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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  February 13, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EST

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okay, i put together an album of all the people you're no longer friends with and i just want to know why. okay. oh, missed my birthday party. talked behind my back. oh, too happy all the time, said our house was "quaint," named her daughter chesapeake too old for hair that long always tried to hug me, calls her husband "hurricane frank"... frank. vegan, vegan, vegan-- they were all friends. doesn't like howard stern thought it would be funny to squirt me with a hose. that was a mistake. husband is a tool ran a marathon, doesn't drink. oh, and the last one's easy 'cause it's your mom. great.
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we weren't always the most adventurous couple once we kept the lights on but then we started using ky yours and mine we were nervous to try it. there is an amazing sensation for her amazing this one feels fantastic for me... and combined ah it's a completely new sensation for us both it's opened up a whole new door for us i've come to clean your pool but we dont have a pool i'll come in anyway
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next week i'm going to be a maid ky yours and mine now discover our exclusive line at is underway in new york. the annual event is known for its cutting edge style and headline graning events. >> all eyes are on one extraordinary model who's turning heads and lifting hearts. abc's lana zak has the story. >> reporter: amid pumping beats and flashing lights history is being made with these first confident steps. jamie brewer is the first model with down's syndrome to take on the cat walk at a new york fashion week show. >> it changes. it changes yourself and outward changes, the world.
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>> reporter: her models have never walked a runway before. they are successful professionals. making their way through life as role models not runway models. >> i'm most looking forward to putting the most amazing women on the runway and inspiring other women. >> reporter: among them top executives, philanthropists, activists and one special actress, jamie, best known for her roles on the fx cable series "american horror story" says she conquered so many fears on tv. >> a drowning scene. zombies. >> reporter: walking with the runway at new york's fashion show is another challenge. >> embrace the fear and go for it. >> reporter: that's just what she does. bounding on the the cat walk with hands on hips she owns the stage. and with the simple act of pointing takes on the audience a smile, productive for the cameras and a peer wet like a dancers. oovp with the audience cheering
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her on she raises both hands in the air and with a fist pump she walks off the stage. a runway revolution. lana zak, abc news. >> lana took us through the walk. >> she owned it. who else walks down the runway like that. she is like call me. you got it. >> fantastic story. fashion week we are always talking about earlier. >> people falling and nothing uplifting. >> this is uplifting for fashion week. gets me interested in fashion week for the first time. insomniac kitchen coming up. iging passion through pasta. homemade cooking for this valentine's weekend. >> carbs. we are serving up love in the insomniac
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if you haven't booked a reservation for that nice restaurant yet you may want to think of plan b for valentine's day. >> making dinner is the way to go. more romantic. doesn't have to be fancy but has to be good. let's head to the insome knee yak kitchen with tina trinh for a recipe that should be good. >> i'm in trouble. valentine's day tomorrow. i got nothing. but he'll like this right? it's from me.
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>> laura, you are my last hope. valentine's day around the corner. i'm clueless right now. what do i do. >> pasta with pan chet ta pickled peppers, parmesan know and parsley. it is to die for. >> i'm still going to have a boyfriend after this. >> he'll put a ring on it. i guarantee you. >> what? let's do it. >> get a big pot of water and bring it to a boil because that takes the longer. then work on pan can chet ta. it is italian bacon but not smoked. big skillet with high sides, olive oil not a lot because the panchetta renders a lot of fat. it is like salami. >> like pro shet toe. >> chop in to bite-size pieces and add to the skillet. >> about a half cup there. >> about a half cup. it will brown up quickly and get out natural fat.
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while that happens, i'm going to add a little garlic. whoa while those are getting along and simmering, i want to talk about cherry peppers. mild version of a red bell pepper. these have been in a brine. i tear them. i don't want the seeds because that's where the heat is. i get rid of the seeds. >> you are dissecting them. >> and i tear them with my fingers. a half a cup or so of those and this is looking great. >> that crisped up really fast actually. >> it does. >> i'm going to add my sauce. add that right in. i want two cans. and that flavor just going to intensify and everything together will be phenomenal once it has had a chance to simmer for about 30 minutes. i want to add a couple more things to it. a pinch of italian seasoning. basil, rosemary and a small pinch of sugar. the sugar is a great balance to offset the brine of perps and
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little salt and let it simmer for 20 25 minutes. >> so the peppers go in last? >> the peppers go in last because i don't want them to lose their shape. >> the sauce doing its thing over here and we will drop pasta in. >> yep. >> we are close to the finish line. we have to put it together chop up up parsley and you are nearly done. >> nice. >> who won't love you for that. all i'm going to say. >> thank you so much. it is delicious. >> cook on a valentine's day? >> yes, i am. i love cooking. >> really? >> you just got even hotter. >> thank you for that. >> that's adorable. because we're ordering out. >> are you really? >> cook the man some food please. >> i need to get some skills. domestic is not my expertise sglit is sexy to see you in the kitchen and bottle of wine is open and you are making the effort. >> i can go do the wine. >> seeing you make the effort is good enough. >> the product is not very sexy. >> doesn't matter. we don't want sexy food.
