transit is getting back to normal in philadelphia. we've got an update just in from septa. >> philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are closed today. numerous suburban districts are also closed or delayed. we're running those along the bottom of your screen and also on >> where is my glitter and glue gun when i get home? all right. we'll get to all that in a momently let's start with karen and david taking a live look at your accuweather and your traffic. good morning. >> all right, guys it's still snowing here on the terrace. about a half hour ago i shoveled out here and since then a new coating has formed so it's not all that strong. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows a very fine delineation between areas that are virtually dry to the west
6:31 am
of philadelphia and then from about the city to the east where we're still getting the last of our heavy snow bands coming through and you can see a lot of bright shade of white. if you get caught underneath this stuff it could be coating roads and you want to slow it down. but the big story this morning is that the nor'easter did intensify very late in the game and too soon to give us the sorts of snowfall totals that it would have delivered had it blossomed right off the coast. far less snow than expected. along in that line of thinking the national weather service over the last several hours has shifted all the advisories and warnings farther and farther toward the east. we're only in an advisory in philadelphia right now for light to moderate snow. the warning area from about trenton up toward new york city, there's still significant snow falling there. the blizzard warning has been lifted from new york as of about an hour ago and it's all the way down on the eastern end of long island now. so here's the storm outlook for today. bands of moderate snow will probably continue until about 8 o'clock or so. between 8 o'clock and 11 o'clock the snow will taper
6:32 am
off. the evening rush hour doesn't look bad after all. snowfall amounts i'm generously offering a coating to an inch to those of in you in the western suburbs. some of you won't get anything. philadelphia about an inch. four closer to trenton and higher as you go towards new york city. there are travel bans and restrictions in new jersey for now. 26 degrees currently in philadelphia and not much better this afternoon. snow tapering off but karen rogers a high today of only 30 degrees. what about roads this morning? >> yeah, we haven't talked about the fact that it's bitter cold out there. right now we're looking live in bucks county. we saw some of those snow bands out to the northwest on double scan. now we can see that light but steady snow still falling on the 202 parkway at bristol road. the snow is covering part of the roadway so you need to be careful as you're headed out but it's only a little bit of snow on the road. but enough to make it slushy in the areas. on i-95 here at cottman which would normally be jammed at this hour not so much. not a lost people out there. although the highway is mostly wet we see a little bit of
6:33 am
slush out there on i-95 so just slow it down if you're heading out on i-95. the big news with septa that's just coming in right now, they had about 50 different bus detours in effect because of the weather and now they're in the process of lifting that. we own have 14 detours at this moment and they will continue to lift them so that all the buses can be back up and running but we've been talking about this travel ban in new jersey and new jersey transit still suspended. patco on a modified schedule. septa regional rails on a saturday schedule. we've seen a handful of accidents out there and the big one is on bryn mawr avenue shutting it down at west chester pike. a car just slid into pole. it doesn't take a lot of snow to cause accidents. you see the downed wires there and then it struck started a vehicle fire. bryn mawr avenue still shut down near west chester pike. if you're in this area use main street as a good alternate to deal with that. here we're looking live at the 35 miles an hour speed restrictions on the area bridges and don't forget that travel ban in new jersey, matt and tam. >> you got it. thank you karen. now as for new york city it is no longer facing a blizzard warning but further east along parts of long
6:34 am
island they have been seeing he had snow from the storm. >> mj bucket from our sister station just filed this report from hard hit long island. >> reporter: 60 miles an hour from manhattan where sussex county long island is getting hammered by this nasty winter storm. as you can see there are now snow drifts that are easily 3 feet high from the blowing and drifting snow that keeps on coming. at times, we've seen near whiteout conditions. the roads here are closed to emergency -- to all but emergency vehicles and gale force wind gusts are blowing the snow in eventually every direction so it's impossible to say how much snow we have on the ground because the winds have been so strong. we can say this. work crews have done an excellent job of keeping up with the storm so when it does pass, the highways will be opened that much sooner. that is what passes for silver
6:35 am
lining in a very, very dangerous storm. back to you. >> all right, thanks so much. action cam is live in atlantic city which has seen a decent amount of snow. this is the outlets district at arctic avenue and columbus boulevard. now, ac schools are closed today but the tanger outlets will be opening on a delay at 1:00 p.m. >> and that's a little bit of a milder picture than what we're seeing when we go up to new jersey correspondent nora muchanic. she's got the hood tight around her head because you can see that snow and sleet is coming down there in toms river ocean county. good morning. >> reporter: hi, tam. i want to get out of the way right away so that you can see this plow train moving here. this is what's been going on the roads here at the shore all morning long. these are about the only vehicles you will see. plow after plow with these big heavy -- i think they -- some of those plows on the front of those trucks weigh several thousand pounds and they are moving the snow off the road.
