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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 4, 2015 12:37am-1:08am EST

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this is nightline. tonight, breaking news. a rush hour nightmare. at least since people killed after a packed train on one of america's busiest railroads slams into a vehicle. the flames, the injuries the mad rush to evacuate we have the very latest tonight. humiliating pictures from everyone to jennifer lawrence to kate upton posted on the internet. but imagine if the person doing the leaking is your ex-lover. it's called revenge important and up until now people have been getting away with it. will a major new court ruling be enough to finally shut this industry down? american dreams for sale with half a million dollars, you can pay your way here.
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welcoming almost anybody with enough money. >> yes, you can. >> but could that include spies and even terrorists? and then game of drones. they've given us extraordinary views of skyscrapers and ski slopes, and tonight the first time ever the live action inside an active volcano. night lynn nightline will be right back.
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good evening. and we start here with breaking news. a normal evening commute transformed into a fiery nightmare, when a packed train on one of the busiest railroads in america collided with a suv on the tracks. here, another driver on the scene describes what he saw. >> the woman, she gets out of the car. she kind of jiggles the gate with her hand a little bit. she turns around, gets in the car, and i'm waiting for her to back up, and she moves forward probably 15 feet right in front of the train. >> there are many injuries and fatalities and lindsey davis is right there tonight. >> reporter: you can see the horrific accident just over my shoulder. the crash marks the deadliest crash in recent years, at least six confirmed fatalities. the train had made it roughly 20 miles north of manhattan when it struck a suv that was reportedly stuck on the train track.
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400 passengers were able to make it out safely. the national transportation safety board is en route at this hour to determine what went wrong. >> that is the big question here tonight, thank you. we will update all night on abc and we'll have a full report on gma first thing in the morning. but we do move on to a game-changing conviction that could shake up a controversial industry. a guilty verdict for a man who operated what's known as a revenge porn the website where people could post naked pictures of their the ex-lovers. >> reporter: after years of ugly headlines and nude pictures splashed across websites, women humiliated for the sheer sport of it another kind of revenge. >> guilty -- >> reporter: kevin bullard guilty in a san diego courtroom of six counts of extortion and 21 counts of identity theft.
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tonight from jail, he says he's sorry. >> yeah. here i am in a holding cell right now for 24 hours. waiting. it's pretty miserable. i hope everybody realizes. >> reporter: the state's top prosecutor went before the news media to announce that so-called revenge porn operators are going down. >> i would suggest that anyone commit ago crime with a computer, you better bring your toothbrush if you end up in court room, because you might end up in jail. >> reporter: thousands of pictures were posted on his website, you got without their permission. but that was only half of it. they said he set up a second website, change my, where they had to pay up to $350 to get the humiliating photos taken down. one report was called a digital sleaze maestro and was taken into custody following his
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landmark conviction. >> the whole idea was to make money, but really it wasn't going to make very good money, you know. i could have had a regular job and made more money off of it. >> reporter: he faces over 20 years behind bars. the conviction is a huge victory for a growing list of victims and law enforcement who had been stuck, effectively unable to do anything about the now hundreds of sites that operate in legally murky territory. when this danish woman found herself victimized, she, too, was horrified posting this experience on the guardian. >> most of those people knew those were posted against my will. i wish i could say that the abuse ended that day or that week or that month, but years later, i'm still being harassed. >> reporter: so she took the highly unusual step of posting her own nude photographs, photos she staged as a way, she says for her to become more comfortable with her own body
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again and take back control of her own identity. >> i get why people think this is counter intuitive, but this sh key. consent is key. i did this. >> reporter: others feel trapped, like holly. >> knowing that someone with a click of a button take whatever information they wanted from you and share it is really troubling. it almost makes me want to shower with my clothes on. >> reporter: and kayla laws. >> it's embarrassing to know that they've seen that photo of me, and they know what i look like now topless because of that site. >> these revenge porn sites are evil abuse. anytime one gets taken down another one pops up in its place. >> reporter: california along with other states have passed legislation making revenge porn sites illegal, but in some laws the laws are inconsistent. >> it's terrible with keeping pace with technology.
