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tv   Action News  ABC  January 31, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EST

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heysm we exct to bi us a wier stm on snyig it is sti far to e west in aron a nw meco but hours from nwit will be here anwe blieve iwill cause a signicant stm. taportation agcies are tiing aad bring road gtti ready. i fday nit and the big sory "tn ne" toght i e late inrmion from acu wther we have tracki sno and ri r sur bowl sund ng, and weeot a lite wltae late today with suls arnd the tri-ate aea ublecan rar isn te t ca as is
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mtrolost cecy tyn. ccy, what can you detmine to days ou >> at 60 i wod say the sorm syem is 20 les aa al c happ. te it depe on tra and tacis trendi to the north. thawill cnge the pecipaon type for a good prtn of ouviewing area. sorm acker x live doub scanhing that w presre i ming into new meco. i benning tohe goia eena miure. this wi a big stm ssm. as moveshroh pla stateit wl get enerzed b up are level energy and it wltrack towd o viewi area howeveri want tooint othat th tra is bgning to move up to noh. weth happs you get wind otf e soute. thatill pull up the warr ar thamea that althoh lky will ben as sn in pidelphia, i really think tat will be seeing cangover slt, a pobablev to rn, by mny morng. i this trks hol s hardestit area still lo liket wl be nortof teenylnia tupi.
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tis wher i expect that sowi be hging on the lngtnd whereei get te t hight accumulatis. i wlalk mo aut the the timi othe syst abo how mucsnow to exct whe you lvendh to exct th caev to ra. i wi augu outhis too, crntind illsn the sne digs. tey will dp more by tmr moing. ilhe dailin the fl acu weath venay fres j. > thks cil wn snow is inhe t frast yocan use t storm taer a to fl it on rd. thepp ales you of any wtch and wnings have been isd. youan che the curnt tmparend fot t dy ahe. >>his is how a poce che i wiington ce to a vole end tonh mrcedes s that was susct to he been sten cra te pard car. ater a brf purst,olng on its se at 34thear mne. tehe drewasrapped f a time. ao 8: o'clock before bi rushed to chsana a hstal. itad been unni plicalrash and bu.
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frmer pennlvaa treaser rb mccd ackwlge today tahe brokehe the la wile ting to raise campan money for his gbernori camign and isuea vid apogy. "acon ns" rerter da cear ve in the the stli nte dnn,otked to mcrd last nht did he give you any incati tat wou say this today. > porterno, j he was vry coal alec and cu not say anythi bit. bt ls tha24 hou later i t vidtaped stement he ams that he made i thrts to tentl dors wo did not ntrite to his dmric caaign for gveor. >> ehe miske in ult heris mine and mine alon i o an aly to the pple o pennlvaa. > poeritll begato ural r sta trearer rb mord whefedal got wind of m ming threats wi socing cpgn dnions. when caug up with mccd otde hihe last nig he sid codot talk about i t wou be doing sn. te ls than 24 urs lar tehe mogomery coty dmrat adtted tbreang te e law at he cross
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te line wn he trd to srong artwo conibors hpg to do busiss with the cmnwealth maki a vid thrt. > to rema them i cod make this diffultor th. i esntially sd penal cnibutors ould not risk mkg a emy of the ste teasur. cely th w wrg m > rerte cord who sved as tasur sin 08 add mden unscessfubito wnhe mocrat nomatn for govnorasyr. h wye say durg tt fid mpgn he ov seedhe line legite plital fund raing. > i know my irer eorts t rai campgn cnitnsillover a staion my recd. aa, i deey regret my atns a i apogize for ayarmr a emrrase i he causedor a ron. >> poer: corh intded to rign on fbary th inking it woulde a whe before the pbc learnedbout the ivtigationbut now that wrd t t. > m now dely coerned tatyontinuatn in ofic even for a day mht intfe with
