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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  February 12, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EST

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there were three winners in last night's $564 million jackpot, and two of them -- >> we didn't win. the winning tickets were sold in texas, north carolina and puerto rico and the odds of winnings a 'stro nom call. what keeps us lining up at those machines? here's abc's ted rowlands. >> reporter: across the country people scrambling to put down their $2 at a long-shot chance at a dream come true. >> i move to virginia beach where with my daughter is and live the life of luxury because i'm almost ready to retire. >> reporter: some waited more than an hour to get tickets. the astronomical odds of winning, 175 million to one but that waunt deterrent. lot ry officials say 75,000 tickets were sold per minute in the hours leading up to the drawing. >> they are very slim very slim but i don't care. it's fun. >> you have to may have. you have to play to win. >> reporter: this is the third largest powerball jackpot ever
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and until there is a lucky winner we can all dream of wa we would do with all of that money. >> i'd buy everything but tell someone to take control of it. i know myself. i'd spend it all. >> i don't know. i'd probably faint and then wake up and go on vacation can. first thing i would do buy a plane ticket. >> did you win? here's the numbers. >> winning power ball number is 19. >> reporter: ted rowlands abc news los angeles. >> i only play when it is huge. i don't play day in and day out. >> if you play day in and day out you are throwing the money in the pot. >> there are the numbers. as they pointed out to us a lot of people won some money and some good money. you can gooet get five and not win a powerball and win a couple million bucks. somebody one a couple hundred
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dollars. check your tickets. >> i saw a story on "good morning america" the most commonly used number that wins is 26. >> 26 why? >> no scientific explanation just the most chosen number. >> "gma" didn't get a scientific explanation. >> shocking but no explanation for that. but it was more telling you should play 26 maybe. just like c on your s. a t.s. >> you are fired. you won't be coming back to work but not because of the lottery. i'm sorry. go on. he's not a household name just yet. >> that could soon change for eddie red main who is seen as a contender for best actor at this year's oscars. his story straight ahead. you are watching "world news now." >>
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♪ >> how about now? >> now. >> okay. we are just over a week away from the annual academy awards. 87thth annual we are coming up on and you have been seeing the oscar buzz. we are at a fever pitch right now. >> up for best picture the theory of everything. the biopic of the life of stephen hawking and up for best actor eddie redmayne. >> no question he put on a great performance here but as abc's chris connelly found out this is a man of many talents. >> sthoo. >> here you go. >> should we make it interesting? >> look at who's hawking, 33-year-old eddie redmayne. best actor nominated for his role as physicist and author stephen hawking in the theory of everything. >> reporter: taking a break from the award season car wash at the standard downtown l.a. with the game he prefers, ping-pong.
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>> i come from a family of very good sportsmen and i'm genuinely horrifically untalented. >> reporter: athletic enough though, to undergo four months of prep and physical transformation to play a man increasingly constrained in his own movement. six pack from his previous shoot on jupiter ascending, redmayne reconfigured his body. with a choreographer's help he sought to capture hawking at each stage of his decades long battle with a ls. >> i needed to train my body just in order to sustain the positions i knew some of the positions would be specific and contorted and not necessarily comfortable. >> just getting hawking's facial expressions right required hours of study. >> i used to sit in front of a mirror and there were moments where you are like oh this is -- am i parodying? am i verging on being offensive?
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>> reporter: yet it was only days before "the theory of everything" shoot began that redmayne met his icon stephen hawking himself for the first time. >> i remember getting out of the car and going why have you not thought of what you are going to ask. what i wanted was approval and he was incredibly kind 0 to me. >> reporter: his command of hawking's physicality lets viewers focus on the movie's emotional power. >> reporter: with or without a win on oscar sunday redmayne is doing what he loves. >> there are so many things i could do other than this. >> absolutely there are but i'm an addict to acting.
