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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 14, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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powerful and punishing winter storm. up to a foot of new snow. where are they going to put all of this stuff? >> this is extreme. >> people in more than half of the states in america are being warned to brace for this storm. or for a new round of life-threatening cold. >> this winter has just been horrifying for the northeast. >> rob is out there tracking all of it for us. valentine's day massacre plot. the terrifying plan to shoot up a shopping mall and kill as many people as possible. overnight, we're learning who was behind it. caught on camera. out of control. the driver behind the wheel of a school bus taking the children on a wild ride. almost flipping over. >> i'm afraid he's going to hit the oncoming traffic. he's all over the road.
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>> cars actually backing up to get out of the way. we'll show you what happened next. and last minute love. if you're waking up with no clue what to do on this valentine's day, we have a plan. >> so nice. >> how did you know? >> your favorite. >> ready to make you look like a real romantic. hey, good morning. and they are really not feeling the love in the northeast on this valentine's day. the boston area is bracing for its fourth -- fourth major weekend snowstorm in a row. >> how many is that again? >> i think i said four. >> yes, this one, however, is expected to bring blizzard conditions, low visibility, high winds, and treacherous travel. but if you look at this map, it's not just boston that is in the cross hair. 100 million people in 27 states
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can expect stormy weather or brutal cold. or worst case scenario, both. let's go to rob in hard-hit boston. good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning, paula. they're scrambling here trying to get rid of the snow. behind me, one of the many snow melters bought or borrowed from other states in the region. it's been going nonstop for the last five days. 30,000 tons of snow melted. meanwhile, the poun tan mountain of snow behind it continues to grow. they've been scrambling. they're trying to get rid of this snow though make room for more snow that's coming tonight. the race is on. cities across the northeast desperately working to clear the aftermath of weeks of brutal snowstorms before another round potentially brings over a foot more snow. all the digging done in the bitter, freezing cold. >> in the city like this, there's no place to put it. that's the part that's tough to contend with. >> reporter: boston suspending
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public transit once again on sunday. and governments around the region declaring a state of emergency. while governor charlie baker declares a six-day valentine's ex. >> it's been awful. absolutely awful. >> reporter: this morning, an arctic blast making its way from the midwest, where wind chills are hitting 12 below zero in minnesota. 15 below in north dakota. and a brutal negative 28 in minnesota. >> i'm tired of it. doesn't look like there's any end in sight. i can't be sick of it just yet. >> reporter: the second wave of frigid air moving east ward. it will roll into massachusetts where winds could top hurricane force. a state already so hard hit with winter storms. we have seen national guard troops deployed for shoveling duty. plows pushing mountains of snow into the ocean. and doorways, rooftops, and cars blotted out by white walls several feet high. mother nature has not helped this week. temperatures below freezing. today, right now, it's 4, with a minus 9 wind chill.
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all right. let's break down the advisories. blizzard warning is up for all of eastern new england. the coastline especially. winter storm warnings for upper central new england. winter weather advisories stretching all the way down to the deep south. here's your storm. we'll increase the snow throughout the day today. the winds won't increase until later on tonight and tomorrow. we bomb this thing out just south of long island. it will have the pressure equivalent of a category 2 hurricane. and that's why we fear we could get hurricane-strength wind gusts, especially along the cape. power outages are a big deal. a foot or more from boston into maine. dropping off dramatically as you get to new york. three to five inches of snow there. here we go. four weekends in a row. if this blizzard verifies, it will be the first time in recorded history in boston they have had two blizzards in one season. dan, paula? >> as we have said, it's continued payback for the patriots winning the super bowl. rob, we do have to say. we here in the studio are very
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impressed by the fact that you can speak so fluently in negative 9 wind chill. we know how hard it is to talk when it's that cold. so bravo to you. >> we'll see if that continues throughout the, dan. >> right. no pressure. no pressure. we'll talk to you later. thank you, rob. now to another developing story. this one involves an alleged massacre planned for this valentine's day. police have foiled a plot allegedly cooked up by two young people who wanted to shoot up a mall on this holiday dedicated to love. kendis gibson is here with more. good morning. >> reporter: dan good morning. canadian authorities say they avoided a massacre, just hours away from taking place. two canadians and one american who are allegedly obsessed with death and mass killing planning on making this a bloody valentine's day. this is the scene where police thwarted what could have been a deadly public attack. a 23-year-old female from an upscale chicago suburb, along with three men from halifax,
