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tv   Action News  ABC  January 31, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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seventh rang villanova with a little scare today down by as many as nine in the first half. cats forced to claw their way back the on the road. jay wright and villanova in
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chicago against depaul. second half down by four ryan archie arcidiacono hits the four, as he hits the three and the foul. four-point play. we are tied up. archie tea ago know scores all 18 in the second. later in the half nova puts it ththe away jevon pinkston wide open. villanova wins 68-55. they have won 19 of 21. temple fans pumping them self up for tulane to take. all owls all day long. they start on a 12-zero won. the quinton decoast which three of 17. and temple allows just eight-point in the first. new school record for their d. tu wins by 18. phil martelli walks off the court at the half against davidson, st. joes down by 13. hawk will never die. second half back they come. deandre puts st. joes up, two minutes later, isaiah miles and the foul. st. joes comes back to win
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75-70. ivy league hoops at the the palestra david montgomery, he is on hand for penn and harvard. whatever is going on in that program it a appears to be more entertaining than the game. harvard schools penn by 25. ouch. lasalle beat saint bonaventure by ten. drexel beats unc wilmington the dragons playing a little bit better as we head into february. >> thanks, jeff. "action news" at the 11:30 continues next, crews battled a two alarm fire at a business in radnor. we have the latest. plus philadelphia auto show kick off today, we will take you inside to check out the hottest wheels. we will show you how officials are taking no chances to keep the super bowl safe even the hot dogs are being check. that and more when "action news" comes right back.
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which takes her to storytime at the library across town, where she connects with some of her biggest fans. when older pennsylvanians make the most of programs supported by the pennsylvania lottery, like free and reduced-fare shared rides, we all benefit. learn more at the pennsylvania lottery benefits older pennsylvanians every day. saturday night i'm walter perez. here is is what happening on "action news" at 11:30. the daughter of the late whitney houston is hospitalized after being discovered face down in the bathtub a scene similar to to her mother's death. we have the latest. plus millions of vehicles are heading back to the shop to repair faulty air bags. we will let you know if your vehicle is on the recall list. talk about a long distance dedication, massive effort to
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make sure american soldiers serving overseas get a little taste of home during the super bowl. but first tonight a winter storm is heading our way and it could bring a mix of snow rain and ice and it is coming just in time for your super bowl party and your monday morning commute. meteorologist melissa magee is tracking the system and joins us from the big board with the very latest, melissa. >> here is that system on storm tracker six live double scan radar 3-d. we have an area have have low pressure over southern plains, rain to the south. snow is extending from wrapped city on eastward into areas of chicago and detroit. this storm system will be working its way eastward as early as tomorrow night into monday affecting our region. future tracker six timing out precipitation for you. you can see overnight sunday into monday the arrival of that precipitation and at the on set it will be snowfall for most locations, across the delaware and lehigh valleys. but it is all about location as you look at the precipitation type as we go throughout the duration of the storm system here.
