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tv   Action News  ABC  January 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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p p >> up next a major drop in temperatures and the hot spot for philadelphia bike themes next. >> yes, it did snow a little here like in newcastle delaware and where you are too possibly. but of far more sniff caps we're about to plunge into bitterly
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cold whipped chills and accuweather is keeping a close ion potential major storm. thursday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is a snow tonight but potential for storm that could start while you're still watching super bowl. we get the full story from double scan radar and meteorologist cecily tynan. >> and jim sunday storm system better than this depending on the track. but tonight we're dealing with light snow showers moving through chester parts of montgomery county and reporting about half inch of snow and zooming in you can see light snow moving through philadelphia and flurries near media. a little more substantial snow showers through trenton and also green lane montgomery county. these are all lifting up to the north. this is associated with the clipper main low missing up to the north it's up over lake erie. this is an arctic front that trails behind it. snow showers are moving into western pennsylvania and that front will move through in the
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morning. could kickoff a few more snow showers for the morning commute and bigger impact will be it opens the door for temperatures like these n canada these are temperatures not wind chills well below zero. that air mass will modify and will move in our direction as we head through the day tomorrow. what's ahead. temperatures will be crashing at the same time the winds pinging up. wind chill dropping below zero and yes i'm tracking the chance of some super bowl snow. i'll talk more about specifics on the system coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast, jim. >> rob, this dusting will not cause serious problems. "action news" morning team will have traffic reports on morning commute for any slick spots for spinout accidents that could cause delays and they're starting at 4:30. pennsylvania state treasure bob mccord -- rob mccord is leaving post effective february 12. he is quitting at the same time that "action news" confirmed that mccord is being
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investigated by federal authorities. and sources tell us that investigators are looking into the alleged theft of campaign and other funds. "action news" reporter dann cuellar waited for mccord to arrive no bryn mawr and mccord had little to stay. >> i really look forward to talking about this stuff but i can't talk about it we'll be talking about it too. i look forward to talking about it. but not tonight. >> mccord spent 2.2 million of his own money running for governor last year and lost in the primary to now governor tom wolf. >> president barack obama said that congress should throw out sweeping budget cuts agreed to four years ago when devr sits were out of control. obama left philadelphia 9:00 tonight after speaking to house democratic caucus retreat in society hill. he arrived back at the white house an hour ago. annie mccormick is live outside
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the share ton society hill tonight. based on what he said tonight it sounds like president was eager to go on offensive with new spending plan. >> both the president and also fellow democrats jim, tonight his speech lasted 20 minute and remarks comma head of what he's expected to give budget proposal to the nation. >> president obama talked to house democrats and vowed to give economic relief to the middle class. >> we need to stand up and go on offense and not be defensive about what we believe in that's why we're democrats. >> nearing many remarks in state of union address he outedet per economy increase in jobs and vows to veto obamacare repeels and. >> if republicans don't agree with my approach for paying for it then, they should put forward their own proposals and
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i'm happy to engage them on that and eager to engage with them on that. >> the caucus chose philadelphia for annual policy retreat to map out party strategies and how to relate them to americans. >> now is the time to make sure prosperity and growth is being felt by my friend and neighbors that live her in philadelphia and montgomery county. that is the challenge for us as a party. >> protesters outside took advantage of the timing of senate passage of keystone pipeline billow bama promised to veto. >> this is more urgent. now the only thing left is the veto. that's our only hope. >> and jim the state gop responded to president's speech tonight saying under his administration debt and deficit skyrocketed and because of that he's speaking to lowest number of democrats in a decade. they're taking advantage of the location of this retreat hoping to sway all democratic
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colleagues to bring convention here in 2016. for now reporting live in society hill, annie mccormick "channel 6 action news," jim. >> thank you annie. also on the political front chester mayor john linder announced intentions to run for reelection. he kicked off his campaign for a second term. eric frein is fighting the first degree murder charges against him setting the stage for a death pepty trial the 31-year-old pleaded not getty today at arraignment in milford pennsylvania he's accused of shooting two pennsylvania state troopers in december. corporal brian dickson was killed and trooper alex douglass survived and his brother posted this new photograph of douglass today at a new york hospital for 14th operation a hip replacement and he still says his brother is in good spirits. >> this is 49-year-old dr. >> this is 49-year-old dr. william o'brien iii tonight he's suspected of selling