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nova scotia, all under 21 years old, planning to storm a canadian mall with fire arms. >> information gathered that a 19-year-old timberly male and a 23-year-old geneva, illinois, female, had access to fire arms. it was their intention to go to a public venue in the halifax region on february 14th with the goal of opening fire, to kill citizens, and then themselves. >> reporter: officers received tip about the woman who traveled from the united states to nova scotia canada. and she was quickly tracked down. police have not released any motive behind the plot saying it did not appear to be a terror attack but would have had dire consequences. >> had they been able to carry out their intentions, the possibility for a large loss of life was definitely there. >> reporter: a potentially horrific valentine's day avoided. and get this we learned overnight that the 19-year-old
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is now deceased after a police standoff. we did expect some developments in the case coming up throughout the day like today. >> wild occurrences in a really remote area. >> really strange. and we're not exactly sure why halifax. hopefully, we'll get more fgs on that today. >> kendis, thank you. >> it could have been horrific. overseas now where a potential catastrophe involving u.s. troops was averted. isis terrorists who had disguised themselves as iraqi fighters wearing suicide vests launched a daring attack on a large u.s. air base where 400 americans are stationed. >> most of the militants were killed in the assault. alex marquardt reports in from the region. good morning alex. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. this was a brazen, highly coordinated attack. at a base where 400 american forces are stationed to help train iraqi troops. between 20 and 25 isis attackers all wearing iraqi army uniforms stormed and breached the
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perimeter of the alassad air base. first a wave of suicide bombers detonating their vests. the others following in behind them. american apache helicopters were dispatched to help repel the attackers. the iraqi soldiers from the base managed to kill them without american assistance. the pentagon said no american troops on the base were near the site of the attack. this, as more fighting is raging a nearby town that isis has almost completely overrun. it is unlikely this will be the last attack against the base. paula? >> alex, thank you. and don't miss abc's "this week," every sunday morning. tomorrow, martha raddatz is covering the latest in the battle against isis. in the region. can they be stopped? she'll tackle the debate against the proposed authorization of force. >> a big show for martha. we'll be watching. new details and new developments this morning in the murders of the three young muslim students in north carolina. police found an arsenal of guns and ammo in the home of the suspected killer.
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the fbi is investigating if this is a hate crime. the president is weighing in strongly as well. tom llamas is on the story. >> reporter: this morning, a look inside the vast gun collection of accused killer craig steven hicks. abc news obtaining search warrants, showing the man who allegedly shot and killed three muslim students owned more than a dozen firearms, including shotguns, handguns, and an ar-15 assault rifle. this, as the fbi and the civil rights division at the justice department now launching preliminary investigations to see if any hate crime laws were violated. outside the white house friday, scores of muslims praying and demonstrating. >> only by working together can we truly make a difference. >> reporter: calling on the obama administration to bring hate crime charges against hicks, the self-described gun-toting atheist.
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late friday, the president issuing this statement about the killings saying no should ever be targeted because of who they are, that i look like, or how they worship. we showed the statement to the brother of the two sisters, yusor and razan abu salha. killed in the shooting. >> i'm very humbled that he quoted my sister. i actually broke down in tears. >> reporter: the president using her words from this oral history project. >> there's so many different people from so many different places of different backgrounds and religions. but here we're all one. one culture. >> reporter: so far, hicks has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder, but has yet to enter a plea. his wife saying he snapped after a parking dispute at the parking complex where he and the students lived. for "good morning america," tom llamas, abc news, raleigh. >> so sad for the families and the muslim community as well in general. >> global outrage over this story. >> let's go to ron with a look at the other stories.
