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tv   Action News  ABC  February 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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could mine for your morning commute. >> and shock ago rest in a philadelphia social worker. "action news" is >> here we go. a messy mix moving our way in time for monday morning commute. snow, rain and for some the ice
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will create tricky conditions open the roads. >> sundays night and the big story on "action news" is wintry mix moving across the area in the coming hours. >> sky6 and high definition at philadelphia ibts national airport and in the lights you can see snow coming down right now. this front is moving in as we speak. >> we have live team coverage tonight help get you prepared. "action news" reporter david henery is live in plymouth meeting how road crews and drivers are getting ready. >> we begin with melissa at the "action news" big board. >> hi there walter, sarah we're tracking a storm system moving west to east direction. snowfall mixed tription for areas in midwest to great lakes east ward to new england. you can see radar area of low pressure is off to the north of cincinnati. knowledge ever the snow we have snow stretching out from chicago to great lakes on east ward. to the south of the system warmer air comes in from the south and from southerly
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direction. warmer air is getting pulled into this and as a result we find a mixed bag of precip across the delaware and lehigh valleys. we'll go in tighter on stormtracker 6 double scan 3d. light snow along the 95 corridor. and snowfall across interior sections of south jersey. you have to rain for cape may and dover delaware. on street-level you see route 322 lancaster in between pottstown as well. light snowfall from there. norristown malvern route 1 chester county and along the 95 corridor starting to pick up steadier snowfall close to medford great lakes. south of that region you have mainly rain conditions. it's for philadelphia that 95 corridor chester and lancaster counties and through sections of south jersey and also for middletown as well. these areas will quickly changeover to rain. there's a winter storm warning in effect for areas north and west of i-95 corridor from poconos areas no northern
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montgomery bucks northampton lehigh and berks as well as we're fighting impacts across the region overnight tonight to monday afternoon. with more on what this storm system will do as far as winter storm quarngz are concerned. adam joseph will do that. >> the snow, sleet some ice will linger longer before it even changes to rain there. in fact we take a look at those impacts up to the north. and as far as northwestern suburbs we see several hours of snow before we see a small periods of icing in predawn hours for the lehigh valley and that is where we're sdpekting some dangerous travel early in the morning for rush hour. for the rest of region it looks like wet morning rush with rain. take a look at numbers. pretty much everybody i-95, south, east above freezing at this point and numbers with southerly wind will continue to kick up overnight and in fact
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philadelphia point south by 9 10:00 tomorrow morning in the 50s and stays colds north and west. you can see not many 0s on the board we don't have established arctic air mass in place for this storm. mainly rain philadelphia to south and east. even though we're seeing snow at the onset. no accumulation expected because rain wash it's away. philadelphia to north of chester county and southeastern montgomery and bucks county 1 to 4 and wash as way with rain and 3 to 6 snow and sleet for the lehigh valley. >> so here's timeline for the change to rain. philly metro area anywhere between midnight and 2 a.m. >> pennsylvania turnpike goes through central chester montgomery, southern montgomery, bucks county, 2 to 4 a.m. goes to rain in lehigh valley and not until close to 5 to 8 in the morning. if you have to rush far north and pennsylvania turnpike expecting slippery conditions and ponding on roadways, philadelphia, areas south, as we'll see close to 1" of rain.
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>> all right we'll send it back to meteorologist melissa magee when she comes back sarah another arch if i can outbreak tomorrow night. >> all right adam, thank you. let's check in on how road crews will make sure we're safe out there on the roadways tomorrow morning. "action news" reporter david henery is live in plymouth meeting with that part of the story. david. >> yes, right, it started snowing here a half hour ago. it's coming down good right now. you can see this busy intersection behind me normally ease easy of of germantown pike and pennsylvania turnpike. snow is coming down good and not sticking just wet now. in fact, penndot has been gearing up for this for days. >> they were loading more salt on to penndot trucks this afternoon. they don't expect to be doing much plowing in the philadelphia area. and there's already a lot of accumulated salt on the highways thanks to penn dot response to
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snow equals that hit the area friday evening. >> penndot pretreated local access highways on thursday. in addition, crews were able to spread salt on thursday and friday and snow calls moved through the region. highways have been well treated in advance of the storm. >> despite heavy salting penndot says drivers should be aware of a variety of icing conditions. mostly worried about the morning commute tomorrow. they're saying it will be icy. i have to commute 30 miles and like i said take it slow. >> gas up now. >> i'm getting gas tonight i don't want to fuel in the morning. >> many are planning earlier than usual start. >> it will be bad but as long as you're aware of surroundings you should be okay. >> fet an early start? >> yes, i would allow an extra 15 or so. >> you worried about the rush hour commute being difficult. >> yeah i worry. but the thing is i work close to where i'm living and i have to
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-- the perfect solution. tonya bradley took the day off for her birthday. >> you can stay home and watch everybody else deal with the weather. >> of course, of course. >> and eat breakfast and enjoy hot chocolate or coffee and relax. >> lucky you. >> yes. >> that's one way to avoid a messy commute out there and morning mondays are bad enough without this david henery, "channel 6 action news," walter. >> you bet. thank you. >> havoc on flight schedule as cots the country. most smriingts going through midwest are delayed or cancelled today and more than 2200 flights for tomorrow were scrubbed. several dozens flights into philadelphia were affected and comes as airlines were just getting back on schedule after last week's blizzard. >> stay on top of latest conditions with the 6abc stromtracker app from livery dar showing you storm's path to latest hourly and 7 day forecast and "action news" morning team
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will get an early start tomorrow for latest forecast and school closings or delays and travel conditions. join matt, tam, david, karen starting at 4 a.m. tomorrow. >> developing news now police have arrested and charged a northeast philadelphia man with murder of a social worker as she waited for the bus. the suspects was a co-worker and tonight, her family is sharing their shock and grief. and "action news" reporter sken live at police headquarters with the full story. kenneth. >> sarah 56-year-old kim jones hired her suspected killer years ago as assistant director for the children that helps children. her son and non-profit, his mother, and the one the suspect worked for are speaking out. >> one day after a woman that dedicated her life with charity was executed at her north philadelphia bus stone. kim jones' co-worker and man accused of killing her spoke with "action news".
