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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  February 11, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EST

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it was supposed to be a routine flight from philadelphia to houston but it ended up being a white knuckle heart stopping emergency landing experience for some passengers. >> passengers were told to brace for impact after the plaej plane's nose gear failed to deploy. abc's david kerley has the story. >> reporter: that light nearing the runway is a jet in distress. >> emergency in progress on runway 27. >> the u.s. airways jetliner lights up the darkness with sparks landing without a nose gear. metal grinding on the runway coming to a rest and quickly surrounded by rescue work wither sfwls we were with told brace brace brace. >> reporter: the flight turned in to an emergency just before landing with this call to the tower. >> we're not sure if the gear is down or not. can we come by. can you see i us at 1500. >> controllers could see the nose gear was not down. it would be landing pilots train
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for but rarely execute. >> that's where it got scary. you could tell the pilot, you could hear in his voice he was nervous. >> 56 souls on board. we plan on evacuating. >> the nose comes crashing down. the impact so severe the nose is a mangled mess as paej passengers flee the jet because of the risk of a fire. investigators tried to find out why the gear didn't come down. passengers had high praise for the rescue crews and the pilot calling his landing incredible perfect that he couldn't have done it any better. david kerley abc news daytona beach, florida. >> brace for impact. three words you never want to hear on a flight. >> you don't but the funny -- it is not funny. even was okay. one person had to be take on the the hospital to be checked out but everybody okay. the pilot gets on you can hear the pilot nervous. >> our leader is not fearless. >> the guy who's at the controls. >> we are following you in here. that is scary, though.
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when there is a little turbulence i get a little nervous. imagine when they come overhead. >> what would you have done at that point? >> screamed get out. not the person you want in your lifeboat. just saying. >> no emergencies around here at the abc studios this evening, but a handful of daredevils we will show you here in a moment are breaking the boundaries here. >> it is called speed riding. they are taking extreme risk to a new level. watching "world news now."
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♪ the term extreme sports is no longer fashionable when referring to sports like snow boarding or skateboarding, by the next one is truly extreme. >> we are talking about skiing and parasailing. put them together an you have crazy. from "world news now" on speed riding they are calling it. we are "up all nightline." >> reporter: here in the skies above the frozen wilds of the world's gnarliest frontiers.
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>> we're on the snow fields. having a great run. >> reporter: a handful of daredevils are breaking all boundaries. pioneering an extreme sport where -- collide. >> what it does is it allows people like myself to go to der rain and do lines never thought rideable before because they closed out in bigging crevasses or cliffs. >> reporter: a handful who are spear heading this extreme sport, john devor might be the most dramatic. he is taking us to utah's back country. we touch down on a narrow ridge called high ivory. >> pretty steep drop. trying to get enough speed. >> reporter: soon after john launches the lack of good wind causes trouble.
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>> i hit a massive rock. >> he takes off a second time but then -- >> i can't stand up without my knee going sideways. >> reporter: he is stuntman. surprisingly this is his first injury. >> i'm not afraid of death. my mom blames me for all of her gray hairs. my wife is a mess every time i go on a trip. >> reporter: in a documentary john faced the fear head on. stalling out on a ledge between two crevasses. >> there is a fine fwans balance of pushing too far. you will never know what is possible if you don't try the unknown. >> he is not about to let his bum knee hold us back. so he sends us up with his pal andy. on the topping the wind a potential nemesis. without a lot of wind how will you fly? >> ski fast. >> reporter: and he does.
