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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  January 28, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday january 28. we're following a lot of breaking news. >> flames tear through an apartment building in montgomery county leaving three people hurt and dozens displaced. >> pulled from the wreckage. a driver becomes trapped after a pickup truck and a car collide in burlington county. >> new england takes the brunt of the blizzard. some communities got 36-inches of snow. we also have breaking news here. let's go over to chopper 6 live over the scene. hazmat crews are here at the scene of a reported leak at a manufacturing company in the frankford section of the city. this is the amaneal manufacturing corporation. crews were called here about 45 minutes ago to investigate an ammonia leak. at this point there are no evacuations or injuries
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reported but crews, as you see, remain there on the scene. they are trying to vent this ammonia leak. >> there's a traffic aspect to that. karen will have it in a moment. let's start with david taking a look at accuweather. good morning. >> i'm kind of fooling the hood this morning. it's pretty cold and a little on the windy side. let's start you out with a driver's alert and this goes for pedestrian. overnight we had blowing snow, a little melting yesterday that might have refrozen. so like out for icy patches under your boots and tires. satellite shows you lots of sunshine on the way a little later on as our nor'easter is dragging away from us to the northeast. those clouds are going. we've got a flow out of the north bringing down dry air eroding additional cloud cover out to our west but the story this morning is the temperature. it's 20 degrees in philadelphia right now, 19 in wilmington and in the teens across the northern tier. 20 in millville and when you factor in a wind that's topping down out of the north, the wind chill has now dropped to seven in philadelphia, it feel like four in allentown five in wilmington, six in trenton. again these are your wind chills and it feels like eight in wildwood, only 3-degree
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wind chill in reading right now. if you're heading out to catch the bus bundle up. mainly clear, brisk and cold temperatures in the low 20's and feeling worse than that. this afternoon it gets a little better. by 3 o'clock under the sun we're at 32 degrees. the freezing mark. might even get up there as soon as 2 o'clock but it's still going to be windy and cold with wind chills in the 20's through the afternoon. when i step inside a little bit of snow is on the way tomorrow night. i'll have details with future tracker 6 coming up on that. karen. >> all right, dave, come in and warm up. we've got a new problem in traffic and it's in a bad spot. a jackknifed tractor-trailer it's right on 295 southbound approaching route 38. that's exit number 40 here in mount laurel in burlington county. this is a busy area and now you've got a jackknifed tractor-trailer blocking at least the left lane at this point. this just coming in. in new jersey a camera on 42, that's northbound traffic at creek road. we're not seeing any big problems no big delay from turnersville or blackwood yet. we're looking pretty good. watch out for some slick spots but most of the traffic is moving fine right here. on the big picture matt and
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tam just talked about this problem a hazmat situation dara street between margaret and folcroft street. all the crews on the scene at this point at dara street so avoid that area. later tonight the sixers play at 7:00 so you'll see congestion in south philadelphia. although it's mostly dry we have been looking at some of the secondary roads and currently seeing some slick spots. i think you get the idea looking at this picture. 202 parkway at county line road. people moving okay just use caution. >> let's go to our breaking story. firefighters and police act like the heroes they are and they rescue residents from a burning apartment building in montgomery county overnight. "action news" reporter annie mccormick also spoke to someone who had to jump out of a window. she's live at the scene in whitemarsh township. annie. >> reporter: matt we got an update just moments ago from whitemarsh fire township police chief. both police officers and firefighters who quickly responded were able to help at
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least a dozen people help rescue them from this building as it was on fire. now, he told us that this fire originated in unit b-two. in that unit there were five people, three of them taken to abington hospital and we are told at this hour at least one of them was transported to temple with minor burns. they were taken there as a precaution but all three are expected to be okay. well take a look at this video. this is video of the blaze that we are talking about. the fire broke out just before 1:00 a.m. in the 400 block of south bethlehem pike in whitemarsh township at the washington towers apartment complex. it took about an hour and a half to get the fire under control. firefighters focused on second and third floors of the four-story building. they also found fire in the rear of the building. now, whitemarsh fire chief described the rescues about a dozen were made. >> police started rescues. they got the people off the first floor balcony and out of the basement windows. we had people attempting to jump from the second floor.