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so for philadelphia, you have snow initially, then changing over to rain. mostly rain for areas south of the 95 corridor snow ice and rain a big threat for areas in the immediate northwestern suburbs from lancaster, reading, trenton. allentown and points north. really along i78 and a across that northern region you will fine all snow. coming up we will look closer at this storm system on the way and look at the the expected snowfall, with the full exclusive accu weather forecast walter. we have wintry weather hits keep an eye forstrom tracker six radar on six through can check out the hourly and seven day forecast along with the latest call from our team of meteorologist is here on "action news". "action news" will be on the air bright and early monday morning, to help get you where you need to go. join david, tam matt and karen starting at 4:00 a a.m. on monday. fire fighters in delaware county battled a two alarm fire tonight but luckily nobody was injury. it broke out at 9:00 o'clock
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in the three story office building in the 300 block of lancaster avenue in radnor township. when crew as arrived smoke could be seen on the second floor coming from the dentist office. it took about an hour for fire fighters to get this one under control. now to the very latest on bobby cristina brown, the daughter of the late whitney houston, is hospitalized after being discover face down in a bathtub this morning. tmz reports that she is in the medically induced coma because of swelling on the brain. more from abc's steve. >> reporter: call came in just before 10:30 this morning. >> rescue four no response... >> reporter: daughter of the late whitney houston bobby cristina brown rush to the hospital north of atlanta saturday after her husband and a friend found her unresponsive in the bathtub. >> twenty-one year-old female in the bathtub, taken down. >> reporter: ross well police officers with fire and rescue responded to this town home. brown's husband nick gordon,
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and a friend, found her in the bathroom and immediately started cpr. >> we don't know if this is a medical condition that she has or if it was foul play. >> reporter: are the 21 year-old is the only child of whitney houston and bobby brown. saturday's incident seems so similar to houston's death in 2012 at beverly hilton hotel. brown was with her mother in los angeles at the the grammys at the time. houston's body was discovered in her hotel room bathtub where authorities say she accidentally drawn. they also say cocaine and a heart condition contributed. brown has battled rumors that she has drug issues which she denies. now fans hope history does not repeat itself. steve, abc news atlanta. more than 2 million vehicles are being recalled for a second time to fix faulty air bags. the the air bags affected may inadvertently inflate when the carries running. anyone who brings in their vehicle under the the recall notice will have their faulty electronic control unit
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replaced for free. it includes acura mdx dodge viper, jeep grand cherokee, odyssey, pontiac vibe, toyota corolla and avalon models made between 2004 through 2004. check with your deal tore see fur carries part of the recall. in south philadelphia, 11 csx tanker cars partially derailed overnight. the derailment happened near south 11th street, just south of i-95, hazmat crews were called to the scene because tanks were full of crude oil. officials say in leaks were found though. cranes were then brought into get those tanker cars back on track. bensalem police department is mourning the loss of one of their own, a well known detective died during a 5k today in northeast philadelphia. "action news" reporter kenneth moton a has the the story. >> reporter: it was the annual 19154, 5k, a race named for the zip code and the community that it runs through: park wood and northeast philadelphia. this saturday morning one of those runners was bensalem
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police detective kevin cornish who suddenly collapsed on the course and then died. >> they say everybody is irreplaceable this guy is not replaceable. big loss to us. >> reporter: public safety director fred harring says the four two-year old husband and father of an # one year-old daughter was raising money for saint anslam parish a and youth program. philadelphia police say after the 9:00 a a.m. race start detective cornish fell near academy and torey road as it appears he suffered a massive heart attack. >> it is a loss to the community. here is a i guy last year to the bensalem rotary officer of the year for all of his charity work. he died doing charity work. >> reporter: cornish was a 12 year veteran on the force, part of the special victims unit specializing in crimes begins children. the death is even more of a shock to the department, because cornish was a healthy guy, a vegan and an avid runner. parishioners at the church cornish was helping was also saddened to hear the news. >> our prayers will be with him and it is just horrible. >> i'm really shocked and i
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certainly feel sorry for his family. >> reporter: bensalem police say cornish went to the secret service for a year but return because he he thought he could make more of a difference. >> there is a lot of creeps in jail and kid that won't be victims anymore because of detective cornish. and that we should be proud of and his family should be proud of. he saved a lot of lives some people try to make a difference this guy made a difference. >> reporter: bensalem police say autopsy will confirm the cause of death. right new funeral arrangements are still being planned for this decorated law enforcement officer. reporting from bensalem kenneth moton for channel six "action news". security, of course, is a top priority as more than 70,000 fans are set to pack the the university of phoenix stadium tomorrow for super bowl 49. officials are checking everything, that enters the stadium, food, merchandise in even katie perry's costumes for the half time show. >> katie perry's costume, everything gets check out. >> katie perry cage came in. we have portable poddies
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food, hot dogs, hamburgers, nfl paraphernalia. we are looking for weapons bombs, weapons of mass destruction. >> by kick off guard will have screened 14,000 trucks worth of items for explosives and weapons. as for the deflate gate saga the game balls are under lock and key until three hearst before the game. meanwhile, football fans very far from air zone will be enjoying a game time favorite thanks to a very special delivery. a place called rich's products in rochester new york is sending pizza to afghanistan. the it is a game time tradition started by a guy named mark evans in 2008. he started sending pizza to troops for the fourth of july and veterans day and now it is the the super bowl. >> we have shipped over a million slices in six and a half years so far which is so blessed with this project. >> it is awesome to know that people in the states care about us being over here and want to provide us with a little something extra. >> reporter: dhl also volunteers the services as
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well to deliver the delicious gift from the home front. workers even switch out the ice to make sure that the 5,000 pizza live fresh and ready to eat. still to come on "action news" the the 2015 philadelphia auto show is underway, proving that even the youngest among us can dream. speaking of dreams jeff will show you how a college kid hit a basket that netted him enough money to pay his tuition when "action news" comes right back.