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technology is evolving much faster than the legislation we need to regulate it. >> reporter: in a rare move the ftc has now gotten into the site, just last week banning another revenge porn site is anybody and ordering its operator to remove an estimated 1,000 nude photos once again posted allegedly without the victims' consent. the world of involuntary porn is a strange one with when we met who many consider the godfather. he says he's never hacked anyone. his former website, is anyone was designed for humiliation on a scale only the internet can offer. >> reporter: it's all about humiliation? >> yeah, it is. >> reporter: and you are fine with blasting it out and basically ruining in some cases other people? >> i mean to he i don't know these people.
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and it's kind of anonymous to me. i think the people submitting it are the ones who should be, you know feeling bad when they do click that submit button. >> reporter: you have no empathy? >> no. they're characters and avatars on a screen. >> reporter: he boasted about the woman who came to his door looking for her own brand of revenge. >> i was walking out of my house one day and out of nowhere, the girl we had posted or i had posted, she stuck me in the shoulder with a bic pen, and this is the scar i had left. they had to surgically remove it. >> reporter: hunter is no longer in the revenge porn business. he was arrested last year on hacking and identity theft charges. but others have had unintended shockswaves shockwaves. they've mobilized angry women. this is the erin brockovich of
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revenge porn. she tracked down victims like her daughter and helped spearhead california's new law. >> anybody who distributes a nude or topless picture without the victim's consent, that would be illegal. >> reporter: moore is now out on bond, awaiting trial later this year. if convicted he faces up to 45 years in prison. when we last caught up with him, he still thought using humiliation as a business model was a good idea. >> do you think at some time you might look back at the person you are now and have some regret? >> yeah, i'm going to grow and change as a person but right now, at this time, i'm going to take full advantage of people's mistakes and what i created. >> reporter: his critics might call revenge a dish best served with a side of irony. as a condition of his release, he's not even allowed to use the internet. i'm neil karlinsky for nightline
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did you know that your government runs a program that allows foreign citizens who cough up $500,000 to get a visa that could lead to a green card? defenders say this could create american jobs but is this little-known program also letting in terrorists and spies? here's abc's chief investigative
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correspondent brian ross for our series "nightline" investigates. >> reporter: fireworks over las vegas, at the star-studded grand opening of the new hotel and casino, the sls. it's one of a growing nun of major projects in this country built thanks to money from foreign investors who have been well-rewarded for their investment under a little known federal program called ez 5. they receive a siva sore green card with investment of $500,000 that creates american jobs essentially, to critics, a $500,000 green card. >> we believe the eb-5 program is nothing more than selling green cards. >> reporter: it is widely advertised overseas. from russia to iran to china,
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where this promotional video makes no effort to hide the fact that $500,000 is all it takes to buy your way into the u.s. >> yes, you can! >> reporter: but money talks, encourages jobs and the eb-5 program is also credited with helping to build a new york sports arena, a vermont water park, and a hollywood movie company. and even finance fbi office buildings. >> i think the program absolutely is working. >> reporter: peter joseph is the executive director of a washington trade association representing the burgeoning eb-5 industry. some have said this is a way to buy immigration service, buying a visa is that what this is? >> not at all. capital is going to communities all around the country needed to create jobs. >> reporter: but hundreds of documents reveal a very dark side of the program. in a 2013 report being made
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public for the first time tonight, more than 30 of the eb-5 projects were described as under investigation for narcotics trafficking, money laundering fraud, and other national security concerns. is. >> we want jobs in america, but we want the people coming to america to be legitimate business people. >> reporter: senator charles grassley says the program designed to attract foreign investors has also become a magna magnet for people suspected of serious crimes. >> it's something that's got to be exposed. >> reporter: many of the eb-5 applicants are coming from china. one eb-5 group in china now under investigation even tried to sign up as a consultant president obama's half brother mark. >> i told them i'm out of this. >> reporter: they wanted to take advantage of you and your name.