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♪ >> all right. street signs. of course we see them everywhere all the time. they are so common they seem to fwlend to the background. >> that's exactly the problem in one city in north carolina. >> carolina. that's where they sold the powerball ticket. it's on your mind. that's okay. >> in northern california they
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drivers are doing double takes to read signs like this. 35 it is a speed limit not a suggestion. downhill use eyes brakes brain. >> speaks out more. that attracts my attention more. >> reporter: for those who walk across the street while looking down at their phone, there's a sign for them too. heads up cross the street and then update facebook. >> it's funny but actually kind of true. >> reporter: the signs have been up for about two weeks. residents told city leaders they were concerned about speed on
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the hill and officials decided they needed an attention getter instead of the usual slow down message. >> some people love it and think it is creative and funny. that's fantastic. other people say it is corny and silly. that's great. they are talking. they are noticing the message we need them to slow down. >> reporter: that's all they really want is to get people's attention. >> it is really smart. because if they keep saying the same thing you are not going to react to it. if it is different it catches your attention and makes you think of it more. >> isn't it distracting? >> i like sglit what if you are driving and trying to read the whole sign. >> only happens to people like me, what did that say? i think it is fun. it shows a sense of humor and gets you to pay attention. i like the downhill. spell it out for me or i will miss it. i need pictures and visuals. braesk it down. >> let's break it down for you, folks. that's the news for this half hour. >> remember to follow us on facebook at
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this morning on "world news now," fighting isis. the white house making its move asking for approval of war. with little details on the plan can the president breakthrough congress? >> thez resolution is our core objective to destroy isil. >> what lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are saying. tragic loss. bob simon revered and respected "60 minutes" journalist killed in a terrible car crash. the driver losing control on a manhattan highway while simon was in the backseat. we will have the latest. little league bombshell. the heart breaking decision to strip the chicago team of their championship title. the players having to pay for the misdeeds of adults. >> we know we are champions. our parents know we are champions and the team knows and chicago knows we are champions.
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>> the white house weighing in on the controversy on this thursday, february 12th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." hey there. thursday right? >> is it thursday? >> yes. >> you are asking the wrong person. >> yeah. how are you adjusting this week? are you all right? >> i don't know if it is night or day. i don't know what sleep is anymore but i'm having a great time. >> this is our world and we end by saying we are having a great time to make ourselves feel better. ahaving you here this week, sara haines. >> thank you. >> we begin this half hour with isis. president obama's request for money to fight the terror group is drawing criticism from both parties. >> republicans saying the president's plan is not enough and democrats say it is too. karen travers has more from washington. >> the day after the death of american aide worker kayla mueller was confirmed, the white house is telling lawmakers that if left unchecked, isis will pose a threat beyond the middle east including to the united
3:02 am
states homeland. now president obama has sent congress a resolution to formally authorize military force against the terror group. >> this resolution reflects our core objective to destroy isil. it supports the comprehensive strategy we have been pursuing with our allies and partners. >> the president's resolution will authorize three years of military operations put no geographic limit on the campaign and ban enduring combat operations. on capitol hill, there's already push back. >> the language pertaining to ground troops which is very broad, very ambiguous. none of us know what enduring offensive combat operations means. >> i'm concerned about the breadth and vagueness of the ground troop -- of the ground hoop language. >> reporter: still others called the resolution a step forward. >> i want to make sure the president has all of the tools available in order to win this fight. as we go through this process. >> reporter: that process includes congressional hearings and floor debate.
3:03 am
final vote on authorization may not happen until the spring. karen travers, abc news washington. sad news from here in new york. legendary cbs news correspondent bob simon has died after a car accident. police say simon was in the back of a town car in manhattan when the driver lost control, hit another car and then the median. another award-winning "60 minutes" correspondent, simon covered riots and wars and held captive more than a month during the first gulf war with. the head of "60 minutes" called his death a terrible loss and said there is no one else like bob simon. he leaves behind his wife and daughter who also worked at 60 minutes was 73. a new battle in washington over the controversial keystone pipeline. the republican-controlled house approved a measure to build that pipeline which would be 1200 miles long able to carry 800,000 barrels of oil a day. president obama said he will veto that bill and neither the house or senate has enough votes to override it. political intrigue in oregon where the governor was set to