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>> what more could you ask for? that was beautiful. he took off like a bird. it may seem like these riders live to push the limits, ask them what's most important and they say safety. ask john why he does it and his answer may surprise you. >> some people go to a shrink or talk to a doctor but for me when i get in the air is my meditation my air therapy. >> reporter: therapy then over the rush found in untouched skies. >> guess who's going to stay home with you guys. >> yea! >> reporter: for "nightline" gloria riveria are. >> i will stick with the therapist. like he said that is his therapy. some people sit on the couch and talk it out. >> some are built to need that adrenaline. >> my goodness this much. it's amazing how they keep coming up with things wchl think we have found everything we can
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♪ ♪ all right. the oscars are coming up. we are looking at some of the contenders. the best picture favorite is birdman could go away with the top prize. >> michael keaton in his comeback moment. he sat down with abc's david muir. >> can you imagine the amount of attention this movie is getting? >> no. >> reporter: this is hardly what michael keaton expected. "batman" re-emerging as "birdman." >> you are a god. >> reporter: this time hardly just a super hero playing a deeply torn father actor. >> let's face it dad, you are not doing this for the sake of
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art. you are doing this because you want to feel relevant again. >> emma stone said in looking at your character she's never seen a more difficult role written for someone? >> wow. yeah. that could be true. >> it is about an aging movie star. people can relate to this movie in all walks of life. >> yeah. >> people on the street when they stop you or you are in a coffee shop and they come up and want to talk about in specifics about the movie and certain scenes. it's barely about an actor really. people have asked are there parallels in this character to your real life. you said this is the role with the least connection. >> i don't relate to the personality type. >> reporter: struggle staying a super hero forever. not the same in real life. >> he was burdened by the whole birdman thing. i wasn't burdened by it at all. i was grateful to have the gig. it was great. i got to be batman. >> i'm batman. >> reporter: already having won the golden globe he shared the
2:57 am
moment with his best friend. >> you said my best friend is kind intelligent. >> kind intelligent, funny, talented considerate, thoughtful did i say kind? he also happens to be my son. sean. [ applause ] >> very human moment about a father talking about his son. >> yeah. i thought i overheard him telling a buddy earlier on and i didn't want to say anything and i walked in the next room and wept. >> reporter: those words from his son a gift and he said so is this this role. david muir abc news new york. >> love the comeback stories. >> yeah. i love the speeches that have an emotional tie. the oscars coming your way on sunday february 22nd. it is live. wonder where you can see that? >> maybe on abc. >> maybe. >> tell us who you think will win on our facebook page at
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this morn ing on "world news now," suspended. nbc makes a major decision about veteran anchorman brian williams. >> i made a mistake in recalling the events of 12 years ago. >> the network's punishment and the internal investigation. from one media shake-up to another. jon stewart's sudden announce ment on "the daily show." after 16 years his jaw-dropping decision. growing outbreak as more measles cases are reported nationwide. the intense debate over the vaccine goes to capitol hill. >> this immunity is the only thing protecting my two children from being exposed to measles or whatever the next outbreak is. >> the urgent concern about parents, doctors and schools. it is wednesday, february
3:01 am
11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." a little too what -- are you kidding me? sara haines is here with us just for the week and criticizing our music. >> i need a little more pick me up. >> she doesn't like the jazz. >> taylor swift or something. >> better option? >> yeah. >> can we work on this for her tomorrow? please. we want to accommodate our guest. >> got to keep us awake, people. come on. sara haines with us this week. god to see you. i was off yesterday. >> i love ken disbut i missed you. >> you and i were together on monday and i already needed a break. >> is that it? >> yeah. >> always good to have you. good to be back. hello to you all. good morning. two major media shake-ups to tell you about. more on the aever surprise announcement from jon stewart about his future in a moment but first my goodness nbc. >> suspended brian williams for six months without pay for
3:02 am
misrepresenting events occurred while he was covering the iraq war. >> i made a mistake of recalling the events of 12 years ago. >> the confession and scandal will cost brian williams six months on the anchor desk at "nbc nightly news." >> i want to apologize. i said i was traveling in an aircraft hit by rpg fire. i was instead in a following aircraft. >> reporter: soldiers called out the news anchor after williams told a story about a close call in the invasion of iraq. tuesday evening, nbc executives made his absence longer suspending williams from his position as managing editor and anchor without pay for six months. in an e-mail sent to the staff, nbc president debra turner said brian misrepresented events which occurred while he was covering the war iraq war in 2003. this was wrong and completely inappropriate for someone in brian's position.
3:03 am
>> i did not set out to in any way change the chronicle of what happened to us. it's very basic. i would not have chosen to make this mistake. i don't know what screw up in my mind caused me to con flat one ir craft from the other. >> williams says he remembers what happened at the time but can't explain how he got it so wrong later. nbc's internal investigation is ongoing. abc news new york. turn to the stunning announcement by jon stewart telling viewers his 16-year run as host of the "the daily show" is coming to an end. he broke the news during a taping of the program. he will be on the job until later this year but didn't give specifics of a date or reason for his departure. stewart helped to transform late-night television. his fake newscast, he used them to mock politicians and celebrity thaens media as well. his political humor attracted
3:04 am
young fans and made him one of the most trusted men in america. amazing. these two stories that we talk about with brian williams and jon stewart. a lot of people will tell you jon stewart is more influential and most trusted of the two. the president of comedy central called stewart a comedic genius said he made the "the daily show" a cultural -- for folks. >> for fans and i'm one of them. it is the end of an era. we are joined on the phone from los angeles with more. good morning, jason. >> reporter: good morning, guys. >> i don't know if it is just me. were you surprised by this >> i was surprised but not shocked. we have seen little blips of this that maybe coming. a couple of months agoing in an interview he said he was burned out by the show and not being home every night until 9:00 or 10:00. he was missing quality time with his kids watching them grow up. the "the daily show" is produced and executed on a high level.
