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tv   Action News  ABC  January 29, 2015 1:36am-2:12am EST

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♪♪ "action news," delaware vly's ading ns program with m gardne >> for the 13 people inside of the ste a terfying moment wtho rni. amost two ns of bricks
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crash to the ceiling of lluloin ceer cy. tr women were hu tonig w he from one of them. >>wnesday night, the big story "action newstonight i itn exclusive first-hand acnt of throof collapse yet at 1h and walnut. "ction ns" rerter kneth moton is le at the sce. kenneth you've got the full so? > j this young woman rceived an m.r.i. tonight, a cup of hrs afterhe spoke with us. w len l of e vicms are from philphia, mntmery county. allre 27 years old. all are friends. andll went through a very tautic eerience inside of tis store. tnht thesa new images of the scary scene inside of lulumon just ments aer tumbng bricks caused the roof to cave in on this young woman. > i thought i was going to die. li i thoug that my life was oer. > we promised t 27-year-old we wouldot share h identity.
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andhe told "action ne" she ad the other two victims of the caps on walnut street are frids mti up athe ppur store yeerday f sopping. mnes lar ey ard the noe. >> ihink we hed the nse agai b by that time the ceing h just collapsed. >> tons of debris crashed down on thwomen. > i was kind of sck under some of the rubb a screaming fr help. i saw my two friends, they we alto wk ay. anty tried to co ba and hlme. >>hrest of is a blur for the sohhiladpa chart schl tcher as they carried her a other victims out on strcr sfringoncussionsnd a numbeof injuries. te breaks falling from 1529 lnut on to lululemon. city ipeors and private-red engineers on the se securi the wall. ica wind caus the bris to loosen on t nearly 90-ye-old building. te ct did not want to diuss the investigation. the womais still in shock she
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amost lostelifwhi shoppingor headband. > we're all really rlly emotional and shaken up. w a lucky to beere. it could ha bn a lot worse. >> a they say torrow this walon walnut will be secured uing temporary braising. adhe r time lululemon is speing o sayg it will spportheloye and customers. ad i primaryonce is tir saty. w e to t victims, it could take weeks or mo to rcor from their injuri. reporng live in center city kenneth mon channel nw" > thk yo >> theananted for attacking a female high school student on asep trolley turd himlf in. teolice s damon oliver is tean seenn video cps punching a 17-year-old girl.
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h s apparently infuriated about being bumped by her backpack. >> hth belford of lnale,me policeay she stole aost $11,000 from two scout oopwhere she was a leade "con ne" porr dann cear is live in upp proven tnship wre both rs re based. whas the story? > oe a absolutely stunned tat see would be heartless a steal a the money from a cb scout pack andirl scout troop. nowele e trying to figu otowhey a goingo rplace allf that meyo sonsoactiviti f t ki. >> and to t republic for which i stands -- > these c scos rangi in ae fm 7-10 years old are taught about honor and respect. howo be self-sufficient. to ab to afford to do things > ua to go camping, want to do these other ativies, that y ne to go otndartha > the police he it right,
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3-yrld hther bford tut em an a-gether differe lson, how to make of with other people mon after she allegedly cleaned out not just the cub scout bank acot but that of t girl scout trp. >> we found the cub scouts lost over $3,000 and the gl scouts lst or $7,000. >> and the mbe of the pack woed all year-round to raise theone >> we sold pots of popcorn. we sold some cups. >> and how do u feel now > sa >>he police s belford accessed theundshrough her positi witthe ornition. > son said it best that it was veryad to know that they workedo hd for a of this and he it in a matr of days taken away from them. >> belford was said n to be home wn we went to g h sdof the story. in an apparent act of remorse the parts say she gave back 35
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der pine kits. >> and i don't ow what she was goi too wh the cars when she stole the money to buy make up. it mes me so m. >> and chaed with countses of teft and related expenses released $5,000 unsecured ba. i yowod like to help the cb scouts and girl scouts i tweeted on how you can do so on my twitter page at dn cuellar. >> thank you. the temperare is sinking serious deps tonight. the pedestrians on walnut street i center city philadelphia are buned up. >> e temperatures in pilalph drping down into teeens. a t of surbs a droppg dowin theingle digits. rght n philadelphia still holding at 30 degrees. but pitburgh is 16 degrs.