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that we've been tracking overnight. good morning, ron. good morning, paula, dan. good morning, sara. good morning, everyone. we begin in washington state where an investigation has been launched into a deadly shooting of an unarmed man by police officers. witnesses say antonio moltez was running way from police officers when those officers fired on him, killing him. the officers confronted the man because he had allegedly been throwing rocks at cars. family and supporters plan to protest today. three police officers involved in that incident have been put on administrative leave. in oregon federal prosecutors have subpoenaed records from long-time governor john kitzhaber. he announced he'll step down on friday. this after allegations that his live-in fiance used their relationship to benefit her energy consulting business. kate brown next in line as the state secretary of state, will
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be sworn in gomper. she becomes the first openly bisexual governor in u.s. history. a las vegas mother of four is on life support after being shot after an apparent road rage incident. tammy meyers had just finished giving her daughter driving lessons when she got into a fender bender. with another car. police say the drive of that car followed eded meyers home and her as she pulled in front of her house. her son witnessed the incident and returned fire. so far, there have been no arrests. proof that sometimes you may want to stick to your day job, courtesy of the nba all-star weekend kickoff. after actor/comedian kevin hart tried to battle nick cannon in a dance-off. didn't go too well. hart left the stage with his head bowed in defeat. didn't get better. he got involved in a celebrity basketball game. tried to guard little league phenom mo'ne davis.
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a spinout for the layup. >> the little league phenom? >> yes. that might have been a charge there, i don't know. no foul was called. >> she said her dream was to play nba basketball. >> against kevin hart? >> no. in general. here's the exceptional athlete. she said her dream was basketball. >> she's good. >> she's definitely good. i don't know about the skill of her opponent in that particular case. but she is good. >> he was a good sport. >> yes, he was. >> all right, ron, thank you. now terrifying moments on a runaway school bus, all caught on camera. it happened, look at this video. when the school bus driver suddenly loses control of the school bus. mara schiavocampo is here with the story. good morning, mara. >> reporter: paula, good morning. the most frightening part of that? the bus was full of children at the time taken for a frightening ride that lasted almost 15 miniupts. luckily, that bus was spotted by a deputy on patrol. police able to alert other
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drivers and stop the bus. overnight, officials releasing new details of a minnesota school bus out of control. after its driver suffered a medical emergency. all caught by a deputy's dashboard camera. >> i'm not sure how we're going to stop him. >> reporter: watch as this bus full of 11 schoolchildren, aged 6 to 14, swerves into a ditch, almost tipping over. the bus careened and weaved across the road at speeds of 35 to 40 miles per hour. >> i'm afraid he's going to hit oncoming traffic. he's all over the road. >> reporter: at one point, narrowly avoiding a head-on collision with this car. >> get off the road! >> reporter: the car luckily stopping just in the nick of time, and shifting into reverse to back out of the path of danger. as repeated attempts to get control of the bus fails. >> every time he stops, i try to get up there and he takes off. >> reporter: one student at least calling 911 to alert authorities to the driver's
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medical emergency. >> we have a medical call on highway 47. bus driver possibly diabetic reaction. >> reporter: the nightmare ride coming to an end once minnesota state troopers blow the bus's tires and stop it in its tracks. >> it's not something that any of us would expect hopping in any vehicle, especially a school bus. >> reporter: the driver was treated at a local hospital and released. no word on whether he'll go back to his job driving a school bus. officials said that while this was taking place, the older kids on the bus were comforting the little kids. at least there was that moment. none of them were hurt. >> terrifying. they had to blow out the tires? >> the fact that nobody was injured is wonderful news. now to a criminal justice story of a bizarre and amusing variety. it involves an 80-year-old woman there she is -- who wept in front of a judge and proceeded
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to crack a series of one-liners. luckily for her, this was a judge with a sense of humor. matt gutman shows us the best moment. >> reporter: petitions and pleas. sure. but cackling in court. [ laughter ] wise-cracking dolores sheinis who is 80 years old, had them rolling in the galleries during her bond hearing. >> you seem to have great wit about you. >> sweetheart, that's the only thing i have. >> i haven't been called sweetheart in this courtroom since mr. miller took over. >> does that mean you're taking me for breakfast? >> reporter: the unlikely court jester facing charges of resisting arrest and vie lal lathing an injux to stay away from her ex-husband. she couldn't resist banter. >> don't go around him again. >> i haven't bothered him for 31 years. why would i bother him now? >> that's the $63,000 question. >> used to be $64. >> reporter: even her straight-laced attorney
8:17 am
struggling to keep straight faced. and the judge doing his best to keep up. >> let me ask you something, ma'am. >> yes, sir. >> how have i done as a judge today? so far, how am i doing? >> not bad, but you could do better. >> ma'am, have you thought of doing a standup routine? >> i did. if you pay me good money, sweetheart, i'll be there. >> reporter: and sheinis, who is still waiting to post bail kept the one-liners going until the end. >> i gotta tell you, you brightened my day, ma'am. all right? >> that's what the last guy said. and then he sued me >> reporter: for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news. >> that's awesome. >> she's a firecracker. >> it won't help her get out of trouble. nonetheless, it's amusing for everybody else. >> definitely not something you see every day. and speaking of, today's valentine's day.