3:05 am
it takes a lot to write that show and he's been at the forefront of that. it takes a lot of his time and recently he got a taste of the -- with rose water with. the film didn't set the world on fire but critically well received. we all knew his contract was up later this year. everyone knew it was a possibility he could leave. there was no chatter leading up to this. the timing it kind of seems abrupt. >> you mentioned family reasons, maybe some other things outside that he wants to do. do we have any idea what could be next for this man? >> we don't know exactly. he said himself he doesn't really have a plan. i doubt that a little bit. he probably has something in mind but he can do whatever he wants. he's one of the rare people in the entertainment business that can have cart blanch. he could write books, produce or direct movies. i think we will see a lot of produced by jon stewart in the future or jekt directed by jon
3:06 am
stewart or take a different route like jerry seinfeld and do a web series or what a lot of comedians and thinkers of this day do they travel around doing comedy shows here or there. it makes them a lot of money. money that goes straight to their pocket and doesn't take a lot of time away from the family. >> jason they nathanson thank you for joining us. "newsweek" magazine their twitter page was breached for 14 minutes by hackers claiming to be affiliated by isis. they tweeted images to 2.5 million followers suggesting a bloody valentine's day and threatening the first family. authorities say the threats have low credibility. the pentagon says kayla mueller died at the hands of isis not in a jordanian air strike. they confirmed the aide worker had been killed. the cause of death, though has not been released. family and friends in mueller's
3:07 am
hometown of prescot, arizona remember her courage and conviction. >> kayla has touched the heart of the world. the world grieves with with us. the world mourns with us. >> reporter: the white house says president obama spoke to mueller's parents and offered prayer ares. the president said mueller epitomized all that is good in the world. in san diego a television sports anchor is recovering after shot outside of his home. witnesses say kyle kraska was backing out of his driveway when a man opened fire shooting out the rear window of his mercedes. he was hit multiple times but doctors give him a good prognosis. after a standoff that lasted for hours, a suspect identified as mike meth meth surrendered to police but no word of a motive. testimony gets underway in texas in the trial of a man charged with killing chris kyle the former navy s.e.a.l.
3:08 am
his wife is among the first to take the stand. routh's attorneys are pursuing the insanity defense. turn to weather now. talking more snow and bitter cold. gee, where could it be heading? oh yeah the northeast. boston continues to dig out under a total of 0 six feet of snow. three major storms there. most of the city's subway and commuter rail service is expected to be on-line today. students, sorry, snow day s are over. you have to go back to class. the city hauled 200,000 cubic yards of snow and melted 120,000. that's a lot. let's go with that. a lot. boston still dilging out we turn to fargo, north dakota finally getting its share of snow. snowfall exceeded an inch for the first day this winter. jumping to three inches. breaking a record that's been standing since 1944. however after this snowstorm moves east an arctic blast moves in. tell us about it, would you,
3:09 am
justin povick. good morning to you. >> thank you, sara and t.j. good morning. the snow not the big topic over the north plains the next couple of days but the cold is coming. a lot of arctic cold in fact. later on wednesday and especially in to thursday sweeping from the northwest to the southeast. look at the real feel temperatures. thursday afternoon sub zero. north and west. pittsburgh in to the great lakes and yes, this is a sign of things to come later this weekend. sara and t.j. back to you. >> thank you, justin. now business news. apple has set an astonishing wall street record with its stock advanced yesterday. it became the first with a market value of $700 billion at the close of trading session. to be exact apple's value was $710 billion. that's nearly twice the value of the next biggest company exxon mobil. >> they are doing well. >> they are doing all right. >> they have ipods, ipads, ie --
3:10 am
what else. >> everything. >> oh my goodness. >> frog in the throat. >> that's kermit himself it feels like. >> they got to this level -- yes, all of these things, macs, too. you have a mac. >> yes. >> you have a mac already but here's one mac you might not want. take a look at this. >> i definitely don't want this. >> the owner of the mac book set nicely in a cemetery said the computer is haunted. you heard me right. that's not stopping him from trying to pawn it off to somebody else on ebay. he says weird things have been happening since the bought the computer. >> here's an example. the background photo on the desk top changed to a scary scene on its own, he said. stuff around the house has been mysteriously rearranged. >> maybe he should ask his wife. >> the ebay auction would you believe is $3,000. >> he says this thing liv tats and goes up and down. >> liv tating would be cool. i would bid on that.