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valentine's day weekend, if you are at a loss for what to do you can go to a movie and you don't have to talk to the person you are on a date with. >> you sound like a good time t.j. yesterday we gave you a preview of the top two box office draws. now we have two lesser known more intimate films. we will start with a musical "the last five years" and it stars jeremy jordan. a deconstruction of their love affair and marriage. jordan's song start at the beginning of the relationship and kendrick's at the end of the marriage. they meet in the middle and i hope it gets better than that because it doesn't sound like valentine's day to me. ♪ i don't need any lifetime
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commitment ♪ i don't need to get hitched tonight ♪ i don't want you to throw up all of your walls and defenses ♪ ♪ i don't mean to put on any pressure i know when a thing is right ♪ and i spend every day reconfiguring my senses. >> reporter: we have seen kendrick belt it in out in pitch perfect and in to the woods and she seems to deliver here as well. as with all great musical performances it is about range. kendrick hits the notes notional and musical. she's reason alone to seek it out. travis hop kins from the examiner says you better love musicals before thinking of sitting through the last five years and we lost t.j. one second in. >> just took a moment. no. it's not my cup of tea but may work for somebody. >> you said 50 shades of gray is more your think. >> i'm going to have a rough
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weekend. turn to romantic comedies. that's my speed. hugh grant plays a screenwriter in the rewrite where circumstances lead him to start over and teach a college course. his character finds himself invested in his students lives including a single mom, marisa tomei also looking for a fresh start. >> glad i caught you. holly carpenter. >> hello. what do you teach? >> i don't teach. i learn. i'm a sophomore. >> really? >> uh-huh. >> some of the reviews, who knows here. one calling it grant engagingly disengaged and the other says all we want is a self deprecating hugh learning to find his heart and soul. take it or leave it. a lot of people love him. >> and marissaa tomei but this weekend it is all about "kingsman" and "50 shades of gray." >> kingsman looks good. >> i can't wait to see 50 shades.
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♪ this morning on "world news now," arctic blast. tens of millions of americans waking up today to dangerous windchills followed by blizzard warnings. mother nature is not giving the northeast a break. explosive accusations. two more women claim bill cosby sexually assaulted them years ago. >> every victim that bill cosby assaulted who's been called a whore and a liar. >> what cosby is doing as the scandal grows. consumer alert. the warning to millions of americans who use a popular on-line program to file their taxes. >> it's a loot of money out there that scammers can get. >> how to avoid becoming the next victim. it is friday, february 13th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
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all right. it is friday folks. the good news is the day before valentine's day. the bad news friday 13th. are you one of those folks worried about friday 13th ? >> no but i like a horror flick on a day like today. it is a day to watch a scary movie. cuddle up with your honey. two with chihuahuas and a honey. >> why do the dogs come first. >> took you a full week. how to find love on the subway. >> i used to find love on the subway all the time. >> can't make eye contact. >> looking down. sara haines has been with us all week. today's her last day with us. it's been a pleasure. >> thank you for having me. >> with have to finish the week with. >> great weather. >> severe winter weather with warnings.
