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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  February 12, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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also means a big financial boost for the area. >> we'll have complete coverage throughout the evening including reaction from across the city with david henry lets begin with john rawlins, he is live with the details. >> reporter: well, the dnc said that philadelphia had the best bid to put out there. apparently issues like security and logistics and how delegates would be housed. columbus who was in the running didn't have enough hotel rooms and brooklyn had to put people in manhattan and there was a concern of security. and here was the best logistics and system. >> good afternoon everyone what a morning and what an afternoon. >> what a day, smiles at city hall smiles started rippling through the building at 9:00 this morning.
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>> they came and showed me their phones and said councilman did you know about this? great stuff. >> i'm thrilled to announce that the dnc will host their 2016 democratic convention in the city of brotherly love the wonderful city of philadelphia. [ applause ] >> for three years the mayor former governor ed rendell and its chair debbie wasserman shultz, saying that philadelphia having hosted the gop in 2000 had the right stuff. but could they find what is dubbed phldnc 2016. are you looking at something in the $70 million to $80 million
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range. >> they have $5 million raise and $5 million in the bank and a promise of $9 million more. and the one time mayor rendell chief of staff here has agreed that he will be a senior adviser for the phldnc 2016, that carry a lots of weight for the people in the democratic party. >> thank you john. people are excited and so are
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the average delaware residents we spoke with today and we spread the news and they are excited both here in the city and in the suburbs. >> i am happy philadelphia being recognized as a major city and politicians come and spend time there and i would encourage that. >> and spend money too? >> yes. >> i think it's great and good for the city, bring us money and give us publicity. >> so you are all excited about it? >> yes 100%. >> there is a sense of pride on the streets, they see a surge of young people and professionals moving into center city but few are as enthusiastic as this long time resident. >> congratulations that is the best thing i have heard today. that is wonderful, we have a marvelous marvelous city. we have cultural things and fantastic restaurants very nice people and i live over there and
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we are very, very, i'm just delighted. >> many feel the convenience is a chance for the city to put a shine on a dusty jewel. >> i think it's high time philly gets more attention. even look at the city it's looking old and we need a facelift this kind of event will help philadelphia coming back to the limelight. >> a lot of folks are looking forward to basking in the limelight and hoping for a lingering economic impact. live on the parkway, david henry channel 6 "action news." >> i want to hang out with that lady with the sparkly hat. >> she is excited. >> this is the first national convention since 2000 when republicans nominated george w. bush but quite sometime for democrats, have you to go back to 1948 for the last democratic national convention in philadelphia, this is video from that year when the party
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nominated harry truman who went on to beat huey -- and they have gone to win the white house. of course this is not the only big event philadelphia is planning left you forget pope francis is set to be here for the meeting of families and that visit is likely to draw more than 2 million people into the city. we have much more coverage still ahead on "action news" tonight. sara bloomquist will have more on the boost the dnc will give businesses in philadelphia and chad pradelli is talking to police about how they will handle security and jim gardner spoke to dnc chair, congresswoman, debbie wasserman shultz, all of that coming up here on channel 6 "action news." >> and all the information on
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phl-dnc 2016 can you watch the announcement video and the video from past political conventions held here in philadelphia. we are watching breaking news here in philadelphia a child was killed this afternoon after he was hit by a septa trolley. wendy saltzman is live. >> reporter: shirleen this is extremely tragic and we are told that the 2-year-old boy was brought to chop and witnesses gave us a firsthand account of what happened. a horrific collision that happened in a split second. >> vincent holt saw the boy slip free from his mother's grip and dash across the street in front of an on coming trolley. >> it was down towards 53rd street, the mother was watching the rescue efforts wailing and