3:11 am
>> this is foolishness. >> if there is a hovercraft computer i'm in. >> somebody is going to buy that thing, too. coming up we have the "the mix" coming your way. people about v acting like dogs not talking about men here. they are doing it for an important cause you have to see this. and from insomniac kich cannen grown up desserts, wine with and ice cream together. but how does it taste? you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by vermont teddy bear.
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president obama is making an announcement today about the ebola outbreak. the majority of troops are heading home. 2800 troops were deployed. 1500 are back home in the u.s. topping our health headlines, the government is reversing decades of dietary cholesterol warning. after 40 years of demonizing egg yolks, butter all the good stuff, the nutrition advisory panel dropped the caution against high cholesterol foods. a growing number of experts say the cholesterol you eat has no effect on the cholesterol in your body. >> what did you just say? >> yeah. >> so bring on the bacon. >> whoa. i did not hear you directly. >> they are saying it is not a direct tie, it is generated by your organs. i'm guessing at tht point.
3:16 am
so don't quote me. >> you are telling me bacon is a go. >> a lot of research on the fat not even the cholesterol. so bacon is a go. >> how did we not lead with this? >> happy wednesday. >> it is wednesday. that's the story of the day. am i missing something? >> bacon. >> all right. other concerns to get to on capitol hill here. the measles outbreak continues to grow across the u.s. centers for disease control says 120 people 17 states have got measles. >> most are tied to an outbreak in california. here's abc's ted rowland. >> reporter: on capitol hill a senate hearing on the importance of vaccinations addressing the current measles epidemic which has now spread to 17 states with 120 confirmed cases. more cases in the month of january than any one month the past 20 years, and it's not just children at risk. >> i find this worrisome. this is a disease we knocked out
3:17 am
in 2000. most people think of measles as just a disease of children but that's not what they are seeing here. >> reporter: increased vaccination rates. >> i'm here today as a father. >> reporter: dr. tim jacks who has an infant son and daughter with leukemia wrote a now viral blog entitled to the parents of the unvaccinated child that exposed my children to measles. >> this immunity is the only thing protecting my two young children from being expose ed to measles or whatever the next outbreak is. >> reporter: medical experts advise anyone who isn't sure if they have been immunized for measles to get a blood test to find out or get vaccinated again. coming up later, new questions about the little league champs from chicago.
3:18 am
remember this feel-good story? some say they may have broken the rules bringing in players from out of town. we will hear from their accuser. that's in the next half hour. first the best of both worlds. ice cream infused with wine. how does it taste? and can you get a buzz? bring your i.d. with you to the insomniac kich cannen next on "world news now."
3:19 am
i like the music. we are getting there. >> we are trying to accommodate. >> this is one of my favorites. franken boots have been the rage in recent years, the crow that ice cream sandwich but finally a combination that makes sense. >> this makes sense. >> it does to you. >> it is crazy but pretty cool. may make your next ice cream party interesting and lively. laets head to insomniac kitchen
3:20 am
with abc's treen tina trinh. >> this year i resolve to drink less wine and eat less ice cream but no one said anything about wine ice cream. sounds like a dream but it's the real creation of mers eers dairy in upstate new york. >> as far as we know the only ones in the world making it. >> reporter: i met with the owner to find out if this idea was everything i hoped it would be. >> we pair different wines with an ice cream base and come up with an ice cream you have to be 21 to buy. >> reporter: flavors -- the ice cream winning awards worldwide. >> we have a trade secret on how we do it. basically the ice cream is a white or chocolate base. there's no other flavoring in the base. the reesing has nothing but reeseling. nova nil la or anything else.