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bua is 13 degrees. w ill have a lite bit of a bree, but once the win dinish we'll get good radiation cooling. tis is when the winds e calm the skies are clear. a little bit of fresh snpack so any heat that the earth absorbs from the sun during the day literal radias io the atmphe. we don'tave a deck of clouds to act as a blanket and that means the temperaresildp of ve qckly in the oeightours. tiishate're looking at ey tomorrow morning. philadelia down to 16 degrs. radin4. wilmingn 15. mllville 11. ad aentown the morning low down to 3 degrees. stli 6 and action radar showing the high eurove us morrow. theit kisut to sea. teowreure ne chicago, that will move in tomrow night andri us a period of some light snow. ill talk more aut that and trk even cder air on the way i t accuweath seven-day frect jm? >> ank u, cecily. people across newngland ae sti dging out from
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yesterdas record-breaking blizrd. 3 ches osnow a 8-mile-an-ur winds btered the msachuses coast li leaving homes, boats a cars encased in ice. and the utilities crews had to hamm throu to store py. ad the firefighters raced to ucover hydrants and the recovery will he sl. t philadelphia pofrgs kingown a gun-tong roer. from t olney dunkin' donuts hwhe plain-clothed cops sneak u on the bandit a put a g to his head. toght hear from them and teask may have been the ssct's big mistake. >> he wks arnd lked in, sees no patrons and pulls the mask down0 feet ay fm us and goes in. >> ene oped the door
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he had no door. witthe mk on he couldn't see oui. ito >> a we went in and our training to over. w went in d it hpened so quick. >> officers anony sherman and ofir austin are veterans saying they werin the right place at the right time. reing high prai. > they used good tactics. it could have turned bad on them bthey we calm and did what ey had to do. very pud of th. >>he suspect, russell mason wtts was also caut on video robbing a family dolr store in the same shopping complex a week ao h isacg multiple robbe charg d he remains behind ba. residts much a whitemarsh artment mpl were forced to jump from the balconi elier today. sprdg mrt washington
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twerbefore 10 this morning and many families handed children down to waiting emeency crew btn one case a police offir ued his cruer as a lding pd to rescue five people. fortunatelynobyas seriously hurt. >>rom r delaware ns room toght dozens gathed in wilmington rlyor peace early tonight. a antiviolence vigil brought togethepolice politicians, cley, community activists and other adryg to find solutns and prers in the wake of people being shot sce fray. >> however, there is legal poe in the city'sost rent murder. te wmington police chaed 22 yar old mcneil in yesterday' day shooting. ad clark was wilmington's six hocide victim of t new year. and a major health warning about ecigarettes. >> mystery solved.
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institors fure out wt kild sixeople at a maryland manonire. >> a it's no houdini act, wait until you see the extraordina escape this ha-cuffed womanade fm ple in pennsylvania. >>nd the tap water that nbodyaso drink. >>nd cecily tynan returnsor achance for a coating of snow tomorr. and dis dgerwith t sa- the phillies front office enacti news" cnnues tonight.
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or visit he srn pennsyania woman snned pole by first steing one their cruisers then leading them on a higspeed chase all the while hand cuffed. i started with roxanne reimer was pulled over for shopliftin
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they ffed her and put her in e back seat. seent throughhe partition t e driver'seat and l the plicen a 10ile cse reaching speeds of 100 miles per huwhile aringith her knees. pli say reimer was caught wenhe tried to dch the crs. >> christmas tree to blame fr the fire killing six membe of a faly. they believe an electril spark startedhe tree. it kled executi don pyle his wife sandy and their four yog grandchildren. >>a california communi is cnrned about wt's comg ot their faucets. the water is inky black. ad setimes they say it is sludgy and alys smelly. the utility company flued the ln saying it safe but do
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not ow what caused the discolorion siissd an ultate may ate relse this woman from a jdanian jail tomorrow or the jorni pilot and a japanese hst ang will be killed. te man is a oneime would-be hols bomber linked to alnwn. they e demanding the swap for theease of the pilot the japanese host among, a freelance jurnalt caught in syria. israel suck back against hezboah hzllah . and today israel fired at locationsn lebanon. and spaing fierce for another wa he country is graful f your service what psident oamsaid to the defense scrary chuck hagel today in a cemony mking h departure.