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pripings of ox yes codon't percocet and xanax. officials say he told prescriptions out of offices in north east philadelphia and levittown. charges say o'brien will also offer to sell precipitation to undercover agent in return for section you'll favor. >> there was sobering testament tonight to the toll of gun lie lens on grounds of overbrook chester avenue. they were 345rbgd with tee shirts for those that lost their lives to guns. murdzers are down in philadelphia, but there are still too many lives being cut short. >> and "action news" viewer recorded this deadly blaze in south philadelphia overnight. that claimed the lives of two people. a police officer was burned trying to rescue the couple. both victims were in 60s. fire fighters are not sure what sparked intense fire on the 400
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block of daily street. but, they say it appears the home had no working smoke alarms. from fire to ice and dramatic rescue by new york firefighters today, to save a 10-year-old boy trapped on thin ice. our sister station wabc captured the tense scene at 4:30 this afternoon. the young boy had to slowly shuffle his way to safety as rescueers plunged into the icy river and brought him a ladder to reach the banks. the young girl who had fallen into the ice was able to get out before firefighters arrived. it was quite a reunion today between 8-year-old girl and volunteer firefighter that saved her life sunday afternoon. "action news" reporter sharee williams was in bear, delaware and has this story. >> reporter: a heart-felt embrace between a little delaware girl and man who saved her life. 8-year-old unique lyndsey and firefighter mond win are meeting
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for the first time since the scary incident played out. >> it's nice and warm. it's a good feeling. >> sunday unique and family member were playing near a built in pond at mir idian crossing apartments and it appeared to be frozen at the girls thought it was safe to work on. >> we were like let's play on the ice and we went in the ice and that's when i fell in. >> nancy mcconnell was on her balcony and saw unique go under the icy water when mcconnell yelled for her son-in-law. >> i got off the couch and went to the proom and grabbed my bag. >> in the meantime his wife went running to the pond where unique was nearly drowning. >> she kept saying please don't let me die. and i said, i'm not going to let you die baby my husband is coming. >> a firefighter with the christianne fire company he suited up in his water rescue gear and went out into the frigid water to save unique. >> my main goal was to get out
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on the ice and get to her and make sure her head was out of water. >> alive and well thanks to a stranger. unique wrote newwin a thank you letter and read it to him out loud. >> dear firefighter thank you for saving my life. you are a hero. >> stepped in without hesitation night of water rescue new wins were on their way to celebrate the firefighter's birthday. all that got con said and unique and her family gave the couple a gift certificate to dinner as another token of their gratitude. sharee williams, "channel 6 action news." >> still to come tonight shattered nerves and glass and subway passengers toy matters into their own hands when the train cars start filling with smoke and first state takes first steps to making marijuana not a criminal offense.
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cecily. >> this time tomorrow night wind chills will be around zero until we start the weekend with bitter cold and end with accumulating snow. i'll talk numbers on sunday's storm in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> investigative reporter wendy saltzman is talking about thieves and new ways they're making fast cash off of you. >> and the country's hottest spot for bikes. we're identifying hot spots for bike thieves and daring ways they're committing crimes caught on camera. >> and ducis rogers with day three of the marshawn lynch circus and he finally has something to say. marshawn. of course, you know ducis always has something to say. "action news" continues in a
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>> passengers on a boston subway train took matters into their own hands today when the train filled with smoke. they broke out windows after trying in vein top pry out the doors. one rider said she smelled burping rubber as the train pulled into the quinncy station and another captured this chaotic scene on cellphone video. that's what you're looking at. officials air algerie minor mechanical problem caused all the smoke. >> two people were killed tonight in a gas truck explosion that leveled most of the maternity and i children's hospital in mexico city. 73 were hurt and unknown number unaccounted for. three-quarters of the hospital collapsed and tonight rescueers are using sledge hammers to break through the concrete and search for survivors. mexico city mayor says the blast was apparently caused by a leak in the hose transporting gas
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from the truck to the hospital. >> there is no denying that philadelphia has become a hot city for thieves running a black market for stolen bicycles. social media and police statistics document this growing trend. bikes being ripped off the streets in broad daylight and some bikes worth thousands of dollars. investigative reporter wendy saltzman is tracking the thieves and joins us with this special investigation. >> reporter: jim, in the last hour police tell "action news" they put a bike out on the street as part of undercover operation and within 25 minutes a crook took the bait. they arrested a 67-year-old male they say has expensive criminal past. earlier this month a thief strolled off with a police bike. others are lifting up street signs to quickly swipe bikes not bolted downs is a crime that can take a matter of seconds. one second you see it and the next it's gone. again and again, even a philadelphia police bike hiteed in broad daylight with the officer standing nearby.