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>> as if you couldn't tell from the subtle outfit. >> no help from dan with the maroon, purple tie. >> this is something stronger than love. this is lurve. >> if you find yourself in the extreme procrastinator category. we are here for you. >> i have found myself there many times. not this year. i'll tell you more about that today. specifically today, linzie janis. abc's linzie janis is here for you. she joins us from l.a. with creative ways to have a great tame and apparently avoid making it look like you threw it together at the last minute. linzie, you're wearing the color of love as opposed to the color of lurve. take it away. >> reporter: i am, indeed. we all leave things to the last minute. if you don't have a dinner reservation or a babysitter or a gift, it's not too late to put something together and make it look like you have been planning it for weeks. it's valentine's day. and love is in the air. but it may feel more like panic if you waited until now to get your special someone that special something. >> trying to choose between
8:19 am
chocolate and vanilla right now. >> reporter: not to worry. we have last-minute tips. for your romantic survival. marvin of super date planners, the heart bandits, says you don't even need obvious go-tos like a trendy restaurant or a couples massage to make your someone special feel whisked away. what do you suggest? >> get their nails done, hair done. pampered. >> reporter: how do you make this look like it's been on the plans for week? >> call ahead. have strawberries and champagne brought in. >> reporter: ooh. thank you. look at those. chocolate-covered strawberries. do you know more or something? and the final touch that shows you have been paying attention. how did you know? >> they're your favorites. >> reporter: you're good. to give it that thoughtfully planned shine, you can end it with a romantic dessert. a swanky live music lounge. an impressive table for two.
8:20 am
new apps allow you to buy someone else's reservation at the hottest restaurants in town. if that all sounds overwhelming, decorating guru francesco says in less than an hour, you can turn your dining room into a sent mental and festive lover's getaway. >> go to your christmas storage and get out anything that's red. cut out hearts. bring out your favorite love songs. a white napkin, white plate is the perfect romantic table setting. >> reporter: don't forget the gift. experts say steer clear of cheap drugstore chocolates and cliche red roses. if you can pick it up at a gas station, it probably won't go well. for inspiration, go to your lover's pinterest page before you go to the store. also, whatever you do, don't give yourself up. your valentine has to think you've been planning this for days or weeks. dan and paula? >> or months.
8:21 am
>> i feel like you could do good planning at gas station. >> i think so too. >> you cannot. >> some beef sticks and some funions. >> and no kissing for you, paula. >> this word, lurve, i didn't make it up. it's from the woody allen movie "annie hall." this which he says love isn't strong enough a word. lurve is what aif got for you. lurve is what we have for rob marciano. he's out in the cold, trying to pronounce words successfully. in sub zero temperatures. take it away sir. >> whoo! i have no idea. between the noise and the words you're making up, i have no idea what's going on back there. the way record-breaking temperatures in la yesterday.
8:22 am
86 degrees. that's what's happening nationally here's what's happening locally. >> reporter: icy cold temperatures on the way. double scan live showing flurries north and west. lots of clouds out there expecting snow squalls later this afternoon. looks like they will arrive just in time for your dinner plans or movie planner later on, drive slowly and be prepared for rapidly changing vis -- visibility. 36 degrees today. 19 overnight low. monday morning in the single digits. they're back. our "gma" mom testers putting the latest as seen on tv products to the test.