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when the fire companies arrived, they initiated rescues with ground ladders and aerial devices from the ladder trucks. >> reporter: there was about 47 units here in total. at one point there were about 80 people standing outside. many people in their t-shirts and pajamas not expecting to be outside in the cold. now, initially they were put into another building that is here on the complex. since then we are told that the owner of the apartment complex has taken them to a local hospital. the red cross says at this point that they're assisting two families. the whitemarsh fire chief tells me at one point that were having coding in this building. a year ago the owner had brought the building back up to code and put in new fire alarms. those fire alarms they say are a reason why a lot of the people did wake up didn't make it out safely. again some stories from some of the people who did escape, again, we showed that you one little girl earlier in the morning, we're going to show
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you her again telling about her brave escape jumping out of the window to safety. that's coming up in the next half hour. for now reporting live at whitemarsh township, annie mccormick, channel6 "action news." >> annie thank goodness for those firefighters and fire alarms. we'll check back in with you shortly. new from the overnight a fast moving fire damaged a house in north philadelphia. it broke out on the 2900 block of north 23rd street at 1:30 this morning. investigators say the fire started in the kitchen on the first floor and then quickly spread to the second floor. there are no reports of injuries. >> this is new. rescuers had to cut a driver out of her car after a head-on crash in south jersey. the car and the pickup truck collided along route 206 near stokes road in shamong burlington county at 11:30 last night. the driver of the car 23-year-old woman was flown to the hospital with a leg fracture. two other people were injured but their conditions have not been released. state police closed route 206 while they investigated but it has since reopened. >> it is 6:06 and two women are still in the hospital this morning hurt after falling
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bricks caused part of a roof to come crashing down on them on shoppers in center city. it happened inside the lululemon store on the 1500 block of walnut street right in the heart of the shopping district yesterday afternoon. the bricks fell off a building next door. three female shoppers were injured by that falling debris and coming up in our next half hour we'll break down the investigation in a full report. >> it is almost time to begin gathering forms to file your taxes and the tax man is warning you about whom you choose to send out that 1040. maribel aber has our market watch report live at the nasdaq in times square. hi maribel. >> reporter: hi, matt. the irs is warning people to be on the lookout for shady tax preparers. the dishonest ones can engage in refund fraud identity theft and other scams. with 60 percent of people using tax preparers the irs recommends choosing carefully make sure they have a irs preparer tax identification number that certifies the person to prepared from tax
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returns. turbo tax database knows your secrets. intuit maintains a database including users social numbers names and other personal data. that's for customers using desktop versions who save their files on their own hard drives. news of the database surprised some who thought they were keeping personal information stored only on their pc's. the obama administration drops its plan to to away with 529 plans but republicans and some democrats rebelled. the white house says it will instead focus on a package of education tax relief that has bipartisan report. wall street rattled by weakness earnings. futures point to a higher opened. investors will be on the watch for a fed statement on the economy later today. that's the latest. back over to you matt. >> have a good one maribel. thanks. the nor'easter lived up to expectations in new england.
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some in boston reporting nearly 40-inches of snow in a single day. erin o'hearn joins us live at the big board. >> millions of people in new england are waking up this morning to this. residents have found themselves under a paralyzing blanket of snow. the storm is still having crippling effects in places like boston where snowfall may shatter records. in new england the blizzard of 2015 certainly did live up to all the hype. about 30,000 homes and businesses in the boston-cape cod area don't have power including the entire island of nantucket. it suffered a whiteout with nearly 80 miles per hour winds. on easter long island an army of snowplows worked to clear highways and in connecticut there were snow buried cars. as you can see there. now, let's lighten it up a bit, shall we. some people had a little bit of fun on the snow. take a look at this video because this cute little canine was itching to get outside. his owners opened the door, he
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jumps out. >> whoa. >> there he goes poof. it's like where is wold co-where is the little canine there. he had fun. it was cute. back to you guys. >> i want to do that. [laughter] >> winter is not over yet. you may yet get your chance. not today. >> i had a cat that was always trying to sneak outside. when it was snowed last year i was like go ahead. three seconds. storm tracker double scan shows you we have no snow out there this morning and as we take a look outside, clear skies overhead above the airport. it is windy and cold but at least we're going to get some sun coming up over the horizon shortly. as we take a look at numbers oh, mike's 20 degrees in philadelphia, millville again in the teens just about everywhere else away from the shore. 19 in wilmington, 16 in reading and there is a wind blowing that's giving you wind chills in the single digits right now so definitely a morning to bundle up. lots of sun because the nor'easter related cloud cover is is pushing off to the northeast. dry air is flowing down out of canada and that's having a tendency to erode the rest of the cloud cover around. it's sunny brisk in allentown