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begging as emergency personnel rushed to get the trolley off the boy. >> he was blowing his horn and ran over the child and dragged him up the block. >> witnesses tell us that the trolley driver blew his horn and tried to stop. >> the trolley driver could not stop, there was nothing he could do. >> the boy was pronounced dead on the scene and septa says they are sending out their heart felt condolences to the family and having an investigation conducted by the police. they are on track so they can only go straight and they can't swerve to avoid an accident that is part of what happened here today. live in front of chop, i'm wendy saltzman, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you wendy. police in german town is looking for a man that robbed a
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grocery store and then stole a car. police say a man walked into and pulled a gun and demanded money the victim said the money was in the trunk of her car so the suspect took her keys and stole the car and drove away. police are still looking for the car and it's a gold nissan ultima with pa tags. police are asking anybody with information to call them. now to a first check of the accuweather forecast as we get ready for a polar plunge. lets go outside to adam joseph. actually he is at the big board. >> i was smart today inside is the place to be as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan late this morning and early this afternoon we had a wave of rain showers, that is off the coast and we are waiting for the true arctic front switching the winds to the west that is east of
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pittsburgh and close to state college, we can confirm where the arctic boundary is we are mild now 42 washington and 40 in philadelphia but head to pittsburgh it's 16 degrees and buffalo 8 degrees and binghamton 18 degrees and if you look at the windchills it's cold, 28 degrees in philadelphia. and dangerously cold in the western part of the state buffalo and pittsburgh between 2 below and 8 below 0, and those numbers will harshly fall across the entire region to levels like that if not even worse by tomorrow morning locally here. so future tracker at 7:30, in philadelphia it feels like 9 degrees below 0, and 17 below in binghamton and buffalo as you go through the next 24 hours we are looking at a 15 to 20 degree temperature drop, the winds are gusting to 40 miles per hour, dropping the morning windchills to between 15 and 5 below 0, and
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just issued by the national weather service for the far north western areas lehigh valley and lancaster a windchill advisory goes into affect tonight and lasts through noon tomorrow because windchills in those far north western counties will feel between 15 and 10 below 0 as we head out tonight and early tomorrow morning. windchills get colder the second half of the weekend with the historic cold from philadelphia and the surrounding areas we'll talk about those numbers and the snow through the weekend in the full accuweather forecast. >> before you decide just how much to bundle up check out our 6 abc storm tracker app, both the hourly and seven-day forecast are there for you. to help you get ready for the frigid temperatures. and still ahead a cease fire in ukraine, details on the deal that could stop the violence and a mega merger in the travel industry why the websites you use to book your trips are about to change.
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and why there is a warrant out fornxsutawney phil.
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there is a new peace deal in place that could signal a new deal for ukraine and russia the deal brokered overnight between germany and france means a cease fire between russia -- and they would trade auto tony for eastern ukraine and there are those with doubts and today fighting escalated despite the impending agreement. right now in our nation's capital, members of congress are gearing up for a contentious debate on whether or not to authorize action against isis. the president is asking for
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force for a three year military assault on isis including limited ground combat operations, experts say that the debate could take months and that the threat from isis is growing with members being recruited now on social media. >> they have proven dangerously competent like no other groups. >> as this debate over whether or not to authorize the president's resolution it's proving to be a tough sell for republican and democratic lawmakers. >> thank you alicia. to business now, stocks continue to creep toward record highs and the dow is just below 18,000 and the nasdaq rose 56 today and the s&p is up 20. it's a mega merger in the travel industry, expedia announced it is buying its rival orbitz.