3:21 am
nothing making it taste like wine. it is wine. we came up with a way to make the ice cream, preserve the alcohol and get high butter fat to freeze. >> what's wine without tasting. >> you want to try reesing? then peach zin rads berry chardonnay. >> i worked my way through each flavor popped them taste of wine unmistakable and the convenience of it all. >> you can't carry a glass of wine down the secretetreet but you can certainly have an ice cream cone. i had a good idea. >> i will drink -- i mean lick to that. >> i was told i get one bite. whoever takes one bite of ice cream. >> you are up to three now. >> i'm a little buzzed. i'm just kidding. that is inappropriate. >> she was buzzed before the ice cream.
3:22 am
>> this is more desserty. >> not bad.
3:23 am
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okay. it's time for "the mix." we are starting with a doozy of a story. maybe the best friends ever. a guy was getting married and his friends threw the best bachelor party. a rambo themed bachelor party. this guy has friends who cheerily love him and they recreated the movie. no people were hurt in the filming of this bachelor party but it is a group of friends, clearly a talented group and they kind of -- he was a rambo fan growing and they gave him his dream of being rambo for the day. no dancers, nothing awful but he gets to be a stud for the day. >> pretty cool. >> i watched the thing, got sucked in it to. you should check it out. >> how long is it?
3:26 am
>> 14 minutes. >> yeah. >> you have 14 minutes to watch a bunch of friends being awesome. next up we will talk beards if you don't know who james harden he is a superstar in the nba. he's been wearing it for years. his signature look. they had james harden beard day at the game the other night. >> it is called brooklyn. >> really, really? >> i live in brooklyn. >> you went off on brooklyn. it is not brooklyn. it is houston. the fans got involved in. this oh my goodness. we can't finish the story. >> the little kid. >> he's not from brooklyn. >> not growing a beard for another ten years either. >> people in brooklyn all have beards. that's how you know where they are from. they are more hipster but they are big. they grow well. it must be in the water. this one i know you really like this story. >> that's why i let you have it. >> this is cute. people are act aing like dogs for a good cause. a cute video promoting the
3:27 am
adoption of homeless pets. these people are all acting like dogs. this guy is not crazy or maybe he is but this is the cutest reenactment for anyone who's been to a dog park. this is exactly how they act which ends up just like children. look at that. t.j. you are not giggling at all. >> this is for a good cause. you tell me. i'll go with that. it is for a good cause. >> it is encouraging adoption. anytime you see people do this this is something i would raise my hand to be part of. >> like this happens regularly? >> among actors and improve performers this is the stuff where they are like we are going to recreate a dog park, i would be oh my gosh i'm in. >> of course you would. a guy with a heck of a sneaker collection. we talk about women and their shoes but this guy trumps all collections. he sold all of his sneakers for $160,000. he had 28 pair. and had been collecting them for years. you know what he will do with the money a down payment on an apartmen
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
. this morning on "world news now," hostage tragedy. this morning on "world news now," hostage tragedy. the u.s. confirms a woman from arizona was killed by isis. the astonishing new details about what led to her death. on trial the man accused of murdering the american sniper. who will be called to the stand as testimony in this high-profile case begins today. little league scandal. the championship from chicago's south side under investigation. did the coach recruit star players from outside the neighborhood. and later in "the skinny," the sudden career decision from jon stewart about his future on the daily show. his comments and a surprise for fans. it is wednesday, february 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm sara haines. >> hello to you all. i'm t.j. holmes.
3:31 am
once again sara haines once again hanging out with us this week. family and friends are remembering aide worker kayla mueller this morning. her death confirmed yesterday. >> the pentagon said she was not killed in a jordanian air strike as isis claimed, but it's not clear how she died. abc's brian ross has more. >> reporter: are heart break for kayla mueller's family, friends and country after isis sent her parents what is visual proof that she is dead. >> i'm not yet sure how to live in a world without kayla but i know we are all living in a better world because of her. >> reporter: her family wants these photos to be how she is remembered. released along with a letter her daughter was able to smuggle out a year ago. just the thought of you all sends me to tears.