3:04 am
resign in an ethics scandal. now says he's staying in office. john -- has been under pressure to leave office under allegations his fiance sylvia hayes used his office to land contracts for her consulting business. he has always denied wrongdoing. he released a statement yesterday saying he has no intention of leaving office. testimony resumes in a texas courtroom in the so-called american sniper trial. chris kyle's widow was the first to testify recounting the last time she saw her husband before he was shot to death. the jury also heard about chris kyle's last text message describing his accused killer. here now abc's ryan owens. >> reporter: taya kyle the first witness telling her story to the people that matter most. millions know what this widow has endured thanks to see yaen that miller's performance in the blockbuster american sniper. from the stand here grief is all too real. one of the prosecutor's first
3:05 am
questions, who were you married to? she breaks down trying to answer. chris kyle, she whispers. the judge will not allow aud yes witnesses to be broadcast but you don't need to hear her to see her pain. clutching dog tags in her hand she walks the jury through family pictures she recounts the day two years ago when she last saw her husband. just before he and his best friend chad littlefield took eddie routh to the gun range where he killed them both. we said we loved each other and gave each over a kiss and hug like we always did. routh keeps his head down throughout. in previous interviews kyle says she doesn't buy the defense that ptsd made him kill. >> somebody taking the lives of tw people there to help him. that is not president ed is in my opinion. >> reporter: the defense tells jurors routh was insane. >> the doctors gives hail diagnosis of psychosis. >> they revealed a text message
3:06 am
that littlefield sent him. this dude is straight up nuts it said. littlefield responded watch my six. military slang for watch my back. as taya kyle left the stand, she hugged the next witness. chad littlefield's mother who told the jury today is her son's birthday. he would have been 38. an emotional day well after those women left the stand. prosecutors spent the afternoon detailing the brutality of this crime. each man shot in the head and several times in the back. ryan owens, abc news stephenville texas. space exhas launched an observe ouren this third try here. the unmanned rocket blasted off from cape canaveral al gore first dreamed up the idea 17 years ago. the observatory will provide continuous pictures of the full sunlit side of earth. >> pretty cool. mystery plastic sheathing
3:07 am
found in a virginia field turned out to be a 0 foot tall balloon launched in michigan. a held yum balloon held together with scotch tape. it was noent travel 70,000 feet and drop after an hour. but it instead wound up in another middle school in virginia. everybody you have to go to work tomorrow if you don't live in texas, puerto rico or north carolina because those are the only three places powerball tickets were sold. you know this by now. the jackpot was $564 million dog gone dollars. the fifth largest in history. the winning numbers -- >> if you are not in north carolina texas or puerto rico, doesn't matter because those are the places it was sold. >> so we didn't win. >> we are in new york. >> thank you. now to a story about a boat that ran aground without ever touching the water.
3:08 am
the truck carrying the 43-foot yacht got stuck in a six-foot snow bank in downtown boston. the maggie may was on the way to the new england boat show . work withers dug out the 18 wheeler carrying the boat but not before the mishap stalled traffic. it may be hard fer new englanders to think of summer and boating today because they are getting more winter-like they have been over and over again. >> more winter means more snow. this is a problem. accu-weather's justin povick is joining us with the entire national forecast. good morning justin. >> sara t.j. thanks. and good morning. a wintry start today over much of the northeast. not a lot of snow but a couple of inches could produce slik slippery spots along the 95 corridor. what mr. catch us off guard is the gusty winds and sharply colder temperatures on the way. in fact these are real feels temperatures by the afternoon. at or below zero in the areas highlighted in in blue. this is the tip of the iceberg as we head to the weekend. sara t.j. back to you.
3:09 am
>> thank you, justin. one of your colleagues, that pennsylvania groundhog better not show his face in new hampshire. >> the merrimack police department issued an arrest warrant for punxsutawney phil the weather forecasting rodent. the cops say they see complaints while they are buried in snow phil is nice and warm in his burrow and the town has seen five feet of snow this winter. >> can you imagine the embarrassment for putting out an arrest warrant for a groundhog. >> what are you saying they should be embarrassed by this? >> a little just a tad. >> they failed to warn of how much snow. >> snow is not his thing. just winter. >> he never breaks it down for you. he says winter or not. he's an innocent groundhog. let it go. >> oh so says sara haines. >> i'm backing punxsutawney phil. >> all right then. coming up we will talk about tiger woods. this is rough news to hear and rougher to see him play. she disappointed with his
3:10 am
performance and now he is taking an indefinite break from golf. little leaguers reacting to their taken title. the boys of summer hit hard by the news the championship is no longer theirs. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by vista print.
