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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 12, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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on this thursday night, the dach dash cam video revealed at the american sniper trial. the images never seen before. the moments after the horror. captured on a police camera. the suspect chased down. also tonight, the plummeting temperatures dangerous cold heading in. a valentine's storm, up to a foot of snow possible. the fbi investigating three muslim americans, shot and killed. the family calling on the president tonight, and telling americans, this was a hate crime. an abc news investigation. buying your way into america. are criminals, spies, perhaps even worse, paying to live here in the u.s.? mom to the rescue. she jumped out of her mini van, wrestling the suspect to the ground. tonight, the giant surprise for her. and, this evening, we
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remember a fearless journalist, bob simon. good evening. and it's great to have you with us tonight. we begin with the american sniper trial. and the stunning video revealed in court today. this is the former marine accused of killing navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle and his friend. the images from his days in iraq. than is what he looks like now in that texas courtroom. don't, the video captured by the police cruiser, revealing the moment the suspect takes off a short time later, surrendering as police then rush in. that marine veteran is pleads not guilty by reason of insanity but abc's ryan owens reports tonight, the prosecution is hoping these videos will prove otherwise. >> reporter: this is dash cam video of police chasing double murder suspect eddie routh just hours after he killed chris kyle and his friend chad littlefield. one officer rams the truck. watch that collision again. it doesn't stop routh.
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the chase reaches speeds of more than 100 miles an hour before the truck has mechanical problems and stops in the middle of the interstate. routh gets out, hands in the air and is swarmed by officers. here's another angle of his takedown from a different dash cam. the marine veteran who served in iraq is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity but prosecutors say the fact that he is fleeing from police proves he knows right from wrong. the truck routh is in belonged to navy sniper chris kyle whose story is told in the blockbuster, "american sniper." >> don't pick it up. >> reporter: kyle, along with littlefield, brought routh to this gun range to help him cope with ptsd. that's where prosecutors say routh shot them in the back multiple times and stole kyle's pickup. >> he said that he killed two guys. they went out to a shooting range. like, he's all crazy. he's a psychotic. >> reporter: chris kyle's widow taya was back in court for a second day after her tearful testimony wednesday. prosecutors played another tape
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for the jury this afternoon, this shaky video is from an officer's body camera. that's routh sitting in the truck just before that police chase. his neighbor, who's also a cop, is trying to get him to surrender. the officer says routh tells him "i've taken a couple of souls, and i have some more souls to take." these videos may not be quite the slam dunk they appear for the prosecution. on them, routh rambles. talking about devils living among us. even saying he's insane. david? >> ryan owens leading us off tonight from texas. rib, thank you. and now, to dangerous cold moving in tonight. a possible blizzard to follow. 35 million americans will be affected. here's the map tonight. 14 states under wind chill advisories around warnings. that cold air reaching inging georgia. look at this. a vallen tine's day storm marching eastward. outside pittsburgh, two tractor trailers skidding off i'm-70 and whiteout conditions on this highway in indiana today.