3:02 am
from georgia up the east coast, snowing in western north carolina. >> the snowstorm is strengthening in to a blizzard and moving northeast and taking aim, once again at you heard it, boston. we get more from abc senior meteorologist rob marciano. >> reporter: this fast-moving clipper storm that brought blinding conditions to 23 states is causing pileups near pittsburgh and behind that storm comes two more blasts of dangerous cold. at least 14 states and 35 million americans are urnt windchill advisories or warnings. frostbite dowd set in minutes to exposed skin. news that new england will not want to hear more snow. >> hopefully we will get a break in the weather pattern. >> reporter: they won't. whiteout conditions are in the works for this holiday weekend. >> we haven't had a chance to really clear the snow from our driveways. >> reporter: across hard-hit massachusetts, the national guard still hauling away snow by the truck load. residents rushing to shore up
3:03 am
collapsed roofs. boston buckling you should the weight of record-breaking snow and preparing yet again. >> we're going to get through this. just ask for your help and patience. >> reporter: two shots of cold air coming. the second could be the coldest air we have seen in the eastern u.s. in over a decade. as for the blizzard conditions primetime for that expected to be saturday night for eastern new england through sunday afternoon. this comes on the heels of several record-breaking snowstorms. rob marciano abc news new york. also in boston lawyers for the marathon bombing suspect want his trial moved out of massachusetts. the federal appeals court agreed to hear their request next week. the attorneys for dzhokhar tsarnaev say he can't get a fair trial because of the emotional impact on the city. three were killed and hundreds injured on the attack two years ago. the precede siding judge rejected three change of venue motions. the fbi opened a separate investigation in the deaths of three muslim students gunned down in chapel hill north
3:04 am
carolina. 5,000 mourners turned out in raleigh for the funeral for deah barakat and his new wife yusor abu-salha and her 19-year-old sister razan abu-salha. relatives insist it was a hate crime. their neighbor is charged with killing them. different interpretations in court of a videotaped confession. an exmarine admits he shot and killed chris kyle and a friend but is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. the video was robded by a police body camera as officers tried to coax him out of a pickup truck. he talks about voodoo apocalypse and whether he is going insane. >> 22 marines have been treated for exposure to noxious gas at their base in southern california. they were on a training exercise and on an assault vehicle that carries troops ship to shore. a release of a fire retardant gas. three are hospitalized this morning. president obama wants veterans struggling with depression to know they are not
3:05 am
forgotten. so he signed the clay hunt suicide prevention act named for a young marine who survived the war in afghanistan but ultimately lost the battle against his post war demons. here now is bob woodruff. >> reporter: he was a strong marine corporal clay hunt visibly wounded bay bullet piercing his wrist but visibly tormented by post traumatic stress. so severe that at age 28 he killed himself, two years after returning from afghanistan. he was treated for depression by the v.a. mostly with drugs. when they didn't work, he just got more. he told his friends he felt like a guinea pig for drugs. he tried to warn others in this video on mtv. >> i have done and seen things in my life that for one most people should never have to see. >> reporter: with post traumatic stress he couldn't keep can his job. football games and fierngs set
3:06 am
off panic attacks. his depression kept getting worse. >> we have 22 veterans today committing suicide here. that's an issue that needs to be sered in the forefront of every citizen's mind. >> reporter: his family hopes with this new law those suffer willing get more state of the art care for the wound we can't see. >> he would not care if his name was attached to a bill or anything. all he would care about is okay they listened and they are going to take care of my fellow veterans. >> reporter: it's taken a lot of time to get the law passed. anytime you try to spend more tax money there is a lot of resistance n. this case though the republican senate and republican house actually agreed with the democratic president. so now this bill has been signed in to law. bob woodruff abc news new york. surprising declaration from the director of the fbi. james comey says the u.s. is at a cross roads in race relations and it is time to acknowledge it. he said hard truth about law enforcement, there is a racial bias. and a disconnect with minority
3:07 am
communities. he told georgetown university students the blame can be shared by both sides. new details about whitney houston's daughter days before she was found unresponsive in her bathtub. bobbi kristina brown was with involved in a car accident on january 27th. police say the 21-year-old lost control of her jeep crossed in to oncoming traffic and collided with another car sending the other driver to the hospital. a long list of bill cosby accusers is getting longer. two more former models have come forward. they say they were drugged and sexually assaulted by cosby many years ago when they were in their early 20s. details now from abc's ted rowlands. >> horrible experience has had a long-lasting impact on me. as a result i find it very hard to trust men. >> reporter: two more accusers. >> i drank the second drink. within minutes i became dizzy and disoriented. >> reporter: two terribly familiar stories.