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welcome back. for the second time in less than a week the world of college basketball has lost a hall of fame coach. jerry tarkanian will be remembered for as much with his battles with the wnba as for winning a national title at unlv and chewing on towels while sitting on the bench. known as tark the shark he was elected to the basketball hall of fame two years ago. he died yesterday after years of health issues. he was 84 years old. tiger woods is done with golf until further notice. in a statement on his website, he said his game is not acceptable to compete in tournaments, and that he will not return until it is. this is an indefinite leave he's taking. over that time he missed the cut at one tournament and had to withdrawal from another. he expects to have his game tournament ready by -- well we don't know. he says soon but of course you know he has his eye on the masters in april. i don't know if he can get ready in a couple of months but you
3:15 am
know he wants to play that tournament. >> benching yourself. do people do that a lot? >> as bad as he's been playing. it's been a tad embarrassing for him. yeah he benched himself. meantime young athletes are learn willing a tough lesson about playing by the rules. >> this is a rough one here. little league baseball stripped national champs jackie robinson west of their title. but it wasn't the kids fault but they are having to pay for the grown ups mistakes that are supposed to be in charge and teaching them the rules of the game. >> chicago wins the united states championship. >> last summer they captured the hearts of the nation under dogs who shocked american baseball by winning the title. >> we work with hard all year long. we weren't involved in anything that could have caused us to be strip ed of our championship. >> reporter: those kids heart broken stripped of their title with adults to blame. little league international finding adults stacked their line up with all-star ringers
3:16 am
from other little league districts, creating a super team in violation of little league rules. coming from one of chicago's toughest neighborhoods, the team's improbable run to the american title gained them leons of fans. major leaguers footed the bill to fly to the game and after losing to south korea, a hero's welcome in chicago. a trip to the world series and a date with the president who is standing by the kids. >> a dirty deal ing by adults doesn't take anything away from the accomplishments of the young men. >> those kids facing a tough loss. >> we know we are champions. our parents and the team and chicago knows we are champions. >> the team's manager has been suspended. an administrator of little league baseball has been removed by many are standing behind the kids. ford saying it will continue to give to a college scholarship that's awarded to a deserving member of the team.
3:17 am
ryan smith, abc news new york. >> weird. >> we're not going to talk to each other. >> no. this is -- this is a great, what are they 13-year-old kids. this is a fan tsa aic lesson to learn. it's a hard one to learn but a good lesson for them and everybody to learn. no matter what you can't break the rules. it's not their fault but they learned. >> i agree. coming up in t-minus two days valentine's day and this year it happens to fall on a saturday which is movie night. we will check out two perfect date night movies opening this weekend. you are watching "world news now."
3:18 am
a round up of the best movies to get you in the mood. to help us with that rotten
3:19 am
tomatoes senior editor -- you like that intro? >> will haved it. >> good to see you. what's the big one. there's no way around it. this is the movie for valentine's day, "50 shades of grey." >> 50 shades of me. >> 50 shades of you, of gray spelled differently. this is what everybody is talking about a. is it going to be a big hit. a big hit in the book form but is it -- >> huge. it will be huge. i already have tickets. i bought tickets to see this movie and you know what i did. gathered up my i was go and said here's the thing. i know you like cocktails, a little light s and m role play. just pay 16 bucks. >> who are your friends? >> the thing that is great about "50 shades of grey" is it is pretty palatable for the topic. it se rot ka and steamy but if you are going to make it reaches everybody. it's a good opportunity to out and get in the movie. >> is it a date movie or girls
3:20 am
night out movie. >> both. because if you are a couple you will have fun going and getting ideas of what you could or couldn't do later. >> guys don't want to see the movie. they want to see what will happen after the movie. >> we will sit through two with hours and then -- for the payoff. >> yes. >> what are the other options. another valentine's day option? >> thankfully, everybody can exhale. because if it is really not your thing -- another movie out, the definition of counter programming. it is called kingsman secret service. this movie is directed by matthew vaughn who did another movie called kick ass. this movie is full of spies, total bad ass stunts. it is funny and focuses on the fit of a good suit. >> is in the issue where guys will be having to drag their girls to see this movie? >> probably so. the good news is that the people that star in "kingsman" are so dashing and so fun to watch.
