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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  January 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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d bandit in the act, this is surveillance video from monday when 20-year-old russell mason watts allegedly walked into a dunkin' donuts in olney and tried to hold the place up with a gun but two officers interrupted his plans and took him down. sara bloomquist is live in the 6200 block of north front street. what are the officers saying tonight. >> reporter: jim, these veteran philadelphia police officers couldn't believe what they were seeing, they had just been inside of the dunkin' donuts doing a routine security check and watched as a masked man walked into the restaurant and they walked behind and what happened next was captured on surveillance camera. >> we couldn't believe. >> officers sherman and austin took us back to sunday morning, the fifth district undercover officers were assigned to check
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on businesses in olney, they just went into the dunkin' donuts and saw a man walk up and pull down a halloween mask and walk inside. >> ten feet away from us and goes in. right behind him. >> the rest was captured by surveillance cameras as the officers moved in and they walked up behind the unsuspected suspect who was now holding a gun, i put the gun to him and said please get down on the ground and he complied. >> i covered him from the door and took control and he complied and weren't right down and we had that under control there and disarmed him and cuffed him up. >> they got him quick. >> nobody got hurt that is a good thing. >> is he behind bars where he should be. the suspect, russel mason watts is this man caught on surveillance robbing a family dollar store from the same complex a week earlier, a week
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later another district officer chuck cassidy was shot and killed when he checked on a dunkin' donuts and walked in on a robbery in process. the officers are getting high praise from police brass while keeping everyone including the suspect safe. >> it could have turned bad on them, they used their heads and were calm and did what they had to do. >> officer sherman has 25 years on the job in april and officer austin is a philadelphia police officer for 37 years neither has ever foil aid crime in progress like this. tonight mason watts is charged with multiple counts of armed robbery and remains behind bars. sara bloomquist channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. some residents jumped from their balconies to escape a fire. the flames erupted at 1:00 at
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the washington towers complex. one officer when to the hood of his cruiser to help rescue a family of five and crews used ladders to rescue people from the upper floors. the three women injured yesterday at the lululemon store are out of the hospital tonight. what we learned was that the result of bricks on the store's roof could have been ever so much worse. david ry ryis live. >> what is the latest? >> you talk about getting hit by a ton of bricks, in this case it was like two tons of bricks that came tumbling down off that wall, six stories above the lululemon store. investigations are underway as officials try to determine how it happened and could it have been prevented.
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>> investigators and lni were on the scene longing at the building for trouble. they removed more loose bricks and capping what was left of the wall, a 30 foot section of wallle with a stone cap, that is upwards of two tons of debris sent through the roof of the clothing store. three 27-year-old women suffered minor injuries when rafters and debris came tumbling down inside of the store they were taken to the hop where they were treated and released. weather appears to be one factor behind the collapse, a combination of ice and heavy wind but what caused the structural weakness remains part of the investigation, no word on when the building was last inspected and what if any maintenance was performed on the wall in recent years the
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building is cited four times since 2006 under the previous owner but none of the violations were structural. >> the building is owned by pearl properties they own many businesses in center city, the owner has not responded to me for comment. david henry channel 6 "action news." two brothers accused of stealing $100,000 worth of sewer grates when before a judge in king of prussia they waived their preliminary hearing then are accused of stealing 269 grates from towns across the delaware valley they both remain in jail on $3000 jail. word is that the philadelphia inspector general finished a probe into thedepartment.
