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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 6, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. and frozen a bitter cold blast sends much of the country into a deep chill. temperatures plunging below zero. now the northeast bracing for another storm with more snow on the way this weekend. breaking new details in the measles outbreak. five infants in chicago now diagnosed with the virus. how they caught it a mystery. up to ten other babies at risk and in quarantine. anger swelling around the country aimed at parents who won't vaccinate. bikini backslash. "sports illustrated" under fire for their most popular issue of the year. did they finally go too low with a cover so racy we can't even show you all of it. how the magazine is defending their big splash. ♪ shake it off ♪ rock 'n' roll showdown. taylor, beyonce, iggy all vying for music's biggest prize but
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will they have to shake it off? ♪ oh won't you stay with me ♪ will sam smith rock the music world and score a major upset with a grammy? stay with him. and good morning, america. award season is here. music on tap this sunday night with the grammys. >> can't wait for that. also talk about award season we have a huge -- i mean humongous announcement concerning the oscars. you don't want to miss that. >> that's coming up. right to this deep freeze. ginger boy, temperatures plunging all over the east coast. >> this morning we're waking up here just above zero. there are windchill advisories from west virginia to maine. if you have exposed skin it can become dangerous if you're out there for some time.
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numbers, 9 in louisville. 5 below, buffalo. the core of that is right in new england. burlington feels like 20 below. caribou, 23 below and boston with all that fresh snow on the ground they're hearing about a new snowstorm and yes, there will be one. saturday and sunday and sunday night through monday and early tuesday we deal with it throughout the northeast. connecticut, rhode island up through massachusetts, i think the heaviest snow is going to be just north of new york city. doesn't mean it won't snow in new york but i wanted to time this out for you and show you what we're looking for as far as snow totals. a lot of that upstate new york western new york sees some of the heavier stuff vermont, new hampshire and maine. west of boston is where the foot plus goes. robin, we certainly have a messy monday coming into tuesday. so we're setting this pattern. >> it is february. all right, ginger, thank you. to the latest in the transasia plane crash, at least
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35 people killed, 8 still missing. authorities in taiwan revealing what took place in the final seconds before the plane went down. abc's david kerley has the latest for us and joins us. >> reporter: it's the black boxes and they are very telling with one engine down the pilots apparently shut down the good engine. the final moments of the transasia flight it's clear the turboprop just doesn't have enough power before clipping a bridge and crashing into taipei's river? why, trouble with one engine but a possible fatal mistake. >> looks like they may have shut down the wrong engine. >> we are collecting factual information. >> reporter: this morning, that blockbuster revelation from the black boxes of what happened in the cockpit. just five seconds after the atr-72 takes off the crew notices something wrong. ten seconds in an engine warning light, the right goes to idle and more than 30 seconds into the flight the pilots pull back the throttle on the left
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engine the good one and try to restart it. >> it's essentially a glider. >> reporter: that as more survivals come to light including the cab driver and hamish macdonald saw the aftermath. >> you can see where the wing smashed into it. the forensic investigator told us that if the car was any further forward or any lower to the ground it would probably have been destroyed or potentially flipped right over. >> reporter: cab driver and passenger survived. 15 people in the aircraft. now, the taiwanese have been prompt in releasing this information but they're not drawing any conclusions. the investigation continues but, george it is appearing as if their pilot error was a significant factor in the crash. >> okay david, thanks very much. we'll turn to a new measles scare in another major city. five babies from a day-care center contracted the disease. at least ten more may have been exposed. abc's chief health and medical editor dr. richard besser tracking it. good morning rich. >> these babies were too young to be vaccinated and around the
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country officials this morning are facing the challenge of convincing some parents that vaccination is more than a personal decision. this morning, more measles fears spreading across the u.s. this day care at a chicago suburb announcing thursday that five infants in their program have been diagnosed with the virus. up to ten other infants are at risk and in quarantine. >> these are children that are probably not vaccinated because they are -- many of them are under the age necessary to receive their first vaccination. >> reporter: major medical groups like the cdc trying to convince parents that childhood vaccinations not only protect their children but everyone else's babies from the infectious disease, as well. in the last decade rumors of a tie between autism and vaccines led parents in 19 states to legally opt out of vaccines for personal plaintiffs. those rumors now discredited. autism speaks the country's pre-eminent science and advocacy
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group saying thursday "vaccines do not cause autism. we urge that all children be fully vaccinated. ." mississippi, no opt out provisions. they have a 99% kindergarten vaccination rate and has had no cases of measles since 1992. compare that to california where more than 17,000 parents refuse vaccinations last year alone. its vaccination rate just 92% with 99 measles cases since december. california resident chess said she had's rather her son from the measles than the vaccine supply don't see any reason to inject you know unknown toxins into his system. this doesn't seem necessary to me. >> this measles vaccine has been used for decades and found to be safe and effective and that wonderful thing bit, it protects not only the person receiving it but also those like the babies in this day care who are too young to be vaccinated them
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themselves themselves. >> and leads to the question how could it get into the day-care center? >> from a day care borkkarcare worker or an older sibling. when these workers come back they'll require that they're all fully vaccinated. >> and so many questions out there. you'll take them again on twitter. >> all morning. >> thanks very much. thousand to that deadly commuter train disaster outside new york city. new details about the final moments before the crash including a 911 call for help and questions about how that mother of three got stuck on the tracks. abc's linsey davis is on the seen in hawthorne, new york, with the latest. good morning linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you see the southbound train passing through right now and investigators plan to be here for several more days. one top priority determining the circumstances that caused ellen brody to drive her car on to these railroad tracks and they plan on looking at her cell phone records. was she perhaps distracted.