3:21 am
doesn't matter who you are. you like to watch colin firth punch somebody in the face. >> counter programming like you say. what if you don't want to go out, stay home and make dinner and do the netflix thing possibly. >> >> a really good choice. something i revisited recently. i want to make sure everyone remembers sleepless in seattle. >> are we going back to that. >> are you trying to tell me you don't like tom hanks, meg ryan and rosie o'donnell. sleepless in seattle. >> anything else besides sleepless in seattle. >> what about the movie it is based on "an affair to remember." >> oh goodness. >> the empire state building near misses and the romance is thick and amazing but also both palatable to watch even if romance isn't your bag. >> this works. look we trust you. i will take your recommendations. you haven't steered us wrong
3:22 am
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on your screen now. you know what time it is if you are awake with us every night. it is time for "the mix." >> you thought the first one was strange. >> because it is. so there is this australian zoo that offers hotel rooms in the middle of animals' habitats. you will see a couple of pictures here. >> that's odd. >>ic sleep. >> she's naked than bear is checking her out. >> i have a hard time with my chihuahuas watching me bathe. imagine a grizzly bear. >> tree house could be cool with a giraffe and everything. i feel it is torturing the animals. look he wants the glass of wine. >> that's the torture. >> they have to watch you live. i don't know. i think it is a little creepy and the moment where you wake up and don't know where you are.
3:26 am
i don't need that panic attack in the middle of the night. look at this. what happens -- i don't think there is a real danger there but i would replay what if the glass goes down what if he joins us for dinner what if i am dinner. >> i took the joy away for me. >> was there joy in it? >> there was some. to be in the middle of it and be in nature but protected from it. >> take a fa is a farry or visit the zoo but don't live in it. i like chihuahuas. that is slightly different than a jungle cat. >> jungle cat. >> hangover quote. jungle cat in the bathroom. >> can we go to -- now. take a look at this picture from the netherlands. they have some snow. >> nothing suspicious. >> everybody loves this roof still covered with snow. what is going on here? is it an anomaly. police checked it out and raided
3:27 am
the place and what did they find, people growing marijuana on an industrial scale. >> a drug den. >> industrial scale. they are busted and telling people to kentucky keep an eye out with this. if you see something odd. the lamps in there melted the snow. >> this this is really kuehl. a woman who is an actress and blogger who let her 3-year-old choose her outfits for a week. i think this is adorable. i actually dress like this without the help of a child. >> stop. >> i struggle with fashion but look at how cute this is. she said sometimes he got it pretty close. >> that's not bad. >> a couple of days when they were like this mismatched shoes. i can handle it as long as the heel height is the same. see, that's cute. >> not bad. >> the kid has a future. >> you give the kid -- i have a 2-year-old at the house. we dress her every day. she has no choice in what she wears. >> i can't wait to see what she looks like when
3:28 am
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now," a terrible loss. terrible loss. seasoned journalist killed in a car crash in manhattan. we'll take a look back at the incredible career of the highly respected "60 minutes" correspondent. the threat at home as the president asks congress for more money to fight isis. alarming details how the islamist terrorists are trying to reach the homeland. streaming psych out. netflix showing their hand too early. releasing the new season of house of cards. how they laughed off their mistake. power payout. you better check the tickets. the powerball lottery jackpot has multiple winners this morning. we will tell you where those tickets were bought. it is thursday, february 12th. >> announcer: from abc news,
3:31 am
this is "world news now." good morning. i'm sara haines. >> hello to you all. i'm t.j. holmes. thank you for spending some time with us. this news we got a few hours ago was a shocker. >> yeah. >> we begin with the tragic news about "60 minutes" correspondent bob simon. the veteran reporter killed in a traffic accident here in manhattan. >> colleagues and fans weighing in overnight mourning that loss. we turn to lana zak. >> reporter: journalism was a passion for bob simon, taking him to some of the most dangerous places on earth. from war zones to red carpet entertainment, simon told story after story in a career that spanned five decades. after working for years as a foreign correspondent for cbs news, the journalist landed at the network's big show "60 minutes." the award-winning news man was in a car crash on manhattan's west side on wednesday evening. the car he was riding in clipped a mercedes and spun out of control.
3:32 am
bob simon was pronounced dead at the hospital. he was 73 years old. in new york, lana zak, abc news. >> that's one of the first things that a lot of us said about bob simon. he's been all over the world and he's done incredible things at some of the most dangerous places and riding on the west side highway in new york. something most of us are on every day who live in new york and this happens. the irony is unreal. >> he was a prisoner of war and you survive that and gives you perspective. you said you were going to try to seize the day because of this. >> you know, again, we could all take lessons from this. life is so precious and can be taken at any moment and the things we do day in and out. just being in a car, in a cab in new york, and his life is gone just like that. yeah, it was a reminder to some of the things we complain about day in and out. put some things in perspective here.