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it's worth $1.6 billion, they get all their brands including cheap tickets and e club and they control and travelosity another rival they bought last month. as you know punxsutawney phil is one of the most famous weather prognosticators in the world and now they have issued a warn for phil's arrest they did not mind phil seeing his shadow meaning six more weeks of winter but phil did not mention the enormous amounts of snow and for that he should be punished. merrimack and the rest of new england have seen record snowfall this winter and a lot of people may agree with that. >> it's perfect timing because now we get to ask adam joseph in the accuweather forecast what he
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thinks about this. >> have you ever done jail time? >> no and i hope i never did. he better hide because they are expecting another nor'easter and blizzard for boston and into maine saturday into sunday. more rain and snow showers off the coast an arctic front that will blast dangerous windchills for some of us tomorrow morning, right now across the region 39 in philadelphia 34 in reading, dover coming into 38 degrees, we'll match that for atlantic city and beach haven as well as trenton. the winds are starting to pick up out of the northwesterly direction and 23 wilmington and 24 in philadelphia and 20 in millville and less at the shore and these winds will howl over 40 miles per hour later on tonight, and later tomorrow morning, windchills now this is balmy compared to 8 to 10 hours
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from now. 23 alden town and 28 in philadelphia and 30 in dover and near freezing in wildwood. in fact tomorrow morning's windchills as we wake up from reading to the lehigh valley it will feel like 10 to 15 degrees below 0, it's dangerous cold, if the kids don't have a delay bundle them up as they head to the bus stop. for the greater delaware valley 5 to 10 degrees below zero and close to minus 5 in more southern areas. the only good thing about tomorrow, lots of sunshine but windchills even in the afternoon at the peak of the day will stay near 10 degrees and single digits to the north and wst. as we get into the weekend, it starts off dry and sunny and the clouds increase and the second arctic front comes in late in the afternoon at 2:30 a band of snow developing north and west and the band passes through philadelphia at 6:00, it will only snow for a period of an
4:19 pm
hour to two hours but as it blasts through its blinding snow squalls that could give us 1 to 3 inches of snow and by 8:00 saturday night we clear things out and the temperatures really plummet. it's a general 1 to 3 inches saturday afternoon into saturday evening, all the models are agreeing, not a lot of snow but it comes quick and then the temperatures will drop after so roads will be icy saturday night. as we look at your four an at 4:00 tomorrow sunshine and snow squalls as you start to head out to the valentine's dates, and dangerous cold and wind on sunday, 15 to 20 miles per hour below zero winds and brutal on monday 23 after starting 2 degrees in philadelphia monday morning and below 0 for air temperatures in the suburbs. >> nasty. >> someone should be convicted
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for this and it's mother nature. >> i agree. she is a cold-hearted snake. a big night here with brand new shonda reims shows. and countries around the world start to bid on olivia pope and a shocking discovery in sam's case changes everything and at 11:00, more women are delaying having families some want to focus on careers and others have not found the one so local doctors are explaining options to do this in a unique way. ali gorman has a preview. >> i'm health reporter ali gorman this is not injure average cocktail party these women are learning how to freeze their biological clock so to speak. >> this is an insurance policy against making a bad or rush decision. >> this is egg freezing 101, on
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"action news" at 11:00. >> all right it's time now for a look at your "action news" traffic report lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> as people decide which route to take, most don't look too bad. on 95 it's typical afternoon volume, southbound stacking towards the work zone at girard and and earlier overturn vehicle accident at street road but that is gone and back to normal there. watch out at broad street there are potholes on board to 95 a number of vehicles were getting flat tires that is never good on that ramp. also, a fire location in haverford to avoid that is along buck lane and railroad avenue. one accident at warminster by the wal-mart and jackson road and lower pottsgrove at
4:22 pm
industrial highway by the aldy store. and molly mcguires fire and police are helping you around a crash at ridge street. also in newcastle a crash along 273 by airport road and the 7-eleven. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this thursday almost friday afternoon. one friend in burlington talking about a pothole on 37 and downed wire on 130. and we'll talk about more include that situation in the next half hour. >> thank you matt. septa is continuing its suicide prevention awareness program, this time offering rider a number to call when they are in trouble. "action news" anchor rick williams is live in the newsroom with more. >> septa has posted suicide life line posters in all of their
4:23 pm
regional rail stations the final sign was unveiled at septa's langhorne station. according to septa officials 50% of the fatalities on septa's rail system each year are ruled suicides, the life line is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. coming up tonight at 5:00, you'll hear from family members dealing with suicides of loved one and why they think this hot line could make a difference. until then back to the studio. >> rick, thank you. philadelphia is celebrating abraham lincoln's birthday with a parade through center city, they marched down broad to city hall and it commemorates lincoln being born on this exact date 206 years ago on a farm in kentucky. there he is. >> very cool. still ahead, a huge name is
4:24 pm
headlining musikfest find out who just agreed to play the steel stacks this summer. >> and we get back to our coverage of our big story. the democratic national convention coming to philadelphia. we'll have more on the fnt boost.
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it's never too early to think about summer, and we found out who will headline one of the biggest events of the season country music legend reba mcintyre will play musikfest this year, she will play at the steel stacks on july 11th it brings more than 500 artists to bethlehem in ten days in august. always great to see reba, our coverage of the dnc continues in the next 30 minutes with more on the economic boost it is expected to bring to philadelphia.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph shirleen allicot, and brian taff. it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with a so-called fat find, what part of the world is considering parents to pay up when their kids are obese.