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also the fact this was a new car for brody, if that may have played some role. as investigators carefully comb through debris and pieces of third rail inside the devastated interior of this metro north train new details are showing up. >> report of an explosionen 0 the tracks. >> reporter: including possible clues into the mystery of how he will -- ellen brody drove onto the track. as the driver right behind her, rick hope watched the whole horrifying ordeal. first he says the gate came down and he saw her get out of her car. he describes what happened next to gannett's low hub website. >> she walks and gets back in the car, slight hesitation and then moves forward and at that instant the train came. >> reporter: officials say there was an dent that night on a nearby highway which diverted traffic to this road with the
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railroad crossing but investigators say lights would have been flashing that they found no problems with any of the warning signals. >> the lights at the crossing the flashing lights illuminated and a few seconds later as designed the crossing arm activate activated. >> reporter: in an interview with steven small, the engineer he saw the driver drive on to the track and activated the brake and sounded the horn for four seconds. it was too late. it could not stop in time. he was later credited with helping passengers off the train. >> thank god he sprung into action. ma i wish i could have saved more he said. >> reporter: ellen brody, the mother of three, will be laid to rest this morning. robin. >> all right, linsey thank you very much. we'll go to amy with the other top stories that are developing and happy birthday amy robach. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you very much. i appreciate that. that means a lot. good morning to you and everyone else. we begin with questions about
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the security of turbotax a program used by millions of americans this tax season. this morning the state of minnesota has stopped accepting tax returns filed on turbotax because of what officials call potential fraud. they say some users logged into the site only to find a return had already been prepared in their name. similar cases have been reported in 19 other states. and china may be to blame for the massive data breach at anthem, the country's second largest health insurer. the cyberattack which compromised the personal information of up to 80 million americans is similar to the work of chinese hackers. the breach is evidence of the growing cyberthreat against health care companies. experts say many are unprepared. president obama is preparing to ask congress to authorize military force against isis. new video shows warplanes from jordan bombing isis training centers in syria. jordan has promised this is only the beginning of its campaign
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against the terror group. a possible truce in eastern ukraine. the government and pro-russian rebels have agreed to form a so-called humanitarian corridor allowing civilians to flee the fighting. today european leaders are in moscow presenting a peace plan to president putin. and a big headline overnight. debate is raging about an nba tar's comments to a female referee during last night's game. chris paul was slapped with a technical foul after questioning a call made by lauren holtkamp one of the league's two female officials. paul called her ruling terrible and ridiculous and said "this might not be for her." many critics calling that remark sexist. and a nasty crash for bode miller just back from his hiatus. he crashed after hooking his arm on a gate. happened during a race in colorado. he suffered a hamstring injury requiring surgery. but then he later tweeted this picture calling the surgery a success. thumbs up there. finally, speaking of thumbs up, giving that to another
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photo. touching moment of human kindness that shows a teenager who just bought a necktie at target and a worker he just met who showed him how to put it on. a shopper snapped this picture as the teen was heading to his first job interview at the chick-fil-a restaurant down the street. other employees then gathered to give him advice on what to say during the interview telling him how to give a strong handshake. some were teary-eyed as they sent him off and so this morning we decided to wake up the manager of that chick-fil-a -- i'm not kidding -- and say did he get the job? we're waiting. we'll find out next week. the application is in review. fingers crossed. >> you got me a little teary-eyed. >> he asked for a clip-on tie and said they didn't have one and then they -- >> he didn't know how to tie a tie. >> someone showed him. it is a good story. >> good luck. thank you. turn now to that controversy surrounding brian williams. he has apologized after veterans criticized for falsely claiming
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he was on a helicopter in iraq hit by a rocket-propelled grenade. david wright is here with that story. >> good morning, george. this controversy threatens to tarnish the reputation of america's number one news anchor. it's a war story, brian williams has told time and again in various forms but soldiers there say that's not how they remember it forcing williams to apologize. >> i made a mistake in recalling the events of 12 years ago. >> reporter: on nbc "nightly news" wednesday brian williams corrected a story he ran last friday night. >> i want to apologize. i said i was traveling in an aircraft that was hit by rpg fire. i was instead in a following aircraft. >> reporter: that story paid tribute to a soldier whose platoon williams claimed saved his life at the start of the iraq war when williams and his team were embedded with u.s. forces. the news anchor took his old war buddy, now retired to a new york rangers game. >> ladies and gentlemen, during the iraq invasion u.s. army
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command sergeant major tim turpak was responsible for the safety of brian williams and his nbc news team after their chinook helicopter was hit and crippled by enemy fire. >> reporter: a heartwarming reunion spoiled after nbc posted the story to its facebook page. sorry, dude i don't remember you being on my aircraft flight engineer lance reynolds wrote in the aircraft. i do remember you walking up about an hour after we landed to ask me what hadhaed. mike o'keefe even called brian williams a liar. >> our colleague brian williams is back in kuwait city after a close call in the skies over iraq. >> reporter: in 2003 williams' initial reports were vague about whether his helicopter was hit. but his "dateline" version has this detail. >> on the ground we learned the chinook ahead of us was almost blown out of the sky. >> reporter: over the year however, his story has changed. on alec baldwin's radio show. >> did you think you would die?
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>> briefly. sure. >> reporter: and on david letterman -- >> two of our four helicopters were hit by ground fire including the one i was in. >> no kidding. >> rpg and ak-47. >> reporter: there are conflicting accounts by chopper piles who flew him and his crew. the controversy as been trending for two days. #brianwilliamsmisremembers. late night comedians are starting to weigh in too. >> williams said the helicopter part was true but it was a coin operated helicopter outside of a chuck e. cheese. >> reporter: nbc news has had no comment beyond williams' on-air apology for last friday's piece. on last night's broadcast no mention at all of the story. still, a lot of unanswered questions out there and we should note that stars and stripes magazine broke this story picking up comments from the nbc facebook page. >> thank you. now to a new mexico man who thought he won the jackpot and was told don't go spending it just yet. see, this was a misprint on the
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ticket and was told, no he didn't win. with more than $500,000 on the line he is fighting back. take a look at this ticket. see that speck. that is what stands between one man and more than $500,000 he believes is his. >> he won. he matched the same 1, the sheing and air-conditioning technician thought he hit the jackpot on his ruby 7 ticket. you can see it here. according to the rules, for every number 1 or 2 he is supposed to win the prize for the amount underneath. >> the new mexico lottery has decided they're not paying it. >> but the lottery claims it is a jack not pointing this out. officials told wines that's an error on his ticket making his
7:17 am
win invalid. >> we believe the statute is very clear that the game is about matching numbers. he matched those numbers. they need to pay or basically they're cheaters. >> reporter: but instead of trying his luck again at the lottery -- wines is now looking for luck in court suing the new mexico lottery for 55$500,625 what he believes it is worth. while lottery officials told us they can't comment on the litigation its not just about the fortune to be had but make sure this misfortune doesn't happen to anyone else. yeah so we say he's not whining. >> no. >> he's got a good case. >> seems like he does have a great case. >> we'll be watching. >> we certainly will but now we'll watch the west coast, ooh. they're going to get hammered with rain. >> especially northern bay area. let me take you to some of the areas going to be concerned about this. not just all of that rain but wind advisory talking sustained
7:18 am
winds 25 to 35 miles per hour. gusts to 60 miles per hour. that's why you see the orange on the map back that parts of the rockies. it is the some of the spots that always flood, look out. record-high temperatures could be broken in denver. your local forecast is 30 seconds away, first the weekend is brought to you by roil caribbean.
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>> reporter: not exactly crews weather around here, david murphy with an update from accuweather. we're dry on storm tracker 6 live double scan. as we head outside sun is coming up over the horizon, it's cold, temperatures in the teens and windchills in the single digits. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a chilly high of 33. not as windy, but cold. tomorrow 46. looks like we will not get much precipitation on sunday high of 50. 44 monday, rain/snow mix. # # it's 83 today. >> you're going to do it respect you? >> happy birthday. >> somebody really sent her a gift. >> just tweeted my freshman year
7:20 am
high school yearbook page. >> we'll have to share that. also coming up on "gma," three members of the coast guard involved in a deadly shootout. the explosive incident under investigation this morning. and an abc news exclusive. the wife of a former deputy white house counsel tells her dramatic survival story the night her husband tried to kill her. >> "sports illustrated" is under fire for their most popular issue of the year. perhaps did they go too low. sam smith versus the leading ladies of rock 'n' roll. when you don't get enough sleep... and your body aches... you're not yourself. tylenol® pm relieves pain and helps you fall fast asleep and stay asleep. we give you a better night. you're a better you all day. tylenol®.