6:36 am
we had snowfall all night long. the totals didn't come to what they were going to be but these are the guys we've been talking to. let's go to some tape from some plow drivers we talked to earlier today. >> we were expecting at least a foot and a half the way they were saying on the news but i don't know, might be about six, 8-inches out there. >> we're doing ortley beach there right by the ocean. it's blowing pretty good over there but nothing compared to what we were supposed to get. >> i was expecting a lot more snow than we had. the roads are pretty good, pretty passable. you know, we get spurts of heavy snow and then real light like this. >> reporter: so are you disappointed? does this mean -- >> you know, we get paid by the storm so, little or big you know, we'll be done probably in a few more hours. >> seems like it didn't never materialize for us. >> reporter: what was it like overnight? >> it started snowing i guess around 9 o'clock and got pretty heavy for awhile but it
6:37 am
seems to have died down. >> i think we did pretty well overnight. we didn't have the volume that we anticipated and the storm itself hit us a little bit later so the duration up to this point has been a lot shorter. i think the worst snowfall we had was over on the beaches up towards the brick township line, but overall right now i think we're probably, you know maybe eight 9-inches, something like that. tough to tell with the drifting, but we're doing okay. >> reporter: now, the public works director says it's made a world of difference to have this travel ban in effect because it give the plows the chance to do their work without having to weave through traffic and have cars go in and out of the plow trains. so, they're pretty happy about that. we still have got sleet snowy, wet sleet kind of falling at this hour. it continues to do that but this is way way better than 2 feet of snow. live in toms river i'm nora muchanic back to you guys. >> thank you nora. let's take a live look over philadelphia
6:38 am
international airport there through sky 6 hd. flight aware telling us that about 450 flights, 456 to be exact are still canceled but that's a number that could change. delta has resumed service and gotten a few flights out. u.s. air and other carriers are right now in touch with the airport trying to also get their birds back up in the sky. and while the nor'easter hits you can always follow details on looking at what's going on there in parts of new jersey and further north. you can see that live storm tracker 6 radar. our team of meteorologists are also posting updated forecasts and snow total maps. we've seen david updated throughout the show and we have helpful tips such as how to drive safely if you're on a road that has a little bit of a crust and how to shovel without putting your health at risk. >> sometimes if you're watching 6abc you might actually see david live here. >> yes. >> you might. you might see him a lot. so the word of the day is downgrade. the storm bloomed later up the coast. it wasn't right off our coast and we talked yesterday about how there was a couple scenarios.
6:39 am
not that we aren't getting snow but it's not nearly as much as it could have been had the storm intensified off the coast. most of you are waking up to a lot less snow than expected which i suppose is good overall. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you from philadelphia to the east we have some snow falling. the stuff in philadelphia highlighted in darker shades of gray is moderate snow. as i mentioned over a half hour on the terrace we got about a coating over that time and i only scraped about half inch off when i came in. now, that doesn't include whatever might have started falling before about 11 o'clock or 12 o'clock last night because they probably scraped it clean too for the night time show. but in any event it's not been all that much in philadelphia so far. over in medford lakes and down through berlin you see that brighter shade of white. this is an area where we're probably seeing the snow a little bit more intense. same thing in trenton and southern bucks county. if i go out wide the western suburbs have been robbed of snowfall. it's just a couple of light nuisance snow showers out here because as the storm moved away from us a little bit and then didn't intensify as soon another thing that happened is that we dropped a whole bunch
6:40 am
of dry air right in through the western suburbs so you're not seeing much there at all. not a whole lot in philadelphia. as you get over towards burlington and ocean county there are pockets where we've gone a lot higher. the highest official report is in brick township with 6-inches but that was at 1 o'clock in the morning and i'm sure by the time they come in with their final update it will be a lot higher than that. as we take a look outside we are looking at the action cam live and you can see that across most of the region especially in and around philadelphia and suburbs due north and out to the west and due south, hasn't had a lot of snow and pretreated surfaces have held up pretty well. so just wet roads here. as we look at temperatures, 26 degrees in philadelphia right now, 24 trenton, 25 allentown. there's a wind blowing giving you wimp in the teens so it's cold out there. and future tracker 6 shows you that that snow in and around philadelphia by 11 o'clock is probably clearing most of the region. there's the possibility of another little band coming down but that should really get off the map pretty early this afternoon. and we might even see some breaks in the clouds during the afternoon, perhaps a little bit of late day
