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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  February 6, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EST

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er half a million life insurance policies in force that help cover funeral costs, medical bills, credit card balances or other final expenses. we're committed to our customers. we make insurance simple! (representatives speaking) well, the deadly crash is the news the past couple of days have raised a lot of questions regarding train and plane safety. >> of course there are a lot of factors out of the control of the passengers but there are some things you can do in the face of disaster.
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with that now abc's matt gutman with some things everybody should know. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine walking away from something as harrowing as this or this. and while some did lose their lives in this week's fatal metro north and transasia airways crashes, others proved surviving catastrophe is possible. but how? here at the coast guard's training center in north carolina they use a giant dunker to simulate plane crashes just like the transasia plane. the aircraft careening over flipping and smashing in to the water. it's like being inside of a giant washing machine. but before goi under, here's what you can do before any flight takes off. experts say choose an aisle seat within six rows of the emergency exit. statistics say this helps making it out safely. if the plane crashes and sinks, the coast guard says first grab a reference point like your chair and remove obstacles like
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armrests. only then should you unbuckle your seat belt and feel your way to a door or window. but watch when the jets turn on to simulate a storm. it's dark. i hold on to the seat. clear obstacles, unbuckle and head for the win doechl it's stuck. i struggle for 40 long seconds before a little elbow grease pops it out and i swim to safety. from planes to trains where basic safety steps can also increase your chances of surviving the crash. >> listen to the conductor. listen to instructions. try to know what's in your surroundings. >> reporter: transportation expert robert passwell says take a teeth seat where your back is facing the direction of travel. if the train crashes you will be thrust back with regards instead of thrown in in to the car. avoid seats with luggage overhead. if it falls it can injure you or block your exit path.
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simple tips that can save your life. matt gutman abc news philadelphia. >> i always look for the exit rows and also in hotels. >> how to you get out of here. >> i never did before but now with children i pay attention where the exit rows are. >> what did you do when you were single. >> had a good time. >> living free in hotels. running around. childless, manless. reena running around hotels. that's awesome. >> that's not what i said. >> an illuminating segment. glad we did this. >> you take my words and twist them around. >> thank you, matt gutman for getting this out of her. you never assume you will be in that positioning but good stuff to know in case you do. >> they say don't panic which is ridiculous to say but you use a lot of oxygen which makes you harder -- >> you have to be in that scenario a bunch of times before you don't panic to understand what is going on. first time underwater i'm going
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to freak out. >> not going to touch the point of reference, just take the seat belt and get out. how a simple picture can bring true change. a shot of a brooklyn student saying a thousand words. >> how this principal is empowering her students bringing this young man all the way to the white house.
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next story is a testament to the power that educators have in their students lives. it is about a principal setting high school goals for their students. >> her message turned in to a remarkable social media campaign inspiring the world. here's now is abc's robin roberts. >> reporter: the picture that launched over a million likes, generated over a million dollars and spawned an incredible movement. >> what did you think when he this young man and his school. blogger photographer brandon stanton who is behind one of the most popular photo websites humans of new york stopped 13-year-old nadal for a photo and asked a simple question
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whoez who's influenced you most in your life. >> almost always when i ask that question i have asked a lot. somebody will talk about their parents and he said my principal, miss lopez. i was immediately intrigued. >> the 8th grader from new york told brandon his principal inspired him because she made every student stand up one at a time and told each one of us that we matter. >> miss lopez is like my second mom. >> reporter: she makes you believe in yourself doesn't she? >> she is so devoted to these kids and their futures. >> reporter: brandon's post went viral which prompted him to meet this beloved principal. they started a fund-raiser so that students at the school could take a field trip to harvard, a trip that would cost $35,000. >> why did you choose harvard? >> i'm constantly fighting with the kids and their parents and the teachers who say you are
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definitely good enough. you are amazing in and you're bril yants. but my question is can they see it? do they see how far they can go. >> reporter: enough to make the harvard excursion an annual fixture for years to come. for principal lopez the fund-raiser means more than money. you keep referring to the comments not the money. >> no. >> reporter: the comments are priceless. >> i don't follow the money. it's the people. today someone came in a guy named aden came in off the street and i read your post and if you need a volume lunn tire. so what can i do to help. >> reporter: that gave me chills. the million dollar fund-raiser has given way to after-school programs and a future scholarship program named after nadal the doll lar who started it all. >> every dollar over $70,000 is doing to help these kids go to
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school. >> the attention i'm getting, i'm getting it for the school. the school has been a big part in my life and i want it to be a big part in everyone else's life. >> what an inspiring story. >> great story. >> incredible. we want to show you pictures we have here. look at the first one. there he is. meeting president obama in the oval office. >> he gets the chair. >> of course he does. >> for the moment. >> another one. this is also in the oval office. what a great opportunity to meet the president there. the actual one of the humans of new york do we have that photo? this is it right here. they posted the humans of new york instagram account. it is incredible. the power that teachers especially have in the lives of students. i'll tell you, mrs. jackson, my law studies teacher who's like a second mother to me. >> oh, tell me about it. but yeah i think everybody has a story of a teacher.