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>> good morning chopper 6 flew over the scene of a water main break in kensington this morning. crews have shut off the water now the streets are icing up near howard and north hope street. let's depot over to karen rogers -- let's go over to karen
7:27 am
rogers. >> reporter: you have howard and hope street that are freezing. a number of streets are closed, including howard and berk, use hancock and diamond to avoid the problems. we have a multi-vehicle on 422 eastbound one vehicle off to the side eastbound traffic extra heavy past 29 to 23 where you had the multi-vehicle accident. we had debris in the right lane. a vehicle fire bucks county street road, watch for emergency workers coming to the scene. we have a problem yet another water main break this is new castle county, 132 eastbound. sun rising over camden, looks like you'll need the sunglasses, but you step outside --
7:28 am
>> reporter: you need the the sunglasses, but it's cold. 14 in trenton. 8 degrees below in allentown and 3 in philadelphia. the seven day from accuweather shows a high of 33. fair amount of sunshine, but clouds, cold not as windy. tomorrow, 46 sunday not much pretip of sip sayings -- precipitation, the model shifting milder air in. monday is messy. "g.m.a." looks at the grammys which are coming up and we'll see you back here in 30. narrator: gas prices are down helping
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middle class families. but now, the white house wants to impose title ii regulations on your internet meaning new government taxes and fees. every month: you'd pay more. 11 billion dollars a year in new taxes and fees. internet freedoms can be protected with the white house and congress working together, but imposing new tax increases through public utility style regulations will hurt middle class families let's protect the internet we love without regressive taxes and fees. no to title ii.
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good morning, america. on this friday morning, right now a bitter cold blast sending much of the country into ray deep chill. now the northeast bracing for another storm this weekend. >> also right now, a violent confrontation between members of the coast guard, the gunman taken into custody at gunpoint. the wife of a former deputy white house counsel speaking out on the night her husband tried to kill her. her dramatic story told for the first time in an abc news exclusive with amy. all right. good morning america. big friday ahead including a big weekend ahead for music, the grammys sunday night. we have sam smith going head-to-head with beyonce and taylor swift. there he is right there. but look who else is here this morning, t.j. ♪ >> we can see t.j. we just can't hear him. >> you can't hear me?
7:31 am
>> now we can. >> i was saying important stuff there. but we are going to talk about whether or not we'll give this crown to sam smith because he's got to take it from the queen bey first. hope you can hear me later, george. >> okay, t.j., thanks very much. a lot more coming up but right now to that rampage on cape cod where a member of the coast guard shot two fellow service members killing one of the women and then ambushed police in a wild shootout. abc's paula faris here with that. >> reporter: hello, george the coast guard is in shock trying to figure out why three of its active duty members were involved in a deadly shooting. one that authorities claim was a calculated and cold-blooded execution. the coast guard known for its heroic rescues at sea. but this morning, authorities say this coast guard member isn't a hero. he is a killer accused of attacking two women also active duty members of the coast guard before taking aim at police.
7:32 am
>> need a rescue to 11 round house road for a possible gunshot wound. >> reporter: police say 31-year-old adrian loya drove from his coast guard base in virginia to bourne massachusetts, and stayed at this hotel for several days before allegedly shooting the two women early thursday morning. >> it was a very crazy and hectic scene. you certainly don't see that every day. once in a career type thing. >> reporter: according to police loya an i.t. specialist then set up an elaborate ambush on the cops setting his car on fire and planting what appeared to be bombs just outside the scene of the crime. they say he then lie in wait opening fire once emergency responders arrived. one officer was shot but thankfully survived. heavily armed with three rifles and a handgun loya finally surrendered. >> the suspect did give up and we took him into custody. >> reporter: police discovering his two alleged victims, one of those women dead from a gunshot wound. the other wounded but alive was
7:33 am
airlifted to a nearby hospital. loya's attorney not elaborating on the nature of his relationship with those women, only saying they knew one another prior to the incident. >> it was some type of relationship and other than recognizing that or acknowledging that i wouldn't want to go any further than that. >> reporter: loya now charged with eight counts including murder and a community asking why this happened. now, court docs have been sealed but police believe he may have attacked those women because of a previous disagreement. as for the women's identities neither has been released and the surviving female in the hospital listed in stable condition but everyone wondering what the motive is. >> strange one. thanks very much. to amy. now to an exclusive on a story that rocked washington just months ago, a former white house lawyer and undersecretary of commerce was convicted and sentenced for the attempted murder of his wife and the mother of their two children.
7:34 am
she's lived in fear ever since but is now telling her story for the first time. he was the washington power player former white house counsel. she, a prominent attorney a match of success and wealth. but what went on behind closed doors that night in january shocked a community. >> she began screaming to me. >> my husband is trying to kill me. i'm going to die. >> reporter: after 12 rocky years, mary margaret had just served divorce papers to her husband. you put the children to bed. your baby in her crib. and then you go into the master bedroom. >> uh-huh. >> and he's there in his pajamas. >> yes. >> what happens? >> he came at me. he put his hands out and he put his hands around my neck. tackled me to the floor and started slamming my head into the floor while he was strangling me. he's punching me ripping out my hair. i felt like i was being scalped.
7:35 am
as he was throwing my head to the floor he said "i'm killing you." >> reporter: the former deputy counsel to the president of the united states begins clubbing his wife with a metal flashlight. >> and i thought, i'm dying. and then i was thinking i've got to hold it together. i have to stay conscious so i can save the girls. i have to get help here. by the grace of god or angels i just popped up and i ran to our daughters' room and i said to the car right now. daddy's trying to kill me. >> reporter: you got the baby. >> i got the baby. i held her like a football under my arm. >> the power of a mom trying to make sure her children are safe. living and hiding to this day mary margaret agreeing to come out of the shadows for this first interview. tell me why you want to share your story. >> i think when the severity of abuse getting to where i ended up with most women in that situation never get to speak out because they're dead.
7:36 am
but i felt it was just critical to speak out and to caution women in terms of getting involved with someone who shows his abusive tendencies. >> because mary margaret told me there were warning signs from the beginning and understandably this is her passion. she wants to take something that was so horrific so devastating and nearly fatal and save lives because women need to know that they're not alone and that there is help. >> so powerful when she said she wanted to be a voice for those who are no longer here because of the abuse they faced. so much more of your interview on "20/20" i want to start with a tornado in florida reported yesterday. we have the video. there were strong thunderstorms that moved through with the same cold front that is bringing all that cold air. the temperature in boco raton in
7:37 am
the low 60s. it's cold for them. montgomery feels like 20 and memphis feels like 24. the cold air has sunk south but only for so long. we'll see mild air marching in the next couple of days and the weekend. look at philadelphia because they are south of the front. that's making the snow up to the north, 50 by sunday and rain showers. atlanta in the mid 60s. new orleans, it is 7 in the 70s. you're right ginger, things are getting better over the weekend. we're dry and cold. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we've got switches in the single digits. winds are not as strong, but high of 33. raw, better over the weekend though. # of some piled air. >> people would live south of us. all right, thank you.