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with a high of 28 degrees. wind chills in the teens for a good portion of the day. and as we go down the shore 36 degrees is your high. we'll get wind chills up into the 20's later on but you're in the single digits and teens right now. mostly sunny and brisk. and in philadelphia, 32 degrees is your high with lots of sun today. but brisk and cold conditions with winds gusting at times to the mid-20's as we roll through the day, 22 by 8 o'clock, 28 by 11 o'clock so we'll spend the morning in the 20's and then this afternoon we'll get up to the freezing mark probably sit there for a couple hours between two and 3 o'clock but it will still feel like it's in the 20's even at the end of the day. in fact here is your wind chill profile. we're a little colder than the model right now in terms of your wind chill. by noon, we'll still have a lot of teens on the map and then later in the day the winds may sag a little bit and will drop down into the 20's probably still the teens for wind chills up in allentown. but obviously it's going to be colder than the temperature would indicate all day long. tomorrow we start out with sun in the morning but then a front comes in and increases the clouds during the day. and in the evening hours we'll be looking at a quick hit of
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snow that drives on through the region. doesn't look like it's going to produce a lot. probably a coating to an inch, maybe a little more in some spots. that's tomorrow evening. there is today's high sunny and brisk. tomorrow clouds increase with a high of 35. at night you saw that little snow shower popping through. and then friday windy 38 the high with some flurries or some sprinkles through the day. on saturday, brisk and very cold, a high of 24 degrees. in the morning it will only be 11 so i mean we're really looking at a brutal day from start to finish on saturday and then sunday clouds increase. still pretty cold with a high of 33. late in the day or at night a wintry mix is possible. i think snow and a little icing is likely at night and then on monday we'll probably still be looking at some of that precipitation but by that point we're getting up into the upper 30's so it will be kind of a mix of snow, sleet and rain. >> okay. thank you, david. it's now six:12 and all new a berks county man who is now behind bars facing claims that he had inappropriate relationships with three young girls. >> a brazen robbery at a california museum. details on what they stole in
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broad daylight. karen. >> while most of the roadways are dry we've been scanning trying to warn you about slick spots. looks like we found some in glad win. this is route 23 conshohocken state road at hollow road. be careful for it to be a little icy as you're traveling on secondary roads. i'm going to give you the latest on that jackknifed tractor-trailer when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> here's an update on our breaking news. hazmat crews are focused on a 500-gallon drum outside of an
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industrial building in philadelphia's frankford section and chopper 6 is showing it to you right now. now they had responded to an ammonia leak at the manufacturing building on dara street about an hour ago. no one has been evacuated but crews are working to contain and vendor the chemical which appears to be coming from that drum. >> karen rogers has more in terms of the traffic around this. good morning. >> that's right. we can see a number of emergency workers that are out there responding to the scene. so, let me tell where you we're at here. this is dara street between margaret and folk rod street and we have crews all up and down. do you see that? look at that. thanks chopper for showing us that. you can see flashing lights all up and down this intersection on both ends at this point. be careful about this. i would avoid dar have a vote if you can. stick to frankford avenue as your alternate and you can see even more emergency workers kind of off to the side in different areas at this point so they're kind of in a wide range over the area so watch for it on dara street. stick to frankford avenue to avoid any problems there. thanks chopper for shopping us that. looking at the big picture overall speeds are still in pretty good shape on the
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schuylkill. i-95 we're down to about 39 at cottman, 45 at girard which really isn't too bad yet. your main roads are looking good but we have been seeing slick spots so be careful as you're headed out. this may have been the cause of this problem in mount laurel. we have a jackknifed tractor-trailer on 295 southbound approaching route 38. that's a busy area at this point in mount laurel burlingy burlington county. it's blocking the left lane so expect delays in that area. we have a new problem here, another vehicle fire in robbinsville and this is i-195 westbound just past the turnpike here which is exit number six in this area. crews are out there responding to the scene and we have been talking about some of the blowing or drifting snow. anywhere we have kind of an open field you're going to get that nearby and this is a problem. we're getting reports of snow drifts that are on the roadway creating icy conditions in warrington on county line road near lower state road but i by no means think that's the only place we're getting the drifting snow out there so just be careful as you're headed out and we have been tweeting traffic updates with the #6abc traffic. that's a if way to figure out what's going on and where it's