6:41 am
sunshine. out in the western suburbs we are dramatically dropping snowfall projections. i'm charitablely going with a coating to an inch. it could be closer to the coating in a lot of spots and then snowfall amounts from philadelphia over to trenton ranging anywhere from one to four. i think the four is a much better bet down in through here in parts of burlington county and maybe up in mercer and then the farther you get up towards new york city you got a bands of four to 8-inches that includes parts of burlington all of ocean and new york city looking at 8 to 12 inches although the blizzard warning has been canceled. in fact we'll show you the very latest advisories and warnings. all of this has been shifted towards the east overnight as that storm system has pulled away from us and obviously just not intensified as quickly as some models projected it o you still have a warning around trenton and over lakehurst. these areas still looking at fairly significant snow but the advisory area is really light to moderate. just be careful when you're on the roads in case there's a slick spot. there's that blizzard warning. it's i was the way over on the eastern half of long island at this point. allentown looking at light
6:42 am
snow this morning but probably ending during the morning hours. 29 degrees is your high. it will be windy and cold today in the lehigh valley. down the shore same story. most of your snow is backing offer the coast probably later this morning or early this afternoon. 33 is your high and it will be mainly cloudy with perhaps some late day sunny breaks. your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows a high in philadelphia of 30 today with snow ending mainly in the morning, perhaps into the early afternoon. and tapering off and winding down and becoming less intense along the way. then tomorrow sunny and brisk 29. sun to clouds on thursday, a high of 32. and there's the chance of late day or evening snow there but it doesn't look like a lot and by friday we're probably breaking it down to flurries. for the weekend dry and cold on saturday. 29 on sunday with clouds increasing and late day sunday or sunday night there could be another little pals of snow that could filter down to flurries on monday. that many also is looking like a fairly minor event. of course we'll keep our eyes on it. big break for a lot of people today with this one, though as the storm just didn't get powerful enough soon enough. >> thank you david.
6:43 am
>> yes. >> it is now 6:42 and still ahead we've got more live team coverage as we leave you with a live look here. this is hamilton township new jersey. let's head on over to karen. >> we're looking live on the 30 bypass here in chester county. it's mostly just wet. no normal morning delay so if you have to head to work you have no issues right there. we'll see what it looks like on route 42 when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪♪
6:44 am
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yolanda indrosonovich can appreciate a simple name. that's why she likes pick 5 from the pennsylvania lottery, they've given all your favorite numbers games new, simpler names. and for something really simple, play the all-new pick 2. easy to play. simple to say. >> ♪♪ >> 6:45. you know mobile6 gets a little antsy spending some time down there in atlantic city. in the process of moving out.
6:46 am
look we got people on bikes traveling around into ac. do be careful. i can imagine that could be a treacherous with the iciness on the roads. >> indeed. let's go over to karen rogers to take a look at traffic conditions around the region. good morning. >> that's right, there is a travel ban in effect in new jersey. a second ago we saw some slowing on 42 northbound. you can kind of see there's certainly some volume out there. people are out and about but you're not supposed to be. you're only supposed to be out there on the roads if you're emergency personnel if you're news media if you're a patient that thinks you need some care you can get out there on the roads or if you work for a grocery store or pharmacy but there are limited reasons you're supposed to be out. i have been tweeting with some people saying don't tell anybody but i drove in new jersey this morning so you're not supposed to. be careful. 42 is moving fine for those who have to be out although the travel ban still exists. let's take you out here to montgomery county and see what it looks like. under the headlights here or street lights you can really see the snow coming down steadily. it is light. that's for sure. we don't have a lot of it but it's coating some of the secondary roads. traffic is moving okay.