3:08 am
>> i took a sip and blacked out but when i awakened i was maked in the bed beside him. i couldn't move or speak. i felt paralyzed. he flipped me over and sexually assaulted me. >> reporter: two former models linda brown and lisa -- have joined the long line of women saying bill cosby slipped them drugs decades ago. >> he's a jekyll and hyde. >> for every victim bill cosby assaulted who's been called a whore and liar has helped me to become a survivor. bill cosby appears to think that rape is a joke. let me tell you something bill i'm not laughing. i'm serious. >> reporter: attorney gloria allred encouraged them to face his accusers in court. >> then a judge and jury can decide the women can present their evidence and he can present his defenses. >> reporter: more than 30 women accused bill cosby of sexually assaulting him. he denied wrongdoing through his
3:09 am
attorney. he called off a performance thursday night in california and tlooers through the weekend. ted rowlands abc news los angeles. despite allegation of sexual misconduct prince andrew is getting a promotion. next thursday when he turns 55, andrew will be made a vice admiral in the royal navy. his active naval career ended 14 years ago. the promotion is in line with long-standing protocol for royals. one activist group calls it offensive to the armed forces. last month andrew denied claims he had sex with an under aged american woman. pope francis stirring up controversy with a message to couples who choose not to have children. he said that decision is selfish. saying it is a greedy generation that doesn't want to surround itself with children. this remark comes weeks after france sis said roman catholic couples need to not -- this is a quote here -- breed like rabbits, his words. that sparked serious debate over the church's stance on birth
3:10 am
control. >> i thought it was usually hamsters. >> is that the one? >> i always said hamiters. i guess i'm wrong. >> breed like hamiters. you put them in a bag and let them go at it. >> always make more. what a difference a year makes when talking about the national corvette museum in kentucky. >> a year ago right now the place was a mess. look at this. massive sinkhole opened under a show room. eight corvettes were damaged or destroyed. >> why doesn't it happen to bad cars? yesterday they showed the first car to be pulled from the sinkhole. it is a corvette zr-1 blue devil and looks as good as new. >> the floor is close to be ready for exhibits. that is gorgeous. coming up the "the mix" coming your way. love is in the air with an impressive proposedal at 10,000 feet. >> yeah. ahead, love is underground. we will meet the professional match maker searching for soul mates on the subway. you are watching "world news now."
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over 30 washes. for the love of darks. woolite darks. further consolidation in the market for on-line travel booking. expedia is buying orbitz for $1.3 billion after acquiring travelocity last month. the other major player in on-line booking is the priceline group. both expedia and priceline are
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challenged by google as well as the airlines and hotels themselves. tax time has arrived. there's a new warning for those getting an early start on filing. >> thieves are using your social security number for fraudulent returns using popular software with. gio benitez has a warning for you. >> reporter: turbo tax, the do it yourself tax software and website used pi 29 million americans last year now targeted by scammers. filing thousands of fake returns with other people's info to steal their refund. >> these scams can be common around tax season. because it's a loot of money out there that scammers can get. >> reporter: the fbi is launching an investigation in to how they got social security numbers to file bogus state returns including through turbo tax which temporarily suspended state filings last week after discovering the problem. but parent company intuit
3:16 am
warning with of fishing scams. >> they can prepare a false tax return and designate where it is sent and it will not be to your bank account. >> tax return scams are reportedly happening across 19 states right now. in alabama alone, 16,000 suspicious filings. minnesota halting the processing of turbo tax state filings for 48 hours after a spike in victims there. julie hoi is one of them going to file her return finding out someone already had. >> it is a huge inconvenience, especially if you expect a refund. >> reporter: intuit telling abc news they place the highest importance on respecting and protecting our customers' data regularly alerting customers of security alerts and phishing scams. so during tax time stay vigilant. abc news new york. >> another thing to be scared of. >> can't do anything on the computer. >> somebody's watching. they are recording you. stealing your money and your soul. >> soul, wow. >> i went there.
3:17 am
i'm angry right now. >> you okay? a long week a lock week. >> i will be okay. >> we talk about love in the air. love is apparently underground. a match maker you are about to meet uses the new york city subway as her office. how this commuter cupid is so successful at hooking up her clients. ahead in our next half hour fashion week has begun and kicking things off none other than kanye west wlechl show you the artistry behind his designs and which celebrity was relegated to the second row.
3:18 am
♪ >> all right. even with all of those dating apps and websites out there, sometimes all you want is a good, old-fashioned match maker.