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>> your first response is you got to be kidding me why would they do that knowing there's a good chance of getting caught? >> problem is that thief and many others were not caught. police arrested these two thieves who neighborhood these bikes at the end of last year. >> pretty brazen and bold to get the bike they want. >> police say part of the bike theft is because moran more philadelphians are going green. >> i ride everywhere. >> he ditched his four-wheel car for two-wheel transportation and after he lost his bike in normal spot one night and it disappeared into thin air. >> i was racking my brain di put somewhere else? this surveillance shows the crime van pulls up and thief lifts the street sign out of the ground and lifted his bike. >> they knew when they were doing obviously. it's like a professional organization. >> a few blocks away the thief unscrews bottom of street sign
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to swipe a bike in 30 seconds flat and with more and more thefts like this xlees confirm philadelphia has become a hot spot for hot bikes. "action news" used police data to has bee in the spots targeted most often by thieves and the top spot corner of juniper and walnut in center city. second on the list, 2,000 block of north 13 on the temple campus. three back in center city walnut and broad and fourth on the penn campus university city at 200 south 34th street. >> captain brian corn says these criminal can easily turn around and sell hot bikes in hot second and pocket a few hundred dollars. >> they pop up on craigslist i couldn't believe it. >> chris had his bike snatched in front of his no his gated front yard. >> i would expect it to be safe
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there. unfortunately it's not the case apparently. >> there's not enough fear they'll gets caught. >> the thieves are becoming bolder because there's little enforcement. 2,000 bikes are reported stole anyone philly each year and she estimate the number is much higher. >> the trend is going up and it really needs to be going down. >> and now we have tips for bicyclists to protect themselves. most important thing is to use sturdy lock like this u-liquor double lock with two u liquor u lock and cable lock an also put your bike on approved bike rack and not something not bolted into the ground and don't leave outside overnight and lastly register your bike with the philadelphia police. they got the registry up and running last week. jim, viewers can go to our web site at to learn more how they can register their bikes and also on your web site we put a list of hot spots and
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maps so people can see where they are. >> no lock will be sufficient if you put the bike on pole and they lift the pole out of the ground. >> which is what some thieves are doing now. >> dramatic video. >> thank you wendy. >> health check at 11:00 tonight more than 1,000 people and 200 children in arizona being monitored for possible exposure to measles. students at a california school who cannot prove they've been vaxit nated are being kept out after fellow student showed signs of virus. current outbreak across the country reignited debate over opting out of vaccinations. some doctors say they will not treat kids who are not vaccinated from delaware newsroom tonight state lawmakers introduced a bill to decriminalize position possession of small amounts of marijuana it's a civil offense with 100 fine. currently it's punishable by a fine of $1150 and up to 6 months in jail.