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a dangerous comemute home tonight already, and now the coldest air of the winter coming next. here's meteorologist rob marciano. >> reporter: tonight, this fast-moving clipper storm that brought blinding conditions to 23 states is causing pileups near pittsburgh. and behind that storm comes two more blasts of dangerous cold. at least 14 states and 35 million americans are under wind chill advisories or warnings. frostbite could set in in just minutes to exposed skin. tonight, a warning from first responders. limit exposure, dress in multiple layers and stay hydrated. also tonight, news that new england will not want to hear. more snow. >> hopefully we'll get a break in the weather pattern. >> reporter: they won't. whiteout conditions are in the works this holiday weekend. >> we haven't had a chance to really clear the snow from our driveway. >> reporter: across hard hit massachusetts, the national guard still hauling away snow by the truckload. residents rushing to shore up collapsed roofs. boston already buckling under the weight of record-breaking
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snow. and now, preparing yet again. >> we're going to get through this. just ask for your help and patience. >> sounds like a broken record there. authorities want folks to take this seriously. >> reporter: the second shot of cold air may be the worse we've seen in a decade. let's talk about tonight. the bitter cold down to the south. these wind chills in the morning, what it feels like against your skin dangerous stuff. minus 10 in boston. minus 23 in buffalo. the actual highs tomorrow will break some records. not getting out of the teens in pittsburgh chicago nor new york. not above zero in burlington. here is your blizzard watch. not what you want to hear there. the storm spreads light snow across the great lakes and the low itself just offshore of new york and new jersey. that's where the strong winds are going to be a. full-on blizzard for boston and strong winds as far south as philadelphia. >> all right, rob, thank you. tonight, in chapel hill north carolina three members of a young muslim family gunned down by a neighborhood are being remembered. more than 5,000 at the funeral
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today. too many for the mosque moved to a nearby field. so many offering their prayers. tonight, the fbi is helping with the case opening their own inquiry. the families -- the victim's family calling on the president and telling americans, this was a hate crime. abc's tom llamas in north carolina again tonight. >> reporter: in raleigh today, thousands coming together from all religions to remember three muslim students killed near the campus of unc chapel hill. and just before the coffins were carried out, the father of the two slain sisters, yusor and razan, demanding the obama administration bring hate crime charges against the alleged killer, craig stephen hicks. >> this has hate crime written all over it. >> reporter: police say hicks shot and killed deah barakat, his new wife yusor and her 19-year-old sister razan, inside their chapel hill apartment. the family telling abc news they were each shot in the head.
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hicks' wife saying this may have started because of a dispute between her husband and the alleged victims over a parking space at the apartment complex. >> something just snapped. >> reporter: but hicks, who is being held would bond openly posted on facebook his proposed solution to the problems in the middle east. atheism. care drafting a letter with other groups calling for a federal hate crimes investigation. a sentiment echoed all over social media. the hash tacks muslim lives matter and chapel hill shooting trending all over social media. last night, a massive vigil on chapel hill's campus. tonight, another massive vigil. this time on the campus of nc state university. 1,000 people gathered here. david, we have an update on this case. the fbi now launching their own investigation into this matter. david? >> tom, thank you. and a major headline from washington tonight.
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the senate has now confirmed ashton carter as the nation's new secretary of defense, taking over for chuck headache hagel. a vickt the white house tonight, president obama signing a new bill at aiming veterans in crisis. a suicide prevention bill named for clay hunt, who fought on the battle hill but losing his battle against posttraumatic stress. abc's bob woodruff tonight on the young man's strug that will now help so many other. >> reporter: he was a strong marine, corporal clay hunt, visibly wounded by a bullet piercing his wrist. but invisibly tormented by post traumatic stress so severe that at age 28 he killed himself, two years after returning from afghanistan. he was treated for depression by the v.a., mostly with drugs. when they didn't work, he just got more. he told his friends he felt like a "guinea pig for drugs." he tried to warn others about depression in this video on mtv.