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"action news" reporter chad pradelli. >> reporter: jim sources tell "action news" that two battalion chiefs are involved in this sex scandal and so far the city has been hushed but we uncovered some of the alligations. >> sex in firehouses and ambulances while on the job that is what sources say is at the heart of a sex scandal that has careers in jeopardy the alleged sexual misconduct after a young female paramedic filed an equal opportunity commission complaint alleging sexual harassment this summer. it was learn that the paramedic had sexual relations with a dozen firefighters on and off duty and two battalion chiefs are among those that had sex with the accusers. derek sawer referred questions
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to the mayor's office and we caught up with the mayor after an event in old city. >> it's a personal matter and we'll go through it in the regular course of business we'll sort through what has been alleged and try to figure out how to go forward in a reasonable responsible fashion. >> sources say that the sex was concensensual but the woman says she felt pressure and has proof. the detectives interviewed her and said she did not want police involvement and it was referred to the office of the inspector general, the results have not been released. local 22 they represent firefighters and paramedics, and they released a statement that reads we are aware of the
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complaint but cannot comment because we don't know the conclusions in the i gxg's report. >> they expect the inspector general report to be released sometime next week. chad pradelli channel 6 "action news." a delegation from the democratic national committee is visiting philadelphia this week and mayor michael nutter is expected to lead a tour of the city's venues and historical highlights as the dnc nears a decision for its convention in 2016. but the main order of business this week is the main house caucus this week, they are meeting at the main society hotel to develop strategies for the next two years, president obama will attend the conference tomorrow and vice president biden will be here on friday. in other political news, dr.
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valerie r. kush is chosen for the board of commission unders the seat opened when tom wolf chose richards to join his cabinet. kush finished last in the primary to fill the position vacated by allison schwartz. the bankrupt revel casino is getting a break on taxes the shutter casino was set to pay quarterly taxes on sunday and now can pay less than $2 million, the sale of the revel to a florida developer for $95 million is set to close on february 7th. philadelphia city council held a meeting today on a wage tax. now residents pay almost 4% and legislation would reduce that rate to just over 2% over 10 years, among those testifying is
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a professor of economics and the president of the business district. coming up philadelphia mayor, michael nutter takes a test drive to kick off this year's philadelphia auto show. i'm annie mccormick at the music cool despite sunshine, temperatures were stuck in the mid-30s and windchills in the 20s and i'm tracking a cold night followed by a touch of snow in the forecast. ducis rogers with a major shakeup in the phillies front office, and it's not what you might think. "action news" continues in just a moment.
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we'll see more and more of this as we get closer to philadelphia's world meeting of famliz, catholic schools are celebrating the pope's visit to philadelphia. >> reporter: mass was different today at saint andrew catholic school in newtown students sang prayers and hymns in a variety of languages it's school hallways are dedicated to different countries. these preschoolers got their own unofficial passports. >> today we are celebrating familyies awell as kultd tour and faith and how all three work together. >> it's catholic school week across the country.
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they chose this theme instead. since the world meeting of families attended by the pope himself in september, is in their backyard. >> who is coming in september? >> the pope. >> they are understanding the historic significance of the papal visit. >> everybody is excited that the pope is coming and we are enjoying a bunch of stuff like this catholic schools week. >> hundreds of catholics from across the globe will bring their traditions with them. >> we learn in school where he goes in a sense and how he sees it's country in a different way and the catholic faith in different countries. >> it has changed the way we as catholics view the world. >> on the day that the pope is in philadelphia students across the matcharchdiocese are off from school. annie mccormick, channel 6
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"action news." the 2015 philadelphia auto show is underway unofficially. mayor michael nutter took part in the ceremonial drive-in this afternoon this year's show featured 700 vehicles from 40 different car makers and it opened to the public on saturday please join ducis rogers and adam joseph and karen rogers and alicia vitarelli and melissa magee for a full preview of what you can see at this year's show, that is saturday night at 7:00 on channel 6.
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this doesn't come as a complete surprise but there say change at the top for the phillies. >> david montgomery returns as chairman bill giles will now be the getting the title of chairman aemeritus but gillic
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will remain as president. montgomery says this was a collective decision amongst all the phillies partners. >> the reality is i probably needed to take a step back over time, the discussion became not just when but in what capacity and i think it's a great opportunity for me and i hope i can continue to serve the phillies well. >> to the ice the flyers will host winnipeg tomorrow and for the first time in a while it seems the goalie situation has stabilized. steve mason came on in relief of a struggleing emory and his lower body injury is hopefully a thing of the past. >> it felt great waking up this moning, it was a great sign, we are looking forward to just having a strong stretch run here. >> lynch stole the show
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yesterday at super bowl media day by not answers questioning and today lynch met with reporters again and the i'm just here so i won't get fined was replaced with another catch phrase. >> how are you feeling today? >> you know why i'm here. >> you know why i'm here. >> he said that 14 times. >> life is precious the eastern high school girls basketball team learned that earlier this month and now the girls are teaching us what it means to be a family. jeff skversky has the story. >> every time they suit up they honor one of their own. >> the eastern high school girls basketball team is sporting the initials mb on their warm-up jerseys to honor a 1993 grad nicole born died suddenly this
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move after coming down with complications of the flew. >> she is in our hearts. >> to her an athlete who was healthy. >> christian her friend and former teammate is now the vikings assistant coach. it was her who came up with the idea to wear nd on their sleeve. >> when i see it on their sleeve i get filled with pride and happy that the kids stepped up and did that for her and her family. so appreciative of this gesture nicole's family wanted to see it with their own eyes and nicole's family gary addressed the team zbll you don't know what that means to us. what you did. to think about nicole and to be able to go out and do something like this, and keep her and our memory, it just speaks volumes. >> this is a tribute for one of
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the great of the athletes in eastern history. and her memory lived on through this team. >> it's remarkable there a generation apart but the young girls doing something special. coming up cecily tynan has the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a minute.