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>> yes. >> reporter: if you hadn't left you'd be in the middle of a fbi investigation. >> of course, of course. >> reporter: in the case of the hotel and casino in las vegas, hundreds got visas. sls says its own background checks turned up no evidence of any wrongdoing by its foreign investors, aboutbut according to documents, one applicant with ties to child pornography was approved. >> it is shocking raising questions, but particularly, when you have fbi and other law enforcement agencies saying that national security could be compromised or is being compromised, that's enough for us to be concerned about. >> reporter: by far, the most serious national security
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concerns involve iran's corps. and whether they could be infiltrating the united states. u.s. officials say they are now investigating. this southern california shipping company, american logistics international. investigators say the company's president, an iranian born man has helped bring dozens to america under the eb-5 program even as he and his company were under investigation for illegal smuggling to iran. his lawyer says neither he nor his company are involved in any terrorist or illegal export activity. but a one-time business associate of him has already been convicted of illegal shipments to iran and according to government documents is
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associated with a network involved in a series of international assassination and terrorism operations. >> in is a big hole for people to get into the country. >> reporter: some blame this man for bowing to the program. >> i will tell you theallegations are unequivocally false. >> reporter: but it was not something that he or his press secretary wanted to talk about. mr. secretary, you've not answered our questions, and i'd like to know why that is. senator grassley says that you were bowing to pressure. he cannot answer these questions, sir? but now we are getting some answers. in a statement homeland security says they have cut off applicants for the eb-5 program under los angeles under vision for ties to iran and homeland
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security secretary jay johnson told reporters today he's looking for ways to make sure the program is much more secure. >> so there may be some changes. >> brian ross on the case. thank you, brian. coming up on "nightline," what ginger zee and her team pulled off today, flying a drone into an active volcano. s mess? a mess? i don't think -- what's that? snapshot from progressive. plug it in and you can save on car insurance based on your good driving. you sell to me? no, it's free. you want to try? i try this if you try... not this. okay. da! our eyes they have a 200-degree range of sight. which is good for me. hey! and bad for the barkley twins. your brain can send information to
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drones occupy a funny place in our culture right now. amazon, as you may know has a controversial plan to use drones to deliver stuff right to your door. then there's a guy in washington in trouble for landing his drone
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near the white house door. but on the positive side when you put a camera on a drone you can capture amazing images. and tonight, ginger zee takes us into the heart of a volcano. >> reporter: drones, taking us to new heights. from the tops of buildings, to action-packed sporting events even into miley cyrus's back yard. but never before have drones taken us inside an active volcano until today. a monstrous monument of mother nature's power. it's the fissure that erupted atop iceland's glacier, and it's been active the last seven months. >> it is subject to eruptions under glaciers. >> reporter: our journey begins here, 30 cases of gear including a sat dish a satellite phone and generators. and then a two-day trek takes
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us through the harshest and most beautiful terrain on earth. >> vast vast white landscape. no vegetation or anything. >> reporter: as we drive past the lava you can feel the heat. we were there as the research team set up a mile away from the crater. and here we are, one of the fissures that come off the volcano, and this is one of the most active it's still going. it's been going for 230 years. >> the volcano is what makes this different. it's a chance of a lifetime to come see one of these, and being able to get really really close, using the drone, hasn't been done before. >> reporter: early this morning we were there as eric launched his aircraft. the drone taking us within 380
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feet of that vibrant lava. drone technology literally taking us and america into unchartered territory. for "nightline," i'm ginger zee in iceland. >> extraordinary pictures, and our thanks to jenginger and her full team for that. we'll see you tomorrow on gma. [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ >> yo! ho! ho-ho, ho! hi! [laughs] hello, and welcome to the show. i'm terry crews. some of you may know me from brooklyn nine-nine and i'm lucky enough to also be here hosting millionaire. [cheers and applause]
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today's first contestant is a hard-core biker who's on the road to riches today. from cypress, texas, please welcome bobby harold. [cheers and applause] what's up, bobby? how are you, sir? how are you? nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> nice to see you, my man. now, i hear you've been riding motorcycles since you were eight years old... >> right, been riding-- >> but you also are an ordained minister. >> as a matter of fact, i am. i'll be jumping on my bike once i leave here, headed down to galveston to do another wedding. >> that's great. you're doing the lord's work huh? >> [laughs] trying. >> well, i'm trying to get some money in your bank. i think the heavens are gonna smile on you today. >> i'm hoping for it. >> are you ready for it? >> i'm ready. >> well, let's go. let's say hello to our millionaire money tree. got a total of 14 questions spread over 2 rounds with money values from 100 bucks all the way up to $1 million. >> yeah. >> you know how this works. >> oh, yes, i do. >> round 1 has 10 po


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