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t the oetion of the offi of the tearer so i he n resigni efecve immedte. > rort: late tay in a statement goveor tom wolf syin part this is a sad day fr the the comnwealnd fr robccors fami this tpof a behior lea to eoon ofhe publis trt, i simpl unaeptle h ys thahe wi move qilto prent a ny in behd kn e sete the t repce rob mccor w arlive fm t sat cente i'm dan cuelror cael s "tion ne". > thanan. >> ereas be a twist tonightn the case a appr ben alle carjae trng to pi a wo man to mess with at a wlngn paingara td. te aeged vtim tuouto be an armed fedal ant with hmla securi. h pl s serve wean adired aingle shot at the te susct who s not hit btas quick arreed by wlmiton poc hwev, tonight th three two-yr old suect has bn rlsedd, without charge ivtigars say ttis
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actns d not rise to attemed carckg a now tewant to fire o why te age firedis gun. >>or theecond day in a rw local doctor and his rctioni has be chard wth iegally selng periionfor pakilrs. tis me the suspts are 74 yaold stevenrdn and 7 ar old recepost mrgaret mcgowan. se wk out of an officen havtownon the00 blk of wst chter pi. srprising iestats hwev, the delare county dsict atrney says tt the pair were not priting, jst knongly wring illel scrtso satiy pps adtions. >>olice inuc d mntgorcnti a tryi t ack down a seal home brar who likes to do his wrk inhe dte "acon ns" rerter kennh mt has tt story. > porter: in ts bks cuyounity of larg propei d hoes set far ofhe roadwayhilown twnsh pole say ty have hd busy bglar takg avtage of th rural area. > t a vy good peon
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tene to chge the wy > pt: invtators y frola lastear until now they beeve e me thieor thieh hit at let t hmes on road like welco hurd a fair hill terook bren rough bckos and us a bed sprea pillowce or dreer dawer steel vaables, mstly jewr jsthuray pole s a psble suspe a 40 to0 yar-d main t beige hn pasnger van backn te dreway wn the own asred theoor he claim h was st. toours lar and a mile away other buraryas rpord. >> he ds go up unr a fa h kcksdeteinesf aydy is hom i inne respo he goes to te front or ck door using a py bar. > repoer: lice chief crtopr engelhdt blies is burgr strk hm in near bkgm, plutead solebu, d even cmmies in montgory coun. h possly responble fo mre th 20 bularieinhe passix mohs.
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adhere could be more. hlltn townip poce say teyave linkevel brglars teer weeks ago bt ey deded not to alt the puic uil n. w ked w? > noit see kehey are ntg ago w. w' geinmore and more of te things. fr se reason hltown ses to the epicter rig ne w smo ha the bulk of the >> repoer: instigators sa that ans t serl burgr culdive he. resent like ll warner are o e lk out. >> lo yr doo like you sod do t outor yursf a ke an eyen te neighrhoo >> porter: reportinfrom hlown tosp kenth mtonor channesix "aion nw. he iladelpa auto show openuto the pubc tmorr whicmes they sag e befit toght, tathey call black tie tiate. livat the coention ceer rg n "acon news" rporr aie mccorma an, y had car gazing and poe wahing all undeone rof tonht. > port: yea m, take a lok at th ca tis is definely e tlook
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a. thiis a $3,000 lmbohi, owd by fkbk but can tell thaw tnht is the just l abo ththeli and gamourut it is all abt te kid at ch. deed to the nine's pele fl in e pennsyan conntion cenr f 2015 pidelphia auto sh blk te tailge. tnht, it is all abt the kd proed nit the e notogy dision at t cildn's spit of pideli >> tss mostly resrch mn wrhirg seah poe, we're dog pmonary rsearca rway rear adeurogy resech. > rerr: glour, itz fast rs, food d danng kckeoff the ne day event freople to rome 70000 sue ft, fild wi automobes fro40 mnacturers, all here in pidelphia. canl xaction ns" is a po spsor of the event. > t om impt of ts soon the regi's over0 in miion-doar. ee yr gws. >> porterwhavero
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peurfrom t exotic to cnventiol. >> all w mods. > porteryou can uch, adit inside. > is awo. > rept: and enake a ride. > i ve it. > is cool, you are up on oe side and thing doest rland it is fun. > th u is as a srinod to go o and buy a ca i is a great way to come dwn s cars no ssle will i sasm, rt of sting o t ha of you. > port: consums ok for n trd, exct ts ya cht to fct raioaded w s pres. >> is abo s or $0 lsae f a nser wen prices e at 2. a gllonerse fr. te is 5060 buc a in. tey can ybe b somhing dfrent or better opons. > porri'm standg aroundu beauful car tiis the the new lls ryce thiss it. i can tell tw laorghini i jsshowed y i saved that fr matt our prucer, he ak me to put a hold on tt oe i catl you toght that
