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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 6, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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on this friday night, breaking news on two fronts. the young american woman being held hostage by isis. brian ross standing by. also tonight, the massive pileups, and the massive snow storm that could last for days. and the major new development in the plane crash. what the pilots did, a tragic mistake. and the nba star, and what he said about this female ref. the giant surprise who is our person of the week?
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good evening, and we begin tonight with the breaking headline. the last american hostage held by isis, a young woman. her parents hoping she would be freed. tonight, isis says she's dead. they say they're not the ones that killed her. they say it was as a result of the air strikes against isis, by jordan. that country, a key u.s. ally. tonight, we hear about the woman she was, the star student back home in arizona that wanted to change the world. brian ross has the story. >> reporter: until today, kayla mueller's family feared any public mention of her plight as an isis hostage would endanger the life of this 26-year-old american idealist. but now in an online message, isis is claiming she was killed in an airstrike on this building
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in the city of raqqah, carried out, they claim, by jordanian pilots. but isis provided no evidence. >> we can not confirm that claim. >> reporter: jordan did carry out airstrikes early today on targets, in retaliation for the murder by isis of a captured pilot. >> there's no question isis is responsible for her death, whether it was at the hands of a bombing or at the hands of isis. >> reporter: kayla mueller grew up in prescott, arizona, an all-american girl and student leader who wanted to make the world a better place. she was captured a year and a half ago in the syrian city of aleppo where she had gone to work with refugees, shortly
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after posting this video on youtube. >> i am in solidarity with the syrian people. i reject the brutality and killings that the syrian authorities are committing against the syrian people. >> reporter: police this afternoon closed off the street in prescott, where kayla's parents live. they had worked desperately behind the scenes to find a way to gain their daughter's freedom, after isis first threatened to kill her on her birthday last august, demanding a $6 million ransom be paid. >> it's believed she was the last american hostage held by isis. and we heard that they had drytried to avoid buildings where hostages were held. and winter storm watches up this hour for a storm our team says could last days.
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this in new york, slick roads, 35 cars 5 tractor trailers. no one was killed. and this shows the system hitting, rains, dangerous winds. a tree hitting a house, an suv destroyed. in iowa entire neighborhoods underwater. rob marciano with pictures coming in tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a massive pile-up on a new york highway. >> the one sandwiched in there. >> reporter: 35 cars and five tractor trailers crushed on i-81, shut down. miraculously, no serious injuries. >> i just had nowhere to go. >> reporter: motorist ian wagner in the middle of it all. >> i'm all right, i got a little scratch on my finger and that's it. >> reporter: this, as the already frozen northeast braces for four more days of snow. meanwhile tonight, the west is getting massive amounts of rain and high winds.
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trees down in ashland, oregon. this one smashing a car. crews loading up sandbags in humboldt county, california. in washington state, an entire town under water. abc's neal karlinsky is right there. >> reporter: this is the hard-hit community of brinnon, washington. they've had 7 inches of rain in just 24 hours. you can see some of the homes here. there's been evacuations, including a family of five, a baby, mudslides as well throughout the roads here. >> reporter: the west needs this rain badly. >> we want it to come down as hard as it can, as long as it can, as much as we can get. >> this is really going to be a stormy weekend ahead. rob is with us. >> well the storm from the east it's a bit warm. starts in the midwest, goes to the east. starts off light and then increases in intensity sunday and monday. boston six to ten inches as if
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they need anymore. to the west three storms lining up. and the strongest is going to come sunday. locally, over a foot of rain. they need it, but not all at once. and a major development in the plane crash, the stunning images out of taiwan. and a possible deadly mistake in the cockpit. clipping a bridge crashing into a river. tonight, we learned one of the engines failed and the pilots may have shut down the wrong engine. here's david kerley. >> reporter: tonight we know more about why this plane dramatically dropped out of the sky. both engines aren't running, and evidence, that the pilots, who lost one engine, shut down the good engine, leaving them with no power. >> it sure looks like there's some serious pilot error here that actually induced a mishap that did not need to happen. >> reporter: after radio acknowledgement that the atr-72 with 58 on board had