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>> sociopath can do something crazy kill a human being and not think about it. >> his mother was 12 and jefferson street january 13, 9 a.m., dpos bell music playing on healed phones. sewer veilens captured a woman in surprise he walked up and shot a woman in the back of the head. that auto man is 36-year-old randolph sanders who ran a program with jones' turning point for children. he has a contract with city of human services and the victim suspected he stole houses interest the program and was on his way to meet with dhs to turn him in. >> that was the main goal and the fact that this guy's maip goal was take. >> sanders was picked up at rhierson road northeast philadelphia home where police say they found 3 gunsch the man told us weeks aago we he's close can supervisor. >> tuesday we sellet braked 30 days of getting married. i was fortunate enough to be
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invited to the wedding. she was married. she was incredibly happy. this is just disturbing. >> this morning crime scene investigators were back at 12 and jefferson using metal detects tore to look for evidence. and her son continues to say why. >> if that's the reason i'll never talk to my mom or aunts again and my inspiration is gone for life it's heartbreaking. . it upping point said tonight it was relief and devastated by the arrest and working to understand why this tragedy occured and fully cooperating with authorities. the non-profit will be conducting an internal investigation. jones' son says her legacy is showing importance of getting involved and choosing a cause to help the world. reporting live in philadelphia police headquarters tonight ken "channel 6 action news." walter. >> thank you kenneth. >> for a new jersey newsroom police hount holly dennis
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posniak is accused of killing his girlfriend and her father inside the home on washington street. both victims were bludgeoned. a family member discovered the bloody crime screen that morning. he was treated for several lacerations now believed to beself inflicted. he's charged to two counts of murder. >> still to come, proof of why people should not park in front of fire hydrants. crews in south jersey what they were forced to do before tackling a fast moving plays. >> tens of millions are in the past of a winter storm and blizzard conditions. >> super bowl 4 is in the books. "action news" will be right
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>> five were injured in deptford, new jersey. fire crews had to do more than battle flames. the fire broke out 1:30 this afternoon chestnut lane apartments. officials say five were rescued from the second floor and rushed to local hospitals to be treatsed for smoke inhalation. when they arrived they found there were parked cars blocking the high drapt fortioning them to improvise until they could
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get the cars moved away. >> the whole area back here is fire line. we're always here for violations. these people don't care. >> 8 departments were destroyed. no one -- she's app a ventilator tonight and hospital in late plan tan. bobby brown they made appeal for privacy. she was sound by her husband face down in a bathtub inside her home. whitney browned exceptly in a bathtub two years ago. >> awe murder trial of aaron hernandez will begin on tuesday as her name has been crawled back to watch his old team tonight in super bowl. meanwhile jury selection is postponed.