6:47 am
we're not seeing that guy doing any slipping and sliding here. doylestown road at county line road but here on the county line of bucks and montgomery county you're seeing that. now we're looking at the schuylkill expressway which is mostly just wet. we're seeing the snow on the shoulders for the most part. the highway itself mostly just wet. this is the schuylkill at the blue route and no problems. i would use extra caution on the ramps and the overpasses. certainly expect a few slushy spots but not a big problem. we've got 55 miles an hour speed restrictions on 495 coming out of delaware but no major issues there in delaware and we've been tweeting with the #6abc traffic. all the traffic conditions that you need and i've been using pictures of the roadways to kind of show you what it looks like. on double scan we can see the snow coming down we've got a few light bands out to the northwest. i showed you the 30 bypass, 322 that looked good but we see a little coating there coming down in coatesville on the 30 bypass and east of philadelphia especially some of the brighter shades are in medford lakes on route 70. on the white horse pike near hammonton you have snow coming
6:48 am
down pretty steadily as well as route 40. in trenton along i-95, you're getting hit with snow there. >> speaking that of area, a good chunk of our viewing area is still seeing snow. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is live in hamilton township mercer county. hi erin. >> reporter: hi. i'm going to show you the turnpike over here. you see those flashing lights. that's actually a line of plows going down the new jersey turnpike and that's really the only volume that we've been seeing all morning as the plows continuously are scraping these roads. of course as we have been saying all morning, new jersey still has that travel ban in effect but we have seen a few cars on the roadways and i do have a piece of advisement if you get stuck behind some plows and then you see a state trooper to the left of you with flashing lights don't try to pass them. we actually saw that happen it just doesn't end well. stay off the roads. if you're on the roads try to be very careful and respect the work that they're doing 'cause they're doing a great job and they've been out here for hours trying to get these
6:49 am
roads cleaned up. so, again snow coming down here very cold, miserable conditions. not as much as we expected, which is good news, but not exactly pleasant out here this morning. we're live in hamilton township erin o'hearn channel6 "action news." >> okay, erin thank you for that. we're going to come back into center city philadelphia. we've also got some breaking news to tell you here. yesterday 6 o'clock the city went into snow emergency so get your cars off the roads. told you where you could park for five dollars in certain garage. now the managing director is lifting that as of 6:00 a.m. about 50 minutes ago and now it says that you've got normal packing can resume. let's go over to john rawlins. good morning >> reporter: salt trucks have been busy. the city has donyell man service as far as getting the roads out here in center city in good shape. people are balking to work. we talked to one man. he was on septa. he says septa connections were
6:50 am
fine. both he and his wife are making it in on time. while the city government is closed down private sector folks are working so things returning to normal slowly here in center city. john rawlins channel6 "action news." back to you all. >> john thanks so much. 6:50. we'll be right back with another updated forecast and another look at the roads. >> ♪♪
6:51 am
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know better sleep with sleep number. >> we've really focused on this snow event for this region but "gma" is taking that wider view.
6:53 am
>> we'll continue our coverage of this with amy robach in the "gma" studios coming up in a little bit. hey, amy. >> reporter: great to be with you on this snowy morning. coming up next on "gma," that's right we'll continue your coverage on the biggest storm of the year shutting down major cities and battering 50 million americans more than 2 feet of snow piling up in some areas and then those powerful wind gusts creating whiteout conditions. air traffic of course affected across the country. our extreme weather team is out in full force across the northeast this morning. you don't want to miss our coverage in just a few. matt and tam back to you. >> we'll see you shortly and we'll be right back here for more of our coverage. >> ♪♪
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>> matt pelman and i have been showing you the roads and talking about the traffic out there. let's show you what it looks like right now in doylestown may not ablot of snow but we can see the secondary roads here are slick and this is a live look at 202 at 611 so traffic moving carefully here in doylestown. let's check mass transit. septa regional rails on a saturday schedule. the buses we only have about 14 different detours now dave and they're trying to lift them. >> storm tracker 6 live double scan shows us most of the snow is from about philadelphia over toward the east. we still have some heavy bands popping in to areas around burlington county and ocean county but it's not so bad elsewhere. lower bucks county and montgomery county getting a
6:57 am
little bit, too. and obviously this storm has under performed. it end intensified later in the game so the weather service is pushing all those advisories and warnings farther to the east light snow in philadelphia. >> "gma" is next. for karen matt, tam and days, i'm matt. have a good one everyone.
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good morning, america. snow emergency. the biggest storm of the year shutting down major cities and battering 50 million americans. more than two feet of snow piling up in some areas. powerful wind gusts of more than 75 miles an hour creating whiteout conditions. near zero visibility. some of the busiest highways in the cout down. >> things are getting much worse minute by minute. >> crews rushing in battling to keep the power on. total travel bans for drivers. >> we do not need people on the roadways. new york's subways and buses shut down for the first time ever for a blizzard. airports on the east coast at a standstill. planes . nearly 8,000 flights canceled in two days. 250,000 passengers stranded.


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