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we talk about government programs and money and what not but sometimes it is the one teacher can make a difference like that. >>
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that's right for you. ♪ >> oh goodness. it's time for our ""insomniac theater."" as always we are checking out two top movies hitting the box office this weekend. let's show you video of the first one. put it up here. the leading sci-fi film from makers of the matrix. >> a woman can't seem to catch a break. she travels from chicago to a far away planet where she will finally inherent her destiny arizona a powerful intergalactic ruler. chain channinging tatum is charged with finding jupiter and getting her there. >> are those flying boots? >> i use the force of gravity redirecting it. >> i heard gravity and surf.
2:56 am
>> up is hard. down is easy. >> thank you. wow. >> our ride's here. ready? >> ready to walk out of 100-story window with you in gravity boots. >> this will make it easier. >> okay. the film seems to have the right formula but it is not wowing critics. tony hicks of the san jose mercury news says jupiter ascending is the film equivalent of a baseball slugger unleashing a huge swing and missing. rob loweman from the l.a. daily news says it isn't that bad of a film just one we have seen before in more interesting ways. >> oh wow. okay. i hope the next film does better than that one. another fantasy epic. this one set in the distant past. seventh son. it tells the story of the overwhelming forces of evil about to be unleashed on human kind. julianne moore a powerful witch capable of summon ing nasty
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creatures and then all hell is about to break loose when she escapes. >> did you miss me? you have haven't you? don't try to deny it. i can see in to your soul. >> no! >> all right. seventh son looks cool. visually entertaining but according to the critics that's where it all ends. i got peter -- from variety calls it an over designed, under conceived fantasy epic in which even top notch contributors condition get the chemistry right. -- >> hollywood reporter calls it simply son of a dud. >> that's not nice. >> i don't know what to tell you all to go see. we just gave you. >> maybe it is a netflix weekend. >> yes, what's on netflix. >> or "scandal" and how to get away with murder.
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the final moments before a passenger train slammed to an suv north of new york city. new details for investigators and the 911 calls. >> the front car just exploded. >> investigators trying to figure out why the driver who got stuck on the tracks did not move her car. sony scandal. the movie studio executive whose explosive e-mails were made public in a hack attack. >> i think it was inevitable given the content of the e-mails and how public it became. >> the major decisioning by her powerful job after a 20 year career. the backlash over the "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue from the skimpy pictures to the size 16 model making history. it is friday february 6th.
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good friday morning to you. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm t.j. holmes. it is friday. we made sglit we did. today is national wear red day to remind people especially young women about the risk of heart disease and strokes. one in three women, can you believe, will suffer from heart disease or heart attack or stroke. this is to remind people there are things you can do to make sure you don't reach that point. >> too often it is a worthy cause. we focus on wearing the pink and a talking about breast cancer certainly worthy cause but heart disease is a big deal and takes a lot of women. my family has dealt with some of those issues of heart disease with women. >> important. a lot of news today, too. >> we are trying to get to the bottom of what happened with this train, this commuter train accident. we have new images this morning. it was a deadly crash, as you know. this happened north of new york city. >> for the first time we have seeing inside the burned out train car where five passengers died. the rail car pierced by the electrified third rail.