3:33 am
we will be talking more about him throughout the morning here. turn now to capitol hill. lawmakers there are deciding whether to grant president obama's request for military action against isis. the president is asking congress to authorize a three-year military assault including limited ground combat operations. >> this resolution reflects our core objective to destroy isil. it supports the comprehensive strategy we have been pursuing with our allies and partners. >> as you can imagine, there's a lot of skepticism from both parties on capitol hill. the vote is not expected until spring. now to the threat at home. a top fbi official is warning about foreign fighters who train with isis and then return to the u.s. here's abc's pierre thomas. >> it's a clear and present danger and rare for fbi officials to talk in such stark terms, but there are so many radicals who have gone to syria who could try to come to the u.s., the fbi simply can't keep up.
3:34 am
and top intelligence officials are equally concerned that isis is using social media, including facebook, you tube and twitter in a way that no terrorism organization has before giving them direct access to the u.s. there have been 250 on-line publications from isis since last month. al qaeda is active on-line too. as a result, authorities believe there are hundreds of radicals inspired on-line who could attack here at home on short notice. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. a twin-engine propeller plane crashed near miami killing all four people on board. the pilot tried to return to miami executive airport. instead it clipped a power line and burst in to flames. federal aviation administration officials say the plane was headed to turks and caicos. thousands turned out for a vigil at the university of north carolina in chapel hill for three students found shot to death. police are trying to determine whether hate played any role in the killing of three muslims. the suspect craig hicks described himself as a gun-toting atheist.
3:35 am
his wife said it had nothing to do with the shooting but it seems the family disagrees. >> she literally told me that i feel he hates us for how we look and dress. >> this incident had nothing to do with religion. >> reporter: police say the shootings were sparked by a long simmering dispute over parking spaces and loud noise in the condo complex where two of the victims and the suspect lived. the former captain of the wrecked "costa concordia" cruise ship is going to prison. 32 people died in the ship wreck. three years ago. three years ago.three years ago.hthree years ago.rthree years ago.ethree years ago.three years ago. three years ago.three years ago. three years ago.three years ago.hthree years ago.rthree years ago.ethree years ago.three years ago.three years ago.hree years ago.tthree years ago. francesco schettino was convicted of manslaughter and abandoning the ship when many passengers and crew were still on board. he was sentenced to 60 years in prison. francesco schettino claims he's a scapegoat for the accident. on the roads of dallas a wild scene. a robbery suspect behind the wheel of a white dodge. he slams in to the back of a couple of vehicles.
3:36 am
a woman gets out from driving the minivan and goes up to the guy. she and her passenger get ahold of the suspect and keep him from fleeing until police arrive to make the arrest. there's word from seattle this morning that amanda knox is engaged. her fiance is a musician who she's known since middle school. no wedding date has been set. perhaps because her legal status is in limbo. knox was convicted of murdering her roommate during her junior year abroad in italy. it was reversed on appeal and she was reconvicted. next month italy's highest court is expected to hear an appeal of the appeal and decide whether knox should be tried again. much of the nation will be dry today. notable exception, where else, northeast, aimed for another round of what else, snow. justin povick has our forecast for us. good morning to you. >> thanks. good morning. a cold start to the day. cold finish to the day as well. these are real feel temperatures throughout the afternoon.
3:37 am
throughout the great lakes and the western northeast we will be at or below zero. in fact it turns colder before it warms up. that's the case heading to the upcoming weekend. a snow threat later this weekend, as well. some spots along the coastline could be in line for more significant snows. sara and t.j., back to you. >> thank you. powerball players it was always going to come to this, you probably didn't win. we didn't either. three winning with tickets sold in texas, north carolina and puerto rico. the jackpot worth more than $564 million. or 350 million before taxes in a lump sum payment. those winning numbers, 11, 13, 25, 39, 54, 19. saturday's jackpot is back down to only a measly 40 million bucks. >> only check your numbers if you live in texas, north
3:38 am
carolina or puerto rico. >> yeah, doesn't matter otherwise. >> see i don't mind. >> did you get one? >> i bought in to one with a group but i was debbie downer the whole time. >> here at abc? there was a pool. >> sorry we didn't call you. >> wow. wow. thanks. good looking out, sara haines. tell you about something else here. just like seeing jesus in a piece of toast or tree trunk, the virgin mary making an appearance where? >> right there. there's the image on the back of a cab of a truck. jose martinez said he found it after snow melted and said it was still there after a second snowfall. >> help me with this. are you serious? >> i see it but i see a lot of things. >> help me with this one. i don't see this one. >> you do. you do. that's her hair -- it looks like a halo but i don't think that is part of it she is like in a little robe.