3:19 am
>> yep. enter erica christianson. she calls herself the love conduct earn and doesn't need match making funny map just a metro card. >> the beauty of the subway is there are so many people contained if one spot. >> reporter: erica christianson is on the hunt. >> if we look at the fish that are swimming around and they are not what we are looking for, wait six minutes and a new batch comes in. it is like they are already in the net for us. >> reporter: the 33-year-old match maker scans the masses of new york commuters. like many of them she has no time to waste. >> are you single? are you single? >> are you single? >> erica goes underground during rush hour several times a week, often with one of her cupids. she connects with potential matches and then sets up fully planned blind meetups for the soon to be daters. >> we will tell you where to go what to do and hopefully you will have a good time anything you are particularly looking for? >> i'm open to try anything. >> reporter: erica keeps her client's personal preferences in
3:20 am
mind with each trip. winter is a challenge as body shapes and wedding rings are covered up. today she is targeting one type in particular. >> we are looking for men over 30 who look like they are friendly, adventurous, up for anything. >> reporter: even if someone is taken, erica still finds a way to build up her database. >> any chance you have single friends who are around your age -- i won't even. >> all of them. >> all of them. >> i'm the only one. >> i will give you all of these cards then. >> reporter: since launching train spotting in 2012 erica already has one success story. andrew and kelly schwartz of new jersey. >> i was standing on the subway platform, a train, waiting to go home from work. an attractive work saunters up to me, looks me in the eye and says are you single? >> reporter: just ten days and four dates later, andrew proposed to kelly last march. they were married in october. >> my friends were very worried.
3:21 am
they were like this is crazy. you are crazy, until they met andrew. there are a few things in his questionnaire that stuck with me and made me think immediately of kelly. he's so lovable. they are both lovable. our first official marriage. that was awesome. >> reporter: proof with a little help maybe you can find the love of your life on the subway. >> hate to say this, but the subway would have been the last place i would have checked for love. >> why? >> people, including myself are in grumpy places when i commute. >> i hate that about the subway with. i always speak to people on the subway. they stand with their heads down, all of these folks around you. you can't get a signal down here. talk to me please. >> i'm listening to music and enjoying myself. my brother told me not to make contact with people in the subway. it's not safe. >> no. >> we're from iowa. >> okay. there's that. >> i'm from arkansas. ift took me a minute too. how did we get to new york? >> what are we doing here. >> i feel lost. >> i'm so scared. >> we're not done with romance just yet.
3:22 am
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when you use promo code go. call now.
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♪ >> oh it is now time for "the mix." >> oh, yeah. >> "the mix.." >> yes, this thing right here. sky diving. >> is that mine? >> yeah. the whole thing. >> i thought you wanted the proposal because you are in love with love. >> oh man. we are blowing it. >> we are. there is a go pro video of a man proposing marriage at 10,000 feet during a tandem sky dive. i really want to hear the video to this. i think we are seeing it. >> i love you. >> as if jumping out of a plane isn't shocking. now you want me to sign on for life. >> she was happy. she said yes. >> she did. i think he proposed again on the
3:26 am
ground. whoa, and he dropped her. if this how things are going i don't know if this will work out. here he is again. now he drops to the knee. >> in the last 15 seconds an idea for valentine's day, go to waffle house. check in to waffle house. they have been doing it almost 20 years now. annual tradition, candle light, sparkling kreider and waffles. here's the polka. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ .
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this morning on "world news now," demanding justice. parents of three muslim students killed in north carolina insist it was a hate crime as thousands pay their respects. storm warnings. after six feet of snow this season, boston is bracing for a blizzard this weekend as millions wake up today to dangerous windchills. accu-weather has us covered. going viral. an unusual video from president obama where he mugs for the camera, uses a selfie stick and even doodles. the silly antics and the serious message. design debut. kanye west shows off his styles on stage in new york's world famous fashion week. all the dazzle and dish in "the skinny" on this friday, february 13th. >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." good morning on this friday. i'm sara haines.
3:31 am
>> hello to you all. i'm t.j. holmes. we have to start this hour with a call for justice as three muslim students from north carolina are laid to rest. >> more than 5,000 people gathered for the funeral. the crowd so big the service has to be moved from a mosque to an athletic field. >> many are echoing the family's allegations saying they were killed because of their faith. we get more from abc's lana zak. >> reporter: a large crowd converged on the campus of nc state university at a candle light vigil for the three victims. >> our hearts go out to the families of the victims. >> it happened to us, as a community that got attacked. >> reporter: three muslim students shot dead. deah barakat, his new wife and her 19-year-old sister. >> please don't fight fire with fire. >> their coffins were carried from the local soccer complex as thousands came to mourn them. police charged this man. 46-year-old neighbor craig steven hicks with three counts of first-degree murder.