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chilly today. let get to accuweather's cecily tynan. are you not accuweather's cecily tynan, are you "action news's"
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cecily tynan. >> for 19 years. you just wasted 15 seconds of my time. we have dry conditions out there tonight, i want to show you time lapse sunset in senter city if it were 40 degrees warmer it would be a beautiful beach day, clear skies and the sunsetting at 5:14 and the daylight hours are getting longer, we had a bitter cold start to the day and tonight is cold again and tonight it's all about the windchills in philadelphia they dropped down to 6 degrees and the poconos the windchill 13 durings below 0, and trenton and wilmington the windchill down to 14 degrees tonight we have the perfect setup for a very cold night. it's called rational cooling,
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clear skies and calm winds and snow pack the heat that the earth absorbs radiates in the atmosphere and temperatures are dropping quickly. right now 32 degrees in philadelphia, down from 35 and millville 29 and allentown 28 and reading 27 and the poconos 20 degrees, you factor in the winds and they are 5 to 12 miles per hour. and the windchill make its feel like 24 in philadelphia and it felled like 19 in wilmington and pomona 19 and 18 in reading. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have a void of clouds for that sinking air over us. the winds are diminishing overnight and the winds are not a factor and the temperature itself is really nose diving and the coldest morning so far this year was january 8th we dropped down to 9. certainly these numbers will get
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your attention when you step out tomorrow. allentown 3 and trenton 8 and millville down to 11 degrees, future tracker showing tomorrow morning we start the day with mostly sunny skies at 7:30 and as we head through the day the clouds roll in at lunch time and thicken in the afternoon and thursday even i'm tracking a weak system that moves through that will bring us some brief snow, 9:00 thursday night it's moving through and rain across south jersey and the good news about this, it's a fast moving system and doesn't have a lot of moisture and it moves out quickly well in time for the morning commute. this is what we are expecting not a big storm a coating to 1 inch along the i-95 corridor and the far northern suburbs 1 to 2 inches of snow. this is a minor event. the exclusive accuweather forecast we cloud up 35 degrees and light snow on friday and windy and high 38 degrees and we hit that early wind gusts of 30
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to 40 miles per hour and that pulls down extremely cold air for saturday 26 degrees and on sunday, we cloud up 33 degrees and sunday night into monday some moisture moving up from the south, the big question to the track, it could bring us snow or a mix and 35 degrees and behind that back down into the 20s on tuesday and wednesday not quite as brutal with a high of 35 degrees. >> cecily thank you. abc world news is next on channel 6. and we continue at 10:00 with "action news" on phl 17. for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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on this wednesday night, the new storm coming from the midwest to the east. just as millions still recover from the first one. the devastation, homes destroyed. thousands without power tonight. plus the breaking headline. the earthquake in california. getting into isis? should a deal be made to release this woman, an attempted suicide bomber? brian ross tonight, and the white house responds. the two college athletes now facing decades in prison tonight. and now, the new case. the star swimmer, charged. what's happening on college campuses? the mansion fire mystery. the cause just revealed. the danger in every home. and, the church of scientology under fire tonight. its biggest star tom cruise and the new documentary. was the church worried about nicole kidman? the church firing back tonight.


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