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both trirlz were postponed before last week's blizzard. >> still to come. this may be twoun remember. how high wind and heavy snow are create, dangerous conditions. >> sopt be dramatic open these parts we're keeping an ion the messy mix in the morning. >> hi
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>> in the midwest they're battling heavy snow and fierce winds tonight and losing that battle as you can see highways in nebraska are littered with vehicles. they're skidding off the roads and can't get enough traction to deep going. this commuter in omaha need aid ge push. >> iowa virtual wite-out conditions lowered visibility to near zero. >> melissa magee is here with a track of our forecast. not as severe but we are finding snowflakes in the cameras. >> snow developing across areas philadelphia north and west. some locations south and east. as you wake up tomorrow morning snowfall will be washed away as warmer air moves into the system. so a bit of mess on the way for our region tomorrow morning. stormtracker 6 double scan you can see the light snow along interior sections of south jersey and areas north and west of i-95 corridor. we'll go in tighter. you see slight snow starting to break out for lehigh county, along i 78 south of hamburg
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route 22 and even souvrming weed reading, reading to pottstown to norris oun to and wrightstown as well. that's where you have the snow. further south and east we're starting to pick up snowfall. we have winter weather advisory interior sections of south jersey. sea isle city west ward to delaware. we're dealing with rain. these locations where you find snow across south jersey are underneath the winter weather advisory. so that moisture will quickly changeover to rain as we go throughout the rest of the overnight hours. temperatures outside 32 allentown and 25 poconos with we have winter storm warning in effect and 31 reading and 30 lancaster and south and east of philadelphia it's 39 in wildwood and 36 in atlantic city so insear orsections of south jersey we're finding snowfall and roads are wet. dover 36. here's satellite 6 and action radar in area of low pressure it's north of cincinnati and north of that we have snowfall
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in chicago. if fact blizzard warnings up across this region. folks have already seen a foot of snowfall. this storm system will continue to stretch east ward to areas of new england and up to a foot is likely overnight and into monday. to the south of that warmer air moves southward as the storm system moves to the delaware and lehigh valley. this area of low pressure tracks north. and as it does so you tap into the warmer southerly winds as well into the south of that line you have a whole lot of mixed precipitation on the way. so the best way to find significant snowfall is mornl of that pennsylvania turnpike and north of i 80 pounds up north and east and new england and as we get into the overnight hours 12:30 in the morning snow in philadelphia. rain for south jersey and delaware and snow forth and west. watch how quickly 4:00 in the morning it's rain here in the city along that 95 corridor south and east. allentown you might find mixed precipitation and then you will
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quickly changeover to rain and poconos snowfall overhead. 8:00 in the morning raining in allentown, down to lancaster icing concerns for the poconos and 8:00 in the morning and the storm system rushes out north to east direction 3:30 in the afternoon with leftover snow showers. as far as expected snowfall if you're looking to accumulation you go outside tonight and overnight hours and a lot this wash as way. terrain is all rain for south jersey and delaware. we'll go in tighter e. pots up to doylestown, trenton, mount holly, 1 to 3" and easton, allentown, kutztown, quakertown with the winter storm warning 3 to 6" and 6 plus poconos. icing is a concern throughout the overnight hours as the cold air builds on it in and you have the warmer air pushing in. so for poconos and lehigh county region we could find a quarter inch of ice. brief period. with that. it's icy north and rain south tomorrow with the accuweather
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forecast as we look at groundhog day monday. high up to 45. temperatures will be crashing quickly monday night. so things will rapidly refreeze if there's poppeding on the roads. tuesday, colder, 24, 4 3 wick rebound midweek and temperatures below average next wednesday and thursday. >> coming up tomorrow night "action news" at 11. philadelphia will be owe on the world stage when pope francis comes to down. where will he stay. here's a preview. >> this building is not a hotel. it very likely is where pope francis will stay when in town for world meeting of family. >> if that were toe happen we would work around the clock to get the place in shape and we look forward to having it. >> tomorrow night going behind closed doors at st. charles seminary not just possible papal
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>> >> time for a check on sports. jamie in for jeff. it's bad as bad was the last super bowl was this was good. >> it ended in a fight. >> somebody stole a line. first season for patriots to win back-to-back super bowls and would the pats win at all and be able to do it with properly inflated footballs that's the big question. tom brady winning fourth lombardi trophy and seahawks first not to win two straight. >> no scores first 0-0. 2nd quarter game tied 7. brady found rob four tied score.
11:28 pm
>> russel wilson took seahawks tie game at the half. 3rd quarter wilson to baldwin. 24-14. you can't count out brady and belichick. presidential despite throwing interceptions saving best for last. under 208 go with 11. tuper bowl touch down passes joe montana with most in history just before the 2 minute warning julianne gave the patriots for a four point lead. wilson and jermaine chris ball looks to be broken up it bounce the and butter defender puts them at the five with a point in go. brady cannot believe it. so second and goal for one.
11:29 pm
marshall written lynch is running back you run it right? or you call a pass and interception to butler the rookie. >> look at brady, crazy kizy fun of events. look at sherman he can't believe what he saw. >> maybe the worst play pete carroll in history of sports. 28-4. largest 4th quarter come back in super bowl history. brady 37 for 50 and 328 yards against nfl top ravrned defense and first super bowl third mvp. >> throwing a couple picks didn't help. it was a lot of mental toughness. we never doubted each other. so that's what it took. that was great football team we beat i'm happy for our team. >> we stuck together for the team and everybody team. >> you have to make make a great
11:30 pm
play. that change the whole outcome. >> pete carroll has to defend that play call for rest of his life. because of that, ducis, jeff and i were all wrong on our predictions. >> thank you pete


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