3:32 am
if you could say i have suffered at all throughout this experience it is only in knowing how much suffering i have put you through. >> kayla touched the heart of the world. the world grieves with us. the world mourns with us. >> reporter: with mueller's death now confirmed, people involved in trying to rescue her told abc news they have been tracking a senior isis leader who had been given her as a kind of bribe, regard. -- reward. the 26-year-old arizona native went to syria with a syrian boyfriend to work with war refugees. >> i'm in solidarity with the syrian people. >> reporter: in her letter she described her captivity. please know i'm in a safe location, completely unharmed, healthy. i have been treated with the up most respect, kindness. but mueller still had the determined spirit that led her to syria in the first place. no, i am also fighting for my side in the ways i am a able. i have a lot of fight left inside of me. i will not break down or give in no matter how long it takes. >> as tough as anything i do having conversation with parents
3:33 am
who understandably by any means necessary for their children to be safe. >> reporter: president obama said the that kayla mueller represents what is best about america and he vowed to bring to justice the terrorists he said were responsible for her captivity and death, no matter how long it takes. brian ross, abc news, houston. meanwhile, disturbing information about americans fighting for isis. intelligence agencies think as many as 150 americans have tried or succeeded in reaching the war zone. some died there. small number are fighting with extremists. they are part of a wave of fighters joining isis. new overnight the state department confirms it has closed the u.s. embassy in yemen and evacuated staff there. conditions have grown more dangerous following the takeover much of the country by shiite rebels. the state department issued a travel warning to yemen and
3:34 am
urged citizens there to leave. hackers claiming to be affiliated with isis managed to take control of "newsweek's" twitter account. they tweeted out leaked military information and threatened the first family. authorities say the threats have low credibility. sources say the hack of "newsweek's" twitter account is not seen as sophisticated and did not attack the mainframe. the widow of the former navy s.e.a.l. depicted in the hit film "american sniper" will be among the first to take the stand today in the trial of the man charged with killing her husband. defense attorneys are planning to pursue the insanity defense. more from abc's ryan owens. >> reporter: here's the eddie routh the jury will see as they real the real life ending to the sniper saga. a look at a dramatic transformation. these pictures released by a veteran's group show routh during his service in iraq. prosecutors plan to start their case against routh by calling
3:35 am
the widow of chris kyle and the mother of chad littlefield. the men killed two years ago at this texas gun range. >> two really good men who were helping someone. husbands, fathers. good people. >> reporter: the testimony of taya kyle is expected to be especially emotional. the jurors may relate to her. they are overwhelmingly female. ten women and two men. >> i urge a lot of caution to those saying ten female jurors. that's going to somehow be helpful to the defendant. >> reporter: our first look at the four-page questionnaire that helped attorneys whittle down potential jurors. have you read the book, listened to the audio book or seen the movie "american sniper"? several questions focused on mental illness, psychiatrists and the insanity defense. >> that matters because the defense is arguing he's not guilty by reason of insanity. the prosecution doesn't buy it
3:36 am
and is hoping the jury won't either. ryan owens, abc news, stephenville, texas. today marks three years since the death of whitney houston. and this morning her daughter remains on life support at an atlanta hospital. bobbi kristina's father, singer bobby brown thanked fans for their prayers. the 21-year-old was found unresponsive a week ago in a scene eerily similar to her mother's death. a criminal investigation is underway. a man accused of shooting a tv sports anchor is under arrest. kyle kraska was backing out of his driveway when a man opened fire shooting out the rear window of his mercedes. he was hit but is expected to survive. montana surrendered after a standoff with police but no word of a motive. brian williams will be absent from the anchor desk for six months. nbc announced that williams has been suspended without pay for
3:37 am
misrepresenting facts during his iraq war reporting. his troubles may not be over. he's still under internal investigation. lester holt will continue to anchor the "nbc nightly news." turn to weather now. boston sorry, more snow. bitter cold taking aim at that city. the city is still digging out from under six feet of snow. they have gotten in the past 17 days. most of the subway and commuter rail service is expected to be back on-line today. students got to go back to class. across massachusetts snowplows have removed enough snow to fill gillette stadium 90 times. gillette stadium, of course, where their super bowl champion patriots play. >> best snow pile ever. put it in gillette stadium, people. >> perspective. >> i'm from iowa. we need snowplows. here's a look at today's weather. another clipper system is moving towards the northeast with some areas possibly getting a few inches of snow but no heavy accumulation. a band of showers extends from southern colorado to texas.