3:39 am
>> just in the middle. >> no, that's the light illuminating her effervescence. >> what's that word again? >> moving along. >> we will. we're teasing something, right? coming up "the skinny." >> we will go to the biggest movie premiere of the year. so far. 50 shades anyone? >> i will pass. target is in the cross hairs of the multimillion-dollar settlement over alleged false advertising. what you need to know before you approach the checkout counter at target. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. er: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. thank you for calling colonial penn life insurance company. i'm glad i was able to help you today. hi, my name is jonathan lawson and i'm a customer service representative for colonial penn life insurance company. insurance can sometimes be difficult to understand, but here at colonial penn, we make it simple. alex trebek has been representing colonial penn for over ten years
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netflix dealt a joker of sorts to "house of cards" fans. the video service accidentally released the third season of the political drama yesterday afternoon, more than two weeks ahead of schedule. then netflix removed the show blaming a technical glitch. on twitter netflix said it is washington. there are always leaks. >> that's pretty good. >> i wish i would have caught it, though. >> did people have time to see all 13 episodes? >> no, it wasn't on that long. unless you are watching on fast forward which is weird. united airlines is blaming a technical glitch for cheap transatlantic tickets. the danish website was selling tickets as low as 51 bucks. you had to book tickets britain to the u.s. united blames a software provider for bungling the currency converter. from the british pound to the danish coner. united is not going to honor those tickets.
3:44 am
that's awful. >> it's kind of -- okay. that's a steal. the company would go down on that. >> it wasn't their fault. it is someone else's. everyone is blaming someone today. >> you have seen airlines honor where there is a glitch. >> depends on how many. they can amount to -- >> probably. target is paying for costly mistakes it made allegedly again and again at the checkout. >> customers are advised to keep an eagle eye on the price labels on the shelf before you get to the cash register. abc's linsey davis with the story. >> reporter: target known for its trademark bulls eye agreeing to pay nearly $4 million after accused of false advertising. california prosecutors sued the country's second largest discount retailer, alleging it sometimes charged higher prices at check out than the sticker prices on the shelves. >> you can't expect a consumer to come in with a magnifying glass and see an expiration date
3:45 am
on the price sign. >> target telling abc news, the primary sources of the -- we have taken steps to fix the problem. >> consumers should be able to pay advertised price when they see an item. if they pay more they need to complain and get back the difference. >> reporter: this is happening all over the country. last year, cvs, walgreens and wal-mart paid up after north carolina's department of al agriculture and consumer services inspectors found scanner errors. that same year, wisconsin reported walgreens paid nearly $30,000 after a state-wide inspection found what was rung up at their store's cash registers wasn't the same as advertised. a true case of buyer beware. we were assured at most stores, including target, the person at the checkout counter has the power to give you the sales price on the shelf. you just have to ask for it. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> never check that stuff but i will now.
3:46 am
when we come back, a peek at the premier of "50 shades of grey." >> and the spice girls -- >> i gave that to you. >> and the spice girls like you have never heard them before. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ >> time for "the skinny."
3:48 am
topping our headlines this morning, the world premier of "50 shades of grey." >> why do you say it like that? >> because i can't wait to see it and i know you can't either. >> really? >> yeah. >> you look surprised that i'm surprised. >> i watched the trailer like 15 times. >> what are you in to? >> the one shot where dornan walks across the room without a shirt on. he looks so cute. >> why is every guy so cute to you? >> that is a big compliment from me. >> to call someone cute. >> sorry, y'all. this is a back and forth we have had for years now. last night the world premier held in berlin. the couple of the night, dakota johnson and your boy jamie dornan. he looks different with a beard. >> very brooklyn. >> they were on the red carpet but this may have been the couple of the night. director sam taylor-johnson looks great there with her husband aaron taylor-johnson -- i got the names right? >> yeah. >> had the same last name. okay.