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most slippery tam. >> thank you karen. san francisco police say three men wearing ski masks rammed a stolen suv into the wells fargo museum then got away with quite a hall. they say the suspects armed with assault weapons held up a security guard and then made off with several gold nuggets on display. the 10 nuggets are valued at about $10,000. >> this is brand new. a young berks county man is accused of sexually assaulting three teenaged girls. police say 19-year-old fred roberts had inappropriate sexual relationships with a 14-year-old girl and two 15-year-old girls in wyoming county back in the fall. roberts lived there before moving to strauss town berks county. police say object's parents had tried to dissuade him from sexual contact with the young girls but it did no god. >> it's 6:eighteen the odds of medical marijuana in pennsylvania are looking better. >> a nfl superstar answers
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>> keep scanning our cameras to find slick spots. though most of the roads are clean, you'll find slick spots here and there. dekalb pike at welsh road. you need to be careful. we're seeing tire marks through the area here ann little bit of isobe careful as you approach that intersection. mass transit back to normal schedules today. septa subways market frankford line board all trains from the westbound platforms at girard station because they have a disabled train causing a problem. dave because of the cold new jersey trance is still cross honoring tickets to try to help you out. >> all right karen and because of the cold we're dressing the kids very warmly. temperatures around 20 the wind chills are as low as about five in philadelphia and even worse than that in some outlying suburbs so it's scarves hats gloves the whole 9 yards. this afternoon will be kind of cool as you'll see. we have 30 degrees by noon, 32 is your high by 3 o'clock and there's going to be a wind
6:22 am
making it feel like it's in the low to mid-20's at the worst of times. national satellite and radar view shows you a little mixed precipitation out in the rocky mountains, a little snow up north of minneapolis. nor'easters departing, a lot of sunshine down in the southeast. on the big board at the airport we're looking at all green aircraft which suggests no delays. that's true. but there's still a lot of cancellations related to the passing storm from boston all the way down to philadelphia, so call ahead and make sure you're still on time. matt. >> you got it david. thank you. super bowl xlix is on sunday in arizona. the seattle seahawks and the new england patriots fielded questions during media day yesterday. patriots coach bill belichick and quarterback tom brady didn't say much about deflate-gate. seattle's marshawn lynch, though has his own controversy. the nfl has fined the star running back for violations of the league's media policy in the past. so lynch smiled politely waved at the crowd and answered every question the same way. >> i'm just here so i won't get fined. i'm just here so i won't get fined.
6:23 am
hey, i'm just here so i won't get fined. >> you better make more with your time. you only got three more minutes. hey, i'm just here so i won't get fined. >> told you. seahawks richard sherman showed off some dance moves with his teammates. seattle's looking to repeat. the patriots are looking for their first lombardi trophy since 2004. >> three things you need know before you head out. >> police and firefighters go above and beyond to rescue people trapped in a burning apartment building. annie mccormick is there. annie. >> yeah, matt, about 80 people forced out into the cold after an apartment fire in whitemarsh township. we'll tell you about the some of the dramatic rescues coming up next.
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>> the news room is such a busy place especially in the morning so erin o'hearn has been out there gathering up fresh batch of news. she's live at the big board with the six things you need to know as you head into your wednesday. >> we'll start with international news. russia says north korea's leader has accepted an invitation to moscow in may as reported in the south korean news publication. kim jong un has not taken any overseas visits. this visit will be closely watched for what it might indicate about his policies and strategy. in big business news apple's quarterly results smashed wall street expectations with record sales of big screen iphones and the holiday shopping season and a 70 percent rise in china
6:27 am
sales powering the company to the largest quarterly profit in corporate history. another ride sharing service will begin operating in philadelphia this week. >> reporter: lyft will start offering rides through its app at 6:00 p.m. friday. the uber x competition will be operating in violation of parking authority regulations but says it will cover the costs of citations and legal assistance for its drivers. your favorite protein packed breakfast may not be the most -- may not only be the most important meal of the day it may help cure major diseases. scientists learned to unboil an egg and say the results may have implications for cancer treatments biotechnology and a broad range of food production processes. a bill to legalize medical marijuana is heading back to the senate in pennsylvania. two lawmakers announced plans to broaden legislation which would cover more medical conditions and the ways that pot can be consumed. governor tom wolf has vowed his support.