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totally half fast stop living with half fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads. so his homework won't be so half-fast? that is up to him. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v meteorologist melissa in diaz a final check of the accu weather forecast. >> walter, we will track a
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storm system moving in tomorrow night into monday. it looks very messy for the commute on monday. we will talk about what is going on. storm tracker six live double scan radar is showing dry and quiet. we are in the tracking precipitation yet but tomorrow things will be changing. outside we will get to sky six live in hd giving you a nice shot of the center city sky line on this saturday night. it is the the last night in january. cold one too. temperatures are currently, in the the teens, and even the lower 20's. we do have some winter weather alerts to tell but in a lot of the alerts and advisories are north and west of the 95 corridor. we will start out with the advisory for lancaster county. is there a winter storm watch for western chester northern montgomery and bucks counties. is there a winter storm warning for the the poconos all the way into northampton lehigh and berks county as sun take night into machine we're tracking some snow and milk precipitation depending on where you live. temperatures outside tonight pretty cold. twenty-two in philadelphia. after a high temperature today of just 29.
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10 degrees in the poconos 206789 in reading. twenty in trenton a long the the coast in wildwood 28. lower 20's in beach haven. here's satellite six with action radar. we have partly cloudy sky across new england and mid-atlantic region. we have clouds that will build and thicken up throughout the overnight hearst and throughout the day tomorrow. we are tracking this area have low pressure over the nation's heart land. you can see where we have colder era at the surface. snow to the north. rain to the south. this will be working its way eastward as early as tomorrow, and then there is some idea, of what this storm system will do. a lot of the models are trending as this storm system rides up to the north which means it puts a cap on the amount a of snowfall we will see. the it will also mix in that precipitation, depending where you are. so for philadelphia, we will find some snow at the on set but this is quickly going to change over to rain for you. it is mostly rain for areas south and east of the city. three to 6-inch's cross our suburbs, for doylestown quakertown kutztown, even into pottstown and reading. allentown is right on the
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6-inch line of snowfall and as you move north of the northeast extension, we will get into sunday night into monday easton and poconos you can find six plus inches of snow. so what to speculator tomorrow night and into monday. best hot shot of finding that snowfall along that i78 corridor and to the north. there will be a tight snow gradient as this arctic boundary dips south and as far south as it gets will be allentown and up through new york city and new england. there will be a possible icing concern, a a across the pennsylvania pennsylvania turnpike, it is mainly rain for philadelphia a and area to the south, especially as this storm system getting and as you wake up on monday morning. you will in the fine a whole lot of snowfall in the city ape points south. accu weather forecast showing you tomorrow, lightening snow developing. high temperature of 38. on monday, foreground hog day we have that snow sleet rain, high temperature in at 41 degrees. in the wake of the system on tuesday some much colder days, there are arctic boundaries moving in, high temperature of 27.
