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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  January 29, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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hi, everybody it's 5:00 a.m., january 29. we're following breaking news. a driver is shot behind the
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wheel and ends up crashing into a house in philadelphia. >> thieves take an opportunity to grab lieutenant from lululemon store that suffered a devastating roof collapse. >> accuweather is tracking brief snow showers that will pass through later today. >> details from david and karen. good morning. >> reporter: we're starting out cold we'll get sunshine early but obviously there are clouds to the west and precipitation mixed in with the clouds. that will be here later on this evening. temperature under clear skies 22 degrees in philadelphia. we've dipped to 19 in wilmington. 9 in reading, 12 in millville. in some places we're getting down to the single digits, or have arrived there. sun gives way to clouds during the day. 31 by noon, 3:00 p.m., 35 that's the high. 6:00 p.m., 32 degrees not much wind out there today but clouds gathering and later on in the evening hours we've got this area of precipitation that is
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pushing toward the east. you can see it's snow to the north, a mixed in middle and rain to the south. we'll get that tonight. went to amount -- it won't amount to a whole lot but we'll have a range of accumulations. >> reporter: warm up your car. we have a disabled vehicle on the shoulder south philadelphia i-95 at broad street. we have a tow truck on the scene. at least someone there to help him out. i-95 will close around 6:15 and # 30:00 when the travel travels from the airport to society hill. watch for those closures and restrictions later on. mlk drive is reopened. no problems here, it has been closed for construction. it was scheduled to reopen at 5:00 a.m., i don't think you need to take kelly drive any longer for that. in camden, mount ephraim avenue and collings avenue they are
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doing emergency water main repair. expect delays, what they are doing, traffic will alter nate in the northbound lanes until 8:00 a.m. this morning tam. >> thank you karen. we have breaking news, two people were killed in a house fire in south philadelphia overnight. this happened on the 400 block of daily street at 1:30. a man in his 50s and a woman who were killed. the fire is not considered suspicious. breaking this morning philadelphia police are looking for the gunman who shot two men inside a minnie van. that minivan ended up slamming into a house. eva pilgrim is along the 5500 block of north american street and that's where she picked up the story. >> reporter: a van into a house in the olney section has turned into a double shooting that has become a homicide investigation. it happened at 12:45 a.m. at
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north american street and clarkson avenue. the 24-year-old in the van was shot in the head and dried. the 20-year-old was shot in the head and hand and police said he never told police he or the passenger were shot. >> one was exiting the minivan from the rear seat. the other passenger was in the front passenger seat. medics took both of these victims who were bleeding from the head, medics took them both to einstein hospital. at einstein hospital they realized that both the passengers were shot in the head. >> reporter: now, that 20-year-old is in critical condition right now. take a look at what police found in the van. not only did they find a gun but they found what appears to
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be marijuana. police tell "action news" they think the two were shot before the van crashed from inside the van. witnesses report three people running from the area. l&i has determined at that time house is safe for the family to stay. there were five people inside at the time of the accident. they were not hurt. we're here in the olney section eva pilgrim channel 6 "action news." >> what a scene, thank thank you, eva. >> police are investigating a burglary at the lululemon store along the 1500 block of walnut in center city. police found the door smashed andlothes strewn along the sidewalk. >> police say a southwest philadelphia man shot and killed his girlfriend. it happened at a home on on the 2600 block of mulford street.
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the woman died at the hospital. the son of the 64-year-old suspect rushed to the scene and was distraught over what happened. >> he is my dad he'll be behind bars, you know. it's going to be hard, man seeing my dad behind bars. >> charges have not yet been filed, that man's dad, 64 years old remains in police custody. >> the man wanted for attacking a female high school student on a septa trolley turned himself in. police say damien oliver was seen on video punching the girl. the victim suffered a broken nose and swollen eye and bruises. oliver was arraigned last night and bail set at $25,000. jury selection is expected to continue continue in the case
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of a rite aid manager. the 42-year-old was shot and killed during a robbery in chester in september 2013. david wiggins and two others face murder robbery and exposure charges. president obama is set to arrive in philadelphia today for an important gathering of his fell democrats. security sweeps were underway at the society hill hotel where a large delegation of democrats are holding their annual caucus. vice president joe biden will be here tomorrow. >> i hope this means we'll get16 national convention. >> reporter: it would be good for the economy. storm tracker 6 live showing the stars above the city and eventually sunshine before the clouds get thicker later in the day. we're cold, 22 in philadelphia. 13 in allentown.