3:49 am
>> i say, you go girl. you might have missed it when he was pronouncing the names. he's 24 and she's 47. >> big deal, right? >> i say from one career to the next, more power to you, sweetie. >> you are not that cougarish. >> i don't have that many years but it made me sound cool for a second. >> you want to tell how many years. >> five years. >> he is a great guy. and does not look odd with them together. stick with movies here. a movie like this. it doesn't -- france doesn't see the big deal. >> clearly france hasn't viewed the movie. >> 50 shades with the racy bondage sex scenes is rated r in the u.s. meaning no one under 17 can get without accompanied by an adult. britain is even more strict, no one under 18 allowed in period. >> but france, the french national film board has given the film a relaxed pg-12 rating restricting it to children 12
3:50 am
and under. if you are 13, 14, it is fine. >> teenagers 13 and up, good to go. >> "50 shades of grey" is playing in france and leading the box office there because everybody can go. at home, big news in the world of music. >> can you believe this? kanye west announced that he and taylor swift will be collaborating in the studio. the pair on sunday here they are buddying up at the grammys. this video caught everyone's attention here wondering what taylor swift was saying to jay-z. some said she wanted to do brunch. i don't think so but you be the judge. >> west appeared yesterday morning on air with ryan seacrest. he was short on details but said of taylor she wants to get in the studio and we will definitely go in. kind of cool. stay tuned. recording never released before just reaching our ears this morning. >> four songs by the '90s girl power group the spice girls have been leaked on-line and immediately taken off line.
3:51 am
but we did manage to catch a listen and here's one. i think it is very '90s and very catchy ♪ i can't give you what you want ♪ ♪ i can't tell you what you want to hear ♪ >> the title of the track is "if it's lovin' on your mind." the trooks were recorded around the time the spice girls last album "forever" was released back in 2000. no word if they will be will legitimately released but that sounds familiar. >> yeah, because every song in the '90s sounded like that. >> that's true. >> you have heard it before. >> flash back. >> yes, you have. a lot of people excited, spice girls fans excited something new may be coming out from them. but there you go. directv is sparking a new controversy with one of its ads. what's the big deal here? >> this time women are upset about supermodels putting down regular women with regular lives and jobs. crazy. you are watching "world news now." es
3:52 am
and jobs. crazy. you are watching "world news now."
3:53 am
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♪ >> direct tv is under new fire this mor ♪ >> directv is under new fire this morning over another one of its ads. >> this time it is not rob lowe but "sports illustrated" swimsuit models trying to be funny but a lot of women are not laughing at all. here is mara schiavocampo. >> hi, i'm rob lowe. >> reporter: directv. famous for those ads with two versions of rob lowe, the geeky and gorgeous. under fire for what some are calling their most controversial ads yet. the satellite provider's latest ad campaign featuring "sports illustrated" models chrissy teigen, nina agdal and cover girl hannah davis dressed in ways we have never seen them before, as an obsessed cat lady. a cigarette-smokin' lunch lady
3:56 am
and a big haired mom who all have cable. juxtaposing them against images of the bombshells baring their bikini bodies. so scantily clad we can't show them in the original form. the ad suggests the upgrades of the women came with an upgrade from cable tv. some say the ads send the wrong message. one commenter posting on-line, this is shameful. we equate the shallow job of displaying one's body of success. meaning we put down women who have real lives and real jobs. another saying, once again, advertising fails women. directv is standing by their ads telling abc news overnight the intention of the ads is to show a fun, tongue-in-cheek example of how directv is superior to cable.
3:57 am
>> the problem with these ads is they have nothing to do with directv. they are guilting us in to getting it. these girls are hot and phenomenal and if you don't get directv they look pretty awful. >> we didn't mean to be demeaning or degrading or hurt anyone's feelings. it is a funny ad and supposed to be funny. take it for what it is. >> mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> thin line. >> that's tough. >> chrissy teigen still looked hot in mom jeans. >> no. that wasn't a good look for her. >> i thought it was the hair that didn't like. >> a lot not to like in that photo. a tough one with. don't miss our updates on facebook at >> stay with us, folks. a lot more from sara and i here on abc news. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, three big winners splitting that $500 million powerball jackpot. new details just in on where the winning tickets were sold. tragic loss. a veteran news correspondent who reported in some of the most dangerous places in the world killed in a car crash in manhattan. the overnight tributes coming in for bob simon. mystery motive. three people gunned down in their home. the attention now turning to the suspect under arrest and the possibility of the victims being targeted for their religious views. also true remans. the husband who has written a love letter to his wife every good morning.


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