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temperatures maryland rate mid week, a high of 43. cloud, sunshine on thursday a high of 30. we're tracking a storm off shore for now by then and friday into next saturday temperatures walter will only be in the teens. we will track changes and see how far north this warmer air pushes in. >> thanks, melissa. 2015 philadelphia auto show kick off this weekend giving visitors a glimpse in the near future of the industry. just one of the the reasons why the show is always a a boom to the local economy. "action news" reporter annie mccormack has more. >> reporter: a lot of people come to the philadelphia auto show to take a look at exotic cars like those ferraris behind me and concept cars but the difference with the philadelphia auto show is that a lot of people also come out here to look to see what they want to buy . >> doors opened kicking off day one of the philadelphia auto show's nine day event. >> it looks like a garage mahall, it is rocking, feeling the vibe, we are looking for a super strong saturday. >> reporter: thousands are expected to pack the pennsylvania convention center
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to look at 700,000 square feet of automobiles from 40 manufacturers. >> it is actually a tradition that we start $3 years ago. >> just having fun and checking out new cars. >> reporter: kid not old enough to drive are thinking a head. >> unaudible. >> reporter: so are the adults. >> my father-in-law says you get the the best deal at the the the auto show. >> about $2.5 billion of sales are influenced by this show. so you can see how and why it is so important to the manufacturers, to the dealers. >> reporter: and camp jeep is back this year. for those people that want to get a test drive of the all of the element. >> this has 3.6-liter motor, 285 horse power. >> reporter: tech upgrade ara cross the the board and not just in luxury vehicles ape lower gas prices are giving consumers more money to work w here dealers will get a better idea of what drivers want. >> what the industry looks at the in this show particularly is that it is influence on the marketplace and how strong that is. >> reporter: organizers are reminding people that regardless of the weather you
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can always take public transportation. if you are in the a football fan, sunday might be one of the best days to come. reporting from the pennsylvania convention center annie mccormack for channel six "action news". the "action news" van is a among the vehicles you'll spot at the auto show. our van is where you'll find channel six reporters and anchors signing autographs jamie apody, monica malpass ducis rodgers, kenneth met even karen rodgers and nora muchanic were all there meeting viewers today. auto show runs through next sunday at pennsylvania convention center and my channel six collogues will be there at various times all throughout the week.
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well, the flyers are
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flying high right now why not. they are confident and they are up and so is their winning streak. how about a season high four straight wins. they are getting back in the playoff race let's hope so. flyers facing toronto four minutes in the game, defenseman michael dell zotto through two defense men. flyers take a one to nothing lead. that is all they need. steve mason does the the rest. stops all 30 shots for the this shut out. flyers win one to nothing, and, four in a row, season high but they are still nine points, out of the playoff spot. moving on to basketball, sixers are going for a season high three in a a row something they have in the done in a year. but you this is as tough as it gets. sixers are in atlanta against the best team in the nba who won 18 straight games coming into play. sixers coming back from down 21 in atlanta, fourth quarter three in change to go. luke, how about the shot, ties it at 81. under three to go. michael carter williams to nerlens noel, sixers take
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their first lead of the game. but they only scored two points over the final 2:51. team not so sharp either. wide opened for three. dennis schroder sixers lose 91-85. australian open women's final and serena williams she's walking away with more than just flowers facing maria sharapova down under and under the the weather. sick serena still does not cough it up, match point, how about the ace. serena becomes the oldest player to win the australian open at 33. look at her willing crazy. she won 19 grand slams only steffi graf has won more. with those holiday credit card bills due this month who could not use a little extra money especially you are a college kid. check this out a university of virginia student trying to hit a half court hot shot for 18g's. tyrone willis, with $18,000 in tuition money after playing
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espn college game day half court challenge. how about that. super bowl, not the the only excitement in arizona at the lovely name waste management phoenix open francisco molinari on 16, get in the hole. a hole in one. and fans so excited the waste management opened, check this out they throw waste on to the green, beer cups on the course. estimated 20,000 people around that hole, it looks like 20,000 cups. when do you ever see that in gulf. come on out. come on out. it is good thing it is waste management cosponsoring the event, right waltery guess so. thanks, jeff. castle is next here on channel six, "action news" continues at 6:00 with nydia han, eva pilgrim and chris sowers. for medical liza magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. there is jeff. >> "action news" is sponsored by your philadelphia super network gmc dealers.
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