3:02 am
>> funeral service meanwhile will be held today for the driver of the suv hit by the train. let's check in with lana zak. she has the latest for us on the investigation. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board announced that safety warnings worked as designed. >> 39 seconds before the train occupied the grade crossing, the flashing lights illuminated and few seconds later, as designed the crossing arms activated. >> reporter: before the crash, traffic had backed up on the road. it was a dark night. >> 65 feet from the nearest rail this sign which says do not stop on tracks. >> reporter: the driver in the car behind 49-year-old ellen brody indicated she should back up. she pulled forward instead. though impact was sudden and violent. >> metro north right at the valhalla station past the -- just exploded. >> reporter: investigators are
3:03 am
reviewing every detail. >> we are combing carefully through ash, debris and pieces of third rail. >> reporter: the ntsb says they will check the driver's cell phone records, a standard procedure to see if she could have been distracted. they have will also look at the vehicle she was driving to see if it contributed to the crash. for the first time we are seeing inside the charred remains of the train. this here is the electrified third rail. as you can see it is pooersing through the floor of that train. investigators say this is going to be an extremely lengthy process, given the condition of the train and the burned out car. reena, t.j.? >> thank you so much. stunning words from a survivor of the taiwan plane crash. the 72-year-old man claim gist before takeoff he heard some sort of sound next to him and quote, the engine didn't feel right. moments later the plane clipped a taxi on a highway bridge and crashed in to a river. the death toll 32 and 11 people
3:04 am
are missing. we could learn more information from the black boxes today. jordan says this is just the beginning. it launched new air strike against isis after the militants burned to death one of its pilots. the sights were in syria and iraq and included training centers and weapons storages. jordan says it will go after the militants wherever they are. meanwhile, more u.s. citizens have been arrested for trying to leave the country and join isis fighters in syria. martha wrath raddatz has the details from washington. >> reporter: the four men made a 1,000 miles from new jersey to kennedy airport by bus. they are 20 and under who the fbi says may have been trying to join terrorists in syria. three were stopped before boarding the plane but 19-year-old hamza ahmed managed to board an international flight. federal agents took him in to custody just before takeoff. he's been charged with making false statements in a terrorism investigation. investigators say he told them he was heading to spain on
3:05 am
vacation but had no hotel reservations or friends there. the fbi said he denied knowing one of the other men, although the fbi said he had been communicating via twitter. in the last two years, the justice department says about 20 americans have tried to either go to syria to join terrorists or send materials to help them. martha raddatz, abc news washington. a u.s. coast guardsmen is in custody after a deadly attack in massachusetts. police say adrian loya shot two colleagues killing one of the women and women ur wounding the other. loya is accused of torching a car to hamper police planting fake bombs and wounding a police officer. he's ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation. two philadelphia police officers are under arrest after a case of brutality caught on camera. surveillance video shows the two officers attacking roj -- riveria. this is what he looked like
3:06 am
afterwards. they say they beat him without provocation and falsely arrested him. the surveillance tape was discovered by his girlfriend after she doubted the police version of events. chris kyle the subject of "american snierp." kyle and friend were shot and killed at a gun range two years ago. the judge in the case is telling jurors it is all right if they have seen the movie as long as they have haven't made up their minds about the case. some have. however, they were sent home. bobbi kristina brown's family is close mouthed about the condition of whitney houston's daughter. brown was found face down in a bathtub in her home last weekend. some information has leaked out but it is hard to tell fact from fiction. >> reporter: surrounded by her family at emory university hospital there are conflicting reports about the condition of bobbi kristina. the daughter of the late whitney houston. "people" is reporting doctors told her family nothing more can be done and that relatives are
3:07 am
saying their good-byes. family source tells abc news the various reports are not true. saying that bobbi kristina was not taken off of life support today as some media outlets are reporting. e! entertainment is reporting she is showing signs of brain activity. police say that she was found face down in a bathtub by a friend and nick gordon a man she claimed was her husband. lawyers for bobby brown said she and nick gordon were never truly married and her representatives confirm. this her father ooeds seen outside of the hospital on his birthday and giving thumbs up from the black suv reportedly making all medical decisions. >> it was dramatic for him when he lost whitney. to lose bobbi kristina in a possibly similar fashion is truly devastated to this man. >> "people" says the family has been singing her mother's song "the greatest love of."