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sayg at he strengthened prtnerships in the midd s and launcd refor that positionet military for the fture. >> publican lawmakers advised loretta lch don be eric holr, the main message at ln's confirmion hearing today prede obama's choe to sced e departing holder. she told the committee if confirmed she would be hersel tat s would be loretta lynch. t top docratic reprentates in the country ae in philadelia tonight. aheaof predent oba's visit here tomorrow. secity is visible oside of te sherin society hotel. and saking to the congress on fid as the congress men and women strategize about mddlclass issues. >> th is present obama returng herom his overseas trip to saudi arabia and india, abod the aconic air force one.
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the presidential pla did to gt upgre. the pentagon will release the 747s from the 1990s with bons newest version of the 748 a lighter, faster and bigger more fu-eicient jumbo jt. >> the state of cifornia wrni sious language tonig about the dangers of eeconic carettes declari tee a heah threat. thetate says in no uncertain trmshat while not as harml a conveional cigarettes ecirettesre not harmless. th a not se que/unquot te caforn pl heal deptment ofcia report that exhit e e e tey ha ccer causing prle. and ty are pushing to get them
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teed like tobacco products a regul -- regulation in piladelphia. nd delare adopted a resolution allong pple to uen a on their phone as their officl linse. te dision of mor vehics says testing could begin soon. al today the d.m.v. announced it will again allow smiles on your driver'lense photoaph origilly the state bd sles bcau lits in e facial recognition software. te goal was to prevent identity atit but that softwe has ben upgrad to once ain al grins, which wou be no pobm for me because ion't grin for a driver's license photo. > do. m passport they d't let you smile and it loo like a mug sho yeah. >> u havtbe seriou >> n you have to sme. [laughter] > let's get to tt argument
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durg the commcial ad stotracker 6 double sn showi clr coitio tonig. lve ink6 loong at the center ci skyle. sies are clr, however we hav alileit of a wind out of the northwest at 7 mil ahour in philadelia this aowed some mixing. the temperatures haven dropped that mh ye hov, tyill in the oerght hours. 2 greesow in philadelphia. millville 25. altown . rei 23. wlnon 25 deees. and wi the winds gerally 5-10 milepehou we have abit of a wind chill factor. fesike 22 in philadelph fee li 15 in trenton and rei. 1 in lancaster and 19 in wiiton. andeeli 1in millvill satelte 6 and actn radar shonwe a in the clear right no the cloud are across weste pennsylvia. tewille moving in during the day tomorrow but the morning rush and the bus stop forast, it wilbe sun but it will be cold. the winds by then will be ca.
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ad in philadelphia at 6:00 down to 17 degrees. only up to 18 degrees by 8:00. and a lot of the suburbs will be i the sgle digits tomorrow morning. and bdle up the kids. b luntime clos are advancing om the west ahead of thfast-moving system tt will bings a period of sn. loo like it is holding off for the evening community. at 9:00 we get a period of snow a little rain across south jerse adheit's outf he by 1:00 in the mornin aquick-tter not accounting to much. suth jseynd central and southn delare probly a fwa showers. pilalph and immediaterea into south jersey wilmington and trenton the i-95 corridor a coatg to an inch. thear northe suburbs 1-2 in asuch ofno tmorr clouds up33 degrees. a rd of snow torr ght is ouof here
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well in time for the morning coute. and then windy and arctic fnt moves through bringing us a few flures and 38 the hi. hitti that elynd tmratur oppg bu of throh the 20s. and saturday wind chills in the morning below zero across t bard. 21 below zeros in the poconos at 7:30 730. ad th ndacuds and 33 deges. ad monday moiure fm the sou bringing possibility sow dendinon the tracks. and parts of the viewing area canerai tais upn t ai 35 dges. water happens monday tuesday te atic air returns, windy and co. wedsday nots brutal high of 34 deees. teorl gh this time of yais up to 41. w wl not be anywhere cse to tafor t nexwe. it is gog to stay cold. >> thank you.