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yolanda indrosonovich can appreciate a simple name. that's why she likes pick 5 from the pennsylvania lottery, they've given all your favorite numbers games new, simpler names. and for something really simple, play the all-new pick 2. easy to play. simple to say. good morning, 8:27 sal valentine's day. no love from old man winter. we are bracing for snow squalls and strong winds and well below seer vo windchills. chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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>> reporter: mother nature needs an attitude adjustment. a winters weather advisory goes into effect this afternoon and evening. a high wind warning is up tonight and tomorrow morning for 50 to 60 miles per hour gusts. a windchill advisory goes in effect tomorrow morning for windchills 15 to 25 below zero. a bucks county officer shoots a driver who hit the police officer with a stolen car. we send you back to "good morning america." with a comprehensive second opinion. and because time is of the essence, we do it a single one day. explore your options with a one-day second opinion. learn more at
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♪ cause all of me loves all of you ♪ just sing it, john legend. please. his "all of me" tops the spotify list. of the most popular in the love play list. there is his lovely wife, chrissy teigen in the video. we're in a valentine's mood here today on "gma." coming up, a special "pop news" edition. i want to see more of john legend. i don't know about you. or chrissy teigen. >> the audience needs to know that you can sing this song very well. you were doing it well in the break. just before going on the air. you want to show it? >> no. >> maybe in "pop "? >> rare moment where paula faris is being shy. take note of it. >> that doesn't happen often. >> get your earplugs out. >> no, your singing voice is terrific. just in her defense. coming up it's one of our
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favorite segments. our three mom testers put some of those as-seen-on-tv products to the test. including the go-go pillow. is it a go-go or a no-go? we'll tell you coming up. we start with a twist in the story in the headlines and your local movie theaters. the man accused of killing american sniper chris kyle on trial. his lawyer insisting the defendant is insane. >> this morning, we're getting intel into his behavior moments before he killed the navy s.e.a.l. and his friend, both who were trying to help him. and abc's ryan owens reports. >> reporter: the state of texas versus eddie routh was never a whodunit. the marine vet admits he shot and killed navy sniper chris kyle and his friend chad littlefield, at this shooting range two years ago. the mystery is motive. and there may finally be an answer. in court friday this sheriff's deputy testified he overheard routh say this in jail. in 2013.
8:32 am
i was just riding in the backseat of the truck and nobody would talk to me. they were just taking me to the range. so i shot them. i feel bad about it. but they wouldn't talk to me. i'm sure they have forgiven me. during opening statements, defense attorneys revealed the two victims' secretly exchanged text messages about routh, a vet with ptsd they were trying to held. >> chris kyle was sitting in the driver's seat on his telephone, and he texts chad littlefield sitting right next to him, this dude is straight up nuts. ♪ >> don't pick it up. >> reporter: chris kyle is the hero of the blockbuster "american sniper." his wife, taya, testified tearfully on the first day of the trial. and friday, she watched as for the first time, the jury heard from a member of the killer's family. his uncle. james watson testified that just after the murders, his nephew stopped by in kyle's stolen truck and said, check out my
8:33 am
truck. i'm driving a dead man's truck. routh is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. his uncle told the jury he seemed different after he came home from the military. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, stevenville, texas. >> so many people watching the trial closely with the movie and the book on so many people's minds right now. you're going to see the movie today. >> valentine's day. this is a man the two of them were really trying to help. that's the tragic part about that. >> absolutely. let's get another look at the morning headlines with mr. ron claiborne. >> hi, again, dan. paula. sara. in the news, police in canada say they have foiled an alleged valentine's day massacre. a 23-year-old female from an upscale chicago suburb, along with three men from halifax, nova scotia, apparently planned to storm a canadian pal and kill as many people as possible.