3:08 am
♪ hoping and praying she can hear. steve osunsami abc news atlanta. china maybe to blame for the cyberattack on anthem. the nation's second largest health insure and the the company behind blue cross blue shield says it may have affected 80 million people. investigators are looking in to links to the chinese. they say hackers used custom malware to regain or gain access to social security numbers, birthdays, addresses and employment information. >> the data that was stolen is really all the elements that you need to create credit. >> anthem says there's no evidence so far, that any medical information was compromised. five infants in a chicago day care center have measles and public investigators say the outbreak could go. too young to receive vaccinations. as many as ten others have been told to stay home. investigators don't think this illinois outbreak is related to the one in southern california. there's another report out
3:09 am
this morning showing the benefits of coffee. the new study says having a third cup of coffee may decrease the risk of uterine cancer. women who drank at least three cups a day had an 18% lower risk than those who drank less than a cup a day. the researchers caution, there maybe other factors at work here. why do you hate coffee so much? >> no. we have a new study every single week almost every day telling you coffee is good for you, coffee is bad for you. eat this don't eat this. have a beer don't have a beer. drink -- come on. >> i find coffee and wine consistently appear to be studies that they are beneficial. i'm going to stick by that. >> because you like coffee and wine. >> i'm going to pick the result results i choose to go by. i love coffee and wine. and dark chocolate, too. can't go wrong. i don't care what medical people say, can't go wrong. >> all right. tiger woods, maybe you should try coffee. tiger is struggling.
3:10 am
he pulled out of another tournament because of his back. he was in obvious pain. you see him there through 11 holes that he played yesterday. the pain forced him in to a car and he said he warmed up well but he got cold during a weather delay. he couldn't stay active ated he said. he missed the cut three times and finished 69th in another one. he didn't have a day this bad, though. this is american skier bode miller. >> oh man. >> he crashed at the world championship super g event in colorado. you see him in the hospital. he had surgery for a herniated disk and more surgery yesterday. tweeted this picture, out of successful surgery for severed hamstring tendon. feeling lucky because it could have been way worse. >> you think you are having a rough time. >> i have an hour before i
3:11 am
complain. three guys in new zealand doing handiwork. >> they had a workshop that was an old chicken coop. it is where they have been hand shaping metal, welding and creating car components to build a replica of 0 one of the rarest performance cars ever way. >> their work resulted in a fully operational replica of red ferrari gto. 39 of the real were produced. they can actually build their own. >> that's gorgeous. congrats. i wond wither if they can get some money for that one. "the mix" coming your way. labor of love for a guy who had to have his own iron man cost costume frchlgts the skimpy bikini to the so-called plus size model. all the talk about the "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue and another chance to show women in bikinis. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by
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fiedser is moving in to an area called biosims. pfizer is buying the largest maker of again network injectable drugs. the medications are not approved for use the u.s. pfizer paid $15 billion for hospira. after 100 years in business, radio shack has officially filed for bankruptcy them electronics
3:16 am
retailer plans to close half of the 4,000 stores them rest will be sold to a hedge fund that struck a deal with sprint to take over the locations. if approved it would double the number of sprint stores. major headline out of old, the head of sony pictures whose e-mails were linked to a cyberattack are no longer in charge. >> a lot of embarrassing stuff about celebrities and jokes about what movies president obama might like suggesting maybe -- saying he maybe a fan of kevin hart. she's not out of the company completely. she got a pretty good deal here. rebecca jarvis has more. >> reporter: the hacking scandal touching everyone from president obama to angelina jolie, now taking down the head of stoen sony pictures entertainment -- one of the highest ranking women in hollywood. making her private e-mails public including conversations mocking jolie and racially
3:17 am
insensitive comments involving the president. back then pascal apologized to civil rights leaders saying the comments were not an accurate reflection of who i am. >> do you think it is enough to save your job? >> i hope so. >> reporter: sony announcing he is stepping down. >> was this inevitable. >> i think it was inevitable given the content and how public it became. >> reporter: sony says pascal will launch a production venture at the studio. pascal said i'm energized to start this new chapter based at the company i call home. sony says the hack is estimated to cost the company $15 million. that is far less than analysts had feared. sony announcing one of the strongest quarters in a decade. rebecca jarvis abc news new york. >> that's interesting. people wonder if it would affect their bottom line. pascal is one of the people who pushed hard for the interview to be shown. i know the e-mails were horrendous attached to her. really horrendous.