3:32 am
but that's not enough say the victims' families. >> this has hate crime written all over it. >> reporter: the father of the two slain sisters is demanding hate crime charges. hicks' wife says he may have been motivated by a lingering dispute over a parking space. >> this incident had nothing to do with religion or victims' faith. >> reporter: hicks, who is held without bond had previously proposed on facebook his solution to problems in the middle east, atheism. the council on islamic relations draft ing drafting legislation calling for hate crimes investigation. the fbi is working with local police. >> we are examining every possible investigative angle to include the potential for hate crime. >> reporter: lana zak, abc news, boston. police in houston on the lookout for three gunmen who held up an armored car and shot and killed the driver. investigators say three masked men ambushed the brinks truck outside of a bank. they opened fire when one of the
3:33 am
brinks security guards fired back, the gunmen took off. police recovered their pickup truck. they are not saying whether or not the men got away with the money. fast-moving clipper storm has boston in its sights. the storm has brought winter misery to nearly half of the state's bitter cold, traffic accidents and more. overnight temperatures are plunging in to the single digits. and if boston hasn't had enough snow valentine's day could be erased by a whiteout. >> this snow is not stopping right now. i ask everyone to be patient, patient with your neighbor and when you are in the car traveling. >> boston's mayor is asking residents to remember florists and merchants this valentine's day. he plans to still take his girlfriend out for dinner on saturday night. >> i needed that bit of information. >> millions of folks in the northeast will be dealing with powerful winds. make any travel hazardous. >> with windchills plunging to the danger zone, accu-weather justin povick has the latest.
3:34 am
good morning, justin. >> thanks. good morning. the northeast catching a break from the snow for one day but not the cold. that's not going anywhere unfortunately anytime soon. it's a frigid start. it's a brutal afternoon because of the amount of cold and the winds which could cause a couple of flight days from boston logan south toward newark and la guardia. high pressure in control. at least the sunshine is out occasionally. saturday in to sunday, here's the big concern, an all-out blizzard for new england. sara and t.j., back to you. >> thank you, justin. the field of journalism suffered another tragic loss. influential "new york times" media journalist david carr has died. his last column and final tweets were about the stunning week in media news. he once struggled with drug abuse by rose to be one of the most finest journalist of his generation. david carr died last night in the "time" newsroom. he was only 58. overseas to ukraine.
3:35 am
a cease fire agreement hammered out after marathon peace talks. the deal set to take effect this sunday could finally bring the bloody conflict to an end. it is said to be a partial win for moscow and kiev but delays regaining control of the eastern boarder with russia and doesn't set a deadline for the withdrawal of russian forces. as ukraine prepares to end the violence here more violence. they were having a tough time finding peace in parliament. these are two lawmakers. >> use your words. >> battling it out over a local land issue. you saw them going at it there. soldier had to intervene. one man had a busted nose. you see him there. the other had a busted lip but yes, these are lawmakers. i hope washington is watching. >> or not. the senate confirmed ash carter as the country's next secretary of defense. he will take the helm of the military as the u.s. deals with a number of major international
3:36 am
threats and conflicts, including isis and ukraine. he is replacing chuck hagel and is a veteran pentagon official. he won support with a vote of 93-5. president obama is using on-line video to push his health care initiative. the next deadline for signing up is this sunday. you see the president there. he stars in this video on buzz feed and it is going viral. 18 million views. he poses in front of the mirror, doodles, plays imaginary basketball uses a selfie stick but he stays on message. >> february 15th, february 15th, in many cases you can get health insurance for less than $100 a month. just go to health >> signing up health insurance for young adults plan is essential for its success. pundit says the best way to reach them is through videos like this. critics will hate anything the president does. calling it unpresidential but it looks brilliant because you are captivated by everything he is doing and he sneaks in the message about health care can.
3:37 am
you can't miss it. >> i think it is is creative. it's the way to speak to the youth of our generation or little older, sorry. >> let's go with our generation. former chief of sony pictures is speaking publicly for the first time admitting she was pushed out the door. she is not backing down from her tough talk about celebrities. abc's linsey davis has details. >> reporter: a new admission from amy pascal, the former cochair of sony pictures saying she was fired. in a candid interview, pascal opens up about the e-mails leaked in the sony hacking scandal landing her in hot water. among those, a chain with producer scott rudin criticizing angelina jolie's talents. pascal now saying jolie didn't care. >> first person i talked to is angie after that e-mail. we all live in this weird thing together called hollywood. if we were all actually nice, it wouldn't work.