4:30 pm
>> and she traded in her plus size pant without surgery or fad diets, find out how one local mom lost 140 pounds with a little help from her friends. life is short and facebook is forever. now the social network is letting users live on even after they die. first at 4:30,s city of brotherly love is fast becoming the city of major events. now we learned that the birth place of democracy will host the democratic national convention next year, just months after they welcome the leader of the roman catholic church the city will welcome the person that could be the next president and it happens at the wells fargo center, the same place that hosted the gop convention 15 short years ago. we are more than a year away and businesses are already excited about the big financial impact sara bloomquist is live on
4:31 pm
rittenhouse square with details on that. >> reporter: hi there brian, restaurant and hotel general managers were positively giddy today with this news, first pope and now the democrats. restaurants packed and hotels filled to capacity. it means money coming into the city and local economy. >> i'm excited. >> the news today that the dn clxt was coming was good, very good for local businesses and hotels and restaurants like the hard rock cafe on market street and city hall. >> we are on the ground floor with the convention, and the marriott and lowes across the street. big money for the city, absolutely. fantastic, at the
4:32 pm
people were looking to block rooms through the hotel. >> it's far in advance and we want to be selective with it. >> when the republicans came here in 2000, 45000 people attended and slept in 110,000 hotel rooms and the 2016 dnc is expected to have an even greater economic impact. >> they are estimating $170 million to 225$225, $250. >> that is $250 million the high end expected to come into philadelphia during the ndnc, the mayor says there is another aspect and that is the last can
4:33 pm
impression this city will have on the visitors that come here. live in rittenhouse square i'm southbound be. >> thank you. the democratic national committee made the announcement with a press release and then a facebook video. it shows debbie wasserman shultz getting a cheesesteak and then plastering a philadelphia sticker on the fridge in her role wasserman shultz will join the convention, to explain the organizing committee made it an easy source. >> for logistics and security philadelphia had the bid that rose to the top. >> and you can see more of that conversation between jim gardner and debbie wasserman shultz coming up on "action news" at 6:00. in the meantime has all the information on the 2016 democratic national convention,
4:34 pm
there you can watch more of that facebook video we showed you as well as photos from the republican national convention also held here in philadelphia. philadelphia companies with 10 or more employees must now offer sick pay to their workers, mayor nutter signed a measure making it mandatory, it requires five sick days a year, prior to this billing 200,000 workers did not get paid when they stayed home sick. no one hit the power ball jackpot in our region but there was a winner on a much smaller scale in delaware county. someone bought a ticket matching all five white numbers winning $1 million the store has lots of regulars so they hope that the good fortune went to a familiar face and three winners in north carolina, texas and
4:35 pm
puerto rico will split the $564 million jackpot prize. >> even a million dollars is not much to sneeze at. >> you my friend won $4. >> we started $140 and went down to $4. >> excellent return. you know what is dropping? the power ball numbers and our numbers. the numbers are plunging 39 degrees is the air temperature with cloud cover out there can you see the sunshine poking through and winds 24 miles per hour and windchill of 28 future tracker windchills by 9:00 tonight and below 0 in allentown and 9 in philadelphia and 10 in millville and 0 in lancaster and by tomorrow morning, when you step out 9 below in philadelphia, and 11 below in allentown and 25 degrees below 0 in the poconos and a windchill advisory is put up for those areas north and west of town quakers town pottstown and
4:36 pm
downingtown all points west from noon tomorrow 10 to 15 degrees below zero and warnings in the poconos of 25 degrees below zero and they crash even further with snow for valentine's day, lots to chat about in the seven day. how are you doing with your new years resolution? by february many people lose their momentum and eating healthier and getting in more exercise. >> i don't even remember my resolutions, alicia vitarelli is at the big board with someone that might give you a jump start. >> you'll love this woman and her story she is about positive reinforcement and leading by example. abby is sharing her journey but not to brag about it. she wants others to get on the wagon and help each other along. >> taking care of a roomful of toddlers was easy for abby