3:18 am
why didn't men follow this? such few men leading the pact. why is the woman the one that had to go. >> she is the one at the top. >> but wasn't the only e-mail. wasn't the only person whose e-mail was pretty horrific. a lot of other e-mails. from other people in hollywood, executives. i'm just saying. few women over there. coming up -- how low can you go? the racy cover to the new "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. why it maybe too hot for tv. and the other way this iconic piece of eye candy is reinventing itself in the age of social media. in the next half hour what in the world is a polar bear doing in the city of london taking a stroll riding the underground? looks pretty real but would it really fool you? you are watching "world news now." >> a
3:19 am
3:20 am
when the "sports illustrated" issue made the 1964 debut the bikini was not a legitimate swimwear just yet. wit uz too risque for the times. >> we have gone from the bikinis. but the magazine keeps up. here's mara schiavocampo. >> it is one of the coveted titles in modeling the "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. this one is too racy to show you. sporting a super low-cut bikini bottom, that is 24-year-old hannah davis. aka derek jeter's girlfriend. >> oh my god. >> this behind the scenes sports illustrated video, hannah is brought to tears when she sees her cover. but others calling the picture just too risque pornographic. this is "sports illustrated," not "playboy." "sports illustrated" defending the pic telling us after 50 years of swimsuits, what
3:21 am
everyone knows is that one person's risque is another person's sexy. but inside there's yet another model turning heads. plus-size model ashley graham in an ad for swimwear brand swimsuits for all. >> we are talking about hannah davis a little bit today but ashley graham for stole a little bit of her thunder. >> reporter: first time an ad featuring a plus size model ever made it to the swimsuit edition and no one can look away. >> what's the harm in showing different body types and girls. ashley looks amazing in the ad and i think it was a great move. >> reporter: whatever your definition of sexy it is definitely expanding. for "nightline i'm mara schiavocampo in new york. ♪ >> very risque. >> is it? >> this is nothing in a couple of years. push it as far as you can push it and push it and push it and another step in the evolution.
3:22 am
won't bother us later. >> best selling issue, kathy ireland, 1989. oh, maybe this one.
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>> we are jittery. we had coffee today. >> did we? >> all right. i did. >> look at the picture. show you the picture than will explain. see that? that's ironman. this is no regular iron man. it is a popular movie series the last several years. robert downey jr. plays iron man. this guy here is in the u.s. air force and the suit he made you see him at a school but he put it together from stuff in the garage. he built his own suit. took him ten months to do it. has three kids. his 6-year-old helped him to put it together. why would he do this? it turns out he will use it for charity purposes and speak to children and make people feel good. job well done. >> very well done there.
3:26 am
target employee helping out a teen and a photo was snapped. a kid going in for a job interview needed some help looking for a clip-on tie. this target employee helped him to put the tie on and gave him advice and a customer saw this and snapped up the photo. it has gone viral in north carolina. polka time. ♪ ♪ ♪ it's late at night you are wide awake and you are not wearing pants ♪ grab your "world news now" mug and everybody dance ♪ have some fun be a pal every anchor guy and gal ♪ do the world news polka ♪ i read the news today, oh, boy. ♪
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now," health alert. away with murder. this morning on "world news now," health alert. the growing concern over measles and the latest victims in the middle east. too young to get vaccinated. where the heated debate is going next. extreme weather from the plunging temperatures to the powerful storm hitting the west. dangerous beginning to the weekend. details from accu-weather. survivor stories the airplane that crashed in the river in taiwan, the brushes with death and the chilly new details. later in "the skinny," marketing madonna at the age of 56. the material girl has not lost her touch. her latest song and the new way she's promoting it. it is friday, february 6th. >> announcer:s from abc news this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone. it's friday. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm t.j. holmes. both parents here.
3:31 am
we're talking about the measles. we're trying to figure out what age -- there are so many shots they had to get and what age -- i think it's 1. >> mmr, it is measles, mumps and rubella. it's older than 1. that's part of the reason we are doing the story in chicago about the outbreak where kids can't get vaccinated. are too young to get vaccinated. >> an outbreak of measles. a new outbreak. this time patients are in suburban chicago at a day care center and they are too young for vaccinations. >> a lot of talk and increasing pressure on parents to get their children immunized. for more here's abc's brandi hitt. >> reporter: the new measles hot spot this illinois day care center. five babies diagnosed with measles, possibly more exposed. too young to get the vaccine. >> nine to ten individuals who we have asked to remain at home the next 21 days. >> reporter: this after another day care scare in santa monica, california where 14 babies are in quarantine. california lawmakers are
3:32 am
proposing legislation that will eliminate the personal belief exemption for parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. 19 states allow parents to opt out for philosophical reasons. in illinois 95% of kindergartners get the vaccine. the same as the u.s. average. the lowest vaccination rate in colorado where parents can opt out. the highest in mississippi with some of the strictest laws in the nation. one advocacy group weighing in saying vaccines do not cause autism. we urge all children be fully vaccinated. >> i think it is up to a parent's choice to decide what's best for your kid. >> reporter: she fully immunized her 7-year-old but is holding out on all vaccines with 6-month-old evan. >> do you feel you are putting others at risk by not vaccinating your son? >> no, i don't believe i am putting others at risk. >> reporter: parents at this illinois day care center may disagree.