6:28 am
and taylor swift may be able to shake it off when it comes to gossip and ex-boyfriends but hackers seem to be treating her instagram and twitter congratulations like a blank space. she fired back at the hackers on social media saying you ain't going to find any scandalous photos here. we'll be right back
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>> braking right now firefighters rescued several people from a burning apartment building in montgomery county overnight. >> questions surround the sudden collapse of a roof at a center city lululemon store. it sent three women to the hospital. >> dramatic new video of a police cruiser chasing another police cruiser. we'll tell you who is behind the wheel. >> good morning, it's 6:30 on this wednesday morning. let's turn to weather and traffic. karen is here along with david who is in blue tut pell mode.
6:31 am
>> yeah, i really am. it's cold enough for that this morning i think guys. we got a bit of an issue for folks on foot and behind wheel. take a look as overnight we've had blowing snow and there might have been a little melting and then a refreeze overnight of some of the snow that melted onto surfaces so look for icy patches as you're walking around or driving around. otherwise lots of sun is on the way. you can see the clouds related to the nor'easter floating away off to the north and a wind out of the north is eroding clouds out to our west. it's going to be a sunny one from start to finish. current temperature though just 20 degrees in philadelphia, 19 in wilmington, 17 in trenton and allentown. 16 in reading. and when you factor in a wind that's dropping down out of the north, it feels like it's seven in philadelphia, 94 allentown, three in reading zero in lancaster, five in wilmington and about eight in wildwood, new jersey. on your smartphone storm tracker 6 app shows 20 right now. it will be 22 by 8 o'clock in philadelphia. and by noon, 30 with a high of 32. we'll probably hit it around 2 o'clock and may be sit on that at 3 o'clock before we start
6:32 am
to dip again. even this afternoon karen wind chills will be in the 20's. what are roads looking like early on. >> because it's so cold david we're seeing slick spots here or there with some of the blowing snow. we have a problem in new jersey mount laurel burlington county a jackknifed tractor-trailer, it's blocking at least the left lane. this is 295 southbound just as you approach route 38. so that's a busy area. expect some delays in this area on 295 southbound coming south of mount laurel in burlington county. in robbinsville mercer county we have a vehicle fire going on right now. i-195 westbound just past the turnpike here crews are out there responding to the scene. we've been scanning all the cameras looking for slick spots and definitely seeing a few here especially on your secondary roads like 202 parkway at county line road. i'm not watching anyone doing any slipping and sliding but you know how this works just one person hits it the wrong way and that's how an accident happens so i would use caution as you're headed out. we're getting reports of icy conditions here in warrington and it's because of snow drifts in the area. county line road right near lower state road, so people have been doing a little slipping and sliding there. i would watch for that as
6:33 am
you're headed out. so a few areas today where we're seeing some icy spots. back to you, matt and tam. >> all right karen. chopper 6 live over breaking news and here's an update. hazmat crews are still focused on the 500-gallon drum its outside of an industrial building in philadelphia's frankford section. they had responded to an ammonia leak at the manufacturing building on dara street about an hour ago and then no one has been evacuated as far as we know. crews are there. they're trying to contain the ammonia leak and also vent it and they seem to be doing it right outside this drum. >> and we want to go on now to some other big news this morning. fire crews have been battling a fire in freezing temperatures at an apartment building overnight. it was a terrifying scene. it had families jumping out of windows fearful for their lives. gets go over to "action news" reporter annie mccormick. she has been live for us in whitemarsh township montgomery county with all the details. good morning. >> reporter: tam, at this hour we can tell you that those 80 people that were
6:34 am
forced out into the cold because of this fire are someplace warm. we are told that the owner of the apartment complex is putting them up in a nearby hotel but it was a dramatic scene earlier today. at least a dozen people arrested with the -- were rescued with the help of quick responderring help of police and fire officials. we're told that from the fire marshal that this all originated in unit b2. in that unit were five people, three of those people transported to the hospital. at least one of those people was then transported to temple hospital for minor burns but all three are expected to be okay. well, this is the video of that fear that broke out just around -- fire that broke out just around 1 o'clock in the morning in the 400 block of south bethlehem pike at the washington towers apartment complex. it took about an hour and a half to get the fire under control. firefighters focused on the second and third floors of the four-story building. they also found fire in the rear of the building. the whitemarsh fire marshal described the rescues about a dozen he says were made. many jumped like this little