3:38 am
>> temperatures across the nation's northern tier will be seasonably cold 20s and 30s. milder as you go south, 50s and 60s. 87, are you kidding me and windy. you poor guys out in l.a. it is windy. you will have all day today to grab $2 and head to the lottery agent in order to be in on tonight's huge powerball lottery. >> you have got to be in it to win it. >> yep. >> the jackpot is no longer $450 million. now it is 485 million. that makes it the fifth largest lottery prize ever in u.s. history and the third largest in power ball history. >> how did we get here? there hasn't been a winner in two months now. your chances, who cares about your chances. you know they are slim. we have to tell you this. it is one in 175 million of having all five numbers and the power ball. >> what i hear there is you are telling me there is a chance. there is a chance. >> do the numbers have to be in
3:39 am
the proper order or just have to have the numbers? >> when you are guessing 485, i am guessing the same order. >> is that right? >> >> just the numbers. >> not the order. >> that's all. and no one has won yet? i'm playing. i'm playing. >> changes everything. >> right now. >> so, that's tonight. get out this and get them. we will have ours. if we're not here -- or if i am not here tomorrow -- >> take me with you. >> not going to happen. coming up in "the skinny," jon stewart's departure from "the daily show." and how much his show has evolved over the years. and later she was a bond girl and then a gone girl. rosamund pike is talking about her sexiest hollywood co-stars. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by airborne dual action. brought to you by airborne dual action.
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♪ ♪ they were the team that captivated the nation and brought a city together. chicago's little league national champions now accused of not playing by the rules. >> of cheaters here. they represented the city's south side but some opponents are crying foul saying they brought in players from the suburbs. we have this report from our chicago station wls >> stacking teams from the suburbs is an allegation. swirling around jackie robinson west for months. the red flag first raised by chris janes. he's the vice president of another south side league the evergreen park athletic association. >> prior to us deciding to go public we continued to dig
3:44 am
privately behind the scenes. last thing we wanted to do is make an accusation and feel like we didn't have the facts and possibly be wrong. this is a tough accusation. >> reporter: janes says after going through public records including voter and vehicle registrations he concluded some of j.r.w's players were from the suburbs. despite jane's findings in november a spokesperson from the little league world series told abc 7 the players did comply with little league residency and enrollment regulations. the matter was considered closed. however allegations continued to persist where little league officials came to investigate. a meeting was held to discuss the findings. >> at the end of the day that is in little league's hands. little league has residency requirement rules. if you violate those they have outlined possible repercussions for that. it is up to little league to enforce those rules. >> reporter: last august jackie
3:45 am
robinson west beat a team to win the title. a prideful moment for the player answer the city of chicago that watched the south side team capture so many hearts. chris janes says he is not bitter, he just wants fairness. >> a lot of people are looking for a public acknowledgment there was wrongdoing here and little league is not going to stand for it and are working to fix it for the future. >> you hate this. they have to do the right thing. if cheating is involved with young people. >> not setting the right tone. >> you have to set the right example but that is such a great story. >> first year i got in to little league. >> mo'ne davis was part of it. >> shaefs rock star. >> we will see. they hope to have an answer by the end of the week or by the end of the week about what they will do. coming up what jon stewart said he is looking forward to now that he is stepping away from "the daily show."
3:46 am
and taylor swift's intense invitation to jay-z. she is apparently serious about brunch. we will examine the video evidence and you decide. that's next in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world
3:47 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ major news leading us off here. jon stewart announced he will be stepping down from comedy central's "the daily show." >> can you believe it?
3:48 am
he's been there 16 years. and he announced he will leave the ground breaking news satire, he told the audience at the end of the show last night. he didn't give a timeline when this will go down and didn't say where his next career move will be but he had this to say about his future. >> i'm going to have dinner on a school night with my family who i have heard from multiple sources are lovely people. >> he's 52 now. he started the show -- started in 1999. took over from craig kilborn. on his first day he made remarks as poignant now as they were back then. >> i'm sure many of you are curious. is my beloved "the daily show" show going to change? it might subtly. i know change can be painful but from change comes growth. a moment for us is gone. >> he looks so young.
3:49 am
stewart's "the daily show" launched the careers of steve carell, and others. >> he became a journalist and he is a comedian but no doubt a journalist. he was calling folks out. he was keeping the media in check. >> all the way across the board. it was entertaining to watch as he did it. we have him a while longer. we don't know how long but job well done, jon stewart. even though we are a few days removed from the grammys some new bits of information that continue to surface. >> a video showing interaction between kanye west, taylor swift and jay-z has us wondering, does taylor want to desperately go to brunch? >> look at her. what is she mouthing? people are thinking -- >> watch her. brunch. brunch. brunch. >> i don't know. she could be saying -- i saw
3:50 am
this and she said watch, just watch. like something is coming up. people are saying brunch. >> no. i don't see the watch. i see brunch. >> jay didn't look excited about it. >> i don't think he will call taylor swift. don't wait by the phone. i don't mean to be rude but i don't think he is up for that. he's busy. >> only person that wouldn't be impressed going with taylor swift to brunch is jay-z. >> he goes home to beyonce. >> there's that. >> if jay doesn't want to get brunch with taylor, maybe she should head to the white house. "shake it off" is a favorite of president obama's. >> you need editing here to see how crazy he is about this. some speeches that will make swifties so proud. >> the players going to play play play the haters going to hate hate hate shake, shake shake. shake it off. shake it off. >> i absolutely love that video. >> that's good. >> his daughters would be thrilled with that.