3:33 am
brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. eastern part of the country is locked in a deep freeze with windchills plunging below zero. winter weather advisories have been posted from the ohio valley to new england. lows of just 15 in washington, d.c. 9 in new york and a bone-chilling minus four in boston. even the southeast is getting off 0 to a chilly start after the cold front fuelled a tornado in boca raton. to a chilly start after the cold front fuelled a tornado in boca a chilly start after the cold front fuelled a tornado in boca raton. the west is getting off to a chilly start after a tornado. accu-weather's stephanie olmo has the latest. good morning to you, steph. >> a storm system continues to mange an impact across the northwest region. one to two inches is expected seattle to portland. expect delays if you are doing traveling on i-5. even some air delays are expected there, as well.
3:34 am
more to the coastal areas could see two to four inches. also strong winds behind. this storm system is expanding as far south in to northern central parts of california. very beneficial for the golden state. as much of the state is in extreme to exceptional drought. under the gun for the heaviest rain is eureka, california, san francisco two to three inches is expected. across the northeast another cold one. factor in the winds and it will feel much colder. definitely want to bundle up. actual temperatures, 25 in new york. reena and t.j., back to you. >> stephanie, thank you so much. one of mexico's most active volcanos is putting on quite a show these days. the colima volcano is spewing ash and gas in the sky. no evacuations have been ordered but residents are worried about the health risks of breathing in the ash. the wait continues for the families of those missing after the taiwan plane crash. at least 11 people are unaccounted for since wednesday's disaster. for the first time we are hearing from one of the 15 people who survived.
3:35 am
abc's david kerley has more. >> reporter: if you look closely, you'll see the transasia plane hit a taxi before slamming in to a bridge. this taxi and a driver lucky to be alive. he stumbled from the cab and calls his dispatcher >> a plane flew by and hit me. the unbelieving dispatcher asked a remote control model plane. not a remote control plane a small man plane says the driver. a plane that missed nearby apartment buildings but ended up in the river. this 72-year-old survivor said he saw others drowning. if i didn't move quickly enough to help them soon they would have been dead. he said he knew something wasn't right before takeoff. reports say the father of this 2-year-old being rescued felt the same way, switching to the other side of the aircraft before takeoff because something on the right wing didn't sound right. >> it was a shallow slow-moving river so people had a chance to
3:36 am
climb out and not pushed downstream. >> reporter: the mayor of taipei is calling the pilot a hero for missing those apartment building, as investigators continue their work to figure out exactly what went wrong. david kerley, abc news, miami international airport. funeral services are today for the driver of the mercedes suv who was killed in a fiery crash north of new york city. ellen brody was stuck on the tracks before killed by the commuter train. she was killed along with five train passengers. friends are struggling to understand just what happened here. >> she was not a risk taker who would put her own life at risk. she was definitely not a risk taker that would put other people's safety at risk. >> reporter: federal investigators say recordings show the train and the signal crossing were working properly before the crash and brody had more than 30 seconds to get out of the train's way. maybe a new scandal involving governor chris christie. a local prosecutor says he was fired because he objected when indictments of christie supporters were dismissed.
3:37 am
he said the justice department is now looking in to this. christie denies any involvement. the new jersey republican has been mentioned as a possible presidential candidate. the latest data breach that compromised the personal information of as many as 80 million americans may be linked to china. investigators say the cyberattack on anthem is similar to other sophisticated operations by chinese hackers. the social security numbers, birthdays, addresses could be used to steal identities and apply for credit. so far, there's no evidence that medical information was compromised. another event added to the pope's fall trip to america is he's addressing congress. house speaker boehner announced that pope francis will be the first pope to speak before a joint meeting of congress. it will be september 24th. he will make stops at the white house, philadelphia and here in new york city. the latest report on american jobs and who's hiring due out this morning from the labor department. analysts say there will be no dramatic change from the current
3:38 am
unemployment rate of 5.6. they predict as many as 200,000 hires during january, similar to december's report. recruiters predict stricter standards may ease as more positions need to be filled. a man in new mexico is suing that state's lottery because he said he's entitled to a big payout. the lottery is refusing to make it. there's the ticket. you see right there. he needed to match the one at the top with others below. the man is claiming he's owed over a half million dollars and wants to prove he's a winner in court. >> we believe the statute is very clear that the game is about matching numbers. he matched the numbers. they need to pay or basically they are cheaters. >> i'm confused. >> yeah. >> he says the lottery told his client he's not a winner because there's a misprint on the ticket. their lawsuit also calls on the lottery to take steps to ensure something like this doesn't happen again. >> wait. it was a mistake? a misprint? >> that's what they are saying. it was a misprint.