6:35 am
girl, her sister and her mom. firefighters also updated us on where the fire spread. >> i was awake and my mom was trying to put her boots on and then she went to the window. i was thinking that i was about to go break my head. >> the fire extended from the second floor through the floor up to the third floor up into the fourth floor and up into the roof area. >> reporter: and the fire marshal telling us this morning that this is still under investigation at this point. he also told us about a year ago that this building was not up to code. however, the owner of the building did cooperate and brought it up to code including adding new fire alarms. we're told that that is a big reason why all these people woke up in time and that 911 calls were made. now, again the people that have been displaced by this fire, we are told by the red cross that two families are getting assistance from the red cross. the rest of them are being put
6:36 am
up in a hotel by the owner of the apartment complex. for now we're live in whitemarsh township, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> developing now jordan state news agency says the middle eastern country is ready to trade a prisoner to free two hostages held by isis. the terror group is threatening to kill a japanese journalist an jordanian pilot in just a few hours from now unless jordan frees a female terror suspect linked to a deadly 2005 attack. secret talks have been held in jordan in an attempt to free the men. again, there is new word that jordan is that ready to make a prisoner swap to free both hostages. >> papers have been filed that could send eric frein to death row. the d.a. in pike county has formally notified the court he will seek the death penalty in the case over the ambush shooting of two pennsylvania state troopers. frein is a survivalist and he led state police on a 48 day manhunt last fall after allegedly targeting the
6:37 am
troopers. one trooper kind the other was seriously wounded. frein is charged with murder terrorism and other offenses. >> three shoppers recovering from being hit by falling bricksly they crashed through the roof of a lululemon store in center city. witnesses said they heard several loud banks and then the roof started caving in. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is live at the big board with details. erin. >> reporter: frightening moments for the people inside that store. we designed a map so we can illustrate and show you exactly where this happened around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. eight employees and five customers were inside lululemon here at 1527 walnut when they heard bricks coming from this neighboring building and 33 crashed into the store and caused the roof to collapse. we also want to show you some pictures of what happened afterwards. you can see the devastation here. pretty significant. the frightening collapse trapped three women who were shopping. two of them had injuries but did manage to free themselves. another was stuck under the
6:38 am
debris. firefighters quickly arrived on the scene and transported the victims to hahnemann. we know now that at least one of those women was leased but the other two remain hospitalized. l and i says the tumbling bricks which caused a 20-foot wide hole in lululemon's roof were from a penthouse elevator shaft from 1529 walnut street where an attorney is the only tenant and he says there's never been any problems with the building. but that's not much consolation to the people who were inside the athletic store during the roof collapse. >> lighting just and the whole ceiling and the roof -- the whatever the side wall, i don't know whatever it was everything came crashing down. >> it just doesn't happen that a building falls on top of another building if it's properly maintained. >> reporter: sources say employees from lululemon were interviewed by central detectives and told them there's been a leak in their roof for weeks but l and i added the owner of that building is cooperating with the investigation. guys, back to you. >> all right, thank you erin. let's turn to dave murphy now, talk about how cold it is
6:39 am
outside. >> cold and windy out there this morning. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we're precipitation free, that's good but as we take a look outside, we are looking at cold conditions. obviously very little cloud cover out there so you're going see lots of sun but it's really not going to help things much. your temperature in the city right now is 20 degrees. your winds are northwest at 13 miles per hour. the air just bone dry. negative one is your dewpoint. real dry crisp air. but with that wind blowing out of the north at 13 miles per hour in philadelphia and in allentown and 15 in wilmington and as always when we show you these wind profiles you can kind of just mix and match and slide these numbers around because everybody is pretty much dropping and rising between these numbers. you do have wind chills that are making it feel like it's in the single digits this morning, so do bundle up because of the wind and the cold temperatures and that wind chill. cloud cover, though, is departing to the northeast along with the nor'easter. dry air coming down out of canada is eroding clouds out by pittsburgh and we are in a big dry slot today. temperatures are going to stay cold. sunny but 22 degrees by 8
6:40 am