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tehe raisemo th 400 youhis dollsor cp. fr n repting live fm te conntion cenr, annie mcmkor chn si "actn ne". >> jo usomoow nht at 700 foour auto sh seci. the mbers of th"action nws"eawl gi you a lok at the t hundds of crs on disay. >> sti to come "tion nw tonigh the meles out be is geing wors schl cile even e ser bowl cou be thrt. >>octorichard btler epins atou can do to poct urse andour fmily. >>itt mneyxplainyes i the ruing f pedent cily. >> whe wind cnge. wnd gus more than 30 mes prour and in additi to tat suay nighs orm sstethe tracis channg ad that will have a big ipt on what to expect wh yuake up mond morning. ilbrg it to y in the excsi accu weatr ven dy forast. elacsshe the cury thinkhey are getting new puiesut wait unl you har at theare getng isad. >> conmer reporrydia
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>>hehiteou and the cdcas in the call for pren t thr chdren vcnated agnst the meaes, sang tt the sice is clear. closeo on hundred cas hvbeen repoed nce last mn. moshave been tied to a won ho visited disn lan dcrs fear that shmay have eped 1 chdr at a cic in penix. theare bng mitored ang wta thound adus. tis raes coer with fa fo tgo arina for t sper bo. bteople w ha bn vcnated he litt to wor abou > you he be vaccated
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agast mss and you are eped to it your chce of getng the disee is 1pcent. if yohave not be vccinad, 90 pcent. > pttylear >> its call the worst maes out bre in t dce. cs have bn report in 14 states, inuding pnnsvia >>ice-esidt e biden tldemoctin phidphia td to keep reminng aecans tt ty presid oer t economic recory. bden wasn town to adess te docrac hoe caus retat biden ela at teemocra were rit and thehave to expiwt they dd in bin's wo we cann let teepublican party rewre histo. he was big potical anncemt, big polical nws, on the front for rplicans. mitrn end autopsy seli tod by anncing at he willnhe rnor prident. s ree we flirtaon th thehird mign is ov. wth romney sang tt he culdave won the ninaon btwith him prlaimingt te seime that the next
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gnaoof republan lade, may emer as bette ablto deat the demrat nminee ow to an importa cnmer ale. gowingumr of people are fndingheir mi pets the fom brders who adveised o line. bt bore you pay r your nxt puy, you ne to wah tis xt special repo. cnsum repoer dia han hshe deils from the "con ns" big bod. > port: our inveigation staed en a lol gandthest me th msge on fabook. tear danisand to by dog as a gi for her gandchildren aft th lite cutie a dog nme olivia was run over and kljtne we bere crtmas. who cod res a adorle ppes. ranable pris. ad free shpg. > wts this one. > mai danls decedy vna as a gi for her gandildn she fou and purcsed ur oh ds on line scssfuy. >> ver any ises with
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aying. > porter: en dae typ in frchu dog ppes, star bully.m popd u. se coesponded th somee caimintb justin the beed. dnls tn wire$0 via wsrn unn somhg that sead de before with no pobm then on cistmas evthe day vns iterary showed she wsupped to arre daniels rcv this fm pet the co sippincom. > said wt a mit noi ws reay sweatg beuse i kew sothingas wng. > porter: ma said dnls nded to wi $1,700 fr puppy insunce. weshe reaed out to tc thing and justint star bleshe said ultimaly no rsnse. > i destated i'm any, hr >> roer: someing simil t haened to b irnew yor he nt star bullies550 for eaut when he called to cnfi her arv, he said n pup. > money don't botr me. i ishat they d. > roer: hsa he
1:55 am
epecl rt becau e ws a specl gi for his wfe > he bn maied for5 ya. i gi her anying that she wn. >> rerte by t me dnls rehed o to me star bleweb se had been shut dow btook w is on, goln vn a ela and juin. s we offed to bu both vna and ela and we weold w could in ft, we got thiinvoe fr her. > the doies fictn. > th web site mt be on thepnd u rit. i incles a scam alert aut faud lenh bers. thet also has phot of the puppiesome and a phycal addss in myland. "acti newswt ther and, apartly shad a numb of prspti puppy owns. > ea they were re to lok at the enish bldo. i said exse me. > poer: iis ththe hu othweb si. tiss the e hsat the adss prod. i bos toarol kr.