4:37 pm
abrams but dating wasn't. >> at 290 pounds her son inspired her journey. >> he was embarrassed by me. >> at first even a few minutes on treadmill was tough. >> everything was hurting me my legs and hips and abby pushed ahead with help from guardian angels like 81-year-old marilyn lipton, she saw her workouts in the gym. >> every time i would walk by and she said you inspire me and i was like wow look at her she inspires me. >> another mentor came from an article in a local newspaper that wrote about her initial 100 pound weight loss, saw it and they helped her add strength training to her workout than helped her lose another 45
4:38 pm
pounds. >> with the exercise and sensible eating she went from a triple x to a size 6 and last year her son jesse was proud at her baseball game. >> i have the greatest day of my life. >> so many people asked abby how she did it. she created a facebook page called from plus size to skinny jeans. >> the jcc invited her to have a talk about it. 140 pounds this woman is an inspiration. >> so much focus and inspiration, the proof is right there. >> those pants unbelievable. >> thank you alicia. philly's fashion week was celebrated today by members of city council producers and kerry scott was presented with a resolution that recognizes and celebrates the 10th anniversary. david o (ed the resolution to
4:39 pm
council and it was passed unanimously. and it not only celebrates local talent and helps to celebrate the economy. glassboro's dorothy bullock school held a literacy day for first graders, they gathered to read "the dot," its about a little girl that is told to explore her artistic tal en. >> love that. still to come, fighting obesity with fines what part of the world is considering finding parents if their children are overweight. there may not be light after death some say but there is facebook. they can designate an heir to their account. >> it's not often that a ballet dancer goes viral. we'll show you the route in so
4:40 pm
beautiful. -- it goes viral. >> and the forecast coming up that also hurts.
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4:42 pm
a former airline executive is going to prison because of nut rage case, it started when heather cho was served macadamia nuts in a bag cho the daughter of the chairman preferred her macadamia served in a dish, instead of asking the flight attendant to swap them out. cho is sentenced to one year behind bars for interfering with a flight crew. >> the next story proves the bond between people and their posts. nancy frank had to leave her dog at home when she was hospitalized with cancer one
4:43 pm
day her miniature schnauzer sissy, walked through the doors at mercy and her parents looked at the dog and realized the dog lived 20 blocks away. >> she missed mom and knew to come and see mom. >> that was great to be able to see her. that was perfect. i'm glad she thought of it. >> the family is still trying to figure out how sissy knew where to go, they think she may have remembered car rides to nancy's office next door to the hospital. >> what a sweet story now the big talker and controversy of what is being called a fat fine in puerto rico, parents of obese children could be looking at fines of up to $800, obesity is a problem in puerto rico with more than 28% of kids considered grossly overweight and a bill is
4:44 pm
being debated in the legislature making parents responsible and making them pay up. the goal is to improve the growth of children and encourage parents to make better choices, some call the bill unfair including doctors. not to get morose when we die we put someone in charge of our estate and now you with assign someone on facebook to take over your profile when you die. it's a legacy contact. an executor like one on a will they can respond to your facebook requests they can't undue the activity from within you were alive but they can keep you on face long after you pass away. finally he is widely considered
4:45 pm
ballet's bad boy and some are calling this the baddest in a good way. video tearing up the internet. 25-year-old sergio became the young of ever -- principal ballerina. it's not hard to see why. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> absolutely gorgeous and hosier saw this video and it's viral and tweeted absolutely blown away from this work about david lachapel and serge.