8:34 am
the usda is looking at genetically produced apples. a canadian applemaker says the fruit is resistant to browning. your local mail deliverer may sport a new set of wheels in the future. the postal service is phasing out the box truck. the new fleet should be on the road in 2018. finally, a not so slick heist. the surveillance cameras rolling at a british jewelry store. the car crashes into the store. several masked individuals followed it into the store. they found themselves slip-sliding across the newly polished floor. some of them toting axes regained their balance smashed the glasdy dyglass displays. they got away with hundreds of thousands of dollars. or hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of gems. they managed to slip out of the
8:35 am
store in under a minute. police are looking for them. >> i thought they took the jewels out at night and put them in a safe. >> no, no, no. not necessarily. >> okay. have you walked through the diamond district? nothing is in the windows. >> i guess we've realized sara is a terrible thief. >> i'm pontificating how those jewels were in the boxes. when that >> manym-hmm. >> i used the right word, right? >> no. i thought, am i going to point that out? no. i'm not. >> we pontificate. >> yes, regularly. let's talk about the weather now. rob marciano up in boston. how you doing in the cold weather? you hanging in there? >> we are. the wind chill i >> reporter: we are the windchill is minus 9. 350 tons of snow per hour. how about that. up there that mountain of snow is getting bigger and bigger, feels like a losing battle. they have done a great just don't believe on the city streets of getting the city cleaned up and ready for the next storm that will be rolling in. let's talk about that. we'll get more snow, the bigger
8:36 am
issue will be the winds dangerous winds likely knocking out the power. wind advisory up to 60 miles per hour and 60 miles per hour down to the south, as well. scroll this map into motion. the highest winds tomorrow morning, 67 in provincetown. new york, atlantic city you're in as well. a foot or more in boston up into maine. they have gotten 6 feet in three weeks. more snow coming for the south later in the week. that's a quick check on the national. here's a look at what's going on in your area. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. it's not the snow that will be an issue icy cold windchills will be. gusty winds up to 6 miles per hour. snow squall later on,
8:37 am
36 degrees. # # by the way, i'm spending my -- i'm spending my valentine's day with four hairy men. we'll be snuggling later just to keep warm. >> not quite sure what to do with that segue, rob. thank you very much. >> or that visual. >> rob marciano. keeping it real. >> keeping it really real. >> too real. >> too real. coming up here on "gma," later, sara's going to pontificate in "pop news." but first, our mom testers are going to rate some of the as-seen-on-tv products. including magic bristle gloves. are they magical for real? business is blossoming. stick around for "pop news." >> i got that pun.
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here's abc's becky worley with which one got the moms' seal of approval. >> good morning, america. >> reporter: it's that time again. we picked three moms. and sent them three different as-seen-on-tv products. mm, delicious. will they get the seal of approval or mom disappointed? first, mom of four, michelle from new york city. karen kyle from houston, a mom of three. and lara, from new jersey, a mom of two. let get started. >> the new, easy egg-wich. the perfect egg sandwich. in one minute. >> the first thing we're going to do, girls, is crack the egg. >> stir with a fork to break the yolk. >> put on the lid. one minute. >> whoo. >> steamy. >> coming out all in one piece. >> what do you think of that? >> good. >> looks good? >> reporter: what about the all-important taste test? >> mm. very tasty. >> thumbs up. >> thumbs up. >> reporter: the egg-wich was a huge hit with all our moms. next up --
8:43 am
>> now, put the power of a bristle brush right on your fingertips. with magic bristle gloves. >> scare the kids with it. >> does a great job of cleaning tough spots. >> reporter: she was less impressed when using it on other surfaces. >> it doesn't get into the small crevices. >> the fingers keep moving off of the pads of my finger. >> reporter: karen had a problem managing the gloves. >> the bristles fall to the sides. it's hard to scrub a pot or pan or anything. >> reporter: we reached out to the makers. they said, these are a one-size-fits most pair of gloves. they acknowledged for some users with small hands, the bristle pads seem to shift to the side and don't clean as expected. and they'll consider different sizes in the future. but for now, all three moms found these gloves less than magical and were mom disappointed. time for our moms to wind down with the help of our final product. >> the plush, comfortable, multifunction pillow that fits any tablet, any time.
8:44 am
go-go pillow can unzip and flip for an amazingly comfy travel pillow. >> looks like you slide it right into the pockets here. >> reporter: while laura and karen had no problems with the fit, michelle found herself struggling. >> i'm having troubles getting the corners around the ipad. the ipad doesn't fit on it. >> reporter: we reached out to the makers of the go-go pillow but did not get a response. >> did you like it? >> yes. >> reporter: does it pass muster as a travel pillow? >> it doesn't rest on my shoulders properly. >> i could get comfortable with this. >> reporter: one mom disappointed. two moms approved. for "gma," becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. >> use a little more weight in the front. but other than that. >> really? mm-hmm. i couldn't figure it out on my own, though. the producer had to walk me through it. >> you're wearing it well, at
8:45 am
the very least. >> thank you. you know who is wearing something well? sara. coming up on "good morning america," do you know what a kitty kiss is? >> this. >> some adorable kittens are ready to show you. the kitties will be here? you have kittens for us? >> yes, i have kitties. it's a special dan edition of "pop news." oh, sweet baby. mwah. mwah. lactaid® is 100% real milk? right. real milk. but it won't cause me discomfort. exactly, no discomfort because it's milk without the lactose. and it tastes? it's real milk! come on, would i lie about this? [ female announcer ] lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort. and for more 100% real dairy treats you'll 100% enjoy look for lactaid® ice cream and lactaid® cottage cheese.