o'clock, 28 by 11 o'clock and your high today is 32. but with the wind blowing it will feel like it's in the low to mid-20's even at the best of times and of course a lot worse than that right now. as we take a look at high temperatures from north to south a little bit of a range. only in the upper 20's in trenton allentown and reading. the freezing mark from philadelphia down to wilmington and millville and the mid 30's down the shore this afternoon. everyone dealing with the wind. tomorrow we'll start out sunny but clouds will increase as the day goes on and then late in the day and evening, we'll be looking for a little batch of snow to ride through during the evening hours. could still be right over the region by 9 o'clock and then scooting over to the east by 8:00. doesn't look like a whole lot of snow. the models all forecasting under an inch. i'll allow for a coating to about an inch or so out of that. again, that is tomorrow evening, pretty minor event. your exclusive accuweather accuweather 7-day forecast, 16 is the overnight low. tomorrow morning we'll be waking up with very cold temperatures in philadelphia and some suburbs in the single digits. then we'll get sun giving way to clouds and a high of 35 and you just saw that little light
6:41 am
snow coming through at night. windy with some flurries around on friday, a high of 38. it's possible with a front coming in that we hit that 38 fairly early in the day. then temperatures plunge through the afternoon and overnight low of 11 and that's what you're looking at when you get up early on saturday morning. and then saturday afternoon a fair amount of sun but a high of only 24. so, a quick hit of arctic air on saturday. then sunday we starter out in the teens. we winds up at 33 and sunday afternoon and evening we'll be on the lookout for the arrival of a wintry mix. that continues into monday. monday's high looks like it's going to get high enough to change it over to rain at some point but we could be looking at a period of snow, sleet and rain during the day. >> okay. >> fun. >> thanks, david. >> yeah. >> 6:41 now. up next and brand new you'll see california firefighters pull three young children from a fire. karen. >> we're starting to get heavy on the 30 bypass. this is eastbound as you head towards exton so watch for that. your main roads looking pretty good. just watch for a couple of slick spots. we're getting more details from chopper 6 over that overturned or that tractor-trailer that's jackknifed in new jersey.
6:42 am
all the latest details when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪♪
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6:44 am
>> welcome back. chopper 6 hd is live in burlington county over an accident that karen has been talking about. this jackknifed tractor-trailer here on 295 in south jersey. the tractor-trailer is there in what looks like the snowy median. you can see flashing lights of a fire truck and another emergency vehicle warning that traffic to stay clear. >> just coming in let's go to karen rogers. good morning. >> that's right, and with chopper overhead we can get an idea of what's happening. here's that fed ex truck the
6:45 am
jackknifed. this is all on 295 southbound approaching route 38 which is a busy area in mount laurel burlington county. we've got a heavy duty tow truck on the scene and it looks like they're trying to get ready to straighten this out although the truck itself slipped off the median we can see the crews out there blocking the left lane so you've got one left lane blocked and as chopper zooms out we can see how the traffic is in this area. ahead we have another emergency worker fully blocking the left lane right there and with the snow kind of right off to the median i would watch if there weren't a couple slick spots there that kind of caused the problem. and here we see they've set up the flares and there's that slowing traffic on 295 southbound and as the chopper pans back you really see all the headlights there as people just kind of waiting in line with that left lane being blocked, it doesn't take much to cause a problem in new jersey on 295 and there's that heavy traffic because of this jackknifed tractor-trailer and this is southbound. so if you're heading south of mount laurel in this area on 295 you're going to hit this delay so be careful for that. thanks chopper. if you can use the new jersey
6:46 am
turnpike in that area running very closely parallel. we've got a vehicle fire at i-195 westbound past the new jersey turnpike. crews are out there on the scene. it's now off to the shoulder. and a new accident in upper hanover township. this one coming to us from montgomery county. kutztown road, watch for an accident just coming in. and outside one more time i want to show you this heavy traffic on i-95 at allegheny. already really jammed. southbound 25 minutes from woodhaven to the vine and don't forget we're tweeting out all updates on that jackknifed tractor-trailer and everything else we see with #6abc traffic matt. >> okay karen much thank you. brand new. newly released video gives you an inside look at a fire rescue. four fresno california firefighters are being hailed as heroes for saving three young children. body cameras were rolling as smoke barreled out of the burning apartment. one by one they saved the children who were covered in soot hadn't passed out from the toxic smoke. they believe the children were left home alone. they are currently in critical condition.