3:39 am
that is why you have to do the quick pick. the quick pick is easy. >> this looks easy. he matched -- okay. i have to read in to this more. they are saying it is a misprint. oops our bad, an accident of some kind. this should not have been printed this way. is that what they are saying? >> yeah. >> come on. this guy's going to get paid. >> you heard it here first. talking about paying it forward but all the snow lately we have a new shoveling it forward message. a hashtag shovel is it forward getting attention on-line from areas of the country that are seeing all of that show these days. >> these guys getting in on the action in connecticut. shoveling out some sr.s that couldn't do it for themselves. not only are they helping people out but earning the community service credits needed for graduation. good for them. thanks for those who are shoveling it forward. it is really hard when you get all of that snow. i shovelled the sidewalk and felt drained. >> exhausted. it is not funny. people have heart attacks doing this and deaths recently.
3:40 am
the story, the guys the paramedics or fire department came and got the fire department came and got the guy who had a heart attack and they came back. >> the u.p.s. driver. >> is that what it was. >> the guy passed out and the u.p.s. driver heard and came and got him. >> an they went back and shovelled the yard. >> i think you melded two stories this week to create your own story. >> all the same thing, the shoveling. >> you are absolutely right. back to the theme of nudity. a lot of naked folks on the show lately. >> you are right. >> if you haven't been. watching, you have been missing out. this time jennifer lawrence is exposing herself. you get a chance to own something very personal of justin bieber's. he's not naked. i need to clear that up. >> sounded weird there. first, it looks like a polar bear is scaring up attention in london. the unusual stunt and who's behind it. that's next on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by
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cascade. now that's clean. all right. we see strange things walking the streets of new york city every single day. what have you seen lately? >> i saw a man with no clothes on in -- he's underwear guy. you know who i am talking about? >> oh, the naked cowboy? >> the naked cowboy. >> doesn't faze me. he is out there all the time. >> when it is cold and he's still out there. >> that's disturbing. we are talking about london this time. they maybe giving us a run for our money as far as strange things go. >> i think so.
3:45 am
forget about where wolves in london, they have polar bears. >> reporter: in life you never know what's going to creep up on you. what do you do when you come face to face with a terrifying eight-foot polar bear. hold on, folks, no need to panic. there is more to this ferocious predator that meets the eye. he may walk and even talk like a bear but ralph -- that's right, his name is ralph, is actually two guys named tom and derek in a 44-pound fur coat. >> when i'm in there and doing sniffs and snorts and things and sometimes i do a grin and bear it undignified. >> with 19 people working two months using foam, latex and 120 square feet of fur it was created to promote the arctic crime thriller "fortitude" set to air in the u.s. >> we start with the concept,
3:46 am
which is two guys puppeteering a creature. >> who doesn't love puppets from the stage show to the super bowl. >> if when you make these things you don't know until the end if it is going to work. >> reporter: now ralph has become something of a superstar himself, attracting a curious crowd everywhere he goes. >> he pretty much conquered the world already. let's go global. >> reporter: lock your doors, ralph could be coming to a town near you. lam ma has an, abc news, london. >> i'd love for ralph to be our mascot can at "world news now." i have been saying this for some time. we need a real animal. >> why a polar bear? >> it is like the polar plunge. it feels cold in here now. >> what about the summertime. >> put a bathing suit on him. >> bathing suit on the polar bear. >> you mapped it all out. >> i want an animal on the set. >> you have got me. deal with it. >> that's what they tell me. coming up a "castaway" cast
3:47 am
reunion, hanks and wilson. you have to see this. jennifer lawrence posing nude but this time for public consumption. "the skinny" up next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after th
3:48 am
♪ skinny so material. ♪ skinny so skinny ♪
3:49 am
we start "the skinny" with material girl ma dune that. -- madonna a. madonna is premiering her new music video and found a new hip way to do so. >> i never used this. big debuts can happen on snapchat, the social media app. take a look. ♪ >> okay. the quality isn't so good because it's taken from a smartphone but this is what madonna's snapchat friends got to see before everyone else. she's the biggest artist to use the app so smart. >> it is popular with teens and 20 somethings. madonna 56. give this woman credit. she knows how to reinvent herself and she has a new album and performing at the grammy awards on sunday. >> she has younger children, teenagers now. maybe they help her to stay on top of things. we always love a good cast reunion.