3:38 am
>> reporter: as for jennifer lawrence getting paid less than her "american hustle" co-stars. >> i run a business. if people want to with work for less money i will pay them less money. what women have to do is not work for less money. >> what she sees as a teachable moment in all of this. >> you should always say exactly what you think directly to people all the time. >> reporter: pascal is also blunt when it comes to her situation saying at 56 years old it's not the time in your life you want to start over again and she admits to being scared. linsey davis, abc news, new york. lawmaker in puerto rico is getting a lot of criticism for proposing a bill that would fine parents because their kids are obese. if it is enacted, overweight children would be assigned a health adviser who would work up a diet and exercise plan and would follow up every month. parents then could be fined up to $500 if their child doesn't show enough progress in six months. $800 fine assessed after a year in the program. diet experts are calling it unfair and likely to be more harmful than beneficial.
3:39 am
back in the mid '80s, rod stewart had a hit song with "some guys have all the luck." we can say that about this guy. >> this guy is rich german. he is paddle boarding off of southern california with a couple of friendly dolphins. he is lucky. why? a month ago he shot a similar video during a close encounter with killer whales. >> that's different company. german called his paddle with the dolphins totally peaceful and blissful and we can understand why he would say that looking at this video. if you had sharks last time those fins would scare me now. i'd start to hear the "jaws" theme. >> we call this guy the lucky one. "the skinny" coming your way, folks and bill murray getting crazy on the golf course. and this is not a scene from "caddyshack." the life changing $564
3:40 am
million jackpot. the three winning tickets and the lucky vendors cashing in big time. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by vermont teddy bear.
3:41 am
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call the number on your screen now. west coast seaports are all but shutdown for the holiday weekend. it is part of a labor dispute. between the shipping companies and the longshoremen's union. management doesn't want to pay a premium for work on the holidays and weekends. no ships were unloaded yesterday, lincoln's birthday and monday is president's day. nearly all u.s. trade with asia goes through these ports. bad news for those who may not have bought that special someone chocolate for valentine's day. don't be surprised when you have to pay more than last year. chocolate has become more
3:44 am
expensive because the price of the main ingredient cocoa soared last year. the main reason why, increased demand for chocolate. particularly dark chocolate because that's the healthy kind across asia. thanks, asia. >> there's healthy chocolate. >> it is called dark chocolate. were you not listening to my big news broadcast? they say you can have it every day just like wine. people that decide these things. >> wow. okay. that's your source. >> that's my source. >> you have two sources. >> they and them. >> and you can have one every day, chocolate every day. health advice. don't take it from this one. look, folks. by now you should know whether or not you won the powerball. you know whether or not you did. it was a half billion dollars but there are plenty of -- literally millions of win withers out there. >> i would take those million dollar seconds. marci gonzalez tells us about the runners up. >> for some it is a life changer.
3:45 am
>> won a million dollars. no, no, no. >> bob is one of the 33 people to win a million bucks in the powerball drawing. >> 25 11 54 13, 39. >> now power ball number 19. >> reporter: he was oh so close to hitting the big jackpot . >> 18 and the winner was 19. >> reporter: $564 million split between three winners who bought their tickets in puerto rico, north carolina and at this convenient store in texas. >> lucky machine. >> that's the lucky machine, huh? >> that's maybe the lucky machine. >> reporter: a lucky machine or really lucky people. only a one in 175 million chance of matching all six numbers, but the odds didn't keep people across the country from dreaming big. >> lucky one. >> reporter: the lucky feeling lingering for the winners and the store owners getting their own big prizes. >> a million dollars. >> reporter: just for selling one of those three winning slips of paper. >> i'm so exciting.
3:46 am
i'm so exciting, you know. i just called my wife. hey, exciting. >> reporter: very exciting. those jackpot winners will bring home $127 million before taxes if they choose the lump sum payment. the rest of us can wait until saturday when the next powerball draw issing -- drawing is with a minimum payment of $40 million. >> thank you, marci. >> literally millions of winners that day. most won $4. >> remember we told people not to check their tickets if they weren't in three states. we were so wrong. >> only 33 million dollar winners. >> come on. that's a lot. new york fashion week. one shocking photo of our friend kelly ripa. "the skinny" is next. "world news now" continues after this from our abc
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ topping "the skinny" this morning, fashion week. the iconic event kicked off last week where kanye west debuted his collection with adidas originals. >> he gave fans a listen to his new song wolves. a slew of models including kim k's half sister kylie jenner
3:49 am
showed off body suits to knee high socks to shoes. >> biggest names in fashion and music on hand. to check this out, anna win tour, russell simmons, jay-z, beyonce and rihanna caught backstage getting a firsthand look as well. >> do you need the other rows if that is who is in your front row? another big name at the event justin bieber. speaking of second rows. he wasn't granted the same leg room as the others. there he is. he is just justin bieber in the second row behind the kardashian jenner clan. we were trying to figure out why he wasn't in the first row and it might be his questionable fashion choices. justin, seriously. >> we all have an off day. >> an off day. don't put one thing on your overalls unless you are from iowa, which i am, and you are in the '80s. >> back in the day. >> maybe early '90s. i still make questionable choices. >> in front of bieber was kendall jenner. she is getting extra attention
3:50 am
for a photo shoot, her latest one. >> not just because of her fashionable outfit she's modeling for the camera. the attention is coming from who she is paired. not that guy. look familiar right here? oh, yeah, it is marcel, ross' monkey from "friends." see how much happier kendall is with him than the other guy. watch this. see? not really happy. look at how disappointed mar sell gets when the male model gets back in the shot . >> are we interpreting these photos like this. >> do you not see it? >> marcel is 19 now and looking great. it will appear in the march issue of "allure" magazine. >> i think the monkey, that's a comeback i'm waiting to see marcel. come on. bill murray got crazy on the golf course and it didn't involve interactions with gophers. it did, however, involve some interactions with the gallery. >> opening round of the at&t pebble beach national pro-am he pulled a fan down the hill.