4:46 pm
lets get a check of the roads right now matt pellman in the traffic center with an update for us. we have not so amazing and not so situations to dance to on the way home including this overturned trailer carrying a pickup truck in plymouth meeting and now they are trying to pick up the pickup truck and the trailer is on its side unfolding on the ramp to the blue route off ramp to norristown the ramp to ridge pike and at times they stop traffic on the ramp and at this moment they are letting traffic get by getting into norristown use the inchange instead of mid county. we'll keep watch that as the afternoon progresses. watching a crash in lower pottsgrove by the aldi store one by the wal-mart in
4:47 pm
warminster at street road and one in abington to avoid at susquehanna road and in rock -- on the big specific tour, normal delays on the schuylkill and 95 from you using the ramp to broad street on the northbound lanes of 95 watch out we have potholes on that ramp leading to flat tires this afternoon and downed wires in burlington township along 130 blocking traffic or at least partially blocking it. the fire and police are out there helping you around the downed wires and the house fire to avoid on crest road, things to steer around we'll check it again at 5:00. as always take a live look outside. sky 6 hd looking live at the butte. center city skyline and it's going to get cold. >> it sure is. meteorologist, adam joseph will
4:48 pm
have the word on that and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
meteorologist, adam joseph talking for several days about the cold air coming in. >> it is and it will turn to dangerous levels tomorrow morning and then everyone gets into the dangerous windchills the second half of the weekend. we had rain and snow showers earlier with one front that passed through and now we are awaiting the true arctic front to flood in the strong winds from the northwest and that is set to arrive tonight. 39 degrees in philadelphia 38 in millville. they are not too harsh at this
4:51 pm
point but the winds picking up from the northwest bringing windchills down to 28 in philadelphia and feels like 30 in dover and 12 in the poconos and 22 in reading. satellite and radar again some of that energy passed off the coast and the second front brings in the cold arctic air doesn't have much in the way of moisture with it and the windchills slam way down by tomorrow morning they are looking at the poconos, 15 to 20 degrees below zero in reading and allentown and mercer county 10 to 15 and interior juror new jersey 5 to 10 below. and then throughout the day tomorrow. we struggle to get to 23 degrees and with high pressure in control, a lot of sun and windchills stay in the single digits to near 10 degrees, on saturday for valentine's day we are good until 10:00, with a
4:52 pm
mixture of sun and clouds but a powerful and intense secondary is pushing in. it drop a quick band of snow squalls, maybe an hour or so but they could quickly drop 1 to 3 inches when we try to head out for dinner dates on saturday, and this has to be watched and will push off the coast at 8:00, that is when the stars reappear but the roads could be on the slick side after the snow passes through, for tonight clear and bitter harsh windchills 5 to 12 is the air temperature, the exclusive accuweather forecast tomorrow 23 watch for the quick band of snow squalls tomorrow evening 36 and dangerous cold and dangerous wind arrives on sunday 19 degrees will be the high
4:53 pm
temperature but on sunday winds are near upper 50s, 57 and 59 miles per hour and that drops windchills well below 0 throughout most of sunday, and then even into monday it's brisk and brutal for president's day at 23 degrees, a good day to have a day off for the holiday and evening snow and mix arrives on tuesday and could bring accumulating snow with temperatures near freezing and continuous cold on thursday at 28. we have an easy front end of the winter, and the second half meaning business. >> thank you adam, saving with 6 abc is next.
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time to save with 6 abc you know we love free stuff around
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here and consumer reporter nydia han is here. >> tax season is here again and the good news is many folks can get free help. first of all if are you doing your taxes make sure you don't leave money on the table, one in four people eligible for the unearn income credit doesn't claim it and if you need help with taxes there is help for families earning $53,000 or less or individuals earning $20,000 or less. there are sites in philadelphia including a new site in west philadelphia and a number of regional sites for people in other counties. and volunteers are also offering free tax preparations for people making $60000 or less. you have to make a reservation
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call 267-345-7787 or go to go to the saving page at for more information. i'm nydia han channel 6 "action news." for shirleen allicot, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. we are back tonight we hope you'll join us for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan rick williams and monica malpass. we literally put our heart and soul into this. and it paid off mayor michael nutter announced today philadelphia will be home to the democratic national convention and now the planning begins it's thursday night and the big story on "action news" is the excitement for the convention and the huge economic impact it will have on the region. we have team coverage we begin
5:00 pm
with john rawlins and why philadelphia was picked over columbus ohio, and new york. >> reporter: this was a well planned well executed multiyear approach that would put together a package and attract the dnc in terms of security and logistics like where the delegates will stay and how they get to the wells fargo center and how to fund it all. >> the formal word came today by phone from the dnc chairman. the dnc will host their democratic convention in the city of brotherly love, the wonderful city of philadelphia [ applause ] >> for three years local dems were lobbying the dnc the pitch philadelphia having hosted the gop in 2000 had the mix of big city amenities and the dnc liked what it


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