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8:49 am
we've got kittens. i'm not sure what the connection is. sara will explain. >> i feel like i need to feed you or bring animals to get your attention. so consider yourself attentive at this point. vin diesel has blessed uts all with a special valentine's day gift, it's him singing maroon 5's love ballad, my heart is open. ♪ i want to say yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ >> oh, wow. ♪ until my heart is open and i say yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ >> his vocal skills remind me bit of biz marquee a little bit. >> he's strolling a little bit. last year, he sang "stay" by rihanna. this year's performance is just as popular. i can't stop staring at his arms. >> i'm not listening to anything that comes out of his mouth. >> i know. paula, are you going to sing in this "pop "? >> nope. maybe.
8:50 am
i don't want to take anything away. >> you can sing an accompaniment to my pop. if vin singing doesn't make you swoon, how about a bouquet of printed roses. now it's all about blooms that last forever. each stem takes about 40 minutes to print. half a dozen roses sets you back $65. the company, brit & company, it's actually brit & co. they've had about 200 orders from around the country. the flowers might not smell. but they will live forever. >> how long? >> forever. if you don't have love on this valentine's day, maybe you should adopt some. this valentine's day, the aspca, or as some people call it, aspca, no one calls it that. they're raising awareness about animal adoption with a video called kitty kiss. a feline version of a kiss is when a cat slowly blinks at you. these folks gave it a try. ♪ only you ♪
8:51 am
♪ can make the darkness bright ♪ >> slowly. >> that's not gradual. >> that's aggressive. that's an aggressive kiss. >> that's way too aggressive. >> oh, there. >> that's how a cat does it. >> oh, yes. ♪ like you do ♪ >> aw. >> the slow kiss. >> they don't hand those kisses out freely. i know how to kiss like a kitty. >> yes, you do. >> we should point out that they're doing a big -- oh are you trying to do a kiss? >> sorry. i was still kitty kissing. >> they're trying to do a big adoption push on this valentine's day. >> three of them are up for adoption. right now. i'm going to get the names right. it's smitten. vaughn. little cuddles, renamed. and this one, fluffy, is spoken for. >> fluffy muffin is mine. >> please consider adoption if you don't have something to cuddle at home. we'll be right back.
8:52 am
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8:56 am
playful. >> happy valentine's day, everyone. we hope you're smitten with your loved ones today. thanks for joining us. ooh. meow. >> dan's got a new friend. >> i'm eva pilgrim coming up next on "action news" saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. a police officer shoots a man in bucks county after officials say the suspect tried to run him down. philadelphia water department had its hands full, with not one but two water main breaks overnight. looking live from sky6 hd. dairming -- dangerous snow
8:57 am
squall conditions are on the way today. and "shelter me rescue of the week" next on "action news" saturday morning.
8:58 am
[ leguizamo ] hey, i'm john leguizamo, and i love new york. why? i'll tell you why... 'cause every winter my favorite thing to do is ski upstate. and in new york you can ski more and drive less. with over 50 ski resorts throughout the state, great skiing is always nearby. and with some of the highest snowfall in the u.s. it's always a perfect day on the slopes. day or night, green circle or black diamond... for the experts like me... there's something for everyone. so plan your next new york ski trip at
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>> good morning, it is saturday february 14 i'm eva pilgrim. here's what we're following for you on "action news." developing this morning a police officer 0 opens fire
9:00 am
after being hit by a car in bucks county. >> authorities in canada say they broken up a mass shooting plot targeting a shopping mall. we're tracking dangerous snow squalls on this bitter valentine's day. this is not looking good for daylight night. >> reporter: looking like some of the coldest air we've seen in two decades. that arrives behind the snow squalls this afternoon. we have interesting weather moving in the in the next 24, 48 hours. in the meantime, there's the view from wilmington, the clouds are moving in and the winds are picking up. 14 is the number for the poconos. dover, 28. wildwood, 30. but it feels like 19 in the city. feels like 13 in trenton. 6 in allentown, 8 feels like in the poconos. big s


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