3:51 am
>> who has that kind of time? >> i want to see him shake it off, shake it off. oh oh oh >> is there an oh oh. >> i might have added it. >> you might have. >> it sounded good. >> yes, it did. you saw similar videos where the president sang to rick astley's never going to give you up but this wins my vote, "shake it off." renee zellweger showed up to a red carpet event looking different. another one to tell you about here. we have people buzzing about uma thurman. here she is from "pulp fiction." she is 44 now. and here she is at the premier the other night. it looks different. it is tough to criticize because i know the pressures -- i don't know that's the look she was going for. >> she ages. is that not just age? >> no. i feel there is a graceful way to age. i think she did something. >> what could it have been? >> it is very tight.
3:52 am
we need to see her laugh and show angry or sad face and then we can judge. >> that's not the angry or sad faith face on the left. sad face and then we can judge. >> that's not the angry or sad faith face on the left. amazing this one feels fantastic for me... and combined ah it's a completely new sensation for us both it's opened up a whole new door for us i've come to clean your pool but we dont have a pool i'll come in anyway next week i'm going to be a maid ky yours and mine now discover our exclusive line at
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let's end this. ♪ ♪ >> all right. we are counting down to the oscars. looking at the contenders vying for the coveted statue. >> though gone girl didn't get a nod for best picture. it may pull off an upset in the best actress category. juju chang sat down with her. >> reporter: the story of a sugary sweet romance. >> who are you? >> turning sour and then bitter that's when amazing amy, pregnant goes missing from her story book life. >> you don't know what she does all day and you don't know your wife's blood type. >> are you sure you all are married? >> reporter: pike is an overnight sensation, almost 15 years in the making. famed director david fincher hand picked pike for the juicy role coveted by a-list actresses. but he said the competition isn't as cut throat as her sword
3:56 am
fight scene with halle berry as a bond girl in "die another day." >> funny, isn't it? it doesn't feel like that. that is one thing about being in the race. it doesn't feel competitive actually. reese posted a sweet image of us all on her instagram the other day. it feels like a nice club in a way. >> reporter: she says bond girl status at 21 pigeon holed her for a while. playing roles like sister in "pride and prejudice" or the prosecutor in "jack reacher." >> p.i. then or the d.a.'s office? >> you think your father's office would set me up? >> why would anyone set you up? >> but from tom cruise to ben affleck, she more than hold s her own on the silver screen. much is made about your male counterparts showed more private parts than you did. >> i think it is about time. i think generally speaking in movies you are like okay, the girl is undressed and the guy is wearing a t-shirt. are you kidding me. >> doesn't seem fair.
3:57 am
>> reporter: juju chang, abc news, new york. >> quite the lineup of hotties as co-stars. >> of hotties. >> hello, tom cruise, ben affleck. >> i didn't think this is where we were going when we came out of that piece to the hotties. not what where i went. >> on different pages. >> she's delightful. >> yes. >> the bond girl, i lost track of her after the bond girl thing. >> she nails her role in gone girl. it is a creepy subtle role and she nails it. >> it is a great date flick. >> no that's not what i said. i said go with your girlfriends, not with your boo. >> i shouldn't go with my girlfriend. you are saying girls should go together. >> oscars february 26th, 22nd, excuse me, right here on abc. >> more news here on abc. stay with us. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. ncer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, tragic end. isis giving proof that american hostage kayla mueller has died. the letter to her parents just revealed the failed rescue attempt and the questions that still remain about her death. we're live in washington. network shake-up. nbc making a major announcement about anchor brian williams following his recent admission of an exaggerated war story. cheating scandal. a controversy surrounding the team that captured the country's attention during the little league world series. and surprise announcement. jon stewart shocking his fans about his future with "the daily show," the show that changed the late night game. good morning on this wedn


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