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taken off. just five seconds later, the crew knows something is wrong. at ten seconds, an engine alert. trouble with the right engine. it nearly shuts down automatically. even though the plane can fly on one engine, at 33 seconds, the crew inexplicably shuts off the left engine, which is running properly. >> pilot, co-pilot, what's going on, crew communication critical here? >> you put two pilots in the cockpit for a reason. i put my hand on that throttle, i'm shutting down this particular engine and it's -- everybody's confirming it so that you don't make a mistake. >> reporter: the pilots realize their mistake and try to restart the left engine. but it is too late. local media reports in taiwan say the pilot was still gripping the controls when he was found. they will retest all of their pilots. and another startling image from a jet making an emergency
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landing. just taken off, returning to the the airport in colombia. no one was injured. and the commuter train slamming into a stranded suv. investigators looking at the cell phone records of the woman in the suv. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: the moment they saw her on the tracks, he slammed on the brakes. but it was not enough. and a new hero emerging the train's conductor. >> he said he stayed on the train until he was assure that the all the passengers had been evacuated. >> reporter: investigators now
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looking at why she drove her suv on to the tracks. she had only recently bought the suv. and this was not her normal routine home. >> a working theory is that the traffic was backed up. >> reporter: today, that mother of three laid to rest. and they're saying when this crossing gate went on the back of her car, she had no idea it was designed to be easily broken by a car. tonight, the measles outbreak in san francisco, and chicago, under the microscope with five young babies found to be with the measles. five states 102 cases. let's get right to dr.besser.
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>> you don't want to walk into thor unless it's a true emergency. a mom called me on the phone, sent me the photos and we figured out what to do. >> and everyone wants to know if babies are treated immediately, they can get help. >> almost all of them recover. and to a consumer alert with taxes, and how your tax refund can be stolen before you even file. here's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: tonight, taxpayers in minnesota scammed out of their refunds. 19 states sounding the alarm. after turbotax, used by 30 million americans to prepare their taxes, discovered "suspicious" criminal attempts to obtain refunds through its website. the company now working with state agencies, announcing
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tonight it is resuming electronic filings. >> as an identity thief, all you need to file a fake tax return is a name, a social security number, and a doctored-up w-2 form. >> reporter: turbo tax believes this was not the result of a breach of its systems. a government report now estimating refund fraud costs us $5 billion a year. experts warning tonight the scam artists are circling. on alert after that anthem health data breach put another 80 million social security numbers at risk. >> once someone has your social security number, they have an option on your life and they will exercise that option on your life at their convenience. >> this is nuts. if your refund is stolen can you still get it? >> you can get it back but it will make months or a year of
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paperwork. >> thank you. we move on to the murder trial of former patriots star aaron hernandez, accused of murder. the injury leaving the courtroom and touring his home. the judge instructing them that not everything there was for them to see. here's ron claiborne. >> reporter: the judge, prosecutors and defense lawyers could be seen leaving aaron hernandez's home this morning just ahead of the jurors who were not allowed to be shown. hernandez, a star tight end with the new england patriots, bought the home near the patriots' stadium. his fiance still lives there. it is the same house where he was allegedly captured on video with a gun the night he's accused of fatally shooting an acquaintance, odin lloyd. the judge ordered that any religious artifacts and sports memorabilia brought in since his arrest, be taken away. >> i would require them to be covered up or removed. >> reporter: the implication in court, that they might influence the jurors. the jury also visited the murder scene and lloyd's home in
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boston, where a security video recorded the two men getting into a car the night lloyd was killed. they even stopped to look at four different cell phone towers. including this one, which prosecutors say tracked and the football star's movements that night to the industrial field where lloyd's body was found. if convicted, hernandez could face a life sentence. the trial continues next week. ron claiborne, abc news new york. >> thank you. to the firestorm over an nba star after this moment on a court with a female ref. what he said about her afterward is causing outrage. here's ryan smith. >> reporter: chris paul's post game comments about a female referee. watch him arguing. she slaps him with a technical foul. he later says the call was