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> i'm shocd bause ion't hve ds. > rerter: ren says e hsoi to to wh the bse a has no idea how hrome ade goon th wb se. ad e aress for pet shiit is leasing ofce fr anptment comex. w ok our findgs back to mrci dae. > ere is buness. te are no puies. aye. > unlievable. ubelvable. > porter: ua to see tem, ok at what we discer jst toy, goen bullies h shut down: soy, a good be. and at least th speld nme re. bwehis bog business wlpop up again under a dfrent url we have ts to avd bus bsiss like th righon te coum page osix abc.c. imyd han channel si "acon news". ydiaan be tough. > at is y you go the sc there lots of dogs wing f fami. >> ts gethat weend frecasfr ac wther. >> have news that
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may dfficts a apintn lvs philadelphi titrack trenng nor andhat means warr ai it ans nortof the pnyania turnpe. this y be a big snow event. su imay be a b slpy ms so trk x live dole sashing tt righnow sow ualwhad rer thievenga lefthe rgn a whave some cold airh fieng down wtwind out of the nthst a the 23 drees in pilalpa rit now. i is7 in alleown n wlngton is 22. mllville4. in ang e the current tmrature is 16 deges. bt tn you ftor in the wnd wingus cse to 40 mes a ur times. s nd chl makes it feel lke ght in philadelphia. svenn wilminon. tr in allento. 2dre belowero in rang and t bew in e pocono so toow morning you wl walup it wi tough mrning to get out of bed. suth jersey and delare wind cis dropping wn tzero t fi below. aod philelpa, 5 deees
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blowero. tn low in the nthern and wstersubur a crs lehigh vly and ponos lowt wd cis early tomoow mnin 1 deees bow ro to 20 drees below zero. cld air is in ple. stelli six, showg ceing ses, we will see goamount of sunshe tmrow. bthewe will see the sny night sto system breng acrs the e suthstaeri lieent moiste d you tinke ve cold airn pa thiwi be a sotorm right? nt cessarily. i allbout the the trac adhe tck again is teing the nort lt or the te line firstf all when it fst mves in, sunday eveng with tat la in ple, it wll likely beg as some lghsn with a mix bween 40in t afternn and 80o'ocknhe eveng dringhe super bowl paies. haviest pripitatiowill oc overnight arod 1: in te rng uil 9:0o'cloc mony morning with that sn cainover to mix and cangg over to rain and tn as pu s out betwn nn ad 4:00 olockt plsn the t cooler a and at
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wll chgever to some snow sors. so atre we lking about a r a te of pecitation? all sw a acrs the legh vlleand ponos. te immiate phalph aeanclung inriorouth jry io nthstn subur, we're lking at a mx wita change over to rain ad uortutely if you like sow in sou jersey and dlare looks like a minly rain evt. epecd snowfl, norern ad lehigh vley and pon tiis whe we have ptenal forix to 1inches o snow. pilalphi r of pidehia, out three to 6ihes. thephiladelpa a intoouth jry, d nohern new cast couy, one to 3 ines o sn tnks still suect to chan badn the tra bt at this pnt it look like ts will be a mey mix bt n a siificant snowor piladphia. so e exusive ac weher fra 28 ges tomoow wind chls in the lower teens o suay, we wlloud up, fom at snow arring the eeng thhat mix. mnday we ha a sloppy mess wth a mixture of slt and
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smrnnd snow upo the nrth 31eges. we llropo to 2 greeon tuesy. wdneay quick rebnd 3 deees, thud some sow shors 35 and friy trni coer with a high of 2 grees. sto sysm sti two ds oto stay tun could be mre chges as we head trohhe weekend. > ons here phidelia lbe gting mre thmatro. isteadf the bon pilalphia a orcstra ms direor, we will a penn sta tod. h sied a sen yr cntracextension tough at la 2022. te the orchtra's fans loved tat, and th he got down to busins cducng a perfoancef the beeoven fif athe the kimmel cnte
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>>up wis sunday and onef e eaes mquis pars iouthe making sme noi. > yhnoin the gam bcse, they are it te super bowl b lesn mc is in phn, wishing he re there as a pyer and in tha fan. te qstion ll he get that cae wi t bd? mnwa f sdy will be bcnext yr. h is a 12 millionoar cap ht, messf any pleon the tam. he s id he wi in the tke le mon. he has this apoa when ak about his contct td. >> will fire it e o. watevehappen hapns. thais sffy cannot conol. thais t the a big to connuingo me. iwlbanxio toee wh hppensbut i thk for my tam, and my thougs, and my fengs, i int eaes wll rk the out. > ady a gut on the sports cnt se h s surpsed by brayden ad auin who mom grew up i bensalem and ty had a cuplquestionfor their io > wo you run so fas > ais a gat the
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qeion. >> st natul. i st ru oef the things you ju learnhen you are a kid y hve beenoing it so long. > are u thetronst prs the worl > aryou the stngest prn in t wor. > rock or hulk hogan is nthe me. > so whaare super bowl prections theucis sayhe is numb one picking seate 24-21. i have seahawks 220. jff skryndis foam fing pickg setle by a fn of 317. n love for patrtsn the "con news" spts
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>>ixersa a pren ad glimpse ithe fute. thaddeuyoungack in to froeimeie beg tad to tht wv. lng timeixer was greeted by three fmed jerys wore trohis yea in pidehia thtit was al aut sixs futuirst quart neens noeli e se. loothe a the b man run the foor alleyo to saon. mke him a intuard. that pretty good i e theecond ti wding dwn michael caer wiiam allhe way the op. h had a fth carr trle dubl ten assis, ten assists sixs win 1-9 >>ad monomery routng for his alma n maer tnig asuakers hoed drouth. a ne oo wos ntim hme happy. pnn wh the fit vty 5-51 thewi host harvd tmorrow. tigewd missedhe k with theorst round he ever had.
2:09 am
>>igh-two. >> sn goo > no. > mmy kiel li cayou blieve it he shot a 82. jm kimmel live xt on chael six. flwed nig li "acon ne", contins at 530. for cecily tyn jamie apy, dc roers, the enti "acti news" team i'm j grdr, od night.
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