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>> i've done seen things in my life that for one, most people should never have to see. >> reporter: with post traumatic stress, he could not keep a job. football games or fireworks set off panic attacks. he wanted to do something, so he traveled with an organization started by a fellow marine to help victims of the earthquakes in haiti and chile. but his depression kept getting worse. >> we got 22 veterans a day committing suicide here. that's an issue that needs to be seared in the forefront of every citizen's mind. >> reporter: the family hopes those suffering will get more state of the art care. >> he would not care if his name is attached to a bill. all he would care about is they're going to take care of my fellow veterans. >> when you hear a story like clay's people are going to wonder why it took so long. >> reporter: when you try to spend more tax money, you get a lot of resistance. this time in the senate. and finally, remarkably this republican senate and house actually agree with a democratic
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president. so, now this has been passed. you can imagine clay hunt right now would be very very proud. >> great to hear from his parents today. great to see you, too, bob. thank you. we're going to turn now to a fearless journalist. bob simon killed last night in a car crash here in new york city. remembered this evening for his tireless war coverage from the battlefield in vietnam, traveling to so many conflicts around the world. his latest record airing just last sunday. tonight, this image from the scene of the crash. simon was a passenger in the backseat. abc's byron pitts, who worked with simon, on what happened last night, and on bob simon's storied career. >> reporter: this is the mangled wreck. evidence of the silence of the crash that took bob simon's life. investigators looking into just how fast the driver was going when he hit a car at a manhattan traffic light and slam into a metal barrier. simon wasn't wearing a seat belt. an unlikely end to a life lived on the edge. >> this is where the bobdies are
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stored. >> reporter: bob simon had it all. the looks, the style, the resume. he was hemingway with a microphone. >> hundreds became thousands until an exodus of biblical proportions was under way. we're going to pick up an american. >> reporter: as they say in the business he made his bones in vietnam, giving humanity to the inhumanity of war. >> there's nothing left to say about this war. there's just nothing left to say. >> reporter: bob simon had a way with words, like babe ruth had a way with a baseball bat. >> historians may one day view it as a landmark in the decline of the british empire. the beatles are breaking up. >> reporter: and durhis report on israeli soldiers. >> this seemed cold methodical. it went on for 40 minutes. >> reporter: once, when he was the story, taken prisoner along with a cbs crew in 1991 simon
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told his ordeal not with hubris but humility. >> has it changed you? >> yeah. >> how? >> i don't know. too early to tell. >> reporter: 40 days in captivity may have changed bob simon. it never stole his passion for storytelling. he had it all. and to the profession he loved, he gave his all. byron pitts, abc news, new york. >> bob simon remembered tonight. our thoughts are with his wife his daughter and with his family down the street at cbs. we move on here this evening, and to an abc news investigation now. buying your way into america. the $500,000 green card offered by the government. are suspected criminals, spies, possible terrorists paying to live here in the u.s.? abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross tracking down the government official in charge of this program. brian? >> reporter: well david oushgs invest game focuses on a little known visa program that federal agents fear is being abused by possibly dangerous people to get into this country.
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as advertised around the world, from russia to iran to china, foreign citizens can now essentially buy visas or green cards to come and live in america through the u.s. immigration program called the eb-5. >> yes, you can. >> reporter: all it takes is $500,000 invested in a u.s. project that creates jobs. like this big casino in las vegas. >> we believe the program is nothing more than selling of green cards. >> reporter: and among those buying, according to these government documents obtained by abc news are people suspected of childnographypornography, even suspected spies. >> if this program is being used to undercut our national security, it's something that's got to be exposed. >> reporter: u.s. authorities tell a b kr nuzbc news if the program is used by iran's elite revolutionary guard. authorities are now
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investigating this california shipping company, american logistics international, and its iranian-born owner, ali mahdavi. even as he is under a national security investigation for smuk ming to iran he's used the eb-5 program to bring in dozens of people. as he arrived back from the middle east last week, he tried to duck our cameras. >> both american logistics and myself have not done anything wrong. >> reporter: but mahdavi's company is just one of 32 businesses approved for the eb-5 green card program that have come under criminal investigation, raising questions about lax oversight of the program in washington. mr. secretary, brian ross abc news. >> reporter: now deputy homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas is under investigation, something he did not walk to talk with abc news about. you cannot answer these questions? only after that encounter did we start to get answers, including word that the company in los angeles under investigation has
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been stopped from arranging for people to get into the country. and the inspector general's report david, is due out soon. . >> brian ross thank you. we're going to turn now to the powerball jackpot. three lucky winners sharing more than a hatch billion dollars. abc's nick watt on where the winners bought their tickets. >> reporter: three lucky winners are going to slice up the fifth-largest lottery pot in american history. $564 million. their names remain a mystery. one's in texas. >> the information they provided us from the ticket does match up. >> reporter: this guy sold that ticket. >> did you know until now? >> now, still i cannot believe. >> reporter: he gets a million bucks. a cameraman from our afilliate wfaa broke the news. >> he told me, he's the first one here. >> reporter: the other two winning tickets were sold in shallotte, north carolina and ponce, puerto rico. another 18 tickets matched all but the powerball.