3:50 am
this one is different than the rest. >> tom hanks didn't act with a lot of other folks in account castaway." he had a memorable component. at the rangers game he looks uncomfortable at first but then he sees an a old friend wilson the volleyball. >> even drew his face there. hanks started a let's go wilson chant. great to see they still have the chemistry. >> really cool he reacted to it that way. had a good time with it. another nude pic of jennifer lawrence leaked but it's not what you think. this is leaked and authorized. she is naked except for strategically placed red tailed boa constrictor draped across her body. >> is that real? the pic was shot in july before the whole celebrity phone hacking scandal. it is featured in the march issue of "vanity fair." looks like we have a trend here.
3:51 am
look at rihanna swimming in "harper's bazaar" an eight foot shark. is that real. >> we're told it is not photo shopped but a real sand tiger shark. this one is different. this is touched but the first one is real. >> i don't think that is real. >> no. justin bieber turns 22 next month which is the approximate age you better get your old junk out of your mama's house. >> or she will toss it. if ir justin peeb bieber's mom, she is tossing it but auctionsensing for a good cause. >> today is the last time you can bid on autographed sneakers or childhood blanket. >> can't let it go. the condition is well worned. the comforter is autographed and perhaps the best part it comes with a certificate of authenticity from justin's grandmother. proceeds benefit a local charity in his hometown. he said he wants to be a better person. he was talking to ellen the other day. this is maybe good press for the young man. >> do you think you washed the blankey? >> you have to. of course they did i bet you get more if you didn't wash it.
3:52 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> this first week of february has been a tough one here. a lot of tragic events. difficult news to report. >> let's rewind it backing to the beginning of the week when the biggest deal was a simple football game. >> i was jolted out of my seat. >> then what? >> flames. i saw people behind me in the car falling over each other. >> the third rail went completely through the entire front car of the train. it must have been an absolute horrific scene when that first happened. i am amazed that anyone got off that train. >> we intend to find out what makes this accident different. what was it that made this different that caused this to be fatal to five people on board that train? >> i have heard of many tragic cases of walking, talking normal children who wound up with
3:56 am
profound mental disorders after vaccines. >> isn't it is a parent's right to vaccinate their child or not vaccinate their child? >> would you send your teen out to drive a car without wearing a seat belt? would you go on a boating trip with your family and decide who wants to wear life jackets and who doesn't? that's like playing russian roulette. >> 21-year-old female in the bathtub, face down. >> the incident with bobbi kristina happened eerily close to the three-year anniversary of whitney houston's death. she died in a bathtub at the beverly hilton hotel a day before the grammy awards. ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ [ applause ] >> it was unbelievable and then malcolm made the play of the year to save our season. it took everybody from the first guy to the last guy. i'm proud of our effort.
3:57 am
>> i love going all natural. >> when i found it was the all-natural burger i was so happy to be part of that because my whole life is -- she got a boob job. it is like to be like, no i'm all natural. i'm going all natural. >> a lot of nudity. >> this week, sex and nudity. >> not complaining but it is a lot of it. noticeable. >> hope grandma was sleeping through the night this week. >> why? >> we're talking a lot of sex and naked people. are all naked every day in some >> it is all natural, hey -- we are all naked every day in some way, form or fashion but not on tv. >> thank god. >> not in front of the cameras a look at our facebook page in case you missed it. >> plays of this week. >> or fumbles. >> better way to put it. >> announcer: this is abc's within wednesday, informing insomniacs for two decades. wo decades.
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making news in america this morning, new outbreak growing concerns about the number of kids with measles across the country. with more cases expected plus babies too young for the vaccine now being diagnosed. targeting isis. jordan unleashing its wrath on islamic militants hitting back with a barrage of bombs. the revenge for an executed pilot. extreme weather from coast to coast. temperatures in the single digits? the east as the west braces for possibly severe flooding. we are tracking it all. touching moment going viral. a teenager goes to target for a tie and leaves with important life lessons. well good friday morning to you. we


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