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9 in reading. 12 in millville. one single digit on the map so far and we my wind up with a couple before the day is done. we'll see the clouds increase during the day. up in allentown we're looking at a chilly high of 32 degrees and increasing clouds and evening snow. down the shore looks like it's a sun to clouds kind of afternoon ahead with evening rain for the most part. 40 degrees is the high in atlantic city. so a little milder. in philadelphia, we'll go for a high of 35. sun and clouds, not much wind out there. the winds is averaging about 4 to 8 miles per hour right now at the airport, they are technical calm. 22 degrees is the 8:00 a.m. temperature, so still pretty cold toward the end of the rush. 28 by 11:00. we'll get above the freezing mark. 34 at 2:00, 35 at # p.m. that will be the high. 6:00 p.m. we're dry but the clouds are thicker.
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during the evening hours we'll see a sweep of snow come through. it will be rain down south and more snow up to the north as you can see. in the event hours things taper down to flurries or scant snow showers in the morning. future tracker 6 has shown that in the last couple of days in the poconos. it's small accumulations anywhere from a coating to an inch. if you look at the same models in allentown you get better noons, but low. so our snowfall map will mirror when you just saw. a coating to an inch in the central region and one to two up north an rain down south. it won't be a whole lot, all right? the cold front that's producing tonight's precipitation gets on out of here. we'll see the numbers bump earlier in the day and after that it gets colder in the
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afternoon and way colder at night. the high today 35 degrees, clouds increasing, as you just saw we get snow this evening. tomorrow it's cold and windy. tomorrow night down to 11 and much colder on saturday, high of 26. on sunday night into monday morning, that's the time period to watch models as you would expect this far out are all over the place we're looking at either snow or mix some models i looked at the last few hours want to make this rain and others make it snow. we're honing in on wintry precipitation. >> we have more news you didn't see last night. police are called to check out a suspicious package in san francisco and make a gruesome discovery. >> a canadian boy learns the hard way what happens when you
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put your tongue on cold surfaces. >> reporter: we're clear and dry not too many problems at fayette street. we'll look at bucks county coming up. >> the a candy maker cooks up a sweet treat in honor of the deflate gate investigation. you'll have to wait until the morning buzz. #
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>> 5:13, take a look at spring mountain, they have a 30 to 40-inch base, they are opening things up for folks this afternoon. >> let's head over to karen rogers for the morning commute good morning. >> reporter: checking the
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suburbs at this hour, sometimes you have to wake up earlier in the suburbs to get going. this is morrisville bucks county route 1 approaching pennsylvania avenue. no problems, good shot of the roads, clear and dry. with the freezing temperatures you could see a slick spot here other there but we're not seeing too much of that going on. let's look at the maps, take you to new jersey, belmawr, 295 both ways between 42 and 168 we have construction and that has cleared, so things are moving better right there. we have no major problems on 295, the noon turnpike. the -- new jersey turnpike. lansdale northeast extension we have roving crews that has stopped. if you're heading to the northeast extension you should be in good shape out there. let's check the commuter traffic report, you get to be part of
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that when you download the free waze app. become a member of the 6abc team. a pothole on the road mill road in radnor township. that's the thing i've been noticing on waze. and many people are part of the our 6abc team. she has her logo right there. it's # -- 6 degrees in martins creek, 16 in center city. 11 in browns mills, 13 in glassboro. get your car warmed up. >> this new at 5:00 a.m. police responded to reports of a suspicious package near the twitter headquarters in san francisco. what they found was a suitcase stuffed with human body parts. they have not released any information about the victim and detectives are looking for surveillance video. a mother in ontario can in a is looking for answer after
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her 4-year-old son got that, they were stuck on a frozen window on the school bus. he was crying for help, the mother said he sits behind the bus driver. the mother doesn't know how long he was stuck but it was long enough to leave him with a swollen tongue and lip. it ritzes questions about how kids are treated on school buses. a flyers are on a two-game winning streak. the sixers won! at home last night they snapped their 6 game losing streak. michael carter williams, and nerlens noel will take part in the rising star challenge at the all star game. tony roten has elected to have surgery ons partially torn acl. #
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>> more and more philadelphians
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are ditching their cars and taking two wheeled transportation and that is given giving seasoned thieves the opportunity to make fast cash. wendy saltzman has a special report on "action news" at 11:00. >> reporter: there's no denying philadelphia has become one of the hottest spots for hot bikes. theives so daring they stole this police bike in broad daylight. >> brazen and bold. >> reporter: tonight at 11:00 we'll show you surveillance video to show you the way the chris are targeting -- chris are criminals are targeting now and show you the hot spots you want to avoid so you don't become a victim. >> these guys knew what they were doing. >> reporter: i'll have the exclusive investigation tracking where and how the criminals are stealing from you coming up on "action news" tonight apt 11:00. >> reporter: we'll be watching that tonight.