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ridiculous. suggesting she may not be up for the job. >> if that's the case, this may not be for her. >> reporter: she's one of the league's two full-time female refs. she talked about her job in a documentary. >> it's important for me not to carry a fear of fail eweurefailure. but i'm human. >> reporter: paul's saying he meant to question her experience not her gender. >> what is the nba saying? >> they're saying it's under review. something they do in situations like that. and in many cases, players can be subject to fines. still much ahead on this friday. the girlfriend and the officers that claimed all along, they
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next tonight to philadelphia where officers said they had been attacked. a girlfriend convinced her loved one was the one attacked by police. here's linzie janis. >> reporter: this surveillance video captures a brutal beating. 23-year-old najee rivera screams as he is pushed up against a wall by two police officers, then hit repeatedly. but that night, rivera was the one arrested. accused of assaulting officers kevin robinson and sean mcknight, and resisting arrest. until that video of the may 2013 incident surfaced. >> the video undermined every
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aspect of the officers' account of the incident. >> reporter: that crucial surveillance tape, discovered by rivera's girlfriend. she went door to door in this philadelphia neighborhood, searching for any business that might have caught the incident on camera. she found one here. rivera admits he fled from the officers on his scooter. but on the video, when the police catch up, they knock him to the ground. then strike him repeatedly. >> what they did was totally inappropriate. >> reporter: a grand jury concluding rivera did not attempt to assault either officer, finding the officers later "falsified police reports." >> we look forward to going to trial. >> reporter: the police officers have been suspended from the force and are pleading not guilty to assault charges. rivera has already won a $200,000 settlement from the city of philadelphia. linzie janis, abc news philadelphia. when we come back here
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straight to the "index" tonight. pope francis' comments on spanking telling parents it's okay if they do it with dignity. and a joyride, the car left running, taking off, hitting a woman. she's okay. all of this in less than a minute. >> and missy elliott, at the half-time, saying she prayed all the way up to the stage. her album sales have jumped 2,500%. tonight, the giant surprise our camera rolling. who is our person of the week? if you suffer from a dry mouth then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath?
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may include headache abdominal pain and diarrhea. if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exist. avoid if you take clopidogrel. it's my prescription. nexium 40mg is available only by prescription. pay only $15 a month. visit today. and finally tonight here our person of the week. we love visiting american factories and celebrating workers across the country. tonight, one worker beyond committed. walking ten miles each way.
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tonight, the big surprise for him just today. we were there for it and for our person of the week. >> my name is james robinson. i'm 56 years old and live in detroit. >> he gets up every morning to go to work. his commute, on foot more than ten miles each way. >> i walk 21 miles every day to get to the job i love. >> he's never missed a day of work in 13 years there. >> we're like a second family. >> a family worth walking to ever since his car broke down more than a decade ago. >> it only lasted about three, four months. >> he said he could never afford a new car. over time, a banker noticed something.
6:57 pm
>> this man walking down the road at all different points in all types of weather. >> one day, he offers him a ride and a friendship develops. he tells the newspaper and the article article. >> this inspired me to create the go fund me page. >> the goal to get james a car. >> within 24 hours, we had $25,000, turned into $50,000, now it's $300,000. >> now ford who invited him to test-drive some cars. when he got there, they simply gave him the car instead.
6:58 pm
he was overwhelmed they gave him the car. >> how do you like it? >> i don't like it. i love it. >> and then it hits him. >> you know if my parents could see me now. >> tonight, the whole country has. >> i'm just an average guy, having fun. i've been blessed to do what i've been blessed to do. >> and we choose james robinson. he's back to work on monday driving this time. i'm david muir. have a great weekend. we'll see you monday night. good night.
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this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here are today's contestants -- a high school government and social studies teacher from waynesboro, virginia... a fifth and sixth grade teacher from starksboro, vermont... and a middle school math teacher from st. louis, missouri... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" --


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