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>> that's the one right there. of course you kick yourself you know 18 and the winner was 19 but i'm happy with a million dollars. >> reporter: for most everyone else who pushed this pot to historic highs, there's nothing but dashed dreams. >> i'd be at the b.e.t. awards sitting next to jay-z and beyonce. >> reporter: and a maybe next time. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> there is always hope next time. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the snowmobiler buried up to his neck in snow. look at this. the avalanche in the west tonight. you'll see it as it happens and the rescue coming up. also tonight, pope francis now saying this about married couples who choose not to have children. and the mom to the rescue. juchl ping from her minivan, wrest. ing with the suspect. she helps take him down. tonight, it turns out, she's the one in for one giant surprise. ay i look at life. especially now that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib
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man buried up to his neck in snow. here's abc's clayton sandell with the pictures. >> reporter: it happens in seconds. as a snowmobiler near afton, wyoming, speeds up this mountain the mountain comes crashing down. >> oh! oh, no! >> reporter: fellow snowmobilers watching below race to get out of the way. trying not to lose sight of their friend, sam robinson. >> where is he? >> reporter: luckily there's a clue. right there, just part of the snowmobile is exposed. robinson is buried. rescuers trying to dig him out. >> get his chest out. get his chest dug out. >> i'm all right. >> reporter: all that fluffy snow now a solid trap. this is like concrete almost. >> exactly like concrete. and, you know the -- when the snow starts to avalanche, it starts getting churned up heat pressure and everything bonds together real tight. >> reporter: over the last five years, about one-third of u.s. avalanche deaths involve a
6:50 pm
snowmobile. amazingly, robinson made it through with only bruises. and tonight, is thankful for a few quick-thinking friends. >> i just kept swimming up. >> reporter: clayton san deck abc news denver. when we come back here tonight, the pope on couples that choose not to have children. and the mom that jumped out of that mini van to tackle the suspect. well the big surprise in store for her tonight. a humpback calf and its mother are almost inseparable. she lifts her calf to its first breath of air, then protects it on the long journey to their feeding grounds. one of the most important things you can do is help the next generation. at pacific life, we offer financial solutions to accomplish just that. ask a financial advisor about pacific life. the power to help you succeed. i have the flu with a runny nose. [coughs] better take something. theraflu severe cold won't treat your runny nose. really? alka-seltzer severe cold and flu relieves your worst flu symptoms
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and finally, america strong. we team up with the asbury park press, with a couple showing them what's in their attic. valentine's, every day of the year. inside this home a husband with pen in hand. >> you're my best friend. i know how perfect you are for me. and the best part of the whole trip is that you'll be there with me. lucky me. i love you madly, my darling. >> reporter: bill bresnan, signing a love note to his wife. one note a day, every day, for nearly 40 years now. >> it's been every single day and it still is. >> they mean everything really to me. >> reporter: that's right. every night, when most of us are setting our alarms brushing our teeth, bill is giving kris a love note. >> i give her the cards just before we go to bed. i draw them, sometimes during the day, sometimes i buy them if i happen to be somewhere, or if kris is away i mail them to where she's going to be. >> reporter: so many cards, so many notes, they're now stored in the attic. >> all the boxes of cards are
6:58 pm
stored up here. >> reporter: sorted by year by month. >> all those and more are boxes of krissy cards. >> reporter: 25 boxes, thousands of cards. >> i'm crazy about her. 1989. >> reporter: for bill it seems every day is valentine's, and for kris every day brings a new note. >> i would be so heartbroken if there was a night when i didn't get a card. >> what's amazing is is that even after all these years, it isn't waning. >> incredible. rest of us have some writing to do. we hope you'll finish the week with us right here tomorrow night. i'm david muir. until then have a good evening. good night.
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