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getting revved up for the 215 philalphia internatnal auto show whi had its unofcial opening today. myor michael nutter got behind the wel of a $8,000 aton martin for the ceremonial di-in at the convention cnte noturisinglyll smiles to kck off the sh. oping e public ts wekenwhore than 700 vehicles from 40 automakers. >> 6abc giving you a sneak peek at wt t philalphia itnation auto sw has to offe plee jo us for our speal preview airing this saturday night at 7:00 rightere on cael 6. meanwhile, the philadelpa mseum of art will be the only stop in the united states for a mjor impressionistic exhibit. going on displ this summer "dcovering t iressionist".
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i opens in philadelphia after so in on andaris. good evening everyone. welcome to americs favore game w' coming you from the florida powerball studios and th estimated jackt $2.9 milon. gt t the tickets and let play pwbal teir nber tonight is 4 followedy the number 24. and congrulationso lisa jenngs from lenon, indiana. she won $2 million. theemaining numrs a 12 36 ad the last number tight is 35. nw remember if you mch this powerbalnbeyou arelways a winner. tnight e numr is 1 with the power play multiplier of. lt take one more look at tog's winning numbers
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>> aew man who is actually an old guy, ion't mean in terms of his age, altugh he isn yung. iadigna hole deeper and dee gilck in, mtgomery out. >> a montgomery hanging around a bi dadontme backing a the piles new chairman. bt iis pat gillick who will
2:04 am
run the phillies on a day-to-day bas as the team's prident. he is ing onard. and glick led the team to the '08 wor series title w sheledo take off. afr he underwent cancer treatnt montgomery said it ws collecte decion among al pllies paners. > e reality is tt i pobly needed to take a step back over time,s i said the discussion beme not just when butn what capacity. and i thi it's a great opportunity for me and i hope i can continue to serve the piies we. > we will see how it transte on the field. and the sixers guard elected to ve surgery on the partily tre mcl. nd the rising star chlen a mcdaniels missed the robbery and this kid can jump out of the gy
2:05 am
18 run. and sers up a dozen after one. the second quarter and mcdaniels wi defense and the blocked sho rewarded at the other end. ad they lead by 16. te third quarr a grant hoong up a e sixers with the lgest marn of victory all season winning by 20 89-69. >> ey ma a little bit of a n a then we'd come together as a team wouldn't panic, stayed poise. ad just vedhe bl and just trying to get guys involved and gt them open shots and getood loo. ad gre tm eort and greateam win. >> ill to co on spor checking the college basketball sce. plus if you thought mahawlynch wast takening
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>> clege hoops. dlare loses to jes madis 882. tmplon the road visiting central flida. theirst half jesse mgan a te high 15 points. the owls half time with a 1-inld and cruise from there. andnocking down three thr-ieranthe os win esi 86-6 >>a drexel and northeastn and the juor guard scoring 33 pot more than the rest of hs teammates coined. >> d marshawn lynch stl desn want to risk a fine fm te n and shod up again for the super bowl media seion. likee did yesterday, lynch
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do not answ a single qutn. h st repeats the tng. > marshawn how are you feeling today? >> y know why i here. >> [laughr] >> y know why i'm here. yu knowhy i'mere. >> he sd that4 times. yesterdaw 29. > moving in the right drtn. immy kmel live nt folwed "nightline." ad jimmy's guests are david becam el mcpherson and music fom dce joy. and "acon news"ontin at 4:. now for the eire "actionews" tea i'm jim gardner. gonight. ♪♪
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