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we'll be sleeping. i was -- we'll be wondering what the special report is about. northbound ben franklin bridge is clear. mass transit is looking good. >> reporter: karen, we're dressing the kids because we're very cold, we'll have highs in the 30s. in philadelphia during the day at the bus stop, 31 degrees by noon, 35 is the high we'll be back down to the freezing mark at 6:00 p.m. and this evening we have light snow passing through. the wide view on radar shows you the system popping in toward ohio. cincinnati is getting rain out of that. florida is clear gulf coast okay. precip to the west. on the big board we're looking at all green aircraft.
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clear skies in a lot of our most frequently traveled destinations, tam. >> the state of california is taking a hard stand against electronic cigarettes. while they are not as harm. as conventional cigarettes. they are not safe. they have cancer-causing chemicals. advocates claim that ecigarettes can help smokers quit. a new study of over over-the-counter drugs such as benadryl lead to dementia. the researchers found who took more drugs that work on the in central nervous system are likely to develop dementia.
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a lot of people take these kind of drugs, don't panic but check in with your doctor if you have questions. the united states of america will continue to fly a plane built in the united states of america. here's abc's america's money. >> reporter: good morning, topping america's money it's been a good week on wall street. >> the dow is up 500 points after closing monday at 17,678. the air force is sticking with boeing the next air force one. the current air force jets are orderly, 747. >> reporter: the new ones will be 747-800. they will be ready in seven years. >> research finds over a 15 year period the value of homes
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>> happening today as the new england patriots get ready for the super bowl, aaron hernandez goes on trial for murder charged with the murder of semi pro football player, oden lloyd. the jury consists of 1 women and five -- 13 women and five men. >> they are making candy with the deflated footballs and new england patriots. the pennsylvania candy maker, he had his staff make chocolate footballs with a dent on the side. he posted it on facebook and everybody thought was funny. he plans to auction off the football and give all the proceeds to charity. net weight, 13 pounds oops we
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meant 11.2 pounds. >> i like the tag line, if you can't beat them, eat m. >> m -- 'em. >> a woman speaks about the lululemon roof collapse. >> a woman takes the money from two scout troops using the funds for herself. we'll be right back. # # yolanda indrosonovich can appreciate a simple name. that's why she likes pick 5 from the pennsylvania lottery,
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tiberius lauderwink can appreciate a simple name. that's why he likes pick 2 from the pennsylvania lottery, the simplest numbers game yet. they've given all your favorite numbers games new, simpler names. play pick 2. easy to play. simple to say. >> breaking right now two people are found dead in the rubble of a house fire in south philadelphia and a police officer was injured. >> only on "action news," hear from a victim of the lululemon collapse on the exact moments when the bricks came down and an apparent break in at the same
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center city store. >> accuweather says bitterly cold weather sticking around and you could end and begin the week with a little bit of snow. >> reporter: great. >> let's go over to david and karen, good morning. >> reporter: karen is like, great. we have sunshine early and clouds increase during the day ahead of the snow. 22 degrees in philadelphia. 1 in allentown. 9 in reading, 21 in wildwood. not much windy. if you're heading out to the bus, between 6:00 and 8:00, we'll be in the low 20s. if you're running errands today get them done today because this evening, we're looking at light snow. 24 degrees by 9:00. 35 by 5:00. it's cold, but it's winter, but not much wind which is


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