7:38 am
we're extended family. coming up could drinking coffee prevent cancer? the new study with surprising findings on the medical benefits of your morning cup. it's the most revealing schwimmer cover ever. now the growing firestorm over whether "sports illustrated" finally went too far. come on back. introducing the new subway "simple 6 menu". six of our best six-inch subs- like the italian bmt and tender turkey breast! with a 21-ounce drink and a bag of chips for just $6 every day. it's value made simple.
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we are back now at 7:42 with the revealing new cover of "sports illustrated," the schwimmer edition and wanted to add or needed to add, frankly, a ribbon to what you're about to see there or not see there. the cover has always got a lot of bare skin but this has a lot of people asking how low can you go? abc's mara schiavocampo has our story. >> reporter: it's one of the most highly coveted covers in modeling. showcasing bikini clad bombshells from christie brinkley to kate upton to queen bey. now, "sports illustrated" handing the crown to 24-year-old hannah davis. surprising derek jeter's girlfriend on tuesday with the news -- >> oh my god. >> reporter: but this morning the steamy cover of the february 9th issue is heating up more
7:43 am
than just the internet. it's also adding fuel to the fiery debate over how sexy is too sexy for mainstream media. at issue, davis pulling her bikini bottoms so low we can only show you this edited version. now, some claiming the photo is too risque even pornographic posting, this is "sports illustrated," not playboy. and more than a little disturbing being in a checkout line with my kids seeing a cover of a grown woman yanking on her panties. others coming to the cover's defense comparing davis' photo to past poses. tyra banks baraff yely kate upton, all the same pose get it girl. >> they've been pushing it every year and controversy sells magazines. surprisingly they actually have a fairly high female readership. >> reporter: "sports illustrated" is defending the pic telling abc news after 50
7:44 am
years of schwimmer, what everyone knows is that one person's risque is another's sexy. either way, this schwimmer cover is certainly making a splash. abc mara schiavocampo new york. >> they got everybody talking about it. mara thank you. coming up on "good morning america" -- fifty shades of drama. the new backlash swelling up -- really you wrote that around the highly anticipated movie. >> they wrote it but you said it. great names in music about to go head-to-head for grammy gold. will sam smith steal the show from the ladies of rock 'n' roll. but daily eating and drinking can leave enamel rough and weak. you need colgate enamel health toothpaste. its unique formula replenishes weak spots with natural calcium... for stronger, healthy enamel.
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♪ he's sweeping the charts. sam smith up for six major awards. many are wondering if this 2 2-year-old, how he's going to fare against some of the biggest names in music. t.j. holmes has more in the social square for us. >> good morning, robin. yes, he had a huge year. now six grammy nominations, the
7:49 am
same number as beasley,yonce. last count he had zero. that could change on sunday. how many he gets depends on beating out not only beyonce but taylor swift. good luck young fellow. ♪ oh won't you stay with me ♪ it's the english newcomer -- ♪ because you're all i need ♪ >> reporter: battling it against the princesses of pop. ♪ i'm going to shake shake shake ♪ ♪ shake it off shake it off ♪ ♪ i-g-g-y i've been working -- >> sam smith unknown in this country a year ago is up for a possible six grammy awards against pretty stiff competition. ♪ i know i'm not the only one ♪ >> reporter: including a queen with 17 statues to her name. ♪ i run this ♪ >> reporter: so how will the 22-year-old fare against the
7:50 am
more seasoned competition? well first timer norah jones took home five awards for "come away with me" while adele snagged two grammys for her album "19" in 2008. for every ma yeah ya carry ♪ i had a vision of love. >> reporter: and alicia keys. ♪ oh oh ♪ >> reporter: whose rookie success resulted in grammy return year after year. there's a christopher cross ♪ sailing takes me away ♪ >> reporter: and taste of honey. ♪ ♪ up on the floor because we gonna boogie oogie until you just can't boogie no more ♪ >> reporter: for whom the grammy gods didn't grant a golden welcome. >> now, listen to this. he says he beats beyonce for album of the year he is going to give her the grammy. >> what? >> that's what -- >> i call it bull but -- >> i wonder what her response will be.
7:51 am
>> exactly. i got 17. >> she wins she's not going to do the same. hey, coming up we take you behind the scenes of "scandal." a rainey olivia pope's closet. now the scrub and the second guess. finally, the rewash. or you can make it easy and do the pop with tide pods. the first 3 in 1 laundry pack. it cleans, brightens, and removes stains in one step. tide pods one step to an amazing clean. look at 'em! they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good.
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7:56 am
good morning i'm tamala edwards, 7:56 on this friday, february 6. let's head over to karen rogers, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, a multi-vehicle accident has cleared, eastbound is jammed from 29 to 23, we're looking at a 19 minute ride eastbound. we have an accident that's closing germantown pike eastbound. you can cruise ridge pike to deal with this accident causing a problem that's new. we have an accident over here and a couple of things in bucks county one at act with -- aqutong
7:57 am
road. street road and bucks county emergency workers on the scene. a water main break is closing cleaved avenue. expect it to be icy tam. >> good to keep in mind. let's go to sky6 live hd and take a look out across philadelphia international. and then we'll go outside to david murphy. it's bitterly cold today. >> reporter: it is tam, we have sun up over the horizon we're in the teens everywhere else in the region. allentown, 7 degrees and 8 in reading. when you factor in a light wind it's 6 below in allentown and a windchill of 4 in philadelphia. bundle up. this afternoon winds not as bad as yesterday. a fair amount of sunshine, high of 33. milder over the weekend saturday 46. sunday looks like we'll not get
7:58 am
much precipitation at all high of 50. so mild. monday, 44. rain arriving through the region. up in the northern suburbs a little bit of a mix is possible. >> that's it for "action news," we'll send you back to "g.m.a." and see you in 30.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ you make me feel ♪ good morning, america. it's 8 a.m. and get ready to get scandalized. raiding olivia pope's closet. right down to the white hat. and 50 shades of drama. the movie now under fire. the growing controversy right now around the racy thriller. ♪ bang bang ♪ hot new way to change your hairstyle in an instant. putting the beauty bar boom business to the test. the envelope please. we have a big oscar announcement right here first rolling out the red carpet revealing new details about hollywood's biggest night just moments away. all that and cody simpson live as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
we certainly do say good morning, america, on this friday. this is teen superstar cody simpson. remember him from "dancing with the stars." signing autographs right here. >> my girls are very excited. they love "surfboard." cannot wait for the new one. >> his new one is called "flower" and he'll be performing that. >> look who else is here kevin o'leary from "shark tank." he'll be back in "shark tank" court. we have a newly married couple madly in love but they get into big disagreements over how to spend and save money. kevin will get into that. >> radio disney deejay brooke taylor is there getting us fired up for the weekend, tgif everybody. i mean really with total sincerity. >> what else are we hearing right now?