6:47 am
>> here's some dramatic video out of western pa of a police cruiser chasing another police cruiser. here's what's going on. officers say roxanne rim are stole that cruiser while her hands were cuffed behind her back. she made it from the back seat through the partition and then took off. watch as she goes hitting her parents' car and then down the road. police initially arrested her for shoplifting. her speeds here reached nearly a hundred miles an hour down two lane roads through beaver county. police are amazed in the end no one was hurt or killed. she was arrested and charged with 29 separate counts. new on "action news" an investigation is now under way after a newborn baby was dropped off at a fire station in colorado. a couple told lakewood firefighters that they were at a wal-mart when they were approached by a woman who said she didn't want the child and gave it to them. firefighters say the baby had just been born and wasn't even completely cleaned off yet. at many places you can legally leave a baby at a hospital or fire station but you cannot give it to other people at a
6:48 am
wal-mart. so police are looking at surveillance video to check out the couple's story. the mother could face criminal charges and the baby is expected to be okay. >> 6:48. we're following a developing story and so is "good morning america." we'll have the latest on a deal to try to free two people who were kidnapped by isis. a live preview is next. david. >> all right, guys it's very cold out there this morning with temperatures in or about 20. we've got wind chills in the single digits so i'm bundling the kids up with all the extra gear. this afternoon also looks chilly. i'll have your day planner forecast in a couple minutes. >> ♪♪
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>> time for the preview of "gma." >> hello amy. >> hey, matt and tam. great to be with you this morning. coming up next on good morning america, recorder snow slams the northeast with 3 feet of snow covering new england. our extreme weather team is live with more on the high winds and devastating coastal flooding this morning. as ginger brings us the latest on a new storm on the way. then a developing story that looming deadline for two hostages held by the terror group isis announced in a video message posted online both threatened with execution. will they be released in time? brian ross has details. the new documentary making allegations against the church of scientology. how the church is firing back this morning. and then it's the the unbelievablely cute "gma" kitten bowl. all the adorable action coming up and then scandal star tony
6:52 am
gold win live. my husband is even stopping by. we'll see how that goes. >> we'll be there. >> we know him a little bit, right. >> little bit. >> little bit. how about the roads up there. you know what, we're starting to get busy on 422. let's take you outside. we'll show you what it looks like here past oaks. that's your eastbound traffic. heavy from oaks to 23. so, it's a slow go on 422 and you could see on the main roads the snow is kind of off to the side. some some pots we have slick areas: mass transit back to normal. market frankford line back to normal. new jersey transit still cross honoring tickets today. >> clouds start to thin out yesterday. clear skies across the region with the promise of plenty of sunshine. if you're running errands you'll need your coat and extra gear. 30 by noon. your high today is going tb 32. i think we'll be sitting on that between 2 o'clock and 3 o'clock. fairly blustery wind today so it will feel like it's in the 20's even at the best of times. we'll be right back with your top stories.
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>> ♪♪ >> 6:55. our top stories here. this one is breaking. jackknifed tractor-trailer they're working on it right here on i-295 in south jersey. chopper 6 is overhead. we'll get an update from karen in literally seconds from now. a hazmat situation in philadelphia's frankford section has just been placed under control. crews investigated the pop
6:56 am
ammonia leak from a 500-gallon drum outside a manufacturing building. no injuries have been reported. police and firefighter went above and beyond to rescue several people from a fire. it broke out overnight at the washington towers apartments in whitemarsh township montgomery county. 80 people were forced out. three people were hurt. >> we have a new accident right on the schuylkill expressway. we see it here with police and the flashing lights blocking the left lane. this is the schuylkill eastbound past city avenue. just happened a minute ago and we're already pretty heavy here eastbound passing the scene. let's go back to that chopper shot with this jackknifed fed ex truck we see blocking the left lane. looks like they have a heavy duty tow truck on the scene trying to get ready to pull this out of the median but the left lane blocked on 295 southbound approaching route 38 is jammed, dave. >> all right, karen. well, take a look. we are cold right now. 20 degrees in philadelphia. the teens in the northern suburbs. and of course we got wind chills in the single digits for north to south and the poconos that just went up from zero or negative one to zero so there you go. feels like it's six in
6:57 am
philadelphia. 30 well below average and the winds stay a part of the package all day long. how about that low of 16 tonight. >> how about it? those roads look like they'll be busy this morning. we'll be back in 30 minutes with the latest. for karen matt, dave, i'm tam. have a great wednesday. >> see ya'.
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good morning, america. millions in the northeast digging out from that record-setting storm. three feet of snow blanketing some areas. cars hidden under the snow. >> this is horrible. we walked this wall yesterday and it's gone. >> high winds and flooding devastating coastal towns. the ocean surging into homes. thousands without power right now. and now another storm on the way. breaking now, terror trade. time running out for those two hostages being held by isis. the brutal group demanding a prisoner swap this morning for this failed female suicide bomber. negotiations happening right now. brian ross along with the latest. under fire. scene to go the target of a brand-new documentary. the church of tom cruise and so many other stars fighting back this morning. what they're saying about the latest allegations. ♪ >> look it's buddy. i'm so glad


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