3:51 am
gave a warm relacking massage to another. his golfing one that great. got overzealous. missing putts. he's great at this. always entertaining at these pro-ams. >> i love him. sticking with sports in "the skinny" we turn to shaquille o'neal. you know he's a big guy. >> big dude. >> but since the 7'1" shaq's nba days are over he got some shorter pals. >> like kelly ripa. >> she's like up to his waist. >> this picture was posted to the live with kelly and michael instagram account. to accelerate the contrast. she takes her heels off. you have been around her. how tall is she? >> i haven't been around her. i want to call her my best friend but we aren't. >> you gave me the impression that we were besties. >> i wrote that in. >> we have seen her next to michael strahan but for the nba that's not that tall. shaq has a size 22 shoe. you know what that means. big shoes. >> it means he's got big feet. yeah, i know exactly what that
3:52 am
means. >> the joke didn't work. >> it didn't. we should probably take a commercial break. sara will be back. i promise you. we're not getting rid of her. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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♪ ♪ you like that shot, huh? okay. you all know sara has been here so the week has been a little -- we'll just say wild. it has been fun, a good week but unfortunately the news had its fair share of tragedy and mishaps this week. >> there were memorable moments. it is all here in our "friday rewind." >> kayla has touched the heart of the world. the world grieves with us. >> do you believe isis poses a threat to the homeland? >> i think we should take it very seriously. >> make no mistake it is a difficult mission and will remain difficult for some time but our coalition is on the offensive. isil is on the defensive and isil is going to lose. >> i'm concerned about the breadth and vagueness of the
3:56 am
ground troop, the ground troop language. >> we have never seen this type of snow here in the city of boston any other time in the history of our city. >> someone taking the lives of 0 two people there to help them, that is not ptsd in my opinion. >> he literally told me, daddy, i feel he hates us for how we look and dress. >> this incident had nothing to do with religion. >> we know we are champions. our parents know we are champions and the team's parents know we are champions and chicago knows we are champions. >> do you worry you will end up on the wrong side of history here? >> wrong side of history, absolutely not. did they stop with one man and one man or one woman and one woman, or do they go to multiple marriages or marriages between men and their daughters? >> are you okay? >> bruce jenner has intense scrutiny on him right now. on top of that you add this fatal automobile accident and it's got to be intense to be under this microscope. >> oh, my gosh, i have to try to
3:57 am
say something now without crying. >> beck needs to respect artistry and should have given his award to beyonce. at this point, we are tired of it. i'm here to fight for creativity. >> i'm going to have dinner on a school night with my family -- who i have heard from multiple sources are lovely people. >> great line. >> i love that. >> that was a great line. we can relate to some of that in this business. >> yeah. what a week. sara haines. are you going to come back? >> i hope so. i really want reena to join us, though. >> so i can take the day off. you two want to hang out. >> ideas. >> if you want to look back at the week that was. the behind the scenes stuff, you ain't seen nothing yet, go to facebook. ♪
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, bitter blast. frigid air about to blanket half the country. people waking up to the coldest temperature in decades and boston already buried in snow bracing for another crippling ce breaking out. this in parliament in ukraine. fists are flying. lawmakers duking it out. disgruntled driver who just can't take it anymore. the man behind the wheel of a school bus pulls over and walks off the job. clowning around a selfie sh stick making faces in the mirror what's up wildstein this video stars president obama?


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