8:02 am
♪ sounds like we got a major oscars announcement coming. >> wow. >> the man with the envelope. >> thank you very much. >> you can stay. see, what do we have here? oscars opening ceremony live from the red carpet. who will it be hosted by? robin roberts, lara spencer and michael strahan. >> oh wow! >> you guys going to be joined by jest kagand joe zee ee. >> do you have a speech? >> i have nothing prepared. i'd like to -- >> we have a lot of fun doing it and we have some new things in store for this year but what's great is that we're all going to be out there and the morning after we're all together and -- >> barely made it last year. got there just in time. >> we remember that so it's an exciting time. >> so exciting. look forward to it. congratulations. >> thank you. then hey, you can decide what -- well some of the things we ask on the red carpet.
8:03 am
be nice now. head to our "gma" facebook page and tell us what you want to know about your favorite stars and we will incorporate those questions into ours looking for the best never before asked questions so bring it on. >> love having that research help. the opening ceremony live from the red carpet airs sunday february 22nd beginning at 7 p.m. right here on abc. and right now we have to get to the news amy. >> good morning, everyone. and we begin with growing concern about the measles outbreak. new cases popping up in yet another city a day care near chicago says five babies have been diagnosed with that virus. another 10 infants are in quarantine, all of them too young to be vaccinated. some parents still refusing to immunize their children but health officials insist the vaccine is safe. on wall street the dow is on track to wrap up its best week since 2011. all eyes today will be on the monthly jobs report which is expected to show 230,000 jobs created in january making the strongest consecutive months of
8:04 am
job growth since 1994. and we now have new details about that plane crash in taiwan. indications this morning that pilot error could be to blame. the black boxes reveal the pilot reported something went wrong just five seconds after takeoff. five seconds later, the plane's right engine shut down the pilots then decided to shut down the left engine before trying to restart it. the plane crashed moments later killing at least 35 people. in medical news another possible benefit of drinking coffee. a new study found women who drink three or more cups a day are 18% less likely to develop uterine cancer than those who drink less than one cup. in florida two police officers are being honored for rescuing a pan from a burning car. you can see them smashing the window reaching in and eventually dragging him to safety. amazingly, he was treated only for minor burns. a jaw-dropping sail in the
8:05 am
art work. someone paid nearly $300 million for this 1892 painting by paul gauguin. the new owner is reportedly from qatar. finally, if you're dreading doing your taxes -- >> yep. >> just imagine being tom brady. "forbes" reports his super bowl win could set him back $63,000 come tax time. he has to pay income taxes on the $97,000 bonus he got for winning the game and the pickup truck, he's giving it away but will be liable for the income and gift taxes on that. almost two-thirds of the truck's value but malcolm butler won't have to pay any taxes and i'm pretty sure brady can handle the bill. >> we're not supposed to feel bad. >> did you see the tongue in my cheek. >> firmly implanted. >> exactly. >> thanks amy. over to lara in the social square. >> here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." first in "pop news," we have a
8:06 am
"star wars"-themed wedding that goes over the top burning up the internet. show you the pictures and explain why. kevin o'leary is here from "shark tank" answering viewer questions. tweet us with them. beauty bar business. hair extensions on the spot. we'll do that and a live reveal coming up and i'll grab a coat because it is chilly here in new york. thank you, eddie. i got to get outside because cody simpson is with us. hi, everybody. got him coming up on "gma" so don't go anywhere. [ cheers and applause ] "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by nexium 24 hour. available without a prescription. we did it charlie. at&t's network now has the nation's strongest lte signal. let's go tell everybody. we're doing things like putting lte radio's at the top of our towers. to maximize power. and give you the strong signal you deserve. that's awesome! isn't is awesome?! so ya'll optimizied it? we optimized it! people of earth...
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8:11 am
♪ welcome back and lara look at that crowd out there. >> a hearty crowd. >> they are. we have to go out there later. >> yes, join me, please. >> i'll shame you all into going out there later. >> i would like to point out on the program i was just outside with cody simpson, check. >> all right, young lady. give us "pop news." >> i will and i want to begin with this. huge fan of both of these artists i was excited and i know a lot were talking about katy perry and john mayer may have been back together. maybe the third time is a charm. not official lyly a "pop news" investigation but i do have pretty solid proof to confirm that they are, in fact a couple. yes, that's right. it looks like john mayer interviewed the other night, left shark on -- he was filling
8:12 am
in for ferguson and he got this big score, robin, i know everybody from our network was trying tobe. the song they sing together on her new album or sort of new, from last year "who you love." they know who they love. i believe that we can now confirm and i did not have to break -- by the way, magnifying glass, not a monocle. . when i'm doing a "pop news" investigation, it was a magnifying glass. corrected on twitter. >> thank god for twitter, right. anyway, love is in the air. >> just saying. >> i agree. >> i need like a smoking jacket and like ascot. whole other character. anyway so if you're in love congratulations and then "star
8:13 am
wars" music. episode 7 doesn't open till december. one couple couldn't wait to awaken the force. their wedding took inspiration from a galaxy far, far away. stormtrooper belt and the flower girls wearing princess leia buns and guests waving their light sabres in the air frantically i dare say and that is the father of the bride dressed as darth vader. i would imagine did have a moment when he said to his new son-in-law some i am your father. >> look at those ushers. >> isn't that amazing? >> you chuckle now. have you two girls. you don't know what they'll have you doing when they walk down the aisle. >> the idea was hers. she's the "star wars." don't blame him. i wanted the stormtroopers to walk me down the aisle. finally, guy, sometimes on friday you're just like this. take a look at this video. pretty kitty, just cannot be
8:14 am
bothered. yeah she's thirsty and at 4:00 for a glass of wine but not getting up. why would she? you know, i mean she's just had it. you know what this guy can relate. he's had it too. this is chewbacca. >> a lot of animals today. >> a sloth who is all about dievening and reclining. >> and he's a sloth. >> that sounds pretty darn good for this "pop news" edition on friday. good night. >> is that the first time we've seen a sloth? >> no and definitely not the last. >> "heat index" with ginger. >> how about this crowd? let's get it going. i need your help. the windchill ischill is above zero. hey, amanda it is your birthday. where you from? >> cleveland ohio. >> it's freezing out in
8:15 am
cleveland, ohio. it's colder in niagara falls. heavy snow looks to fall in interior you would vermont, new hampshire and maine. out west, already very rainy and windy this morning. the gusts up to 60 miles per hour. someplaces could see 70. dangerous on the roads too. that's the big picture let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: thanks, ginger, david murphy here, storm tracker 6 live hd double scan showing we're dry and it is as your sunny. we have windchills in the teens. bundle up as you go outside. high of 33 windchills in the low to mid 20s for the best of times. 46 for the saturday, we have a shot of 50 on sunday, not much
8:16 am
precipitation, more of that on monday. # texas. >> texas. >> texas. >> texas. >> texas. >> all from texas robin. tcu frogs they told me to say. >> looking good thank you, ginger. just hanging out with deejay brooke taylor and the "heat index." that major backlash days before "fifty shades of grey" hits theaters. some saying the movie sends the wrong message calling it degrading to women. here's abc's aditi roy. >> i am. >> reporter: it's the best-selling romance series that's now poised to take the box office by storm. >> mr. grey will see you now. >> reporter: the "fifty shades of grey" series selling 100 million copies worldwide and now with just one week until it's valentine's weekend release the
8:17 am
movie version of the erotic page turner is already prompting a huge surge in advance ticket sales. >> oh my god. >> reporter: but this morning a new controversy surround the racy thriller. the national center on sexual exploitation launching a campaign against the film called "fifty shades is abuse saying it glam rises violence against women. >> when you strip away the glitz, glamour, fancy suit fancy soundtrack to the film this is really just a movie about domestic violence and abuse against women. >> reporter: that view gaining momentum on social media. another anti-"shades" campaign using the #fiftydollarsnotfiftyshades calling for moviegoers to boycott it and donate the money they would spend to women's shelters. others arguing "fifty shades" encouraging women to explore their sexuality in a healthy way. >> the beauty to me of the book
8:18 am
is getting women and couples talking about sex and exploring fantasies and i think that's a good thing. >> reporter: whether exciting or exploitive moviegoers will get to decide themselves when it hits theaters next friday. for "good morning america," aditi roy, los angeles. >> pick it up right over here. >> i'll take it over here. time to "shark tank: your life." kevin o'leary is back chief judge in our "shark tank" court and on the docket a newly married couple and these newlyweds are dealing with a conflict over finances. not unusual at the start of a marriage. >> money is the thing that keeps marriages together and can force them apart. so important and people don't get it. most important thing every couple should do whether married or engaged or where they are in their life cycle make sure over a three-month period they're bringing in more than they spend. you'd be amazed how many couples don't know the answer to that.