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we are going to get very chilly around these parts. and what about the possibility of this snow on the weekend. >> one thing not hotter are temperatures any time soon. real snowfall totals. >> that's a marijuana story trying to make a segue to weather. stormtracker 6 double scan showing we have snow showers out there right now light snow showers moving into south jersey. a little bit heavier near doylestown and quakertown and allentown rights now crossing 611 and 302349 lansdale and we had reports of half inch of snow in parts of chester and montgomery county. as expected this is more a nuisance event. temperatures have not dropped much yet. but they will be. 33 currently in philadelphia down from high of 34. allentown 28 degrees. millville 35. trenton 30 and reading 29. so satellite 6 and action radar showing snow showers moving through now. as you look near pittsburgh though you can see another line of snow. that's an arctic boundary that
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will be moving through tomorrow morning. so future tracker showing as it moves through don't be surprised around 6:00 if you do get a blossom of some brief snow showers as a front moves through. really main impact will be the cold air to follow. temperatures are crashing at noon, about 37 degrees. not so bad. but then by midnight down to 17. that's a 20 degree drop in twelve hours and it will feel cooler because along with cool temperatures we will have wicked winds. wind gusts tomorrow night 40 to 45 miles an hour. saturday morning when you step outside, wind chills will be below zero. cold air is in place. that sets stage for storm system. sunday night to monday. ingredients there southern storm system getting energized by a piece out of the north and then the key is track. we have been getting new information. the latest models show it's more likely that this will track just to our south and that would
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bring a major snowstorm to parts of mid-atlantic. there's still a chance that cold air suppresses it further down to the south and the heavy snow will be across virginia, north carolina and we would get a brush of snow. what does it look like as far as amounts. we're three days out. there's wiggle room. but there's a pretty good consensus of computer models rights around 6" of snow. so right now i'm calling for again early call, 3 to 6" but there's potential for more than that if that storm system is just to the south and we don't got a lot of mixing again three days out i'll keep you posted and super bowl parties you may be driving home in the snow. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast wind and crashing temperatures, 38. saturday the high. 2 degrees. wind chills in the low teens. on sunday it clouds up. snow arriving between 5:00 and 7:00 on sunday evening continuing through at least the
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first half of the day on monday and then behind that system tuesday sunny very cold, 26. on wednesday, surprise with clouds. 34 and thursday rather cloudy high of 33 degrees. so this points it looks more and more likely we will be dealing with a potential major snowstorm. but again three days out things can change. i'll keep you posted. >> thank you cecily. >> students at three west philadelphia schools now have special friends and mentors. university of pennsylvania today launched young quakers program which pairs university athletes with athletes from high schools the young quakers gets assistance from -- with everything from coaching to transportation and of course plans are to sdmand program to other schools
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with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> trying to get momentum. >> it looks like flyers have some, jim, scoring and goal tending owe nice to have one but enjoy more success if you have both. for flyers against winnipeg they are decent. midway to the fourth period. vandervelde open the door step. now tied at 1. flyers on power play. vorachek fines simmonds. 18th goal of the season. 2-1. tied once again. nick schultz a name we don't say often. his first of the year. flyers win 5-2 they won fouvr the last five games.
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>> eagles stay in house for vice-president and player personnel 3-year-old ed manovitz he was assistant of player personnel he once worked for nick saban and played quarterback at lasalle. >> speaking of qb who will be the birds' qb. nick foles took a step back before he wept down with broken collar bone. foles was asked when introduced do people still refer you to as eagles' starting quarterback. >> still being introduced as that but you hear the rumors and everything that's a part of it but still introduced and in my mind that says that's where i'm at. it's always trade rumors. it's one of the things you have to smile. the only thung the only thing i license to is what chip says. >> seattle running back is doing bare min numb avoid fines from nfl.
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he didn't answer questions the past two days. today he came up with this. >> i'm here. i'm available for you all. i won't talk. all my requirements are fulfilled. for now for the next three minutes i'll be looking at you all the way you are all looking at me. >> we're having a staring contest. no? still to come the phils at a risky arm and see why members of the sixers spent a late night at their
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>> phillies are rolling the dice. they sign khadz billingsly. he spent all of the season on the dodgers disabled list as he recovered from two surgeries not one but two. >> sixers beat the pistons but their night was far from over they return to practice more after the game. they tell us they do this on regular basis. some nights they're there until 1 a.m. >> it's a mind-set you have to have if you want to be one of the best or want to be a great player. this is where it sglarts it starts here putting in work and hours. it starts here. i feel like it can be you know key to something. something good. >> oh, to be young again and have nothing to do after work. >> all right. it was a big moment -- it was a
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big moment for radnor high school tonight the swim team, gave their coach tom robinson a surprise party to celebrate 300th dual meet win in 31 years. they lost only 72 need. both girls and boys teams are undefeated and will be central league champs and we offer everybody our congratulations. what a story that is. >> yeah. >> a good one. athletes like the coach. >> "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline". kerry washington. dave salmoni and "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. good
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