8:19 am
it ends up on credit card debt. >> once you get into that spiral no way to get out. >> number one reason people get divorce divorced is money not infidelity. >> let's learn more about what brought this couple here. meet natasha and j.p. smith. they're madly in love but are divided when it comes to finances. >> marriage is in itself a partnership which is a type of business. >> a type of business? >> it is. >> marriage is not a business. >> reporter: their dispute how to handle $8,000 of credit card debt. >> i have five credit cards. >> reporter: j.p. wants to pay off all the debt right away invest in the stock market. >> i'd like to pay off the debt immediately. >> reporter: natasha thinks it's more important to pay over time and save money for a rainy day. >> i would like to have a little nest egg versus just paying everything off and being left with zero at the end of the day. >> reporter: what will judge kevin o'leary decide? >> kevin, you are a smart man. you know who the right person
8:20 am
is. >> okay "shark tank" court in session. today's case natasha versus j.p. how will they pay off that $8,000 debt. kevin, take it away. >> each make your case. j.p., what do you think you should do. >> kevin my wife loves the security blanket of a big savings account. but when you're bleeding interest pay off the debt invest the rest and let your money work for you is my philosophy. >> all right, natasha. >> i think kevin better safe than sorry. we both have volatile incomes. i believe paying off the debt is important but i'm a freelancer. we both don't know how much is coming in nest egg, rainy day fund. that's what i want to do. >> i have to make a ruling here. >> yeah. >> i'll tell you right away you've got out of hand with your credit card debt. it's 19% to 21%. i can't make that in the market
8:21 am
as an investor. the best investment you can make a guarantee ofings account will even come close to match -- >> you're making less than 1% on a savings account. that's how you make a return of 19%. but on the other hand i have to say to natasha, important to save too so what i'm going to rule is both of you take 10% of your income and i know it varies because you're both contractors so there's risk in that. every time you make a paycheck take 10% and put it in a savings account in your own name and that's a one-way ticket. it never comes out. you can spend the interest but never the principal. >> they both have individual savings accounts. what other account should they have. >> one credit card each in their own names and so that that forces you as a couple to make decisions together about how you spend but you want to get out of debt right now. force yourself to save 10% and
8:22 am
that will be there for you for the rest of your life and in your own name so natasha, you keep your financial independence and create iron credit. the agencies look at you as independent people even though you're very much in love and together. what keeps it together is a great financial pillar of stability and that's what you'll do if you follow my advice. >> what do you think? >> thank you, kevin. >> thank you, kevin. that was -- i like the fact that you said that you're a little bit more on my side. >> listen i'm both with you. >> you're convinced? >> i like the advice very much. yes. >> okay so when i see you again in a year i want to see no debt. >> yes. >> you got it. >> you got it. >> absolutely. that's wonderful. now go forward and procreate with capital. >> good luck, guys. kevin, thank you. over to lara. >> thank you very much and next in our "heat index" we have the latest beauty on the go trend. it's really taking off. this is a new business rolling out hair extensions that will make your hair look longer and more luxurious and in no time
8:23 am
flat. linzie janis tried it out. >> reporter: from rows to blow-outs even a little air brushing and now the latest venture in speedy styling. hair extensions. typically a trend dominated by celebrities like kim kardashian megan fox and ryihannarihanna. przl a new beauty bar is now offering services fit for a princess deliver rg3 luscious long locks just like disney's rapunzel in an hour. its founders founding it after realizing there was a great demand with few solutions. >> i wanted to have fuller hair like i did in my 20s and found it was difficult to get. >> the bar offering three times of extensions. the quickest option clip ins. >> they get clipped into your head like a barrette. >> but will cost you a pretty penny, about $250 and only last for one day but they are
8:24 am
reusable. if you want your fast follicles to last a little longer the salon suggests tape extensions. >> a double doze of gorgeousness. >> they run about $350 but last up to eight weeks. the third treatment rpzl text. revolutioning it by using ultrasound to apply the air instead of heat. the treatment costing a whopping 550$550 to $850 and said to last three months or more. it's amazing. having worn my hair short sinces of a kid. i decided it was time for a change. let's do it. >> tah-dah. >> wow. >> total time it took. >> i didn't even know that was you. >> me either. >> i thought it was a special correspondent. >> i feel like barbie. >> so how long? i saw you come in this morning. right. >> with the bob i had forever.
8:25 am
>> i have the clip-in kind so only took 20 minutes, together with a shampooh and blow dry, i could do it on my lunch hour. the long ones are the really advanced hair extensions. i can also bring them back and reuse them. it's real hair and put them in for the price of a blow dry. >> you look like a different person but you -- very pretty. >> normally so expensive. >> we can all look like celebrities now. >> looking good. coming up we have some great deals. stay with us, we'll be right back.
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> police are searching for a robber who shot and killed a 51-year-old man overnight it happened before midnight on south paxton street in southwest philadelphia. the gunman shot the man 17 times, at pointblank range. 8:27, friday morning checking traffic with karen rogers. hi karen. >> reporter: hey matt, we have sunshine, it's cold out there traffic is moving okay. we're jammed on i-95 southbound from cottman to girard. we have an accident germantown town pike eastbound shot down between evansberg road and skippack pike. lots of problems with mass
8:28 am
transit. they are having switching problems wilmington/newark outbound no service at churchman's crossing. 20 minute delays media/elwyn. market frankford line no express trains, everything is local. new schedules go into effect on sunday and monday for a lot of lines and area buses and city and suburban buses. >> it's cold out there. >> reporter: we have sunshine up over the horizon but we're dealing with chilly temperatures. single digits in allentown and reading. feels like 4 in philadelphia and below zero in the lehigh valley. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 33. not as windy as yesterday but coat weather. better tomorrow, gathering clouds we have a shot of 50 on sunday, very little precipitation, monday messy but largely rainy. >> see the girl scout troop
8:29 am
that may have set the record for the most girl scout cookies sold in one day at
8:30 am
♪ i know i'll never be the apple of your eye but i pick you a flower if you like ♪ ♪ oh i know i'll never be the stars up in your sky but i'll pick you a flower ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> cody simpson warming up times square. wow. >> just ahead. hey, got everybody outside. >> robin. momma robin made us all come outside. >> last week tonight with john oliver. we'll talk to him in a minute. >> so funny. radio deejay brooke taylor
8:31 am
is with us spinning us into the weekend and want to know the nominees for the radio disney music awards announce noed friday february 27th and airs april 26th on the disney channel. robin. >> they look so warm inside. >> happy our fans are here with us. >> thank you. i'm really excited for this segment. i had the chance to go where few women have gone before. in olivia pope's closet. i went behind the scenes of one of tv's -- i love how george runs away. fleeing right now. one of tv's most fashionable shows to learn scandalous style secrets. take a look. >> in the winter premiere of "scandal" olivia pope gave new meaning to the term wonder bra. it was an unusual look for the
8:32 am
normally glamorous gladiator on a show where the clothing takes on a character of its own. it takes a dedicated wardrobe team led a lynn palo to pull it all together. how much input does the cast have with you? how much is it you and how much is the cast collaboration? >> absolutely. it's the crypt first. we read the script and figure out what we're doing and then it's usually me and the actor in the room and then you know we brainstorm a little bit. what about this? at this point other than shonda they know this person so much better than i could possibly know them. we just talk about it and come up with these ideas. >> reporter: olivia pope's wardrobe room is a fashion lover's dream come true. >> the shoes. >> the shoes. >> oh, my. >> a whole gallery of shoes. >> what side are those shoes? >> i don't know. >> what size -- they look a little too small for me. >> they're yummy, respect they? >> yummy is the word for them.
8:33 am
>> do not repeat this anyone. >> i like her pajamas. wine and popcorn look. we love that. all this beautiful satin and the cashmere cardigans underneath which is just her at home lounging. i'd love to lung like this wouldn't you? >> that would be nice. what is the story behind this? >> this was a gown that she wore to a white house event and it was when she was more conflicted so we went with the black and white. it's completely black lace in the pack and try to use color to express those moments of conflict and when she's being olivia pope the white knight she's in white. when they are world gets a little muddy she's in grays and navy blues. when she's in pink that's romantic. >> five minutes. >> now clearly in peril we hope olivia gets to don her white knight armor soon. until then i'll keep an eye on
8:34 am
it. >> season four and still talking about the white coat and the white hat which is here for your perusal. >> oh there's the hat. may i -- >> you may. >> may i approach the hat. >> may i abroach the hat. >> this is brilliant. >> this is stunning. >> it's a little bit diana ross. >> that is a little diana ross. >> i love it. it's really amazing. i hope it's going to fit you. oh there we go. a little to the side. >> yes, you've got it going on. in don't you dare! huh? >> not quitting my day job any time soon and be sure to tune in zap zap thursdays 9:00 8:00 central on abc and lyn's suggestion was if there's something you like buy multiples. you know if your favorite blouse or something, then buy that you're comfortable in buy multiples. >> i think that was your audition. i think you're on. that was really good. >> hey, next thursday portia de
8:35 am
rossi will be here live on "gma" so we're looking forward to having portia here with us. final check of the weather. >> let's get inside. are you guys okay? are you dealing? oh my we have to check around the nation, some of the photos you've been sending, rally beautiful. even -- really beautiful. how about orange beach alabama looking warmer there. record warmth in kansas, 78. denver 67. rapid city, 68. here's a look across the nation across weekend. milder before the snow moves in new england. that's the big picture, let's get check closer to home. >> reporter: it's looking better for the weekend but for now we
8:36 am
have sunny conditions on storm tracker 6 live double scan, looking out the window, this afternoon's high, 33. 46 saturday, 50 on sunday. the d-town boogie. >> john oliver what a breakthrough first season he had on hbo making his mark with smart and surprising sketches like this one right. a supreme court played by nine talking dogs. >> uh-huh. >> "last week with john oliver" returns on sunday. where does that come from? who is sitting around the table saying i know how to cover the supreme court? dogs. >> i think first it's coming from what is objectively funny, dogs dressed up as humans. that's just a fact. >> whether they're playing poker or -- >> supreme court court justices is even funnier than shooting pool. no it was -- we just wanted to try to show how absurd it was there weren't cameras in there
8:37 am
and then there is nothing funnier than real animals and we heard they saw it. >> ruth bader ginsburg liked it. >> i heard ginsberg saw it and liked it and i heard that scalia saw it. >> it's a start. i love the metric you have for the stories you're going to do high degrees of difficulty. >> yeah. >> or high degrees of stupidity. >> exactly. those are the two lanes we're in. we'll either do a main story sometimes complicated and doesn't seem funny at first, second or 35th or last. and if we end up doing serious we do the stupidest thing you've seen on television. >> you say stupid but people have been tuning in and what you've been doing on sundays is called investigative comedy. >> they can call it that. i think it's just comedy. i think there is an extra word at the start of that. we want to make sure that the jokes we're telling are built on facts. and sometimes we have to go
8:38 am
truffling around for facts that are not immediately available, but, no it's comedy. >> how does it work? you're looking at some stories percolating for a long time. what happens on a week like this week this whole brian williams thing. >> i interdo know if we'll look at that. normally we like to wait. we're only on once a week so late to everything anyway so we've generally moved towards being even later and try to wait until the hubbub has died down and look at it with more per perspective perspective. i don't think we'll look at brian williams. >> how about the "downton abbey," congressman who decorated -- >> that's too tantalizing. as a comedian look there is ee blood in the water. >> we might tune in for that. >> if you cut me till i bleed or put a congressman with a "downton abbey" office in front of me i don't know what you expect me to do. yes, that is catnip to me. >> when you look at it you are doing comedy and you want to make people laugh more than
8:39 am
anything else but it's got to be gratifying that you made people think? >> i guess so that's a pleasant by-product but, you know the main thing we're doing is comedy so if you get to the end of a joke and someone is just thinking you have failed. you temperature want an audience at a comedy show to say i thought all the way through that. that was quite a contemplation for the whole time. no reallys a visceral way to judge comedy. if there's not laffer you have failed. >> amazing life on youtube. >> getting hit in the nuts by something. >> i could but we're running out of time so you're saved by that. okay john oliver thanks very much. the show comes back on sunday night. coming up behind the scenes of ginger's incredible adventure in iceland. look at that dramatic footage.
8:40 am
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>> amazing life on youtube. in iceland. ♪ i'm on top of the world ♪ it's been an incredible week. so enjoyed watching the incredible footage of that live active volcano in iceland. the whole thing captured live here on "gma" earlier this week thanks to drones and ginger you were smack dab there for it all. >> what an adventure. behind the scenes of that un unforgettable trek to the land of fire and ice. hovering just above that bubbling earth. >> oh, my gosh. you can see it. look at this.
8:43 am
we're just getting inside that crater. >> witnessing the meeting of mother nature and modern technology. it was the ultimate adventure. drones have in a responsible way a huge future in science. >> reporter: now broadcasting live from iceland above a lava field using drones is no easy feat. >> 380 feet over it. oh my goodness. so how did we get up there? let's rewind a bit to the arrival of our intrepid "gma" crew the journey began saturday when three engineers from london one producer from new york one drone operator from germany and one from san francisco all met up in akureyri iceland. the team drove 2 1/2 hours to pick up 30 cases of equipment including a satellite dish and generators that had been shipped ahead of their arrival. sunday morning it was a six-hour drive to the bardarbunga volcano. our team set up 25 miles to the northeast near an eruption site
8:44 am
called eded eded hoularaun. >> in the cold mostly it's battery life and they don't last as longer and if you get too close it becomes too hot and the plastic could melt on these drones. >> reporter: the drones have just 12 minutes of battery life so while our team is hard at work in iceland, that arctic air is not just creeping but racing in david. monday night after reporting on "world news" in new york my race to the airport began. an hour and 15-minute delay later my plane took off for the nearly six-hour flight to iceland where an hour car ride and nearly two-hour-long helicopter ride later i made it just an hour before you heard these words -- >> ginger and our "gma" extreme adventure team are there live as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> a good unforgettable morning indeed. you can see even more of that
8:45 am
behind-the-scenes action from my trip to iceland at our website, on yahoo! >> what will you remember mosey. >> just the crew being like i can't believe it worked. i can't we're here and it happened and the proximity, how close we got to the lava. >> so incredible to see how much work went into making that all happen. >> that's the thing. i just dropped in. seriously. dropped this and they had been working for a week. >> just in the nick of time. >> just before it happened so big thanks to all of them. it was magic what happened. >> a lot of people are wondering, anybody in danger around there, the concern for people that live will. >> there is a reason they don't allow people to get that close. we had to have special government permits because that area could flash flood very quickly. if the lava started flowing we had a helicopter to get out and get people to higher ground but you don't want a lot of folks. >> how close do people live -- >> eruptionwise they're far enough away that flash flooding is the only concern. >> ginger thanks again.
8:46 am
safe and sound. cody simpson here live performing his new single "flower" right here in times square. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:47 am
(mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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welcome back to "good morning america." we've got singer/songwriter cody simpson with us. millions of fans as you probably know around the world and this morning he is joining us for his very first televised live performance of his new single called "flower" off his upcoming album "free" and you were saying the album title is apt because it's how you feel. >> where i am in my life branching out as now an independent artist distributing my own music and being -- truly being the singer/songwriter i always wanted to do. >> this song "flower," is it just because you love gardening? >> i love gardening. no it was honestly just a vibe that was kind of freestyle on a
8:49 am
voice with this catchy riff and turned into something beautiful. >> and also quite beautiful is something that's happening airing tomorrow. i have to read this, the progressive skating and gymnastic spectacular and it's airing on tomorrow and you are the musical guest for that. >> yeah. >> why is it progressive? oh the look progressive is the sponsor. >> it's different. >> but different in style, right gentleman. >> it's cool. the colgate skating series and i'm actually playing while the skaters and the gymnasts are doing their routines doing routines to my songs and i play live so it's a really cool mixture. >> nice combination. >> of art. athletics and music and i think they'll like it. >> i think they will too. so you can watch that tomorrow but you guys right now have the best seat in the house, i day say. here we go. cody will perform "flower." ♪
8:50 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ oh baby ♪ ♪ i know i'll never be the apple of your eye but i pick you a flower if you like ♪ ♪ i know i'll never be the stars up in your sky but i'll pick you a flower if you like ♪ ♪ yeah she loves me she loves me not she says she love me has she forgotten that she loves me ♪ ♪ love me one more time i know i'll never be the apple of your
8:51 am
eye ♪ ♪ but i can pick you a flower if you like ♪ ♪ 'cause i meet you down by the end of the road where the sunset glows and the garden grows ♪ ♪ one pair of shoes with 20 holes in the toes ♪ ♪ and i would walk 20 miles just to get to those blue eyes ♪ ♪ if you would smile for me to my surprise i would stay for awhile to see what comes next ♪ ♪ or we could take off our clothes and have long conversations in french ♪ ♪ uh-huh oh baby ♪ ♪ i know i'll never be the apple of your eye but i'll pick you a flower if you like ♪ ♪ oh ♪ ♪ i know i'll never be the stars up in your sky but i'll pick you
8:52 am
a flower if you like ♪ ♪ and she loves me she loves me not she says she loves me has she forgotten that she loves me ♪ ♪ love me one more time i know i'll never be the apple of your eye but i'll pick you a flower if you like ♪ ♪ and i said roses are red violets are blue ♪ ♪ i need it if i don't have you chill up on the hill picking daffodils making wishes ♪ ♪ only for you mrs. because i know i'll never be the apple of your eye but i'll pick you a flower ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, thank you so muc
8:53 am
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h. ♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by nationwide. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ ♪ >> our thanks again to cody simpson. >> what a voice, huh. >> what a voice. [ applause ] >> i mean like that live. that was something else. he is so talented. also thank to you deejay brooke taylor for spinning us into the weekend and kevin o'leary for coming by for our "shark tank."
8:56 am
"shark tank" tonight 9:00 8:00 central. >> i wonder if deejay brooke taylor can fire up some "happy birthday" for amy robach celebrating her birthday go ah. thank you. >> you're always hungry, amy. don't play shy now. >> i am always hungry. that's true. is that red velvet? my favorite. thank you. thank you, everyone. all right. >> have a great weekend, everybody. an apartment fire in center city overnight left a resident injured. the blaze broke out on the second floor of the building on
8:57 am
south 17th street before 1:30 a.m. firefighters brought it under control in just ten minutes. 8:57 on this friday, let's turn to karen rogers for a look at the roads. matt. we have an accident in a bad spot, they blocked all labels on route 73 -- all lanes on 73 southbound between 295 and the new jersey turnpike. that's a busy area maybe you're getting off 295 so get on the turnpike. they have all lanes blocked. traffic is moving at 10 miles per hour. atlantic countyster road. >> we were in the teens in philadelphia now. the latest number is 20 degrees. 13 in allentown, when you factor
8:58 am
in what is a much lighter wind we're at 7 degrees with the windchill in philadelphia. allentown is out of the of the negatives. zero in the lehigh valley. the search day from accuweather fair amount of sunshine. 33 not as windy. 46 saturday, 50 on sunday, monday looks messy rain philadelphia south a bit of mixing up north. >> police is searching for the killer that shot his victim 17 times at close range in south philadelphia. plus, troubling details about the plane crash in taiwan. word that the pilots may have accidentally turned off one of the engines after the other one failed. seth myers "live" with kelly and michael. i'm matt o'donnell. have a great weekend!
8:59 am
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>> it's "live with kelly and michael." today, host of late night, seth meyers. and from the new england patriots super bowl tight end rob gronkowski. plus put on your safety gear, the mythbusters are in the building. all next on "live"! [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [applause] ♪ kelly: hi.


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